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October 2010

Senior AJ Downing in the dunk tank at the school carnival.

Banned Books Week......Pg 5

Halloween Fun........Pg10 -11

Girls can kick too......Pg 12

Celebrating the freedom to read.

Halloween costume ideas and other fun stuff.

Junior Ruthie Cazier ranked third in the city for kicking on the football team.



October 2010


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Scots Theatre presents ‘The Diviners’

Cast List:

“The Diviners” is the story of a disturbed young man and his friendship with a disenchanted preacher in southern Indiana in the early 1930s. When the boy was young he almost drowned. This trauma and the loss of his mother in the same accident has left him deathly afraid of water. The preacher is determined not to do what he does best. He works as a mechanic for the boy’s father. The town doesn’t have a preacher and the women try to persuade him to preach while he tries to persuade the child to wash. When the preacher finally gets the boy in the river and is washing him, the townspeople mistake the scene for a baptism. They descend on the event and, in the confusion, the boy drowns. The play will be performed Nov. 4-6.

Buddy Layman- Spenser Johnson Jennie Mae Layman- Staci Burch Ferris Layman- Dominic Stamps C.C. Showers- Matthew Miller Norma Henshaw- Carlie Klingman Darlene Henshaw- Demarus Kelley Goldie Short- Marissa Bass Basil Bennett- Harvey Pickering Luella Bennett- Melody Gage Melvin Wilder-Cameron Koehn Dewey Maples- Elijah Reed

Character Of The Month September: Diligence Nominated by: Fine Arts Department Isaiah Nance

Alyssa Holloway



Spenser Johnson

Rosemery Cruz




October 2010



Free Speech is

Fred Phelps’




ou’ve probably seen one. Or a few of them. They have been seen throughout the U.S. from Topeka to New York City. Big or small, rain or shine, you’ve probably seen them. The bright-colored signs declaring many unprintable anti-gay, anti-American slurs.

or the deaths of U.S. soldiers in the Middle East are signs of God’s disapproval of the acceptance of homosexuality in the U.S. To express these beliefs, they began picketing the funerals of deceased U.S. soldiers in 2005. This is the main point of contention for the pending Supreme Court case.

Who are they? The Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka by Fred Phelps, is a small congregation mostly consisting of generations of Phelps family members. The Church is not officially affiliated with any mainstream Baptist organizations.

Enter Albert Snyder. Snyder is an everyday American who had the misfortune of losing his son in the war. His son was not gay. He was just a normal soldier, killed in action in 2006.

If you have heard or seen the news recently, you are sure to have heard how the Westboro Baptist Church has been taken to the Supreme Court in a case set to answer one question: how far can the First Amendment right to “freedom of speech” be taken until it is wrong? The group has exercised its freedom of speech in many ways, expressing antiSemitic views by staging all manner of rallies throughout the country at many Jewish organizations. Even Lutherans, Catholics, or other Christian denominations are singled out as being “heretical.” The WBC has even declared President Obama the “anti-Christ”. They see nothing wrong with their preaching of these messages, claiming their protests are the only way to get them across to this “doomed” country. A look into the beliefs and ideals of the church reveal that the Phelps family believes incidents such as the events of 9/11

While the Snyders were having the service for their son, members of the WBC were outside the church picketing, holding signs with such messages as “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” or “Thank God for IEDs”. Snyder did not like this and sued the group for causing undue distress to his family and violating their privacy. In 2007 a federal court in Baltimore ruled that the WBC pay almost $11 million in damages. Unfortunately, this was deemed too excessive and was reduced to $5 million. But even this fine was dropped due to the appellate court’s decision that though the protest may have been “utterly distasteful” it was still protected speech. In March 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court accepted the case, deciding to hear Mr. Snyder’s appeal and decide if the jury erred in overturning the damages. Where do you stand?

Opinion By: Will Muldrow

Many news outlets have actually sided with the Phelps in this case. Why? Not necessarily because they agree with the views of the church, mind you. These journalistic groups support the protection of the First Amendment. It is this writer’s belief that where the Phelps’ views and picketing of military funerals are certainly controversial and attention-getting acts, they should be protected under the First Amendment. If the Phelps are silenced for simply having a distasteful or unpopular view, then what is to stop others from being silenced for the same reason? Imagine living in an America where saying “I don’t like the President” gets you arrested or executed. Let’s not be like we were in the past with the abuse of the Sedition Act, or imitate other modern countries that repress free speech like North Korea or China. In this case, you don’t have to silence the Phelps family. Just move them further away from said event. About 40 states already have policies creating “buffer zones” to help keep protesters from disrupting the quiet, reflective time of grieving families. The Westboro Baptist Church may have beliefs many consider appalling or distasteful. We cannot, however, silence them, because doing so puts anyone else who has a dissenting or unpopular view in the line of fire.


October 2010


The National Honor Society

The National Honor Society inducted 30 students October 12, the largest amount of students ever to be inducted in the history of the school. The speakers at the ceremony were Supt. Dr. Kevin Singer, class of 1972, and Senator Anthony Hensley of the class of 1971. The inductees include the following:

Robert Baker Staci Burch Branden Childers Shanicqua Culpepper Lataisha Fondal Ernesto Gomez-Camey Alex Gottschalk Alex Haines Alyssa Holloway Danielle Jones Isiah Keith Chanaya Kershner Christopher Lillibridge Martha Macias-Perez Alysia Majette

Matthew Miller Will Muldrow Michael Nance Emmanuel Opoku Harvey Pickering Jordan Robinson Lizvette Sanchez Delores Smith Cierra Sommers-Lunkins Dominic Stamps Ryan Strahler Shantae Talbert Deszaniece Tibbs Marcus Williams Nickie Woodman

The members of the National Honor Society after induction.

Debate Update

The debate team had a phenomenal start to the year and it has continued through the season. “The year has been good and bad,” said coach Matthew Herbert. “We have a very small team this year, but a huge success so far,” The top debaters this year are senior Dylan Walthall and junior Josh Johnston, who went undefeated at the Manhattan tournament. “This is the first time anyone has gone undefeated before,” Herbert said. This year’s topic is about military withdrawal and how to bring the troops back home. “I have a feeling that Dylan and Josh are going to make it to state,” Herbert said proudly.

Photo by Hannah Davis

Scot Singers performing at the homecoming royalty assembly.

Scot Singers Perform for Showcase Concert

The Scot Singers will be performing under the direction of Tiffany Bonnewell for the High School Showcase Concert For The Stacie Beaver Scholarships. The concert will be held on Monday Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the White Concert Hall at Washburn University. Tickets will be $5.00 at the concert hall. Children 11 and under are admitted free. All proceeds go to music scholarships at Washburn University

B Bw

October 2010




ave you ever gotten in trouble over a book? For years, groups of parents across the United States have tried to get rid of books from school libraries for topics such as homosexuality, drugs, violence and even magic. That didn’t stop a group of students from standing in front of the school Sept. 30 to read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” one of the most banned books in America for its extensive use of the ‘N’ word. The event celebrated national banned book week, and was led by English teacher Teri Walton, whose juniors are required to read Huck Finn by the 501 District. “I’m really proud of the kids wanting to take on this extreme project,” she said. The idea for the project came from another school, which posted a video of students reading aloud from banned books, on Youtube. When Walton’s students saw the video they wanted to try it too. However, many were concerned about offending their listeners with the use of the ‘N’ word. Walton said that some students asked if they could omit, bleep or say ‘n-word’ when they read the word in their passages. She told them the point of the protest was about having the freedom to



By Lorraine Hickerson

read. Walton wouldn’t let them censor themselves. So, one by one, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Walton’s English, AP, mythology and creative writing students stood at a podium in front of the school to read. Walton kept a tally of the ‘N’ words. They reached 95 by 3 p.m. and then shouted the word five times to make it an even 100. The event attracted local media attention with reporters from all local television stations interviewing students and the Topeka Capital-Journal ran a front-page article the next day. Walton said, “I hope we’re able to do this again next year.”

Top 10 Challenged Books of 2009

1. ttyl; ttfn; l8r, g8r (series), 2. And Tango Makes Three 3. The Perks of Being A Wallflower 4. To Kill A Mockingbird, 5. Twilight (series) 
 6. Catcher in the Rye 
 7. My Sister’s Keeper, 8. The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big, Round Things 
 9. The Color Purple 10. The Chocolate War

Source: American Library Association

Emmanuel Opoku reads outside of the school during his 7th hour.

Photo by: Jarron Ogles



October 2010


The Scot

Maureen Crawford gets a group together for a photo.

Senior Alecia Arizpe cheering. The front of the parade, led by the JROTC students.

Amir Peppers on the senior float.

Band members jazzing it up.

Scot cheerleaders spreading spirit.

Sterling Cortez and Danielle Jones representing Link Crew.

Johnathon Visonhaler smiles to the crowd on the freshmen float.

Kiala Gonzalez waves to the crowd

7 Pride Parade October 2010


Monica Augusto and Raquel Rivera wave to the crowd.

Ashley Lutz dressed as an indian on the Black Student Union float. Future Business Leaders of America members.

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Ricky Escamilla spins his rifle.

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Tony Montoya playing the trumpet.

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October 2010


Is it stressful being a candidate? Antwan Robbins: “Yes because you have a short, limited time getting ready.” Chanaya Kershner: “Yeah, you have to find the perfect dress, the right shoes and hair has to be perfect.”

What was going through your mind when you were declared a candidate? Anthony Curtis: “How much money I was going to spend.” Alison Adams: “Oh my gosh! I actually made it.”

Mismatch Monday

Hannah Davis

Sherlice Spicer

What is your favorite spirit day? Jason Epperly: “The jersey day because I like sports.” Lorraine Hickerson: “Waikiki day because you get to wear a coconut bra without getting in trouble.”

Doralicia Fuentes and Enrique De La To king and queen.

Favorite Team Tuesday

Telecia Cooper

Joseph Elrod

Waikiki W

Demarus Kelley

Coming What’s your favorite spirit day? Aliyah Durant: “Dress for success.” Robert Baker: “Mismatch day because you get to be different.”

orre after being announced


Jeffrey Rezac


What was going through your mind when you were declared a candidate? Enrique De La Torre: “I was nervous really hoping they would call my name.” Ta’Jha Riley: “What am I gonna wear?”

Dress For Success Thursday

Tyja Tibbs

October 2010

Brianna Roberts and Tre’Ona Hickerson


What is your favorite part of homecoming? Aaron Douglas: “I would have to say when they say who wins.” Doralicia Fuentes: “The parade because you get seen by everyone.” School Spirit Friday

Erikka Burge

Erin Gigger

10 Local

October 2010


Haunts By: Hannah Davis

The largest haunted house in America, the Beast, was founded in 1991 in Kansas City. It takes about 40 minutes to walk through unless you get lost in the fog, stuck in the maze, or head toward the light in the three-story light tower. The only exit is down the four-story slide. It is straight down and is said to be too fast for comfort. The Edge of Hell is the oldest haunted house in Kansas City. Once you enter the house you will go through a 30-minute quarter-mile walk full of sensory simulation. Suddenly, you are going down a fivestory high slide from heaven all the way down into the arms of the devil. Somewhere in the house lies a 20-foot anaconda, its eyes darting left and right. It is trained to crush live prey. For a family fright closer to home there is Gary’s Berries, which has pig races, a 30 to 45 minute-long corn maze, a large trampoline, the haunted hayrack ride, and the frightmare farm haunted house.

Students Share Scary Stories By: Kira Southall

Senior, Amir Peppers

Senior, Keyaira Hairston

Junior, Andrew Gottschalk

Senior, David Bermudez

“When I was a little boy I was locked in a treasure chest. I’ve been claustrophobic ever since.”

“Having my dad chase me down the street with a chainsaw then finding out there was no chain on it.“

Junior, Erin Gigger

“When I was in the pool and my grandma put the pool cover on and I couldn’t get out. I thought the world was ending.”

“When I went to a haunted house a couple of years back with my cousin and they left me inside when it was dark with flashing lights and a man with a chainsaw.” “Me and my grandpa were in Mexico walking back from checking our cattle around eleven at night. We were near mountains and trees when I saw some faceless man wearing a cowboy hat and poncho. I waved at him and then asked my grandpa why he didn’t say hi and he said that he didn’t see anyone.”

Sophomore, Shelbi Walthall

“When I got chased in a haunted house.”

Food to eat on Halloween 1.

2. 3.

Toad tongues on top of ramen noodles with spaghetti sauce. “Tastes just like chicken noodle soup.” -Brajaun Carr Popcorn balls covered in caramel topped with chocolate chips. -Erin Gigger Pickle Rolls -Hannah Davis


Chitlins -Amir Peppers


Caramel Apple -Taylor Schley


Cotton Candy -David Bermuez


Pumpkin Bread -Isiah Keith


Pumpkin Seeds -Josh Litscher


Puppy Chow -Annebelle Long

Lots and lots of candy!!!

11 stume Ideas


October 2010


Danielle Jones as the...

Ryan Strahler as the...

One Eyed Cyclops

Escaping Prisoner

The Psych Ward patient after the prisoner. Danielle Jones as the...

Ryan Strahler as a... Male Nurse

Psych Ward Patient

Danielle Jones as a...

Danielle and Ryan as Elmo and Cookie Ryan Strahler as the... Demanding Tricker Treater

Fire Fighter

Danielle and Ryan as Tacky Tourists

Top 10 Scariest Movies 1

Mulberry Street

6 Dread

Wicked Nightmare 2 Dying 3 Man 4 Little Breed


The Final

8 The Graves


on 9 House Haunted Hill

5 Sorority Row 10 Kill Theory


October 2010

Page Page

G irls C an Kick Too

By: Hannah Davis

Junior Ruthie Cazier prepares for the game. Cazier is currently third in the city for kicking.

When junior Ruthie Cazier said she was going to play football, Coach Sadiq Muhammed didn’t believe it until she walked onto the field. “After I saw her first kick, I knew she was serious about the sport, and that she was going to last the season,” Coach Muhammed said. He also said he believes that Cazier could be one of the best kickers in the whole league. Cazier played soccer for Highland Park last year, and is currently playing club soccer for the Topeka Select Rockets. When I decided I was going to play football I was actually in seventh grade,” said Cazier. “I just never went for it.” Cazier had no problem getting the respect and making her place on the team. “The guys treat me just the same,” said Cazier. Cazier goes into the boy’s locker room and isn’t nervous, but it is a totally different story when she steps onto the field to kick. “I get really nervous and hope I don’t mess up,” Cazier says. Cazier has made a grand total of 16

points making her third in the city for her kicking. “Being the kicker on the football team who beat the 13-game losing streak was amazing. “I was really excited that I was on the team for that moment,” said Cazier. Coach Muhammed said he was also happy for the football team’s win against Kansas City Harmon on Sept. 17. “The players have been working very hard and they deserve it,” Muhammed said. The team has been working harder than ever to get a second win. “I tell the players before the games that they need to play hard,” said Muhammed and that is what they did. The 42-20 win against KC Harmon raised the players’ spirits. The football team had not won a game since the 2008 season. Ever since the win this year the team has been doing better and better. Junior Jarron Ogles was recognized as defender of the game against Washburn Rural, junior Ruthie Cazier is third in the city for kicking, senior Anthony Curtis has a total of 452 making him sixth in rushing

and senior Aaron Douglas has a total of 783 yards for total offence making him sixth in the city. If the football team wins two more games, they have the chance of going to the playoffs for the first time since 2005. Overall, the Highland Park football team is definitely on the rise.


Schedule Opponent


Oct 22



Oct 29

Topeka West


Nov 5



Oct 15 Shawnee Heights Away



October 2010


wan alks

By: Antwan Robbins

I’m back and ready to talk more about some sports. Over this summer there were a lot of college football players that were suspended for getting in contact with NFL agents. Most of the players received money to take trips to parties at NFL agents’ houses. Some of the athletes went to summer camps, having them paid for by agents and former college players that are now in the NFL. One example is former USC running back Reggie Bush, who received housing for his family from an agent while he was in college. Just last month he had to give back his Heisman Trophy because of this. These agents talk money to these young players, getting them excited. My view on this? These agents are trying to get them signed to their agency before they go pro.


By: Antwan Robbins

The cross country team has had an impressive season, making very good times and reaching their goals. The team has had strong leadership from their seniors and sophomore stand-out Demarus Kelley. Kelley placed 8th in the city meet two Saturdays ago with the best time of her two years on the team, 16:58. This gives Kelley a good chance to qualify for state again, which has never happened in the school’s history. “Kelley has done very well this season; if she performs well at league and regionals she will be a guaranteed state qualifier,” said head coach Freddy Maisberger. Other team members have shown improvement. Senior boys Dylan Walthall and Branden Childers have run times in the lower 20-minute range.

I think it’s a horrible thing to do to these young players. They take advantage of them, and sometimes it ends the player’s career. This past summer the Miami Heat built a future NBA championship team by adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the team with Dwayne Wade. James and Bosh were free agents and decided to go to a team where they had a chance to win some title rings. LeBron has been in the league for seven years and hasn’t won a championship, but he has two MVPs. C’mon, man! But when it comes down to it they just want to win rings. The Alabama Crimson Tides lost their first game to the South Carolina Gamecocks 35-21. That loss snapped the school’s 19-game-winning streak and was the first time they have lost to them since


1996. Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson were held to a total of 67 rushing yards in the loss. Now everybody is making it seem like they are going to be a horrible team. They did win the National Championship last season, and have the Heisman winner from last year. I still think they’re the best team in the nation. Mark Dantonio is the Michigan State head coach who survived a heart attack hours after his team won the game against Notre Dame. Three weeks later, he was back on the sideline coaching. It seems like coaching can be a stressful job, just like being the President. It takes a lot of energy from you. For example, Urban Myer, coach for the Florida Gators, was in the same situation when his health prevented him from coaching the team this past spring. I think it comes from a poor diet when the season starts getting the best of them.

Make History

Senior Jason Epperly has also been a great leader to the team. “Big Epp is like a mule, he leads the team to the finish line and makes sure they finish and that’s something he improved on this season,” said Maisberger. The guys had a few top 15 finishes but their main goal is meeting their set times for the season. Kelley said she enjoys running for her second year, and hoped to meet her goals of qualifying for state again. The team has had a very good season, and with two more meets the team has a chance to make their goals and make it to state. Their next meet will be the Centennial League, which is Saturday, Oct. 16 at Hummer Sports Park. Regionals will be that following week on Oct. 23 at KC- Schlagle.

Photo By: Hannah Davis

Demarus Kelley runs for the finish line. She recently ran her best time, 16:58.

14 The volleyball team October 2010


Spikes 2nd their way into

With a losing streak of 26 games, you would think that the Lady Scots volleyball team would just give up for the season. At the Highland Park Invitational, however, the Lady Scots broke their losing streak by taking second place. “The team had united for the first time and that’s what they needed,” said coach Tim Overman. The team needed to win two out of three games to make it to the semifinal round. “In volleyball you need to be able to move and communicate, and the team finally did that,” Overman said. The team was told to focus on what they learned in practice and to support each

other. The Lady Scots were very excited that they had finally won a game. “It was a team effort and everyone who played did their best, and played very well,” said Overman. The girls had been struggling for a week because of the absence of coach Overman, who was gone for family reasons. Overman’s daughter substituted for him while he was gone. Beth Blackham, Overman’s daughter, is hearing-impaired. “You have to speak slowly so she can read our lips and understand what we are trying to say,” said senior Lorraine

Photo by: Lorraine Hickerson The volleyball team coming together after winning second placed at the Highland Park Invitational.


By: Hannah Davis

Hickerson. With Overman’s return the ladies have pulled together. “It feels good to win a game and we learned that we can do a lot better than what we have been doing,” sophomore Delores Smith said. Overman said confidently, “I have never had a team lose every game, and this team wasn’t going to be the one to.” The Lady Scots will be taking a trip to Topeka High on October 21 for a triangular tournament against Topeka High and Perry Lecompton.

October 2010


Kickin’2 First Victory

The men’s soccer team recently broke their 10 game losing streak when they beat KC Schlagle in a 4-0 decision. This was the first win for first year head coach Peter Kind. The season has been a rough ride and tough fight but the team has given it their all. It was especially hard to come off their victory to a smash by Manhattan 8-0. With a 1-11 record the team has played strong this season despite the drop in numbers from 31 last year to only 14 this season. They graduated 11 varsity seniors and last year’s freshman star Lauro Garcia is ineligible this season. Senior Enrique De La Torre has led the

t Spor e ul d e h Sc


10/21 @ THS

Cross Country

10/21 @KC Wyan-


10/18 @SH

team to keep fighting and play hard every game. De La Torre is tied with junior Emmanuel Opoku with the most goals on the team with three goals. The team has also received leadership from senior Shaka Thomas. “It’s tough playing with so little players but I continue to tell the team play hard and don’t give up,” said De La Torre. With the low numbers on the team they have suffered tough losses and they loose stamina by the second half. “It’s been a tough year, I just tell the guys keep playing hard good things is going to happen for this team,” said Kind. There is one more game against KCWyandotte till they play in regionals.

City M.V.P.

10/25-30 @ TBA

10/16 @Stateland 10/23 @TBA 10/30 @ TBA

Photo By: Delores Smith

Aaron Douglass received KSNT 27 Scholar Athlete of The Week against Manhattan with a total of 212 yards total.



By: Antwan Robbins

Photo By: Dominic Stamps

Enrique De La Torre fighting for the ball.


October 2010




Division 1 principal Mr. Beau Caryl mocking the pie thrower.

Cristian McDonald trying to break the trunk at the car smash.

Alex Gottschalk racing with Cooper Brown, son of Melanie Brown.

Josh Litscher under water in the dunk tank.

Brajaun Carr takes a pie in the face.

Bagpiper Issue 2  
Bagpiper Issue 2  

This is our October issue, 2010. It features our Homecoming week.