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DR. MCDERMOTT came to HPU from the University of New Mexico, where for nine years she was a faculty member in the Department of Communication and Journalism. Her research examines how problematic events change the nature of relationships and conversations, how communication facilitates coping, and how communication campaigns can be used to address health disparities and social inequities. For the past few years, she and her students have addressed various health risk issues, including teen pregnancy and prescription drug abuse, by using community-based approaches to campaign development. Her recent publications include an article in Communication Theory and The Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. She has extensive experience in organizational training and specializes in seminars on how to develop a positive organizational environment.

Thank you for considering High Point University and the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication (NQSC). As you explore the possibilities that our university and the NQSC have to offer, it is my sincere hope that you find precisely what you are looking for academically. Students in the NQSC focus on one of 10 majors: Event Management, Game Design, Hospitality Management, Journalism, Media Production and Entrepreneurship, Popular Culture and Media Production, Social Media and Digital Communication, Sport Management, Sports Media or Strategic Communication. Even with the wide range of majors, each NQSC student will leave HPU with four common elements: (a) well-developed communication and presentation skills; (b) production skills to create their own messages; (c) an understanding of the legal and ethical issues in the profession, and (d) real-world experience in their discipline. Our faculty have significant professional experience, but they are hired first and foremost because of their genuine love of working with students. Throughout the years, faculty and students have collaborated on many different projects. Students have helped Professor Jim Goodman make awardwinning films, they’ve created multimedia and health promotion campaigns with Professor Brad Lambert and myself, they've partnered with Professors Brian Heagney and Stefan Hall to develop a video game that was a top five finalist at the E3 competition, and, of course, they worked with Professor Vern Biaett to develop an Event Management program that was named the number one B.A. program in the country by the International Festivals and Events Association. With the academic experience in the classroom, the experiential opportunities available, and the university’s commitment to holistic, character-based learning, our students receive an education that is unsurpassed. Welcome to the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Dr. Virginia McDermott Dean, Nido R. Qubein School of Communication






























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The Nido R. Qubein School of Communication uses top technology and facilities to educate students in a real-world setting. Students majoring in communication have 24-hour access to a state-of-the-art building equipped with the latest professional digital equipment. It includes two high-definition television studios, a gaming and interactive media design lab and maker space, an Esports competition arena, digital editing bays, dedicated podcasting studio, voice-over booth, multiple PC and Mac labs, and a biometric evaluation lab for assessing how people respond to advertisements and media messages. HPU STUDENTS have access to world-renowned communicators and media pioneers, such as ABC News’ “Nightline” Co-anchor Byron Pitts, Netflix Co-founder Marc Randolph and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, who each recently visited campus. Byron Pitts, HPU Journalist in Residence, Co-anchor of ABC News' “Nightline”

Twitter Co-founder, Biz Stone (on right) speaks with Dr. Qubein

Marc Randolph, HPU Innovator in Residence and Netflix Co-founder


The NQSC recognizes the importance of faculty and student relationships. Through close collaboration with faculty, students have the opportunity to produce radio programming, create news and sports programming for the on-campus television station, develop video games and simulations, and implement advertising and public relations campaigns for clients in the community.

DR. NAHED ELTANTAWY, associate dean and associate professor of journalism, was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Grant to teach journalism courses at the United Arab Emirates University. Eltantawy has been teaching journalism courses in the United States since 2003. Originally from Egypt, she also worked as a reporter for Reuters Cairo.

DR. SARAH VAALA teaches undergraduate research methods and a special topics graduate course on media, youth and health. Her research examines various implications of media for youth and families, including ways to design and use media to improve children’s health and learning. She has previous experience in research and has taught as an adjunct instructor at Wake Forest University and Temple University. She is currently a senior research fellow at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.

PROFESSOR BRIAN HEAGNEY leads a game design course where communication majors learn the technical and story line creation aspects of working in the gaming industry. And, he teaches it inside of a state-of-theart Game Design lab housed in the school. His class also became a service learning course where HPU students connect with children at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club who benefit from mentorship and a place to channel creativity. Each week, the students and children spend time together creating superheroes and game concepts.



The social media and digital communication major was created to give our graduates the skills that they need to be successful in this quickly evolving field. As social media has grown from a curiosity to a powerful way to communicate, businesses and entrepreneurs value the skills needed to leverage the power of digital communication. The courses within the major build expertise in written communication, video production and graphic design — all invaluable skills in the digital age. Our classes are designed to give our students the experience they need in an environment that supports trying new ideas. Students work in stateof-the-art simulations to allow them to manage the social media for a company and experiment without the risk of harming the brand. Once students have a strong understanding of social media management, they will build and manage social media accounts in the real world. With this experience, our graduates are attractive to companies looking to hire experienced social media managers.

What can I do with this major? n

Become a social media influencer and develop engaging content


Work in a company as the social media manager


Lead the social media team in an advertising or PR agency


Manage the online reputation for a nonprofit


Work in political campaigns to communicate policy online

HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Program overview The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management offers a liberal arts foundation combined with substantive management and communication coursework and fieldwork that prepares students to deliver extraordinary hospitality experiences. Students are required to complete a supervised internship and work 800 hours in the hospitality industry to gain valuable on-the-job experiences, build their resumes and apply what they have learned from their coursework. Students can also participate in study abroad programs for expanding their global awareness.

HPU hospitality management students learn the communication skills, management theories and operational competencies necessary to enter any segment of the hospitality industry. Students take a required core in courses designed to prepare them for the industry, including an introduction to the hospitality experience, budget and finance course, service management, and a senior-level demand and revenue management course that includes hospitality simulations.


EVENT MANAGEMENT Program overview The event management major is uniquely positioned in the School of Communication as a leisure services-based event management program. Our B.A. in event management degree prepares students for a variety of roles in the private, nonprofit, public or corporate sectors, in one of the world’s fastest developing fields of employment. The curriculum combines nine event management courses with core communication offerings as well as experiential research projects, volunteer opportunities, practicums and internships. Planning on Point student club members regularly complete professional certifications and attend regional and national conferences.

Where do alumni secure jobs? EVENT MANAGEMENT In Tourism & Hospitality n

Atlanta Marriott Marquis


Disney - Orlando


H.I.S. Events – Honolulu


Marriott Waterfront Hotel – Annapolis


O. Henry and Proximity Hotels – Greensboro


Millennium Center  —  Winston-Salem

ROSE STANAS, class of 2021, is beginning her career at LaBelle Winery, where she will be responsible for executing a wide range of events including weddings, bridal parties, wine tastings and corporate events. Her other responsibilities include managing staff, ensuring efficient flow, resolving problems and analyzing the events success.

In Business n

Buckley Hall Events — New York


Vanguard Events & Marketing – Raleigh


BMF Media – New York


GB Brand Design – Frankfurt, Germany

For Non-Profits n

Baptist Children’s Home of North Carolina

Atlantic General Hospital Foundation – Maryland n


Virginia Capital Trails Foundation


National Alzheimer’s Association

And, for themselves n

Mac & B Events – Charleston, South Carolina


Something Perfect Weddings – Charlotte

Colonial Country Club – Jamestown, North Carolina n


Orlando City Soccer – Orlando

Our program has been recognized since 2016 as the Best Event Management Bachelor's Degree by the International Festivals & Events Association. The Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Gold Award, announced during the organization’s annual convention, recognizes the quality, excellence, creativity and achievements of the festival and event industry. Event management has grown from eight declared majors in 2015 to 110 in 2019. The program also has 40 students in the minor program. In addition to their classwork, event management students are also community partners, volunteering and interning more than 6,000 hours annually with local event-related organizations and facilities as well as several nonprofit organizations.


GAME DESIGN Program overview Game design students create compelling interactive experiences. Our students are storytellers, critics, artists, advocates and entrepreneurs. Most students are technologically adept and artistically inclined, but above all else they enjoy playing, making and modifying games. Game design graduates find employment in the commercial game industry and the rapidly expanding market for independent games development and are equipped to be game journalists, testers, designers, marketers and writers. DR. STEFAN HALL serves as the advisor for students, majoring in game design. Prior to HPU, Hall served as an arts columnist for the Phi Kappa Phi Forum magazine, a technical writer for a software lab and an oral history writer for the NASA Johnson Space Center. Hall’s work has been published in numerous communications, gaming and comic book journals and reviews around the country. Hall received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English from Virginia Tech and a doctorate in American culture studies with a focus in film, media and culture from Bowling Green State University.


JOURNALISM SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS The School of Communication houses one of three student chapters in North Carolina of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). Being chartered demonstrates HPU’s commitment to provide the best exposure and training in journalistic practice as students learn how to handle their constitutional rights to freedom of expression with thoroughness, honesty and ethical behavior. SPJ is the oldest professional journalism association in the United States. Members of the SPJ believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.

Program overview Journalism students tell interesting stories to different types of audiences. Journalists are naturally curious about all sorts of information and enjoy mixing with leaders from the political, economic, sports and entertainment fields. They also have a desire to pass on this information to readers, viewers and listeners. They have an interest in using new technologies to extend their journalistic reach. Journalism graduates are employed at newspapers, radio and television stations and websites. Due to their broad skills and storytelling abilities, graduates tend to have careers spanning various types of media.

JOSEPH MARONSKI ’23, is double majoring in journalism and political science with a concentration in broadcasting and a minor in Italian studies. Maronski is an ABC News Nightline intern where he is exposed to the inner-workings of a network broadcast from pitching stories to seeing the final product on the air. Maronski said, “Through the Access to Innovators Program at HPU, I have been able to develop not just a professional but a personal relationship with Journalist in Residence Byron Pitts. The chance to work with him would be nonexistent without this program.”



Program overview Media production and entrepreneurship majors will learn the video and audio production skills needed to create narrative, informational and entertainment content within an entrepreneurial perspective that challenges them to create innovative media content, integrate strategic decision-making into their media creation and explore business opportunities that may arise from these new approaches. PROFESSOR JOE MICHAELS, HPU's Broadcaster in Residence, is an eight-time Emmy award-winning director who has been an industry innovator as an in-studio and live-event television director. Prior to joining HPU, he directed the Today Show for 22 years, recently directed the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics and spent over 40 years at NBC news and NBC sports. Michaels has also lent his expertise to feature film and television entertainment projects as a consulting director. As a motivating leader of live and tape telecasts, Michaels has guided production and engineering teams not only inside the studio but also in many difficult-to-reach remote locations. Michaels is considered one of the premier directors in television. He also directed the first-ever live broadcast of a brain surgery for the National Geographic Channel in 2016.

DAVID NEAL, a 34-time Emmy award-winning producer, Fox’s World Cup Coordinator and one of the most decorated figures of sports television, serves as chairman of the NQSC Advisory Board. Neal worked at NBC for 30 years where he produced nine Olympic Games, four NBA Finals, two World Series and a Super Bowl pregame show. This work and more garnered his Emmy Awards. Now, he is the executive producer of the World Cup soccer coverage from 2015–2022 at FOX Sports.

NATIONAL RECOGNITION Britton Nagy was selected by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting to receive a stipend that allowed her to travel to Norway’s Bastoy Island and report on a controversial criminal punishment system that’s receiving international attention. Britton is a communication major with a concentration in electronic media production.



The popular culture and media production major combines the history, theory, analysis and rhetoric of everything from reality TV and blockbuster films to hip-hop culture and consumerism, examining how our day-today lives are informed and constructed by cultural trends and products. The concentration focuses on critical thinking, research and communication skills, whether oral, written or mediated (radio, video or web). Students gain a broad and flexible background appropriate for attending graduate school, for teaching and for writing about or creating media content. Employers in all fields of media value the breadth and depth of HPU students’ engagement with media and culture.


LAMBDA PI ETA HPU’s Psi Psi chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association’s honor society, was founded in 2009 and has initiated more than 100 members. The organization is rooted off of the three ingredients of persuasion, as per Aristotle’s Rhetoric: logos, meaning logic; pathos, relating to emotion; and ethos, described as character credibility and ethics. The six goals of the society include recognizing, fostering and rewarding outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies, stimulating interest in the field of communication, promoting and encouraging professional development among communication majors, providing an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication, establishing and maintaining closer relationships between faculty and students and exploring options for graduate education in communication studies.

RYLEY FREDERICKSEN, Class of 2020, interned with Medi USA where she gained real-life social media marketing experience.


SPORT MANAGEMENT Where do alumni secure jobs? SPORT MANAGEMENT With professional sport franchises  n

Arizona Cardinals


Cleveland Cavaliers


Hendrick Motorsports


New York Yankees

With collegiate athletic departments n

Duke University


Marshall University


The Ohio State University

And more  n

Under Armour


U.S. Olympic Committee


U.S. Soccer Federation

GRAHAM BILLINGS, MATTHEW BURNS AND RYAN MCCABE (pictured below) participated in game day operations internships with the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) throughout football season. They monitored, recorded and logged data for the games. They also compiled and edited video and completed various analytical projects for the ACC.

Program overview The School of Communication offers the sport management major, which requires students to complete a 20-hour core of communication and law courses as well as an internship experience. Students enrolled in the Sport Management sequence are equipped to work for a variety of organizations within the sports industry such as collegiate athletic departments, professional sports organizations, sports marketing agencies and sports governing bodies. Courses in this major provide students the opportunity to learn critical thinking skills as they relate to the business, financial, legal, ethical and social implications of sports. The sport management program offers students multiple ways to enhance their knowledge, skills and networking abilities within sports in addition to their academic coursework by providing opportunities for them to participate in internships, student club activities, sports industry conferences, guest speaker events and individual advising with faculty. PRESLEY BROWN, ’18 – SALES REPRESENTATIVE AT TEAM CONNECTION IN HIGH POINT, N.C. “From day one, HPU encouraged me to set my goals high and then work as hard as I could to achieve them. Because of their focus on holistic learning, I pursued and completed internships every summer beginning freshman year. My internships taught me life skills in the field of Sport Management. It was the encouragement of my professors and advisors that pushed me to excel in classes, polish my resume and gain as much experience as possible. Also, HPU's Office of Career and Professional Development helped me by providing not only support for polishing my resumé and cover letters but also career fairs for my major.”


SPORTS MEDIA Program overview The sports media major provides students with a strong foundation for a career in the sports communication industry. Students explore the key issues that drive the sports media industry and participate in the production of multimedia sports content. Students learn the structure and techniques of sports broadcasting as both journalism and entertainment. The sports media major prepares students to tell sports stories through analysis, research, writing, audio/visual elements and performance. Students participate in the broadcast coverage of athletic events and learn to work as a member of sports broadcast production teams in the studio and on location in preparation for career opportunities as on-air talent (play-by-play, anchor, reporter, host) for radio, television and online media, as well as behind-the-camera positions producing live and studio sports programs for media outlets and sports organizations.

Opportunities in the Industry AMEER TYREE is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, and a sports media major. Ameer is director of operations for Sports Link and does play-by-play voiceover for HPU Men’s Soccer and Men’s Basketball. He also anchors sports segments for HPU TV. In addition to managing program funds, running social media accounts and providing live commentary for sporting events hosted on HPU’s campus, he also runs a sports blog where he writes about current events in the world of sports.

High Point University has named BOB RYAN, retired sports columnist for The Boston Globe, as Sports Reporter in Residence. Ryan has been writing for the Globe since 1968, covering all of Boston’s sports teams. Ryan’s work still appears in the Globe. He is a regular panelist on ESPN’s Sunday morning roundtable, “The Sports Reporters,” and has been described as the “quintessential American sportswriter” and a basketball guru. Ryan is wellknown for his coverage of basketball and for his stories covering the Boston Celtics in the 1970s.

DYLAN LINN, '21 is the promotions and control room manager for the Gastonia Honey Hunters Baseball Team. "Working in the TV studio and control room of the Nido Qubein School of Communication allowed me to better understand the fundamentals of how to direct and manage personnel along with the technical needs to support. I was given opportunities to utilize remote gear and do multi-camera setups at various locations around campus and the Triad. My professors were instrumental in encouraging me to experiment and gave me insight into the sports industry. Additionally I collaborated with our athletic department on their broadcasts to work various production jobs like director and producer that were streamed directly to ESPN+. All of this was made possible through the life skills that I gained at High Point University."


ADVERTISING, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION Program overview Strategic communication encompasses the traditional practices of public relations and advertising and is designed to help various types of organizations (for-profit corporations, health care, education, sports, government, social services and more) accomplish their goals. Courses in this sequence examine organizational problems in areas such as promotion, employee relations and community relations and then draw upon communication and social science theories to find creative communication solutions to these problems. By drawing on a base of theoretical knowledge and developing students’ written and oral communication skills, this sequence prepares students to enter strategic communication fields where they can work in either agencies or in organizations that have a formal communication function. Typical entry-level job titles include account coordinator, media buyer, assistant account executive, copywriter, public relations specialist, special events coordinator, sports information specialist, public affairs/public information specialist or health and wellness promoter.

Experiential Learning & Clubs

Ascension336 is a communication agency run by HPU students. Students work with real-world clients on a variety of projects including plan development, media relations, video production, graphic design, social media management and other communication tasks. The Bateman Team represents HPU in the Bateman competition. Bateman is an intercollegiate competition sponsored by the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Bateman pits the best public relations students against one another to solve real-world communication problems for a nonprofit organization. The PRSSA is the premier club for student communicators that works nationally with PRSA the organization for professional communicators. Students learn more about the communications industry and have opportunities to meet and network with professionals. Student-led, the HPU Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) provides opportunities for students from all majors to develop their expertise in the field of public relations. Students learn more about the communications industry and have opportunities to meet and network with professionals in the field.

Strategic communication students from High Point University created fresh, new marketing campaigns for the High Point Community Against Violence (HPCAV). The students spent the past semester creating campaigns to inform the public about HPCAV’s efforts to reduce crime and make High Point a safer community.

B.A. TO M.A. IN STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION The B.A. to M.A. program in strategic communication is open to all majors at HPU. The program allows any student pursuing an undergraduate degree at High Point University to complete their undergraduate degree and a master’s degree within a five-year time frame. In this demanding program, students are provided with the skills to design, develop, implement

and evaluate communication campaigns. Students can apply for admission in their junior year, begin taking graduate-level courses in their senior year, graduate with their class at the end of senior year and complete their M.A. in strategic communication over the course of one additional year.


HPU Communication Fellows met key staff and toured the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.


Each year, the top 40 incoming communication majors are granted membership into High Point University’s Communication Fellows Program. The Communication Fellows Program has three tracks: Media Fellows, Sport Fellows, and Publicity and Events Fellows. The fellows partake in real-world projects in a client/agency model, work together to develop and oversee unique research projects and travel domestically and internationally to examine trends in the media industry. They will graduate with a polished portfolio, resume and interviewing skills needed to launch a career in the communication industry of their choice. SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION Communication Fellows receive a $3,000 scholarship renewable annually based on academic performance and continued participation in the program. This is in addition to any Presidential or High Point Scholarship. EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES Last year, a group of students gained a career-defining experience as part of HPU’s exclusive Communication Fellows Program. During the annual trip to Los Angeles, students gained insights through access to private panels and tours of Google, YouTube, Hulu and Headquarters Post. This one-of-a-kind trip proved invaluable in getting students’ “feet in the door”— the HPU Communication Fellows became the very first group of students to ever be allowed into the Television Critics Association’s (TCA’s) NBC University Press Tour, where they were invited to sit in while executive producers and stars pitched their new and returning shows to the TCA, spotlighting FX’s 2018 fall line-up. HPU Communication Fellows also worked together to script, film and edit a documentary about a surfer, which included traveling to the Vans U.S. Open to interview professional surfers. For our upcoming trip to Los Angeles, students are planning a fundraising event for a nonprofit organization. Visits to news, games, public relations/marketing agencies and event management companies are also planned for our Los Angeles and Atlanta trips.



LAUREN KOTLER, ’17, a broadcast communication major, interned at Entertainment Tonight in New York City.

JOHN MARSICANO, ’15, is a public relations specialist for Magnolia, the brand made famous by Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.”

MITCH RISSMILLER, ’19, has interned with Madison Square Garden, NBC’s TODAY Show, Warner Bros. Pictures and as a production assistant on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

BRENNA AUSTIN, ’16, works in event management and public relations with Entertainment Fusion Group in Los Angeles.

KELLY SCHWAB, ’15, secured a position as a digital media intern for Animal Planet.

JODI GUGLIELMI, ’15, is a writer and reporter at People Magazine in New York.

CASSANDRA DIAZ, ’19, has held internships with Madison Square Gardens, IMG College and most recently the NBA, where she worked with the global marketing partnerships team.


One University Parkway, High Point, NC 27268, USA

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