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1 October 2010


Waiwera to Silverdale including Whangaparaoa Peninsula and Orewa

Land grab for park ‘n’ ride

It was a red and blackout at Stanmore Bay School (pictured), and other local schools, last month, as students raised funds for earthquake relief in Christchurch. Most of Stanmore Bay School’s 440 children came to school in Canterbury rugby colours on September 20. The Red and Black Day raised around $900 for special needs school Ferndale. Orewa College and Orewa North Primary also held red and black mufti days, raising $4867 and $300 respectively. Stella Maris Primary ran a week-long collection, while Gulf Harbour School raised $500. Orewa Primary’s fundraising mufti day is on October 15.

Fresh plan to feed those in need A down to earth plan, including fattening pigs and growing vegetables to provide food for local families in need, is about to be put into operation by the Coast Youth Community Trust. The proposal includes establishing a into a vegetable garden. churches noting an increase in families small-scale piggery at Peter Snell Village Demand for food parcels is growing, using the food bank in recent months. in Army Bay and turning a patch of with agencies such as the Hibiscus Christine Alesbury of the Community continued page 2 vacant land in central Whangaparaoa Coast Community House and local

Land at 1 Hibiscus Coast Highway identified by Rodney District Council as the preferred site for a park ‘n’ ride station at Silverdale, is to be taken under the Public Works Act. Council invoked the Public Works Act in March. Since then good faith negotiations have continued with the landowner, however, last month infrastructure director Murray Noone confirmed that these negotiations had not reached a mutually agreeable outcome and a Notice of Intention to Take Land under Section 23 of the Public Works Act, leading to compulsory acquisition, had been issued. Prior to invoking the Public Works Act, Council stated that the high price sought for the land was one reason for stalled negotiations. Keeping the cost of the land purchase down is a priority for Council, as this continued page 2

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Issue 71

Jazz Concert Good music for a good cause

Farm to foodbank House says they are struggling to keep up with demand and a drop off in donations. She says she regularly has to spend $100 per week on stocking the foodbank. Coast Youth Community Trust director Joe Youssef says the Trust has had to put out the call for more food several times recently in order to provide for the families it supports. “The price of fresh food is causing hardship, and at the same time, it is hard to supply fresh items in a food parcel,” Joe says. In response the Trust’s family services coordinator Allan Robertson came up with the idea of raising pigs and starting a garden to grow vegetables. The produce is to be distributed free of charge to residents in need. Allan, whose father managed a pig farm, has experience breeding pigs, but initially the Trust will fatten pigs rather than breeding them. Around six pigs will be purchased to start the project, which is expected to get underway this month. Rodney District Council granted the

Park ‘n’ Ride

will be a major factor in determining whether or not the project achieves a benefit/cost ratio, which is required for NZ Transport Agency funding.

The annual Noel Crawley Memorial Jazz Concert returns! Featuring Ray Woolf as M.C and renown artists such as Stephen Morton-Jones, Mike Murane, Sisters of Swing, Elena Wilkens, Mike Walker Trio and the Orewa College Swing Band

7.30pm Thursday October 14 Centrestage Theatre Orewa Tickets just $25 available from Hibiscus Hospice Red Beach or Whangaparaoa and Orewa shops or online at

All proceeds go to Hibiscus Hospice Sponsored by Lions Club, Orewa Dental Centre and The Greatest Little Hair House

from page 1 Trust $2130 for set up costs. Peter Snell Village has provided a vacant paddock, away from the camp itself, on which to establish the piggery and sties are being constructed. Allan says the land at the village is ideal, as there are no zoning issues or impact on residents. “Peter Snell Village has around 10 hectares of land, and large properties around it, so it is unlikely to cause any problems,” Allan says. A local butcher has volunteered his assistance, and Allan says the first fresh meat could be ready early next year, and will be distributed cooperatively with other community agencies. Stage two of the plan will see raised vegetable beds built on a small piece of vacant land owned by the Trust, behind the Whangaparaoa Baptist Church. The garden will be tended by volunteers from the church and Trust. “It is a sustainable, affordable, ongoing solution to a very real problem.” Info: Allan Robertson, ph 424 7338.

from page 1 Council is proceeding with investigation, design and resource consents and expects work to get underway this summer.

Arts fund goes to Auckland Rodney District Council’s plan to make $277,000 available to the Hibiscus Coast’s artists has been scuppered, after advice from the Auckland Transition Agency (ATA) not to proceed. Faced with the prospect of losing the The ATA’s suggestion that the ARST $636,000 currently in the Auckland fund be “ring fenced” as a special Regional Services Trust fund to reserve fund, with its specific purpose Auckland, Council had hoped to noted, was accepted by Councillors. disburse the Hibiscus Coast’s share Rodney Community Arts Council and place the amount allocated to the other Wards into a fund that would spokesperson Natalie Fuge says that the decision is disappointing. transfer to the new Council. However, a letter from the ATA “We still have huge doubts about presented to Council’s Strategy & these funds ever coming our way,” Community meeting on September Mrs Fuge says. “We lobbied Council 16 stated that the ATA considered this for around 18 months, and they didn’t do anything until it was too late.” inappropriate.

Wayne WALKER 424 3121 • 021 882 861 • • John WATSON 424 1034 • • Authorised by W Walker c/- 717 Whangaparaoa Rd, Whangaparaoa

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 3

Final community grants allocated by Council In one of its last duties as a municipal authority, Rodney District Council allocated more than $67,000 to community groups serving the Hibiscus Coast alone. A total of 144 applications were NZ ODC $2858 to re-roof the den; Council $3000 to assist development station sheds and containers; Puhoi received from throughout Rodney Gulf Harbour Fencing Club $1500 of future leaders, community activities Community Forum $500 for the – four from the Central Ward, 49 towards salary of fencing coach; and administration; Lighthouse Riverside Walkway Project for initial from the Hibiscus Coast, 33 from the Gymnastics Community Trust Counselling Trust $2000 to subsidise design of the Puhoi Boardwalk; Northern Ward, 40 from the Western $1425 for new equipment; Hestia fees; Manly Bowling Club $2000 Salt Community Trust $2000 for Ward and 18 from groups that operate Rodney Womens Refuge $5000 to for ceiling fans; North Harbour Christmas Day community lunch; district-wide. appoint a programme developer to Pony Club Silverdale $800 towards Rodney Neighbourhood Support The grants were allocated from the develop a parenting programme for purchase of Breakaway Cups; North $1333 for ongoing service; SOSSI ‘small grants’ category, representing those who have experienced family Shore Centres of Mutual Aid, $1550 to purchase gardening tools amounts of less than $10,000. Larger violence; Hibiscus Coast Blue Light Hibiscus Coast $2000 to continue and upgrade nursery watering system; grants are still to be announced. The $5000 for delivery of Kidsmart CMA services; Orewa College Silverdale & Districts Historical Hibiscus Coast recipients were: Handbook to all Year 9 students in $1598 for senior choir-meridian Society $2000 for exterior painting Age Concern Rodney $2300 for a Rodney; Hibiscus Coast Bridge Club uniform; Orewa Croquet Club $322 of Frith Cottage; Silverdale Tennis Family Health Expo; Air Training $1804 to purchase toilets; Hibiscus for championship hoops; Orewa Club $2000 for coaching; Silverdale Corps, Silverdale $3268 for purchase Coast Cadiac & Rehab Club $800 Primary $1506 for outdoor chess sets; Volunteer Fire Police $2200 for of tents; Aphasia Group Puhoi $1000 to subsidize entry to Leisure Centre; Orewa Tennis Club $2000 for Junior Pelican Remote Area Lighting system; Coast Grandparents Development plan; Puhoi Sports Sport Gulf Harbour Charitable to continue development of the role Hibiscus of part-time administrator; Bowls Parenting Grandchildren $3000 for Club $900 to purchase soccer balls, Trust $2000 for fun run/walk; Stella Orewa $3958 for a toilet and bowls; activities for children; Hibiscus Coast goals and a sound system; Parents Maris School $1674 to purchase a Coast Amateur Swim Club $1500 Kindergarten $2000 for playgound Inc $2000 to provide seven secondary barbecue; Whangaparaoa Playcentre for monofins and mirrors; Coast equipment; Hibiscus Coast Plunket schools with life skills presentations; $2000 to improve outdoor equipment; Youth Community Trust $2130 for $1705 to replace windows of Orewa Puhoi Volunteer Rural Fire Force Waitemata Agricultural & Pastoral a foodbank project; Girl Guiding Clinic; Hibiscus Coast Youth $500 to prepare and paint the fire Assoc $1325 for dressage arena.

Reef and wall go head to head Two projects which both address erosion issues on Orewa Beach are at loggerheads, with only one put forward by Rodney District Council for consideration by Auckland Council. At a meeting last month, Councillors were asked to decide whether to put the Orewa sea wall and walkway project on the ‘issues list’ that will be submitted to Auckland Council. At the meeting Cr Zane Taylor, who is also chair of the Orewa Beach Reef Charitable Trust, requested that the sea wall project be held back until the reef project, which involves building a series of reefs 300 metres offshore, obtained resource consent from Auckland Regional Council. This process is already underway. Cr Taylor said that without the reefs, the sea wall, expected to cost around $2.6 million, would be a waste of ratepayers’ money. “The wall is superfluous without the reefs to protect it, as it will be under

Caring for you

attack from the dynamic forces on the beach and will require expensive maintenance,” Cr Taylor said. “The reefs should be built first to create a dry beach in front of the wall.” He said if the two projects could go forward to Auckland Council together, they would provide a unique solution to erosion on the beach, with the wall addressing the land, and the reefs addressing the beach. However, consultant Gael Ogilvie said the community is in favour of the sea wall, and not to put it before Auckland Council for funding would be a missed opportunity. She described the sea wall, which includes a buried rock wall with a stabilised sand toe (or bund), as an innovative scheme, which will improve the appearance of the 600-metre stretch of Orewa Beach between Marine View and Kohu Street. She said currently this section of the beach is “an embarrassment” and

Supporters say this sea wall on Orewa Beach is urgently needed, but opponents say it will be a costly mistake.

that the sea wall will also provide an opportunity to recreate a dune system. Infrastructure director Murray Noone said that Council staff supported both projects, but it was important to get something underway as soon as possible. “So far we have spent $450,000 on research, design and consent applications and not actually done anything yet,” Mr Noone said. “If we

look at it as a joint project, and one is not successful, it could put both schemes back.” Councillors voted to put the sea wall and walkway project on its ‘issues list’ so that Auckland Council can consider it for funding. Mayor Penny Webster said this was the right move, saying urgent work is needed to improve the beach.

Sneezing season got you? For advice on hayfever - see us!

Manly Care Chemist 53B Rawhiti Road, Manly Village, Whangaparaoa Ph (09) 424 7708, Fax (09) 424 7427


your health care coach

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Hibiscus Matters welcomes readers contributions to Feedback. Preference will be given to letters of 150 words or less, and the editor reserves the right to edit letters to meet space limitations. Unsigned letters, personal attacks or defamatory remarks will not be published. Contributions can be emailed to or posted to Whangaparaoa Hall, 717 Whangaparaoa Road.

Chivalry is not dead I’ve always felt that my body was fairly substantial, but in recent years have been pushed out of the way by people intent on getting in or out of shop doors before me. So imagine my surprise when going to Fruit World in Silverdale and reaching for a bag of potatoes, only to see hands

appear over my head, and neatly place a bag in my trolley. Later, I was asked where my car was parked and another man put my potatoes into my car boot. At home, I realised I’d left my purse in the trolley. I was met by one of the staff, who produced a note and his cellphone,

than I was directed to an address where a man handed over my purse and advised me to check its contents. The ASB also telephoned my daughter to advise her that my purse was safe. I want to sincerely thank them all. Mrs D Moffat, Silverdale

One candidate in particular stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest for me – Greg Sayers. It was refreshing to observe his sincerity towards the community. He was the only candidate to receive two sets of applause, one of them a standing ovation for his stand against any

super high rise buildings along Orewa’s waterfront. It is encouraging to see community-focused leadership like his. Congratulations also to the Red Beach Methodist Church for running the event.

in hard copy, as the new format allows you to turn through the issue, page by page. So even though we are living in Borneo, we keep in contact with

the latest news and events on the Hibiscus Coast. Colin MacGillivray, by email

off colour, started to sweat profusely and pretty much fainted. I thought I had better go to hospital to get myself checked out, but was in no fit state to get myself there, so I asked a fellow passenger to ring for an ambulance. Another passenger alerted the bus driver, who redirected the bus from Smales Farm directly to North Shore

Hospital and waited while medical staff checked me out. I am very thankful for their help, to say the least and would like to thank the bus company and driver in particular. The service and treatment I received from all was excellent. Andrew Kawan, Gulf Harbour (abridged)

Praise for fair hearing I was in attendance at the wonderful public meeting organised by the Red Beach Methodist Church on September 19. Invited to speak were the 13 candidates standing for the Hibiscus Coast Local Board. Listening to each one speak it is obvious that we have a depth of talented candidates.

Ms N Auty, Whangaparaoa

Online format wins fans Congratulations on new online format of the latest issue of Hibiscus Matters. It’s great to read on the computer screen exactly the page that local readers see

North Star, you’re a star Most Mondays I catch the bus from my home in Gulf Harbour to Takapuna where I work. Last week I caught the North Star bus as usual. I was suffering from a cold, and took a couple of cold and flu tablets and a Panadol before setting off for work. As we were getting on the motorway at Silverdale I started to feel pretty

Santa’s helpers wanted

Santa’s arrival in Orewa is always keenly anticipated, with the annual Orewa New World Santa Parade through the town centre a highlight for the area’s families. This year the parade takes place on November 20 and will follow a new route, starting at the Orewa Beach Reserve car park (beside Orewa Surf Club) and travelling along Hibiscus Coast Highway to Florence Ave. Organiser Leanne Smith of Destination Orewa says the new route was chosen because there are larger rigs coming to haul the floats this year, which may find it difficult to safely negotiate the town centre streets. Last year’s parade was the biggest in its nine-year history, with an estimated 6000 spectators and 135 floats. Organisers are again asking spectators to bring non-perishable food items to contribute to the Christmas Food Drive. The collection is made ahead of the parade and food is distributed locally by Orewa Baptist Church. Entering a float is free, and must be done by the end of October. Info: contact Diane Osborne, ph 426 2638 or download a form from

the record

Cutting the power Rodney District Council’s last ever Strategy & Community Committee meeting this month coincided with a power cut that knocked out much of central Orewa, including Council offices, until around 10.30am. The meeting therefore began in semidarkness. “This is one way of closing down Rodney,” Mayor Penny Webster commented. “But they might have waited for the last person to leave before switching off the lights.”

Them’s the breaks A representative of Harbour Sport speaking at a Council meeting this month said that Tai Chi for older folk has become a bit of a mixed blessing. Apparently the good news is that it is effective in making older people more active, but the downside has been that more people in this age group are suffering sporting injuries. “ACC aren’t very happy about that,” the representative commented.

To weed or not? Some rural landowners are unfamiliar with relatively common weeds according to Rodney District Council staff. The findings of Council’s bushlot monitoring programme contains the following: “Frequently owners did not recognise all weed species. Tree privet was sometimes thought to be a native. One owner thought climbing asparagus was a native and was growing it in his garden.”

Not so extraordinary The meaning of ‘extraordinary’ was called into question last month by Rodney District Council. Normally ‘extraordinary’ meetings are infrequent, but in September there were no less than three Extraodinary Council meetings, as business is dealt with before the supercity takes over.

Contributions to ‘off the record’ are welcome. If you have seen something amusing on the Hibiscus Coast email the details to


Authorised by AG Sayers C/- 31 Arkles Strand, Arkles Bay

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Tel (09) 424 0477

Hibiscus Coast Service Centre

2/23 David Sidwell Place, (opposite Mitre 10) Whangaparaoa.

Service and repairs to all makes and models

vote Margaret

Puhoi resident Bill Marcroft (left) and Cody Mankelow from Puhoi River Canoes with rubbish collected from around the toll booth.

Clean up time at toll booths

Further planning and contract negotiations continue for remaining works on the Shakespear Open Sanctuary pest proof fence. A revised funding target of $20,000 has been set as the remaining funds required to enable completion of this project. Construction of the pest proof screens to cover all drainage culverts is underway. These screens enable water and flood debris to flow through and keep pests out. Each of the 17 culverts requires a custom-made solution, and then there is the complex maze of existing inter-connecting stormwater drains, some of which travel beneath the fence and may provide pathways for pest invasion. This attention to detail is necessary to achieve and maintain a pest free open sanctuary. Although the planting season is finished for this year, there are still plenty of opportunities to volunteer. SOSSI Sunday volunteers meet the last Sunday of every month and the Park Tuesday volunteers every Tuesday. See for details.


SHVO68543 HM01

Auckland Council - Albany Ward Upper Harbour Local Board

Representing North Harbour since 1989 Proud to stand up for Hibiscus Coast An effective voice in a new Auckland Email:


Follow Shore Voice on Facebook PattMarkAGL268

Walking the fenceline with SOSSI

Authorised by Margaret Miles, 22 Merewhira Rd, RD3 Albany, 0793.

From September 17–24, communities across the country joined together to help clean up their neighbourhoods. Keep NZ Beautiful week was celebrated are very concerned about the amount on the Coast with an aquatic theme. of rubbish at the toll booth. They Puhoi River Canoes had to postpone have requested that the NZ Transport its annual Keep NZ Beautiful Puhoi Agency look at the tolling system to River clean up due to high winds and see if they can change the automatic a storm forecast. Instead, the group printing of receipts to a ‘request for a took part in the Puhoi Landcare receipt’ system in the hope that it will Roadside clean-up on September 17. not only reduce the huge waste of ink That same afternoon the crew from and paper, but also help to eliminate Puhoi River Canoes and local resident the mountains of receipts surrounding Bill Marcroft cleaned up behind the the booth. State Highway 1 toll booth and along The Transport Agency have also the river walkway adjacent to the erected a fence behind the booths to highway, collecting a trailer load of try to stop people using this area as rubbish from this area. a toilet, but it seems where there is a Staff at Puhoi River Canoes say they will, there is still a way.


Present this voucher to your local Archgola Dealer and receive $500 (including GST) off your obligation free quote. Terms and Conditions apply. Voucher offer valid until 5pm, 23 October, 2010.

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Vote Ross Yeager

Vote Neil


For Hibiscus Coast board. Go to “Ross Supercity” on facebook or

Phone 424 0334.


Authorised by R. Yeager, 27 Surf Road, Whangaparaoa

People First Voting choices were assisted by a meeting arranged with all the Local Board candidates at Red Beach Methodist Church last month.

Board candidates talk the talk

About Coffee News

“Coffee News is a FREE weekly to delivered publication s, away take , cafes ts, restauran hotels, and anywhere people go to have a bite to eat, or are waiting. Coffee News contains the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, horoscopes, amazing facts, and more. Everything in Coffee News is fun and entertaining - no bad news here. It is a big breath of fresh air to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only bad news. Coffee News is Positive. It provides the "other side of the news", - something that makes people SMILE! Over 8 million people all across the World enjoy reading Coffee News every week.

Coffee News is a franchise business with over 1,000 franchisees) (or licensees throughout the World. We started publishing in New Zealand in 2001 and have since grown to around 40 separate editions of Coffee News in a country of only 4 million people.”

Catherine is a very active member of the community and is a member of the local Harriers and Triathlon Club.

Welcome to the Hibiscus Coast & North Rodney Editions Hi, We're Catherine and Brendon Johnson (TV3's Moneyman) and we publish Coffee News on the Hibiscus Coast and throughout North Rodney. The Hibiscus Coast Edition covers Silverdale, Orewa and Whangaparaoa. and surrounds. North Rodney includes Warkworth, Wellsford Catherine and Brendon Johnson - Publishers • Mobile: 021 036 9518 Phone: 09 427 8455 • Fax: 09 427 8365 eenew coff Email: catherine@

Candidates seeking election to the Local Board had a chance to put their case to members of the public at a well-attended meeting in Red Beach last month. All 13 candidates standing for four past Councillors but the majority are places on the Hibiscus Coast division seeking a role in local government for of the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board the first time. While more experienced attended the meeting at Red Beach campaigners said their years on Council Methodist Church. would be advantageous in the uncharted Organisers from the Whangaparaoa waters of the supercity, others said a Methodist Parish made it clear that fresh approach was needed. the meeting was not a debate: each Issues highlighted by the speakers candidate was given a strictly timed as important locally included the four minutes to speak. building of the Penlink Road (although Around 70 residents attended the not all candidates support this), public meeting on September 19, many transport, social services, highrise in taking notes as the candidates spoke. Orewa and rates. A number said the chance to hear the Cr John Kirikiri sounded a note of candidates first hand, and talk to them caution, saying no candidate should after the formal speeches were over, promise to keep rates down, as they helped clarify their voting decisions. would undoubtedly increase because of The candidates include current and the change to capital value assessment.

INDEPENDENT RATE PAYER Let’s vote for truth this time, no more lies or hidden agendas.

Vote John Drury (honest, safe hands) Authorised by John Drury, 57 Riverside Road, Orewa

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 7

Hibiscus Coast voters assess the options Supercity not expected to be so super

With the local body elections now on, Hibiscus Matters conducted a poll at Whangaparaoa Plaza to find out more about voting habits on the Coast. The sample included people in their early 20s, as well as long-established voters. We asked them the following questions: Are you going to vote in local body elections? Have you decided which candidates to vote for? What local issues, concerns or interests are likely to influence your vote? Four of the 11 people polled said they are not going to vote. These were all young people and said they were not interested in voting, didn’t know who any of the candidates were and that the outcome of the election would not affect them. We also spoke to two young people who are voting, and both said they supported Michael Goudie.

Jim Smith, Stanmore Bay I’ve decided to vote for Colin Craig for mayor. It’s because he is a newcomer, and also isn’t John Banks or Len Brown. Although he has experience in business, I think the fact that he hasn’t been in politics is a bonus. as he won’t be swayed by a political party. I like his independence.

Alister McKinnon, Manly For me, transport is one of the biggest issues locally. I’m not necessarily as impressed with candidates who promise to keep rates down, as those who I think will be frugal and spend ratepayers’ money wisely. I’m also concerned with the care of heritage buildings, and want to see maintenance of these buildings properly funded under the supercity. Judy and John Pegler, Manly We always vote, but as yet we’re undecided which candidates to choose, apart from the mayor. We are voting for John Banks as we believe he has the depth of experience needed for the job. We think housing and roading are important locally, and a park and ride at Silverdale needs to be established as soon as possible.

Terry Hennricksen, Red Beach I went to the meet the Local Board candidates at the public meeting at Red Beach Methodist Church and will vote according to who impressed me the most. I didn’t know many of them beforehand, as we’ve only lived here for five years. At the same time, I don’t think the local board will have much power and that the big boys in the Auckland Council will do as they please. The mayor will be just a figurehead and the chief executives of all those Council Controlled Organisations will make the big decisions. I don’t think Rodney should be part of the supercity, but I will still be voting, as it’s a privilege to do so. If you have not received a voting pack, phone 0800 922 822 for more information

Keeping it local

The Auckland Transition Authority says that one of the first tasks for the 21 local boards will be to work with communities to prepare a three-year plan. This will outline the community’s aspirations and priorities, desired projects and potential funding. It will also provide a foundation for budgets. The three-year plans will feed into Auckland Council’s Long Term Council Community Plan, which is also produced every three years. Local board responsibilities, as initially allocated by the Auckland Transition Agency until June 2012 include: decisions on upgrading town centres and targeted rates for mainstreet and BID organizations; the locations, design and use of local parks; wetland restoration, local waste management projects and environmental education programmes; the location and design of new libraries; the opening hours, fees and programmes offered by community facilities; local events and grants to community groups.

Incoming leaders of NZ’s first supercity may be relieved that Aucklanders have low expectations of their new Council’s performance. A pre-local body election survey by Shape NZ, commissioned by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development, revealed that while more Aucklanders think the supercity will make decisions faster than the eight councils it replaces, they are not persuaded it will do a better job of growing the economy and improving residents’ quality of life. The survey found that 27 percent of Aucklanders think the Council will make faster progress as a result of the reform, 25 percent said it will make slower progress, while 25 percent said no faster or slower; 22 percent didn’t know. Asked if they thought Auckland Council will do a better or worse job than the current council structure in growing the economy and jobs, while preserving quality of life, Aucklanders were evenly split: 23 percent said it will do better (5 percent said much better), and 23 percent said worse (8 percent much worse). A total of 35 percent said no better or worse and 20 percent didn’t know. The survey was conducted between August 24 and September 14, covering 634 people within the new Auckland Council area. It has a maximum margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percent.

Have your say

Voting papers have been delivered to enrolled voters. All voting papers must be posted by October 6 in order to reach the Electoral Officer by 12 noon on October 9. The results will be on our website, www. as soon as they become available.

“For friendly advice and quality service.”

Best Range on the Peninsula

Ca rte rs

WHANGAPARAOA LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES Come and meet Bill and his team. Fiona Blackmore - Manager & Bill Priest - Owner

45 Karepiro Drive, Whangaparaoa • Phone 428 3750




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Repairs – all makes and models NEW & SECOND-HAND MACHINE SALES

Stockists for Singer Sewing Machines – Other brands available Can pick up and deliver – Unit 7A 665 Whangaparaoa Road

Mobile 021 984 138 or Phone 09 424 3140 A/hrs (driveway next to Gusto café – rear of building)

A large flock of plastic ducks racing down Orewa Estuary propelled by 25knot winds formed an impressive finale to a day of duck-themed fun. The Ducky Derby, a fundraiser held stalls, there was face painting, raffles, by Hibiscus Coast Kindergarten on a lucky dip and plenty of rides for the September 19, attracted a smaller children to enjoy. crowd than last year’s inaugural event, Around 300 ducks were pre-sold at $10 due to stormy weather, but still raised each for the race down the estuary. around 3800, which will be used for The race, with a first prize of $500, resources and play equipment. saw the ducks blown down the Estuary Organisers say they were extremely against the tide in fine-feathered grateful to the Hibiscus Coast Youth fashion. Centre who allowed them to put stalls First place went to Sandra Higgerson inside, after the marquee they had and second prize, a $200 voucher from arranged failed to materialise. Mondo Travel, went to Jamie Lee Hall. As well as a large cake stall, second Third prize of a $100 New World hand goods, clothing and jewellery voucher went to Frances Hardy.

✔ ✔ ✔




5 9

5 3






7 8




1 7







021 440 281 Authorised by Alan Woodford, 51 Medallion Dr, Albany



Solution page 23

Fill in this grid so that every column, row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9.




Medium –


rs of: Sponso 3

Ducks in a row for Kindy

Above left, Expert baker Sarah Graham and a young helper, with duck themed goodies. Left, Dean Hall of Orewa decorates a ducky cookie.

0274 531 785

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 9 S pring cleaning F E AT U R E


School uncovers secret native garden Mulch mania much more challenging, or satisfying, than the one currently underway at

Volunteers assist Debbie Thompson (third from right) with clearing weeds from the native garden at Whangaparaoa Primary.

and pohutukawa were among the revelations. Debbie says the initial plan is to make the garden accessible so that classes can use it again. Eventually she would like to see the native trees classified


Our balustrades now comply with the New AS/NZS 1170 Building Codes.

and labelled and seating provided so that students can enjoy the garden. “I would like classes to be able to use the area for studying native plants, insects, birds, and also as a quiet place to go to think and work,” Debbie says.

October is mulch month – an opportunity to retain some of the moisture that has soaked in over the last few months by covering the soil with a thick cloak of organic material. Almost any organic material can be used, including some high quality products that can be found at landscape suppliers. Many of these are the result of large scale recycling schemes, and so are good for the environment in more ways than one. Whangaparaoa Landscape Supplies, in Karepiro Drive, have a new product called Garden Delicious Compost that they say customers are finding great as a garden growth booster. It can also be piled on thickly as mulch before spring planting gets underway, retaining moisture as well as improving soil texture and fertility. The product is described as a free-flowing, organic based compost produced from chicken manure, fine bark, green waste and other active fertilisers. Mulching pointers yy Apply mulch to moist soil, about 10-15cm thick. Keep it away from the stems of woody plants. Piling a thick layer of mulch up to stems can result in collar rot, killing the plant. yy Wet newspaper placed under organic material suppresses weeds, recycles newspaper – and worms love it.

Spring into action Receive a Cleaner with selected Receive Clean a free freeupPatio Patio Cleaner with selected with these spring specials! * * STIHL High Pressure Cleaners * STIHL Pressure Cleaners Receive a freeHigh Patio Cleaner with selected STIHL High Pressure Cleaners* The days days of of scrubbing scrubbing and and brushing brushing are are long long gone gone thanks thanks to to STIHL’s STIHL’s powerful powerful High High Pressure Pressure Cleaners. Cleaners. Whether Whether you’re you’re The removing dirt and as an or aa chore, their and comfortable will make job The days of and are long thanks STIHL’s High design Pressure removing dirtscrubbing and mould mould asbrushing an occupation occupation or gone chore, theirtorobust robust andpowerful comfortable design willCleaners. make the theWhether job easy.’re removing dirt and mould as an occupation or a chore, their robust and comfortable design will make the job easy.


EA fo Ca SU r a ll n R FR ow E & EE Q U O TE

Spring garden clean ups don’t come Whangaparaoa Primary. A virtual ‘secret garden’, originally planted by the school around 15 years ago, is being gradually released from a tangle of weeds by teacher Debbie Thompson and enthusiastic parents and students. The garden is on land adjoining the school, and was originally planted with natives. Signs at the base of trees indicating the species, have been uncovered in the clean up. Debbie says the garden was abandoned after a couple of hot summers that made it increasingly hard and time consuming to care for the young plants. It has remained neglected for around 10 years, in which time the native plants have increased dramatically in size, despite being hidden beneath a tangle of black eyed Susan vine, and crowded out by kikuyu, woolly nightshade, privet, monkey apple and arum lilies. A working bee last month made good headway into the garden, uncovering a pathway through the trees, clearing several truckloads of weeds and rubbish and cleaning the sign at the entrance of graffiti. More working bees are planned. A grove of nikau palms, a cabbage tree grove, large golden totara, puka

RE 108 108 RE RE 108 High High Pressure Pressure Cleaner Cleaner High Pressure 1,670watt, 15kg,Cleaner 230v

RE 118 118 RE RE 118 High High Pressure Pressure Cleaner Cleaner High Pressure 2,100watt, 17kg,Cleaner 230v

RE 128 128 PLUS PLUS RE RE 128 PLUS High High Pressure Pressure Cleaner Cleaner High Pressure 2,300watt, 17kg,Cleaner 230v

$ $475 $475 475

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1,670watt, 15kg, 230v 1,670watt, 15kg, 230v Max. working pressure Max. working pressure working pressure 110 110 bar (1,590psi) (1,590psi) 110 bar (1,590psi)

Ideal for Decks, Stairways, Gates, Balconies, Handrails, Pool Surrounds, Boundary Fences and much more...

2,100watt, 17kg, 230v 2,100watt, 17kg, 230v Max. working pressure Max. working pressure working pressure 125 125 bar (1,810psi) (1,810psi) 125 bar (1,810psi)

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Patio Patio Cleaner Cleaner valued valued at at $160 $160 Patio Cleaner valuedof $160 Speed up the the cleaning cleaning ofatdecks, decks, Speed up Speed up the cleaningwooden of decks, patios, patios, footpaths footpaths and and wooden patios, footpaths and wooden fences with this this versatile versatile fences with fences with this versatile attachment. attachment. attachment.


*Offer valid until 31 October 2010 or while stocks last. Offer applies to the following Cleaners: RE 108, RE 118, RE 128 PLUS. Receive a free RA 101 Patio Cleaner. *Offer valid until 31 October 2010 or while stocks last. Offer applies to the following Cleaners: RE 108, RE 118, RE 128 PLUS. Receive a free RA 101 Patio Cleaner. *Offer valid until 31 October 2010 or while stocks last. Offer applies to the following Cleaners: RE 108, RE 118, RE 128 PLUS. Receive a free RA 101 Patio Cleaner.

16-18 Morrison Drive

Right into Outdoor Power Equipment

09 425 7053

STIHL SHOP™ Silverdale 6 Flexman Place Silverdale Phone 09 426 5414

You’ll only only need one. one. You’ll You’ll only need need one.


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ERIC ODDI FOR BLINDS Offering a large range of styles and colours. Cleaning and repairs available.

CALL FOR A FREE MEASURE & QUOTE Phone 09 424 1505 (local) or 0800 218 555 (toll free) Email: Serving you Rodney wide since 1995.

Crystal Clear Window Coating Blocks 99%+ of Harmful UV Protect your carpets & furnishings against fading caused by UV radiation For a free no obligation quote contact

0800 488 832 or 09 424 3977


A major fundraiser for the Tamaki Sports Academy is the free metal collection service it offers. We will pick up any old metal – whiteware such as fridges, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines – roofing iron, metal piping, venetion blinds, computers, batteries, car panels, cars, metal shelving, filing cabinets, machinery, lawnmowers, engines and so on. Tamaki Sports Academy offers mentoring, coaching, and work experience to South Auckland youth who have dropped out of the mainstream school system, but who show some sporting talent. Academy members are enrolled in the Correspondence School and work towards unit standard credits and national qualifications.

Ph 09 276 0328

Gardening with Terry Moore

Spring clean Nothing is easier than spring cleaning the garden and outdoor areas – the only difficulty is deciding which job to tackle first. If you’re like me and pretty much hibernated during winter, while the lawn turned into a paddy field, everywhere you look there will be something that needs to be done. Here are some suggestions to help get that list of priorities underway: yy Steps, decks, paths and pavers may need cleaning with a waterblaster to ensure they look inviting and are safe to walk on. Bringing in a professional for this task will pay dividends because they have more powerful equipment as well as the necessary expertise. yy Canvas fabrics on outdoor furniture may need attention before the next barbecue. My advice is that it’s best to check these fabrics, particularly on chairs, at least yearly and preferably before a relative or friend ends up on the ground with red wine from nose to navel. yy Tackle weeds as they pop up, while they’re small and easier to remove. Dense planting crowds out all but the most pernicious weeds. yy Next stop is the compost bin, the contents of which should go onto the garden beds, before any spring planting takes place. yy Take a critical look at your front door/entrance and consider putting out the springtime ‘welcome mat’ by refreshing it with potted plants, improved lighting or even a lick of paint to create a good first impression. yy Any potted plants that are past their best can be replaced, and this year I’m going for bold colours, inspired by In A Mexican Garden by Gina Hyams and Melba Levick. Not strictly speaking a gardening book, this is packed full of inspiring photos of Mexican courtyards, planted and decorated in a vibrant, relaxed style by people who are passionate about colour. yy Feed plants as they begin actively growing – pile on the sheep pellets (Lions Clubs will deliver them to the door on October 2, if you ordered from their annual fertiliser drive), or other slow release fertiliser of your choice. yy As spring foliage and buds unfurl, snails are everywhere. Quash pellets, which are relatively pet-friendly, are my first line of defence, especially where new plantings in the vege patch are concerned. They’re not cheap, but losing seedlings overnight is not a good option either. Have a colourful spring.

PROBLEMS + ACTION = SAVINGS! Address maintenance issues and especially signs of dampness and leaks

Drybuild will • Find the source of the problem • Show the extent of any damage • Provide full diagnostic report where necessary • Cover our diagnostic work with our GUARANTEE • Help you sleep easy with peace of mind

e Avoid future damag and larger than ct now! necessary bills. A 056 Call Bryce 021 892 WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK!

0800 211 777 –

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 11 S pring cleaning F E AT U R E

New hands on deck at Clipper Furniture The scent of freshly cut wood fills the workshop at Clipper Outdoor Furniture, and drifts into the showroom out front, which is filled with recliners, tables and chairs, swing seats, benches and footstools. Apart from a range of folding furniture made in Henderson, everything at Clippers is made on site by new owners Grant Bezzant and his partner Dorothy Fowler of Stanmore Bay. The couple took ownership of the workshop and showroom on Silverdale Hill (next to the BP Station) in August and say it has brought together their enjoyment of working with wood, and desire to run their own local business. Grant has worked with wood all Dorothy Fowler and Grant Bezzant his life. For the past 17 years he has All the outdoor furniture is made of a good reputation and tried and true been wood turning on a grand scale, kwila, which Grant says is sourced designs for practical, comfortable making large runs of 1000 or more from timber merchants with a verified furniture. Items can be selected from items, such as axe and shovel handles, sustainable forest policy and a high the showroom and made to order. The for a company in Silverdale. specifications can be adjusted to suit quality product. Dorothy, who has worked as a boat He says kwila is ideal for outdoor each customer’s requirements. builder and builder’s labourer, is furniture, as it doesn’t crack or twist Dorothy and Grant say that their most enjoying the hands-on work turning popular items are the heavy rectangular out high quality chairs, as well as and lasts for years. tables in chunky thick timber. “We have people bringing in kwila “We are enjoying working here so doing the books for the business. “Grant has to chase me out of the chairs for repair that are 20 years old much. It’s not like a job – more like workshop,” Dorothy says. “I’d much and they still look good,” Grant says. spending time on your favourite Dorothy says Clippers have established hobby, all day.” rather be in there than in the office.”

Look out for your windows Clean windows can be a revelation as grime tends to build up gradually on the surface, slowly but surely blurring our view of the outside world. Unless you are Spiderman, it’s a good idea to employ a professional at least once a year to give the windows a thorough clean. Keep windows clean in the interim by spraying them with a glass cleaning product or a homemade mix of 500 ml of white vinegar and 1 litre of warm water. Use screwed up newspaper to clean to a sparkling finish. Once windows are clean, consider having UVTEC applied, to block UV radiation that can damage fabric.

Herb of the month by Pam Ellender, Pioneer Herb Society Spring planting will soon be underway and it is timely to note the benefits to gardeners of companion planting. Fragrant, aromatic herbs can aid neighbouring plants and deter harmful pests. Basil and tomatoes are natural companions and garlic among the roses keeps aphids at bay. Borage, with its bright blue flowers is beneficial to most edible plants and also attracts bees. The common nasturtium is a colourful and excellent companion in the vegetable garden. African marigolds discourage unwelcome visitors and dill, another useful herb, is helpful in pest control but should not be planted near carrots, tomatoes or lavender as it can have adverse effects.

Freshstart From left, Sue Wright, Jan Barrington and Raewyn Prentice with their horticultural hats.

Gardeners raise hats for spring Hats decorated with ‘ribbons’ of flax and spring blooms were a fun feature of last month’s Horticultural Society show at Whangaparaoa Hall. The last couple of bi-monthly shows have featured a fun themed section, and last month it was ‘hats off for spring’. Horticultural Society president Jo Moxey says the section has brought out members’ creativity, and is proving very popular. Floral artist Jill Yates judged last month’s novelty section, selecting Sue Wright’s straw hat with a crown surrounded by stripy flax to be the winner. Members of the Society are already getting their green fingers ready for their big summer show, which will take place on November 5 and 6.

Tables made to order, any size Canvas chairs in 30 colours Wooden chairs and benches • Park benches Folding furniture • Swingseats • Umbrellas Cape Cod chairs and footstools Bar leaners and barstools • Recliners Quality NZ made kwila outdoor furniture built to last Factory Prices – Visit our Showroom Phone 09 426 9660 • website • email 7 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale – top of the hill, next to the BP.

Slippery paths or driveways? Selling your home? We do it all! KEEP YOUR PROPERTY CLEAN & SAFE • Housewashing • Cleaning • Waterblasting: Paths, fences, driveways CLEANING SERVICES

Phone 426 3299

Mark 021 442 087 or Lizz 027 454 0912

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Tournament touches on mental health issues Flu outbreak Playing a team sport is a way to stay fit and active and also to bond with others and gain a sense of community. This is exemplified in a touch rugby tournament that is to be held for the second time at Victor Eaves Park in Orewa this month, during Mental Health Awareness Week (October 4–10). Shared Vision Rodney, a committee which provides a platform for the planning and provision of mental health services in Rodney, came up with the idea of holding a touch tournament as a way of bridging the gap between mental health services and the community. Co-organiser Shona Miers says one of her clients desperately wanted to play touch, but lacked the confidence to The Sharks Shared Vision touch rugby tournament is a way for mental health join a community team. Shona says providers and service users to reach out to the community. last year’s inaugural tournament and family teams, are invited to take part. be bigger and better,” Christine says. the one to be held on October 9, have Teams are coming from as far away “Everyone knows someone that has given him the boost he needed. as the Waikato, and Shared Vision experienced mental illness in some She says the tournament is also a Rodney will put up teams made up of form, so this is a chance to bring the chance to win the trophy back from the community support workers, family community together, gain a better Mahitahi Trust from South Auckland, and service users. understanding and celebrate Mental which took first place last year. A series of round robin games will be Health Awareness Week.” Last year around four teams took part Everyone is welcome as players or in the tournament, but more than played. double are expected this year, including Christine Bolstad of Shared Vision supporters to the touch tournament, Rodney’s steering group committee October 9 at Victor Eaves Park, Orewa. teams from Sharks Sports Club. Any community touch teams with says last year’s event was a fabulous day Registration is open until October 7. Info: Shona Miers, ph 09 477 2630 or players older than 10 years of age, for all involved. including mixed elite, mixed social and “We are hoping that this year will email


One of the therapies we use in our clinics, is a technique pioneered by the late HARLEY BLOWS & RAY MORGAN. $30 per session ($20 for retirees). This treatment is used to assist the resolution for Back, Neck, Shoulder, Leg Pain, while assisting other minor secondary health problems. This technique is gentle, proven & successful for over 50 years. Also available UPPER BODY TRIGGER RELEASE MASSAGE, & REIKI


almost over

The number of people identified as having Influenza H1N1 (or swine flu) is steadily falling, as the flu season winds down, and the outbreak has been similar to last year’s, according to Ministry of Health data. The latest figures show that NZ-wide there have 690 hospitalisations of confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1, including four people currently in intensive care. So far this year, a total of 103 people with confirmed H1N1 have been admitted to intensive care. In the year to date, the deaths of 18 New Zealanders have been linked to swine flu, 14 of which have been confirmed by the coroner as being due to swine flu. This is described by a Ministry of spokesperson as a slight improvement on last year, where there were 17 deaths where swine flu was identified as the primary cause. The Ministry advises that it is still important to seek medical advice early, particularly for pregnant women and people with underlying medical conditions, as they are at greater risk of a more severe illness. Seek medical advice quickly if you have influenza-like symptoms.

UniqUe Skin


• Hair Removal • Skin Rejuvenation • Acne Treatment • Pigmentation • Age Spots • Fine Lines/Wrinkles • Rosacea/Red Veins 09 425 4141 or 021 0266 9177 Introductory offer 50% discount

Beautiful Skin for life... HAIR & MAKEUP

Pilates - it could be the answer for you Sore back or bad posture? Done correctly Pilates can make a big difference - relieving pain and improving strength & flexibility. Marcia is Coast Physio’s experienced Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist based at Red Beach. She can develop an effective programme just for you and ensure you learn correct technique and get the right results. CALL US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Red Beach: 9 Bay Street, Phone 426 6619 Marcia Nelson - MHPrac (Musculoskeletal), PG Cert (Acupuncture)

Getting married? Going to a ball? Just want to be gorgeous?

Jayne & Debbie

will do your hair & makeup for that special occasion

Call 09 4274025 or 027 280 0492 to book your makeover!

Untitled-1 1

6/08/2010 10:45:05 a.m.

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Active Living with Peter Melvin

Workshop To o l s f o r L i f e

Problems with reading, writing or maths?

Getting to grips with tennis elbow Once again it is the time of year to take the tennis racquet out for another season, and give the garden its spring makeover. Unfortunately these activities can be restricted by elbow and arm pain. Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylalgia) is an umbrella term for elbow pain. Golfers’ elbow is a term for pain experienced on the inside of your elbow, and this affliction has a similar pattern of behaviour and causative factors. As physios, we are often asked what causes this pain. The muscles of the forearm that extend to your wrist, those involved with gripping and particularly used in the backhand tennis shot, have a small origin just above the elbow joint on the outside of your arm. Poor biomechanics, such as a stiff elbow joint, muscle weakness or an incorrect racquet grip size can cause excess stress when the activity is repeated. The resulting strain can cause microscopic tearing of muscle fibres, resulting in a sharp pain or dull ache. The initial pain settles, but as the injury heals with scar tissue, this shortens and it is more susceptible to future damage. Repeated tennis or gardening aggravates this and the cycle continues. If the causative factors are not addressed a chronic situation can develop. Here are some tips to help with this painful condition: yy Apply ice to the elbow area for 20 minutes after completing the sport or activity that aggravated it. yy Stretch the extensor muscles regularly – hold the elbow straight, then turn the forearm inwards and bend the wrist under. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds. yy Use a correctly fitted tennis elbow brace which can be purchased from your physiotherapist or local pharmacy. yy Have your racquet and stroke technique assessed by a tennis coach. Other problems can cause elbow and arm pain, so if the problem persists see your physiotherapist or doctor. A physiotherapist can identify poor biomechanics and teach you specific exercises that have proven to be very effective. This is important if you are to get long term resolution to this problem.

Davis Dyslexia Programmes for adults and children. Ann Cook - Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Facilitator Phone: 0272 855 926 For more information visit:

Baby Botts invites you to celebrate modern parenting, in affordable style, from essentials, to downright extravagance. • Iiamo - self-heating bottles • Isoki Designer Nappy bags • Peek a boo Rear facing mirrors • Bulk Nappies • Baby Cakes • Amber teething beads • Organic Baby products .... and more.

Phone 426 7844 • Mobile 0275 426 855 Email: •


Professional counselling & psychotherapy for Individuals; children & youth; couples; & families

Children under 12 - $30, 12 – 16yrs - $40, Adults - $60, Couples - $90 Tues: 10.30am – 7pm, Thurs: 8.30am – 6pm, Fri: 8.30am – 4pm

Trainee in line for scholarship Hairdressing trainee Moana Riddell from Red Beach (pictured) is one of four finalists for this year’s Jasmine McBeth memorial scholarship. This is the first time in the three year history of the award that a finalist has been selected from north of Auckland. Moana is in the first year of her apprenticeship at Hair Scene Hair & Beauty in Whangaparaoa. If successful, she will receive $3000 towards her training. The scholarship is given by the Hairdressing Industry Training and died later that year, from cancer, Organisation and Jasmine McBeth’s aged 18. parents. Jasmine gained her National The scholarship winner will be Certificate in Hairdressing in 2007 announced on October 16. C



Ground Level, The Village Chambers, 294 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, BE 21/9/10 12:30:43 Auckland Ph: 427 8111 Email:

in October Tai Chi Mon 16:00–17:30 Tues 18:30–20:00 Yoga Mon 9:30–10:45 Thurs 19:00–20:00, Sat 9:00–10:30 Pregnancy Yoga Sat 11:00–12:30 Meditation Wed 17:00–18:15 No Impact Aerobics Wed 18:30–19:30 Indian Dance Thur 17:30–19:00



eat And feel gr er m for sum

Be smoo BE suga th, red




Phone 424 5101

747 Whangaparaoa Road

• Strength Training • Muscle Building • Fat Loss • Custom Programmes • Discount Supplements • Personal Coaching • Best Results Phone Damian 021 244 6346 6c David Sidwell Place, Whangaparaoa Email:

BEauty Spa Health Studio Natural health treatments, private FIR Sauna, sugaring, facials, manicures & pedicures, massage, light therapy + gift vouchers t 09 428 2931 email: Unit 1–3 / 5 Link Cres. Whangaparaoa (opp. the Cinema) Open: Mon – Sat 10:00 > 17:00, or by appointment

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Family support close at hand on Coast The recent donation to Hibiscus Coast Family Services of four gift baskets by Hibiscus Coast Parents Centre highlights the cooperative and supportive relationship between the two agencies. The baskets, which included items such as an activity centre, baby sleeping bag, toys and nightlight, will be handed on to local families in need. Parents Centre is a nationwide voluntary organisation set up by parents for parents. President of the local branch, Kyleigh Thomas, says the non-profit organisation, which provides antenatal classes, coffee groups and other programmes for new parents, recognises that at times parents find it hard to cope and when this happens the Family Services team provides additional support. “When we decided to donate these items, we immediately thought of Family Services, because they are working with families that need a Working together for families – pictured is Family Services manager Karyn Hodge (left) receiving a gift basket from Parents Centre president Kyleigh Thomas. helping hand,” Kyleigh says. Hibiscus Coast Family Services almost closed, but was pulled out of support, social work and budgeting recently changed its name from Parent the mire by Government’s emergency advice services are here to stay. Aid, which manager Karyn Hodge Community Responses Fund. It relies “There has been a huge increase in says reflects the holistic and non- on the Ministry of Social Development demand as the Coast grows, and the for around 40 percent of its funding, economy falters. We see people coping discriminatory values of the service. “Families come in all forms, and we but must raise the rest from agencies with a lot of stress, often without wanted our name to reflect that,” such as the Lotteries Commission, ASB extended family to help out. With Trust and Rodney District Council. ourselves and Parents Centre, there’s a Karyn says. She says last year the service, which Karyn says although funding is always lot of support available.” has been based in Whangaparaoa an issue, the service is now working Info: Parents Centre, ph 427 6114; since 1997, struggled for funding, and harder and smarter, ensuring its in-home Family Services, ph 424 4014.

 BRIEFS Dementia facility opens

A 37-room dementia and Alzheimers unit opened last month is the first specialist care centre of its type in Orewa. The opening of the unit, on September 20, marks the completion of the care centre at Ryman Healthcare Group’s Evelyn Page Retirement Village, which also includes rest home and hospital care rooms. Opening the facility, Age Concern chief executive Catherine Smith said the care centre provides a high quality aged-care option in Orewa, in a positive and vibrant environment. Village manager Judy Brady said that the village is delighted to be offering the elderly of Orewa and the Hibiscus Coast a first-class dementia care facility, staffed by a highly regarded and enthusiastic nursing team.

Heroic help for hospice

Festival organisers are out looking for gay gardens with an edge to feature in next year’s Heroic Gardens Festival. The popular Auckland-wide garden show will be held on March 5 and 6 and proceeds will benefit all Auckland hospices. Next year’s event will mark the 15th anniversary of the festival. Last year more than 17,000 people visited festival gardens and $51,500 was raised for hospice. Organisers are seeking innovative gardens. Info: email

Free, confidential services to support families with young children. Can Hibiscus Coast Family Services help you or someone you know?

Hibiscus Coast Parents Centre

If so please contact us to discuss Temporary in home practical support for parents/caregivers pre-birth to five years. Social work support to parents/caregivers, pre-birth up to and including primary school age children offering support, resources, information, advocacy, parenting and personal growth strategies and programmes. Budgeting advice - for parents/caregivers pre-birth up to and including primary school age children.

provides education on birth and parenting and also supports parents in their role.

We offer courses in: • Antenatal (for pregnant couples) • Baby & You (for parents of babies aged 0-3 months) • Moving & Munching (for parents of babies aged 4-6 months) • Tinies to Tots (for parents of babies aged 10-18 months) • Parenting with a Purpose (for parents of preschoolers)

Parent/caregiver ‘drop in’ support group for families with children under five -

Home Support - 09 424-4014 Social Work/Budgeting Services - 09 424-4584

Every Wednesday 9.30-11.30 a.m. at 575 Whangaparaoa Road. Children welcome

Feel free to visit our national website or for more information on joining our centre or attending courses please phone us locally on 09 427 6114 or email

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 15

Historic house comes alive Get in line for new skate event As part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, which this year has the theme ‘History through a House’, Couldrey House at Wenderholm Regional Park came to life last month. On September 18 the doors of the historic homestead were thrown open and layers of history were revealed with displays that showed changes in the ‘lifestyles’ of the six successive families who lived there from 1857 to 1973. Costumed guides demonstrated bygone times and a ‘Time Trail’ sheet was provided for children to enhance their visit. The displays were organised by the Friends of Couldrey House, and as a bonus the Auckland Regional Council sponsored a complimentary rangerguided walk through the garden and From left, volunteer guides Carolyn Reid, Heather Dobson, Chris Hagon park. and Shirley Martin. The Couldrey House Heritage Festival showcase will continue on October 1–4pm for the second week of the 1–3, each afternoon from 1pm–4pm. school holidays (until October 10) and Couldrey House will then be opened thereafter from 1–4pm each weekend. by volunteers each weekday from Info:

A roller disco for all ages is the latest initiative passionate skater Brigitte Legendre is trialling on the Coast. The Skate and Sing Disco on October 9, which Brigitte is organising with Olivia Schiltknecht, combines music (including Kareoke), races, games and raffles, as well as a roller hockey demonstration. There will be a disco for beginners, and one for more experienced skaters. Olivia says she got involved because she loves to skate, and has dreamed of having a skate club. She says the event, at Whangaparoa Primary School hall, is handy for local parents and affordable. There will be a separate area for toddlers. Brigitte also runs regular skating lessons at Whangaparaoa Primary and the Youth Centre in Orewa and says it was the enthusiasm of the youngsters that encouraged her to organise a disco.

Brigitte Legendre (left) and Olivia Schiltknecht have combined forces to ‘wheel’ out some roller disco fun for the school holidays.

“It’s a cool activity, that more people should get into,” Brigitte says. The event starts at 3pm and goes until 9pm and costs $5. There will be a limited number of inline skates for hire. These can be pre-booked. Info: ph Brigitte 424 1380 or visit www.

The Art of Moving Meditation for Physical & Mental Well-Being MANGAWHAI: Tues & Thurs 12.30-1.30pm, Senior Citizens Hall WARkWoRTH: Tues 2.30-3.30pm, Warkworth Town Hall SNELLS BEACH: Tues & Thurs 4-5pm, Mahurangi Community Centre. oREWA: Mon & Wed 1-2pm STANMoRE BAY: Mon & Wed 2.30-3.30pm WHANGAPARAoA: Mon 4-5.30pm & Wed 3.30-5pm

Volunteer guide Carolyn Reid churns butter in the Edmonds Kitchen.



Phone Andrew Young at Jade River Tai Chi for more information 09 422 3424 or 027 327 6604 Email: - Some classes are ACC funded


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Rodney’s industrial land needs identified Areas in Rodney that Rodney District Council deems appropriate for future industrial use have been brought together in a document released by Council last month. Unlike Council’s recently adopted approximately 234ha of industrial Walker expressed concern regarding Rural Strategy, the Rodney Industrial land over the next 20 years, 200ha industrial development in Silverdale Land Strategy has not been through a of which is expected to be required West, saying this could lead to “wall process of public consultation and is, on the Hibiscus Coast. Currently to wall industry at the gateway to according to assistant chief executive there is around 68ha of vacant land in Orewa”. Warren Maclennan, to provide industrial zoned areas. “The Weiti Estuary is already silted pointers and a factual resource for The Industrial Land Strategy identifies and polluted and this is a shameful Auckland Council. a further 386ha, of as yet unzoned legacy of Council,” Cr Walker said. The document pulls together land planned for industrial use, mainly “Before there is any further expansion, information from existing structure centred in Silverdale, Warkworth and we need to clean up our act.” plans for Rodney’s main settlements, Kumeu-Huapai. Mr Maclennan says the next stage for as well as economic reports and Most of this land is already identified the Industrial Land Strategy would projections, giving an overview of the as industrial in structure plans adopted normally be to seek public feedback, district’s industrial land needs and the by Council, with the exception of but instead the document will go infrastructure that will be required to the land in the draft Silverdale West forward to Auckland Council to support it. Structure Plan (yet to be adopted). inform future strategies. Council’s projections indicate that When the Industrial Land Strategy “Auckland Council may well consult there will be demand in Rodney for was presented to Council, Cr Wayne on it further,” Mr Maclennan says.

To market, to market

Retailers in Whangaparaoa Town Centre are in the process of organising a weekend art and craft market along the lines of the Hobbs Wharf market. It is hoped this can be held outside Whangaparaoa Plaza (between Farmers and the carpark). One of the organisers, Pet Planet owner Robin Sabin, says details are still being worked out, but the first stage – obtaining a permit from Rodney District Council – is already underway. “This is the perfect area for a small market, with plenty of parking and room for a band to play down one end,” Robin says. “We are looking for stallholders with handmade items to sell.” The plan is to hold the market on Sundays, from 10am to 2pm. There are spaces for around 20 stalls. Robin says the market may be held fortnightly to begin with. Info: ph 424 4353.

Ascension vineyard explores new directions for a new decade One of the pioneers of Matakana’s growing wine tourism industry Ascension Wine Estate isn’t about to rest on its laurels. It has been a decade this month since Darryl Soljan and wife Bridget first welcomed guests to Ascension. From those early days of platters and counter service, Ascension has grown to offer a full a la carte menu, with many national food and hospitality awards to its credit.

In the next five years, Darryl says Ascension will develop as a celebration centre, with more events. He has also formed an alliance with Kay Baxter’s Koanga Institute who will assist with the establishment of an edible food and tree trail, raising heirloom seedlings. “Our customers are interested in where their food comes from so this is a way of expanding that knowledge,” he says. “The food grown in our own gardens will be served at our tables.”

Darryl says his tendency to “get bored easily” has been partly responsible for Ascension’s stable performance through the recession. “Over the years, we’ve tried to be innovative, to keep the customers interested. Because there aren’t 12 layers of bureaucracy, what’s decided at a meeting today can be underway tomorrow. It’s given us the ability to change quickly to respond to what’s happening.”

Life’s hard lessons Life dishes out some harsh lessons but there is no need to learn everything the hard way. The response to the disaster in Christchurch shows the benefit of preparation and planning. Your legal affairs should also be in order to deal with a disaster. Locally the failure to provide alternative access for the Peninsula is a disaster in waiting.

Dennis Gates – Lawyer & Notary Public, 747 Whangaparaoa Rd, Phone 424 7475



Make your Christmas Table Centres & Placemats for Christmas Stockings & Gifts

For all your• needlework requirements • • •

Necklaces Bags Quilts Cushions Agents for Singer Sewing Machines and Repairs

Don’t be caught short ot time!

Visit us at Argyle Lane, Warkworth (next to Hospice) • Phone Alison 425 9135 • Email:

Establishing the business meant long days for Darryl and Bridget, who would often work until the early hours of the morning labelling their wine by hand. Today Ascension employs the equivalent of 27 full time staff. Darryl estimates the business has injected more than $10 million in wages into the local economy, a statistic he is enormously proud of.

Magic Moments

Fabric Painting We have a full range of Fabric Paints, Fabric Designs, Cushion Cover, Frame Kite and so much more.... We cater for Kids birthday partys Mum and kids classes Ladies nights Bookings essential By appointment only. For more information Phone 09 427 4090 or 021 0266 4825 Find us on Trade me, or email

28 Hammond Avenue, Hatfields Beach, Orewa.

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 17



Red Door Studios Art & Design

Silverdale artist Brian Moore with his bronze tuatara, which is proving to be a collector’s item.

Tuatara bronze brings trees to Tiritiri Matangi Bronze sculptures of tuatara made by Silverdale artist Brian Moore have found themselves in good company over the years. Last month, one of the life-sized tuatara was presented to the Wellington Police by the builder of the maritime unit’s new launch, in appreciation of the $3.5 million contract. Other notable recipients include HRH Prince Philip, Mercedes Benz headquarters in Germany and a number of exclusive lodges around the country. Brian made the first of a limited edition of 250 tuatara bronzes in 1985. The first one was presented to HRH Prince Philip in his capacity as Patron of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The WWF used the bronze tuatara project as a fundraiser, raising around $40,000 from sales which the government matched two for one, creating a $120,000 pool that was used for the tree planting on Tiritiri Matangi Island. More than 150 bronze tuataras have been sold to date and Brian says there has recently been a resurgence of interest. Each one is cast to order and takes around six weeks to put through the various stages at the foundry. Info:

The red paint job on the door of a new art studio in central Orewa is a bold statement about the creativity that lies within. Red Door Studios, which officially opens on October 2, is a place where a group of local artists work, meet the public and sell artworks direct. Painter Terry Jones had been working on his abstract images from a studio upstairs at 304 Hibiscus Coast Highway for a year, and when the adjoining spaces became vacant he told fellow artists Sue Law, Pauline Stockhausen and Gina Upton. Together the group has created an artistic hub, with individual studios as well as shared space where work can be displayed. The sunny spaces, with a glimpse of Orewa Beach opposite, are ideal for the various creative projects that the artists are involved in. Gina sells retro vintage homewares and craft supplies and incorporates vintage fabrics into items that she makes, such as aprons and cushions. She also assists people to make their own ‘collage for the soul’. Just down the hall, Pauline Stockhausen uses her space as a base for her photography and naïve style painting. She also teaches art and works part-

From left Pauline Stockhausen, Gina Upton, Terry Jones and Sue Law.

time as an advertising salesperson for Hibiscus Matters. Sue Law’s passion for art combines teaching with creating portraits, murals, book covers and pieces for exhibitions. She says Red Door Studios provides an opportunity for the artists to support each other. “We’ve all had studios at home, but it can be quite a lonely process,” Sue says. “Sharing a studio is a great way to network.” Terry says the group are sensitive to each other’s needs as artists, providing an ideal work environment. He says

Come to the Official Opening of


The Scarlet Fox

Saturday 2nd October 5-7pm

Diane’s School of Tap Dancing Call us for a free no obligation discussion • Independant • Personal • Professional

Dance Workshop 9am Zumba Workshop 10am

Phone Wayne Ross on 09 377 5777 •


7 per person – Ph 428 497

Terrence Jones 021 304 390 Susannah Law 027 259 2897 Pauline Stockhausen 027 224 4180 Gina Upton (Scarlet Fox) 021 054 6219

Opening Hours Tuesday - Saturday 9-3 or by appointment First floor, 304 HBC Highway, Orewa

NEWTON ROSS have a successful track record building investment strategies for:

2010 Annual Production Special Guests – Chaz Cummings, Senior Movement & The Stepping Out Team Saturday October 30, 1pm & 7:30pm Centrestage Theatre, Orewa, Ph 426 7282 $15 ticket or 4 for $50

Dance with Chaz Sunday October 31

the ‘open door’ policy of the studio, enables the public to come and learn more about the artists and their work before deciding on a purchase. “It gives art more meaning if you know where and who it came from,” Terry says. The studio is already attracting interest from artists in the know and passers by. Pauline and Gina say people drop by all the time, and find plenty to look at and explore. Work made by guest artists will also appear from time to time, keeping the creative juices flowing in and out of the Red Door.

• Retirees • Trustees • Migrants • Professionals • Business Sellers

18 | Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010

A HUGE 6-hour family-friendly event among the vines. We’re celebrating our 10th birthday, so the first 1000 tickets are half price at $19.90 and kids are free*! • Gates open 3.30pm • 4pm – 8pm Live music by The Mighty Groove Diggers, James RAY, The Late Show and Lou Lou. • 8pm – The all-time classic movie ‘Casablanca’ on the Outdoor Big Screen • 10pm – Spectacular fireworks display Bring a picnic and a blanket – but NO ALCOHOL, GLASS or four-legged family members! Any non-alcoholic beverages must be in originally sealed containers. Tickets are limited and just $19.90pp for the first 1000 (and after that $39.80). *Kids 14 and under FREE. Tickets - Internet / phone from or 0800 111 999 (booking fees apply). Or purchase over the counter from Ascension Wine Estate 480 Matakana Road, Matakana (No booking fees. Sorry, no phone sales). All tickets are general admission. We encourage blankets and low chairs. Those with normal height chairs will be directed to the sides and rear of the venue. A full bar with EFTPOS will operate and wood-fired pizzas will be for sale. PARKING – on-site parking is only available for disabled guests. Please park at either the Warkworth Golf Club or outside Mahurangi College. FREE shuttle buses will operate from 3.30pm until the event has finished. This is an outdoor event. We play "rain or shine". However, the promoter may decide in its sole discretion to postpone the event to the following Sunday 31st October and the same tickets will apply (NO refunds). Go to for further information.

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 19

Swing by for jazz fundraiser A concert that showcases some of the best jazz musicians on the Coast takes place this month to raise funds for Hibiscus Hospice. This is the fifth concert that Orewa Lions have organised in memory of the late Crawley, a Lion who instigated a series of jazz concerts at Centrestage in the late 1990s. The musicians for the show are selected by jazz pianist Mike Walker of Red Beach. This year he has assembled a stellar line up, including German exchange student Elena Wilkens. Orewa College’s jazz band with piano Elena is spending two terms at Orewa soloist Elena Wilkens (front row, left). College where Mike teaches music and Walker Trio, saxophonist Stephen approached him for piano lessons. Morton-Jones and the Sisters of Mike says she blew him away with Swing. a beautiful rendition of Gershwin’s The show is always a sell out and Rhapsody in Blue and he immediately last year raised $5000 for Hospice. asked her to play at the fundraising It is on October 14 at Centrestage show. Theatre, Orewa. Tickets are $25 from The concert also includes Ray Woolf, Whangaparaoa and Orewa Hospice Orewa College’s Jazz to Go, the Mike Shops or Lions Clubs.

Big night at Ascension vineyard Ascension Wine Estate in Matakana is hosting a Labour Weekend birthday party on October 24, and everyone is invited. The Big Night Out opens at 3.30pm with live music from 4pm. Cinema classic Casablanca will show on the massive outdoor screen from 8pm and there will be fireworks from 10pm. The party is celebrating Ascension’s first 10 years. Owner Darryl Soljan says the musical line-up includes Auckland blues and

rock band The Groove Diggers, altcountry rock artist and former New Zealand Music Award finalist James RAy, talented local singer songwriter Lou Lou and The Late Show. “This is our way of saying thanks to everyone who has supported us, paid us a visit, enjoyed our wine, or simply stopped in to enjoy a show,” he says. “We have heavily subsidised the event to make it as family-friendly and accessible. We can’t wait to see the place buzzing on Labour Weekend Sunday.”

Cuisine with Alison Holst

Festive muffins You don’t have to wait until Christmas to use cranberries, although these muffins from Marvellous Muffins (Hyndman Publishing) would make a festive addition to brunch with coffee on Christmas morning. They are also delicious as a dessert, with whipped cream or ice cream.

2 cups self-raising flour ½ cup brown sugar 454g can Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce ¼ cup orange juice 75g butter grated rind of 1 orange 2 eggs In a large bowl, mix together thoroughly the flour and brown sugar. In a small saucepan or in a microwave, warm the cranberries and orange juice until the syrup has thinned enough to strain. Sieve, without mashing the fruit, but bang sieve on the side of the bowl to extract all of the juice. In another container, melt the butter, add strained juice, grated orange rind and eggs, beat well. Pour over flour and sugar mixture. Fold together, taking great care not to over-mix. Spray 12 medium muffin pans with non-stick spray. Half fill each cup with the muffin mixture and make a depression in this with the back of a dampened teaspoon. Spoon whole, drained cranberries into this depression, then top with remaining batter. Bake at 200°C for 12–15 minutes until muffins spring back when pressed. Hibiscus Matters has a copy of Alison Holst’s More Marvellous Muffins (Hyndman Publishing) to give away. To be in to win, write your name, address and daytime phone number on the back of an envelope and post to More Marvellous Muffins, Hibiscus Matters, Whangaparaoa Hall, 717 Whangaparaoa Rd, Whangaparaoa. Entries close October 22. CONGRATULATIONS to Andrea Schreuder of Silverdale, winner of a copy of Food to Go.

Auditions! Auditions! Auditions! By appointment only Sunday 10th October from 10.30am Tuesday 12th October from 7.30pm Wednesday 13th October recalls only

Rodney Community Arts Council Inc

The 10th Rodney Art Awards

“Thank you”

Judges: Julie Collis, Peter Collis, James Wright, Dugald Page Sponsors: Rodney District Council, Creative NZ, Local Matters, Rodney Times, Northwest News, HB Link, RDC Arts Advisor, Estuary Art Centre, Neil Fuge, Times FM Radio, All participating Artists, All the amazing helpers, Raffle – Julie Connolly “Peoples Choice” Artist – Michelle Gladwell/Audrey Perry. Award Winners: Supreme Award – Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova, Most Promising Artist – Samantha Lane, Oil – Alan Croggan, Watercolour – Elvira Baranova, Mixed Media – Sue Hill, Acrylic – Tricia Crombie, Dry Colour - Samantha Lane, Ceramics – Fiona Lander, Sculpture – John Ferguson, Fibre – Jennifer Eade, Porcelain Painting – Dawn O’Leary, Jewellery – Jeanette Switzer, Glass – Te Ronga Kirkwood, Photography – Darryl Torckler 214B Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa. Phone 426 5570

Award winning team!

Rhonda Daverne – Director Andrew Christie – Musical Director

Centrestage Theatre – March 2011 For audition pack For audition time

Phone 09 426 7282

20 | Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010

Coastguard Your LOCAL community newspapers READ OUR LATEST ISSUES ONLINE New Naiad on its way

Orewa Community Church

• Hibiscus Matters • Mahurangi Matters • Northern Matters

Discovering God Sharing Christ’s Love Family Services at 10am Sunday 3 October Pauls' Work & Example Sunday 10 October Freedom & Victory ~ All Welcome ~

All newspaper adverts are now automatically linked to email and website addresses To find out more phone 09 428 4025 or contact our ad reps -

Beth 022 029 1895 Pauline 022 029 1894

Entrance from Amorino Drive, Red Beach. Phone 426 7023

INFLATABLE BOAT REPAIRS • Cleaning • Re-tubing • Custom-made new boats • Annual servicing • Repairs/Restoration • Free pick up and delivery on the North Shore • All workmanship guaranteed • Trade-ins welcome LOW & HIGH TIDE TABLE (times & heights) AUCKLAND ~ OCTOBER 2010 MONDAY


03:23 09:43 15:38 22:03

0.6 3.0 0.7 3.0


03:12 09:19 15:47 21:55

2.8 0.7 3.0 0.7


03:16 09:43 15:39 22:03

0.2 3.5 0.3 3.3


03:21 09:33 15:56 22:01

2.6 1.0 2.8 0.9


02:17 08:41 14:36 20:58

0.5 3.1 0.7 3.0



04:01 10:21 16:18 22:43

0.6 3.0 0.8 2.9


04:19 10:24 16:47 22:55

2.9 0.6 3.1 0.6


04:04 10:31 16:29 22:52

0.3 3.4 0.5 3.2


04:20 10:30 16:47 22:52

2.6 1.0 2.8 0.9


02:56 09:19 15:16 21:39

0.5 3.1 0.7 3.0











04:40 11:02 17:02 23:26 05:21 11:23 17:45 23:52


0.6 05:23 0.7 00:13 2.8 3.0 11:47 2.9 06:12 0.7 0.8 17:51 0.9 12:39 2.9 2.9 18:46 0.9

3.1 06:19 3.3 00:46 0.3 0.5 12:18 0.3 07:14 3.4 3.3 18:39 3.4 13:10 0.2 0.4 19:32 3.4







04:51 11:21 17:20 23:42 05:13 11:19 17:34 23:38

0.4 05:40 0.6 00:32 2.9 3.2 12:12 3.1 06:31 0.8 0.6 18:14 0.8 13:07 2.9 3.0 19:11 0.9 2.7 06:02 2.8 00:20 0.7 0.9 12:02 0.9 06:45 2.9 2.8 18:18 2.9 12:41 0.8 0.8 18:59 2.9


03:36 10:00 15:59 22:23

with Nikki Latham, Coastguard Hibiscus

0.5 3.1 0.7 3.0


04:18 10:43 16:45 23:09

0.5 3.1 0.7 2.9


05:04 11:31 17:36 23:58

01:07 07:08 13:39 19:48

2.8 0.8 2.9 0.9


01:38 08:05 14:00 20:23

0.2 3.5 0.2 3.5


01:26 07:28 14:04 20:09

2.7 0.9 2.8 0.9


01:00 07:25 13:19 19:38

0.7 3.0 0.8 3.0


0.6 05:53 0.6 3.0 12:23 3.0 0.8 18:31 0.8 2.9

Phone Dan 0800 inflate (463 528) or 021 886 642 Laurie Southwick PdeGulf Harbour Marina



02:07 08:12 14:43 20:52

2.8 0.8 2.9 0.8


02:28 08:54 14:49 21:13

0.1 3.5 0.2 3.4


02:22 08:30 15:01 21:07

2.6 1.0 2.8 1.0


01:39 08:03 13:57 20:18

0.6 3.0 0.7 3.0


00:52 06:49 13:21 19:30

2.9 0.7 3.0 0.8

The Coastguard Hibiscus column is back in action from this issue for the summer boating season. Over winter the unit elected a new president, Keith Roberts, who has been getting to grips with the politics involved in his busy role at the top, aided by outgoing president Hugh Lemmon. Hugh will play a support role as the unit’s immediate past president, a less taxing but nevertheless important role, ensuring lessons of the past are not forgotten in the change of personnel. Exciting news for Coastguard Hibiscus crew has been the recent confirmation that most of the funds for the next Hibiscus Rescue One, a 9.5m Naiad, have been successfully secured. The confirmation came from the Hibiscus Sea Rescue Trust, working closely with Coastguard Northern Region and Coastguard NZ, and enable a contract to be signed for the build to commence. The custom-built Naiad is of a well-proven design, and is suitable for frontline, fast response. It is capable of maintaining speed in the harsh, choppy seas encountered in the Hauraki Gulf and will replace our existing ex-Team NZ Protector. Crew safety is paramount and comfort important with the long hours that we spend at sea, and this will be reflected in the layout and design of the open hardtop cabin and crew stations. Bolster style seating, allowing standing or sitting, depending upon sea conditions, will significantly reduce crew fatigue. State-of-the-art electronic navigation and communication equipment will be installed with propulsion 2 x 250HP outboard motors, estimated top speed 45 knots, cruising speed around 30 knots. The budget is $430,000 with construction expected to commence later this year, enabling sea trials and crew training to be completed and commissioning into Coastguard Service by mid 2011. The vessel will be based at Gulf Harbour. The unit will be attending the Hibiscus Coast Boating Club Open Day 12– 4pm on Sunday, October 3 with our Sealegs and marquee, offering safe boating information, selling Coastguard memberships and signing up Coastguard crew. Highlights of the day include a fishing competition and weigh-in, display area with boats, electronics, fishing gear, food, kids play area etc. and a Boating Club raffle including a free Coastguard membership spot prize.

Surf lifesavers honoured Members of Red Beach and Orewa Surf Lifesaving Clubs took home awards from the annual Surf Lifesaving Awards of Excellence, held on September 19 in Auckland. National honours were awarded to past and present volunteers and more than 50 of the country’s elite surf lifeguards members were officially recognised for their hard work and dedication at the ceremony. The title of DHL Official of the Year went to Wayne Franich of Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club. Wayne also received a Life member award, as did Chris Gurr of Red Beach Surf Lifesaving (pictured). Chris, together with club mate Vaughan Skiffington, also received a service award. This summer marks Surf Lifesaving NZ’s centenary, which will be celebrated with events nationwide. on New Zealand’s beaches. Over the past 100 years lifeguards The surf patrol season commences on have saved more than 50,000 lives October 23.

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 21

World Cup targets identified Preparations for the Rugby World Cup so far include investigating the possibility of establishing temporary campervan sites in Rodney (an idea which was abandoned), planning district-wide “legacy gardens” and identifying high profile open spaces that could be used for themed gardens. A regional community engagement programme has also been agreed upon and will include schools programmes, Rippa Rugby and Adopt a Second Team. Sites have been identified as suitable for hanging street pole banners and banners have been ordered. These initiatives are among those contained in a Rugby World Cup progress report presented to Rodney District Council last month at the request of councillors. The plans include four “legacy projects”

identified for funding – Business Box (already underway), parks and reserves, transport and environmental sustainability. Key transport areas identified include a moratorium on road works, traffic management and temporary parking and sustainable transport for events. To date nearly $102,000 has been spent on Rugby World Cup items, $80,400 of which is a contribution to region-wide activities, coordinated by Auckland City Council.

Council gets behind community projects

More than 120 Rodney District Council staff spent a day voluntarily helping out with community projects last month. Council’s Big Day Out, on September 21 was described by a Council spokesperson as something of parting gift to the community. Almost 20 projects were completed, ranging from painting and tree planting to mentoring of students.

• FREE CLASSIFIEDS • FREE CLASSIFIEDS Classifieds are FREE, but the following conditions apply: Public Notices are free and, in fairness to the many other organisations, placed three times. This offer is for not-for-profit groups/individuals. Not trades/services/businesses, or rental/for sale properties. 35 words free thereafter fees apply. No proofs will be supplied. Email: (no attachments will be opened), Post: 717 Whangaparaoa Rd, Fax: 428 4024. Ph: Lorry 428 4025

Classifiedadvertising PUBLIC NOTICES


Are you pregnant or breast feeding? Then why not come along to La Leche League to meet other mothers? We welcome all pregnant women, mothers and support people to attend our mother-to-mother support group. Ph Julie 428 0065, or Lisa 428 5266. AVONDALE COLLEGE REUNION 2224 October. All events to be held at the school. Contact Avis 09 828 5560 or 027 458 2211 or ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meet Fri 7.30pm, Orewa Community Centre (behind Estuary Arts Centre) Ph John 027 646 2995. Boating and fishing. Wednesday Club nights, monthly fishing contests, regular social events. Join us for a meal or social drink. Hibiscus Coast Boating Club, Stanmore Bay. www. New members welcome. Ph Tony 424 0952. Bowls Orewa. Business house bowls, fortnightly. Starts Oct 5. Teams of 2 or 3. Ph Sylvia 426 3198. Car Boot Sale first Sunday of each month, 7am–12 noon, $10 per car and $5 for a trestle hire. A Centrestage Theatre fundraiser to help with the renovation, we look forward to everyone coming. Ph Rosalie 0274 198 135 or 09 427 0405. Gambling HelplinE – professional counsellors available 24 hrs to help those suffering from gambling problems or affected by another’s gambling. Immediate free, confidential support ph 0800 654 655 anytime. COATESVILLE GARDEN RAMBLE Sun Nov 7, 10am–4pm. Entry to FIVE superior private gardens $40. Proceeds supporting the Life Education Trust and North Shore Hospital Trust. Ph Albany Rotary Club 426 7657. Christmas Choir Don't just sing in the shower, come sing in a choir! Sun 5-6.30pm commencing Oct 17, Orewa Community Church, entrance Amorino Dr. Ph Graeme Gillies 428 7424. Group cycling for everyone promoting healthy cycling, increase visibility and build friendships. Two groups (10km & 25km). Sat 9-10am (Rain or Shine). If needed, helmet and safety vest will be provided. Meet at Bikeme (Cnr. Hibiscus Coast Hwy and Moenui Rd, Orewa Ph 421 1200 Hibiscus Coast Athletics Club commences Wed Oct 13, Whangaparaoa College. Registrations: HBC Golden Years Society INC Fishing Group (aged 50+). The annual meeting of the fishing group will be held Mon Oct 4, 10.30, Stanmore Bay Boating Club. All members and intending members welcome. Enquiries or 421 0804 after 2.30pm or bjchamberlin@xtra. or 428 1103.

Hibiscus Coast Parent Centre needs volunteers. All ages, work & life skills considered. Various roles available. Further enquiries Ph Kyleigh 426 6770/021 552 955. H.U.M.S – group of local singles aged between early 40s to late 50s who meet for varied activities eg: quiz nights, ten pin bowling, dinner etc. Ph Cher 426 0884 / 021 276 9996. Meditation Group - Session times Tues 9.30-10.30am and 7-8pm, 3 Empire Rd Orewa. Ph Jan 0274 741 932. Monday Nighta 6pm Orewa Surf Club reserve. Open to all ages and abilities runners and walkers. www. Contact Laraine 021 073 0989. Orewa LIONS 1st Wed of each month, business meeting. 3rd Wed, dinner meeting, Orewa Surf Club 6.30pm. All welcome. Ph Harry Wills 426 6629. Original art exhibition and sale by accomplished popular local artist Neville Bradley, 41 Lawrence St Manly. Sat/Sun Oct 23/24 10am–4.30pm PHOTOS TO DVD For any occasion. Your precious photos. Your choice of music. Custom-made for you. Ph Tanya 428 3373/027 757 4053, Probus Whangaparoa Ladies meet every second Tuesday of the month. Come along,interesting guest speakers and regular trips, for more information Ph Trish 426 4480. Puhoi Annual Concert 2010 Puhoi Centennial Hall. Sat Oct 16 6.45pm. Tickets $18. Email Mike Swain Ph Quintin Lush 09 422 0635. Doors open 6.45pm. Concert featuring Classical to Jazz and all things in between starts 7.30pm. Sands supports parents and families after the loss of a baby. Meetings: Sat Oct 9, 10am, Wed Nov 10 (children welcome) 10.30am, Sat Dec 11, 10am. Orewa Community house. Baby Loss Awareness Week (Oct 9–15) balloon release on Sat Oct 15, 2.30pm, Wenderholm Regional park. Ph Tania Pulman 09 423 8089/ Stall Holders required for Stanmore Bay School Gala, Limited space available. Sun Nov 28. 10am–2pm. Enquires or Lisa 021 111 3055. VAL’S BUS – NORTH ISLAND COASTAL TOUR 8 days, depart Auckland, down West coast to Wellington, return up East coast. Oct 12–19. $1,150 (bus/breakfast/ dinner/accommodation). Ph 0274 728 392 / 426 4105 WOMENS OUTDOOR PURSUITS Weekend courses Nov 12-14. Wednesday course 20 Oct to 17 Nov. See www.wops. or ph 478 7194. Join us to explore the fantastic outdoors with a friendly group of women!

22 | Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010

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Art Holiday Programme at EAC Orewa for 5-13yrs, Oct 5,6,7, 102pm,$25 per child per session. Book for 1 or more sessions in drawing, sculpture or painting. Ph Sue 027 259 2897.


Art Lessons NZ and Imported DVDs in different media. Monmo Gallery Ph 09 421 1888.

Guitar Lessons 1-0-1

All styles/All ages Reg Keyworth 09 424 8959 Its time to really rock.

Repairs & servicing of all major brands of:

• Laundry & kitchen appliances • Water heaters • Refrigeration • Power tools • Security lights • Small appliances • Lights & sockets replaced and more! All work guaranteed. 15 yrs exp. P.A.T testing service available.

Ph Nick 09 428 5068 Mobile 021 171 5920 EWRB Registered Technician. Em:

Part-time for 6 weeks. Evening and day courses to suit you This course opens the doors for work in the beauty industry or creating a home based business. Enrol Now for 2010 Certificate on completion ~ Spray tans $20 ~

Phone: Catherine 428 4584 027 231 0004

MONTHLY ART CLASSES Oil Painting. Beginners–experienced. No artistic ability required. Come and learn to paint in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere Ph Nolan 428 4196 or

Hibiscus Handyman Services Experienced reliable mature owner operator. General home repairs. Tree cutting and hedges (and removal). Gutter cleaning. Water blasting/ window cleaning. Painting. Free quote Ph Geoff 428 0657, 021 176 9233, LAWNMOWING Friendly & reliable service. 24 yrs exp. Ph 426 4317 or 0274 113 133. Lawnmowing (large & small), Gardens, Hedges, Gutters, Rubbish. Fully Insured and Guaranteed. Jims Mowing 426 0465. PAINTING, Quality work at discount price. Honest & reliable, excel references. Free quotes. Ph Mark 021 156 6177. PEST CONTROL, Flies, spiders, cockroaches, ants, rodents, wasps. Competitive prices & quality service. 25 years exp. Ph 426 2253.

Roof cleaning & Painting Roof Therapy • Cleaning • painting • Moss & mold removal Ph Gary 0800 122 221

Whangaparaoa Recording Studio


HOME & MAINTENANCE all electrical works, Call Richard for immediate service. Ph 428 2257 or 021 999 8947. ALL ELECTRICAL WORK 0800HINES1 (0800446371). Family business. 25yrs experience. Prompt efficient service All lawns professionally mowed Large or small. Ride on. Ph Duncan 427 4294, mobile 021 366 137. AND NOW .... PRIME ON FREEVIEW Now 13 channels, decoders with recorder $175, new 12 month warranty, dish and decoder package installed from $430. Call Jim the Maintenance Man 422 3725 or 021 254 2048. GARDEN CARE – All work done. including lawns. Ph Ian 09 420 5107.

Rubbish REMOVAL Discover how easy it is to dispose of stuff for the tip. Moving house? Clean up? Friendly affordable service. Free quotes. Ph 426 5219.

0800 122 221 - CLEANING • Houses • Windows • Gutters Local operator - Phone Gary

Waterblasting & Chemical House Washing. Local owner operator. Careful service, reasonable rates. Ph 426 2253. WILLOUGHBY 2010 upholstery, Carpet & window cleaning, Est 35 years. Ph 426 4317 or 0274 113 133. Window Cleaning 30 years exp, local owner operator, reasonable rates. Ph David 426 2253.

HOUSESITTING I AM a Caring professional older lady with a much loved house trained cat wanting to housesit or rent or rent for months of Jan/Feb/Mar 2011. Please ph 426 8401 evenings.



Adept Computer Services, Est 1993, covering Hibiscus Coast, for all PC repairs, including Internet, Antivirus & networking at reasonable rates, please phone 421 1039 or Mob 021 114 5517. ADEPT ELECTRICAL & SECURITY SERVICE friendly/reliable service at reasonable rates. Commercial and residential. New quality alarms. CCTV. Security Licensed Installer (COA). All electrical work including in/outdoor lighting, data/home audio cabling, TV and phone outlets. Ph Alan 021 242 3378 or 424 5039. Global business opportunity Personal development media. www.

BICYCLE SALES & SERVICES BikeMe, New Orewa Bicycle Shop. $40 to Adjust front & rear gears & brakes. Check all parts & more. Ph 421 1200. CLINICAL MASSAGE – Professional, experienced, affordable. Deep Tissue, Sports, Mums-2-B. Ph Luci 09 421 0196. hit summer running!! mens/ women beach bootcamp. Register now for your free trial class Sat Oct 2, 8am call/txt 021 554 410 for more details. Get fit outdoors & have fun.


Incredible help available at SeniorNet Phone 426 1509. 9–3pm Mon–Fri

PICTURE FRAMING FRAMELESS FRAMES Plexiglas, safe & attractive, available in clear, colours any size or shape, plus glazing. Orewa Picture Framing, Shop “E”, Cammish Ln, Tamariki Plaza, Orewa. Ph 427 8124. HIBISCUS PICTURE FRAMING Rugby jerseys, medals, photo's, original art, prints, kids’ art, signed memorabilia etc. Readymades & mirrors. Ph 426 6916 (closed Mon) OREWA PICTURE FRAMING 35yrs exp, Professional Framers GCF, You Name It! We Frame It”. All at your One-Stop Picture Framing and Accessory Shop. Shop “E”, Cammish Lane, Tamariki Plaza, Orewa. Ph 427 8124. Picture Framing Best Prices in town for top quality, creative Picture Framing. Monmo.Gallery and Framing, Ph 09 421 1888.


Ready to make a change? Often we know the answers we are just blocked. Through experience & Spirit Guidance Brigid can assist you with moving forward. For readings, self hypnosis, Small Biz Mentoring, Brigid can assist. www. Ph 426 8361. Reiki - Hands on healing Reduce stress, improve health & inner welbeing Ph 424 2836. TAI CHI, YOGA, RELAXATION weekly classes, gorgeous new venue, professional teachers. BE Studio, 5 Link Cres. Arkles Bay Ph 428 2931. WHAT! Women Having Adventures Together! For adventuresome women! Overnight tramps Oct 9/Nov 20 Waitakeries, Tree Adventures, mountain biking and kayaking. Ph Debbie for latest itinerary 428 5181.

Beauty BJAYS NAILS Whangaparaoa Technician with 22 yrs exp. Acrylic Nails • Manicures Eyebrow & Eyelash tinting. Phone 428 3887/0274 750 999

BODALISHOUS $25 Spraytanz for that special occasion. Ph 0274 429 703.


Jo Bain's Studio/Gallery open to the Public most Sun 10–4pm. Phone Jo 424 1190 to arrange times. Artwork very affordable, and layby available! Pop in to see changing display. www.artistjobain. email

FEET AND HANDS – Pedicure, Foot spa, Foot Massage and free manicure. Mobile service $30, or two for $50. Ph Leslie 424 0676 or 027 271 6676.


HYPNOSIS for stress, anxiety, phobia, depression. Stop smoking specialist. Bill Parker NZAPH, 424 7610.


• Shed & Garage clear outs • Tools & Machinery • Cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans All things considered. Ph or txt 021 161 5139 Delivery people needed


READINGS ASTROLOGER PAM PAWINSKI is available for personal consultations regarding relationships, vocation, health and future. Ph 426 7559.

to distribute The Hibiscus Matters and other flyers and Magazines on Peninsula, Orewa and Silverdale.

Clairvoyant/ Medium Beryl Clarke genuine accurate messages from spirit. For confidential appointment Phone 428 3887

HOUSES WANTED for removal – Cash paid. Phone 021 501 366. TO BUY, RECORDS/LP’s, 45’s Ph Mike 428 1587.

Genuine Psychic/Medium Accurate & Friendly phone Kathy 424 8583

Ph Mark 427 6506 or 027 277 3088 email

Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010 | 23 WEIGHT CONTROL


A1 WEIGHT CONTROL, Personalised Weight Control Programmes. Scientifically & medically approved, 100% money back guarantee. Ph Vicki 426 2253. 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge Starting soon in Orewa. Ph 444 1809 or visit


DRESSMAKING SYLWESTER'S TAILORING and dress making, alterations, wetsuit repairs, household items. Over 40 years exp. Fast & affordable. Ph 426 7559.

HAIRDRESSING HAIRDRESSER ~ A CARING HOME SERVICE. Excellent pensioner rates. I come to you. Ph Inga 426 0985.

PHOTOGRAPHY PRESERVE YOUR MEMORIES Videos, slides & old 8mm films all onto DVD. Ph TeTotara Video (09) 422 5710.

EDITING & DVD COPYING EDITING & DVD COPYING. Old 8mm film, slides and videos copied to DVD. Phone Te Totara Video 09 422 5710.

pets & ANimals Toy dogs loving ‘sleepovers’ or holidays in our home. Ph Cheryl 424 8804. Free to a good home. Rabbit and cage. Ph Sarah 424 8334. Free classifieds not in this issue will appear in the following issue. Sorry, Free classifieds for Oct ober 13 issue is full.

Sudoku - the solution 3 9 2 1 6 7 4 8 5

4 1 8 2 3 5 9 7 6

6 7 5 9 4 8 1 3 2

8 6 3 7 2 9 5 4 1

1 5 7 4 8 6 2 9 3

2 4 9 5 1 3 7 6 8

7 8 1 6 9 2 3 5 4

9 3 4 8 5 1 6 2 7

5 2 6 3 7 4 8 1 9

Clothes • Toys • Furniture • Accessories Orewa Community Hall Saturday November 13, 9am–12pm If you haven’t got time to sell online, but have nice things that are too good for the charity shops, then join us for a fun morning selling at the As Good as New Children’s Market. Book a stall today - Only $25. Email Natasha to book your place or Ph 021 258 8044 BLACK CORD FOR JADE PENDANTS HBC Souvenir Shop, Silverdale. Ph 426 6125. P NZ JADE PENDANTS from $10. Made locally. HBC Souvenir Shop, Silverdale. Ph 426 6125. P Clothes, size 16 plus Good labels, in-store now. Take 2 Recycle boutique (next to Lotto shop) Orewa. Ph 427 6255. P 42nd Street tickets (2) Saturday evening. Oct 9. 3rd row circle, $50 each (cost $82) Ph 426 4574. Up to 50% off NZ and Imported Art Prints. Monmo Gallery Ph 09 421 1888 Agaves, Bromeliads, Canna Lillies, Day Lillies or any succulents you may have to donate to worthy cause. Ph 424 0901 or 027 297 0737. As new, dark beige quality 2 seater sofa $300. Ph 421 1774. Crock pot sunbeam excel cond, not used much. Glass lid, black stone inner and cream outer. Enjoy warm winter slow foods. Ph 426 0608 evenings $45. Large solid wood desk with 3 drawers on each side plus pull out sides to make desk bigger. For an impressive rustic classic office look. Ph 426 0608 evenings $175. METAL PENCIL SHARPNERS - Unique and Collectible. Modelled on vintage cars, sewing machine, bell telephone, steam engine, grammaphone etc - some with moving parts. 8 in total. $10 each or $60 the lot 421 1812/0272 665 010. NEW above ground large Intex Swimming Pool,(3.66m x 7.32m by 1.22 H). Runs on a salt water system, includes filter pump, volleyball set, ladder, skimmer, auto vacuum, pool cover, and maintenance kit. Still under warranty, In original packaging. Ph 426 0608 evenings. $1700. Solid blond oak antique dresser with mirror and 2 side swivel mirrors. 6 drawers. Good cond. Ph 426 0608 evenings

Silverdale Hall & Street Market every Saturday 8.00am till 1.00pm

Flowers, fruit, vege, shrubs, plants, free range eggs, baking, jams, pickles, honey, olive oil, chocolates, nuts, socks, books, clothing, paua, crystal, silver & PS jewellery, cards, antiques, pet blankets, waterfilters, knitted baby clothes, wood products, crafts & psychic readings.

SILVERDALE ST For more info call 09 426 4479

what’s on Hibiscus Coast October 2010

1 Diary Flat Live Blues Club presents Stingray, Dairy Flat Hall, Postman Rd, Dairy Flat, 8.15–11.30pm. Licensed bar. 3 Public open day and mini boat show, Hibiscus Coast Boating Club, Stanmore Bay Reserve, 10am to 5pm. Entertainment for the whole family. 9 Skate and Sing Disco, Whangaparaoa Primary School hall, Ladies Mile, Manly. Rollerblading, music and more. Info: ph 424 1380 (see story p15) 9 Sharks Shared Vision Rodney Touch Tournament, Victor Eaves Park. Orewa. All welcome as players or supporters. Entries must be received by October 7. Info: ph 09 477 2630 or email shona.miers@ (see story p12) 14 Noel Crawley Memorial Swing Jazz Concert, Centrestage Theatre, Orewa. Tickets $25pp from Whangaparaoa and Orewa Hopsice Shops or Lions Clubs Orewa or Whangaparaoa. (see story p19) 15 Dairy Flat Live presents Los Diablos Blues Band, Dairy Flat Hall, Postman Road, Dairy Flat, 8.15–11.30pm. Licensed bar. 15 Whangaparaoa Primary Christmas Shopping Night, Whangaparaoa Primary school hall, Ladies Mile, Manly, 7pm. Stall holders with locally made goods to fill those Christmas stockings. Info: ph Donna, 021 073 7093 or visit 16 Puhoi Annual Concert, Puhoi Centennial Hall, Puhoi Village, 6.45 pm. Tickets $18. Wine and cheese at 6.45pm. Concert featuring Classical to Jazz and all things in between starts at 7.30pm. Fund raising for the Puhoi Centennial Hall. Info: email or ph Quintin Lush 09 422 0635. 16 Leisure Centre Birthday Celebrations, Stanmore Bay. Start 9am. Info: Ph 424 1914. (see story p24) 20 The Funslingers, Centrestage Theatre, Centreway Rd, Orewa, 2pm and 8pm. Comedy, magic, impressions and Country music, featuring Guy Cater, Colin Parris and JamesRAy. Tickets $20, ph Centrestage, 426 7282 or Colin 428 5927. 23 & 24 Original art exhibition and sale by accomplished popular local artist Neville Bradley, 41 Lawrence Street, Manly, 10am to 4.30pm. 24 Big Night Out, Ascension Wine Estate, Matakana. Live music and other entertainment. (see story p19) 30 Kids Market – Warkworth Town Hall, 9am to 1pm. Info: Nicky, ph 09 422 2382, or email 30 Diane’s School of Tap Dancing annual production with special guests Chaz Cummings, Senior Movement and the Stepping Out team. Centrestage Theatre, Orewa, 1pm and 7.30pm. Info and tickets, ph Centrestage, 426 7282. Regular events Sunday Funday at the Leisure Centre, from 3pm. Fun for the whole family. Silverdale Markets, every Saturday 8am–1pm. Vegetables, flowers, plants, crafts and much more. Orewa Farmers’ market, Orewa Square carpark. Every Sunday, 8am to 12.30pm. Locally grown produce, home-made preserves and soaps, plants, bread, fish. Orewa Market Bazaar, Orewa Community Hall, Orewa Square. Every second Saturday, 9am–1pm. Crafts, bric-a-brac, plants, cakes. Info: Lorraine, phone 09 836 4405. Puhoi Farmers’ market, 8.30am -12.30pm, Puhoi Sports Club, last Sunday of every month. Info: Phillippa, phone 422 0009. Kaukapakapa Village Market and Car Boot Fair every third Sunday of the month. Next market Sunday June 20, 8.30am to 12.30pm. Info: Sarah ph 09 420 9175 or Kim 09 420 5776. The Monday Nighta, 6pm Orewa Surf Club reserve. Open to all ages and abilities runners and walkers. Info: or ph Laraine, 021 073 0989.

24 | Hibiscusmatters 1 October 2010

The Leisure Centre celebrates 20 years of fitness

The Leisure Centre’s operations team prepares for the Centre’s 20th birthday.

It’s 20 years since the Leisure Centre in Stanmore Bay first opened its doors and to celebrate, a day of free activities is planned for the community. The celebrations include a chance to to swim at the centre, and says it is have a go at activities such as gym’n’ees, great to see second generation families gymnastics, squash and badminton. coming through for lessons. There will be pool sessions, including Casual visitors also enjoy using The a chance to try out the new Aquarun. Leisure Centre, and last year member Dive HQ is offering free Dive Sessions and visitor numbers exceeded 250,000. and the Group Fitness and Gym staff will model the latest fitness clothing. The Council owned facility has also Past swim school teachers will race played a role in hosting community events such as Fun Walks, Wine and against present staff. The facility was officially opened Food Festivals and a Classic Car Show to on October 21, 1990. Currently raise funds for local organisations such membership stands at more than as hospice, school and sports groups. 2000. Leisure Centre spokesperson The celebrations take place on Anita Rushbrooke estimates that tens October 16, starting at 9am. Info, ph of thousands of children have learned 424 1914.

College student sets netball umpiring goal Many would think it’s a thankless task being a netball umpire, yet Whangaparaoa College student Callandra Field (pictured) disagrees. The 17-year old initially took Junior Theory classes to help her develop as a player. “The more you know about the rules, the better you play,” Callandra says. She soon became interested in umpiring for its own sake, and went on to pass her Senior Theory exam. “As an umpire, you control the game, and working hard to get it right is very rewarding.”

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Inspired by a former Whangaparoa College teacher Jan Skilton, Callandra received further coaching as an umpire at North Harbour Netball. Often she is there four times a week, and as a result of this dedication she passed her Regional Theory and Practical badge. The tests are demanding, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the rules. Practical tests include an assessment of performance while umpiring a game. Fitness is also important. Trainee umpires undergo fitness tests and Callandra says you need to be as fit as the players. Umpiring a senior grade

game can mean running around 5km in 45 minutes, while focusing on every detail of the play. Recently Callandra received her NZ Theory and last month won North Harbour Netball’s President’s Cup for best collegiate umpire. Alongside this, Callandra plays for Whangaparaoa College’s Senior A team, so often plays in the morning, umpires in the afternoon and trains in the evening. “There are a lot of good players out there, and if you love the game, you’re more likely to find a role as a top umpire than as a Silver Fern. You can

give 100 percent as a player, but you still can’t control the outcome of the game, but giving 100 percent as an umpire always provides 100 percent reward.”

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Manly Care Chemist

53B Rawhiti Road, Manly Village, Whangaparaoa Ph (09) 424 7708, Fax (09) 424 7427 Email:


your health care coach

visit Hibiscus Matters online at

Thilina your pharmac


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