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Annual Report

2011 Unexpected Challenges, Renewed Commitment, Exciting Successes . . . As we reflect on the past year’s success, we’re reminded of the challenges that planning could not foresee. Hand in Hand’s founder, Wayne Fowler, learned of a serious health condition that forced him to concentrate on his well being and leave the day-to-day operations to the Hand in Hand staff. With greater board involvement, a renewed strategic plan and a commitment not only to continue, but to grow the mission, Hand in Hand has weathered this challenge with success and by year’s end, turned the corner. Donations, immersion trip participation and programs have all exceeded expectations and are on track to make 2012 our best year yet. Challenges continued early in 2012 when tornadoes hit many communities around The Auxier Center in early March. Hand in Hand reacted quickly to the emergency with food, water and cleaning supplies for families in need. Looking forward to 2013, we are concentrating on the challenges of refining programs, expanding services and developing relationships with both those we serve and those who serve with us. Join us on our journey . . . lend a hand . . . change a life! Harry Borders, Co-President


More than just numbers . . .

Challenge - provide a safe and dry home for families in Belize.

Challenge - Education is the only sure way to break the cycle of poverty



To address this problem, Hand in HOMES Hand started sending groups of volunteers to Belize in 2002. The Building for Change program, working with recipients who own land, provides Hand in Hand immersion trip volunteers who assist with the building of a home. Recipients work along side the volunteers to build their home. They must also attend life skills classes. The success of this program is overwhelming. in 10 years, more than 185 families have put a roof over their heads and have begun a new life. You can help a family build a new home with a gift of $4,000.

Challenge - Children marginalized by poverty and disease have no option for care and medical treatment.


The Outreach Center was created for CHILDREN children marginalized by poverty and disease. it is the first and only facility of its type in Belize to use a holistic approach in the care of these children. Currently, 23 children receive a pre-school education in a structured, clean environment, two nutritious meals a day, medication where necessary and a great deal of love and affection by the staff and the immersion trip visitors.

Addressing the problem of access to an STUDENTS education, Hand in Hand’s scholarship program provides financial assistance, supplies and tutoring for high school and college students. education is one of the keys to helping raise a person and a nation out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. To that end, Hand in Hand Ministries currently offers scholarships for at-risk students, 15 to high school students and 15 to college students. Students also participate in extracurricular tutoring and must also perform community service projects through Hand in Hand. You can provide a scholarship for a deserving student with a gift of $250.

You can support a child at the Outreach Center with a gift of $1,000. 2

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Making a long-term commitment

Challenge - Create an avenue for children to get a real education - an opportunity to change their future

Challenge - Limited educational opportunities for adults


At the end of 2011, the sixth year of the CHILDREN program, Pathway to Change had 72 children enrolled in the scholarship program at three different schools and employs three social workers, a full-time and part-time cook, a full-time driver, a part-time data-entry clerk and six part-time teachers in the after-school homework and Saturday math classes. Hand in Hand rents a house which serves as the Children’s tutoring Center. Many children in this age group have dropped out of school and work as street peddlers with no future. The Pathway to Change children have a real opportunity to change not only their lives, but the lives of their families.

Challenge - Parents keeping the commitment to support their children’s participation in Pathway to Change.

Living a life in poverty often forces many Managuans to quit school at an early age. Many are forced to drop out of school to look for work and many others simply cannot afford the cost of transportation, uniforms and school materials. As a result, these undereducated Managuans face a very bleak future in the lowest paying jobs or with no jobs at all. The Adult Vocational Scholarship Program was established by Hand in Hand to provide financial assistance to qualified individuals to enable them to continue or complete their education with the hopes of improving their employment and income earning options.

Parents are asked to make a small payment to show their commitment to the success of their children in the program. When many families rely on children to work, rather than attend school, this emphasis on successfully getting a good education is a challenge for the entire family. To help support these families, immersion group volunteers have repaired and rebuilt homes for many of the Pathway to Change children. You can sponsor a child in this program for an annual commitment of $2,000. A Gift of a Scholarship makes an immediate and lasting impact on a young life!



Making a difference in many ways

Challenge - Families unable to afford safety-related repairs to their homes

Challenge - Basic food security and access to home supplies in an area suffering from a 40% unemployment rate.


immersion trip volunteers donated HOMES hundreds of hours while on 22 trips repairing homes in Appalachia. New roofs, plumbing, windows, flooring and more provided peace of mind for 58 families living near the Auxier Center in Appalachia. Volunteers also built 10 wheelchair ramps, making homes much more accessible for special needs people in need. You can fund the repair of a roof with a gift of $1,500.


Challenge - Limited education opportunities put many at a disadvantage in the tough job market


More than 100 adults attended STUDENTS and successfully completed the the basic computer class offered at the Auxier Center. Upon successful completion of the course, students were given a computer to continue learning at home. Basic life’s skills classes included GeD, basic literacy, sewing, healthy cooking and skills for successful job interviews. An effort to reach out to others in the community, Hand in Hand sponsored dinners that were so successful that they have been expanded in 2012.

The Hand in Hand Food Pantry in FAMILIES Auxier served more than 100 families every month. Volunteers and staff also distributed donated items through the Hand in Hand Gifts in Kind program. Hundreds of families received furniture, household supplies, cleaning supplies, baby goods, clothing and toys. Hand in Hand was also a partner to other non-profits in the area and shared clothing and books to St. Luke Catholic Church, Beauty Thrift Store, Goodwill and the Christian Appalachian Projects elderly Program. You can help provide food for a family of four for a year with a gift of $500.

You can sponsor a computer class student with a gift of $25. 4

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L eNDiNG A HAND . . . Challenge - Create a way for volunteers to get a “hands-on” experience and to meet those we serve.


The immersion trip experience is one TRIPS that sets Hand in Hand apart from most other non-profit organizations. it maximizes the effect each dollar donated has on our mission to share life’s essentials.

Groups travel to Belize, Nicaragua and Appalachia and work along side those from local communities, building and repairing homes, working with children and families to make a better life. Hand in Hand volunteers often say they receive more than they give. Join Hand in Hand in serving those most in need. immerse yourself in another culture and experience life associated with extreme poverty first-hand. Transform your world as you build hope in another’s.

In the words of a trip volunteer ... Wow! What an experience! That sums up the feelings of the group that went on a recent immersion trip to Appalachia. 19 volunteers spent 3 days serving the people of the area. After two days of non-stop work, the St. Barnabas group took time to reflect on the experience thus far. it was very inspiring to hear the comments shared.

Some talked of using power tools for the first time, framing windows, seeing the home owner blossom because of people caring about her, of how wonderful it is to have youth so eager to learn. even working in the rain was seen as a positive experience. We built or finished two ramps, two sets of stairs, repaired two roofs, replaced one door and four windows, replaced a kitchen floor, installed a kitchen ceiling, and more. One of the volunteers told us: “It was refreshing to see how simply and humble people live and yet love and trust God more than I, who has been blessed with so much. It was a personal wake-up call. Volunteering with Hand in Hand is not simply an item off my check list; I hope to help those lovely people every summer. Thank you for responding generously to the call–you made this mission possible!” St. Barnabas Group

Challenge - Supply those in need with basic household goods and supplies. Hand in Hand’s Gift-In-Kind Program A major part of providing life’s essentials is acquiring the food, clothing and household goods needed by those who lack the resources. Dozens of Hand in Hand volunteers spend countless hours each week sorting, documenting and assigning the program that can best utilize donated items. Hand in Hand not only supports the food pantry in Appalachia, but also sends food, clothing, cleaning supplies, furniture, health care items, toys and more to nonprofits in the Louisville area, sharing the generosity of our loyal supporters. in time of natural disaster, efforts are made to provide items needed. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods have been distributed in the last few years through Hand in Hand programs, to the Rosebud indian reservation in South Dakota and other worthy organizations.

Have you considered remembering Hand in Hand in your will . . . leaving a lasting legacy?


2011 Financial Highlights Challenge Continue to fund programs and plan for the future While many non-proďŹ ts found 2011 to be more than challenging, Hand in Hand, through the unfailing generosity of donors, managed to maintain all programs, exceed expectations at the Legacy Breakfast and began 2012 with a plan for continued growth.

2011 Income

(in thousands) $831 495 158 789 (4) $2,269

Contributions, Grants & events immersion Trips Charitable Gaming Gifts-in-Kind received value Rental and other income Total income

Gifts in Kind Received Value

Charitable Gaming

Contributions, Grants & Events

Immersion Trips

Rental & Other Income

Administrative Expense Fundraising Expense

Operating Expenses Operating Expenses Program Expenses

(in thousands) Program expenses $2,043 87% Administrations expense 169 7% Fundraising expense 151 6% Total 2011 expenses $2,363 100% Our 2011 financial statements were audited by Anderson, Bryant, Lasky & Winslow, P.S.C., and are available on request.


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2011 Financial Highlights Challenge Maintain a high percentage of donations going directly to programs Through careful management of expenses, judicious use of administrative expenditures and creative use of fundraising costs, Hand in Hand was able to finish the year with an independently audited 87% of all donations going directly to programs.

2011 Program Expenses Belize Nicaragua Appalachia Other Projects Mission education Gifts in Kind Distributed Value Gifts in Kind Program expense Total 2011 Program expenses

(in thousands) $585 240 335 20 106 722 35 $2,043

Gifts in Kind Program Expense


Gifts in Kind Distributed Value*

Nicaragua Applalachia Mission Education Other Projects

* The Hand in Hand Gifts in Kind Program distributes food, clothing, household goods and more to Hand in Hand programs and shares with local non-profits as well.

Gifts in Kind Distributed (Value in thousands) Appalachia Belize Nicaragua Louisville Area Non-Profits Rosebud indian Reservation Total Gift in Kind Distributed Value

$323 37 85 249 28 $722

Rosebud Indian Reservation

Louisville Area Non-Profits




Double Your Gift! Many employers match employee contributions.


2011 Board of Directors Rev. Joseph Fowler, Co-President/Co-Founder Harry Borders, Co-President Kathy Francis, Vice President John Schmidt, Treasurer Sr.Chris Beckett, Secretary Susan Sweeney Crum Donna Fazio Juda Maria Hellmann Glenn Kosse Dr. Rick Rowe Terry Todd Marla Cautilli - Chief Executive Officer Libbey Smith - Chief Operating Officer Wayne Fowler - Founder Emeritus



LOUISVILLE, KY PERMIT NO. 1486 2225 Steier Lane Louisville, KY 40218 ReTURN SeRViCe ReQUeSTeD

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2011 Annual Report  
2011 Annual Report  

Hand in Hand's 2011 Annual Report