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'SAVE LOCAL Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community BASIN News has obJOURNALISM' ACT CENTRAL tained a letter, dated September

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4FSWJOH $FSSJUPT BOE UFO PUIFS TVSSPVOEJOH DPNNVOJUJFT t "VHVTU t 7PM /P t MPTDFSSJUPTOFXT OFU The City is claiming that the during the construction period. ta or Artesia is a city designated ows onto arterial streets.â€? truck route, commercial vehicles The City then cited the nurerouting has caused over $5 “Caltrans has failed to coorHMG EXCLUSIVE million in damage to the streets, dinate thus far, and any further over 6,000 pounds are strictly merous safety hazards caused by increased pollution in the area, lack of communication or con- prohibited on the streets, per the rerouting of trafďŹ c, concerns that have been voiced by Cerriincreased trafďŹ c noise, and in- sultation with the City and its City Municipal Code.â€? The Caltrans rerouting of tos residents in calls and emails 6, addressed BY2019, BRIAN HEWS to Caltrans creased the safety risk of resi- residents is unacceptable.â€? from the city of Cerritos that dents. The City blasted Caltrans for trucks has caused severe dam- to both HMG-LCCN and the Further the letter states that establishing a detour route on age and increased trafďŹ c at peak City. blasts the state agency for reroutFollowing a unanimous Senate vote southbound Carmenita between hours, the extensive damage The rerouting on Carmenita ing tractor-trailer trafďŹ c through Caltrans is in violation of the this week, the California Assembly passed alone is estimated “to cost $5.2 takes large trucks by two schools, project’s ďŹ nal Environmental the I-5 and Artesia Blvd., and the City due to I-5 construction AB 323 by a 67-4 margin this afternoon Stowers Elementary and Carmeeastbound Artesia Blvd. between million to repair,â€? and the “averprojects. Impact Report which obligates BY BRIAN HEWS BY BRIAN HEWS giving the newspaper industry one extra age daily trafďŹ c on said streets nita Middle school in addition Shockingly, the rerouting was the agency to coordinate with citCarmenita and the I-5. year before the state’s controversial AsLakewood~The Water Replenishment done without notifying the City. ies to minimize adverse impacts “Neither stretch of Carmenihas signiďŹ cantly increased and After seeing three years of disallowed Finance Andrew sembly Bill 5Director forces changes to longDistrict (WRD) is embarking on a projSee CALTRANS page 14 rate increases, the Cerritos City Council, Hamilton refuses to submit standing newspaper delivery practices. ectled to by construct two new wells as part of pro Mayor Naresh Solanki, Mayor The bill, authored AssemblymemďŹ nancial reportsbyfor scrutiny. WRD’s Regional Groundwater Monitortem Chuong Vo and Councilman Bruce ber Blanca Rubio, D-Baldwin Park, origiing Program (RGWMP). Barrows, voted to give Cerritos’ city trash HELPING OUT: From (l-r) Vice-President of the ABCUSD School Board Letty nallyBY offered a two-year grace period. One well would be in Paramount in the BRIAN HEWS hauler CalMet a 16% residential increase. Mendoza, Little Lake School District Board Member Dora Sandoval and ABCUSD other well will be in Cerritos. Assembly Bill 5 passed last year and increase a combination of the In The a phone call was WRD President Vera dictatedHews how Media businesses classify workers Board Member Chis Apodaca help out at the event this past Saturday. Group-Los Cerritos last three years of non-approval to Robles DeWitt told HMG that the wellsraise as contractors employees. CommunityorNews has learned that the rates. and Cerritos BY THOM MARTIN will be in Progress action, Park jumping out of Park her car Recognizing financial hitAndrew to the Central Basin the Finance Director a new agreement with CalMet BY TAMMYE MCDUFF Held at Maggie’s Pub, Sarno wanted East. In 2017 grabbing the boy and helping the issuing paychecks to KITS FOR HOMELESS: Cerritos residents Josiah, Jacob and Jared Joseph with LAFD newsHamilton industry,has thebeen Legislature gave news the maximum water rates contained the company all to know that this was for anyone, not dictated Because groundwater, The City of Lakewood held woman. CentralaBasin employees despiteto theDefact ofďŹ cials display their COVID Kits for the Homeless. They were inspired by paramedic publishers one-year exemption, charge Cerritos aquifers, residents. cannot in could deep Mayor of Santa Fe Springs Bill Rounds just Santa Fe Springs Weofare its annual Award Valor lun- underground She took them to Artesia High that the board notpoint passedpublishers a 2020-’21 Jose Perez and his actions helping the homeless. FireďŹ ghter Perez, aresidents,â€? 16-year veteran, cember 2020; athas that The agreement a provision be directly observed; included WRD must track it for and Little Lake City School Board Memprepared to serve around 300 people this cheon on Nov. 6 to thank the men budget. School, where they received medrecently died after contracting COVID. Photo courtesy of the Joseph family. would have been forced to classify news- ber Dora Sandoval, partnered with Jay CalMet to submit an specialized annual request to addeep wells and monimorning.â€? The group actually or- through The budget stalemate is due to Direcandhad women of been the Los Angeles ical assistance and were ultimatepaper carriers as employees. toring equipment. just the maximum allowable rate that can Sarno of CJ Constructions and Pastor Eric ganizing the eventCounty for about three weeks, tors John Oskoui and Bob Apodaca; they Sheriff’s Department and ly transported to the hospital. The change to a delivery driver clas- Tietze be charged. In 2018 they submitted their from Hearts of Compassion Minis- “We to putDepartment, out too plan, far in as the BY TAMMYE MCDUFF teens didn’t how towant develop a itbusiness are defying a court decision from last Fire as well Because of seless acSeeher WRDincrease page 14 and sification that has been in place for over tries to host a pop up food distribution this advance for a 5% residential learn critical thinking skills and learn because there are other food dis-whorequest week deliberately not attending special community volunteers pro- tions, the City of Lakewood re120 board years meetings will increase of newsincrease; that request Josiah, Jacob what it takes be area your ownserve boss.Lakewood. Instead past Saturday, August and 29th. Jared Joseph tributions in tothe and didn’t want to a 4.3% commercial calledthe to cost approve the tect and cently awarded Bridget with the paperbudget. delivery by as much as 85%, likely was denied on a 3-2 vote. are making their mark. As part of the of baking cupcakes or creating shirts, the Bridget Perrizo, staff mem- Mayor’s Award at the city’s anSee FOOD pagea 12 unsustainable for the small publishers In July 2019, CalMet submitted a seccurriculum for Los Angeles Urban League Joseph brothers took it to a whole new In addition, actual amount ofthat payber at Artesia High was honored nual Awards of Valor ceremony. 2020 Online Biz Camp, these young men level. After holding a family meeting they ond request but this time the company subhaveroll been with approved advertising has hit not been as anrevenue item on when she helped two people that "I always wondered what I decided to give back to the community and mitted an extraordinary rate adjustment as declines due to calendar the coronavirus crisis. board had to turn an idea into a business. the consent during regular was being attacked by a dog. would do when faced with a situPartnering with the Network for develop CoVID Kits for the homeless. allowed by the contract. meetings, and Hamilton not submitting Small community and isethnic newsBridget, was headed back to ation like this one," said Perrizo. Teaching Entrepreneurship, Biz Camp is Initially the project was made possible CalMet proposed a 14% increase to papers are especially vulnerable to ecowork from lunch when she spot- "By the grace of God, I had the a four week summer program that teaches commercial bins while freezing residenTRIPLETS page a12woman nomic fluctuationsSee $&/53"- #"4*/ page and catastrophic 12 tedSee a dog attacking and courage to take action. I'm so tial rates at current levels, but sensing that consequences, like closure. These small young boy. The dog had knocked glad that both the mom and son would not pass, at CalMet's request, the publishers are scrambling to stay afloat them to the ground and they were are okay, and I'm so honored to item was removed from the agenda. by cutting coverage, furloughing reportscreaming for help. receive this award.â€? This year CalMet submitted a proposal ers and eliminating publicationcomplex on Bridget immediately took TRASH piles up at print a condominium in Hawaiian Gardens. The City chose Waste Resources a 16%THENAPPEN residential increase, 13.7% comSee HERO page 15 BYfor BALA certain days of Incorporated as the theirweek. new hauler, who said they would immediately begin trash pick up. Photo Brian Hews. mercial bin increase, and an 18% commerIn a statement Rubio wrote, ““AB 323 This November’s ballot will feature cial roll-off increase. provides a bridge for our local newspaproposition 17, which wouldreports, allow CalMet According to staff pers to continue informing readers and Californians for a $1.3 felony con- prowould earnonanparole additional million their communities. The First Amendment viction to vote. Currently, felons must viding the city nearly $193,000 in franand our independent press are critical to complete theirbut prison sentence and their chise fees, residents would see their BY open BRIAN HEWS of diverse ideas and the exchange “Poor leadership, no foresight included several default letters, parole sentence to vote. Could parolees bill go from $17.60 to $20.42, an increase the situation, typical of this which, under California’s Public perspectives. My colleagues and I on bring swing elections in the state’s most comof $2.82. While rotting trash is accumuCity varied viewpoints to the Capitol, but asCouncil,â€? former Hawaiian Resource Code Section 49000, petitiveCalMet's districts? former residential rates in lating inbymany of Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Rey Rodriguez starts the clock on termination. shown the parts overwhelming bipartisan The term “paroleesâ€? to peo-of surCerritos were one ofapplies the lowest Gardens,for Mayor Myra told HMG-LCCN. City staff even went the extra support AB 323, weMaravilla are united in our plerounding who are cities allowed back into the comsurveyed; with the new rate and the for Cityour Council ďŹ nallyoutlets con- and the The staff report included in step and attempted to work with support local news munity from prison before their prison increase it is right about in the middle, $4 ducted athey hearing, waiting an en- last week’s meeting presented CWS to cure the breaches and citizens serve.â€? sentence is scheduled to be less than Whittier, $3 lesscompleted, than La Mirada tireThe week, and allowing the trash clear evidence that CWS was in defaults starting in March of this as and longDowney. as they follow certain guidelines bill also mandates the Departto accumulate even more, to and reporting Roughly ment of General Services to once allocateviolation state of its contract with the year, each of which gave CWS The raterequirements. increases were approved on again discuss terminating CWS’ City, but Mayor Maravilla and the steps to resolve the defaults. 52,000 Californians are expected be Hu advertising, typically placed in the daily LOS ANGELES COUNTY has recently brought in two Super Scooper water dropping a 3-2 vote with CouncilpersonstoGrace contract. In addition to the default noCouncil were apparently afraid to on parole in 2021. newspapers, to community newspapers. planes for the upcoming season. Bombardier planes can carry up to and Frank Yokoyama voting no. Under the Ralph M. Brown pull the termination theThe Citytwo also attemptedCL-415 to trigger, leav- firetices, California parolees should be Councilman Yokoyama wasexpectnot happy AB 323 establishes a path for commu- 1,620 gallons of water and can be filled with water in twelve seconds and airborne in five Act, Maravilla and the City Coun- ing residents driving by stinky arrange meetings with CWS but ed to lean left as a voting bloc. In 2007,fast to with the vote, "Calmet is working nity and ethnic news outlets to reach unminutes, capable of flying for three hours beforemost refueling. requires 4,400 cil could have sentLOCAL out a notice CWS not attend meet- The aircraft piles of trash for the foreseeable gave 150,000 had and ALL ABOUT GOVERNMENT PRIDE: City Hall SelďŹ e Day is adid celebration of local government and gives employees Florida money fromex-felons Cerritos who residents derserved through state ad- feet of flyable length to descend from an altitude of 50 feet, scoop 1,620 gallons of staff-member water take the and and heldresidents acommunities meeting within two ings. future. Bridget Perrizo received the Award of the opportunity to get out in their community and show off their best camera phone skills whileARTESIA showcasingHIGH their local enses been convicted for less serious off Cerritos businesses. Last week Thursday vertising and provides an additional year during 1,350 feet run on the water 81 the mph. daysgovernment to address the situation. Thebevoluminous staffmedia report Valor Story from Lakewood buildings. The pictures must postedits to twelve-second social using hashtag #cityhallselďŹ e to at enter contest. on page 9. for saving two in a dog attack. See PROP page page 4 5 See SAVE NEWSPAPERS page 12 See17 RATES See TRASH page 15







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2 17,Los Cerritos Community News - advertise call 562-407-3873 SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 3 JULY 2020 ToTo advertise call 562-407-3873 Los Cerritos Community News - at a time social distancing. All tofive establish the for cause of the fire because wearsover gloves, and structural have their ofstaff concerns the masks building’s temperatures checked as well. integrity. “Mental illness is such a hugeengiprob“We’re going to have building lem come amonginthe neers andhomeless, see if weand can what’s shore up the solution?” said itSuess. “Ias make it my some walls to make as safe possible mission every day is to serve the less for the investigators to go in and start fortunate, to trythis to make their dayaccordand life a investigating fire,” he said, The roof is gone and everything was little more comfortable, and to give them ing to the Times. burned - up to the alter. a Adrian true sense of value. I hope spokesthey may be Marquez Alarcon, able tofor take of themselves and have woman thecare Archdiocese of Los STAFF REPORT a sense of being worthy of all that God Angeles, said that because of renovaBY LAURIE HANSON gives them.” at the church ahead of its tions underway A massive fire devastated an eighat Mary’s Kitchen include 250thServices anniversary, historic paintings and meals with dignity, teenthServing centuryupmission church in San breakfast, hot lunch, and a lunch to go. Mary’s Kitchen in Orange helps the most artifacts had been removed and were not Gabriel, in the Archdiocese of Los AngeThey also give out food boxes to those in the building at the time of the fire. vulnerable in society while adapting to les, July 11. who have access to a microwave, a stove Archbishop Gomez visited the church meet their ever-present and increasing Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los and refrigerator. Every Thursday, clothSaturday morning, saying on Facebook need during COVID-19. Angeles called the fire at San Gabriel ing“[he] is distributed guests at athis time for woke up 10 before dawn For more than 35 years, the nonprofit that Mission church, founded by St. Junipero morning 10 minutes, withthat a second entry allowed. to news our beloved San serves “guests” from all over Orange Serra, “devastating.” The showers arefounded currently due Gabriel Mission, byclosed St. Junípero County and beyond with hot meals six The fire began early Saturday mornto COVID. can receive their Serra in 1771,Guests was burning.” days a week and other services. With ing around planning 4 a.m. andand destroyed the roof mail at theGod nonprofit. fund “Thank no oneAisseparate hurt,” Gomez on-going adjustments, MISSION SAN GABRIEL, which was founded in 1771 by St. Junípero Serra, was and interior of the 249-year-old struccalled “Mary’s Purse” also directly helps they continue to serve the homeless, the said. “I’m here to pray with the people. devastated by fire July 11. Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell of the San Gabriel ture. “guests” incidental expenses like The roof iswith destroyed and there is much mentally ill and others in need despite Pastoral Region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was on hand to survey the fireLocal firefighters said they responded damage gas forintheir eye prescriptions that the cars, old church. St. Junípero, the coronavirus pandemic. MAKING SALADS behind masked smilesofare (front l-r) Mary’s caused damage. Photo courtesy Archdiocese Los Angeles, VictorKitchen Aleman.worker Paul to an “The initialmain alarm at 4:24. insurance bills, pray for thisdoes city,not thiscover, state, phone and this need [we’ve seen] since Triguero, CEO/President Gloria Suess and worker Vincent Lu while worker Michelle Bybeginning the time they smoke and necessary storage rent, rarely country thatclothing, you helped to found.” the of thearrived, pandemic is [providBarker (rear left) looks on. The nonprofit out of Orange feeds the hungry homeless six flames were visible from outside the motel rooms, a one way bus ticket ing] a place to eat the packaged breakThe San Gabriel mission was theback days a week and has been doing so for more than 35 years. church – which is a California Historical fourth home,mission or when a few dollars makes a Serra was canonized by Pope Francis on July 4, during which one man burned fasts and hot lunches,” said CEO/Presifounded by St. Junípero Landmark. hugeadifference their lives, according dent Gloria Suess. “Since they can only Serra, Franciscaninpriest who founded a during a visit to the United States in the face of the statue with an ignited to Suess. "Ourinbeloved 2015. come to pick #SanGabrielMission, up the packages and go trail of missions across California. spray can, before a crowd pulled the It was in 1984, that anthousands 82-year-old founded in 1771, devastated firearound “Junípero sought defend whenfrom I listen to theand stories of itour guests Guess started toto help Marythe in dig1988. statue back outside to eat, [many]by hang Serra helped to convert of its base struck with a woman named Mary McAnena found before dawn. St. Junípero Serra, pray for nity of the native community, to protect outside until the next meal is provided. native Californians to Christianity, and and the sadness theirobjects, situation. I try At the time, she was a real estate broker sledgehammer andofother dancher “calling” and first helpedtechnoloa homeless it holding this land thatwe youwill helped from those who had mistreated and when ing Hopefully, soontobefound," able tosaid have taught them new agricultural to and lift them up with an open house on her street jumping uponhope it. and encouragewoman in Hart Park in Orange. Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez. distanced seating for the mealtimes. abused theinpope said in his homily at gies. ment, to give them a sense human Mary it,” came and looked around. Mary Another statue of the saintofwas torn “We of started outmissions as Hart for thethe Battling the four-alarm fire eventuWe’ve purchased an electrostatic sprayer the Mass of canonization. Many Serra’s form dignity that they are Park, valued.” introduced herself and Suess already down in Golden Gate San FrancisPeople, working out ofthe Mary’s ally involvedeverything.” 50 firefighters, according to sanitize Despite Serra’s cores of what are today state’shome big- and knew Kitchen receives no state of her from record readingdefending about her in co, onMary’s June 19 by a crowd of about 100 driving meals to the park, feeding to theGuess Los Angeles Local firemany gest cities— such as San Diego, Santhe went onTimes. to explain that indigenous peoples, statues of the sainther or federal funding. They are supported the local newspaper. Mary recruited people, and on the same day a statue of homeless there,” said Suess. “We contindepartment spokesman Captain of their “guests” can meet the Antonio rent, but have become focal points for protests Francisco, and Los Angeles. through individual andin company doto help, and at the time Suess thought it the saint was torn down Los Angeles. ued there until 1995 when our numbers Negrete called the damage “heartbreakrun short on their food budget, someand demonstrations across California in An advocate for native people and nations. Donations canthe be San madeJuan to would be a once a week commitment. of homeless 200, andwas we had recent The following week thing Mary’s Kitchen happily helps with. a champion ing.” weeks, with images of the saint ofguests humanwere rights, Serra Mary’s Kitchen or to Mary’s Purse. For “Ha! Thirty-two years later, I’m here complaints neighbors in the area. For now, all of food boxed in “to go” “The roof theismission is combeing torn down or vandalized in protest Capistrano Mission and its neighboring often at odds from with Spanish authorities more information on ways to donate six days a week,” said Suess. With help from Citypeople, of Orange, church removed statues of Serra from or containers, while those served must pletely gone and theallinterior up to the over thethe treatment of the native from of California’s colonial past. volunteer, visit at www. “This pulled is where Godawants to be,” their we leased and we were re-named wear use hand sanitizer, and enter whom outsideplease displays to online preserve them altar is masks, completely destroyed,” Negrete there land, was an outpouring of grief Rioters down statueme of St. Mary’s Kitchen.” she continued. “He shows me every day said, noting that it was not yet possible at his death in 1784. from being targeted. Serra in the state capital of Sacramento


2 Los Cerritos SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 Community News -

BY LAURIE HANSON BY BRIAN HEWS “Many little drops make an ocean,” is a Lawmakers were by incensed Tuesday Chinese idiom taught parents of Harry that Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (DYuan of Cerritos that motivates him today Oakland) was forced to bring her newborn towards a greener future for the world’s on the floor of the state Assembly after her oceans tomorrow. request vote remotely was denied. The to 17-year-old Whitney High School Wicksand gave her developed daughter ona student his birth teamtohave July 26 and was leave. fashionable wayon to maternity revolutionize beverage Assembly Speaker drinking with one simpleAnthony inventionRendon called (D-Lakewood) the “BluStraw”.said maternity leave was not “My considered a high-risk category, deciparents always used that asaying sion that incensed fellow Dems. who took to push me to recycle and make environto social media to express their outrage. mentally conscious decisions,” said Yuan, “however, I never really understood the “Barbaric, people are so clueless and gravity of to plastic pollution until Hannahmy high unwilling adapt,” state Sen. school years.”(D-Santa Barbara) said TuesBeth Jackson day.After reading about literal islands of plastics floating in theofworld’s oceans, A picture and video Wicks with her Yuan learned would outnumber newborn drewthey praise for soon the new mom, all thebashing fish in the sea. Heeven saidHillary in the ClinUnitwhile Rendon, ed States, more than 500 million plastic ton commented on the situation. straws are usedthedaily, if putvoted together Ironically bill and Wicks on would circle the planet two and half would provide millions of employeesa who times for over. work smaller businesses 12 weeks of “Crazy, right?!” “I can’t even job protections whilehe taking leave. fathom how much plastic that is.” “It was beyond ironic that we are passis whenthat he reached out across the ing That legislation helps moms up and state to a few environmentally passiondown the state and we have a mom who is ate friends who together came up with a there with a 1-month-old,” said state Sen. “small solution” to decrease oceanic plasConnie Leyva (D-Chino). tic waste. Rendon tried to smooth his egregious “Our original thought was if we could mandate in a statement Tuesday night, get people to make a tiny change in their I want to make a full apology to Assemeveryday lives, it would be the ‘little blymember Wicks, my that intention wasmake nevera drops’ [in the ocean] would to be inconsiderate toward her, her role big difference,” explained Yuan. That as is awhen legislator, herteam roleofascame a mother. Incluhe andorhis up with the

3 Los Cerritos Community News - AUGUST 7, 2020

“I have owned lots of reusable straws, and my friends have as well - they’re great for the environment, but they’re a bother to clean and take around,” Yuan said. “Using tiny brushes is extremely annoying, and I would often find myself forgetting to take out my reusable straw when eating out.” “With a bracelet on, I could wear it around every day without noticing it, and whenever I decide to get a drink my straw would conveniently be right there,” he explained. At The Palms, we offer an affordable, After conducting more than 300 surall-inclusive lifestyle withveys chef-prepared and 40 interviewsmeals. plus doing extensive market research, Yuan and his team Let us handle life’s day-to-day chores, came with a few key features: BUFFY WICKS (D-Oakland) holds her • An openable yet functional reusable newborn in the Assembly at11:30 p.m. this allowing you to focus onstraw thethat moments ineasy lifeto clean is extremely past Monday. Speaker Anthony Rendon • A bracelet that covers the straw on denied her request to vote remotely. to be cherished and celebrated. the wrist to prevent germs and bacteria • A stylish design to spark conversivity and electing more women in politics sation/make a statement about keeping are core elements of our Democratic valoceans clean ues. Nevertheless, I failed to make sure our • To donate part of the proceeds to plastic cleanup nonprofits around the world process took into account the unique needs “Over the past few months, we have of our members. The Assembly needs to do worked for hours each day to turn our better. I commit to doing better.” idea into a reality,” Yuan said. “We have Maria Estrada, who is challenging RenON A MISSION to save the world’s oceans with one small invention, Harry Yuan of conducted market research, created prodon in the November election, told HMGCerritos is pictured holding his BluStraw image and silicone cylinder it will be made totypes, contacted manufacturers, and are CN, "I was saddened and angry to hear from. He and a group of teen’s simple idea is to create a reusable straw that can be worn almost ready to start product production.” Speaker Anthony Rendon failed to show as a bracelet, makingand it handy to use anytime, They have begun with an Indiegogo to basic consideration common sense by anywhere. Photo by Laurie Hanson. begin crowdfunding the idea, and raised not allowing Asm Buffy Wicks to have a about $500 in two days, but still need adproxy on her behalf. When a mother idea ofvote a reusable straw that doubles as a Though plastic straws 13001 aren’t the La larg-Mirada Blvd unnecessarily to BluStraw. put herself and her est contributor to plastic pollution in the ditional funding. “We’re currently trying stylish bracelethas – the to raise awareness, as well as crowdfund La Mirada, newborn child at risktoduring a globalout pan“We’re aiming keep plastic of ocean, Yuan and his team discovered that CA 90638 demic, we should all an takeenvironmentally pause and de- the whole idea to shift away from plastic through preorders and donations,” he addour oceans and start ed. mand better from ouraround representatives. friendly movement the globe,”The he to reusable straws is really a symbol of To become ‘a little drop’ in this moveSpeaker's empathy is why weidea do an eco-friendly future for all, he said. It said. “Welack haveofbeen working on this ment to save the ocean and for more infornot have why no is something they concluded through sosince thehealthcare beginninginofCalifornia, summer as there mation on the BluStaw’s IndieGoGo cammeaningful legislation beenpandemic.” written or cial media, friends, and the eco-friendly are few activities duehas to the paign (and to place an order to be filled passed on his watch that would mothOn Yuan’s team is Derrick Cai,help 16, of San community of the last decade. It is why by January 2021), please visit online at Jose,children Ashish and Basetty, 17, who of Fremont, ers, families need at Arthe they came up with a new reusable silicone www.// nav Jain, of San from Jose, their and Maddox very least16, empathy elected Yu, of- straw in the form of a bracelet for every16, of Evergreen. day living. ficials. "

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Cerritos teenager andtohis New Mother Forced team on making the world Vote Assembly Floor greenerThan one drop at a time Rather Remotely

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community newspapers across the Keeping It Flowing For You! of CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE Don’t letoutlets COVID-19 nation. These are critical to our democracy. When they can no NEEDS TO SAVE COMMUNITY longer Pete’s afford to continue reporting, Prevent Your Child’s communities lose a vital watchdog and NEWSPAPERS, IT'S EASY PLUMBING government business is hidden from

eliminated from the U.S. because of our newspapers are especially vulnerable to success inuctuations immunity through vaccinaeconomic and catastrophic tion. consequences, like closure. These don’t forget about getting a smallAnd publishers are scrambling to stay aoat by recommended cutting coverage, furloughing flu shot, annually by the reporters eliminating print of age CDC for and all children 6 months publication on certain days of theserious week. public view. Over 25 Years of Quality Service and older. Every year, flu causes BY DAVID CHAVERN They are expediting their transition Right now, many communities illness and death. This is especially imFamily Owned & Operated By Dr. Donna O’Shea, chief to digital-ďŹ rst publishing throughout California are suffering portant this year since it’sand stillexploring unknown medical officer of population health Fastpressed & Friendly Crew You’d be •hard to ďŹ nd an new methods for providing information the loss of their watchdogs. More than if being sick with COVID-19 and the management, UnitedHealthcare. industry that hasn’t been • Same Daynegatively Service to their communities as more readers a dozen newspapers have suspended flu at the same time will result in a more impacted by the •coronavirus pandemic. turn to these methods during the operations in the last ďŹ ve months, with Free Estimates severe illness. The COVID-19 pandemic has disBut when it comes to news publishing, crisis. However, cutting print days more planning to close in the coming • All Types of Repair Here are some important questions rupted the way of life in California, our the virus has accelerated some difďŹ cult disenfranchises speciďŹ c demographic months. and topics families can discuss with country and across the world. In recent CALL FOR trends, especially for INFORMATION small community groups, such as senior citizens and Last year, the California Legislature thier child’s doctor: months, stay-at-home orders, mask publishers. other residents who don’t have internet passed Assembly Bill 5 for how OR wearing and social distancing measures Ask(6%) whatorvaccines are aappropriate And now yet another blow to small access don’t have reliable businesses classify workers as have created “new normal,â€? and all of internet for yourconnection child’s age(up andtohow make newspapers in California is about to be 25%toof ruralup contractors oraemployees. In recognition us have put activities on hold to reduce any that have been missed. dealt, unless the state Legislature acts 3099 E. Pacific Coast Highway communities). Through losing their of the inapplicability of the legislation thethe spread the virus. activmore about includsoon. LONG BEACH localLearn newspaper, thesevaccines, groups are losing to newsof industry andBut the one economic *+2 +2 $041 ' 100) ity that you should not put on hold is a ing what theyand pre*+2 +2 $041 ' 100) A new report that CARDS the current MOSTwarns MAJOR CREDIT ACCEPTED their maininfectious source of diseases information headwinds facing community child’s annual visit. *+2 +2 $041 ' 100) health crisis may accelerate the closing vent,connection the effectiveness of vaccines, and )01 3*( 02 (11+302 their to the community. newspapers, thedoctor Legislature gave )01 3*( 02 (11+302 news As we start preparing for fall, there 4 Los Cerritos Community News - To advertise call 562-407-3873 how they are developed and strong tested. )01 3*( 02 (11+302 Keeping news publishers publishers a one-year exemption, but 0..4/+37 (62 is no better time than now to schedule 0..4/+37 (62 the isnewspapers inDiscuss the interest not only side ofvulnerable theeffects ofto when the extension ends in across December are common especially of community newspapers the 0..4/+37 (62 ''# , 0'-* 0'-* * -$$0 * -$$0 which . a well-child visitwill and make sure your ''# , . press, but of our greater democracy. 2020, forced childhood vaccines, are typically economic uctuations and catastrophic nation.publishers These outlets be are critical to ''# , # & , , * -$$0 . ,!% ,' -!$ 0'-* ,' , of at child’s immunization records are0'-* up When they such lacklike aassteady ow to newspaper as , # & , ,!% ,' -!$ 0'-* ,' , very mild, or swelling consequences, closure. These ourclassify democracy. Whencarriers they can no , # & , ,!% ,' -!$ 0'-* ,' , pain to date. According to the Centers for +( ! ! ,!'&+ , , / * +-(($! 0 information, suffer a lowslew employees. +( ! ! ,!'&+ , injection , / * communities +-(($! the site, andscrambling can 0 includeto small publishers are stay longer afford to continue reporting, +( ! ! ,!'&+ , , / * +-(($! 0 Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 0'- $ + +-* , , $$ , !& '* of ailments, from declining citizen This signiďŹ cant change to a business 0'- $ + +-* , , $$ , !& '* grade fever or rash. aoat by cutting coverage, furloughing communities lose a vital watchdog and 0'- $ + +-* , , $$ , !& '* “stay-at-home and shelter-in-place % ,!'& !+ '** , '** , & , increased , extra steps engagement to corruption and practice that has been in% ,!'& place% ,!'& for more reporters and printyour clinic !+ & ,eliminating , ,, government business is hidden from Find out what !+ '** , & , , , orders have resulted in declines in % ,+ 0'-* * )-!* % &,+ (- government than 100 years will have% ,+ the effect

publication on certain days of the public view. % ,+ 0'-* declining * )-!* % &,+ performance. (- is taking to children safely dur-week. 0'-* * )-!* % &,+ see (-

BY DAVID CHAVERN outpatient pediatric visits and$!+fewer vac- Fewer people run for ofďŹ ce and fewer * &&', $ * +('&+! $ '* of increasing the cost of newspaper 8 They are expediting their transition Right now, many communities $!+ * &&', $ * +('&+! $ '* ing COVID-19, such as dedicated or $!+ * &&', $ * +('&+! $ '* 8 8 cine doses being administered, leaving people vote. delivery by as much as 85%, a burden &0 !& '** , !& '*% ,!'& , , !+ '& to digital-ďŹ rst publishing and exploring throughout California are suffering 1 * !&+ & / *+ $ & 1 &0 !& '** , !& '*% ,!'& , , !+ '& &0 !& '** , !& '*% ,!'& , , !+ '& specific hours just for children, the use 1 * !&+ & / *+ $ & 1 1 * !&+ & / *+ $ & 1 You’d be hard pressed to ďŹ nd an children at their risk for vaccine-preventable At,methods a'& time when California’s that is unsustainable for, !& small publishers , !& !& , , !+ (*'' !+ new for providing information the loss of watchdogs. More than !& , '& !+ (*'' !+ , !& !& , '& , !+ (*'' !+ of masks, and maintaining secure and '(( * (!(!& 1 -*& + 1 , * , *+ '(( * (!(!& 1 -*& + 1 , * , *+ '(( * (!(!& 1 -*& + 1 , * , *+ industry that hasn’t been negatively unemployment rate is as alarming, lack that havenewspapers also recently been hit with to their communities readers adiseases.â€? dozen have suspended +! & + '** , 0 , . *,!+ * +! & + '** , 0 , . *,!+ * properly cleaned waitingmore areas. +! & + '** , 0 , . *,!+ * !* '& !,!'&!& 1 , * !(!& 1 0 *'" ,,!& impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. !* '& !,!'&!& 1 , * !(!& 1 0 *'" ,,!& Well-child visits are essential for of legislative action to extend the advertising revenue declines of 30% to !* '& !,!'&!& 1 , * !(!& 1 0 *'" ,,!& turnBe to sure thesetomethods during the of the operations in the last ďŹ ve months, with bring home a copy But when it comes to news publishing, tracking # , ,!& 1 , * ' , & *+ 1 !+('+ $+ for newspaper carriers 50% asplanning a growth result to ofand thedevelopmental coronavirus crisis. exemption # , ,!& 1 , * ' , & *+ 1 !+('+ $+ crisis. However, cutting print days more close in the coming # , ,!& 1 , * ' , & *+ 1 !+('+ $+ immunization record so you can the virus has accelerated some difďŹ cult milestones, examining social behaviors, ,' (*!&, + !+ ,' (*!&, + !+ will cause even more job losses. Ifkeep Local publishers have sounded the disenfranchises speciďŹ c demographic months. ,' (*!&, + !+

, %' $!& 1 # $'/ +,!& ( !*

, %' $!& 1 # $'/ +,!& ( !*

, %' $!& 1 # $'/ +,!& ( !* track of your child’s tests andcirculation shots, and trends, especially for small community andLast getting scheduled immunizations publishers areas forced limit alarm with California lawmakers, but groups, such seniortocitizens and year, the California Legislature +1(230/( -5' 016%-, 11661 Firestone Blvd. Norwalk also request a copy for school. +1(230/( -5' 016%-, to prevent illnesses like measles, polio publishers. areas for ďŹ nancial reasons, they will so far, they have not taken any steps to +1(230/( -5' 016%-, other residents who don’t have internet passed Assembly Bill 5 for how , , '&,* ,'* ! &+ , , '&,* ,'* ! &+ Remember, regular appointments and whooping cough. Just last year, And , , '&,* ,'* ! &+ now yet another blow to small have to reconďŹ gure carrier routes, address the devastating impact this will ,' (*!&, /!, , access (6%) or don’t a reliable businesses classify workers as ,' (*!&, /!, , have or family ,' (*!&, /!, , 24 SERVICE with your pediatrician ! " the U.S. hadormore than 1,250 cases of newspapers in HOUR California is about to be reduce home deliveries and cease daily have on both publishers andInreaders. ! " internet connection (up to 25% ofphysirural contractors employees. recognition !& ! , & + ! " !& ! , & + cian can be essential to help maintain measles — the greatest number of cases publication, which means thousands of dealt, unless the state Legislature acts Small community and ethnic !& ! , & + communities). Through losing their of the inapplicability of the legislation your child’s health. To learn more about reported in the U.S. since 1992, which is local newspaper, these groups are losing soon. to the news industry and the economic recommended preventive care forand your all the more striking when we consider A new report warns that the current their main source of information headwinds facing community $ child, visit CDC and that 20 years ago, measles was declared health crisis may accelerate the closing . *,!+ * +! & ,-* and Democrats among ex-felons who their connection to the community. newspapers, the Legislature gave news . *,!+ * +! & ,-* . *,!+ * +! & ,-* are not publishers strong Keeping publishers a one-year exemption, but PROP 17 democracy. First not observed 2012, it has ofonly parolees in Caliis inThe thepopulation interest ofinthe when the extension ends in December ! ((1,/* 4 -07,/* 02 $05 2020, Continued from page 1 ! quicklyis gained momentum and nearly three fornia disproportionately Black and press, but of our greater democracy. publishers will be forced ! millionthey voters have registered to vote, to Latino. In 2016, 26% of California’s When lack a steady ow of to classify newspaper carriers as the right to vote. (At the time, in Florida, date, on this communities holiday. orgaparole population was Thousands Black (evenof information, suffer a slew employees. all felons - even if they’d completed nizations and volunteers organize to ensure though only 6% of California’s overall of ailments, from declining citizen This signiďŹ cant change to a business their prison sentence - were disquali- population andand 40% of California’s our family, was) friends, neighbors are and regengagement to increased corruption practice that has been in place for more ďŹ ed from voting.) A study of this policy 2%-(2 &(11+302/(62 /(3 Latino. Caliisteredpopulation to vote andwas ready to castIna ballot. declining government performance. than 100 will have the effectof ex- parole 6(2 $(%23 0) 5%-,48 !(26,&( found thatyears the partisan afďŹ liations 2%-(2 &(11+302/(62 /(3 fornia, Black voters and Latino voters, Every year millions of Americans find Fewer people run for ofďŹ ce and fewer of increasing the cost of newspaper 2%-(2 &(11+302/(62 /(3 %.,-8 7/(' 1(2%4(' felons roughly matched partisan trends # BY TAMMYE MCDUFF according to the California Public Policy people vote. themselves unable to vote because the delivery by as much as 85%, a burden observed in the general public, with # 9 %34 2,(/'-8 2(7 Institute, tend to vote Democrat by a # At a time when California’s that is unsustainable for small publishers missed a registration deadline, didn’t upthe overwhelming majority of Black arealso facing one of the hit most impor9 !%.( %8 !(26,&( margin. signiďŹ cant unemployment rate isor alarming, lack how thatWe have recently with date their registration are not sure ex-felons registering as been Democrats and a tant elections of our lifetime. Whether you However, most research also sugof legislative action to extend the advertising declines of 30% to to register. On Tuesday, September 22nd, 9 2(( 34,.%4(3 roughly evenrevenue split between Republicans vote Democrat, Republican or one of over gests that voter turnout amongst exemption for newspaper carriers 50% as a result of the coronavirus crisis. volunteers and organizations frompaall over 9 -- "81(3 0) (1%,2 50 other parties, did you know there is a rolees would be very low. The in Florida will cause even more job losses. If Local publishers have sounded the the country will hit the streets a single " above that, and Legal Marijuana Now lawmakers, Party; it is the publishers are forced tofound limit circulation alarm with California butyear study day ofmentioned coordinated field, technology los heard. cerritos among those eligible to vote, only 16 to make your voice A national efareas for ďŹ nancial reasons, they will so far, they have not taken any steps to media efforts to create a broader awareness community percent of black ex-felons and 12 perfort to strengthen our democracy by raishave to reconďŹ gure carrier routes, address the devastating impact this will newspaper of voter registration opportunities, reachof all felons of voted in the 2016 reduce home deliveries and cease daily have on both publishers and readers. ing awareness of registering to vote on cent ing tens ofother thousands voters who may election. means thousands of Small community ethnic %&,),& 0%34 ,*+7%8 September 22, 2020 isand known as National publication, not otherwisewhich register. Another foundways that to only ~13 by Voter RegistrationFollow Day. us! There arestudy numerous register @cerritosnews percent of ex-felons in Iowa who had !" " ! " National Voter Registration Day is a social media outreach, registering online their to voteex-felons in even onright Facebook. Inrestored 2019, although nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating our gotten and Democrats among who are not Black. PROP 17 SEWER & DRAIN CLEAN-OUTS • FAUCETS • VIDEO SEWER INSPECTION • GAS LINES The population of parolees in Cali ((1,/* 4 -07,/* 02 $05 BENEFITS Continued from page 1 fornia is disproportionately Black and OF COPPER REPIPING: R Increased water pressure the right to vote. (At the time, in Florida, Latino. In 2016, 26% of California’s R No more rusty or discolored water parole population was Black (even R Being to use-more thanif one faucet atcompleted a time all able felons even they’d R No more leaky pipes though only 6% of California’s overall prison sentence - were disqualiR Notheir scalding in the shower when someone turns on a faucet population was) and 40% of California’s R Greater mind ďŹ ed peace fromofvoting.) A study of this policy selling point for your property 6(2 $(%23 0) 5%-,48 !(26,&( R Positive found that the partisan afďŹ liations of ex- parole population was Latino. In California, Black voters and Latino voters, %.,-8 7/(' 1(2%4(' felons roughly matched partisan trends according to the California Public Policy observed in the general public, with WE USE 9 %34 2,(/'-8 2(7 Institute, tend to vote Democrat by a the overwhelming majority of Black 9 !%.( %8 !(26,&( ex-felons registering as Democrats and a signiďŹ cant margin. EQUIPMENT However, most research also sug9 2(( 34,.%4(3 roughly even split between Republicans gests that voter turnout amongst pa9 -- "81(3 0) (1%,2 rolees would be very low. The Florida OFF study mentioned above found that, WITH THIS AD! " los cerritos among those eligible to vote, only 16 community percent of black ex-felons and 12 pernewspaper cent of all other felons voted in the 2016 CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE election. %&,),& 0%34 ,*+7%8 (562) 924-2565 • (714) 527-5300 Another study found that only ~13 Follow us! 20014 State Road, CERRITOS @cerritosnews percent of ex-felons in Iowa who had BEFORE !" AFTER " ! " Bonded & Insured • California Contractors Lic. #458625 S E W E R L O CAT I O N • WA L L & F L O O R H E AT E R S • C I R C U L AT I N G P U M P S gotten their right to vote restored in

Annual Doctor Visit

800-21-4PETES 562-599-0106



863-57 17 863-57 17 (562) 868-7777 863-57 17 868-7 777777 868-7 7 7ad! 7 20 868-7 off with this



National Voters Registration Day is September 22




" !




" !

AUGUST 7, SEPTEMBER 4,2020 2020

Artesia Helping Local Businesses During COVID STAFF REPORT Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a local emergency by the Artesia City Council, the City has taken many steps to support the local business community. carrier will be eliminated. Theroutes steps include finding ways to To flexibly save California newspapers, at a work with businesses to help them stay open in accordance with health minimum, the Legislature must extend guidelines, connecting to will resources, the exemption to AB 5,them which and encouraging residents to shop and provide newspapers with more time dine locally. to get past COVID-related advertising On March thetheir Cityoperations was one of declines and to25th, adjust the first in the region, and remains one of to meet changing consumption patterns. the only cities locally, to put in place its In addition, to further aid ethnic and own residential and commercial eviction community news publishers, the 7, 2020 AUGUST moratorium to protect businesses from Legislature should prioritize these eviction due to the impacts of COVIDoutlets for public outreach ads. Not 19. onlyThe willCity thishas helpalso provide residents worked with with access to key local resources and partners such as the Artesia Chamber public health information, it willLos help of Commerce and the Southeast Angeles County Workforce Development these community outlets bridge the Board to gap promote available grant and ďŹ nancial without any additional loan funding for businesses to support state funding. their operations, and maintains a dediIf California’s lawmakers don’t cated resource information page for act soon to helpand community news businesses on the City's website. publishers, they risk losing a vital The City has also worked together local voice for their constituents – and with local businesses identify ways to carrier routes will be to eliminated. themselves. be flexible while maintaining safety at in a To save California newspapers, David Chavern is president Planning and Code Enforcement to help minimum, the Legislature mustAlliance, extend and CEO of News Media businesses advertise and operate safely the exemptionthe to AB 5,industry’s which will news largest outside, and has put in place a temporary provide newspapers with more time trade organization, david@ permit program that cut fees and waiting to get past COVID-related advertising periods for restaurants to stay open with declines and to adjust their operations outdoor dining. to meet changing To learn more,consumption visit the City'spatterns. website In addition, to further at 2009 and 2010 voted inaid theethnic 2012 and presicommunity newsmuch publishers, dential election, smallerthe than the Legislature should prioritize considered an off year election, ~55% turnout rate observed inthese the473,725 whole outlets public outreach ads. Not citizensfor registered to vote, three times the electorate that year. only willyear’s this help provide residents techGiven the low turnout typically previous record. By leveraging observed among ex-felons and the 20,000 with access to key local resources and nology and the reach of more than Democratic party’s dominance in recent public health information, it will volunteers, voters can sign up for help election statewide elections -absentee Governor Newsom these community bridge the and reminders, requestoutlets ballots and Brown won each of the ďŹ nancial gap without any additional learnGovernor about early voting options. last 3 gubernatorial elections by over stateAsfunding. an impartial public holiday celebrat1,000,000 votes - prop 17 would hardly If California’s lawmakers don’t ed by a diverse coalition of organizations make a dent in statewide election react to help across community andsoon individuals, variousnews sectors and sults. Even at the local level, where prop publishers, they risk losing a vital across the country, National Voter Regis17 has the potential to be most relevant local voice for their constituents – and tration Day is the perfect opportunity to get politically, only a handful of races were themselves. involvedby noless matter partyvotes you in support decided thanwhat 10,000 David Chavern is president or which issues matter most to you. recent years. If your right vote means anything to and CEO of News Media Alliance, Currently, 19to states allow parolees you, make you are registered. Today, the news industry’s largest to vote. Thesure passage of prop 17 would be perhaps thetrade most progressive more than ever; we organization, need to ensureshift that in our david@ California’s electoral policy since the communities are civically engaged and state ex-felons readybegan to castallowing their ballots. Make(who your had vote completed their prison sentence/parole) count, visit www.nationalvoterregistrato voteand in 1974. 2009 2010 voted in the 2012 presidential election, much smaller than the ~55% turnout rate observed in the whole electorate that year. Given the low turnout typically observed among ex-felons and the Democratic party’s dominance in recent statewide elections - Governor Newsom and Governor Brown won each of the last 3 gubernatorial elections by over 1,000,000 votes - prop 17 would hardly make a dent in statewide election results. Even at the local level, where prop 17 has the potential to be most relevant politically, only a handful of races were decided by less than 10,000 votes in recent years. Currently, 19 states allow parolees to vote. The passage of prop 17 would be perhaps the most progressive shift in California’s electoral policy since the state began allowing ex-felons (who had completed their prison sentence/parole) to vote in 1974.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 14 Los Cerritos Community News -

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5 Los Cerritos Community News - AUGUST 7, 2020

CancerBUSINESSES Society to RECEIVE ASSISTANCE HHDC Celebrates 100th Anniv. of the Women’s Right to Vote AmericanLOCAL hold virtual FROM Relay for THELife NORWALK LOAN PROGRAM STAFF REPORT


Photo by Tobi Balma

THE HUBERT HUMPHREY DEMOCRATIC CLUB of Cerritos members commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote. They also hosted a ZOOM program; more than 60 people participated, including Rep. Linda Sanchez.

The Hubert Humphrey Democratic Cub of Cerritos, and the neighboring communities, celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote by hosting a ZOOM program where more than 60 people participated. Among the participants were Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, Cerritos City Councilman Frank Yokoyama and previous councilmenber Mark Pulido, and ABC School Board members Ernie Nishii, Olga Rios, and Sophia Tse. It was made possible by many people who agreed to tape the speeches of the suffragists who fought so hard for their independence. It included HHHDC Member Norma Williamson, with assistance from three-time Cerritos Mayor Diana Needham, Members Anantha Ramachandran, Linda Hernandez, member Ernie Niche, and Co-President Larry Caballero. During the one-hour ZOOM broadcast,

viewers learned the difficulties women had to endure to finally achieve victory. Abigail Adams wrote to her husband, as he was discussing with the Founding Fathers about how the Constitution should be written, that "I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them.” Shown below are some of the HHHDC members who posed for a photo after the presentation at the Sculpture Garden next to City Hall. Included are Larry Caballero who is holding the sign with members Beverly Porter, Jennifer Roth Osorio, and Leo Perez, Norma Williamson and husband Alan,, Frank Yokoyama, Mark and Gloria Pulido with family, Ernie Nishii with daughter, Olga Rios, Mary Ann Tipton and husband and retired judge Alan, Tina Cho, Anantha Ramachandran and wife, and Diana Needham.

Amazon’s drone delivery plan clears key FAA hurdle

Retail behemoth Inc. took a big leap toward delivering goods from the sky by becoming one of only a handful of companies certified by the U.S. government to operate as a drone airline. WRD The Federal Aviation Administration Continued from page designated Amazon Prime Air1an “air carrier,” company said Monday. That a This the project is made possible through allows Amazon to begin its first compartnership with the United States Geologmercial deliveries in theWRD’s U.S. under a trial ical Survey (USGS). partnership program, using the high-tech devices with the USGS saves ratepayer unveiled that purpose last year. WRDforhas been monitoring groundwaAmazon and its competitors ter in the Central and West Coast must Basins for still someThis imposing regulatory and is overclear 50 years. monitoring program technical hurdles before small packages integral to WRD’s work and consists of a holding likes than of cat300 food or toothpaste networkthe of more monitoring wells can routinely be dropped off people’s at 60 locations throughout theatDistrict. homes. thewells actionwill shows they’ve TheBut new be that installed and convinced the government they’re ready drilled approximately 2,100 feet deep. to operate in the highly regulated aviation The wells will provide comprehensive sector. data of groundwater levels and quality in Amazon joins the Alphabet Inc. aquifers within theWing, Montebello Forebay. subsidiary, and United Parcel Service Inc. The Forebay is vital to Southern Los as companies that have received Angeles County’s water supply.FAA The 43 cities within WRD’s jurisdiction use about

approval to operate under the federal regulations governing charter operators and small airlines. Amazon and other hopingof 250,000 acre-feet (82companies billion gallons) to revolutionize the retail world with water annually. The Forebay conserves drones have made significant strides 150,000 acre-feet (48.9 billion gallons) in recent years. They’ve invented new adeach year. WRD employs the most devices shown, to at maintain least on ahigh-qualilimvanced and technology ited scale,for that they’reofcapable ty water millions peopleof inflying Los Angeles County. relatively long distances and carrying the “Thenecessary Water Replenishment payloads for packages.District always todeliveries be proactive monitoring Butstrives routine are in most likely groundwater quality” said WRD President still years off. Vera Roblesother DeWitt, representing Among things, the rules District will re-5 and the City of Paramount. “The construcquire all but the smallest such devices to tion of these wells isand an investment broadcast theirtwo identities location, toin our future to create a drought-resilient and minimize the risks of terrorism or striking locally-sustainable water supply.” other aircraft. Director Allen, representing District Similar standards for the design and 3 and the City of Cerritos, added “WRD manufacturing of drones and acceptable is proud of its commitment to delivering levels of noise also need to be developed. quality water to pumpers and residents In the FAA to develop a in addition, our region. Thesehasnew wells support new air-traffic system to track low-altiWRD’s mission to protect and preserve tude and maintain order in highdrone qualityflights groundwater.” the skies.


The American Cancer Society will hold • Local Delivery Available a virtual Relay for Life event on Sunday, • We Are A Compounding Pharmacy September 27 from 1 to 3 p.m. • Ask About Our Weight Loss Program This year’s virtual event will include an opening ceremony; welcome from city 11515 PIONEER ARTESIA BLVD. BLVD. 17623 officials; a Survivor Ceremony, including ARTESIA ARTESIA a Survivor Car Parade that was held and 562-402-1000 recorded on August 8; a Fight Back Cere562-402-1000 fax 562-402-2471 mony for those with cancer; and a Rememfax 562-402-2471 ARTESIA brance Ceremony. 176th ST Donations can be made through the Relay for Life Greater Long Beach website. Visit and search for GRIDLEY “Team Cerritos” to make a donation. For Stan Winters, R.Ph more information, contact City of Cerritos Community Services Supervisor Emely WELCOME Merina at (562)RELIEF: 916-1252.88 King Chinese Fast Food & Donut was awarded over $4,000 under Norwalk's program.

Cerritos observes Labor Day STAFF STAFFREPORT REPORT

Cerritos City willhas be closed Norwalk, CAHall/Clerk – COVID-19 on Monday, September 7 inthroughout observance greatly impacted businesses of Day. The Cerritos Library SidetheLabor nation. businesses are walkRecognizing Service willthat not small be available. Cerrithe Iron-Wood backbone ofNine our neighborhoods, and tos Golf Course will be that a healthy business environment is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Reservations essential to the well-being of the comare required munity, the of Norwalk launched the No streetCity sweeping and trash pick-up Economic Recovery Stimulus Program. on Labor Day. Schedules will be delayed Theday program of one timeweek by one for theconsists remainder of the loans of up to $35,000 at 0% interest. through Saturday. The COW and Dial-AFunds must be used for lease/rent/mortRide transit services will not operate. gage, and/or utility payments, supplies to

ARC from page 8 RATES

Continued page 1 lighting minimize the from need for electric and create energy savings. night, the Cerritos City Council approved Through meticulous planning, WRD the Calmet requested rate increases by a reduced waste and maximized recycling vote of 3-2. Naresh, Chuong and Bruce during the construction of ARC by divoted yes to approve the rate increases. verting 75 percent of construction waste Grace and I voted no." from the landfill. Yokoyama continued, "Grace,a Mark “WRD is excited to receive PlatiPulido and I also voted to Calmet num Certification from no LEED for ourrate Alincreases in 2018. Interestingly, Calmet bert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental was ready to mail Learning,” trash bills said withWRD the President Vera Robles DeWitt. “Many higher rates the very next day Friday, and eco-conscious decisions were made durCerritos residents received those higher ing the construction of ARC. This project trash bills Monday. As I explained at last will serve millions of people through the our Thursday’s City Council meeting, water recycling facilityapproved and educational Calmet rate increases by Naexhibits.” resh, Chuong and Bruce means Cerritos ARC also offers a state-of-the-art residents and businesses will pay Calmet learning center that immerses visitors an additional eight million dollars over into an interactive educational experience the remaining seven years of the confocused on the history of water in the retract. gion"and the importance of groundwater.

help prevent the spread of COVID-19 or D WITH under costs withIErequirements T SATISF t NOassociated HOUSE current department guidelines. RRENT UR CU YOhealth Loans T? to be forgiven. ENpotential YMthe PAhave To qualify for the Business Loan ED YOU NK TURN Program, a business must: t BIG BA Be located WN?in Norwalk, employ DO 20 staff or less (including the owner) andIpossess a valid Norwalk can help you withBusiness that. License. Additional requirements are detailed at DeAnna Allensworth For more information, call the Broker -please Advisor Community Development Department at Phone: 562-533-5600 (562) 929-5951. CA DRE 01443787 NMLS 206457

Metro Deploys First 60foot Zero Emission Bus

Metro) hasNews deployed its first zero emisWhen sion electric bus on the G You Want ItLine in the San Fernando Valley The deployment is the first of 40 electric buses that will be put into service by the end of 2020. “Even as we confront the immediate challenge of COVID-19, we are making a long-term investment a healthier, more HEWS M E D Iin A GROUP sustainable future with the delivery of this Winner ofbus Eight L.A. Pressthe Club Awards 2012-2015 first electric on G Line,” said Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti. The electric buses cost $1.15 million each in a total project valued at over $80 million. This project includes the deployment of the electric buses and associated charging equipment and infrastructure improvements. The new buses will be capable of recharging at various points along the G Line (Orange).


Los Cerritos Community News -

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L.A. County Supervisors Approve $1.4 million for UCLA Health Mobile Stroke Unit BY BRIAN HEWS

FOURTH DISTRICT Supervisor Janice Hahn in front of a Mobile Stroke Unit that allows medical professionals to diagnose and treat strokes in the field.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn launched the Mobile Stroke Unit in 2018 aimed at responding to stroke-related emergency calls in Cerritos, Artesia, Bellflower, Lakewood, Paramount, Signal Hill, Hawaiian Gardens, Norwalk, La Mirada and the area of unincorporated Whittier. And the Supervisors reently approved another $1.4 million in funding so it can continue operating through 2021. A Mobile Stroke Unit is a specialized ambulance equipped with a portable CT scanner that allows medical professionals to diagnose and treat strokes in the field. By eliminating debilitating delays in treat-

ment, mobile stroke units can save lives and prevent or reduce the long-term brain damage and disability associated with strokes. The region where the Mobile Stroke Unit will operate has one of the county’s highest levels of stroke-related incidents. In the past year, Los Angeles County Fire has responded to 818 stroke-related calls in the nine cities where the unit will operate, with 221 of those calls coming from Cerritos alone. The Mobile Stroke Unit is part of a pilot program launched by UCLA Health and funded by the Arlene and Henry Gluck Foundation and the County of Los Angeles.



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The Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board (SELACO WDB), located in Cerritos, serves the residents of Artesia, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, Norwalk and Paramount. SELACO WDB receives Federal and State funds to support job seekers in need of employment assistance and local business with their training and hiring needs. The SELACO WDB has received over $1 million in funding designed specifically to support job seekers and business impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Current funding includes: Training and Job Search Assistance: SELACO WDB offers no cost job search assistance and training opportunities to those who are out of work or lookTo advertise call ing562-407-3873 to build their skills. Virtual job search workshops are available online, one-onone career counseling and training is available to those who qualify. In addition, Employment Development Department (EDD) representatives are available. Special Support Services:

Individuals who have lost their jobs or have had their work hours reduced due to COVID-19 may be eligible for cash assistance to cover rent, utilities, transportation and other essential needs. Eligible candidates will receive between $400 to $800. If you have been impacted financially please call (562) 402-9336. Receive up to $5,000 in grant funding! The Small Business Revitalization Fund (SBRF) Grant Opens on 09/08/2020 at 10:00 a.m. If you are a business who has been affected by Covid-19 and operate within the cities of Artesia, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, Norwalk or Paramount you may be eligible for up to $5,000 in funding. Visit AUGUST 7, 2020 our website for details www.selacowdb. com/public-notices/ or call (562) 402-9336 and ask to speak to Ciera Luevano our Business Services Representative. Call (562) 402-9336. Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to make an appointment today!


JOIN LA MIRADA’S BUSINESS WATCH The City of La Mirada remains committed to maintaining public safety as the City's highest priority. Through the Business Watch Program, La Mirada's Public Safety Team works cooperatively with local businesses to promote community safety and deter crime. Business Watch is a crime prevention program dedicated to helping keep the business community safe. The program strengthens communication between businesses and the Public

Safety Team to solve crime-related issues. Through this program, businesses also receive information on current crime trends affecting the community and helpful information on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. If you are interested in joining the Business Watch Program or receiving additional information on crime prevention, contact the Community Sheriff's Station at (562) 902-2960.

STATE SEN. BOB ARCHULETA at the backpack giveaway at Rose Hills Memorial Park. The backpacks contained needed school supplies. “Although the upcoming school year will look different because of the safety precaution of distance learning put in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our students still need necessary tools for a productive learning experience, I commend businesses, such as Rose Hills, for providing assistance," said Archuleta.

Offering safe, affordable and reliable ous community events here. We wanted medical waste management services to our clients to help but didn’t want to host another


Medical Dialysis Centers On Sunday, August 2nd, Rose Hills food distribution event. We wanted to Dental Skilled Nursing Facilities Memorial ParkSurgical and Mortuary along with know what our Centers Bloodcommunity Laboratories was in need Long Term Care Medical Office Buildings State Senator Bob Archuleta distributed of right now. Education Veterinary Funeral Homesis still going to over 1,000 backpacks filled with neces- happen and students Hazardous Waste Tattoo Shops will always require Assisted Living Centers sary school supplies to local students of supplies.” Government Agencies all grade levels from kindergarten to colInterested families were required to Waste Analysis! lege level.Contact us for a FREE preregister online and had to present their “Although the upcoming school year registration confirmation at the drive will look different because of the safety through distribution. precaution of distance learning put in Rose Hills has also partnered with the place to help prevent theWeb: spread of the local school district to help supply each coronavirus, our students still need nec- school with pencils, crayons, paper and essary tools for a productive learning backpacks. experience, whether in a classroom or The Back to School Giveaway is one



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LAKEWOOD hosts drive-in including local restaurants who offer special discounts with drive-in ‘car hops.’ The Rotary Club of Lakewood serves popcorn and snacks for all vehicles. $10 per car for Lakewood Residents and $15 per car for non-residents.

BY TAMMYE MCDUFF Over the last several years most cities have added family movie night to their lineup of summer activities. There may have been the addition of food trucks, live music or games for the kids. Due to the pandemic going to the movies has become a much missed activity. But don’t give up; the city of Lakewood is bringing back the Saturday night drive-in movies. Innovative cities have transitioned from crowded parks to setting up massive parking lot screens inspired by the old fashioned American drive-in movie. The logistics might be a challenge, but it is quickly becoming the best reimagined family activity ever. Spearheaded by Lakewood city employees and brought to life by Lakewood Shopping Center staff, the drive-in movie experience is a message to the Lakewood and surrounding communities that even during the pandemic, you can still plan to have an entertaining evening with friends and family. Annette Norwood, Sr. Marketing Manager at Lakewood Center stated that the community has been very supportive during the pandemic, “When the Center was completely closed down, there was

still the notion that we could offer our summer events. But when re-openings just kept being pushed further back, we realized that we needed to shift our attentions into full creative mode.” In addition to the movies, local restaurants are offering special discounts with drive-in ‘car hops’ and Rotary Club of Lakewood, has popcorn and snacks covered for all vehicles. “We are actually offering goodie bags to all the families that attend,” said Juan Arreola, President, Lakewood Rotary Club. Mayor Todd Rogers added, “Everybody just needs a break. This has been a very long past few months, and who knows how much longer this will continue. Here is away for the City to host an event, and have some fun in a very safe and responsible way.” Saturday, September 5th movie is ‘Toy Story 4’. Each car will receive a free goody bag provided by Assembly Member Anthony Rendon and Applebee’s. Registration for Lakewood residents open on September 12th, for ‘The Princess Bride’ which will be held September 19th. The fee is $10 per car for Lakewood Residents and $15 per car for non-residents. To register visit

Proposal to Rename Downey Chamber in Honor of Councilman BY TAMMYE MCDUFF The Downey Chamber of Commerce building has received a new name as the ‘David Gafin Downey Chamber of Commerce’ in honor of former Mayor and longtime council member. Consistent with the past practice of naming city facilities for past council members who have made considerable impacts to the community by length of service and commitment to the community that has made a positive impact, the Downey City Council has been asked to consider this request. Gafin served on the Downey City Council from December 2004 to December 2012 and was instrumental in many key actions that have been beneficial to the community, including the creation of the Rio San Gabriel Dog Park, bringing Porto’s Bakery and a farmers market to Downtown Downey.

Winning his seat on the Council, Gafin immediately put his accounting expertise to work and was instrumental in Downey growing their financial reserves. When the global financial crisis hit in 2008, the City was able to ride it out without disruption of programs or services. Actively, involved in the community, Gafin volunteered extensively with the Downey Chamber of Commerce as a board member, president, and lifetime ambassador. He was also a past president of Gangs Out of Downey and a two time past president of Downey Los Amigos Kiwanis. He was a longtime supporter of the Downey Rose Float Association and Downey Theatre. Gafin lost his battle to cancer in June of this year, he was 65. A plaque, signage and related ceremony will be forth coming.

large swaths of LA County, has raised $1,592,399. When running for office, most We organized the donors who’ve political candidates establish campaign contributed to Sanchez’s committee or committees to which individual donors Bass’s committee in the most recent can contribute up to $2800. These com- quarter into categories based on the mittees must disclose their donors and industry with which they are affiliated. how much they raise and spend. HMG “Healthcare” represents pharmaanalyzed the Federal Election Comceutical/biotech, “Finance” represents mission filings of the top 2 candidate investment banking/venture capitalcommittees in each of California’s 53 ism, “Union” represents labor unions, NEW NORMAL: PPE vending machine at LAX offers everything the traveller needs, congressional races. “Entertainment” represents film/teleeven N95 masks. The machines offer touch-free payment options. According to our research, the aver- vision, “Legal” represents law firms, age amount of money raised by each of and “Consulting” represents business the top 2 candidate committees in the consultants. “Other” represents donors hard are surfaces. STAFF REPORT California congressional races of the who self-employed, retired, affiliErbacci, airport’s chief 2020 election cycle, as of June 30th, atedJustin with PACs, or the in an industry not exIn what is the new normalcontinue and is $2,295,692. If candidates listed above. The graphs below display ecutive officer, said in a statement that another nod to the battle against the to raise money at the same rate, their what we found. the machines are part of the airport’s coronavirus,- travelers passing committees on average - will through raise Sanchez’s top donors include the efforts to keep passengers safe Carrithough Los AngelesbyInternational Airport can $2,805,836 the November election. National Association of Letter “rigorous cleanings, technology by caners (a union for Postalnew Workers), the nowThe buyaverage masks,amount gloves, spent hand sanitizer didate committees, as of June 30th, isin American Federationtouch-free of Teachers, the and an increasingly experiand other PPE at vending machines $1,744,039, which would translate to American Institute of Certified Public most of the airport's terminals. ence from curb to gate.” It also helps totalThe spending byHudson elecAccountants, Dell Technologies, H&R airportof is $2,131,602 working with travelers comply with LAX’s mandation day. Block, and the Charles Schwab CorGroup and PepsiCo Beverages North tory facial-covering policy. The committees that have raised America to install the machines in areas poration. Bass’s top donors include Some of the prices include: on the departures level inside terminals • Digital thermometer — $9.99 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and the Tom Bradley • N95 mask — $6.99 International Terminal in the pre-secuirty areas. • Two-pack of disposable face The units offer a touch-free payment masks — $4.50 option that accommodates tap-to-pay • Ten-pack of nitrile gloves — $7.99 credit card or mobile-payment plat• Four-ounce container of hand forms, including Apple Pay, Google sanitizer — $6.99 Pay and Samsung Pay. Each machine has an anti-microbial shield installed on The machines are restocked daily.

Hawaiian Gardens Needs to Step up Census Participation

PIE CHARTS showing top donors per category for Rep. Linda Sanchez and Rep. Karen Bass. Sanchez has raised nearly $879,000 for the period while Bass tallied nearly $1.6 million. Chart by Bala Thenappen. However, as of August 4, just 60.7% STAFF REPORT of Hawaiian Gardens residents have rethe Nationwide most moneyand thusinfar naturallyas Amazon, the Women’s Committee, the sponded among the state’s 480 incorpoCalifornia belong incumbenttocandidates who American for Justice, and a whole,toresponses the 2020 Cenrated cities.Association And for every person who are competitive Davita healthcare prosus high-profile are on track,or asin more than 62%races: of does not(arespond, thecompany Californiathat DepartKevin McCarthy (R, $16,848,453), vides kidney dialysis services). ment of Finance estimates that state households have responded online or Devin Nunes (R,mail $16,317,300), Nancy committees just andCandidate local governments willrepresent lose out on by phone, or by if they received Pelosi $14,445,038), Adam one mechanism which candidates for a paper(D, questionnaire in the mailSchiff or on $1,000 a year in by federal funding tied to (D, and Darrell Issa congress can money. “PACs”, or population forraise the next 10 years. their$12,350,322), doorstep. (R, However, $8,221,308), Katie Porter (D, political committees, collect it isand vitally important that Now action more than ever, yourcan response $8,199,532). up to $5,000 from each donor, make to the 2020 Census matters. Respondeveryone be counted. Results from the Linda Sanchez, expenditures, andfirst contribing is easier than ever. For the 2020 Census informrepresentative planning and of fund- independent California’s congressional disute to you candidate committees, ing decisions38th for such critical public time, can respond online.national And the trict (which covers Cerritos, Artesia, party and other PACs. censusorganizations, asks just a few questions and services as hospitals and health care, Bellflower, Lakewood among other A particular of PAC,totherespond. “Super takes only a type few minutes emergency and disaster- response – and neighborhoods) since 2002, has raised canhaven’t raise unlimited amounts So, if you responded, pleaseof do schools and education programs. In fact, PAC”, $878,899 so far in the 2020 election money from donors but cannot contribcensus results will shape decisions about so today, and urge your family, friends, cycle - belowofthe statewide average. ute to candidate how billions dollars in federal funds anddirectly neighbors to respondcommittees too. For more Karen Bass, another local can not coordinate spending with information, visit https://2020census. flow into communities eachcongresyear for the and sional representative who represents political candidates. gov/en/ways-to-respond.html. next decade.


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VICTORY GARDENS were common during World War I and II when people were encouraged to grow their own foods to supplement their household needs and open the food supply for the troops. People would grow fast-yield crops in virtually any open soil, whether that be on their properties or in community gardens.

uarantine and social distancing have inspired renewed interest in gardening and home cooking. These two activities go hand-in-hand as people grow their own produce and herbs that can be plucked just steps from the kitchen where they can whip up tasty creations. In fact, this movement revived the concept of victory gardens, which help people become more self-reliant during challenging times. What is a victory garden? Victory gardens were common during World War I and II when people were encouraged to grow their own foods to supplement their household needs and open the food supply for the troops. People would grow fast-yield crops in virtually any open soil, whether that be on their properties or in community gardens. Victory gardens are trending in summer 2020 because people want to positively utilize their space while spending time at home. In fact, more than half (55%) of American adults are gardening or caring for their lawn during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a survey of 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults by Wakefield Research for Miracle-Gro. Growing a victory garden with your family is a wonderful way to bond, enjoy fresh air and lower your grocery bill. With the surge in cooking at home, many Americans are discovering the joy of using fresh items from their gardens. Two-thirds (67%) of adults are growing or plan to grow edible plants, including vegetables (52%), herbs (33%) and fruits (31%), according to the survey. How to get the most out of your victory garden Proper care will help ensure a bountiful harvest from your victory garden. Miracle-Gro's Sara Eff, scientist in gardens at R&D, offers these helpful tips for getting the most out of some of the most popular garden plants: Add supports: As garden plants grow, many need a little support. This helps keep leaves out of the dirt, prevents many diseases and strengthens against the elements. For example, pepper plants should be staked to help support the main stem. Tomatoes benefit from a cage to protect the fruitbearing branches. Plants like peas, beans

and cucumbers love to climb a trellis, plus it makes it easier to pick them. Nourish well: Like a multivitamin for your garden, you may consider supercharging your plants with Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules made from a mix of natural and organic ingredients. Specially formulated for growing tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and fruits, you simply apply dry and water in to start feeding. This can help plants grow faster, stronger and promotes higher yields than unfed plants. Water wisely: Be aware of precipitation and how much Mother Nature is providing. Use a water gauge to help if needed. Gardens need about 1 inch of water per week, but you may need to supply more depending on heat and drought conditions. Keep in mind, deeper watering every few days is ideal rather than quick sprinkles, with the early morning hours best to avoid evaporation. To pinch or not to pinch: Small unnecessary stems and leaves can be pruned or hand pinched to stimulate growth upward. For example, tomato suckers are small leaves off the main stem. Any below the lowest set of flowers can be removed or pinched off. Be sure to research proper trimming per plant variety as each one is unique. For example, when a basil plant blooms at the top, you pinch it off so that the leaves stay intact. However, you would never pinch tomato flowers because that's what turns into fruit. Second harvests: With a bit of smart planning, you can enjoy multiple harvests that provide fresh foods into fall. Early maturing crops like lettuce, radishes and beets can be replanted mid to late summer and provide another round of produce. For second plantings, choose fast-maturing, disease-resistant varieties of plants. For example, some leafy greens, such as kale, prefer cooler weather and can even survive frosts. Follow these simple steps and you'll be well on your way to growing your own victory garden. For additional gardening tips and planting advice, visit From Branpoint. com, Sponsored by Miracle-Gro.

LAKEWOOD OFFERS ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SITES FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE DISTANCE LEARNING The City of Lakewood is offering an extension of the Camp Circle program this fall in order to support Lakewood resident families who have children in distance learning. The Park Alternative Learning Sites (PALS) program will be offered at 8 park locations from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for children in first through fifth grades. Monthly programs will offer a safe atmosphere for children to complete their schoolwork and participate in virtual learning while in a group setting of one adult to ten children. Participants must provide their own laptop or tablet, but each site will provide ample bandwidth to support all the devices on the network simultaneously. Face coverings and daily temperature checks are required. Session 2 – Oct. 5-30 $520 – Lakewood Residents – Registration starts Sept. 4 $535 – Non-Residents – Registration starts Sept. 7 Tuition assistance is available on a limited basis through the Lakewood

Project Shepherd Program. To apply, contact the Burns Community Center at 562-925-7512. Park Site options: Biscailuz, Bloomfield, Bolivar, Boyar, Lakewood Youth Center, Mayfair, Palms, San Martin Space is limited. If registration minimum is not met, participants may be transferred to another site. Visit and enter PALS in the search box to register. For more information, call City Hall at 562-866-9771, extension 2408.

a Registered Nurse working in an NICU because she was inspired by the nurses SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 if you are interested in membership. To advertise call 562-407-3873


ALLYSON GRACE FRANCISCO, with her parents and the $2500 scholarship awarded to her by the ABCFT Retiree Chapter. ABCFT Retiree Chapter presented 2020 CHS graduate and former Carver student, Allyson Grace Francisco, with its annual $2500 scholarship. Allyson Francisco will be attending Cal State Fullerton. The scholarship is given each year to a graduating senior in ABC who is planning to become a teacher. The scholarship is given in the name of an ABC Teacher.

This year it was given in the commemoration of Ethel Bowman, a Union activist and teacher in ABC from 1967 to 2003. She last worked at Nixon Elementary School. The scholarship encourages students to pursue teaching in public education. This is our 8th Scholarship. Past winners have been from AHS, CHS, GHS, and WHS.

SEPTEMBER IS NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH BY TAMMYE MCDUFF Let’s face it; no one was prepared for 2020. But we can take steps to try and be prepared for natural disasters and future lockdowns. National Preparedness Month [NPM] is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning throughout the year. As our nation continues to respond to COVID-19, there is no better way to be involved this September. This year’s theme is ‘Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.’ It’s really not as complicated as it sounds and has broken it down into four weeks. They also offer detailed step by step instructions on what you can do. This week, make a plan. Talk to friends and family about how you will communicate before, during and after a disaster. Make sure to update your plan based on local recommendations due to the coronavirus. Address issues such as shelter plans or evacuation routes. Make a list of all the items each family member will need. Fill out a family emergency plan and download the numerous family guides. Next week, start to build a kit. After an emergency you may need to survive on your own for several days. Being prepared means having food, water and other supplies. Make sure your emer-

gency kit is stocked with items such as flashlights, first aid kit and additional emergency supplies and clothing. Gather supplies that will last for several days for everyone living in your home, don’t forget your pet’s needs, taken into consideration needs each person or pet may have in case you must evacuate quickly. Update your kit and supplies. Week three, prepare for disasters. Limit the impact that disasters may have on you and your family. Know the risk of disasters in your area and check your insurance coverage. Research ways on how to make your home stronger in the face of storms or other hazards and make necessary repairs as well as removing any dead landscaping that may prove hazardous. Learn how to act fast if you receive a local warning or alert. Now that you have everything ready, it is time to talk to the children about preparing for emergencies and what to do in case you are separated. Reassure them by providing information about how they can get involved, has everything you need to know whether you are preparing your child, instructing you teenager on how to help or finding educational and recovery tools. Finally, contact your local City Hall to find out how they are preparing the city and how you can help. There really is no better time than now, to be prepared.

LAKEWOOD CENTER'S OUTDOOR SALE EVERY FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY Lakewood Center is hosting an outdoor summer sale event every Friday through Sunday from 2 to 7 p.m. in the parking lot near JCPenney. Put on your sunscreen and come shop, enjoy music and try some delicious bites from local specialty food trucks. Bring your appetite! A portion of food truck sales will benefit the Lakewood Education Foundation. If you have registered for a Saturday night Drive-In Movie at the Mall event, come early for a fun summer evening! Please remember to wear a cloth face covering and practice physical distancing at the event.

The pop-up sale will be held Fridays-Sundays from 2 to 7 p.m. each weekend through September.

Los Cerritos Community News -



Los Cerritos Community News -


Artesia Punishers 16-U squad end tournament on bad note after strong start

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“Because of the heat we had out here, we had to play early games or late games,” he continued. “The gap and the game play sometimes take effect as well. But the teams we lost to were better teams. Sometimes you win them and sometimes you lose them.” The Punishers were quickly in a 2-0

nings. The Punishers wouldn’t score again until the bottom of the fifth inning when center fielder Alexa Diaz (Cerritos High) was walked on four pitches and Parriott singled and advanced on an error, allowing Diaz to score as well as Parriott.

BY LOREN KOPFF @LORENKOPFF ON TWITTER ST. GEORGE, UTAH-The Artesia Punishers 16-Under travel softball team was one of the hottest teams through the first two days of action in the American Fastpitch Association Southwestern Nationals in St. George, Utah. The Punishers, one of 32 teams in this age division to compete in the rare late-August event, won all three pool play games last Thursday and Friday by a difference of 34 runs. Once the playoffs began last Saturday night, it was a completely different story as the Punishers fell to the [La Habra] Southern California Athletics-Jendro/ Wayne 9-3. That was followed by a 7-2 setback to the [Chino Hills] California Bombers-AK in a game that finished beyond 12:30 this past Sunday morning. “I think, what happens in softball, is that when you get a team that’s red hot, they get turned up and they start playing,” said Artesia Punishers manager Jesus Mendoza. “Then when you get these long gaps before playing, sometimes you go cold and you have to pick up the heat A0424-Used 9/23/05 again and getOil back(Cerritos) into the rhythm.

hole after half an inning against the Athletics but got one of those runs back in their half of the inning. Left fielder Taylor Parriott (Los Alamitos High) singled to right and stole second. Two outs later, she came home on a fielder’s choice from third baseman Sierra Sandoval (San Pedro High). After that, the Athletics continued to batter starting pitcher Onnika Haughey (Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa High) and relief pitcher Valerie Jorgensen (Pacifica High), who was the starting first baseman, to the tune of five more hits and 1:33 PMmore Pageruns 1 over the next four inseven

The City of Cerritos encourages its residents to recycle their used motor oil and oil filters. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s the right thing to do.

Anything that goes into a storm drain in Cerritos has an impact on the health of Los Angeles County beaches and coastal waters. So remember that…

Storm Drains Are For Rain! Not Automotive Fluids Not Pet Waste Not Yard Waste Not Paint Not Litter

USED OIL COLLECTION CENTERS Browning Mazda 18827 Studebaker Road (562) 924-1414

Cerritos Ford/Lincoln/Mercury/Hyundai 18900 Studebaker Road (562) 405-3500

Firestone Store 11524 South St (562) 924-5546

Cerritos Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 18803 Studebaker Road (562) 402-5335

Lexus of Cerritos 18800 Studebaker Road (562) 865-7447

Norm Reeves Honda 18500 Studebaker Road (562) 345-9100

Cerritos Acura 18827 Studebaker Road (562) 402-5281

Penske Chevrolet of Cerritos 18605 S Studebaker Road (562) 924-1676

Power Toyota/Scion Cerritos 18700 Studebaker Road (562) 860-6561


Penske Buick GMC of Cerritos 17720 Crusader Avenue (562) 733-3861

A recycling reminder from the City of Cerritos. Paid for by a grant from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

“There were a lot of runners left in scoring position,” Mendoza said. “We had opportunities to get them in, but it just didn’t happen. There were a couple of times where we could have tagged up from third and it just didn’t happen. The girls tried their best; they did their best and left it on the field.” After the game, which started at 7:00 p.m., the Punishers had to relocate from Bloomington Park and make their way to Canyon Sports Complex for an elimination game that was scheduled to be played at 10:50. After a minor delay due to the length of the previous game, the Punishers again fell behind quick and couldn’t recover in the 7-2 loss. The Punishers yielded two runs in the top of the first inning, one in the second and four in the third. The lone tallies for the Punishers came in the bottom of the second inning when catcher Allyza Camacho (Warren High) was walked and courtesy runner Ariana Hernandez (Lakewood High) scored on a two-out single from Parriott. In the next inning, Sandoval led off with a base hit to left and with two outs, came home on a double from Camacho. In a span of roughly five and a half hours, the Punishers collected eight hits after getting 33 in the three pool play games. Last Thursday, the Punishers rallied from a 6-0 deficit after half an inning, a 7-3 deficit after an inning and a half and an 8-7 hole heading into the bottom of the third inning to escape with a 9-8 win over the [Gilroy] Suncats. In the bottom of the third, shortstop Lexi De Leon was walked, Camacho singled to center and pinch hitter Leiloni Pina (Cerritos High) singled to left to load the bases. After a strikeout, right fielder Angelina Mendoza was hit by a pitch and De Leon came home with the tying run. Following another strikeout, Jorgensen singled to right, allowing Camacho to score the winning run. Last Friday afternoon, the Punishers flexed their muscles to the tune of a 25-1 win over the Southern California Bash. Jorgensen and Sandoval each went three for five and drove in six runs while Camacho and Parriott each added a pair of hits. Jorgensen also pitched four innings of three-hit ball and struck out three. The Punishers wrapped up pool play action last Friday night with a 10-2 win over the (Salt Lake City) Bad To The Bone as they scored three times in the bottom of the second, fourth and fifth innings. Jorgensen went three for four


while seven other players all collected one hit. Haughey went six strong innings, allowing two hits and struck out half a dozen. The 44 runs scored in the three pool play games were the most by any 16-Under team and 12 more than the next team. “They came out wanting to play,” Mendoza said. “They played aggressively. Sierra Sandoval had a home run, Carla Hollins (Santa Monica High) had a home run, Taylor Parriott had a home run, and they just came out on fire. They were aggressive, they wanted to play, and they came out all gung ho to do it.” Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that began nearly half a year ago, this was the only Artesia Punishers team to have played in a tournament. The other teams couldn’t find one to get into because of the pandemic. Before the pandemic, the 16-Under team was slated to play in the Premier Girls Fastpitch Las Vegas Qualifier, the PGF Southern California Qualifier, a Surf City Tourneys event earlier in the summer and an USA Preps tournament, originally scheduled for Las Vegas but later moved to Utah, according to head coach Joseph Alvarez. The team was also in Mesquite, Nevada from July 24-26 at the C4 Summer Showcase where 20-25 colleges showed up. Coaches from Bryant and Stratton College, La Sierra University and Menlo College, to name a few, were on hand to look at some of the Punishers. The team went 1-1 in pool play action, then lost all three games out of the Gold bracket of the playoffs. The Punishers were one of 16 teams participating in the 16-Under division. “If [head coach] Joseph [Alvarez] would have not attempted to try to get the girls out there, those opportunities wouldn’t have been there for the girls,” Mendoza said. “I give a lot of credit to Joseph for pushing and getting these tournaments in.” But, as far as any form of a national tournament, the AFA Southwestern Nationals was the only one the Punishers were able to participate in. Mendoza applauded Alvarez for being driven to get the girls on the field. “It was very difficult,” Mendoza said. “We had a hard time finding practice facilities because of the whole COVID situation. We did find a couple in Buena Park; we started playing there and then they got closed down because of COVID. We did try to get some tournaments in in [Las] Vegas and Mesquite, Nevada. [But] those got cancelled out because of COVID. We tried to find friendlies when we could. We tried our best to get our girls out on the field to be seen and played and play the sport that they love.” Since March, just about everything has been out of normal, including the travel softball world in which your major national tournaments are held either in late July or early August. For a tournament of this magnitude, or any tournament for that matter, to be played in late August is unprecedented as most of August is relegated travel teams getting set up for the next season. Plus, the girls are already back in school. “It was difficult to try to plan this tournament because I knew it was going to go into school year,” Alvarez said. “But because the girls are determined to play, we decided to go ahead and play [in] it. The girls want to play. They don’t want to sit around, and knowing that this was the nationals, they felt they should go out and play.”


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gun case. The District Attorney’s Office along LASD 11 AUGUSTSeeking 7, 2020 Victims of advertise call 562-407-3873 Los Cerritos Community News - CRIME SUMMARIES Vehicle Burglary 18700 block Del Rio with Special Victims BureauTodetectives Place, backpack, jumper cables taken. recently discovered several additional vicSuspect Randy Dee Headley CERRITOS Supervisor Hilda L. Solis and the DPSS Give 1,000 Students Backpacks with School Supplies tims of violent sexual assaults involving STAFF REPORT Special Victims Bureau detectives are seeking any possible victims of suspect “We know that it can be costly to preRandy Headley after additional victims pare a child for school, especially during came forward. these challenging times,� Supervisor Solis Detectives from the Los Angeles Countold reporters prior to the distribution at ty Sheriff’s Department Special Victims DPSS Toy Loan Headquarters in downBureau are investigating a series of town Los Angeles. “That’s why it’s sexual imassaults which thedo proprietor portant that as ainvolved County, we whateverof awesilk in the city canscreen to helpprinting youth inbusiness our communities of Paramount, known to do business have the tools they need to be successfulas “Logos Two�, “LA Clothing Company� or in the classroom. “Downey Sporting Goods�. The businessSolis acknowledged the annual event forwere its commitment to low-income families es located at 8136 Rosecrans Avenue, in L.A. County, praising the 85-year-old Paramount and 7901 Somerset Boulevard, Toy Loan Program for its well-earned Unit C, Paramount. reputation as the largest most Headley, successThe business owner,and Randy ful free toy-lending librarywomen program in the recruited and hired young between nation. The program is sponsored and the ages 17 to 25 years of age to handlesuptee ported by the Board of Supervisors. shirt merchandise and customer service. Toy Loan Program was created in The victims were asked to model sugges1935 during the Great Depression as a tive company apparel while Headley phofree service to allow low-income children tographed On May 1, 2020, Headley to borrow them. toys from a DPSS toy lending was arrested and criminally charged libraries in the same manner that bookswith are numerous countsa public of Sexual Battery. He is borrowed from library. Children currently in custody witha asense $6,210,000.00 who participate develop of rebail. sponsibility through the observance of an Thecode business provided apparel to many honor and merit system that rewards local schools, organizations and them when toys sports are returned on time and undamaged.groups. Suspect Headley also community Theas program serves approximately served a youth baseball and softball 30,000 children at over 50 toy coach in Downey, Paramount lending and Complibraries located at after school programs, ton.

Aggravated assault using a metal push Headley. As a result, on August, 31, 2020, broom near the San Gabriel River and ArteHeadley was charged with additional counts sia Boulevard, suspects both transients. of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child Residential burglary at 13000 block of under 14, Assault with Intent to Commit Rosa Street, point of entry was front winRape, multiple counts of Sexual Penetra- dow, wireless router stolen. tion by Use of Force, and multiple counts Residential burglary on the 18100 of Sexual Battery. It was also alleged that block of Owen, no sign of forced entry, he committed sexual assaults against more laptop, tablet, iPhones, cash clothing, TV than 22 victims. Headley is scheduled to stolen. Burglary on the 17200 Block Studeappear at Compton Court in October. Based on Headley’s prolific criminal baker Rd., point of entry was front door behavior, detectives believe there may be laptop stolen. Burglary 19400 Block Pioneer Blvd. at additional unidentified victims. Detectives liquor store, tools were stolen. are urging any and all possible victims to Burglary 11100 block of Artesia Boulecome forward. Detectives believe many of vard at school, took plywood. the victims were either minors at the time Grand Theft 11100 block 183rd St. of the incidents and/or lived in the area from a store, suspects took sunglasses. of Paramount nearCOUNTY the business Suspect LOS ANGELES SUPERVISOR Hilda L. Theft Solis (in window) Dept. Grand 18800 Blockjoined Studebaker Headley operated as “Logos Twoâ€?, “LA Rd. of Public Social Services Director Antonia JimĂŠnez Toy Loan from aand car DPSS dealership, entry Program keys for Clothing “Downey&Sporting several vehicles were stolen.that over 1,000 staff for Companyâ€? the annual or Backpack School Supply Giveaway to ensure Goodsâ€?. Theft 13200 Blackmore St. from children ages 5 through 17 have the necessary Grand tools for a successful school year. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s a business, gold bracelet. Grand Theft Auto Chevy stolen from Department - Special Victims Bureau is at Cerritos Auto Square, “Our department recognizes the vecommunity nonproďŹ t tasked with centers, investigating theorganizasexual and car dealership hicle was not recovered increasing support that children need durtions and libraries throughout the county. physical abuse of children and felonious Grand Theft Auto a Ford was stolen ing this pandemic and we want to ensure Thisassaults year marks the 5th adult anniversary sexual involving victims. 12200 block of Del Amo Boulethey arethe prepared with the tools necessary of the Backpack Giveaway,about whichthis serves Anyone with information inci- around vard vehicle was not recovered children from families receiving dent is encouraged to contact thebeneďŹ ts Los An- for a successful school year, whether it is Vehicle Burglary at the Sheraton at from DPSS. Due to the ďŹ nancial impact geles County Sheriff's Department, Special virtual or in-personâ€? said DPSS Director Center shattered rear window AntoniaCourt, JimĂŠnez. “Today’s children are to of COVID-19 the free localtip economy, Victims Bureauontoll line at the (877) backpack laptops tomorrow’s future. That’s why I believe event’s host that this distribu710-5273 or emphasized by email at specialvictimsbuBurglary 15900 block Piuma, it’s Vehicle important that we nurture, prepare and tion is needed more than ever. shattered front window took handgun and



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Notable Arrests Observing the requirements to wear An assault with a deadly weapon susmasks and social distancing guidelines, pect was arrested near the intersection of participating families remained safely Santa Gertrudes Ave. and Imperial their vehicles while DPSS Toy Loan staff Twenty-two suspects were arrested placed the backpacks in their trunks. For throughout La Mirada for various warrants families that indicated they use public and narcotics violations. transportation, an appointment was made Vehicle Burglary for Various a contact-free pick up. tools were reported stolen durAll backpacks and school ing a daytime burglary on the supplies 14600 block were donated by County of Los Angeles of Firestone Blvd. employees, private/corporate donorson andthe A daytime burglary was reported 14400 block of Firestone Blvd. Cash, which cloththrough a partnership with Amazon, ing and aonline strollerdonations were stolen. allowed by visiting the box trucks werewish broToyTwo Loancommercial Program’s Amazon Smile ken list. into during a late night burglary on the 14600 block of Alondra Blvd. The DPSS serves 3.5 million customsmashthe burglary was reported ers A inwindow L.A. County, Department of on the 16800 of Trojan Public Socialblock Services is the Wy. largest local Keys and a speaker social services agency were in thereported nation. stolen The during a daytime window smash burglary department provides beneďŹ ts and services on the 14800 block of Alondra Blvd. to families and individuals, including Grand Theft Auto CalFresh food and nutrition assistance; A SUV was reported stolen on the15200 Medi-Cal health, dental and vision insurblock of Santa Gerturdes Ave. ance; ďŹ nancial and homeless assistance for A motorcycle was reported stolen on the qualifying individuals through the General 16100 block of Rosecrans Ave. Relief program and for families through A trailer was reported stolen on the the CalWORKs program; In-Home Sup15300 block of La Barca Dr. portive Services forwas disabled and elderly A stolen truck recovered on the residents, and employment and supportive 11700 block of Lisburn Pl. services to help prepare forthe theinA stolen SUVresidents was recovered near labor market. For more information, visit tersection of Imperial Hwy. and Marquardt Ave.

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Continued from page 1 for ethnic, mid-size and daily newspapers to pursue alternate distribution models while preparing to comply with AB 5. “We are living through times of unprecedented unrest and change, and the need has never been greater for specialized outlets that facilitate improved civic engagement and better cross-cultural communication,” said Regina Brown Wilson of California Black Media. “Assemblywoman Rubio’s leadership and the unwavering support of AB 323’s coauthors and supporters make it possible for our outlets to continue their mission and better inform our communities.” AB 323 was championed by principal coauthors Assemblymember Grayson

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and Senators Caballero, Dodd, Hertzberg, and McGuire; and coauthored by Assemblymembers Aguiar-Curry, Bauer-Kahan, Chu, Cooley, Cunningham, Diep, Flora, Frazier, Friedman, Gallagher, Irwin, Kamlager, Kiley, Levine, Low, Mayes, Mullin, Obernolte, O’Donnell, Quirk-Silva, Ramos, Robert Rivas, and Smith, and Senators Allen, Archuleta, Bates, Chang, Galgiani, Glazer, Mitchell, Roth, Rubio, and Umberg. “We are grateful to Assemblywoman Rubio, Senate and Assembly leadership, the bill’s coauthors, and every member of the Legislature for recognizing our financial predicament and working tirelessly to protect access to local news,” said Charles F. Champion, president and CEO of the California News Publishers Association. “Almost every recent survey shows that reliance on local news sources has grown over the last year. With the passage of AB 323, lawmakers have shown their faith in local news outlets as the most trusted resource for their communities, and we will continue to rise to fulfill this important need.” “I am hopeful Governor Newsom will sign AB 323 into law because he values the importance of bringing news to our citizens in California,” added Assemblywoman Rubio.


Continued from page 1 confuse anyone.” Heart of Compassion in Montebello was the major donor of food goods, “This is just a blessing,” said Tietze, “I came here to partner with these folks today. We have been visiting different cities on a weekly basis and holding distributions at Hearts of Compassion twice a week at the local high school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have just taken the two fishes and five loaves and been able to feed thousands of people in need.” Tietze added that on a normal month HOC gives out over 100,000 pounds of food in a month, but since the pandemic that number has risen to over 800,000 pounds of food. Mayor Rounds added that because the state has not fully re-opened and it’s residents are in-between stimulus checks and balancing school schedules, parents are really having to stretch those dollars, “ More people are eating at home, using more electricity, and if there was ever a time when our residents needed extra assistance, it’s now.” “We know what the need is for our community,” said Sandoval, “ We hear it every day, our parents are not receiving enough hours at work and are struggling

    XVHG PRUH WKDQ RQFH VR GR QRW FURVV WKHP RXW ,W LV EHVW WR ¿QG WKH ELJ ZRUGV ¿UVW :KHQ \RX ¿QG DOO WKH ZRUGV OLVWHG LQ WKH FOXHV \RX¶OO KDYH D QXPEHU RI OHWWHUV OHIW RYHU WKDW VSHOO RXW WKH :21'(5:25' 7R VHH WKH DQVZHU XVH WKH 

















    


 


SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 to pay their bills, so we got together with these wonderful volunteers to give assistance to our families and help ease the burden a little bit.” Pastor Marvin Rodriquez, from City of Refuge in Pico Rivera has been working with Heart of Compassion for many years, “These are different times and it requires us to rise to a different level. We are accustomed to helping 100 families or so each week, but now we are serving over 1400 families weekly. The need is great. It is not a time to hide, or give into fear. It is time that we all need to step up and help one another.” If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance, Heart of Compassion is located at 600 S. Maple Avenue in Montebello and City of Refuge is located at 4623 Durfee Avenue in Pico Rivera. You can also reach out to both organizations through social media.

COVID VACCINE TRIALS COULD END EARLY SAYS FAUCI BY LIZ SZABO A COVID-19 vaccine could be available earlier than expected if ongoing clinical trials produce "overwhelmingly positive results," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, this week. Two clinical trials of 30,000 volunteers are expected to conclude by December, but Fauci said the Data and Safety Monitoring Board, an independent board, has the authority to end the trials weeks early if interim results are overwhelmingly positive or negative. Fauci said he trusts the members of the board, who are not government employees, and are not influenced by politics. “If you are making a decision about the vaccine, you’d better be sure you have very good evidence that it is both safe and effective,” Fauci said. “I’m not concerned about political pressure.” Three COVID-19 vaccines are testing in U.S. Two began in late July but have enrolled only 15,000; another started this week, more are slated too to start this month. Dr. Robert Redfield , director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in trials of this size, researchers will know if a vaccine is effective after as few as 150 to 175 infections. “It may be surprising, but the number of events that need to occur is relatively small,” Redfield said. Fauci said people can trust the process, because all the data that outside monitors use to make their decisions would be made public. “All of that has to be transparent,” Fauci said. “The only time you get concerned is if there is any pressure to terminate the trial before you have enough data on safety and efficacy.” Topol and other scientists have sharply criticized the FDA in recent weeks, accusing Dr. Stephen Hahn , the agency’s commissioner, of bowing to political pressure from the Trump administration , which has pushed the agency to approve COVID-19 treatments faster. Stopping trials early poses a number of risks, such as making a vaccine look more effective than it really is, Topol said. Szabo writes for Kaiser Health News, a nonprofit news service covering health issues. It is an editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation that is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.


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CITY OF ARTESIA NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Planning Commission of the City of Artesia will hold the Regular Planning Commission Meeting by teleconference, only, at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday September 15, 2020 to conduct a Public Hearing to consider the following item: Case No. 2020-05 17901 Pioneer Boulevard, Unit L

Conditional Use Permit Specific Plan Amendment

Analyn Garcia 20521 Gordon Place, Lakewood, CA 90715 A request for approval of a Conditional Use Permit to allow the operation of a UPS store in an existing commercial center located at 17901 Pioneer Boulevard, Unit L in the Pioneer Specific Plan Area and a request to amend the Pioneer Specific Plan (Modification No. 6) to remove the reference to the Artesia Municipal Code section 9-2.3203 (n)(1)-(3) from Table 2A and making a determination of a Class 1, Categorical Exemption from (CEQA) pursuant to Article 19, Section 15301 of the CEQA Guidelines. Resolution No. 2020-05P Resolution No. 2020-07P SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AND EMAIL SUBMITTALS - Pursuant to California State Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 and given the current health concerns, members of the public will not be able to attend the meeting but can access meetings live over the internet at In addition, you may submit comments electronically for Planning Commission consideration by sending them to any time before the item is heard. If you challenge any of these proposals in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in the notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the City of Artesia Planning Commission at or prior to the public hearing. PUBLISHED: September 4, 2020

Fiona Graham Interim Planning Manager


Published at Los Cerritos Commuity News 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25/20

NOTICE INVITING SEALED BIDS FOR THE VARIOUS STREET IMPROVEMENT PROJECT FY 2019-2020 CDBG PROJECT NO. 602086-19 In the City of Hawaiian Gardens, CA Public Notice is hereby given that City of Hawaiian Gardens invites sealed bids pertaining to the item(s) listed below: SEALED BIDS DUE:

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


11:00 A.M.


City Council Chambers City of Hawaiian Gardens 21815 Pioneer Boulevard Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716

SEALED BIDS: The City of Hawaiian Gardens invites sealed bids for the Various Residential Street Improvement Project FY 2019-2020, and will receive such bids in the office of the City Clerk, 21815 Pioneer Boulevard, Hawaiian Gardens, California 90716, up to the hour of 11:00 a.m., on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at which time they will be publicly opened. This project has multiple funding sources including Federal CDBG Funds. A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in the City Council Chambers, to discuss the project and Federal Section 3 and labor standard provision requirements. The project will include grinding of existing asphalt, removal and replacement of broken curb and gutter, sidewalk, installation of new handicap ramps, overlaying the full street width with Asphalt Rubber Hot Mix (ARHM), street surface treatment (slurry seal), restriping and upgrading of existing crosswalk with thermo plastic paint, and other items not mentioned herein but indicated in the plans and Specifications. Electronic copies of the Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents are available from the City of Hawaiian Gardens. Bidders must submit their request for receiving the plans and specifications via email to Neema Ghanbari at Should you have any questions regarding the project please contact the City of Hawaiian Gardens Engineering Division at (562)420-2641 ext. 216. Published at the Hawaiian Gardens Community News 9/4/20

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: ANDREW ST. ANN JR. CASE NO. 20STPB03144 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the WILL or estate, or both of ANDREW ST. ANN JR.. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by ERLINDA CHING in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that ERLINDA CHING be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 09/23/20 at 8:30AM in Dept. 2D located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 Notice of Telephonic Hearing Due to court closures, you may participate telephonically by scheduling with CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878. Please check the court's website at for information regarding closure to the public. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. In Pro Per Petitioner ERLINDA CHING 13429 CASCADE COURT CERRITOS CA 90703 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20 CNS-3394692# LOS CERRITOS COMMUNITY NEWS

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To advertise call 562-407-3873 I am a citizen of the United States and a resident of the BLVD NORWALK CA 90650-6713 7009-024-026/S2016-020 DEPARTMENT OF THE $3,104.10the age of eighteen years, TREASURER AND TAX I am over County aforesaid; GARCIA,ROY N AND ROCIO C 8052-015-041 $4,160.48 COLLECTOR GARCIA,SALVADOR ANDabove-entitled GARCIA,ERNESTO 7009-007-008 and not a party to or interested in the $2,767.05 7009-007-009 $5,370.76 7009-007-061 $5,736.13 Notice of Divided Publication GONZALES,ARMANDO AND YOLANDA SITUS 11737 SPRY ST matter. NORWALK CA 90650-2341 8023-019-003 $4,912.58 GONZALEZ,ANTHONY SITUS 12921 GERONIMO LN I DIVIDED am the principal the CA printer the Los CerriNORWALK 90650-3310of 8045-002-034/S2015-010/S2016-010 NOTICE OF PUBLICATION OF THEclerk of $514.96 PROPERTY TAX-DEFAULT LIST TR MANUEL O GONZALEZ (DELINQUENT LIST) tos Community News, aGONZALEZ,MANUEL newspaper Oof general circu-TRUST AND GONZALEZ,DOMIRA SITUS 14705 STUDEBAKER RD Made pursuant to Section 3371, Revenue and Taxation Code NORWALK CA 90650-5634 8075-031-010 $12,657.92 lation, printed and published one time each week in GUARDADO,MAYRA A AND CASTRO,UBALDO SITUS 11842 Pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 3381 through 3385, GEM ST NORWALK CA 90650-2446 8024-012-010/S2017-010 the County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector is publishing thetheCounty Los Angeles, and which newspaper has $3,553.18 in divided distribution, Notice of Powerof to Sell Tax-Defaulted GUZMAN,JOSE M AND MENDEZ JOSEFINA AND Property in and for the County of Los Angeles (County), State of been adjudged a published newspaper of general circulation by OLVERA,EDUARDO C SITUS 14322 FLALLON AVE NORWALK California, to various newspapers of general circulation in CA 90650-4801 8074-016-006/S2016-010/S2017-010 $160.21 the County. A portion of the list appears in each of such newspapers. HAUSER,HEIDI L SITUS 13708 FAIRFORD AVE NORWALK CA the Superior Court of the90650-3716 County of Los Angeles, State 8053-017-032 $103.18 I, Keith Knox, County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector, HERNANDEZ,LILLIAN AND CORRAL,MICHAEL SITUS 12316 State of California, certify that: of California, under the date of September 9, 1996, in MAIDSTONE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2330 8023-013-010/ S2016-010 $638.66 Notice is given that by operation of law at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time, Number that the notice, theAVE HERNANDEZ,RAMON SITUS of 14012which LEIBACHER on July 1, 2018, theCase Tax Collector declared the realV5005861 properties listed NORWALK CA 90650-3533 8052-007-028/S2016-010/S2016-020/ below tax defaulted. The declaration of default was due to nonS2017-010 payment of the totalannexed amount due for the is taxes,aassessments, and other printed copy (set$1,309.48 in type not smaller than J MADISON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC SITUS 14104 charges levied in tax year 2017-18 that were a lien on the listed real EDGEWATER in DR each NORWALKregular CA 90650-3406 8052-017-161 property. Nonresidential commercial property and been property upon nonpareil), has published and en$3,086.99 which there is a recorded nuisance abatement lien shall be Subject to JAMES,JOSHUA AND HARKINS,ELISIA SITUS 10924 MAZA ST the Tax Collector's Power to Sell after three years of defaulted taxes. tire issue of said newspaper and not in any supplement NORWALK CA 90650-2568 8050-014-008/S2017-010 $812.14 Therefore, if the 2017-18 taxes remain defaulted after June 30, 2021, JONES,DAMON A AND KENYA SITUS 12917 GLENDA ST the property will become Subject to the Tax Collector's Power to Sell on auction the infollowing dates,CAto wit:7027-001-004/S2016-010 $21.38 CERRITOS 90703-8517 and eligible for salethereof at the County's public 2022. All other Los Cerritos Community News -


Proof of Publication of


California 90012, or call 1(888) 807-2111 or 1(213) 974-2111.


Assessees/taxpayers, who have disposed of real property after January 1, 2017, may find their names listed because the Office of the Assessor has not yet updated the assessment roll to reflect the change in ownership.

Brian Hews

ASSESSOR'S IDENTIFICATION NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION The Assessor's Identification Number, when used to describe property in this list, refers to the Assessor's map book, the map page, the block on the map (if applicable), and the individual parcel on the map page or in the block. The Assessor's maps and further explanation of the parcel numbering system are available at the Office of the Assessor.

Los Cerritos Community News 13047 Artesia Suite C-102, Cerritos, CA 90703 The following property tax defaulted on July 1, 2018,Blvd. for the taxes, assessments, and other charges for the Tax Year 2017-18: 562-407-3873 LISTED BELOW ARE PROPERTIES THAT DEFAULTED IN 2018 FOR TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND 0THER CHARGES FOR FORM THE LCCN 82180 PROOF FISCAL YEAR 2017-2018. AMOUNT OF DELINQUENCY AS OF THIS PUBLICATION IS LISTED BELOW. ADAME,CARLOS AND PLANCARTE,LLIANA SITUS 14803 CROSSDALE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5618 8075-026-017/ S2017-010 $3,460.24 ADUNA,JOAQUIN C SITUS 10828 PLUTON ST NORWALK CA 90650-7532 8020-009-020 $7,422.83 ALESANA,VILIAMU AND SIMONA SITUS 16807 OUTRIGGER CIR CERRITOS CA 90703-1653 7016-023-069/S2016-020/S2017010 $3,159.76 ARROYO,JAVIER A AND ARROYO,ANGELICA SITUS 12110 ZEUS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2423 8024-010-024/S2016-010 $401.61 ARVIZO,JOSEPH P AND CLARETH SITUS 12066 CHESHIRE ST NORWALK CA 90650-6605 8080-029-021/S2017-020 $2,831.43 ASCENCIO,JUAN R CO TR ROMERO FAMILY TRUST SITUS 14527 FAIRFORD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4764 8075-017-029 $4,064.02 AWAD,MAGED F AND YOUSSEF,MARY Y SITUS 11911 DALWOOD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-7718 8022-005-025/ S2016-010/S2017-010 $7,847.04 BANKS,HEATHER S SITUS 11848 165TH ST NORWALK CA 90650-7248 7011-008-017/S2016-010 $1,491.42 BARRAGAN,STEFANIE AND RENE SITUS 17511 HARVEST AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-2552 7034-010-030/S2017-010 $2,520.26 BENITEZ,BENITO AND INGRID SITUS 13029 LIGGETT ST NORWALK CA 90650-5135 8070-008-009/S2017-020 $1,909.87 BLUE STONE BUILDERS INC TR 13705 CLARKDALE AVE UNIT B SITUS 13705 CLARKDALE AVE UNIT B NORWALK CA 90650-8749 8056-021-035 $6,481.34 BONILLA,MIRIAM D SITUS 11411 CRESSON ST NORWALK CA 90650-7902 8018-001-020/S2016-020 $284.07 BRADSHER,JAMES F AND PAULINE W SITUS 12212 ORR AND DAY RD NORWALK CA 90650-7840 8023-006-009 $3,646.72 CAMBEROS,CRISTINA C SITUS 14350 HORST AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4954 8073-001-017 $7,880.48 CARLTON,JOHNNY L SITUS 11512 COLLEGE DR NORWALK CA 90650-6944 7014-015-013 $4,020.51 CEDANO,NATHALY ET AL ARROYO,MARCO A SITUS 12320 DEL RIO CT NORWALK CA 90650-8027 8021-007-018/S2017-010 $1,929.75 CHABLE,ROBERTO AND ESPINOSA,GUADALUPE SITUS 11923 162ND ST NORWALK CA 90650-7229 7009-015-032/S2016010/S2017-010 $2,250.16 CHAVEZ,CARLOS A AND CHAVEZ,GUADALUPE D SITUS 14623 STUDEBAKER RD NORWALK CA 90650-5632 8075-031005/S2016-020/S2017-010 $1,758.87 CHUNG,CHRISTINA S SITUS 12008 SYCAMORE ST NORWALK CA 90650-4179 8056-028-037/S2016-010/S2017-010 $2,602.54 CONTRERAS,ALEX AND CONTRERAS,MANUEL C SITUS 12102 NORDESTA DR NORWALK CA 90650-7436 8021-031-015 $839.39 DIAZ,PAVEL R SITUS 11867 ARKANSAS ST ARTESIA CA 90701-1823 7011-007-036/S2017-010 $96.71 DIAZ,YVETTE J AND BENAVIDEZ,ERIK A SITUS 12139 KENNEY ST NORWALK CA 90650-1855 8015-003-008/S2016-010 $313.66 ELOFSON,PAUL C AND SHIRLEY E TRS ELOFSON FAMILY TRUST SITUS 12020 HEBE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2450 8024-008-006 $3,158.51 ERDEI,CHRISTOPHER AND ELLIOTT,CHARLES A SITUS 14403 LONGWORTH AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4722 8074-001001 $8,886.80 ESPINO,SERGIO AND CELIA SITUS 14723 FUNSTON AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5920 8073-024-028 $8,332.07 FRANCO,GUSTAVO F AND MONTOYA,FABIOLA F AND FONSECA,MARIA D SITUS 10920 CORBY AVE NORWALK CA 90650-1616 8016-002-006 $200.79 FUKUSHIMA,KEN M CO TR FUKUSHIMA DECD TRUST SITUS 18714 GODINHO AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-6061 7030-016-004 $1,173.75 GALLEGOS,ANTONIO SR AND GALLEGOS,ANTONIO JR SITUS 11218 ALBURTIS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-1608 8016015-009 $5,361.57 GARCIA,RODOLFO AND MAYRA L SITUS 16105 NORWALK

8/28, 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20

UNIT # B605


B499 B143/B141 B117 A253 B764/B770


I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed at Los Angeles, California, on August 12, 2020.


I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Please direct requests for information concerning redemption of taxdefaulted property to Keith Knox, Treasurer Tax Collector. You DATED ATandCERRITOS, CALIFORNIA, may mail inquiries to 225 North Hill Street, Room 115, Los Angeles,

NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED PROPERTY Notice is given that pursuant to sections 21700-21713 of the Business and Professions Code, Section 2328 of the Commercial Code, Section 535 of the Penal Code. 1812.607, that Norwalk Self Storage at 11564 E. Firestone Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650 will sell by competitive bidding by Climer’s Auctions ( Bond # 5181494 ), on or after DECEMBER 12th, 2017 @ 10:00 a.m., property belonging to those listed below. Auction is to EH KHOG DW WKH DERYH DGGUHVV 3URSHUW\ WR EH VROG DV IROORZV ER[HV WRWHV ÀVKLQJ SROHV ELNHV EDW FRPSUHVVRUV FDUW WULNH JDOORQ EXFNHWV WDEOHV SULQWHU LURQLQJ ERDUGV OLJKW À[WXUH VSHDNHUV GROOLH ZRRG WUXQN loose clothing, dresser, art frame, hangers, night stand, trash bags, chairs, rug cleaner, exercise equipment, PLUURU NH\ ERDUGV JOREH FRXFK GXIà H EDJV LFH FKHVW à DW VFUHHQ 79 WRRO ER[ ELNH SDUWV VXLWFDVH 9&5 hose, loose wood, picture frames, tent, pillows, loose bedding, gas can, shelving, book cases, basket, and bolt cutters belonging to the following.

11/24 and 12/1/17


12/20, 12/27/19, 1/3 and 1/10/20

This notice is given in accordance with the provisions of Section 21700 et seq. of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California. Sales subject to prior cancellation in the event of settlement between Owner and obligated party. Publication Dates: NOVEMBER 24, 2017 and DECEMBER 1, 2017.

JUEI CHIAO FU SITUS 18803 DE VOSS AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-6055 7030-019-018 $7,257.76 LACMA SALAZAR,ADELINA B SITUS 14328 FLALLON AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4801 8074-016-007 $13,624.51 LANDA,MARIA SITUS 13536 FLALLON AVE NORWALK CA 90650-3944 8054-007-002/S2016-010/S2017-010 $5,920.32 LE,MINH TAM 8075-039-028 $2,674.70 LEE,DANIEL K SITUS 11906 LOS ALISOS CIR NORWALK CA 90650-8214 8015-014-027/S2016-010/S2017-010 $3,494.52 LLERENA,LEONARDO L AND MONICA F SITUS 15406 GRIDLEY RD NORWALK CA 90650-6323 8079-031-021/S2017010 $1,284.86 LUCERO,DOROTEO AND DOLORES O SITUS 13712 ARLEE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4010 8054-011-013 $2,811.14 LYDE,HELBERT W SR SITUS 13900 STUDEBAKER RD 18 NORWALK CA 90650-3575 8053-020-025 $6,721.00 MADDOX,NICHOLAS AND TENAY TRS MADDOX FAMILY TRUST SITUS 17909 SAN GABRIEL AVE CERRITOS CA 907032618 7034-021-016/S2015-010/S2016-010 $5,851.11 MAKKAR,MUNISH SITUS 11441 JENKINS ST ARTESIA CA 90701-2610 7035-002-051/S2016-010/S2017-010 $5,943.49 MALDONADO,MICHAEL AND KATHLEEN SITUS 12801 NORWALK BLVD NORWALK CA 90650-8358 8047-005-004 $43,076.09 MALLOY,MATHEW J AND CHRISTI L SITUS 15416 THORNLAKE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-6654 8082-018-010 $2,735.59 MARES,ARTHUR AND ALMANZA,LUCY SITUS 12826 FOSTER RD NORWALK CA 90650-3356 8046-016-016 $16.96 MC CLUSKEY,KAREN E AND MCCLUSKEY,MICHAEL W SITUS 19031 KAY AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-7332 7044-006-016/ S2014-010/S2015-010/S2016-010 $4,005.59 MEDINA,PORFIRIO A SITUS 14732 DALWOOD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5621 8075-022-008 $18,492.83 MORENO,ROBERTO AND NEGREROS,LILIANA M SITUS 13803 CAULFIELD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4431 8046-024001/S2016-010 $1,786.31 MOSQUEDA,SHERYL A SITUS 14511 MARILLA AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5246 8070-022-024 $4,008.55 NELSON,NORMAN JR AND NORIDA TRS NORMAN AND NORIDA NELSON TRUST SITUS 10542 CHEDDAR ST NORWALK CA 90650-2103 8051-005-008 $4,795.19 NISSER,JOHN M AND ROSALIE SITUS 14812 GRIDLEY RD NORWALK CA 90650-5705 8074-027-005 $20.85 ORTIZ,SHERRIE SITUS 13206 DOMART AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2157 8051-026-024 $5,087.27 PALOMINO,JESUS R SITUS 12321 SPROUL ST NORWALK CA 90650-4345 8056-003-002/S2016-010 $166.16 PATEL,CHIMANLAL AND PUSHPABEN SITUS 18506 CLARKDALE AVE ARTESIA CA 90701-5724 7040-014-002 $6,878.23 PEREZ,JUAN G SITUS 14108 MADRIS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4233 8056-018-037/S2015-010/S2016-010 $21,093.34 PINEDO,TONY AND LIRA,NORMA SITUS 12153 CYCLOPS ST NORWALK CA 90650-1962 8024-004-005/S2017-010 $2,579.27 PINEDO,TONY M SITUS 17215 JERSEY AVE ARTESIA CA 90701-2638 7035-016-049 $2,037.91 RAMIREZ,RICARDO AND MARIA L AND LOZANO,ALFREDO JR SITUS 15218 LEFLOSS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5443 8078013-006/S2016-010 $1,082.67 RAZO,JULIO C SITUS 14113 DALWOOD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-3616 8053-024-021/S2017-010 $3,304.87 REAL ESTATE SERVICES GROUP INC SITUS 14018 LEIBACHER AVE NORWALK CA 90650-3533 8052-007-027 $18,702.65 REED,MICHELLE M SITUS 12253 HIBBING ST ARTESIA CA 90701-7025 7054-005-037/S2017-010 $2,188.00 REMIGIO,JOANN A SITUS 15328 MCRAE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-6348 8079-017-024/S2017-010 $1,719.25 RESENDIZ,JAMMELLE L SITUS 12040 ASHWORTH ST ARTESIA CA 90701-4115 7033-027-003 $23,889.54 RIOS,EARLINE J TR RIOS FAMILY TRUST SITUS 11652 GONSALVES ST CERRITOS CA 90703-7453 7050-018-005 $4,229.79 RIVERA,GREGORIO F SITUS 19729 ALBERT AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-7509 7055-004-015 $16,312.65 ROSALES,DAVID AND CHRISTINA M SITUS 12215 SUMMER AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2368 8023-006-014 $3,476.26 RUIZ,ALEJANDRO R SITUS 11912 ALLARD ST NORWALK CA 90650-1909 8024-016-012/S2016-010 $700.60 RUIZ,OMAR 8021-024-031 $2,568.73 SAISEUBYAT,JAMES SITUS 14821 CROSSDALE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5618 8075-026-014 $9,316.20 SALAMANCA,MANUELAND MARIA C SITUS 13012 FAIRFORD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2653 8049-030-020 $2,258.29 SAYED,SHAHEDA SITUS 13058 ACORO ST CERRITOS CA 90703-8600 7027-004-023 $28,866.48 SERRANO,EFRAIN JR AND SERRANO,LIZABETH SITUS 11843 HOPLAND ST NORWALK CA 90650-6544 8080-009-034/S2016010 $209.23 SHIMKO,MARK R AND JULIE A SITUS 12723 GRAYSTONE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2664 8049-002-016 $10,857.23 SONG,MYONG W TR MYONG W SONG TRUST SITUS 19411 PEARL CT K CERRITOS CA 90703-8216 7044-040-100 $8,346.08 SPEICHER,GERTRUDE TR SPEICHER FAMILY TRUST SITUS 13443 PALM PL CERRITOS CA 90703-1047 7006-026-009 $3,758.56 SURATI FARSAN MART INC SITUS 11645 ARTESIA BLVD ARTESIA CA 90701-3849 7035-016-067 $74,605.72 TURCIOS,JUAN C SITUS 12112 FERINA ST NORWALK CA 90650-6623 8080-006-007/S2016-010 $2,307.08 URUETA,ROGELIO AND URUETA,JUAN C SITUS 13018 ELMCROFT AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2672 8050-024-014/ S2016-010 $587.04 VELASCO,SALVADOR B AND LOZANO,CHRISTOPHER SITUS 12227 CAMBRIAN CT ARTESIA CA 90701-7001 7054-006-027/ S2017-010 $67.82 VIERA,GERARDO D AND SARA M TRS VIERA FAMIOLY TRUST SITUS 17621 CALIENTE PL CERRITOS CA 90703-9014 7022-019-041 $2,149.99 VILLAMAR,JOSE M SITUS 16506 KNOLL STONE CIR CERRITOS CA 90703-2007 7010-022-007 $6,752.48 WINSON INTERNATIONAL LLC 8070-018-031 $5,286.72 YRIGOLLEN, TOMMY F TR TOMMY F YRIGOLLEN TRUST AND HERNANDEZ, IRMA SITUS 11702 ALBURTIS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-1722 8016-024-008 $2,560.23 ZAVALA, MARCOS JR AND ESTRADA, CZARINA Y SITUS 12159 CHESHIRE ST NORWALK CA 90650-6608 8080-035-022/ S2016-020/S2017-010 $1,597.94 2017 SKY LLC SITUS 13306 ROSECRANS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5251 8070-023-004 $18,693.50 SITUS 13302 ROSECRANS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5251 8070-023-005 $25,085.22 8070-023-006 $8,801.46 CN971561 538 Aug 28, Sep 4,11, 2020

Published at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper 11/24 and 12/1/17

property that has defaulted taxes after June 30, 2023, will become Subject to the Tax Collector's Power to Sell and eligible for sale at the County's public auction in 2024. The list contains the name of the assessee and the total tax, which was due on June 30, 2018, for tax year 2017-18, opposite the parcel number. Payments to redeem tax-defaulted real property shall include all amounts for unpaid taxes and assessments, together with the additional penalties and fees as prescribed by law, or paid under an installment plan of redemption if initiated prior to the property becoming Subject to the Tax Collector's Power to Sell.

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: ALMA LETICIA GUTIERREZ CASE NO. 20STPB03421 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the WILL or estate, or both of ALMA LETICIA GUTIERREZ. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by JOSE GREGORIO JAIMES in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that JOSE GREGORIO JAIMES be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act with limited authority. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 09/22/20 at 8:30AM in Dept. 2D located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 Notice of Telephonic Hearing Due to court closures, you may participate telephonically by scheduling with CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878. Please check the court's website at for information regarding closure to the public. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner KENNETH GAUGH, ESQ. - SBN 140695, LAW OFFICE OF KENNETH GAUGH 1963 CARSON STREET TORRANCE CA 90501 8/28, 9/4, 9/11/20 CNS-3391202# HAWAIIAN GARDENS COMMUNITY NEWS


Project Identification: Project Description:

WATER QUALITY ANALYSES AND LABORATORY SERVICES, RFP NO. 1409-20 The City of Cerritos (“City�) Department of Public Works/Water & Power is soliciting proposals from a qualified commercial laboratory (“Consultant�) to provide requested water quality analyses and laboratory services for the City’s routine and special water samples.

Proposals must be received on or before:

4:00 p.m., Thursday, September 17, 2020

Place of proposal receipt: Proposals must be marked:

Office of the City Clerk, City Hall 18125 Bloomfield Avenue, First Floor Cerritos, CA 90703 "PROPOSAL FOR WATER QUALITY ANALYSES AND LABORATORY SERVICES, RFP 1409-20 – "DO NOT OPEN -PROPOSAL."

Request for Proposal details are available in the Public Works Department located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, 18125 Bloomfield Avenue, Cerritos, CA. The City’s final selection criteria will be based on, but not limited to, the following analysis: • Completeness of proposal. • Firm's and key project team members’ record in accomplishing work assignments for similar projects. • Ability of the laboratory to provide accurate analytical results in a timely manner, including electronic data transmission to the SWRCB-DDW. • The resources and fee required for performing the requested services. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, or portions thereof, or to waive any informality or irregularity in a proposal to the extent allowed by law. By order of the City of Cerritos. Dated/Posted/Published: September 4, 2020 Published at Los Cerritos Community News 9/4/20

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NOTICE OF PUBLIC POSTING the NORWALK-LA MIRADA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT is REQUESTING APPLICATIONS; FOR THE FORMING OF A COMMITTEE, FOR MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE IN EXPLORING THE NAMING OF LA MIRADA H.S. SOFTBALL DUGOUT. APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 18, 2020, AND NEED TO BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 2:00 P.M. ON THE LAST DAY. APPLICATIONS CAN BE FOUND ON THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE @ WWW.NLMUSD.ORG (ON THE HOMEPAGE). PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATIONS TO: NORWALK-LA MIRADA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT ATTN: JENNIFER SUN - BUSINESS SERVICES 12820 PIONEER BOULEVARD, NORWALK, CA 90650 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL JENNIFER SUN AT 562-210-2010 OR SEND A MESSAGE VIA EMAIL AT JSUN@NLMUSD.ORG. Published at La Mirada Lamplighter 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20 T.S. No.: 9551-3631 TSG Order No.: 090435030 A.P.N.: 8061-025-005 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED 03/01/2007. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. Affinia Default Services, LLC, as the duly appointed Trustee, under and pursuant to the power of sale contained in that certain Deed of Trust Recorded 03/16/2007 as Document No.: 20070592853, of Official Records in the office of the Recorder of Los Angeles County, California, executed by: MARIA ANTONIETTA LINKEVITCH, AN UNMARRIED WOMAN, as Trustor, WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable in full at time of sale by cash, a cashier's check drawn by a state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state). All right, title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County and state, and as more fully described in the above referenced Deed of Trust. Sale Date & Time: 09/15/2020 at 10:00 AM Sale Location: Behind the fountain located in Civic Center Plaza, 400 Civic Center Plaza, Pomona, CA 91766 The street address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described above is purported to be: 14522 SAN DIEGUITO DR, LA MIRADA, CA 90638-4326 The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. Said sale will be made in an “AS IS” condition, but without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by said Deed of Trust, with interest thereon, as provided in said note(s), advances, if any, under the terms of the Deed of Trust, estimated fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust, to-wit: $482,077.73 (Estimated). Accrued interest and additional advances, if any, will increase this figure prior to sale. It is possible that at the time of sale the opening bid may be less than the total indebtedness due. NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS: If you are considering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved in bidding at a trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the property itself. Placing the highest bid at a trustee auction does not automatically entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder's office or a title insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the same lender may hold more than one mortgage or deed of trust on the property. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER: The sale date shown on this notice of sale may be postponed one or more times by the mortgagee, beneficiary, trustee, or a court, pursuant to Section 2924g of the California Civil Code. The law requires that information about trustee sale postponements be made available to you and to the public, as a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn whether your sale date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled time and date for the sale of this property, you may call, 916-939-0772 for information regarding the trustee’s sale or visit this Internet Web site,, for information regarding the sale of this property, using the file number assigned to this case, T.S.# 9551-3631. Information about postponements that are very short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not immediately be reflected in the telephone information or on the internet Web site. The best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. If the Trustee is unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be the return of monies paid to the Trustee and the successful bidder shall have no further recourse. Affinia Default Services, LLC 301 E. Ocean Blvd. Suite 1720 Long Beach, CA 90802 833-290-7452 For Trustee Sale Information Log On To: or Call: 916-939-0772. Affinia Default Services, LLC, Omar Solorzano, Foreclosure Associate This communication is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. However, if you have received a discharge of the debt referenced herein in a bankruptcy proceeding, this is not an attempt to impose personal liability upon you for payment of that debt. In the event you have received a bankruptcy discharge, any action to enforce the debt will be taken against the property only. NPP0371116 To: LA MIRADA LAMPLIGHTER 08/21/2020, 08/28/2020, 09/04/2020 Extra Space Storage will hold a public auction to sell personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at location indicated: 10753 Artesia Blvd. Cerritos, Ca 90703 September 14, 2020 at 11:00 AM. Kailahi Leula Jr Household items, Kathleen Overleese Household Goods, Martin Wilt Household goods, furniture, Adolph Mole Couch, boxes, Christina Rivera stove and boxes, Chris Havea 6 boxes and containers, electronics, Wayne Bellew Household items, Kaitlyn McKennon Household items, Scott Hill bath tubs, Michael Beltran Electronics, Sunny McCrary household items, Edward Fortin Household items, Jaimilia Seward Household items, Korys Installations household goods, mattress, tools, clothing, Richard Thomas household items, Yolanda Burks Household items, Daniel Martinez household items, Tabitha Beene Household items, Lucia Medina household items, Anna Arredondo-Kim Books and classroom supplies, Paul Kiefer household goods, Daniel Quiroz Household items, Mitch Mordkoff Boxes and other items, Julius Issac 13 ft lockers, couple big boxes. fold able desk, Grant Coppen tools, boxes, Jay Hammer Household items, Joseph Montoya Boxes of clothes, woods use for work, Randy Winbush Boxes, Maria Martinez Household items, Lucrecia Budgett Household items, Nakia Ward Household items, Raymond Ejike household items-clothing, Rosalind Faulks bags suitcases, Chris Nicklas Household items, Anisa Pito household items, Marcos Ortega 10 Boxes, Gabrielle Hernandez Clothing, stationary, Kevin Emanuel Household items, Ciara Jasiewicz Household items, Debra Dutter Collectibles, Danyelle Ward tools and boxes, Teresa Knight Furniture and boxes, Felicia Flores sofa, and about 10 medium boxes with household and personal items, Cleopatra Thomas bedroom dresser tv stands boxes, Christopher Tuason Household items, Jeane Simpson Household items, Michael Black Boxes, Gilbert Gonzalez stove, dresser, twin beds ,bike, boxes, Michael Black shoe cleaner and grids, Douglass Doris household goods, Brown Donald Household Goods, Deanna Witt Beds, furniture, boxes of clothes, Tina Tatum Clothes, Francis Ugonna Household items, Ciani Champion-Carter Boxes, John Chamberlin Household items, Smith Damion Household goods, Terri Walters household items, Yvonne Guess household items, Deanna Witt Household items, Paul Kiefer Household items, Brandon Mack Household items, Susan Luthe Household items, Robert Whittaker tools, Francisco Mendoza household panels, wood panels, Michael Magaldi Household items. The auction will be listed and advertised on Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property. LCCN 8/28 and 9/4/20 Notice of Self Storage Sale Please take notice US Storage Centers - Commerce – Olympic located at 5415 E. Olympic Blvd. Commerce CA 90022 intends to hold an auction to sell the goods stored by the following tenants at the storage facility. The sale will occur as an online auction via on 9/17/2020 at 10:00AM. Unless stated otherwise the description of the contents are household goods and furnishings. Roxanne Herrera; Daniel Adam Quiles; Amelia Uvaldo Maldonado; Claudette Marie Sanchez; Georgina Torres; Jose Serrano Sierra; Sandra Espinoza Valencia; Jose Octavio Mendoza Torres; Sebastian Contreras Torres; Luis Romero; Enrique Perez; Cynthia J Grogan; Eutimio Alday; Claudia Leticia Juarez; Jose Gabriel Garcia-Nateras; Tomas Santos; Lisa Beth Thompkins; Paula Castaneda; Lisa Marie Barron; Daniel Martinez; Paul Raymond Barela; Javier Duenas Estrada; Cristian Molina Ortiz; Helyn Mabell Sanchez; Tianna J Saucedo Gallardo; Rene Cardona; Nellie Elizabeth Lopez; Javier Romero Flores; Alma Raquel Rubio; Maria Elizabeth Patron; Andres Garcia Tonche; Guillermina Monge; Humberto Molina Lopez; Edward Emiliano Solis; Olga L Orellana De Guajan; Michael Rogers; Maria Medina; Luis Abel Estrada Lopez; Luis Arturo Paniagua Pineda; Esmeralda Palomino; Sarah Lauren Gallegos; Andres J Montiel; Alonso Daniel Madariaga; Catheran Martinez; Evelyn Garcia; Felipe Sanchez; Jose Mejia Vasquez; Ashley Nicole Romero; Margarita Leal. All property is being stored at the above self-storage facility. This sale may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Certain terms and conditions apply. See manager for details. NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ES-TATE OF: CAROLYN K. COLLINS AKA CAROLYN KAY COLLINS CASE NO. 20STPB06968 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be inter-ested in the WILL or estate, or both of CAROLYN K. COLLINS AKA CAROLYN KAY COLLINS. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by SU-SAN HAYES in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that SUSAN HAYES be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Es-tates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtain-ing court approval. Before taking certain very im-portant actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 01/12/21 at 8:30AM in Dept. 2D located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 Notice of Telephonic Hearing Due to court closures, you may participate telephon-ically by scheduling with CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878. Please check the court's website at for information regarding closure to the public. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objec-tions or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative ap-pointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in sec-tion 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as pro-vided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner TORI J. FREEBORN, ESQ. SBN 293750 EICK & FREEBORN LLP 2604 FOOTHILL BLVD. SUITE C LA CRESCENTA CA 91214 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20 CNS-3393153# LOS CERRITOS COMMUNITY NEWS

Published at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper 8/28/20 and 9/4/20 Notice of Self Storage Sale Please take notice US Storage Centers – Cerritos located at 16015 Piuma Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703 intends to hold an auction to sell the goods stored by the following tenants at the storage facility. The sale will occur as an online auction via on 9/17/2020 at 10:00AM. Unless stated otherwise the description of the contents are household goods and furnishings. David Emanuel Burnham; Rebecca Ann Johnston; Michael Virgil Brown; Henry Howard Howze; Jules Taylor Christen; Daniel Alfredo Lopez Aguilar; Kurtis Kal Vanlaningham; Michael Daniel Baca; Toby Arthur Jr. Reyes; Christine Sue Rosan. All property is being stored at the above self-storage facility. This sale may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Certain terms and conditions apply. See manager for details. Published at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper 8/28/20 and 9/4/20 NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF BULK SALE (Division 6 of the Commercial Code) Escrow No. 001891-CK (1) Notice is hereby given to creditors of the within named Seller(s) that a bulk sale is about to be made on personal property hereinafter described. (2) The name and business addresses of the seller are: HENRY H. LIEN AND TINA LIEN, 9102 ALONDRA BLVD, BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 (3) The location in California of the chief executive office of the Seller is: SAME (4) The names and business address of the Buyer(s) are: C J VERDUGO VERB COIN LAUNDRY, INC., 3515 FLETCHER DRIVE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 (5) The location and general description of the assets to be sold are: FURNITURE, FIXTURES, EQUIPMENT, GOODWILL, TRADENAME, LEASEHOLD INTEREST AND IMPROVEMENTS, COVENANT NOT TO COMPETE, INVENTORY OF STOCK IN TRADE of that certain business located at: 9102 ALONDRA BLVD, BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 (6) The business name used by the seller(s) at said location is: FRESHWATER & LAUNDRYMATE (7) The anticipated date of the bulk sale is SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 at the office of: HANA ESCROW COMPANY, INC., 3580, WILSHIRE BLVD., SUITE 1170 LOS ANGELES, CA 90010 (8) Claims may be filed with Same as “7” above (9) The last date for filing claims is: SEPTEMBER 22, 2020. (10) This Bulk Sale is subject to Section 6106.2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. (11) As listed by the Seller, all other business names and addresses used by the Seller within three years before the date such list was sent or delivered to the Buyer are: NONE. Dated: AUGUST 19, 2020 TRANSFEREES: C J VERDUGO VERB COIN LAUNDRY, INC., A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION 40173 LOS CERRITOS COMMUNITY NEWS 9/4/2020



tipurpose site which encapsulates WRD’s commitment to community and sustainLos Cerritos Community News - To advertise call 562-407-3873

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reduced scope of work, the re-certification resulted in a savings of $1,225. SEPTEMBER 4, 2020

To all of our many healthcare professionals, first responders, and volunteers, the Gardens Casino says THANK YOU for your tireless efforts, strength of spirit and unfailing determination. We are grateful for your selflessness and sacrifice in helping restore our health and well-being. Together we will emerge stronger!