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H i dek i Fr azier Speci al i zes I n Fi t n ess K i ck boxi n g, T h ai K i ck boxi n g An d B r azi l i an Ji u -Ji t su

Hideki Frazier is a popular martial arts trainer who shifted to California with an aim of opening a martial art school. He started his career in 1982 by setting up a martial art school known as Tae Kwon Do Defense Academy. At Tae Kwon Do Defense Academy, different training sessions were planned by Hideki Frazier for persons belonging to the age group of 5 to 70 years.

He believes that people should be well versed with the art of self defense so that they can defend themselves and their families from physical attacks and other harms. He also thinks that perfect knowledge of self defensive techniques boosts confidence of a person and he feels secure on the streets. Besides, it helps in building up a safer and powerful society.

Hideki Frazier was a bright student who completed his graduation from Ramsey High School in 1981. It was since his young age that he started learning martial art techniques. After completion of his studies, he started delivering classes for the development of tournament and kickboxing competitors. Frazier provides the best training for martial art to both men and women.

Hideki Frazier is specialized in children’s karate, fitness kickboxing, Thai Kickboxing and grappling. His passion of martial arts has made him one of the reputed trainers in the country. Hideki Frazier is a kind person who wholeheartedly participates in various humanitarian activities. He is always ready to lend his helping hand to poor surviving in the society

Besides, he donates both his time and huge chunks of money for uplifting the deprived people. Also, he offers martial art classes to under-privileged kids and local community centers. Furthermore, he delivers classes on self defense to women as well as local teachers and that too without charging a single penny.

Hideki Frazier spends much of his leisure hours in watching movies as well as working on cars. By watching movies and relaxing at home, he feels relieved from day to day stress. In addition to this, he frequently goes out to shooting range that gives him immense pleasure.


Hideki Frazier - Martial Arts Trainer