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unique custom homes By combining a depth of construction and design expertise with a spirit of ingenuity, we can provide turn key projects from development to completion. This process yields a thoughtful home with unique touches that meet your budget goals, balancing creativity and quality construction.

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Katie’s Farewell The first time I ever stepped into the office, I was a nervous student vying for my first job in college. Little did I know that two years later, my time at High Country Home would turn into the inspiration for future career opportunities. I leave Boone as a recent graduate of Appalachian State University. Throughout my time here, I have learned what it takes to be part of a creative team that works together to create one collective product – something that we can’t stop staring at once it’s finally sitting on our desks in print. Issue after issue, I never get over the feeling of seeing all our work bound together in one glossy, complete magazine. All of our hard work, the phone calls, the article writing, the brainstorming, and the troubleshooting boiled down into pages of a magazine that I can hold onto as I end my time as a student in Boone and transition to a new part of my life.


It has truly been such an invaluable experience to be a part of this team and stunning publication. These are some of the most hardworking and dedicated people that I have ever worked with. Each issue brought a new slew of ideas and goals to constantly grow and improve. As I leave my job as Content Editor, I can’t help but think how this part-time job that I accepted two years ago has truly become part of my life and a motivation for my future. I have had the opportunity to walk through some of the most gorgeous houses in this region, write articles for the most hospitable families and homeowners, and meet and interview devoted local business owners. The people that I’ve met through this publication have been true reflections of the High Country itself: genuinely impressive. I have been so fortunate to explore and learn about so many areas of our beautiful region as part of my work: describing a panoramic view of Grandfather Mountain through a living room window, seeing the local abundance of the Watauga County farmer’s market, highlighting the personal creativity and detail that went into a particularly custom kitchen. While I may be leaving the High Country, it will always hold a special place in my heart; I already know that I’ll be eager to find each new issue of High Country Home around town during my inevitable visits back. Sincerely, Katie Strasser


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Let fresh air into your home without unwelcome insects or glare of direct sunlight. When you don’t need the screens, they retract completely out of sight. Suitable for doors, windows and large openings, Phantom Screens complement any décor.

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DesignProfiles Showcasing the High Country’s beautiful homes and communities


Rocky Ledge Way


Rocky Top



Crafted to Perfection

D-Coy’s Nest


HOME •17


Judi Beck is a freelance writer, author, and human systems consultant who lives and works in the High Country. She’s been published in international, national, and regional publications. She’s the author of two books, The Ecology of Conversation and On Kiwi Wings.


Katie Strasser is a graduate Creative Writing major at Appalachian State University. She also has a minor in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology with hopes to someday write books and create a magazine of her own. Katie loves food, reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Emily White graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in English and a minor in Communications. She hopes to use her writing skills wherever her career may take her, and wishes to be involved in publication ventures her whole life. Emily loves to cook for friends and family, write, and snuggle up to a good book.

Breton Frazier is the Declutter Diva and works as a personal organizer in St. Augustine, FL. Over 30 years ago she began as a wardrobe consultant tackling clothes closets. She works with private clients bringing order and serenity to their spaces. Breton also teaches workshops on decluttering.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Foundations Patios Home Construction & More

Penick Construction

Penick Construction is a company of efficiency, high-quality, grading, masonry, and general construction. Since this business’s initial start in 1978, Boone native and head of the company, Maurice Penick, has provided the counties of Watauga, Ashe, Avery with superior services ranging from clearing and hauling to stonework, ponds, and general contracting. A commitment to excellence paired with diligent labor are what set Penick Construction apart from the rest of the local industry.



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TheIntroductions Get to know the businesses we applaud and people we admire in the High Country

Shawn and Shelia Gentry

Sean McKee

Erin McCutcheon-Kath

Charles Hobson

Owners of The Cabin Store

Owner of Log Home Maintenance, Inc.

Owner Of McKee Tree Service

Owner of H&H Drywall •23


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------he Cabin Store is a unique retail business, housing specialty furniture and accessories that cater to the mountain lifestyle. Their large selection of reclaimed barn wood furniture, as well as custom kitchen cabinets and vanities, assures that customers will find beautiful pieces to fill their entire home. Customers often comment that the store reminds them of a museum, and owners Shawn and Sheila Gentry work very hard to create an atmosphere that is warm yet filled with interesting items-- such as a full mount grizzly bear, raccoons in a canoe, coyotes, mountain lions, and Native American treasures such as bows and quivers, pottery, and handcrafted turquoise jewelry. The Cabin Store has been dutifully serving the High Country for ten years, and owners Shawn and Sheila are dedicated to providing a unique shopping experience with excellent customer service. They are in love with the High Country and have made their home in Todd for the past 25 years. The Gentrys have always lived in a log home and love its rustic feel, but had trouble finding furniture to match the mountain style. Their search for furniture is what gave them the inspiration to open a retail furniture store providing the perfect rustic furnishings and décor to those in the same predicament. Due to the popular demand for its unique and amazing décor, The Cabin Store has spread from Boone to West Jefferson and Mountain City. Their furniture is not mass-produced, instead it is all handcrafted in the USA-- making each piece unique and appealing. Their stores also showcase spectacular leather, upholstered, and cowhide sofas and chairs made in North Carolina. Sheila and Shawn love working with customers, providing assistance in the selection of furniture and décor, and even offering home visits to help with placement and measurements. They are constantly searching for new products and furniture to showcase in their store. In fact a new line of outdoor Adirondack furniture will be featured in The Cabin Store soon! Their store is a one-stop shopping experience, offering styles ranging from cabin/lodge to rustic elegance; they simply have something for everyone. The Cabin Store is open Mon-Sat, 10:00 am – 5:30 p.m. or by appointment. Start crafting your mountain home into a truly unique attraction!

T 24•


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------cKee Tree Service offers a host of landscaping necessities– including tree removal, pruning, chipper service, stump grinding, and view improvements. Owner Sean McKee is an ISA certified arborist, an accomplishment which lets homeowners know that he has taken the time to learn the most he can to help the trees on their property. He prides himself in being very level headed and willing to listen to the needs and concerns of his homeowners. McKee Tree Service is a genuine family business, established in 1974 by Sean’s father, George McKee. Born and raised in Blowing Rock, Sean began helping George with the family business 20 years ago, and together they built a reputable company by showing up on time for every job and demonstrating respectable workmanship in every task they took on. After taking over the business, Sean still continues to uphold this standard, even after his father’s passing. Although the weather can be a bit tricky at times, Sean loves the opportunity to work outdoors and enjoys benefiting from the beautiful views we have in the High Country. He is very proud to have built such a successful company, with the McKee name demonstrated prominently on their uniforms and equipment. McKee Tree Service has been employed all across the High Country, being hired by Diamond Creek Country Club, Cross Creek in Blowing Rock, Linville Ridge Country Club Golf Course, and many others. McKee Tree Service is not simply a few guys with a chainsaw and a truck, but rather a dependable and honest family business. Sean endeavors to expand the assets of McKee Tree Service in the near future to help each and every customer he can. He will continue to please clients in the High Country. To learn more about what McKee Tree Service can do for you, give them a call at (828) 898-3615.

M •25


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------rin McCutcheon-Kath, owner of Log Home Maintenance, Inc., has been perfecting log cabins for over 10 years. When asked why she initially chose to create Log Home Maintenance, Inc., it was because she was told that this is a man’s world, and for Erin who loves a challenge, this ignited a spark. Erin enjoys working outside with her hands and perfecting things the first time around, so it seemed that working with log homes was the perfect fit! Log Home Maintenance, Inc. provides such services as media-blasting, stripping, staining, chinking, caulking, and rot repair. Their projects range from 400 square foot cabins to 18,000 square foot log homes, and examples of their work can be found stretching from the Big Sky country to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Log Home Maintenance, Inc. prides themselves on their dedication to excellence and knowledge of the craft, and are one of the few contractors to stand behind their finish work with a warranty. Log Home Maintenance is a certified applicator of both Perma-chink and Sashco products, and demonstrates superior application techniques at Perma-chink seminars. Erin enjoys being a woman in a predominately male-operated industry and loves the challenge of proving her knowledge and experience. Erin and her company were also featured in All About Women Magazine, where she claims that within her profession the best accolades are the “awe-inspiring results and the impressed faces of others in the same industry.” Each and every cabin is different, so the most challenging aspect is how to bring its appearance back to new or even better, while maintaining the integrity of the cabin. Erin enjoys educating homeowners in how to best protect their investment and has spent many years studying both the aspects of products, as well as application techniques in order to be the very best at her profession. Erin feels her company’s credentials are apparent in the beauty of the homes they maintain and the continued loyalty of their clients. Log Home Maintenance, Inc. allows their customers to feel safe in the knowledge that their cabin is in the hands of a company with the knowledge and the integrity to care for them now, and for many years to come. To learn more about all that Log Home Maintenance can do for your log home, call 828 260 1893, or visit their website at

E •26


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------rywall is a crucial component to any home, and Charles Hobson at H&H Drywall knows that quality and great service cannot be compromised. Inspired by a family in the drywall and home industry, H&H Drywall was started in 1997 and has been diligently serving the High Country since 2000. Offering a full spectrum of services from hanging, to texturing, to finishing each piece of drywall, H&H is your complete resource for drywall work as a homeowner. Reliability is of the utmost importance in Charles Hobson’s eyes; it is a quality that he thinks should be recognized more widely in the home industry. “When I tell you I’m going to be there, I will be there,” guarantees Charles Hobson, who assures that he takes pride in each project he takes on, and stands by his work even after the job is complete. Even though he is an expert with years of experience, Charles will admit that the most challenging aspect of work is hanging and finishing high-ceilinged rooms, as well as accomplishing the perfect texture requested by a customer. However, all of this precision and attention to detail is worth it when H&H can produce the highest quality finish for a customer’s home. Repairs, patching, additions, remodels, and renovations are all familiar to Charles. He handles any job efficiently and professionally, whether it is large or small. H&H Drywall is a business that has finetuned its skills through years of jobs and experience, however, Charles always keeps in mind the valuable life and business lessons that he learned from his father. Charles takes pride in his work, using a simple approach: doing a job, and doing it well. This dedicated focus has served him well in the years past, and Charles Hobson and H&H Drywall look forward to serving the High Country for many successful years to come. To reach Charles Hobson with H&H Drywall, call (828) 733-1811. H

D •27



HOME •29


On the Table with

The Painted Fish Asian Satays with Slaw

Sweet Pea, Basil and Crab Bisque

Southern Style Swordfish

Tomato Marmalade


ack by popular demand, the Painted Fish Café in Banner Elk gives us an amazing four-course meal with a light spring theme, perfect for a relaxing evening in the beautiful mountains of the High Country. So get ready to impress your friends and family with this delectable spread of asian chicken satays, hearty crab bisque, grilled swordfish with refreshing panzanella salad, and amazingly simple tomato marmalade filled strawberries for dessert. These delicious dishes will inspire your palate, and now you can bring the Painted Fish Café’s fantastic recipes to your own table with this generous four-course meal.

A step-by-step four course meal •31

Asian Satays with Slaw Satay Ingredients 1 tsp. canola oil 3 tsp. garlic, minced 2 tsp. ginger, minced 2 tsp. sambal oelek chili sauce 1 c. soy sauce 3 tsp. sugar 1/2 c. rice wine vinegar 4 boneless-skinless chicken thighs, diced 8 bamboo skewers, soaked in water

Asian Style Bell Pepper Slaw Ingredients 1 c. shredded cabbage ½ red bell pepper cut in very thin strips ½ yellow pepper cut in very thin strips 2 tsp. chopped fresh Cilantro 1 tsp. sesame oil 2 tsp. soy sauce 1 tsp. rice wine vinegar 1 tsp. dijon mustard

Directions In a medium sauce pot, heat oil until simmering. Add garlic and ginger and cook until garlic is light brown- do not burn. Add chili sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and chill. Once sauce is cold, add chicken and marinate overnight. Turn on grill. Remove chicken from marinade and skewer 3 pieces of chicken on each skewer. Place on grill and cook 2-3 minutes on each side, or until fully cooked. You can grill these a day ahead and reheat in the oven if you’d like….also great as an entrée. Place atop Asian style slaw and serve.

Directions In a small bowl place the oil, soy, vinegar, and mustard and whisk until well incorporated. Add peppers, cilantro, cabbage and toss until well coated. Place in fridge for at least 1 hour and serve. Can be made a day ahead of time. If you like a little heat you can add some Siracha or hot sauce of your choice. Add a little at a time until desired heat is there.


Sweet Pea, Basil and Crab Bisque Ingredients 1 family size package of frozen sweet peas (18 or 19oz) ½ c. packed rough chopped fresh Basil 1 c. clam juice 1 pt. heavy cream 2-4 tbsp. fresh lemon juice 1 tbsp. tabasco salt and pepper Directions In a two quart sauce pan, heat the cream and clam juice until at a simmer, add the remaining ingredients (except salt and pepper), and stir until just heated. Remove from heat and place a cup or two at a time into a blender and blend until smooth, then pour into new saucepan and repeat until all is pureed. Return your contents to stove and adjust it to your taste by adding salt, pepper, and more lemon juice (or tabasco depending on your taste). Now it’s ready to serve. You can make this a day or two ahead of time, but when you have the soup to the taste you want, transfer the soup to your storage container right away and place in an ice bath to cool as quickly as possible. This will keep the vibrant flavor and color in tact. When you reheat, it might need some more flavor adjusting. •33

Southern Style Swordfish Ingredients 4 small swordfish fillets (any grilling fish works well) 3 c. cooked grits flavored to your liking 1 heart of romaine 1 small ripe tomato grit croutons ½ c. Caesar dressing (or your favorite dressing) Directions When making your grits, place one cup in a small cereal bowl and chill quickly. When chilled, pop them out of the bowl onto a cutting board and cut them into bite size cubes, then set aside. Cut the tomato in half and scoop out the meaty inside, cut remaining skin and meat into strips approximately two inches by half an inch, then set aside. Cut the romaine into strips (like you would for coleslaw) with cabbage and place in a large bowl. Grill your fish until desired doneness and plate.


Plating In a two quart sauce pan (or home fryer), with about two inches of oil, heat to 350 degrees. place cubed grits in oil for two-three minutes, then remove and drain. Take the bowl with the romaine in it and add the dressing, tomatoes, and grits, then toss well. In the center of the plate place a forth of the remaining warm grits, top with grilled fish and Caesar salad, then serve.

Tomato Marmalade Ingredients 2 ripe tomatoes 1 cinnamon stick 2 tbsp. light brown sugar pinch of salt 1 orange 1 tsp. cornstarch Directions Cut the tomatoes in half and scoop out their insides, leaving only the meat of the skin. Dice (1/4 in. by 1/4 in.) the remaining tomatoes and place them in a small half to full quart sauce pan. Zest half of the orange, trying not to get much of the underlying white of the skin (some is not a problem), then place in pan. Cut the orange in half and squeeze juice into a pan (making sure there are no seeds). Add the last ingredient and place on medium heat. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until almost all the of the liquid is gone (about ten minutes). Remove contents from pan and place them in a small bowl, then chill. This can be done a day or so ahead of time.

Blueberry Balsamic syrup Ingredients 1 pt. blueberries 1 c. good Balsamic vinegar Directions Combine berries and vinegar in a small sauce pan, simmering over medium high heat for four to five minutes. Puree in a blender, strain through a fine strainer, and chill in small bowl. (There will be a thin film that builds up as it chills; when fully chilled simply peel off and discard). Keeps chilled for a week or so. To build the dessert, cut six large strawberries in half and scoop out some of their centers. Fill the strawberries with marmalade and serve with the blueberry balsamic syrup, with some slightly sweetened whip cream and pepper tuiles (optional but adds a really great touch). •35


HOME •37

Three Locations to serve you 3148 Hwy 105 Boone, NC 828.264.5650 or toll free 800.445.9732 2815 Hwy 105 Boone, NC 828.268.0450 2340 Tynecastle Hwy Banner Elk, NC


For more information about our products and services vistit our website 38• •39



Home Guide

Discussions on and resources for the kitchen and bath, design and decor, outdoor living, and landscaping

Home Show 2012


The 18th annual High Country Home and Remodeling Exposition has come and gone, and once again proved to be a two-day event filled with entertainment, giveaways, and helpful advice from local business owners. Held in the Holmes Convocation Center on ASU’s campus, the Home Show, proudly presented by the High Country Home Builder’s Association, featured an array of businesses and resources in the home industry, from “green building” to electric fences. The show this year was a two-day event, held Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th. As it is every year, admission was free and a large crowd was present, including industry professionals, homeowners, and local businesses alike. Holmes Convocation Center was filled with booths demonstrating home and garden services, products, and innovations, with each booth more detailed than the last. This exposi-

tion is truly a showcase of everything home-related that the High Country has to offer, and visitors were able to find an abundance of inspiration and valuable advice on new construction, remodeling projects, landscaping, or just simple room makeovers. There were numerous demonstrations scheduled throughout the two-day event, and the annual nail-driving contest gave visitors and exhibitors the chance to get competitive. One of the focuses this year was “Building Green to Better the High Country.” Exhibitors had the opportunity to display the newest advances in eco-friendly technology and features, as well as the standards of home building, from ceramic tile to closet shelving. It was a truly exceptional weekend full of informational entertainment, and anyone with questions or interested exhibitors for 2013 can contact Susan Miller at 828-297-6566. H •41

Planning for a Beautiful Perennial Garden

By Sonya Garland


Every spring we see beautiful gardens full of daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and creeping phlox and think to ourselves, “Boy, I sure wish my garden looked like that.” Well friends, I am here to tell you that you too can have the garden that everyone envies. With some careful planning and follow-through, you can have a perennial garden that doesn’t stops blooming from March to October. It will take some research and patience, but it is well worth it when you walk through your garden and proudly observe the continuous beautiful blooms! Planning a perennial garden is a lot like building a house. First, it’s important to make a list of all the plants that you love, when they bloom, and their mature size. Then, just as with a house, the foundation must be constructed. Some people like to finalize on paper the size and shape of the garden, so they can visualize the placing of their plants- like a floor plan. If you want your garden to have color in the winter, you must add some evergreen shrubs. The evergreen shrubs are like the frame of a house, giving the perennials a strong base on which to build. The fantastic array of colors will be enhanced by a strong green or blue behind it. Low growing, manageable evergreens- such as blue star junipers, globe arborvitaes, or green thread cypress- are usually the best for this type of framing. Now you have the floor plan, the material list, and the frame construction planned out. It is time for the siding! Look at your garden plan and map out where your evergreens will go. Usually they are nice when grouped in three’s and spaced about the garden. (If you are using low growing shrubs, it is okay to nestle them amongst your taller perennials). Okay, now that you have those placed, look at your plant list. Which plants are tall or medium height, and which are low-growing and perfect for border plants? Group the taller flowers such as black-eyed Susans, cone flowers, and peonies behind the smaller plants. Also, be sure to consider the colors of the flowers. Really bright gardens are very enjoyable, so mix many colors together, but keep a rhythm to the color patterns.


It is also essential to plan the border, which will fill in the medium height of your garden. These are the low growing perennials- such as dianthus, creeping phlox, or lamb’s earwhich should be repeated across the front edge of the perennial garden. You now have the frame and the siding of your house, so it’s time to consider the ornamental details. Just like a house, it is the trim work, shutters, and details that make it beautiful and unique! When perennial gardens have splashes of color from daffodils in the spring, and patches of constant color from annuals all summer, it ties the garden together and makes all of the other flowers look even more spectacular. Zinnias, New Guinea Impatiens, Begonias, are all wonderful choices for the repetitive groupings. Be sure to plant the annuals after May 10th in the High Country (to avoid frost damage)! It is perfectly fine to plant your perennial garden in the spring, but remember if you love daffodils in the spring, be sure to plant the bulbs in October! Now, you have your plan, plant list, and schedule, so you are ready to begin planting. Make sure that you have good, rich, well-drained soil before you begin planting. You may want to till up the area to make the soil soft and easy to plant in. A soil conditioner may be added to the dirt if it is a hard, packed dirt. Once you have the plot free of weeds and the soil ready to plant, let the fun begin! Lay out your plants while still in their containers and make sure you like the placement. Remember to cut a bit of the bottom of the roots to help jump-start their growth. Carefully add a thin layer of finely ground mulch in between the plants and take a step back to look at your garden. Yes, it has been a lot work from planning and researching to the planting, but just wait and see how much enjoyment you get from this garden that will last for years to come. Sonya Garland is the owner and designer of Hawk Mountain Garden Center. She is a Registered Landscaping Contractor and a Certified Plant Professional with over fifteen years of experience in the High Country. Call Sonya for a free landscaping estimate. 828-260-0452. H •43

Conquer Your Office Chaos in 5 Steps


Does it look like a bomb exploded in your office at home? Still recovering from preparing your income taxes? Even if you’ve taken the automatic extension, now is a fabulous time to restore order, and in the process, some peace of mind. When your taxes are complete, before you store away your return and back-up documentation for 2011, make the job easier by creating some filing space. 1. Pull out those file drawers or old bankers’ boxes. Find your return and your records for the tax year 2004. 2. Set aside an hour and start going through the paperwork. It will be much more comfortable if you’ll clear a surface or set up a portable table to sit at as you sort through the papers. 3. Not sure what to save and what to toss? A short visit to the website can inform you which documents you need to keep–see box at right. (Or to request a user-friendly list, email:


Did preparing your income tax create havoc in your home office? Always Keep:

* Annual income tax returns, including all schedules and forms such as W-2s, 1099s, etc. * Back-up documentation to support your income and deductions (expenses) * Annual statements and receipts pertaining to home improvement, investments, retirement accounts and self-employment.

Been There, Done That Tip: Next year when you’re ready to archive your 2012 taxes, take the time and toss inessential records from 2005 and so on.

4. Shred only the portion of a record with sensitive personal information and trash the rest. Or pay your local Staples or Office Max to shred it for you (usually for less than a dollar a pound). 5. You should be able to purge 50-75% of the papers for 2004, creating filing space for 2011. If you still need more room, bite the bullet and tackle your 2003 taxes. You will create plenty of space to file away 2011. 6. Set aside time in the near future to purge back to Noah’s ark if necessary. Unloading all this ancient history will liberate you.

Breton Frazier, Declutter Diva, lives in St. Augustine, Florida where she works with private clients and teaches organizing workshops. Visit: •45

HOME RH Peterson AOG36


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Remodeling is Green Building By Mark Kirkpatrick


The mountains of North Carolina have been an attraction to many primary and secondary homebuyers since the turn of the last century, due to the cool mountain summers and lush scenery. Many wealthy industrialists and successful business people began to buy property and homes from Linville across Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock in order to spend summers away from the heat of larger cities off the mountain. The Appalachian Mountains became known for their refreshing summers, cool streams, waterfalls, hikes, and views, and the popularity of Western North Carolina grew in popularity and began to include people up and down the East Coast- from Texas down to Florida. As the popularity of the High Country expanded, the best lots were selected and built on. Many of the lots remaining are in a less than ideal location, steep, and require potentially expensive grading, clearing and blasting. In addition, most of these lots do not have the views that many of the already built on properties have. But what about an already existing home? The grading and the foundation have already been established, the walls are up, and the roof is on! When working with a creative builder or architect, you could capitalize on the existing structure while also adding your personal touches to it- with much lower costs than new construction. Details- such as new windows, vaulted ceilings, gable glass, stone work, skylights, and upgraded kitchens and baths- may still need to be purchased, but these costs will not compare to that of building a brand new structure. Many existing homes, while they may be somewhat run-down or dated, are priced at a great value and can be restored beyond their original design. Renovating an existing home is a much greener or sustainable way to get the mountain home you dream of. As NAHB Certified Green Professionals, Mountain Construction has the experience, knowledge and resources to advise their clients on how to make their homes environmentally sensitive. There is often little or no disturbance of the site, since the site work has already been completed and the land


828-615-8162 or 1-800-532-7378

Full range of pest control, Real Estate pest inspections, radon testing and mitigation, CrawlSpace care

Proudly Serving the High Country Since 1966 We service Alexander, Ashe, Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Lincoln, McDowell, Watauga, and Wilkes

HOME Classic

We will help you create your own masterpiece... Classic 1710 Linville Falls Hwy Linville, NC 28646

Classic Stone Works The Kitchen & Bath Gallery





828.737.0040 •49



has “healed over” following the initial construction. Also, the amount of lumber and other materials required is reduced since much of it is already in place. At Mountain Construction, they strive to select materials that are manufactured with careful consideration, and are dedicated to providing their clients with product options that take as little as possible from the environment. By extending the life of the existing home, you aid in preserving and restoring the character and history of the surrounding mountain community.

The corresponding photos demonstrate the exquisite renovations and remodels that Mountain Construction has completed. Mountain Construction has been involved in several tear downs, rebuilds, and major restorations of estate homes in many prestigious communities, but they have also worked on more modest remodeling projects that involve modernized kitchens, refined living rooms, new roofs, outstanding decks, and general interior and exterior refinishing. During their twenty plus years of building experience, Mountain Construction has observed that remodeling work has been 30-50% of their building market. Now is the time to jump on this ever-expanding market. From gorgeous kitchens, to refined living rooms, to outstanding decks, Mountain Construction can mold an existing home to meet your creative and visionary needs. Mountain Construction and Mark Kirkpatrick are most often selected by their clients for their ideas, attention to detail and their building experience. In the past five years, they have worked for three building contractors, building and remodeling second homes. Talk to your realtor, or call Mountain Construction for a realtor recommendation. There are many good-value homes on the market today. Mountain Construction will gladly provide a preliminary consultation within forty miles of Boone, NC at no cost. To see more examples of their work along with descriptions, browse through the remodeling section of their photo gallery, at Phone 828-963-8090. Located between Boone and Blowing Rock on Poplar Grove Rd. South. H •51

Wolf Creek


DesignProfiles Showcasing the High Country’s beautiful homes and communities •53

By Amy Curcio

54• •55


After turning onto Rock Ledge Way in the gated community of Linville Ridge, the road forms a culde-sac, creating a private area amid the surrounding forested view. Rocks, shrubs, varying trees, and blossoming flowers encase the five bedroom, five and half bath mountain-style home. A stone wall, embedded with greenery, surrounds the driveway and the multi-car garage. From the driveway, a stone pathway leads to stone-rooted steps with pillars that compliment the beige panel siding. The feeling of seclusion is already experienced before opening the front door of this alluring home positioned on six acres. Upon entering, the openness is apparent immediately. The entrance way has full view of the large living room illuminated by aide of the elongated plantation shutters, a spacious kitchen that has direct access to the back porch, and the evening dining room which is complete with a floating chandelier. The current owners deem this exquisite trio their favorite space in the house, saying that with the open floor plan their family can all engage in different activities and still feel the closeness of being together. Passing a piano at the entryway, a visitor’s step is cushioned by lush carpet, while admiring a sleek black granite fireplace and the inviting


brown overstuffed couches- ideal for a leisure time of reading the local paper or watching the game on the large flatscreen television. An alcove- perfect for beloved books, family photographs and a favorite piece of pottery- is located directly above the television and alongside the fireplace, extending into the high grooved ceiling. The components of the living room create a relaxing and hospitable environment for entertaining guests and engaging with family. Matching the fireplace in the living room, black granite countertops cloak the contemporary kitchen, including the island located in the center. The island has an abundant open space for preparing passed down recipes, and is the perfect place to pull up a bar stool for in depth Saturday morning breakfast discussions. White cabinetry elucidates the abundance of storage space, situated against the prominent rich crimson colored walls and expanding to the kitchen table encircled by expansive windows. The kitchen table, ideal for lunchtime, is adjacent to the walk out to the partially covered porch where lounge chairs await. The modern black appliances and glossy hardwood floors make this kitchen a true showpiece. Exiting the kitchen to the opposite side, is a hidden wet bar area that overlooks the living room through a thick arched cut out window of the wall. The wet bar dons a mini fridge, see-through glass cabinets, and a wooden wine rack. The wet bar is in an idyllic location, attached to the formal dining area where glasses of wine can be easily accessible during social gatherings or special occasions. The dining area is once again encased by expansive windows, and in this particular area the scenery is of the front yard landscape. The room is commanded by a large wooden dining room table, companioned with a wooden china cabinet and a marble-topped table. A deep yellow coats the walls of the room with navy blue bottom trim. The finishing touch of the room is the modern chandelier, which hovers over the bouquet of bloomed flowers that are arranged impeccably in a round clear vase. Heading towards the master suite, there is a half bath and a “need beâ€? room that currently serves the role of an office. The office has large windows that overlook the front landscape, as well as the natural forested back yard. This room provides a perfect tranquil and inspiring place for stimulating ideas and alone time. •57

The master suite is breathtakingly splendid. There are soft brown tones coloring the curved walls, showcasing the unique architecture, and extending to the high vaulted ceiling with pine tongue and groove. The high wooden and engraved posts on the king size bed flatter the marble-topped refurnished wooden dresser. Lengthened plantation shutters have the ability to light up this room and allow access to the back porch, where a cup of coffee serves as the ideal companion for listening to the early morning chirps.

Walking into the master bath, the spacious room is illumined by ceiling lights and sunlight shining through the house’s trademark expansive windows. Polished travertine glosses the counter tops and tile floors. The bath is coupled with a voluminous walk in shower and a soaking tub- which is positioned below two wallfilling windows that have a direct view to the backyard’s wooded area. After passing a wood finished vanity, there are his & her sinks and walk-in closets, as well as a bidet and toilet closet. Following the curved wall staircase, once again showcasing the house’s

unique architecture, the main floor leads to a suite downstairs. The all lush carpeted basement is a complete second home. Its second full kitchen is stocked with all major appliances, classic wood cabinets placed against sleek lustrous black wall coloring, and a lengthened counter top for a breakfast bar. As a twin to the living room upstairs, an inviting space awaits with high vaulted ceilings, expansive windows, a second fireplace, and a built in bookcase. This room is superlative for visiting guests who enjoy privacy. The room is exceedingly open, and creates an atmosphere that is great for entertaining


and relaxing after an event-filled day. The guest room is off to the side and showcases a deep blue hue on the surrounding walls, inviting the visitors to take a refreshing summer nap, or sit on the long window seat by the plantation shutters to engage in a new best seller novel. The room has an attached full bath, to further insure privacy. The third and fourth full bedrooms are fashioned for the current owners’ two daughters. Curved princess pink colored walls are found in both spacious rooms. The third bedroom is princess themed and has an attached bath. The fourth bedroom décor is a mixture of precious baby photographs and a classic little-girl hoseback riding. This bedroom has a large white paneled armoire and is adjacent to a large full bath with double sinks. Rock Ledge Way was completed in 2001, and is intact with a back up generator and a clean space system off the side of the basement. It’s hard to believe that this private, exceptionally open-room, getaway home is the most affordable home in Linville Ridge. The beautiful mountain style home is a place where family and friends can share stories, laughter, and time together with the soothing comfort of privacy on their own ledge.This home is currently on the market through Vincent Properties. For more information please contact Evert Williams at 828-964-6751 H •59

Rocky Top

By Emily White

60• •61


Located on Rocky Top Trail, high atop Seven Devils, this home is surrounded by incredible mountain views and peaceful High Country living. Built in 2007 by Kidder Construction, this mountain home is an elegant yet comfortable retreat, with beautiful tongue and groove gracing the high cathedral ceiling and accented large wooden beams. The rich hardwood floors extend throughout the open floorplan, and the traditional interior dĂŠcor makes for an elegant mountain lodge. The kitchen, an inviting nook of the home with an open vaulted ceiling, boasts all stainless steel appliances and beautiful granite countertops which have brown tones and lighter streaks running throughout. The custom cabinets lining the walls stress the natural feel of the home and emphasize the quality and precision found throughout the home. The distinctive stacked stone bar tempts one to unwind and enjoy a relaxed evening drink, and two dining areas on either side of the kitchen provide ample seating for family gatherings. The most dramatic part of this gourmet kitchen is the spectacular panoramic views one gets to enjoy while sitting down to a hearty family dinner. A convenient laundry room sits off the kitchen with an attached two-car garage.


The deck, opening up off the eating area, provides a spectacular venue from which to observe the amazing panoramic views of the mountainous landscape enveloping the scene in all directions. The view of Grandfather Mountain is crystal clear and provides an abundantly beautiful backdrop for this peaceful home. Sitting on just over one acre, Rocky Top is located in The Ridge at Hawk’s Peak, a budding new community in the town of Seven Devils. Perfect for a new family, this neighborhood is being filled with lots of year-round

residents, many with young children. The floor to ceiling stone fireplace is the focal point of this homey living room, with custom built-in bookshelves providing the prefect place to display classic literature and family heirlooms. The large wooden beams stretching across the ceiling add a touch of cabin feel and blend well with the oak floors that cover the entire living space, kitchen, and eating areas. The plush leather couches surrounded by classic, tasteful furnishings give the room a very stylish appeal. Offsetting this classical feel is the flat screen television supplying modern amusement in this Rocky Top lodge. In one corner of the living space, a stately wooden poker table provides a fun activity for a group of friends. Pictures of golf courses line the wall, paying homage to Mr. Jerdon’s history as a golf course developer. The master suite is one of stately elegance, with a stylish leather headboard and a neutral taupe color scheme. The vaulted tongue and groove ceilings adorned in classic pine opens up the space, and the large, paneless window provides the perfect venue from which to watch the moon rise above the mountains. A small hallway leads to two his & her bathrooms and closets, giving the early riser or night owl their own space. The luxury soaking tubs and walk-in showers tailored with beautiful tile patterns are the perfect place to relax on a rainy spring afternoon. The lower level houses three additional bedrooms and provides a great space for children or guests to enjoy comfort and privacy. A more contemporary zebra patterned bedspread adorns the second bedroom in an appealing four-poster bed. The light colored furnishings and windows showcasing the amazing view give this •63

room an open, serene feel. The third bedroom is similar in style, with a tasteful blue bedspread and comfortable space for a guest to stay a night or two. A shared bathroom lies between the second and third bedroom, and further down the hallway lined with family crests is a spacious fourth bedroom with an attached bathroom. The Jerdon family built this home as a haven of entertainment and relaxation for their family, but unfortunately they are not able to make the trip up as often as they would like to anymore. This custom built mountain home would surely satisfy anyone, with its fabulous views of Grandfather Mountain from the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen, its beautiful hardwood floors, granite countertops, and vaulted ceilings. The view is one that simply cannot be beat, the construction is of top-notch quality, and the interior dĂŠcor is stylish and elegant with all furnishings included. For more information about how to make this home your own and enjoy the spectacular view every day, contact Evert Williams with Vincent Properties at (828) 295-0700. H

64• •65

Crafted to By Emily White

66• •67


Mountain Construction claims to create art you can live in. “Well it’s true,” boasts homeowner Bill Hunter about his remarkable mountain home atop Yohanlossee. One can verify this claim simply by looking at the outside of the home, adorned in natural bark siding, stunning stacked stone, and without a nail used on this impressive front porch. Mountain Construction was the first timber frame company in Watauga and Avery County, and they have been a part of the remodeling market in Blowing Rock and Banner Elk for over 20 years. Mountain Construction enjoys working with remodels because they are a form of creative, sustainable building. For the past three years their work has been about 50% remodels. Mark Kirkpatrick, owner of Mountain Construction, and project manager Nick Hurst, worked very closely with the homeowners to turn the plain Jane home into something fantastic. From the moment one enters through the two wooden pillars encasing the heavy front doorwhich stands an exceptional eight feet tall and three and a half feet wide- it’s obvious that this home is


something spectacular. Although they did not tear the original structure down, homeowners Bill and Sharon Hunter essentially started from scratch. They liked the floor plan and fell in love with the view, but knew that there were many improvements that could make this home truly impressive. The home at Yonahlossee was a “golf course” style home with a hip roof (in which all sides slope downwards to the walls) and traditional siding. Bill and Sharon Hunter, builders and developers from Wilson,

After Remodeling


NC, knew the true potential of the house. Bill had some drawings done that created contrast with mountain textures such as poplar bark, stone, shakes, timbers and other natural elements that he wished to include in his mountain dream home. The entranceway into the home features tongue and groove walls layered in a deep red tone, giving off a warm cabin atmosphere. The gorgeous wooden floors, constructed of reclaimed heart pine timber from a cotton mill in Bill’s

hometown, are carried throughout the open first level in the kitchen, living room, and dining area. Extensive work was done on the kitchen, namely to the four feet of space added on, making it more functional while also incorporating the Hunters’ individual design style. The double slabs of granite found on the island are an extremely unique addition, with thick, rounded edges and large splashes of black, brown and white tones. Beautiful pottery done by the Hunters’ daughter is proudly displayed throughout the kitchen and rest of the home. The tan •69

tile backsplash and lightly tinted cabinets make for a stylish, modern ambiance while the large beams and posts surrounding the eating area continue with the mountain-cabin feel. The dining table, dating back to the 1840s, is a true family gathering place that is full of tradition, as the Hunters’ children are the fourth generation to share a meal on it. Wherever the table is, that is where the family gathers for Thanksgivingand now that it rests at this gorgeous mountain retreat, the Hunters have much to be thankful for. The living room is the obvious showpiece of the home, with one of the most astonishing views you can find in the High Country. During the remodel process, tearing off the old roof, reframing it, and putting in a wall of win-

dows opened up this view. The dry stack stone fireplace is an impressive work of art, especially after understanding all that went into creating it. The previous fireplace had simple stuck-on stone, so the hearth was brought out in order to place the new stones in, and a steel eyebeam was inserted to hold it all in place. Mark turned this room into the Hunters’ favorite space in the house, one that they could spend all day in, as Sharon explains, “We gravitate towards the living room. When you’re in it, you’re stuck.” By adding the gable glass framing to compliment the new vaulted ceiling, Mark created a very distinctive space with a completely different view. Although well worth it, this process was quite an endeavor, as the scaffolding was nearly 40 feet off the ground, and the 1,800-pound window had to be brought over the house and inserted 70•

into the hole using a boom truck. Many exceptional design features give this room its elegant yet comfortable feel, such as the local spotted-maple log coffee table, which the Hunters bought on a whim and had sanded down to make it a functional table. Off the living room, doors open to the partially covered deck where the views are absolutely astounding. Adjacent to Moses Cone, the thick forest allows for a private space from which to sit and watch the clouds settle over Hanging Rock and Beech Mountain. The master suite is a very attractive room with chic furniture in darker tones and a tray ceiling, all of which create an atmosphere of space and comfort. Three small box windows are carved into the wall behind the bed, bringing in soft natural lighting. And if the Hunters need one last glimpse of that beautiful view of the mountains before going to sleep, a door from their room walks out onto the porch. The bathroom features granite vanity tops, beautiful stone in various neutral colors on the shower walls, and river rocks embellishing the shower floor. A window placed in the shower provides a beautiful view of the blooming rhododendrons in remarkable shades of pink and purple. One more bedroom lies upstairs, coated in a stylish coffee color with French doors opening to an outdoor patio. The hall bath is buzzing with dragonflies and grasshoppers, as adorable mountain critters adorn the shower tiles. One cannot help but notice the impeccable design style found in every room of the Hunters’ home, which was carefully crafted with the help of Jennifer Patusic of Signature Interiors (who helped with everything from bedding to furniture to paint choices). One thing that the Hunters knew they wanted to create was a much more open floor plan, and one place where this is evident is the stairwell to the lower level which was knocked out and made completely open. The downstairs holds two more bedrooms, the first a very modern, feminine space with purple walls and a bright green bedspread. The three large windows lining one wall allow a cool breeze to ruffle the light curtains and draw one to the tranquil mountainous scene beyond. The fourth bedroom is decorated with contemporary shapes and patterns, has a large bed, and has access to the downstairs deck with the same astounding views seen in the rest of the Yonhanlossee home. This was a large and complex project to take on, but when the remodel was completed the

Hunters ended up with their dream home. The trick in remodeling is to make the renovations look as if they have always been a part of the home, and Mark accomplished this to perfection. Master craftsmanship may be a dying breed, but this home is a visual representation that homes can still incorporate fine detailed work from the stacked stone fireplace to the cathedral ceilings to the wooden beams. The Hunters do not wish to change one thing about their home and are extremely grateful to Mark and his crew for their impeccable communication and diligent work. For construction and preconstruction consultation services or more information about Mountain Construction’s work, visit their website at or call (828) 963-8090. H

D-coy’s Nest By Emily White

72• •73


The welcoming character of this home is observed the moment one turns onto the long driveway encased in two stone pillars and lined with maple trees. Winding past a large meadow covered in lush green grass, a rainbow of flowers blooming in the spring and early summer months add a beautiful splash of color to the scenery. The landscaping, still being developed, is very important to homeowners Pam and Danny, and only native species of plants will be used. They deemed their home D-Coy’s Nest after a nickname Danny gained in high school, and their “nest” is a truly unique home with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, the perfect retreat for family and friends alike. This home, completed August 2008, sits on four and a half acres of gently sloping landscape and boasts 3,200 square feet of Moss Creek Design timber frame construction. Pigeon Roost Road contains lots of local flavor, with many residents all year or half the year. The McCoys enjoy the rural setting and take pleasure in watching the wildlife roaming their meadow- wildlife such as deer, turkey, and even bears! The D-Coys even have a honeymoon cabin, Scrollrock, across the street resting beside a picturesque creek, and while it is more primitive it is equally as comfortable as D-Coy’s Nest. The most challenging aspect the McCoys were confronted with when building this home was the elevation of 4,500 feet putting it in a high wind zone, requiring the cabin to be equipped with hurricane windows, extra strapping and steel, and a solid poured foundation. At first glance, one can tell this is a homey and cozy cabin, with board and batten enveloping the outside and light green trim surrounding the windows and doors. The 1,000 square feet of porch area lined with rocking chairs provide the perfect venue from which to observe the fantastic views stretching from Tennessee to Virginia. The hot tub, located on the other side of the home, is the perfect place to relax on a chilly


High Country evening, surrounded by tulips and daffodils, with the lull of wind chimes in the background. The Great Room greets one at the door, and the surrounding space is extremely open and engaging. The large stone fireplace invites one to settle down and stay awhile. Four trailer loads of timber were brought in from Tennessee Log Homes, and the wood surrounding the living space gives it that hearty cabin smell found in many High Country homes. One can truly tell this is a family place, with many charming knick-knacks ornamenting the shelves that wrap around the room. The skis, sleds, and wagon wheels hanging on the walls provide

a glimpse into the past when one is seated on the classic wicker furniture to enjoy a cozy family game night. Pam McCoy, an interior designer herself, recognizes individual taste and tries to create an interior that fits the needs of a family. The McCoys like renting the home to families and made an effort to create the feel of going home to mom and dad’s. Pam understands that taste is very personal, and her attention to detail is what makes this Great Room a truly unique showpiece with a comfortable, relaxed ambiance. The kitchen is a very useful space stocked with stainless steel appliances and anything else one may need to cook a gourmet meal. A beautiful chandelier over the island showcases the gleaming green granite countertops and cherry tinted cabinets, with large beams lining the ceiling. Much of the beautiful wood found in this home was salvaged from an old farmhouse across the road, which was framed in wormy chestnut filled with stunning natural knots. Apart •75

from the practical appliances and elegant touches, the kitchen is decorated with charming mementos giving it a homey feel. One can see why this is Pam’s favorite room in the house, being a great gathering place for family and friends, and even enough space to house the “little helpers.” A hallway off the dining area houses two bedrooms and a hall bathroom. The first bedroom has a simplistic but charming feel to it, with two twin four-poster beds adorned with colorful quilts. The light toned tongue and groove ceiling found here and throughout the rest of the home give it a mountain character that is hard to surpass. The master bedroom is a relaxed space in shades of blue with two comfortable sitting chairs resting on either side of the bed. Off to one side, a section of the room houses a large walk-in closet and spacious a bathroom with a luxurious steam shower, long vanity, and a beautiful circular mirror reminiscent of a wreath. An adjacent door conveniently hides a small laundry room with attractive antique-style cupboards coated in a distressed olive green. It’s the little personal touches that give a home character, and the enchanting child’s play area

under the staircase is one such touch. One may have to look hard to catch it, but this secret hideout is a fantasy for young children. It’s outfitted with a pint-sized desk, ironing board, kitchen set, and a number of toys. The stairs themselves are a very exceptional aspect of D-Coy’s Nest. Custombuilt using old tobacco barn timber, this staircase has a very natural appeal, lined with books and wooden vases and adorned with classic iron spindles. At the top of the steps rests a small sitting area with pretty couches in soft tones of pink and green. A view to the living room below provides a better angle from which to inspect the beautiful woodwork on the cathedral ceiling. A third bedroom boasts a large bed with muted colors and shares a Jack and Jill style bathroom. The fourth bedroom has a very feminine feel with white furniture and soft bedding. The bassinet and rocking chair remind one of an endearing nursery perfect for those new 76•

grandbabies. The McCoys wish to share D-Coy’s Nest, not just rent it. Thankfully, they have found that people treat it with the utmost respect and immensely enjoy the homey, comfortable feel combined with the interesting wildlife. The tasteful furnishings, quaint decorations, and soft feel combined with the top-notch amenities and a rural setting make this cabin a perfect one for fond memories with friends and family. D-Coy’s Nest is rented out on a weekly basis, and to experience this amazing cabin and all it has to offer, contact Valle Crucis Log Cabin Rentals at or give them a call at (828) 963-7774. H •77

We are the number one painting company in the High Country

Custom Woodwork and Finishing Interior and exterior painting Interior and exterior staining Stone, Rock and Bark Sealing Log home Specialist Pressure Washing Sikken Certified Applicator Deck Restoration and staining

20 Years Experience (828)-773-3130 Insured license 78•

Our Top 5 Tips for Log Home Maintenance By Erin McCutcheon-Kath Log Home Maintenance, Inc.


Wash your house! How long would you expect your car finish to last if you never washed it? Log Wash is specifically designed to be user-friendly, and contains none of the caustic chemicals of bleach. Log Wash actually hardens your finish, rather than soften it as most cleaners do.


After washing your cabin, check your finish adhesion. Take a piece of masking tape, press it onto your finish, and remove it. Examine the masking tape for any finish that has pulled away from your wood. (Be sure to inspect all sides of the home). If you see any finish, you probably need to maintain your finish better.

3. 4. 5.

Check your gutters and downspouts. Are they pouring water down onto the logs, or splashing dirt back up on to your house? Check your landscaping. Bushes and trees (and firewood) should have a minimum of 18� of clearance from your wood walls. Check the cracks! (Or examine the checks.) It is especially important to seal upward facing checks in any location where they may accumulate water. If these checks are left unsealed, they become sites where rot may begin to take hold. •79

80• •81

Picnic on the


By Emily White

Where to go:

It’s important to consider the type of place you want to picnic before hitting the road. Would somewhere secluded be your ideal spot, or do you need somewhere recreational with a spacious setting for the kids to run? The Blue Ridge Parkway has many ideal picnic spots, all with something unique to offer. Julian Price Park is one of the most popular spots, with picnic tables, the largest campground on the Parkway, rest rooms, an amphitheater, trout fishing, boat rentals, and over ten miles of hiking trails. Moses Cone and Beacon Heights are also great spots for a day in the sun, with plenty of space for a picnic and lots of exclusive trails to explore, offering a little more seclusion and serenity than Price Park. Places to picnic are easy to come by on the Parkway and surrounding areas, so explore all the options and pick the place that suits you best- you can’t go wrong!


What to pack:

First and Foremost­—food! Choose a menu that is easy to make, pack, and clean up. Sandwiches are a great picnic pick, so here are a few tasty ideas to fill up your picnic basket.

Bread: If you want to opt for something a bit different than

typical Wonder Bread, freshly baked, crusty baguettes from a local grocery store are always delicious.

Meat: Some meats to stuff in the middle of your sandwich: turkey, ham, salami, and roast beef are all great choices. Don’t forget the mayo, mustard, lettuce, and whatever else you like to fill your sandwiches with!

Cheese: Cheese is a must have! You can stick with the classic favorites like American, cheddar, or provolone, but consider branching out to some tasty delicacies such as Brie, fresh mozzarella, Gouda, or Gruyère.

Fruit: Fresh fruit such as grapes, watermelon, strawberries, or blueberries make a great addition to any picnic, and can be picked up at local fruit stands across the High Country. You can pack them separately or even throw them altogether for a fruit salad!

Sides: You can go for the classic potato chips or boost it up a notch with some delicious potato salad, cole slaw, or guacamole with tortilla chips.

Drinks: Depending on the type of outing you are looking

for, there are several drink options. For an outing with friends, pack a cooler full of refreshing summer beer such as Shock Top Raspberry, Blue Moon, or Sam Adams Summer Ale. For a more romantic day, bring along a chilled bottle of your favorite white wine- don’t forget the corkscrew! For a relaxed family outing, a pitcher of lemonade or sweet tea will work great.

Dessert: After eating, everyone will be ready to move onto

play time, so dessert can be as simple as a bag of chocolate chip cookies from Stick Boy Bread Company.

Toys: After a big meal, it’s time to work all that energy out,

so remember to pack your Frisbee, soccer ball, football, or even fishing pole for a day full of adventure and memories. If you’re not much for physical activity, bring along a blanket and book and find a rock in the sun for a relaxing afternoon.

Supplies:: There are always a few necessities that would be

great to have but don’t always make it on the picnic packing list. Some useful things to throw in to make set up and clean up a breeze include eating and serving utensils, tablecloths, napkins, insect repellant, sunscreen, trash bags, and chairs! •83

Orchard Lane 84• •85


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Doe Ridge Pottery Platter with carving 18” in diameter 585 West King Street Suite D Boone, NC 28607 828 264-1127 •87

Products CHARLESTON FORGE Pacific Drink Table Designed by Napa Valley, CA designer, John Kolkka, the Pacific Drink Table dominant feature is its clean, geometric design. The frame is contrasted by the top, a thick square of Cast Glass that captures and reflects light, creating a beautiful accent to any room. Shown in Burnished Iron finish and made right here in the High Country of North Carolina. Tel: 828 264-0100 RUSTIC AND WESTERN LEATHER SOFAS AND CHAIRS We offer the finest in quality rustic and western leathersofas, chairs, and ottomans made by skilled craftsmen who combine luxurious fabrics and leathers to create exquisite hand crafted furniture. We are honored to carry furniture made in the U.S.A. that you can be proud to own. The Cabin Store West Jefferson and Boone, NC and Mountain City, TN 866-610-5647 (Toll Free)

Doe Ridge Pottery Platter with carving 18” in diameter 585 West King Street Suite D Boone, NC 28607 828 264-1127 88•


RUSTIC AND WESTERN LEATHER SOFAS AND CHAIRS We offer the finest in quality rustic and western leathersofas, chairs, and ottomans made by skilled craftsmen who combine luxurious fabrics and leathers to create exquisite hand crafted furniture. We are honored to carry furniture made in the U.S.A. that you can be proud to own. The Cabin Store West Jefferson and Boone, NC and Mountain City, TN 866-610-5647 (Toll Free)

SUPERIOR SPAS “Your Backyard Specialist” LLC Big Green Egg The world’s best smoker & grill with side tables attached. Grill or Smoke your meats and vegetables while spending time with your family and friends. Easaly portable whith built on wheel design. Tel: 828-313-9074 Fax: 828-313-9075

LODGE AND WESTERN DINNERWARE We offer a great selection of rustic, western, and southwestern dinnerware, glassware, and flatware. Rich hues, quality artwork,and fine craftsmanship make them elegant enough for entertaining and durable enough for everyday use. The Cabin Store West Jefferson and Boone, NC and Mountain City, TN 866-610-5647 (Toll Free) •89

The Cellar

Best Wines For Spring S

pring has arrived in the High Country, and now it’s time to relax outside and enjoy the cool mountain weather- while listening to a nearby running stream with a nice glass of wine. These red and white wines are perfect to share with company, or enjoy during a quiet moment with a friend. Cheers!

Chardonnay: Clean and crisp with layers of fruit and a hint of summer to come. Enjoy with any cheese, chicken, or fish.

Sauvignon Blanc: A

white crisp wine that’s easy to drink by itself. Contains a grapefruit note that explodes in the mouth with a lemon grass and mango finish.

Rosé: An elegant blush colored wine that delights the senses. This wine can be either dry or with a touch of sweetness. A great sipping wine, rosé is the ideal bottle to share with a friend.

Barbera: An easy-to-drink red wine with low tannins and hints of strawberry and cherries. Pairs well with pizza, hard cheeses, and pork.

Pinot Noir: A favorable of many wine drinkers! Flavors of bing cherries and raspberries with silky tannins and an airy lightness are highlighted in this popular wine.

All these wines and more selections can be enjoyed at Grandfather Vineyard and Winery.



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The State’s ONLY Gem Mine Certified By The N.C. Board Of Education To Teach The Geological History Of The Appalachian Mountain Range And What You Can Find In Them.


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214 W. Stone Drive Timber Creek, Blowing Rock

123 Oak Street Blowing Rock

174 Pheasant Lane Peacock Ridge, Blowing Rock

150 Hunter Drive River Ridge, Boone

Stunning home in a very private setting with Grandfather Mountain views in a gated community, just minutes from downtown Blowing Rock. $1,799,000

Near Country Club with Grandfather views. Lovely like-new 4BR/3.5BA $998,000

Upscale in-town executive home overlooking the village of Blowing Rock with sunsets over Grandfather Mountain. $699,000

Lindal Cedar home on 13 wooded acres with 600 feet of New River frontage and long range valley views. $890,000


Nearly a century of combined experience in selling the High Country. Real Estate Partners, left to right: Faisuly Scheurer, Janice Blair, Don Blair, Greg Buchanan, Linda Tate, Zach Tate and Lynn Hill.

A Real Estate Team Selling Homes, Land, Farms and Investments in Watauga, Avery, Caldwell, Wilkes and Ashe Counties 159 Sunset Drive • PO Box 2148, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 • 828.414.9400 •

148 Fairway Court Blowing Rock

731 Oak Ridge Drive Greystone III, Blowing Rock

2033 Reynolds Parkway Blue Ridge Mountain Club, Boone

Located on Blowing Rock Country Club Golf Course, 12th Tee. Chef’s kitchen, Master Suite with a fireplace, two additional stone fireplaces. Priced below tax value. $830,000

Amazing views, park-like setting. Mountain lodge over 6,000 sq. feet. $1,250,000.

Fabulous 5BR/5BA timber frame home with 5 fireplaces on 2.6 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountain Club. Bank owned! $975,000

4611 Summit Road, Purlear The perfect farm for animals lovers of all descriptions. Over 20 fenced acres with 3BR house, restored cabin and outbuildings. $479,500 •95

Home is Local and Lovable The 8th in a series themed “Where is Home?”

Nothing can spoil a great movie on TV more than commercials getting closer and closer together as the story draws to a close. I have turned many a program off – without regret - 20 minutes from its conclusion because I couldn’t stand to watch one more commercial. Here’s how I do it. I close my eyes and decide how the movie is likely to end. Having “seen” the ending already in my mind, I can easily justify not experiencing it for real; and the reward of 20 less minutes of obnoxiously loud commercials is worth it. I’d much rather sink my teeth into a good advertisement-free book for those 20 minutes. By the same token, I’m also offended by a magazine whose table of contents is buried somewhere in the first 50 pages - past hundreds of ads. I realize they have to be there to pay for the publication - but please… If a magazine’s table of contents isn’t within the first 6 or 7 pages, I wouldn’t think of subscribing. Honestly – this may be out there – but it makes me feel used and abused to have to search for the table of contents. Books are the last great bastion of advertisement-free entertainment but with the rise of e-book, even that may change. Marketers have been exploring a variety of formats, including sponsorships that give readers free books; videos, graphics or text with an advertiser’s message that appears when a person first starts a book or along the border of the digital pages. Gag me with a spoon. Here’s a gloomy parallel. As I drive the 321 corridor within the Boone city limits, I’m starting to get a similar feeling. Every year another franchise is crowding out another precious locally owned business. As so often is the case, beauty attracts bounty attracts over-abundance. Without warning, beauty is overshadowed and the original attractor is no more. Like Sedona, AZ or Gatlinburg, TN, you’re left scratching your ahead and asking “what happened?” I won’t mention any names for fear of offending our tax base but remember Farmer’s Hardware? You could go in, stroll across their uneven and unpolished floorboards and buy bird seed in bulk; grab a bag and a hand-held scoop, reach into the crunchy mixture and prepare a feast for the birds on your deck. Around the corner you could reach into another row of bins, grab a specialty screw, take it to the counter and pay 15 cents. Smells of fertilizer, cigarette smoke and hard work filled the air. Remember? And what about the quirky little natural market, Razberry’s, where the Walgreens now sits? Easy to forget, isn’t it? Now a certain national coffee chain has come to town. With it, I’m reminded of two trips my husband and I have taken in the past few years - one to Boquete, Panama and one to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. In Boquete we drank the most exquisitely velvety coffee everywhere we went. There was no hint of bitter or sour in its essence. It went down like freshly baked bread. With this motivation, we visited a lush mountainside coffee plantation and were led down the path of the bean as it travels from the ground to, well – the ground. We learned the difference between smooth high quality, high elevation beans and acidic low elevation, low quality beans. The plantation produced both - for there is a market for both. We learned where many of each traveled when they left the plantation. Suffice to say that snickers appeared on the faces of workers when a certain American coffee 96•

franchise was mentioned. But – oh, so what – nobody is really hurt by this brand of consumer capitalism. Are they? In contrast, we visited the high mountain colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico two winters ago. At 8000 feet, the air is clean and the views down the narrow and colorful cobblestone streets are expansive. The square is flanked by clean, aged cobblestone sidewalks and buildings, a towering cathedral, quaint little locally owned shops, restaurants and coffee houses – many no more than 12 feet square, but with exquisite brews, colorful tile tables, and welcoming proprietors. A delightfully diverse atmosphere envelops you here. No one can deny that this is an extra-ordinary place on planet Earth. We floated around the city for days – up and down the clean streets, the open-air markets, sculpted parks and cozy courtyards. The bubble, however, deflated considerably when we encountered – on a far corner of the square – that unnamed coffee franchise – easily occupying 2000 remodeled square feet. Sigh. Someone - who I consider a reliable source - shared the following with me. One – just one – of those franchises in an area like San Miguel de Allende can put 100 of those precious, locally owned cafes out of business. For me, even if this number is exaggerated 5-fold, it’s still too many! I go to Mexico for a different culture – not the familiar one. I want to drink my coffee in little, atmospheric grottos. Why spend vacation dollars while eating and drinking in the same places you frequent at home? Besides, the proprietors of these tiny establishments have to make a living – just like you and I. And they are a huge part of the appeal of the area. This is where I circle back to our precious High Country. If you’re still wondering where I’m going with this - think of your favorite gift shop, gallery, restaurant, coffee house, clothier or natural market here in the mountain region. Or think about the reason you choose to live or visit here in the first place. Did a franchise pop into your mind? I suspect not. You – like I – came for the natural beauty and uniqueness of our land, architecture and culture. This being said, are you willing to sacrifice the local flavor of our area by frequenting a national brand over the resident-owned establishments that define us and give us our local flavor? How would you feel if you woke up one morning and the land and townscapes were outshone by a multitude of superstores, chicken places and tourist traps? Are you willing to watch the area transmute into Everywhere, U.S.A? If these visions despair you as much as they do me, please think twice before you abandon local in favor of national – or even regional. I’m not suggesting a boycott. Not at all; we are naturally welcoming here in the mountains; there’s surely something in the air that makes us so. Let’s maintain that character and welcome the newcomers. But Please! Continue to frequent the places that brought you here in the first place! Go the extra mile to keep them around. If for no other reason, consider it an investment in your own wellbeing and the lifestyle you have chosen. Or if that isn’t enough, consider it an investment in the value of your home. The longer we maintain the uniqueness and beauty of our region, the happier we all will remain. I promise you. H Copyright, Judi Beck, 2012

Index A1 Termite.......................................47 A Flooring Outlet............................95 Aldous Construction.......................92 Appalachian Electric…...................44 Art Purveyors..................................10 Ashemore Luxury Rentals………..84 Blowing Rock Gallery.........…....…93 Blue Ridge Supply & Millwork......90 The Cabin Store...............................12 Care Free Boating..........Back Cover Carolina Farm Credit.......................90 Church Masonry..............................91 Classic Stone Works........................47 The Country Gourmet....................27 Dacchille.........................................38 Distinctive Cabinetry......................18 Doc’s Gem Mine.............................92 Doe Ridge Pottery….......................13 Ferguson..........................................96 H and H Drywall...............................8 Hallier Studios.................................28 Harry Stroud Roofing…..................38 Hawk Mtn Garden Center...............26 Heritage Propane...............................3 High Country Cabinets…................89 High Country Insurance...Inside Cover High Country Painting....................76 High Country Spa Maintenance......91 High Country Stone….......................6 High Standard Plumbing.................20 Jones & Farthing...............................2 JS Construction…............................11 Kevin Beck Studio.....................….35 Kid Kare ........................................90 Lehmann Construction…................26 Log Home Maintenance…………..34 Laurel Ridge Builders….................84 M&R RV ........................................90

Marian’s Cleaning Services............93 McKee Tree Service…...................37 Moss Creek......................................11 Mountain Construction…...............83 Mountain High Realty.....................79 Mountain Tile…................................1 Munday Hardwoods...................….10 Miller & Johnson PLCC.................78 Miters Touch.....................................8 Nature Boyz....................................90 New River Building Suply………..36 Penick Construction…....................17 Precision Cabinets….......................48 Preffered Provider...........................15 Purveyors of Art.........................….10 Quality Tile & Marble.....................91 Retractable Screens..........................9 Rhea R. Hollars, CPA PLLC..........15 Ryan’s Home Services ...................91 SkyBest.............................................5 State Line Auto...............................90 Sobleski & Co. ...............................50 Soleil ..............................................90 Stone Cavern…...............................35 Superior Spas..............................…20 Tatum Gal leries…...........................27 Terminix..........................................91 Timber Structures Inc...................….7 Timeless Tile..................................48 TNT...............................................90 Under Pressure................................91 Wallace Propane…..........................44 Waters Edge Builders..................…11 Wildlife Wranglers..........................91 Wishon & Carter ............Inside Cover Yadkin Well Company Inc..............90 Zavita.............................................45

Calendar of Events 6/1-11, A Day Out with Thomas at Tweetsie Railroad 9:00am-6:00pm, Blowing Rock, NC 6/2-17, The Remarkable Rhododendron Ramble 1:00pm, Linville, NC 6/9, Ashe County Wheels & Wings Air and Car Show, Ashe County Airport 9:00am-4:30pm, Jefferson, NC 6/15, Horn in the West: Opening Day! Boone, NC 6/16, Emergency Fest- Watauga County Firefighters’ Association 10:00am-2:00pm, Boone, NC 6/19, Chip Callaway “June In Bloom” Blowing Rock Chamber Event 10:30am, Blowing Rock, NC

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High Country Home Spring 2012  

High Country Home Spring 2012