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A- i -R North N o r way Guest studios and ar tist-in-residence programs in Nor th-Nor way

A-i-R Nor th-Nor way Guest studios and ar tist-in-residence programs in Nor th-Nor way

High Nor th A-i-R Network 2013

A-i-R NORTH-NORWAY The region of Nor th-Nor way covers the high nor th of Europe and consists of three counties - Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. The region shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Strategy For Visual Ar ts in Nor th Nor way-Nor th Nor wegian Ar t Scene Towards 2020 has been adopted by the county councils of Troms, Finnmark and Nordland in June 2011. The three Nor th-Nor wegian County Councils’ are committed to the development of a strong visual ar ts scene in Nor th-Nor way and to suppor ting ar tists who live and work in the region. Ar tist-in-residence programs and High Nor th A-i-R network are par t of the Nor th-Nor wegian County Councils commitment to suppor t the international cooperation and encourage professional exchange programs for ar tists and ar t institutions in the region. High Nor th A-i-R network is a platform and a meeting point for organizations and ar tists who run or want to establish Ar tist-in-Residence and ar t exchange programs in the nor thern areas in Nor way, Finland, Sweden, and Nor thwest Russia. The network is administratrated by Troms County Cultural Center/ Troms County Council, in collaboration with Nordland and Finnmark County Councils. The network encourages development of ar t projects and co-operations across the borders in the nor thern areas of Scandinavia and Russia, taking into account environment, mobility, local and indigenous cultures.

NORDLAND 8310 Kabelvåg – Ar tist in Residence ABH 66°N/ Ar tBase Helgeland Kunstkvar teret Lofoten Ar tist-in-Residence Vesterålen Kunstnerhuset i Svolvær Røst A-i-R TROMS Kråkeslottet- The Crow ’s Castle Lásságámmi ar tist and scientist home Peripheral Centre Residens Tromsø The guest studio at Troms County Cultural Center FINNMARK BAR International-Pikene på broen Berlevågatelieene Dansearena Nord Galleri Christensen-”Rosa Huset ” Iver Jåks A-i-R Vadsø Ar tist Residence

N ordland

Photographs by Nadja Bournonville, work in progress 2013 Nadja Bournonville is one of the ar tists who par ticipate at Nordland film- og Kunstskole’s Ar tist-in-Residence program


8310 Kabelvåg – Artist in Residence Nordland College of Art and Film aims to develop its professional activity by inviting profiled artists and filmmakers to Kabelvåg in Lofoten for 2-4 weeks to participate in the 8310 Kabelvåg-Artist in Residence programme. During the residency period in Lofoten, the visiting artist or film-maker will develop her/his own artistic/film project. It is expected that the visiting artist also holds a presentation of either their current or previous art/ film projects for students and staff. Nordland College of Art

Contact: Nordland College of Art and Film 8310 Kabelvåg post.nkfs@nfk.no +47 76 06 63 60 http://www.kunstfilm.no

and Film covers round trip travel costs to Kabelvåg and provides housing in a traditional “fisherman`s cabin”. In addition, the visiting artists/ film-makers will have access to the schools technical equipment, studio and presentation facilities. The visiting artists receive NOK 4 000 to cover other expenses during their stay in Lofoten. Selection is based on project description and updated CV.


ABH 66°N/ ArtBase Helgeland ArtBase Helgeland 66° N is founded and run by Ina Otzko and Kari Elfstedt. ABH is a non-profit artist initiative organizing and producing site-specific exhibitions and projects. ABH is promoting projects, which challenges boundaries and critical discussion concerning development of rural places and spaces in the north and how it may affect the local environment in a long-term perspective. ABH aspire cross boarder projects that explore new ways of active participation aiming to connect people, places and spaces for cultural and critical exchange and expansion beyond what is already known. ArtBase Helgeland 66° N is located in Nordvika, one of the oldest preserved trading centres in Norway that dates back to the 1600s. Nordvika is run by Helgeland Museum. It is beautifully situated on the island Dønna, between high mountains and a protected bay. Dønna is a small island, 20 minutes with ferry from the town Sandnessjøen. Airport: Stokka, Sandnessjøen.

Contact: Kari Elfstedt + 4791148070 Ina Otzko +4795862097 post@artbase-helgeland.no air@artbase-helgeland.no http://www.artbase-helgeland.no/


Kunstkvarteret Lofoten Situated in the center of Lofoten, lies the collective studio “Kunstkvarteret”, where four local artists have permanent studios and guest artists visit periodically. There has been several international symposia and seminars organized since its inauguration in 2008, and the artist-in-residence program has recently been established in collaboration with Nordland County Council and the Vestvaagoy municipality. “Kunstkvarteret” is located in the middle of the Lofoten archipelago, next to Leknes, that is also the nearest airport, and 10 minutes away from Stamsund, where there is a gallery, 3 permanent theaters, an annual theatre festival. The Contact: Vebjørg Hagene Thoe + 47 90 95 65 46 vebjorg@online.no http://kunstkvarteret.wordpress.com/

residence artists are free to use their time at their own disposal, but they are encouraged to contribute to the local environment – either through exhibitions at a later time or workshops/artist talk during the stay. The applicant is asked to describe plans, include a résumé and a summary of the reasons for wanting to work in Lofoten and the preferred time periods for the visits. Young artists have a priority, but the program is open for all artists to apply for the residency.


Artist-in-Residence Vesterålen Vesterålen regionråd, Kultursamarbeidet is running an exchange program for artists from Iceland, Ireland and Vesterålen region through the cultural program Edges: Three Sides of the Same Sea. AiR Vesterålen is developing other residency program within AiR Nordland/ Nordland Conty Council. Guest artists are offered residency at Galleri Hildreland, Bø i Vesterålen and Kiilgården, Andøy. Residency grant that covers travel and living costs is available for artists from Donegal (Ireland) and East-Iceland. Guest artists are encouraged to present the results of their residency to the local audience. Contact: Vesterålen regionråd, Kultursamarbeidet/ Erik Bugge, postmottak@vestreg.no http://www.vestreg.no/kultur/


Kunstnerhuset in Svolvær Kunstnerhuset (The Artist House) in Svolvær is located on Svinøya close to Svolvær centrum. The Artist House has a long history one can still feel in the house. It has been a living and working space for artists since the 1950’s. There are four working rooms in the house: two large studios on the second floor with a view to the sea and mountains; a working studio for artists who use computers as a tool, and a working space in the basement. There are eight bedrooms and two bathrooms, large living room and an equipped kitchen. In 2013 North-Norwegian Artist Center (Nordnorsk kunstnersenter) took over The Artist House and is working on development of a new Artist-in-Residence program. The artistic and competence exchange between the local and the international artists


will be central in the new A-i-R program in Svolvær. The program should

Bente Tønsager

start in 2015. Artists can also rent space at The Artist House in Svolvær

+47 99552686

for shorter or longer working periods, or to have courses for students. For


more information and prices please contact the Artist House.



Our aim is to offer a diverse mix of local, national and international artists a place to work concentrated on individual and communal projects. We encourage an ongoing discourse about sustainability, bio diversity, self-reliance and similar contemporary topics and challenges arising from climate change and overpopulation. We are working towards becoming self reliant and have begun projecting a perma culture garden of edible greens.


Røst AIR Røst AIR is a unique, interdisciplinary, ecological artist run A-i-R, situated on Skomvær lighthouse in the Røst Archipelago, Nordland. Røst AIR is a collaboration between Elin Øyen Vister, Nordland City Council, The Norwegian Coastal Administration and Røst muncipality. Skomvær lighthouse is a cultural heritage site and is situated in astonishing natural surroundings, amidst the Nykan nature reserve, home to one of Norway’s largest population of pelagic seabirds. Røst AIR completed its first season in summer 2013. Røst AIR welcomes artists, writers, philosophers, activists, independent curators and researchers and interdisciplinary projects to stay for a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of two months. We can accommodate up to four artists at a time. Røst AIR offers up to 10 stipends covering travel and stay and additionally some guest artist in residence places excluding stipends. Røst AIR works in close relationship with the local community. All artists are expected to write a small report about their stay, otherwise process work is encouraged. Participation in Røst AIR is mainly by invitation only but all interested applicants are wel-

Contact: Røst AIR, Elin Øyen Vister +47 450 95 229 elin.vister@rostair.com www.rostair.com www.facebook.com/Rostartistinresidency

come to contact us. 15


T roms


Kråkeslottet- The Crow’s Castle Norway - north of the Arctic Circle: an old fish plant at the island Senja has gone through a metamorphosis and has become a cultural centre under the name The Crow’s Castle. In the summer there is a month long art festival, ArtiJuli arranged by a private ideal society. In the winter time we provide for artists to work at the house. Often these stays are to prepare contributions to the art festival, but it is also possible for artists not connected to the festival to apply. The labyrinth house contains more than 33 rooms- a big cosy kitchen, several sitting rooms, a café, an exhibition hall, a workshop, 5 showers, 6 toilets and 27 beds. In a small building next to the house there is a sauna.

Contact: Georg Blichfeldt +47 918 29 902 geoblich@online.no http://www.artijuli.no/ http://www.krakeslott.no/



Lásságámmi artist and scientist home Lásságámmi is the foundation that administers the rights to Nils-Aslak Valkeapää’s creative output. The foundation was established in 2004 and is owned by the Sámi Parliament in Norway, Storfjord municipality, the county of Troms and the University of Tromsø. The foundation’s purpose is to administer the legacy of Nils-Aslak Valkeapää in the spirit and philosophy that comes to light in his works and publications. By allowing selected persons to live and work on their own art and research projects in Nils-Aslak’s house, the foundation wants to encourage the occupants to carry on in their professional and artistic development. The dwelling is in principle kept as Nils-Aslak Valkeapää left it. A separate committee,


named by the board of the foundation, selects who will be able to live in

Maria Figenschau, Stiftelsen Lásságámmi

the house for shorter or longer periods. In between these periods, the


house will be open for visits by the public at specific times. See more

+47 77 21 29 65, +47 400 288 67

information about Lásságámmi, and download the application form for


rental of the house at www.lassagammi.no/


Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, known as Áillohaš in the Northern Sami language (1943 – -2001) was a Sami writer, musician and artist. He was born in Enontekiö in Lapland province, Finland. He lived most of his life in Käsivarsi, close to the border of Sweden, and also in Skibotn in Norway.

Lásságámmi was Nils-Aslak Valkeapää’s own name for the house he had built on the lot he got as a fiftieth birthday present from Storfjord municipality. The lot lies on a sloping rock, and the house was intended to resemble a large turf hut – hence, the name that literally translated means “the sloping rock turf hut.”


Peripheral Centre, Tromsø PERIPHERAL CENTRE is a new residence program starting in the beginning of 2014 and focusing on established artists from the field of art and new technology and performance art. Guests will be invited for 1 to 2 weeks in the 80 m2 studio with small guestroom and sauna, situated in a green area on top of Tromsø-island in the north of Norway, at 10 minutes distance from the airport and the city centre. There is no pressure for presenting results to public, yet a small exchange in the form of a meeting or lecture at the local art academy or performance centre is encouraged.

Contact: Lawrence Malstaf

Liv Hanne Haugen




The guest studio at Troms fylkeskultursenter Troms fylkeskultursenter is a production center for professional artists and a meeting place for artists in Troms. There are 25 studios for professional artists and common workshops- ceramics, printing and painting studios in the center. Department of Culture at Troms County Council is administrating Artist-in-Residence programs at the guest studio at Troms fylkeskultursenter and coordinating a network of guest studios in North Norway and Barents region, High North A-i-R network. A-i-R programs are part of Troms County Council’s commitment to support the international co-operation and encourage professional exchange programs for artists and art institutions in the region. The guest studio at Troms Contact:

fylkeskultursenter is fully furnished and includes a living space (bedroom,

Troms fylkeskultrusenter

bathroom, kitchen -35 m2) and working space (20m2), with wireless in-

Department of Culture, Troms County Council

ternet available. Troms fylkeskultursenter is running different residency

+47 777 80 00 / +47 777 88 299

programs in collaboration with the art institutions in Troms.



24 Hege P책lsrud photo:

Residens Tromsø an interdisciplinary residency in development: art hotel and residency programmes The cultural life in Tromsø is collaborating across genres to establish an interdisciplinary housing collective for its guests visiting on both commercial work and independent residency programmes. Funding is currently being applied for to establish and start a business model for the art hotel, to organise the network that creates the foundation for both commercial customers and non-commercial residencies and to develop residency programmes. We are ambitious and aim to receive guests from Autumn 2014. Residens Tromsø is a registered membership organisation and all partners in the cultural community are invited to photo: Els van Riel

Contact: Ingvill Fossheim

join. Membership can be applied for continuously. For membership, collaborations, updated information and other inquiries contact Residens Tromsø directly.




F innmark


BAR International-Pikene på broen BAR International is a fusion of two concepts - Barents Artists-in-Residency and Barents Arts Resources, based in Kirkenes and run by Pikene p Broen*. The program is open for artists of all genres/ musicians/ architects/ researchers/ curators from the Barents Region, Nordic countries and internationally who are interested to explore the Barents borderland in transition. Kirkenes, just a few miles from the borders to Russia and Finland, has become Transborder Kirkenes, ìthe Russian town in Norwayî, a gateway to Russia, a crossroad for political decisions in the Arctic, and

Xiaofei Li and Lise Kolstad Yuen

a laboratory for creative solutions to economic, cultural and social challenges in the border region. BAR International focus is on the cross-border issues and issues related to the High North. The program facilitates short-term artistic research of the region (1-2 weeks), and is aimed at new art-production and creating new stories about the High North. Through the residency artists get insight into and work with issues that are locally rooted, but at the same time have global relevance.


Contact: pikene@pikene.no +47 78 99 38 79 www.pikene.no www.barentsspektakel.no

BAR International is mobile, and residencies may take place in different towns and places within the Barents Region or in other countries, depending on a project needs.

with Knut Ă…sdam and Mar tin Testar


Berlevågatelieene - Kvitbrakka Kvittbraka has been rehabilitated in 2012 and today it is an important cultural arena in Berlevåg. Berlevågatelieene (Berlevåg studios) Kvitbrakka are situated by the harbour museum in and Hurtigruten quay, and offers guest artists living and working place in in Berlevåg. There are 3 bedrooms, shared bathroom with underfloor heating, fully equipped kitchen and a work space of 100m2 and the exhibition space in the Berlevåg studios-Kvittbrakka. Berlevågatelieene collaborate with the gallery at Villa Borealis run by Anne Jorunn Kjær. Interior is decorated using vintage furniture and many artists have found this place to be very inspiring.

Contact: Liz Rekve kvitbrakka@gmail.com +47 45879831 Facebook: Berlevågatelieene - Kvitbrakka


Dansearena nord Dansearena nord is a regional center for dance and performing arts in Northern-Norway. Dansearena nord offers residencies for professional dancers, choreographers and others working with dance and movement for the stage. The aim of the program is to create room for artists to develop projects, explore ideas and establish network. During a residency artists have access to the fully equipped dance studio 24-7. The studio measures 16 x 10 x4 meters. There is a PA, working and stage lights, mirror wall, dance mats, and a large window wall towards the harbor and city center. The windows may be blinded. The residency house is close to the city center, approx. five minutes walk from the Arctic Cultural Center. All calls for applications are announced on facebook and our webpage.

Contact: Dansearena nord Susanne NĂŚss Nielsen susanne@dansearenanord.no +47 78 40 74 51 www.dansearenanord.no


Galleri Christensen-”Rosa Huset” Galleri Christensen in Kjøllefjord is situated in what used to be a fisherman’s shack, by the sea.The gallery contains an exhibition space and 2 smaller studios of 15m2 and one large studio of 40m2. The large studio is also equipped for working with ceramics- there is a ceramic oven, potter’s wheel and tools for working with ceramics. There is also a small printing press in the smaller studio. The guest studio called “Rosa Huset” has three bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. Kjøllefjord is a small fisherman’s village with approximately 1000 inhabitants. The closest airport in Mehamn is 30km away from the village, and Hurtigruten ships make a stop every day.

Contact: Galleri Christensen, Strandveien 103, Kjøllefjord Kjell Sørbø k-sorbo@online.no +4795208760 Address: Pb 373, 9790 Kjøllefjord



Iver Jåks A-i-R Named after the late Sami artist Iver Jåks, this international artist-in-residence program at SDG (Sámi Center for Contemporary Art) offers a two months residency in Karasjok, Norway. Sami Center for Contemporary Art administers the residency program and is the host during the residency period. Professional visual artists are eligible to apply for Iver Jåks Residency Program. The residency includes a stipend, accommodation, access to studio/atelier, as well as travel expenses for the artist. The combined apartment and atelier at the Iver Jåks house in Karasjok functions as living and working space for the artist-in-residence. The stipend covers living expenses as well as production costs. Open call for applications


is announced once a year.The artistic advisory board at Sami Center for

Maaike Halbertsma

Contemporary Art makes the selection. Quality of artistic practice is the


exclusive selection criteria.

+47 90255109 http://www.samidaiddaguovddas.no/


Vadsø Artist Residence Finnmark County Council owns and runs the guest studio in Vadsø. Artists from the Barents region and other countries are welcome to apply for residency. Residency at the guest studio in Vadsø is available for visual artists and craft artists for a period from 2 weeks to 3 months. The guest studio can accommodate 1-3 artists at the same time or a small group of artists. Finnmark County Council offers free rent of the guest studio to visiting artists. The program is specifically aimed at artists from the Barents region, but other artists are also welcome. When considering the applications, the applicant’s proposal for stay, the project’s impact in the community (events, workshops, exhibitions) is emphasized.

Contact: Kirsti Riesto kirsti.riesto@ffk.no +4778963113 http://www.ffk.no/emner-og-tjenester/kultur/gjesteatelier/



Photos & texts: 8310 Kabelvåg – Ar tist in Residence ABH 66°N/ Ar tBase Helgeland Kunstkvar teret Lofoten Ar tist-in-Residence Vesterålen Kunstnerhuset i Svolvær Røst A-i-R Kråkeslottet- The Crow ’s Castle Lásságámmi ar tist and scientist home Peripheral Centre Residens Tromsø The guest studio at Troms County Cultural Center BAR International-Pikene på broen Berlevågatelieene Dansearena Nord Galleri Christensen-”Rosa Huset ” Iver Jåks A-i-R Vadsø Ar tist Residence Publisher: Troms County Council P.O.Box 6600, 9296 Tromsø www.tromsfylke.no November 2013 http://www.highnor thair.org/


Profile for High North AiR network

A-i-R North Norway  

A-i-R North Norway