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Investigation Slams Hews Media Group-Los CerSanta Fe Springs ritosCENTRAL Community News has obBASIN tained a letter, dated September 6, 2019, addressed Zamora to Caltrans Councilman MANAGER PAYING from the city of Cerritos that blasts the state agency for reroutAGENCY EMPLOYEES for Harassment ing tractor-trailer trafďŹ c through the City due to I-5 construction WITHOUT APPROVAL projects. andShockingly, Discrimination the rerouting was

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4FSWJOH $FSSJUPT BOE UFO PUIFS TVSSPVOEJOH DPNNVOJUJFT t "VHVTU t 7PM /P t MPTDFSSJUPTOFXT OFU The City is claiming that the during the construction period. ta or Artesia is a city designated ows onto arterial streets.â€? truck route, commercial vehicles The City then cited the nurerouting has caused over $5 “Caltrans has failed to coorHMG EXCLUSIVE million in damage to the streets, dinate thus far, and any further over 6,000 pounds are strictly merous safety hazards caused by increased pollution in the area, lack of communication or con- prohibited on the streets, per the rerouting of trafďŹ c, concerns that have been voiced by Cerriincreased trafďŹ c noise, and in- sultation with the City and its City Municipal Code.â€? The Caltrans rerouting of tos residents in calls and emails creased the safety risk of resi- residents is unacceptable.â€? dents. The City blasted Caltrans for trucks has caused severe dam- to both HMG-LCCN and the Further the letter states that establishing a detour route on age and increased trafďŹ c at peak City. The rerouting on Carmenita Caltrans is in violation of the southbound Carmenita between hours, the extensive damage project’s ďŹ nal Environmental the I-5 and Artesia Blvd., and alone is estimated “to cost $5.2 takes large trucks by two schools, Stowers Elementary and Carme“averImpact Report which obligates eastbound Artesia Blvd. between million to repair,â€? and the BY BRIAN HEWS BY BRIAN HEWS age daily trafďŹ c on said streets nita Middle school in addition the agency to coordinate with cit- Carmenita and the I-5. Water last Replenishment doneFinance without notifying City. ies to minimize adverse impacts “Neither stretch of Carmeni- has signiďŹ cantly increased Lakewood~The and DirectortheAndrew In a questionable ditch effort to BY BRIAN HEWS District (WRD) is embarking on a projSee pageput 14 pass SB 625, the bill thatCALTRANS would have Hamilton refuses to submit ectCentral to construct two new wells as part of Basin Municipal Water into reďŹ nancial reports for scrutiny. Hews Media Group-Cerritos News VOLUNTEERS with Downey Mayor Blanca Pacheco at the drive. Organizers projected WRD’s Regional Groundwater Monitorceivership, disenfranchised over 2 million ing Program (RGWMP). obtained a confidential investigation re- 2,000, but actually served 3,400 cars in three lines stretching for miles. voters, and retained a management base One well would be in Paramount in the port BY conducted by the Cerritos-based law BRIAN HEWS of disgruntled employees who were illeother well will be in Cerritos. firm of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud gally forWRD the bill to pass,Vera AssemIn a fighting phone call President & RomoHews thisMedia weekGroup-Los over allegations 3,400 vehicles. Cerritosthat BY TAMMYE MCDUFF bly Speaker Anthony Rendon disrespected DeWitt told HMG that the wells SantaCommunity Fe SpringsNews Councilman Joe Angel The distribution was held at Amigos Robles has learned that California Senate President pro tempore will be in Progress and Cerritos BY THOM MARTIN action, Park jumping out of Park her car Zamora made several inappropriate comCentral Basin Finance Director Andrew In partnership with the City of Avenue and Old River School Road in Tony Atkins by going around Atkins and East. grabbing the boy and helping the ments aimed at a Santa Fe Springs Fire DeHamilton has been issuing paychecks to Downey, KITS FOR HOMELESS: Cerritos residents Downey. Josiah, Jacob and Jared Crescent Food Bank and LA Vehicles wereJoseph linedwith up inLAFD triple sending a groundwater, letter to Senate Governance Because water contained and The City of Lakewood held woman. partment Engineer and his minor son. Central Basin employees despite the fact County ofďŹ cials displayAssemblymember their COVID Kits Cristifor the Homeless. They were inspired by paramedic Library, lines to drive through, but the line of cars in Finance Chair Mike McGuire urging him cannotHigh its several annual Award of aValor deep lun- underground She took aquifers, them to Artesia An to thehasCity FireaEngineer thatemail the board not by passed 2020-’21 naJose Perez and his actions helping homeless. FireďŹ ghter Perez, a 16-year veteran, Garcia helped to organize a megathe food stretched out around blocks for betodirectly observed; WRD must track it move the bill for concurrence. cheon Nov. 6 to thank the men School, where they received medPat budget. Carrillo described alleged incidents drive recently died after contracting COVID. courtesy of the family. on Friday, August 28th. The food Photototal of about fiveJoseph miles. on through deep wells and specialized moniSee RENDON page 7 The budget is due to Direcand women of the Los Angeles ical assistance and were ultimatewhich went from stalemate verbal altercations on distribution was available to residents of Non-perishables, assorted produce, toring equipment. tors John Oskoui and Bobaltercation Apodaca; they County Sheriff’s Department and ly transported to the hospital. the golf course, to another in Downey and neighbors from surrounding shredded poultry, gallons BY TAMMYE MCDUFF teens howcheese, to develop a two business plan, are defying court decision from in lastthe Fire Department, as well as the the golf banquetabathroom, to a third Because of Seeher WRDseless page 14 accities. The original plan was to serve up of milk, two packages of diapers [iflearn learn critical thinking skills and weekhall, deliberately attending special banquet that tooknot place at the Novemcommunity volunteers who protions, the City of Lakewood reto 2,000 families, but ended up serving Josiah, Jacob and Jared Joseph what it takes to be your own boss. Instead FOOD DRIVE page 5 board meetings calledGolf to approve the ber Blazing Tees Charity Tournament tectSee and serve Lakewood. cently awarded Bridget with the are making their mark. As part of the of baking cupcakes or creating shirts, the budget.last year. in Whittier Bridget Perrizo, a staff mem- Mayor’s Award at the city’s ancurriculum for Los Angeles Urban League Joseph brothers took it to a whole new addition, theinterviewed actual amount of payThe In investigator Carrillo, ber at Artesia High was honored nual Awards of Valor ceremony. 2020 Online Biz Camp, these young men level. After holding a family meeting they roll has been approved as an item on the target of not Zamora’s alleged slurs, Counwhen she helped two people that "I always wondered what I had to turn an idea into a business. decided to give back to the community and the consent calendar during regular board cilman Zamora, and fifteen others as outwas being attacked by a dog. would do when faced with a situPartnering with the Network for develop CoVID Kits for the homeless. and Hamilton not submitting linedmeetings, in the 90-page report isdated June 1, Bridget, was headed back to ation like this one," said Perrizo. Teaching Entrepreneurship, Biz Camp is Initially the project was made possible BRIAN 2020. work from lunch when sheBY spot"ByHEWS the grace of God, I had the a four week summer program that teaches See $&/53"- #"4*/ page See TRIPLETS page 12 The report found that in all cases, 12 ted a dog attacking a woman and courage to take action. I'm so Threeglad weeks Hews GroupZamora “more likely than notâ€? launched young boy. The dog had knocked thatago both the Media mom and son Cerritos News exclusively reported inappropriate, unprofessional, and sex orithem to the ground and they were are okay, and I'm so honoredthat to ented slurs not only at Carrillo and his son, the Department State Hospitals planned screaming for help. receiveofthis award.â€? but otherspiles on theupcourse could hearcomplex his re-open the California Youth Authority Bridget immediately totook TRASH at a who condominium in Hawaiian Gardens. The City chose Waste Resources BY BALA THENAPPEN See HERO page 15 loud voice. facility In Norwalk to house COVID-19 Incorporated as their new hauler, who said they would immediately begin trash pick up. Photo Brian Hews. A Squirrel? negative patients. This November’s ballot will feature The saga starts on an incident as strange This past week, the state exercised proposition 17, which would allow as the other exchanges on the course; to‘Emergency inaeffort mitigate Californians onPowers’ parole for felonytoconwards the end of the round, a screeching the spread of COVID-19 and informed viction to vote. Currently, felons must squirrel could be heard in a tree. According Norwalk itsprison plans sentence to renovate complete their andand theirpossito Zamora said, “well that is my BYwitnesses, BRIAN HEWS “Poor leadership, no foresight included several default letters, bly re-open Youth Authority parole sentencethe to California vote. Could parolees mating call so if you hear that you’ll on know the situation, typical of this which, under California’s Public facility locatedinon Bloomfield Avenue. The swing elections the state’s most comwhere I’ll be.â€? While rotting trash is accumu- City Council,â€? former Hawaiian Resource Code Section 49000, facility, which has been closed since 2011, petitive districts? Carrillo andparts his son were withinGardens ear- Mayor Rey Rodriguez starts the clock on termination. lating in many of Hawaiian AN ACTIVIST carries water out to troughs set up for elk. The National Park Service isThe to term be utilized by DHS as to a peotemporary “paroleesâ€? applies shot of the comment at which time Carrillo Gardens, Mayor Myra Maravilla told HMG-LCCN. evenlocal wentranchers, the extraand there is very little water plesatellite built a fence to keep the elk outCity and staff appease facility. This action was initiated who are allowed back into the comcommented “it was an odd and the Citythat Council ďŹ nally con-statement The staff included step and attempted to work with on thereport elk's side of theinfence. munity from prison before their prison to mitigate the effects of “surge spaceâ€? at to make.â€? ducted a hearing, waiting an en- last week’s meeting presented CWS to cure the breaches and sentence is scheduled to be completed, local state hospitals. denied the statement, tireZamora week, and allowing the trash telling clear evidence that CWS was in defaults starting in March of this as longNorwalk as they follow certain officials wereguidelines informed of the investigator that this whole incident “is TAMMYE tained by CWS the National Park Service, who and reporting requirements. Roughly to accumulate even more, to once violationBY of its contract MCDUFF with the year, each of which gave plans to house primarily COVID-negative aagain witchdiscuss hunt.â€? terminating CWS’ City, but Mayor Maravilla and the steps to resolve theare “protectingâ€? grazing leases for dairy 52,000 Californians are expected to be defaults. patients. Currently, the Metropolitan State After interviewing the witnesses the wereInapparently Defense afraid of Animals, ForELK and to and meat ranchers. contract. In addition the default noCouncil to onHospital parole inin 2021. Norwalk houses forensic ininvestigator found that it was more likely Rancho CompasiĂłn have commended the also attempted Shockingly, Under the Ralph M. Brown pull the termination tices, the City to the NPS rejected the help trigger, leavCalifornia parolees should be expect- who mates who are as individuals than not that Zamora made the statement. local driving activists by who are delivering water and Act, Maravilla and the City Coun- ing residents arrange meetings withcontinues CWS butto refuse to implement its ed to lean left as adefined stinky voting bloc. 2007, of investigator found that Carrillo's have been charged with or In convicted to Tule dying ofSelďŹ e thirstDay at Point Reyes own contingency to gives provide water. cil The could have sentLOCAL out a notice CWS did not attend most meet- plan piles of trash forelk the foreseeable Florida gave 150,000 ex-felons who had ALL ABOUT GOVERNMENT PRIDE: City Hall is a celebration of local government and employees statements the squirrel were National Seashore. 445 elk are criminal behavior related to the their mental trapped Point Reyes National Seashore Cali- been and and heldresidents aabout meeting within incident twoto get ings. future. ARTESIA HIGH staff-member Bridget Perrizo received Award of the opportunity out in their community and show off their best and camera phone skills while showcasing theirinlocal enses convicted for less serious off “consistent, direct, and detailed,â€? in condying behind an eight foot fence maindaysgovernment to address the situation. The voluminous staff report Valor Story from Lakewood buildings. The pictures must be posted to social media using hashtag #cityhallselďŹ e to enter the contest. on page 9. for saving two in a dog attack. See PROP 17 pagepage 4 12 See ELK page 8 See ZAMORA page 12 See YOUTH AUTHORITY See TRASH page 15






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Los Cerritos Community News -

Local recycling center sees pandemic industry changes, helps environment BY LAURIE HANSON

With more individuals working remotely from home, the recycling industry and value of raw materials has fluctuated greatly during the pandemic, according to Jonathan Jaffee. “COVID-19 dramatically changed the climate for recycling on a domestic and global scale,” said Jaffee, operations manager for Bellflower Recycling Center in Bellflower. “When manufacturing shut down, prices plunged. As the world reopened prices have risen.” And Jaffee knows because he has been in the recycling business with his family for the last 12 years. It all started as a parttime job he worked while in high school and college. He now works the business full time and has for the last 4 years. Since 1992, his recycling center has served the cities of Bellflower, Lakewood, Paramount, Cerritos, Compton, Long Beach and Artesia. “The price of aluminum has shown much more resiliency compared to plastic,” said Jaffee. “One reason [the] aluminum price has bounced back is due to the national stay at home orders.” One of the biggest purchasers of raw aluminum material are beverage companies, specifically beer and alcohol producers. With the lockdown and everyone drinking at home, beverage corporations had to switch from producing kegs [for bars and

How Much Does It Cost to Win a Seat in the California State Senate? BY BALA THENAPPAN California’s state senate has 40 members, each serving a 4 year term but not allowed to serve more than 12 years in total. Every 2 years, 20 of the senate’s seats are up for election. Candidates typically establish campaign committees to which individuals can contribute up to $4700 per election. The Hews-Media Group analyzed publicly available financial statements filed by the committees of candidates currently running for the state senate to measure the cost of running such a campaign. The average amount of money raised by candidates for the California senate between January 1st, 2020 and June 30th is $246,437. If candidates continue to raise money at the same rate, the average amount of money raised by the November election will be $451,802. The average amount spent by candidates between January 1st and June 30th is $246,437. At that rate, the average spent by November will be $485,521. This year, Democrats have outraised and outspent Republicans, with Democrats (as of June 30th) raising $320,647 and spending $357,562 on average and Republicans raising $118,257 and spending $104,655 on average. Bob Archuleta, a Democrat who represents much of the LA County (including Cerritos, Artesia, and Bellflower) in the state senate, is not up for re-election in 2020. He has raised $86,250 for his 2022 re-election campaign this year, however. Another key element of campaign financing comes from organizations that

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restaurants] to virtually only focusing on canned beverages, according to Jaffee. “Consequently, the price for aluminum has been driven up because of the need to make more canned beverages. To meet this need beverage companies have had to acquire large amounts of sheet metal to make aluminum containers,” he said. “Plastic prices are highly dependent upon Chinese manufacturing which the trade war and virus have hurt. Prices for materials fluctuate because they are based on market conditions.” Though their number of consumers is down due to the coronavirus, Bellflower Recycling’s volume per person has picked up because the lockdown changed what people consumed and the way they consume it, according to Jaffee. “I do not have any official numbers, but the amount of clear plastic water bottles we purchase dwarfs any other single beverage [container], and that has skyrocketed during COVID,” he said. “As a CRV collection facility, we purchase beverage containers stamped with the California tax refund from consumers, then reimburse the bottle deposits on top of the material value. Unlike bottle deposit machines, we give our consumers scrap value for their material in addition to their bottle deposit. This means that you often receive more money for your materials here than at a grocery store machine.” Jaffee’s business consequently processes on average one million pounds of recyclable materials a month, he said. Though not considered a waste management company, he considers it to be because much of what he recycles would otherwise end up in landfills. It is his personal goal to divert as many recyclables away from the landfills as possible by giving customers the most redemption money allowed. Besides diverting materials from landspend money in support of a candidate without coordinating with the candidate. These so-called “independent expenditures” are also in the public record. 726 groups have made independent expenditures related to California senate campaigns so far in the 2020 election cycle. They have, on average, spent a total of $198,566. 21 groups have made over $100,000 worth of independent expenditures and 39 groups have made over $50,000 worth of independent expenditures. The 5 organizations that have spent the most are “The Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class” (a group of energy companies, including Chevron and Valero), Opportunity PAC (an organization focused on getting more minority women elected), The California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee, and Keeping Californians Working (an organization that, according to one report, has received funding from Chevron, The California Dental Association, and the California Apartment Association). 3 candidates have received at least $1,000,000 in independent expenditure support: Nora Campos - a Democrat running to represent the San Jose area who has received support from the Opportunity PAC and the Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class; Lena Gonzalez a Democrat running for re-election in Long Beach who has received support for the Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class and multiple unions; and Steve Glazer - a Democrat running for re-election in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties who has received support from several medical workers’ groups and Davita inc. This article is a follow-up to the Hews Media Group’s investigation of the campaign finance filings of California’s representatives in the US House of Representatives, which was published last week.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

BELLFLOWER RECYCLING Center, like this one, accepts a wide range of recyclables including plastics and glass bottles, scrap metals such as aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel, radiators and auto batteries, and circuit boards. fills, recycling also benefits the planet in terms of climate change. According to the Cal Recycle website, by eliminating the need to manufacture new products from raw materials, recycling reduces energy use, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the air. Cal Recycle also says the following recycling facts: • For every 10 pounds of aluminum recycled, 37 pounds of carbon emissions are eliminated from the air • For every 10 pounds of clear plastic water or soda bottles, 3.3 pounds of carbon emissions disappear. • In a landfill, aluminum cans take 80-100 years to break down. • Plastic bottles hang around for up to 700 years • Glass bottles spend one million years waiting around to decompose “Recycling with us is fairly simple,” Jaffee explained. “When a consumer

comes to our facility, we ask they separate their materials into containers we provide. Once the materials are separated, they are weighed, inspected then purchased. An itemized ticket is generated and can be redeemed for cash on the spot.” Bellflower Recycling Center accepts a wide range of recyclables including plastics and glass bottles, scrap metals such as aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel, radiators and auto batteries, and circuit boards. The materials are sent to specific machines to be compressed into bales for resale. Customers can make haste to cash in their recyclable waste while helping the environment and get the highest value possible at Bellflower Recycling Center open 7 days a week. For more information, to check online redemption values and get a downloadable coupon to boost material values, please visit online at

GRAPH showing Democrat versus Republic fundraising and spending in the 2020 election cycle in California. Graph by Bala Thenappen.

CENSUS PARADE HEADED TO NORWALK NEIGHBORHOODS STAFF REPORT With three weeks to go before the close of the 2020 Census, the Norwalk Census Parade makes its return this Saturday, September 12. From 9 to 11 a.m., the caravan of decorated vehicles will visit four neighborhoods to share the message that Everyone Counts in Norwalk. Residents are encouraged to join the festivities by coming out to their front porches and yards. Participating residents are eligible to receive prizes. In addition, the community is invited to visit our Census booths, located throughout the parade route, to obtain information and promotional items, as well as connect with Census Bureau staff for assistance with online forms. The Census Booths will be located at:

• 14006 Clarkdale Avenue • Ramona Park, 13244 Mapledale Street • Vista Verde Park, 11459 Ratfliffe Street The Census Parade map is available at community/2020-census-everyone-countstodos-cuentan. For more information, please call Public Affairs at (562) 9295735.

11, 2020 8SEPTEMBER Los Cerritos Community News -

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Los Cerritos Community News - 3 AUGUST 7, 2020

LA MIRADA COUNCIL RECOGNIZES COLLEGE SUPERVISORS APPROVE PUBLIC AlbertCERRITOS Robles Center Receives Highest LEED Certification SpeedHEALTH Limits COUNCILS common sense solutions to one of the Los Angeles County Board of Certified in La Palma crises of our lifetimes," Supervisors votes unanimously most devastating


to move forward with innovative organizations.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted this week to take the next step in establishing worker-led public health councils, excluding Pasadena and Long Beach, who have their own Public Health DeI can help you with that. partments. "When public health guidelines are DeAnna Allensworth conscientiously implemented, lives are Broker - Advisor saved. When guidelines are not rigorBIG AWARD FOR ARC: WRD Presidentously Vera followed Robles Dewitt stated, it“WRD and enforced, puts is Phone: 562-533-5600 ANNIVERSARY: front row (l-r) College President Dr. Jose Fierro, Mayor John excited to receive a Platinum Certification from LEED for our Albert Robles employees and customers, as wellCenter as Lewis, and College Zurich Lewis. Back row (l-r) Mayor pro Ed Eng, and Learning, many eco-conscious decisions CATrustee DRE 01443787 for Water Recycling andtem Environmental their families and communities, at Councilmen AndrewNMLS Sarega, Anthony Otero,were and Steven DeRuse. 206457 made during the construction of ARC."risk of sickness and even death," said L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. STAFF REPORT Dr. Jose Fierro and Board of Trustees "Health councils will strengthen our STAFF ARC achieved a Platinum CertiMemberREPORT Zurich Lewis on the milestone ability. compliance system and allow concerned fication through its innovative design to The La Mirada City Council recog- achievement. employees and community nonprofits to This week,, the Water Replenishment the efficient use of water and nized Cerritos College for its 65th anni“Cerritos College has served a signifi- optimize serve as additional 'eyes and ears' to help District announced its Albert Robles Cenversary at its meeting held September 8. cant role in our region during the last 65 energy. The facility, opened in August us contain the pandemic. We all need to Cerritos College was founded in 1955, and ter (ARC) for Waterhigh Recycling Envi- 2019, produces 14 million gallons a day years by providing qualityand education pitch in to protect public safety and fight since has grown to become one of the lead- ronmental Learning,said located PicoLewRi- of advanced treated water. This water is to many residents,” MayorinJohn COVID-19." ing, comprehensive, community colleges vera, has are been awarded LEED Platinum to replenish groundwater resources is. “We pleased to recognize Cerritos used"Getting ahead of this pandemic is in Los Angeles County. Certification; the highest rating offered that provide percent of the drinking College as a valuable community partner our collective50responsibility," said L.A. Cerritos College offers degrees and to environmentally sustainable buildings. water for over four million residents in and celebrate its commitment to educa- County Supervisor Mark Ridgley-Thomcertificates in more than 180 areas of study Only 5.7 percent of LEED projects in the Southern Los Angeles County. tion.” who coauthored the motion. "The in nine divisions Probate, and enrolls approximate- United States have achieved this distin- as, ARC features 995 solar panels that reThe City of La Mirada also recognizes County of Los Angeles is committed ly 21,000 students. Over the last several guished designation. Wills & Trusts duce carbon dioxide emissions. Outdoor businesses celebrating milestones through to working hand in hand with employyears, the college has developed state-ofThe Leadership in Energy and BusiEn- landscaping at ARC saves water costs by Conservatorship, the Business Recognition Program. ers and employees keep COVID-19 the-art facilities and resources to improve vironmental Design (LEED) program 60 percent through to an efficient low-flow nesses are recognized for anniversary mileGuardianship, out of workplaces and us all back to its learning environment. The administra- rates the environmental sustainability of irrigation system usinggetrecycled water. stones, significant community involvebusiness. This will require novel publiction, faculty, staff and Dispute students embrace projects based on a points system. There At least 20 percent of the building’s conment, and special achievements unique to private partnerships that allow us to stay community, diversity, Mediation innovation, and ac- are four certification categories, which struction is derived from recycled content their industry. focused on saving livelihoods as well as tive learning. Cerritos College also strives include Certified, Silver, Gold and Plati- and over 20 percent of those materials are Businesses are encouraged to notify lives." for high academic and ethical standards. num. locally sourced within 500 miles of the City of their achievements or anniver"We want to thank Supervisors The City Council commemorated Sep- theARC, located in Pico Rivera, is a mul- facility. Thoughtfully designed windows tember 17 as Cerritos College Day. They saries by calling the Economic Develop- Sheila Kuehl and Mark Ridley-Thomas tipurpose site which encapsulates WRD’s for leading the charge and championing congratulated Cerritos College President ment Team at (562) 943-0131. commitment to community and sustainSee "3$ page 14

Catherine Grant Wieder Attorney & Mediator


said Rob Nothoff, Policy Director of BY TAMMYE MCDUFF the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. "Since the pandemic began, In November of 2014, the La Palma LA County has been averaging 40,000 City Council adopted the 2014 Engineercases nearly 1,000for deaths ing andand Traffic Survey Speedevery Limits of radar enforcement. The California Vehicle month, disproportionately wreaking Code speed set by local havocrequires on Black and limits, Latinoasfamilies, authorities, to be justified on the Public basis of as well as low-income families. an Engineering and Traffic Survey, if radar health councils would help prevent new is to be used for speed enforcement by the outbreaks by utilizing the Police Department. Theworkers survey to forbespeed eyes and ears within a workplace, and limits is regularly conducted every five reportfor anythe potential of County years purposeviolation of complying with the California Health OfficerVehicle Orders Code. before The they Survey turn isinto valid for five years and allows for conan outbreak." tinued enforcement of each street’s speed The Department of Public Health limits. willInnow the policy and impleJunedevelop of this year the City authorized mentation plan to be presented to the Hartzog and Crabill, a traffic engineering Board of Supervisors at the end of and civil engineering firm serving the local government, to conduct an engineering and month. traffic speed limit survey to health recertify the 18 "We know that public begins street sections within the City which is dein the workplace and that workers know tailed in the 2014 Survey. best about keeping their workplaces Their traffic engineer inspected the 18 safe for the said Roxana Tynan, segments andpublic," certified that no significant Executive Director of the Los Angeles changes in the roadway and traffic condiAlliance a New per Economy (LAANE). tions havefor occurred the California Vehicle The roadway sections have "We Code. applaud the18Board of Supervisors the justifications to maintain exfor necessary taking a step towards establishing isting speed limits. All roadway segments public health councils, which will make were reviewed including traffic volumes surecollision essentialhistory. workers -- who are largely and people of color from the communities The project was budgeted in the 2020most impacted by Covid-19 cen21 Fiscal Year in the amount--ofare$15,000 from Tax funds.recovery." Given that the CoVIDteredGas in pandemic 19 stay-at-home the traffic If passed, theorders publicaltered health councils patterns and usage, it was determined legislation will be the first of its kind that a recertification of the Survey was approand continue the trend of progressive priate rather than a full survey. Given the policiesscope introduced by the County of Los reduced of work, the re-certification Angeles. resulted in a savings of $1,225.

To all of our many healthcare professionals, first responders, and volunteers, the Gardens Casino says THANK YOU for your tireless efforts, strength of spirit and unfailing determination. We are grateful for your selflessness and sacrifice in helping restore our health and well-being. Together we will emerge stronger!


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What does a pandemic mean to the smallest City in Los Angeles County?


The City newspapers of Hawaiianacross Gardens of community the is newspapers are especially vulnerable to known as the little City with a big nation. These outlets are critical to heart, economic uctuations and catastrophic anddemocracy. our motto isWhen “our they youth, our canour nofuture.â€? consequences, like closure. These We are a majority-minority community small publishers are scrambling to stay longer afford to continue reporting, with over 75%lose of the population being communities a vital watchdog andLa- aoat by cutting coverage, furloughing tino. We prioritize services for from youth and reporters and eliminating print government business is hidden aging adults and public safety. We are also publication on certain days of the week. Over 25 Years of Quality Service public view. youthful. About 50% of us are between the BY DAVID CHAVERN They By are Hawaiian expediting Gardens their transition Right now, many communities Family Owned & Operated ages of 5 to 34. And over 56% renters. to digital-ďŹ rst publishing and exploring throughout California are suffering Councilmember Myra Maravilla Like much of the world, we have been Fastpressed & Friendly Crew You’d be •hard to ďŹ nd an new methods for providing information the loss of their watchdogs. More than shaken to our core in more than one way by industry that hasn’t been • Same Daynegatively Service essential government services but the qualathe dozen newspapers have suspended pandemic. COVID-19 has dispropor- to their communities as more readers impacted by the •coronavirus pandemic. programs and services Free Estimates turn these methods during the that have operations in the last ďŹ ve months, with tionately affected the smallest City in Los ity oftolife But when it comes to news publishing, helped this community grow and prosper. crisis. However, cutting print days more planning to close in the coming • All Types of Repair Angeles County. We are only nine-tenths of the virus has accelerated some difďŹ cult Unlike other cities within Los Angeles disenfranchises speciďŹ c demographic months. a square mile. We are a densely populated CALL FOR trends, especially for INFORMATION small community County, we are uniquely affected year, the California Legislature andLast tight-knit community with an estimat- groups, such as senior citizens and by our publishers. card residents club’s closure because our ecowho don’t haveofinternet Assembly 5 foryou how OR passed ed 15,000 residentsBill where know virtu- other And now yet another blow to small nomic dependency. businesses classifypersonally workers asor through a access (6%) or don’t have a reliable ally every person newspapers in California is about to be At the September CityofCouncil connection (up 8th to 25% rural contractors or member, employees. In recognition internet friend, family or neighbor. meeting, we unanimously voted to formaldealt, unless the Legislature acts 3099state E. Pacific Coast Highway of the inapplicability of the legislation The closure of card clubs throughout communities). Through losing their ly plea with the Los Angeles of Susoon. LONG BEACH local newspaper, these groupsBoard are losing to newshas industry andustheineconomic thethestate affected devastating *+2 +2 $041 ' 100) pervisors save our City and reopen *+2 +2 $041 ' 100) A new report that CARDS the current MOSTwarns MAJOR CREDIT ACCEPTED their maintosource of information and our ways. Unlike any community other city in California, headwinds facing *+2 +2 $041 ' 100) casino safely. State guidelines will allow health crisis may accelerate the closing )01 3*( 02 (11+302 The Gardens the Casino generatesgave over)01 3*( 02 (11+302 70% of their connection to the community. newspapers, Legislature news 4 Los Cerritos Community News - modifications that include an outdoor To advertise call 562-407-3873 )01 3*( 02 (11+302 our generalafund. Despite our best efforts to Keeping news publishers strong setup publishers one-year exemption, but 0..4/+37 (62 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 0..4/+37 (62 diversify andends the recent passage in the interest not only ofvulnerable the when the funding extension in across December are especially to of community newspapers the of isnewspapers 0..4/+37 (62 ''# , 0'-* * -$$0 . Since the closures in mid-March, Measure HG, the looming economic emer ''# , 0'-* * -$$0 began . press, but of our greater democracy. 2020, publishers will be forced economic uctuations and catastrophic nation. These outlets are critical to ''# , # & , , 0'-* * -$$0 . our #1 revenue source has only ,!% ,' -!$ 0'-* ,' , ofbriefly regency has fallen on deaf ears.can Nearly , # & , ,!% ,' -!$ 0'-* ,' , When they lacklike a steady ow to classify newspaper carriers as ,!% ,' -!$ 0'-* ,' , consequences, closure. These our democracy. When they no 2,000 , # & , opened for 12 days. The Gardens Casino +( ! ! ,!'&+ , , / * +-(($! 0 people afford from Los Angeles,reporting, Orange, River- information, suffer to a slew employees. +( ! ! ,!'&+ , , / * communities +-(($! 0 small publishers are scrambling stay longer to continue +( ! ! ,!'&+ , , / * +-(($! 0 employs almost 2,000 employees and pays side, andsigniďŹ cant San Bernardino Counties depend 0'- $ + +-* , , $$ , !& '* furloughing of ailments, from declining citizen This to a business 0'- $ + +-* , , $$ , !& '* aoat by cutting coverage, communities lose achange vital watchdog and 0'- $ + +-* , , $$ , !& '* $48 million in payroll, not including benon our casino forbeen employment, including % ,!'& !+ '** , '** , & , increased , ,, corruption engagement to,eliminating and practice that has in% ,!'& place% ,!'& for more reporters and print !+ & , government business is hidden from !+ '** , & , , , efits and the taxes paid to the City of Haour small and mighty workforce from0'-* the declining % ,+ * )-!* % &,+ performance. (- of the week. government than 100 years will have the effect

publication on certain days public view. % ,+ 0'-* * )-!* % &,+ (- % ,+ 0'-* * )-!* % &,+ (-

waiian Gardens. They directly infuse over

City of Hawaiian cost Gardens. BY DAVID CHAVERN $!+ * &&', * &&', $ * +('&+! $ '* 8 of Fewer people run for ofďŹ ce fewer increasing of$!+newspaper aretoexpediting theirand transition Right now,themany communities $!+ $ * +('&+! $ '* * &&', 8 8 $50They million over 100 different cities and Today, 27 City employees have been $ * +('&+! $ '* &0 !& '** , !& '*% ,!'& , , !+ '& people vote. delivery by as much as 85%, a burden to digital-ďŹ rst publishing and exploring throughout California are suffering 1 * !&+ & / *+ $ & 1 &0 !& '** , !& '*% ,!'& , , !+ '& &0 !& '** , !& '*% ,!'& , , !+ '& economies. 1 * !&+ & / *+ $ & 1 1 * !&+ & / *+ $ & 1 laid off, and 11 have retired. Our workforce their local You’d be hard pressed to ďŹ nd an At a'& time when California’s that is unsustainable for, !& small publishers , !& !& , '& , !+ (*'' !+information new methods for providing the loss of their watchdogs. More than !& , '& , !+ (*'' !+ , !& !& , , !+ (*'' !+ The infusion of casino revenue into our '(( * (!(!& 1 -*& + 1 , * , *+ has shrunk by 40% out of necessity in an '(( * (!(!& 1 -*& + 1 , * , *+ '(( * (!(!& 1 -*& + 1 , * , *+ industry that hasn’t been negatively unemployment rate is alarming, lack that have also recently been hit with to their communities as more readers aattempt dozen to newspapers have suspended +! & + '** , 0 , . *,!+ * fund . *,!+ * since it opened in 1997 cor . *,!+ * mitigate the +! & + '** , 0 , fiscal +! & + '** , 0 , crisis. These general !* '& !,!'&!& 1 , * !(!& 1 0 *'" ,,!& impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. !* '& !,!'&!& 1 , * !(!& 1 0 *'" ,,!& !* '& !,!'&!& 1 , * !(!& 1 0 *'" ,,!& of legislative action to during extend the that we advertising revenue declines of 30% to turn to with thesethe methods the operations in the last ďŹ vehave months, with relates low crime statistics 38 employees, no doubt, made a difBut when it comes to news publishing, # , ,!& 1 , * ' , & *+ 1 !+('+ $+ # , ,!& 1 , * ' , & *+ 1 !+('+ $+ exemption for newspaper carriers 50% as a result of the coronavirus crisis. crisis. However, cutting print days more planning to close in the coming # , ,!& 1 , * ' , & *+ 1 !+('+ $+ ference in practically every segment of our are currently seeing. Today we are reaping the virus has accelerated some difďŹ cult ,' (*!&, + !+ ,' (*!&, + !+ will even job losses. If in our Local publishers thejoining disenfranchises speciďŹ c months. ,' (*!&, + !+

, %' $!& 1 # $'/ +,!& ( !*

, %' $!& 1 # $'/ +,!& ( !* the cause benefits of more years of demographic investing community. Theyhave keptsounded kids from

, %' $!& 1 # $'/ +,!& ( !* trends, especially for small community publishers are forced to limit circulation alarm with California lawmakers, but groups, such as senior citizens and Last year, the California Legislature programs, gangs, coached our kids, drove our seniors, public safety, parks, recreation +1(230/( -5' 016%-, 11661 Firestone Blvd. Norwalk +1(230/( -5' 016%-, publishers. areas for ďŹ nancial reasons, they willeducaso far, they have not taken any steps to +1(230/( -5' 016%-, other residents who grants, don’t have internet passed Assembly Bill 5tattoo for how home beautification streets, helped residents get free removal ser , , '&,* ,'* ! &+ , , '&,* ,'* ! &+ And , , '&,* ,'* ! &+ now yet another blow to small ,' (*!&, /!, , have to reconďŹ gure carrier routes, address the devastating impact this will access (6%) or don’t a reliable businesses classify workers as ,' (*!&, /!, , have cannot tion scholarships, etc. We reinstate vices, planned summer and winter camps, ,' (*!&, /!, , 24 SERVICE ! " newspapers in HOUR California is about to be reduce home deliveries and cease daily have on both publishers and readers. ! " internet connection (up to 25% of rural contractors or employees. In recognition the city programs that have been instruand so much more. We decreased our oper!& ! , & + & + ! " !& ! , dealt, unless the state Legislature acts !& ! , & + publication, which means thousands of Small community andthe ethnic communities). Through losing their mental in helping our community progress of the inapplicability of legislation ations from 101 hardworking union mem soon. without the revenue generated by The Garlocal newspaper, these groups are losing bers to 63, and their contributions to our to the news industry and the economic A new report warns that the current dens Casino. City do not and will not go unnoticed. We their main source of information and headwinds facing community $ health crisis may accelerate the closing . *,!+ * +! & ,-* upamong Gardens, have also hadthe to Legislature drastically slash only and theirGrowing connection tointheHawaiian community. newspapers, gavenot news Democrats ex-felons who . *,!+ * +! & ,-* . *,!+ * +! & ,-* Keeping publishers a one-year exemption, but are not publishers strong PROP 17 Not ago, California’s brand is inThe thepopulation interest notofonly of thein Calithelong extension ends in December ! parolees ((1,/* 4 -07,/* 02 $05 when ! Continued from 1 spanking new Governor Newsom press, is but of our greater democracy. 2020, publishers will page be forced fornia disproportionately Black and ! decided to newspaper launch Proposition 13, the When they lack 26% a steady ow of to classify carriers as Latino. In 2016, of California’s the right to vote. (At the time, in Florida, information, communities suffer largest statewide school bond measure employees. parole population was Black (evena slew all felons - even if they’d completed of ailments, from declining citizen This signiďŹ cant change to a business in history voters to approve though only 6% of California’s overall their prisonasking sentence - were disquali-$15 engagementwas) to increased and practice that has been in place for more population and 40% corruption of California’s Billion for public schools, community ďŹ ed from voting.) A study of this policy government performance. 2%-(2 &(11+302/(62 /(3 declining than 100 years will have the effect parole population was Latino. In Calicolleges, the University of California 6(2 $(%23 0) 5%-,48 !(26,&( found that the partisan afďŹ liations of ex2%-(2 &(11+302/(62 /(3 Fewer people run for ofďŹ ce and fewer of increasing the cost ofpartisan newspaper and the California State Universities. 2%-(2 &(11+302/(62 /(3 %.,-8 7/(' 1(2%4(' felons roughly matched trends #fornia, Black voters and Latino voters, people vote. delivery by as much as 85%, a burden according to the California Public Policy The statewide education bond measure observed in the general public, with # 9 %34 2,(/'-8 2(7 # At a time when California’s Institute, tend to vote Democrat by a that is unsustainable for small publishers foroverwhelming $15 billion went out with “tweetâ€? the majority of aBlack including Arcadia, Azusa, Claremont, 9 !%.( %8 !(26,&( unemployment rate is alarming, lack signiďŹ cant margin. that have also recently been hit with of defeat.registering Proposition failed in and a ex-felons as 13 Democrats Duarte, Glendora, La Verne, Monrovia of legislative action to extend the However, most research also sugadvertising revenue declines ofState 30% to March of 2020 (46% - 54%)! 9 2(( 34,.%4(3 roughly even split between Republicans and San Citrusamongst already has thatDimas. voter turnout pa- an exemption for newspaper carriers 50% as a result ofwell the over coronavirus crisis. taxpayers saved $25 Billion in gests 9 -- "81(3 0) (1%,2 operating budget of around $80Florida milrolees would be very low. The will cause even more job losses. If Local publishers the principal, interest,have andsounded costs of issuance. " lion annually, with 44 buildings and study mentioned above found that, publishers are forced to limit circulation alarmThe with California lawmakers, but Board of Trustees of the Citrus los cerritos sevenfor outdoor athletic Citrus among those eligible tofacilities. vote,they onlywill 16 areas ďŹ nancial reasons, so far, they have not taken anyjust steps Community College District six to community is the oldest community college in Los percent of black ex-felons and 12 perhave to reconďŹ gure carrier routes, address the devastating impact this will months later havenewspaper placed Measure Y on Angeles County, and the fifth oldest in cent of all other felons voted in the 2016 reduce home deliveries and cease daily have on both publishers and readers. the ballot for approval to issue nearly California with several new buildings election. publication, which means thousands of Small community ethnic %&,),& 0%34 ,*+7%8 $300 million in schooland bonds, providadorning itsstudy impressive Another found campus that only(cur~13 Follow us! ing an estimate to@cerritosnews impose well over ½ a rently closed). percent of ex-felons in Iowa who had !" " ! " billion dollars in taxes on a handful of rubric ofex-felons an “Affordable gotten theirthe right to vote restored in and Under Democrats among who communities in the San Gabriel Valley Higher Education Measure,â€? the proare not Black. PROP 17 ponents of the measure including the The population of parolees in CaliSEWER & DRAIN CLEAN-OUTS • FAUCETS • VIDEO SEWER INSPECTION • GAS LINES ((1,/* 4 -07,/* 02 $05 BENEFITS Continued from page 1 Board intend to use the funds “to retain fornia is disproportionately Black and OF COPPER REPIPING: well-qualified teachers improve Latino. In 2016, 26% ofand California’s R Increased water pressure the right to vote. (At the time, in Florida, the quality of educationâ€? by R No more rusty or discolored water parole population was Blackupgrading (even all able felons even they’d R Being to use-more thanif one faucet atcompleted a time classrooms and facilities, providing wathough only 6% of California’s overall R No more leaky pipes their prison sentence - were disqualiR No scalding in the shower when someone turns on a faucet population was) and 40% of California’s R Greater mind ďŹ ed peace fromofvoting.) A study of this policy selling point for your property 6(2 $(%23 0) 5%-,48 !(26,&( R Positive found that the partisan afďŹ liations of ex- parole population was Latino. In California, Black voters and Latino voters, %.,-8 7/(' 1(2%4(' felons roughly matched partisan trends according to the California Public Policy observed in the general public, with WE USE 9 %34 2,(/'-8 2(7 Institute, tend by a to Artists of to allvote agesDemocrat are encouraged the overwhelming majority of Black 9 !%.( %8 !(26,&( signiďŹ cant margin. enter the City of Norwalk’s 2020 Census ex-felons registering as Democrats and a EQUIPMENT Art Contest! With the count concluding at However, most research also sug9 2(( 34,.%4(3 roughly even split between Republicans the end of this month, the contest continues gests that voter turnout amongst pa9 -- "81(3 0) (1%,2 the City’s proactive efforts build exciterolees would be very low. to The Florida OFF " ment and community-wide support study mentioned above found that, for a WITH THIS AD! complete and eligible accurateto Census. los cerritos among those vote, only 16 community The contest is open to and Norwalk percent of black ex-felons 12 per-resinewspaper dents and the submittal deadline is Thurscent of all other felons voted in the 2016 CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE day, September 17 at 4 p.m. Winners will election. %&,),& 0%34 ,*+7%8 (562) 924-2565 • (714) 527-5300 be announced the week of September 21. Another study found that only ~13 Follow us! 20014 State Road, CERRITOS The design must be an original artwork @cerritosnews percent of ex-felons in Iowa who had BEFORE !" AFTER " ! " Bonded & Insured • California Contractors Lic. #458625 and should include the words “Norwalk gotten their right to vote restored in S E W E R L O CAT I O N • WA L L & F L O O R H E AT E R S • C I R C U L AT I N G P U M P S

800-21-4PETES 562-599-0106



863-57 17 863-57 17 (562) 868-7777 863-57 17 868-7 777777 868-7 7 7ad! 7 20 868-7 off with this







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SEPTEMBER 2020 AUGUST11, 7, 2020 drive-by gang shootings were a common occurrence. We saw kids getting jumped into gangs, higher high school dropout rates, and more. Today, as witnessed by the graduation banners proudly displayed on our main streets and graciously donated by Assemblymember Anthony Rendon and Transtech Engineers, our future is looking bright! Years back, I was an employee for the City of Hawaiian Gardens. I have a Master’s in Public Administration with an emphasis in Urban Management and over ten carrier routes will be eliminated. years of experience serving various pubTo save California newspapers, at a lic agencies. And I can say that without a minimum, Legislature extend to doubt, the the most significantmust deterrence the exemption to AB which willcombigangs and violence are5,the strategic provide newspapers with more time nation of all the programs serving the hope to get past COVID-related advertising of our City, our youth, our future. With and the tocurrent expected to declines adjust closure their operations continue through consumption the end of October, we to meet changing patterns. will see losses of over $11 million, or 56% In addition, to further aid ethnic and of the City’snews annual revenues. These AUGUST 2020 community publishers, the 7, losses will jeopardize our ability to continue Legislature should prioritize these providing the programs that have helped us outlets for public outreach ads. Not see the lowest crime statistics in recent hisonly will this help provide residents tory and essential services like street mainwith access to key local resources tenance, senior transportation, and and necespublic health information, willparks help and sary infrastructure upkeep toit our these community outlets bridge the buildings. ďŹ nancial without any additional Like gap many in Hawaiian Gardens, I checkfunding. each box. I am Latina, I am 32 years state old,Ifand I am a renter. As a current voice for California’s lawmakers don’t our City in a position to make a difference, act soon to help community news I am askingthey yourisk to help theasmallest publishers, losing vital City in Los Angeles County by writing letter local voice for their constituents – aand requesting thewill reopening of The Gardens carrier routes be eliminated. themselves. Casino addressed to Los Angeles County To save California newspapers, at a David Chavern is president Supervisors.the Please mail or must bring extend your letminimum, Legislature of News Media Alliance, ters exemption toand the CEO Hawaiian the to ABGardens 5, whichCity willHall at the news industry’s largest 21815 Pioneer Blvd.,with Hawaiian Gardens, provide newspapers more time trade organization, david@ CA 90716. to get past COVID-related advertising Hawaiian Gardens renters and small declines and to adjust their operations businesses needing financial assistance to consumption patterns. aremeet askedchanging to seek grants at or at In addition, to further aid ethnic and (562) 420-2641. 2009 and 2010 voted in the 2012 presicommunity newsmuch publishers, dential election, smallerthe than the Legislature should prioritize these ter safety, creating resourcesinof students ~55% turnout rate observed the whole outlets forthat public outreach ads. Not and veterans preparing for university electorate year. only willand this helpturnout provide residents transfer and to repair leaky Given thejobs, low typically with to mold key local resources observed among ex-felons andpaint.â€? the and roofs,access remove and lead Democratic party’s in help recent public health information, it will Bond funds aredominance for capital improvestatewide - Governor ments,community notelections more administrative, certhese outlets bridgeNewsom the and Governor Brown won each of the tificated, and without classified employees and ďŹ nancial gap any additional last 3 gubernatorial elections by over fundsfunding. cannot be spent on them or student state 1,000,000 votes - prop 17are would hardly or veterans. Bond funds for faciliIf California’s lawmakers don’t make a dent in statewide election reties,soon not for people. act to help community news sults.Considering Even at the the local level, where of athe San prop publishers, they risk size losing vital 17 has the potential to be most relevant Gabriel Valley, and Governor Newsom’s local voice for their constituents and politically, only a handful of races–were request for $15 billion statewide, the themselves. decided by less than 10,000 votes in Board, perhaps misled by special interrecent years. David Chavern is president ests and misled by News wouldMedia be constructors and CEO Alliance, Currently, 19 of states allow parolees with erector sets, would be patient durthe news industry’s largest to vote. The passage of prop 17 would ing the midst of a pandemic and temper david@ be perhaps thetrade mostorganization, progressive shift in their requestelectoral for the communities to pay California’s policy since the out hundreds of millions in additional state began allowing ex-felons (who had taxes totaling well over ½ a billion dolcompleted their prison sentence/parole) lars when people are getting laid off and to vote in 1974. 2009 and 2010 voted in the 2012 presistruggling to feedmuch the family make dential election, smallerand than the the rent. ~55% turnout rate observed in the whole Measure is combative in nature, electorate thatYyear. especially during times. Given the low challenging turnout typically Fierce opposition to the authors of the ½ observed among ex-felons and the Billion in local taxesdominance is expected. Democratic party’s in recent statewide elections - Governor Newsom and Governor Brown won each of the last 3 gubernatorial elections by over 1,000,000 votes - prop 17 would hardly make a dent statewide election re- the Countsâ€? and in “Census 2020â€?. Overall, sults. at encourage the local level, where designEven should residents to prop complete census forms. Accepted me17 hastheir the potential to be most relevant diums include graphic art, drawings and politically, only a handful of races were paintings. decided by less than 10,000 votes in Participants recent years. must upload art work to Facebook or Instagram tag @citCurrently, 19 states with allowthe parolees yofnorwalkca to vote. The passage of prop 17 would The 2020 Art Contestshift designs be perhaps theCensus most progressive in will be featured on the City’s social media California’s electoral policy since the and the monthly newsletter, the(who Norwalk state began allowing ex-felons had NOW. Winners will also receive Census completed their prison sentence/parole) promotional items and a $50

Norwalk Launches 2020 Census Art Contest

to vote in 1974.




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newspapers are especially vulnerable to economic fluctuations and catastrophic consequences, like closure. These small publishers are scrambling to stay afloat by cutting coverage, furloughing reporters and eliminating print publication on certain days of the week. They are expediting their transition to digital-first publishing and exploring new methods for providing information to their communities as more readers turn to these methods during the crisis. However, cutting print days carrier routes will be eliminated. disenfranchises specific demographic To save California newspapers, at a groups, such as senior citizens and minimum, the Legislature must extend other residents who don’t have internet the exemption to AB 5, which will access (6%) or don’t have a reliable provide newspapers with more time internet connection (up to 25% of rural to get past COVID-related advertising communities). Through losing their declines and to adjust their operations local newspaper, these groups are losing to meet changing consumption patterns. their main source of information and In addition, to further aid ethnic and their connection to the community. LAST YEAR: Macerich team members participate in Westside Bank's 29th community newsFood publishers, the Annual Keeping news publishers strong 5K Hunger Walk last year. The Los Cerritos and Lakewood Centers are participating. Legislature should prioritize these is in the interest not only of the outlets for public outreach ads. Not press, but of our greater democracy. only will this help provide residents When they lack a steady flow of BY TAMMYE MCDUFF Donating is easy: visit the shopping information, communities suffer a slew with to key local choice, resources andthe centeraccess website of your click of ailments, from declining citizen it will help Macerich Real Estate Investment public Millionhealth Mealsinformation, Challenge and make a doengagement to increased corruption and these community outlets bridge the Trust has created the Macerich Million nation. declining government any with additional Meals Challenge at all performance. of their participat- financial Makegap surewithout you share your famFewer people run for office and fewer state funding. ing shopping centers across the nation. ily and friends. people If don’t food Eachvote. Macerich property has partA California’s contact-lesslawmakers drive through At timea when nered awith local California’s food bank to collect act dropsoon off toishelp alsocommunity being heldnews at various unemployment rate is alarming, lack monetary donations on their behalf to publishers, locations throughout thea vital Southland. they risk losing of legislative to extendfood the banks Just bring a non-perishable items to the support localaction community local voice for their constituents – and exemption for newspaper carriers from coast-to-coast. specified drop-off location, stay in your willThis causeMillion even more jobChallenge losses. If aims themselves. Meals vehicle and David volunteers will collect the Chavern is president publishers aremillions forced tooflimit circulation donation. to help serve families. and CEO of News Media Alliance, areas for financial reasons,including they will CerMacerich properties A virtual food drive will be ongothe news industry’s largest have reconfigure carrier routes, ritos, to Lakewood, Downey’s Stonewood, ing through the end of September, contrade organization, david@ reduce home deliveries and cease daily and Santa Monica Place, have partnered tact your local shopping center or text publication, which means thousands of to collect monetary donations on their ‘MacerichMeals’ to 41444 and make a behalf and support local community food donation. Every $5.00 donation feeds banks. ten families. 2009 and 2010 voted in the 2012 presiand Democrats among ex-felons who are not Black. dential election, much smaller than the The population of parolees in Cali~55% turnout rate observed in the whole electorate that year. fornia is disproportionately Black and Latino. In 2016, 26% of California’s Given the low turnout typically parole population was Black (even observed among ex-felons and the Democratic party’s dominance in recent though only 6% of California’s overall population was) and 40% of California’s statewide elections - Governor Newsom parole population was Latino. In Caliand Governor Brown won each of the fornia, Black voters and Latino voters, last 3 gubernatorial elections by over according to the California Public Policy 1,000,000 votes - prop 17 would hardly make a dent in statewide election reInstitute, tend to vote Democrat by a sults. Even at the local level, where prop significant margin. However, most research also sug17 has the potential to be most relevant gests that voter turnout amongst papolitically, only a handful of races were rolees would be very low. The Florida decided by less than 10,000 votes in recent years. study mentioned above found that, among those eligible to vote, only 16 Currently, 19 states allow parolees to vote. The passage of prop 17 would percent of black ex-felons and 12 percent of all other felons voted in the 2016 be perhaps the most progressive shift in election. California’s electoral policy since the ALKALI instudy the ground the Dairy times is said to erode walls such ashad this Another foundfrom that only ~13 Valley state began allowing ex-felons (who one in the city. A portion of this wall was fixed earlier, according to the resident this completed their prison sentence/parole) percent of ex-felons in Iowa who had wall is their in very badtoshape. gotten right vote restored in to vote in 1974.


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Toadvertise advertise call562-407-3873 562-407-3873 AUGUST 7, 2020 call To


Continued from page 1 This project is made possible through a partnership with the United States Geological Survey (USGS). WRD’s partnership with the USGS saves ratepayer funds. WRD has been monitoring groundwater in the Central and West Coast Basins for over 50 years. This monitoring program is integral to WRD’s work and consists of a network of more than 300 monitoring wells at 60 locations throughout the District. The new wells will be installed and drilled approximately 2,100 feet deep. The wells will provide comprehensive data of groundwater levels and quality in aquifers within the Montebello Forebay. The Forebay is vital to Southern Los Angeles County’s water supply. The 43 cities within WRD’s jurisdiction use about

250,000 acre-feet (82 billion gallons) of water annually. The Forebay conserves 150,000 acre-feet (48.9 billion gallons) each year. WRD employs the most advanced technology to maintain high-quality water for millions of people in Los Angeles County. “The Water Replenishment District always strives to be proactive in monitoring groundwater quality” said WRD President Vera Robles DeWitt, representing District 5 and the City of Paramount. “The construction of these two wells is an investment in our future to create a drought-resilient and locally-sustainable water supply.” Director Allen, representing District 3 and the City of Cerritos, added “WRD is proud of its commitment to delivering quality water to pumpers and residents in our region. These new wells support WRD’s mission to protect and preserve high quality groundwater.”

AUGUST 7, 2020 5 Los Cerritos Community News -


18300 Blk Gridley Rd Business, no report avalable.

Grand Theft

11300 Blk South St., Business, stole cellphone and wacthes. 11400 Blk Yearling St., stole catalytic converter from 2004 Toyota Sequoia. 16000 Blk Arthur St., Business, stole large quantity of jeans. 11500 Blk South St., Store, stole gold necklace.

Grand Theft Auto

PHARMACY & MEDICAL SUPPLIES • Local Delivery Available • We Are A Compounding Pharmacy • Ask About Our Weight Loss Program


562-402-1000 562-402-1000 fax 562-402-2471 fax 562-402-2471 ARTESIA

176th ST

Los Cerritos Center 1993 Honda/ Civic, recovered. GRIDLEY 13400 Blk Village Dr., 2005 Chev/ Stan Winters, R.Ph Silverado not recovered. 11100 Blk 183rd St., Restaurant WELCOME RELIEF: 88 King Chinese Fast Food & Donut was awarded over 2004 Jeep/Cherokee, rear windshield $4,000 under Norwalk's program. smashed. 12700 Blk Center Court Dr., Hotel, Ford/Edge Front Driver Side, window STAFF REPORT help prevent the spread of COVID-19 or shattered, Necklace, Iphone taken. costs associated with requirements SFIED WITH under TI SA T O N t Norwalk, CA – COVID-19 has current health department T HOUSE RRENguidelines. URtheCU YO greatly impacted Notable Arrestsbusinesses throughout Loans have potential to be forgiven. T? YMEN theFourteen nation. suspects were arrested PAqualify To for the Business Loan Recognizing that small businesses throughout La Mirada for various war-are Program, a business RN G BANK TUmust:ED YOU t BI the backbone of ourviolations. neighborhoods, and rants and narcotics Be located in Norwalk, employ that a healthy business environment is DOWN? Aggravated Assault 20 staff or less (including the owner) essential to the well-being of the comA late night assault was reported on munity, the City of Norwalk launched the and possess a valid Norwalk Business I canAdditional help you with that. the 13800 block of Adoree St. The vicLicense. requirements are Economic Recovery Stimulus Program. tim was treated for an injury to the head. detailed at The program consists of one time Allensworth Vehicle For more DeAnna information, please call the loans of Burglary up to $35,000 at 0% interest. Broker Advisor at A bag and wallet were reported Community Development-Department Funds must be used for lease/rent/mortstolen during utility a daytime burglary on theto (562) 929-5951. gage, and/or payments, supplies Phone: 562-533-5600 15500 block of Alicante Rd.


14562-407-3873 Los Cerritos Community News - vertise call SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

La Mirada

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len during athe daytime theftelectric on the 12200 minimize need for lighting block of Laenergy Miradasavings. Blvd. and create Grand Theftmeticulous Auto Through planning, WRD A SUV was and reported stolen on the reduced waste maximized recycling 15100 of Alondra Blvd. duringblock the construction of ARC by diverting 75 percent of construction waste from the landfill. “WRD is excited to receive a PlatiFOOD num Certification from LEED for our AlContinued from page 1 bert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental said WRD needed], and one boxLearning,” of 50 protective President masks Vera Robles “Many disposable were provided each family. eco-conscious decisions were made durhuge shout out goes to sponsors ingAthe construction of ARC. This project Kaiser Permanente Thrive, Chick-fil-A, will serve millions of people through our coca-Cola and Liberty Dental keeping water recycling facility and for educational volunteers fed and hydrated. A special exhibits.” thanks goes out to the City of Downey, ARC also offers a state-of-the-art LA Library, Crescent Food Bank, learning centerDepartment that immerses visitors Downey Police and Los Aninto an interactive experience geles County Publiceducational Works for so many focused onthat thehelped historydirect of water in and the revolunteers traffic gion and the importance of groundwater. deliver goods to the community.

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Metro Deploys First 60foot Zero Emission Bus Metro) has deployed its first zero emisNews When sion electric bus on the G Line in the San You The Want It Fernando Valley deployment is the first of 40 electric buses that will be put into service by the end of 2020. “Even as we confront the immediate challenge of COVID-19, we are making a long-term investment in a healthier, more HEWS M with E D I Athe GROUP sustainable future delivery of this first electric bus on the G Line,” said Los Winner of Eight L.A. Press Club Awards 2012-2015 Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti. The electric buses cost $1.15 million each in a total project valued at over $80 million. This project includes the deployment of the electric buses and associated charging equipment and infrastructure improvements. The new buses will be capable of recharging at various points along the G Line (Orange).


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SEPTEMBER 11, 2020


LA MIRADA MAYOR John Lewis (left) and Neighborhood Life Church Pastor David Newman deliver food to residents last weekend.

There’s a saying that goes “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." If this motto summons up visions of brave postal workers trudging through inclement weather conditions, think again. During this entire pandemic, beginning back in March, David Newman and Neighborhood Life Church, despite the weather, have been gathering donations and preparing food packages for the residents and shut-ins of La Mirada. On Saturday, September 5th, Mayor John Lewis and Pastor Newman were out

in 105 degree heat, making sure that those in need were taken care of, although the weather channel reported the temperature was 111 degrees, they trudged on. Mayor Lewis said that Newman was one of the hardest working pastors in La Mirada. “I am grateful for all of the pastors and volunteers in La Mirada that have been neighbors to this city, and laying the foundation of being dedicated to serve way before Neighborhood Life Church began serving here. Go Team!!” said Newman. To volunteer or make a donation contact Pastor Newman at

CSU Fullerton Lands $3.25 Million Grant for Nursing School Aimed at Underserved Communities STAFF REPORT


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Amid deep health disparities illuminated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cal State Fullerton's School of Nursing has been awarded a five-year, $3.25 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration to increase the pipeline of graduate-level nurses in underserved communities. One hundred percent of first-year funding, totaling $650,000, will go toward scholarships for underrepresented students during the 2020-21 academic year. "This grant is extremely important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it will To advertise call 562-407-3873 deploy a new contingent of social justiceinformed nurses who have advanced preparation and the ability to address health disparities and complex care needs of vulnerable populations," said Sadeeka Al-Majid, professor of nursing who is leading the effort. The project, "Enriching Nursing Representation to Impact Community Health" (ENRICH), aims to increase the enrollment and retention of nursing students from underrepresented backgrounds, the number of nurses with graduate degrees in medically underserved communities and primary care settings, and the overall diversity of professionals in the nursing workforce. "Using holistic admission processes, our goal is to increase the number of admitted disadvantaged students by 30% over the five-year grant duration," said Al-Majid, adding that the grant will help the School of Nursing meet its top enroll-

ment capacity across its five Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. Scholarship recipients will benefit from such support activities as professional and peer-to-peer mentoring; panel discussions with community experts addressing health disparities and other social justice issues; access to writing tutors, a nurse's coach for psychosocial issues, and a career counselor who will research and distribute job opportunities in medically underserved communities and primary care settings. A total of $47.8 million was awarded by HRSA to 86 institutions across the naAUGUST 7, 2020 tion. The maximum amount granted per institution was $3.25 million, and CSUF was among the select few to receive the maximum amount between 2020 and 2025. "This was a competitive national grant that solicited applications from a large number of disciplines, including medicine, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, radiology, chiropractic medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatric medicine, public health, allied health, veterinary medicine, physician assistant programs and nursing," explained Al-Majid. Cal State Fullerton's top-ranked School of Nursing currently enrolls approximately 100 graduate-level students each year in its MSN (leadership, nurse educator, school nursing, women's health care) and DNP (nurse-anesthesia and post-master's) programs.


STATE SEN. BOB ARCHULETA at the backpack giveaway at Rose Hills Memorial Park. The backpacks contained needed school supplies. “Although the upcoming school year will look different because of the safety precaution of distance learning put in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our students still need necessary tools for a productive learning experience, I commend businesses, such as Rose Hills, for providing assistance," said Archuleta.

Offering safe, affordable and reliable ous community events here. We wanted medical waste management services to our clients to help but didn’t want to host another


Medical Dialysis Centers On Sunday, August 2nd, Rose Hills food distribution event. We wanted to Dental Skilled Nursing Facilities Memorial ParkSurgical and Mortuary along with know what our Centers Bloodcommunity Laboratories was in need Long Term Care Medical Office Buildings State Senator Bob Archuleta distributed of right now. Education Veterinary Funeral Homesis still going to over 1,000 backpacks filled with neces- happen and students Hazardous Waste Tattoo Shops will always require Assisted Living Centers sary school supplies to local students of supplies.” Government Agencies all grade levels from kindergarten to colInterested families were required to Waste Analysis! lege level.Contact us for a FREE preregister online and had to present their “Although the upcoming school year registration confirmation at the drive will look different because of the safety through distribution. precaution of distance learning put in Rose Hills has also partnered with the place to help prevent theWeb: spread of the local school district to help supply each coronavirus, our students still need nec- school with pencils, crayons, paper and essary tools for a productive learning backpacks. experience, whether in a classroom or The Back to School Giveaway is one


SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

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HOSPITAL CORPSMAN 2nd Class Elizabeth R. Pinon assigned to the Arleigh Burkeclass guided-missile destroyer USS Halsey. Courtesy Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Langholf.


Continued from page 1 SB 625 died in McGuire’s committee at midnight on August 31. “I have never seen that in my thirty years as a politician,” said one former Assemblyman who was expert at moving bills through the legislature, “that is really disrespectful.” The final move was a culmination of several questionable maneuvers perpetrated by Rendon to pass the bill that was co-authored by noted Central Basin critic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia. The letter itself was full of misleading statements meant to push McGuire into making a decision to move the bill forward. In his letter, Rendon not only dissed Atkins, but he also falsely accused State Sen. Bob Archuleta (D-Norwalk) of misleading lawmakers when Archuleta wrote his letter to McGuire. Rendon wrote to McGuire, “On July 24, Archuleta sent you a letter purporting to describe conditions at Central Basin and urging your opposition to SB 625. The letter calls the bill ‘highly unusual and inappropriate.’ The letter, however, fails to describe the highly unusual and inappropriate activities that four district directors have pursued in pushing the agency to the brink of collapse.” The alleged inappropriate actions at CB have been well-documented by HMGCN in the past few months. On one side was the directors that were appointed by CB competitors under Garcia’s 2016 AB 1794, which Rendon’s attorney Alf Brandt fought hard to pass. Two directors have resigned; Director Dan Arrighi resigned during the “highly unusual and inappropriate activities” Rendon cited, and just last year, Frank Heldman resigned accused of placing his company in front of CB during negotiations to take over Sativa Water. Since January of this year, the factions have fought over who was president when Leticia Vasquez was voted in on a rotation basis. A lawsuit was filed to end the conflict but in the meantime, the remaining Garcia directors held up all business at the agency while also recruiting CB employees to sabotage the infrastructure. The lawsuit culminated in a very strange decision from the judge, ruling that five was a majority on the board of eight seats, yet placing Vasquez as president when only four directors voted for her. After the ruling, the Garcia directors continued to hold up business while the employees locked the elected directors out of the building. Finally, elected CB Director Bob Apodaca relinquished his battle and began vot-

ing with the other four elected directors. The agency passed its budget, hired a GM and legal counsel, and eliminated all but five positions; the agency went from a nearly $3 million loss to $140,000 in profit for ’20-’21. That was August 18, Rendon’s letter was dated August 19. In his letter Rendon also cited “widespread support” of AB 625 although that was a very questionable assertion. He included two water associations, one was the Southeast Water Coalition which includes the cities of Commerce, Cerritos, Downey, Lakewood, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Southgate, Vernon, and Whittier. HMG-CN emailed Cerritos, Commerce, and Norwalk and found the respective City Councils had not expressed support either way. Rendon also included the Central Basin Water Association as a supporter; an exclusive HMG-CN investigation in November 2019 found that the association failed to report lobbying activity on its financial documents, hiding the fact the association was actively lobbying to pass Garcia’s AB 1794. Former appointed CB Directors Mark Grajeda, along with Dan Arrighi, and Frank Heldman, both of whom resigned from CB, were listed as board members with Grajeda, one of the first appointees under AB 1794, listed as president and Heldman as a director. Rendon included the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, but when HMG-CN contacted Supervisor Janice Hahn, she knew nothing about it. Rendon went on with his questionable statements writing, “two appointed directors have resigned tired of the attacks [by the elected boardmembers].” The two who resigned were Frank Heldman and Dan Arrighi, the former caught selling for his own company while in negotiations for CB, the latter for a threatened incompatible office charge. On the last page, Rendon turned up the rhetoric. Rendon defended former employee Andrew Hamilton, who led the shutdown of the agency, and who was recalled as a Lake Forest City Councilman in 2018, while undermining the authority of new CB GM Alex Rojas. He also leveled a baseless accusation that Archuleta was “dividing our Los Angeles communities” by trying to kill the bill. Rendon finished, “on behalf of the people of the Southeast and nearly all of the elected officials we have elected, I urge you to support the Senate taking up and concurring Assembly amendments to SB 625.” Texts into Speaker Rendon went unreturned.

He with a day A on so hash t downe M asking “I wan City H NEW NORMAL: PPE vending machine at LAX offers everything the traveller needs, take a sMake even N95 masks. The machines offer touch-free payment options. Th Enjoy more garden spaces at the Ran- Hill, enter through the security gate at Ana- stand cho. The one-way pathway through the heim Road and Palo Verde Avenue. Hall, surfaces. STAFF ensures REPORT Rancho visitors, volunteers, and hard Before you visit, make a free reserva- brary, staff can maintain safe distancing. tionJustin at andchief review Erbacci, the airport’s ex- Twitte This route now includes COVID-related changes we've made In what is the new normalthe andCactus other ecutive officer, said in a statement that Garden, Court, another Jacaranda nod to theWalk, battleTennis against the and to ensure the safety of our visitors, volunthe machines Geranium Walk. On your next visit, enjoy teers, and staff.are part of the airport’s coronavirus, travelers passing through efforts toWednesday keep passengers safe1:00 though aLos peaceful stroll in these gardens designed Open – Sunday, – 5:00 Angeles International Airport can nearly a century ago. pm, 6400 Ecleanings, Bixby Hillnew Road, Long Beach, “rigorous technology now buy masks, gloves, hand sanitizer Located in the community of Bixby CA 90815, 562.431.3541. and an increasingly touch-free experiand other PPE at vending machines in most of the airport's terminals. ence from curb to gate.” It also helps The airport is working with Hudson travelers comply with LAX’s mandaGroup and PepsiCo Beverages North tory facial-covering policy. America to install the machines in areas Some of the prices include: STAFF REPORT level inside terminals asked Congress to extend the deadline on the departures • Digital thermometer — $9.99 for turning in the apportionment numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and the Tom Bradley The U.S. Census Bureau forpre-senow must from• N95 December, as $6.99 required by law, into mask — International Terminal in the stop spring. When the Republican-concuirtyfollowing areas. a plan that would have it next• Two-pack of disposable face winding down operations in order to finish trolled failed to take up the request, The units offer a touch-free payment masks Senate — $4.50 the 2020 census at the end of September, the bureau was forced to create a revised option that accommodates tap-to-pay • Ten-pack of nitrile glovesending — $7.99 according to a federal judge’s order. schedule that had the census in credit card or mobile-payment platU.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San September, according to the statistical • Four-ounce container of hand forms, including Apple Pay, Google Jose, California, issued a temporary re- agency. sanitizer — $6.99 Pay and Samsung Pay. Each machine straining order late Saturday against the The lawsuit contends the Census Buhas an anti-microbial shield installed on The machines are restocked daily. Census Bureau and the Commerce De- reau changed the schedule to accommopartment, which oversees the agency. The date a directive from President Donald order stops the Census Bureau from wind- Trump to exclude people in the country ing down operations until a court hearing illegally from the numbers used in redrawis held on Sept. 17. ing congressional districts. The revised The once-a-decade head count of every plan would have the Census Bureau handas of Augustnumbers 4, just 60.7% STAFF REPORT U.S. resident helps determine how $1.5 ing However, in the apportionment at the of Hawaiian Gardens residents haveofretrillion in federal funding is distributed end of December, under the control the sponded among the state’s 480 incorpoin California as each Trump and Nationwide how many and congressional seats administration, no matter who wins a whole, the 2020 Cenrated And for every person who state gets responses in a processtoknown as apportionthe election November. sus are on track, as more than 62% of does not respond, thedozen California ment. More than a half other Departlawsuits ment of Finance estimates that state households have responded online or The temporary restraining order was have been filed in tandem across the counandchallenging local governments lose out onas by phone, by or by mail if they received requested a coalition of cities, coun- try, Trump’swill memorandum a paper questionnaire in the mail or on $1,000 a year in federal funding tied to ties and civil rights groups that had sued unconstitutional and an attempt to limit the population for the next 10 years. their doorstep. the Census Bureau, demanding it restore power of Latinos and immigrants of color However,plan it isfor vitally important that Now more than ever, your response its previous finishing the census during apportionment. 2020 Census matters. Respond-the everyone the a to the at the endbe of counted. October, Results instead from of using “The court rightfully recognized ing is easier than ever. For the first short2020 Census planning and fundrevised plan toinform end operations at the end Trump administration’s attempted ingSeptember. decisions The for such critical time, you can respond online. And as the an of coalition hadpublic argued the circuiting of our nation’s census census asks just a few questions and services as hospitals and health care, earlier deadline would cause the Census imminent threat to the completion of a takesand onlyaccurate a few minutes to respond. emergency and disaster response – and Bureau to overlook minority communifair process,” said Kristen So, if you haven’t responded, schools and education programs. In fact, ties in the census, leading to an inaccurate Clarke, president and executiveplease directordoof so today, and Committee urge your family, friends, census results will shape decisions about the count. Lawyers’ for Civil Rights howBecause billionsofofthe dollars in federal and neighbors too.that For more pandemic, the funds Census Under Law, onetoofrespond the groups brought information, visit https://2020census. flow into communities eachtheyear forfrom the the Bureau pushed back ending count San Jose lawsuit. nextend decade. the of July to the end of October and gov/en/ways-to-respond.html.


Hawaiian Gardens Needs to Step up Census Participation


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SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

ARTESIA HOLDS CENSUS EVENT BY TAMMYE MCDUFF Saturday, September 5th, the City of Artesia and the California Census held a ‘Chalk-A-Thon’ at A.J. Padelford Park. The City provided internet enabled computers that were available for residents to self-respond to the census online. Artesia’s self-response rate is 74.3 percent as of August 28th. After completing the census adults, children and families were welcome to create chalk art on the surrounding sidewalks. Even thought the heat index was high, residents came out to do their part. Jesse Aguirre, U.S. Census Bureau Representative told LCCN/CN, “We are

helping to sponsor the chalk-a-thon to promote further online registration for the 2020 Census. Roughly 75 percent of Artesia has responded to the census. ” Aguirre also stated that compared to the national average of participation, California is at 66.9 percent and the city of Artesia is doing better than other cities around the nation. LAUSD Reserve Deputies were on site to ensure the safety of the park and residents. The deadline to respond to the 2020 Census is September 30th. If you have not already responded, please visit Census online at

LAUSD RESERVE Deputy Sheriff's Droze and Reynaldo were on hand to oversee the safety of residents. Photo by Tammye McDuff.

RESIDENTS were invited to add to the Chalk-A-Thon after completing the census.


Continued from page 1 fornia, where the Tule elk live, has been hit by extreme drought conditions. Most of the elk at the Seashore are kept in Tomales Point reserve. They cannot roam free, and their water supply is dangerously low. Six elk have been found dead in the past weeks, and there are likely others. The elk are dying of thirst. Local animal activists stepped in over the weekend and bravely risked their freedom to supply emergency water to the Tule elk. Under constant fear of discovery by park rangers, animal activists installed two water troughs carrying a total of 150 gallons of water. Wrapped up warmly against the night fog, activists hauled 40 pound bottles by hand over rough terrain to the troughs where the elk can now access them. Some activists carried one or two heavy bottles at a time, while others worked to quickly refill bottles as they returned. “Thirsty mother elk and babies came to investigate as we installed the troughs,” said one activist who participated in providing the water aid. “I think the elk smelled the water and were waiting for us to finish so they could be first to enjoy a drink. They desperately needed it. We found another recently-deceased elk body. It’s just so sad and the park is doing nothing to help these trapped animals.” Although this water will save some elk, it’s only a stop-gap solution. It won’t save all elk that are trapped behind the fence. Additionally, the troughs will require constant monitoring and refilling. “This effort is only necessary because the Tule elk are purposely trapped behind a fence,” said Fleur Dawes, of In Defense of Animals. “NPS is actively preventing them from searching for water and foraging for food because the park’s cattle and dairy ranchers don’t want the few hundred wild elk competing with their thousands of for-profit cows, even though they are inside a national park.” Dawes adds, “There are more cows on the Point Reyes National Seashore than there are Tule elk left in the entire world.” NPS uses one camera to monitor water over eight stock ponds. Most ponds are bone-dry. The others are dangerously low. The agency points to tiny mud puddles and a single trickling seep as an adequate wa-

ter source, yet these cannot possibly support all 445 elk. And the largest water seep is treacherous for the elk to access. Sadly, one female who apparently tried to access it was found dead on August 19th. “NPS says it will supply water when the seep runs dry,” said Diana Oppenheim, of ForELK. “But by then, it’s too late. We’ve seen this situation before. Some 250 elk died during the last drought in 2014 while the seep was flowing and the NPS failed to provide additional water. The seep is dangerous for elk to access and an inadequate measurement of adequate water. “ “This species is barely clinging on,” said Dawn Rogers, of Rancho Compasión. “We cannot risk another mass die-off. The NPS is supporting continued ranching of cows in the park at the expense of Tule elk, and its statement and actions show they favor letting the elk die while a public poll revealed 90% of the public favor supporting elk instead of ranchers’ cows.” September is only the beginning of the dry season. Drought has hit early at a time where there are many baby elk, who are the most vulnerable to succumb to the brutal negligence of the NPS. In Defense of Animals, ForELK, Rancho Compasión and numerous organizations and individuals are calling on the NPS to remove the fencing trapping the elk. They include Western Watersheds Project, Resource Renewal Institute, The TreeSpirit Project, The Center for Biological Diversity, and Save Point Reyes National Seashore. Concerned citizens are being urged to donate to the elk water fund at ElkWaterNOW and contact the Superintendent of the Seashore at 415-464-5100 to demand that water be provided immediately to prevent more elk from dying. The Marin Independent Journal reported in November 2019 that the NPS appointed the seashore’s superintendent, Cicely Muldoon, to serve as acting superintendent for Yosemite National Park. Muldoon was quoted saying she didn’t expect any hiccups in the elk management plan update while she’s away. “This is public land,” Diana Oppenheim, founder of ForElk told the MIJ, “the National Park Service, which is supposed to protect and defend wildlife, is allowing private industry to destroy wildlife — even kill these elk — just to appease ranchers.”

a Registered Nurse working in an NICU because she was inspired by the nurses SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 if you are interested in membership. To advertise call 562-407-3873


UPGRADE: Construction at Veterans Memorial Park will include flag poles for the five branches of the military and Prisoners Of War and a Battle Cross sculptures.

BY TAMMYE MCDUFF Construction began at Library Garden Park last month to augment the Bellflower Veterans Memorial including individual monuments and flag poles for the five branches of the military and Prisoners Of War; a Battle Cross sculpture; reflection area with dedication bricks for loved ones and a Veterans Memorial wall. Additional features will include military insignias, quotes of valor and dedication plaques. The Memorial will serve as a regional destination for communities and families in the area to reflect and pay tribute to those that have dedicated so much to our country. Existing engraved bricks and tiles will remain intact and untouched. The Parks & Recreation Department is also taking applications for the Bellflower Honors program, which offers an opportunity to honor past and present military personnel from Bellflower by dedicating a street

City will start Bellflower Honors offering banners for individual veterans. pole banner. Anyone who served or is currently serving in the military and who lives or did reside in the city qualifies. Each banner has duplicate designs on both sides, and measures approximately 30” x 70”. Banners will be displayed along Flower Street, between Woodruff Avenue and Bellflower Boulevard. The cost is $200 per banner, which includes installation. The banner will remain in its placement for one calendar year from the date of installation. To complete the application visit or contact Mike Machado at (562) 804-1424, ext. 2267 or email . Be sure to follow the City’s Facebook account @BellflowerCityHall for updates.

LAKEWOOD APPOINTS VICKI STUCKEY TO OPEN COUNCIL SEAT STAFF REPORT At their Tuesday meeting, Lakewood City Council Members discussed and made a decision on how to fill the seat left vacant by the Aug. 31 retirement of Council Member Diane DuBois. One option was to hold a special election. However, state election timing rules required that such an election not occur until March 2021. That meant that a new member would likely not be sworn in until April 2021, leaving the seat vacant for seven months. The seat would then be up for its regular election cycle in 2022, meaning the new council member’s term would only last for one year. In addition, it was estimated that the city would need to pay approximately $230,000 to hold the special election. The second option was for the City Council to appoint someone to fill the 18 months remaining in the Diane DuBois term, as was done the last time a Lakewood council seat was vacated mid-term, in 2012. After discussion and several procedural votes, the council voted to fill the seat by appointment and unanimously selected longtime resident and city commissioner Vicki Stuckey as the ap-

VICKI STUCKEY has been a resident of Lakewood for 28 years. She has been a Lakewood city commissioner for 19 years. pointee. Vicki Stuckey has been a resident of Lakewood for 28 years. She has been a Lakewood city commissioner for 19 years, serving four years on the Community Safety Commission and 15 years on the Planning and Environment Commission. She has served as chair of that commission four times.

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Los Cerritos Community News -

Whitney High athletics prepare to play shorter schedules than usual due to new calendar BY LOREN KOPFF @LORENKOPFF ON TWITTER Of the four high schools in the ABC Unified School District, Whitney High is the smallest one in terms of enrollment, and it houses the smallest gymnasium. That could pose a major challenge as far as the usage for some of its sports because of the 2020-2021 athletic calendar put together by the CIF-Southern Section, which was released nearly two months ago. Whitney athletic director Jeff Day said he didn’t expect anything to come back until December at the earliest and thought athletics might even come back as late as January. He also admitted having a fall and a spring season instead of the usual fall, winter and spring was kind of a surprise. “There were talks about what it might look like, so there weren’t any big surprises,” Day said. “I know [the CIF-SS] made their decisions in the best interest of everyone and there might be some schools, some districts, some leagues, some sports that may be affected more than others. But just like everything since March, there are a lot of unknowns. “Obviously, having certain sports doubled up at the same time is what jumped out for me,” he continued. “Golf and tennis…they put at the same time in the busy season. Those are the ones that were like, ‘wow, there are a lack of facilities’. And both those sports that they put together are

To advertise call 562-407-3873

predominately coached by the same coaches. So, there are some challenges, but everyone has challenges and things they have to deal with and figure out.” Day went on to say that allowing everyone to still play full schedules was a surprise and with everything going on, he thought they might have shorter seasons spread out over the three seasons instead of two and everyone plays 10 or 20 percent fewer games outside of league competition. Artesia High, Cerritos High and Gahr High all have gymnasiums that have at least three full-size courts. Whitney has just one gym, which means Day has his hands full trying to make sure all his indoor teams have ample practices and will have to be creative. “Those schools all have three full courts at their disposal; all we have is obviously one,” Day said. “With the new school district schedule that we have, our athletic period can start as early as 1:00 now. So, one positive is if the kids are available, we can start an hour earlier for practices. We have the gym until 5:30.” Day added that they would have to split the volleyball programs in half but couldn’t comment on how much time there would be for practice, only saying it would be up to the county and the district as far as when they allow the athletes to come back and what special rules will be put in place and what Whitney will have to do to be in compliance. “The volleyball teams will have to split that time in half,” Day said. “The fun will be in the spring because we will have three boys basketball teams, two or three girls basketball teams and 50 badminton players all at the same time.” He indicated that in the spring, the basketball and badminton teams would have to rotate their practices to where one of the

Enjoy every moment living worry-free At The Palms, we offer an affordable, all-inclusive lifestyle with chef-prepared meals. Let us handle life’s day-to-day chores, allowing you to focus on the moments in life to be cherished and celebrated.

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It’s all about the moments, and we make sure each one counts.

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sports would always be outside practicing each day and it would be equally spread amongst all those teams. “If badminton has a home match, I’m going to try to put those home matches on days basketball has away games so we’re not losing practice times,” Day said. “And if basketball has a league game, I’m going to try to have badminton play an away game. We’ll have to deal with it.” Another possibility to maximize practice time would be if one of the teams could have access to the gymnasium in the morning before school begins at 8:00. On the topic of transportation, Whitney is no different than the other district schools and especially in the “new” spring season, in which more sports will be play, some creative planning will have to take place. “If we had to go by today’s guidelines, I don’t know what we would do,” Day said. “But we’re not going to have any travel until the middle or the end of December, and maybe that might be one trip per sport. So that’s three months away [and] a lot of things could change. I don’t know what’s going to happen at that point. I don’t know how many kids are allowed on the bus.” Day said he would be meeting with school administration soon to ‘tackle certain situations’ as it pertains to the transportation. He believes some of the questions or suggestions that could arise would be if the school is going to encourage more student athletes to drive themselves to the games or if the school is going to encourage more parents to drive their son or daughter to the games. On the coaching side of things, and unlike other schools, Whitney does not have coaches who coach more than one sport. In fact, Day said there has been an increase in the teachers who also coach. Marlene Jollensten, who was the assistant to the former girls volleyball head coach, Ole Nervik, was hired to be a math teacher and is now the new girls volleyball head coach. “Right now, all our sports have coaches,” Day said. “We’re waiting to see if coaches are going to be allowed to be paid if coaching two teams in the same season. If we’re not allowed to pay a coach, [for example], to coach boys and girls tennis at the same time, then I’m going to need to find a new coach. But we haven’t lost any coach because of the current situation at all.” For the fall season, which will run from December to April, Day doesn’t see any problems coaching-wise. There are two head coaches for the boys and girls water polo teams, Mark Johnson and Paul McManus. a combined five boys and girls volleyball teams with as many head coaches and two cross country head coaches. Whitney does not field a football or lacrosse team, the other two sports that will participate in the revamped fall season. And because Whitney has never had a football program, Day doesn’t have to worry about the challenges of restructuring the football schedule. “The second season, I have the same coaches for golf, but I can kind of move that around because there are three of us,”

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Day said. “I have two tennis coaches that coach the girls in the fall and the boys in the spring. So, tennis is the other one we’ll have to wait and see.” He added that for tennis, they are looking at friends or colleagues who can possibly help. Other than that, Whitney does not have any crossover coaches. As far as safety protocols for practicing and what precautions the athletic department is going to take once athletes can return, Day said he and the school have had preliminary meetings with the district but it’s still a fluid situation and they haven’t been given any specifics on what is to talk about. Day has already been informed that once the athletic season begins, the locker rooms will remain closed for the entire school year, both for physical education and athletics, unless the district changes that decision. That would eliminate the process of cleaning and sanitizing the locker rooms and weight rooms daily. “We don’t know when we’re going to be back, so we don’t know what the guidelines are going to be,” he said. “Since June when there were talks of coming back, L.A. and Orange County, the rules have changed, the protocols have changed. As far as talking to the coaches about what we’re going to do, no, because we don’t even know when we’re coming back.” He added that most of the Whitney coaches have already had COVID training from online courses and they’ll have the training completed before they come back to school. As far as feedback from the coaches or athletes, Day admitted there are some students and families who are hesitant about returning to their respective teams. Some athletes have already decided not to play in the 2020-2021 school year for various reasons, i.e. COVID related or the uncertainty of their respective sport being played. “They’re taking advantage of lining up for an academic class that’s a sure thing,” Day said. “They don’t want to wait and then in the spring there’s no sports and they could have added another class. We’ve lost some athletes for reasons like that.” Some of the positives have been the athletes who have been cleared to play and the coaches who have been cleared, in certain sports, have been meeting online and doing workouts. Day said a lot of parents are happy for that because there are a lot of kids who want stuff to do. He also said he knows certain athletes who have been working out on their own. In closing, Day said he hopes that all the teams get to play but is concerned with a couple of them, especially boys volleyball, traditionally a spring sport which was cut short back in March. Now, with the new calendar, it is being doubled up with girls volleyball in the fall season. “I want everyone to get to compete,” he said. “I really want boys volleyball to get to compete. But first and foremost, we have to make sure everyone can come back and be safe, from the coaches to the student-athletes.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

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The City has created the PALS pro11 PENDING PACKAGE Lakewood Offers gram which stands for Park Alternative Sites. In park activity rooms Supervisor Students Backpacks withLearning School Supplies CELL PHONE SCAM Hilda L. Solis and the DPSS Give 1,000 Distance Learning across Lakewood, the city has carefully redesigned areas where elementary school BY TAMMYE MCDUFF age children can be safely supervised Scholarships while attending school classes and doing AUGUST 7, 2020

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Los Cerritos Community News -


“We know that it can be costly to prescammers are trying theirduring hand at pareNow a child for school, especially challenging athese ‘pending packagetimes,� scam’.Supervisor Solis toldAuthorities reporters prior to the distribution at are now warning communiDPSS Toy Loan Headquarters in downties about yet another phishing scam where town Los Angeles. why it’s with im- a cybercriminals send“That’s a text message portant that as a County, we do whatever malicious link to an intended victims phone we can to help youth in our communities to try and obtain personal data. have the tools they need to be successful The latest SMS attempt includes the rein the classroom. cipient’s name. Thethe scammers likely Solisfirst acknowledged annual event believe that by adding this personal inforfor its commitment to low-income families mation; the victim would be more likely in L.A. County, praising the 85-year-old to open the link. One such email reads: Toy Loan Program for its well-earned Hello mate, your FEDEX package with reputation as the largest and most successful free toy-lending library program in the tracking code GB-6412-GHB83 is waiting nation. program is sponsored andClick. supfor you The to set delivery preferences. ported by the Board of Supervisors. info/www123xyz Toy text Loan message Program was The maycreated containin lan1935 during the Great Depression as ahas a guage that states the targeted victim free service to allow low-income children package pending or waiting from them in to borrow toys from a DPSS toy lending an attempt to get them to click on the link libraries in the same manner that books are and share personal information. borrowed from a public library. Children This isn’t the first time that spammers who participate develop a sense of rehave used SMS to send fake messages, sponsibility through theout observance of an but more people appearsystem to be receiving this honor code and merit that rewards specific package delivery scam them when toys are returned onmessage. time and undamaged. decided to test the approximately link The and program see whatserves happened. After clicking 30,000 children at over 50 toy lending the link, it goes to a very obvious Amazon libraries located at after school programs, looking fake listing and you are asked to

BY TAMMYE MCDUFF take a customer satisfaction survey. As a It’s back to school time, but this school thank you for answering some question, season is unlike any we have ever experiyou are given the chance to claim an expensive product for free as a reward. Then enced. All four distracts that serve the city you are asked for your address and credit of Lakewood have reopened, but following the California’s pandemic mandates, card number. The real scam is in the fine print. By students are in a distance learning format. agreeing to pay a small shipping fee, you There are no in person classes as the school have been signed up for a 14 day trial to year begins and this is the challenge. Teachers have to learn an entire new the company that sells the product. After the trial period, you are billed a ridiculous set of skills and children don’t get the sofee every month and sent a new supply of cial interaction they need. It won’t be easy for parents either as they have to work as whatever item you claimed as a reward. timeL. tutors their kid’s school LOS ANGELES COUNTY Solisof(in window) joinedwork, Dept. These cybercriminals canSUPERVISOR steal your fullHilda keeping and Program motivatof Public Social Services Director Antoniawhile JimĂŠnez and them DPSSfocused Toy Loan identity, empty your back account or install ed forGiveaway distance learning. staff for the annual Backpack & School to ensure that over 1,000 malware on your phone. The best course Supply While city government does year. not run children 5 through have the tools for a successful school of action ages is to ignore the 17 message. Donecessary not school districts in California, the city of click on any suspicious links and don’t proLakewood is doing everything possible to vide personally identifying information. “Our department recognizes the community centers, nonproďŹ t organizabe as helpful to teachers, schools, students By taking a step back and analyzing increasing that children tions andmessage, librariesitthroughout the county. parentssupport as possible. The Cityneed hasdurpaid the text is easy to spot a scam. and ing this pandemic and we want to ensure year marks theappears 5th anniversary guard First,This the phone number to be from for and operated the school crossing they are prepared withoperates the toolsthree necessary of the Backpack Giveaway, serves staffs and after someone’s personal number.which Second, the program; for a successful school year, whether it is children from families receiving beneďŹ ts school programs in city parks and works sender never identifies themselves or the virtual or in-personâ€? said DPSS Director from DPSS. Due to the ďŹ nancial impact with schools to keep campuses safe. Durcourier. Third, the link’s URL looks suspiAntonia JimĂŠnez. children many are of COVID-19 on the Finally, local economy, CoVID-19, the “Today’s city has explored cious and unofficial. the text the mes- ing tomorrow’s future. That’s why I believe event’s host emphasized that this distribusages grammar does not read as if it is from alternate ways to help campuses in this it’s important thatenvironment. we nurture, prepare and tion is needed more than ever. unusual learning a legitimate source.


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educate our children.â€? Observing the requirements to wear masks and social distancing guidelines, participating safely in at school work families on line. remained Wifi is available their vehicles while DPSS Toy Loan each site, with ample broadband forstaff each placed theFollowing backpacks all in their For student. CDCtrunks. and health families that indicated they use public regulations, everyone wears face covertransportation, an appointment was made ings; gets their temperature checked and for a contact-free pick up. adheres to proper hygiene. Children are All backpacks and school supplies consistently in theirofsame small set were donatedkept by County Los Angeles of ten kids private/corporate throughout each donors month and long employees, session. through a partnership with Amazon, which The online City and ProjectbyShepard have allowed donations visiting the joined together with their allotment FedToy Loan Program’s Amazon Smileofwish eral list. Cares Act Funding to help Lakewood Thepay DPSS 3.5 million customparents for serves the PALS program. There ers in L.A. County, the Department of are still spaces left to enroll in PALS. Public Services is the largest local TheSocial Lakewood Education Foundation social services agency in the nation. The [LEF] is a traditional part of the regular department provides beneďŹ ts and services back to school season. Thanks to donato families including tions of all and sizesindividuals, from residents and busiCalFresh food and nutrition assistance; nesses, LEF has been able to offer hunMedi-Cal health, dental and vision insurdreds educational projects in Lakewood ance; ďŹ nancial and homeless assistance for schools over the past 17 years. In this qualifying individuals through the General CoVID-19 year,andLEF is working with Relief program for families through Lakewood teachers to offer the extra supthe CalWORKs program; In-Home Support andServices resources can help and portive forthat disabled and them elderly their students in this challenging new residents, and employment and supportive school servicesyear. to help residents prepare for the Formarket. more information or to contribute labor For more information, visit contact .



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Los Cerritos Community News -


Continued from page 1 illness. Prior plans made by Norwalk officials for the facility have been placed on hold. Metropolitan State Hospital officials have informed the city that their plans will not interfere with any possible future development plans at that location, despite being restricted by the state’s “emergency powers” due to the pandemic. “At this time, there is no legal recourse to prevent the use of this facility by the state, however, the city council has passed an ordinance that requires public agencies to consult with the city prior to placing a homeless or COVID-19 facility in Norwalk,” said Mayor Jennifer Perez. “The city council has authorized staff to meet and confer with representatives of the California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) to ensure safety measures are in place, that an exit strategy is clearly outlined and that Norwalk residents are informed prior to the housing of any patients.” City officials have indicated that a virtual town hall will take place to inform the residents of the possible re-opening of the CYA facility. The meeting with residents will take place on Thursday, September 10 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. A toll-free number has been set up for the event. Residents are instructed to call (844) 767-5679, with an access code 5569747. City officials anticipate a large meeting wherein Department of

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State Hospital officials will provide more detailed information, and answer questions or concerns from the residents. “During these unprecedented times, it is important that there be cooperation between local, county, and state government,” added Perez. “The safety of our community members is central to the efforts of the city council. We want to ensure to every resident that we are committed to providing optimum security possible to maintain the quality of life for every Norwalk family.” Residents are being informed that they should direct all inquiries to the Metropolitan State Hospital’s Public Information Officer, Claudine Hanna, at Claudine.


Continued from page 1 trast to Zamora's which were “indirect, non-responsive vague and ambiguous.” Another Course Incident The second incident on the course directly involved Carrillo and his high-school aged son who were both wearing matching golf shirts and pants. Pulling up in his cart, Zamora stated, “what’s up with those shirts?” After Carrillo told Zamora it was his son, Zamora laughed and, while looking up and down at Carrillo and his son, replied, “well I don’t know about that.” Zamora did not stop, Carrillo testified he said, “what’s up with those leop-

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

ard shirts,” while yelling at a retired fire chief in another foursome, “hey [former fire chief] Crook what’s up with your guys over there?” After interviewing the witnesses the investigator found that it was more likely than not that Zamora “teased rather than complimented Carrillo and his son about the shirts.” The investigator wrote that Carrillo gave more consistent and detailed information while Zamora was once again “inconsistent, non-responsive, vague, ambiguous.” The incident was supported by other witnesses who testified that Zamora had teased City Manager Ray Cruz for his shirt at another event in at the Ponte Winery in Temecula. Cruz was wearing a pink-salmon shirt, seeing the shirt, Zamora was overheard saying "Ray, really?” “Nice shirt Ray,” while lowering and making a gesture with his hand in an effeminate manner. Both SFS Mayor Bill Rounds and Councilwoman Juanita Trujillo testified they had heard Zamora teasing Cruz, with Trujillo adding more to the report telling the investigator she incurred harassment from Zamora at a Las Vegas convention. Trujillo testified that her and Zamora were going by a booth that was giving away blue gumballs, she told Zamora that she grabbed some blue ones, to which Zamora responded, “oh yes, of course you would, you like those blue balls.” They walked by another booth operated by Largo Insurance with the repre-

    XVHG PRUH WKDQ RQFH VR GR QRW FURVV WKHP RXW ,W LV EHVW WR ¿QG WKH ELJ ZRUGV ¿UVW :KHQ \RX ¿QG DOO WKH ZRUGV OLVWHG LQ WKH FOXHV \RX¶OO KDYH D QXPEHU RI OHWWHUV OHIW RYHU WKDW VSHOO RXW WKH :21'(5:25' 7R VHH WKH DQVZHU XVH WKH 


















      

 

sentative handing out traveling headrests. Trujillo asked for a headrest for Zamora to which he replied, “Oh Largo, yes she likes it Largo,” while pointing at Trujillo and making a hand gesture that she interpreted as mimicking a large penis. Restroom The next incident was most disturbing and occurred in the restroom of the banquet hall when Zamora walked in, saw Carrillo and his son, and allegedly said, “Aw f**k, you guys?” It was noted by several witnesses that Zamora had been drinking and had “four or five drinks.” Zamora then allegedly directed a comment towards Carrillo’s son who had asked Zamora what he said. Zamora replied, “Well, if I’m in here, you guys can’t be in here because you’re in the wrong restroom.” The situation became very heated with the elder Carrillo getting upset and confronting Zamora calling him a “fat f**k” several times. Many of the witnesses testified that if the statement that Zamora made was indeed true they would’ve reacted in the same manner. This was atypical of Carrillo’s normal demeanor, according to the investigator, Carrillo has always been noted to be professional and courteous in his 24 year career. Zamora denied everything saying he did not say the Aw f**k comment, and said he commented on the shirts saying, “nice shirts, cute.” After interviewing the witnesses, the investigator found that it was more likely than not that Zamora “teased rather than complimented Carrillo and his son about the shirts.” The investigator wrote that Carrillo described in detail what happened in the bathroom and that Zamora, in part of his statement, actually corroborated Carrillo and included the Cruz pink shirt incident as prior proof. The investigator also pointed out that Carrillo was more credible because his admissions of profanity went against his best interests, and he could be disciplined. Banquet Hall As they left the restroom the altercation continued in the banquet hall in front of a host of witnesses. Carrillo and his son entered the banquet hall and attempted to find seats, shortly thereafter Zamora approached him and his son in an attempt to apologize. Carrillo got between him and his son and said in a loud voice to, “get the f**k away from my son… you know exactly what you did… you know what you said… don't ever harass me again.” People came over to separate the two, they sat down, and according to the investigator, Zamora allegedly kept looking at Carrillo so much so that Carrillo yelled “what the f**k you looking at… what's your problem? Zamora denied the allegations saying he went over to talk to Chief Marin who was at Carrillo’s table, and that is when Carrillo said, “what the f**k you are looking at?” But the investigator found that no other witnesses interviewed supported Zamora’s recollection of the event. The investigator indicated that it is more likely than not that Carrillo’s description of the altercation was more credible than Zamora’s version. In the end, the investigator found that Zamora violated the City’s Code of Conduct for Elected and Appointed Officials and the City’s Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation policy. Since Zamora is an elected official, it is within the City Council’s purview to decide what actions to take. Any actions against Carrillo will be by his employer.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

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September 23, 2020


6:00 P.M., or soon thereafter.


City Council Chambers 21815 Pioneer Boulevard Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716 No Members of the Public will be permitted to attend

Case No. PLNG2019-0052 CUP - The City of Hawaiian Gardens will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of considering a Conditional Use Permit application for Chevron/ ExtraMile Service Station/ Convenience Store to operate with a State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Type 20 (Off-Sale Beer & Wine, Package Store) license, on property located at 11804 Carson Street, City of Hawaiian Gardens.


CEQA DETERMINATION: The proposed project is Categorically Exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) per Section 15301 (Class 1 –Existing Facilities) of the CEQA guidelines. Based on Staff’s analysis, the request to operate with an ABC license will not result in any changes in land use and will not have a significant effect on the environment; thereby staff feels that the request qualifies for this exemption. INVITATION TO BE HEARD PLEASE NOTE THAT PURSUANT TO THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA’S EXECUTIVE ORDER N-25-20 AND N-29-20, AND IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY, THE CITY OF HAWAIIAN GARDENS PLANNING COMMISSION AND STAFF WILL PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WILL FOLLOW PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES. The general public cannot attend the meeting in the Council Chambers due to various State and County orders and restrictions, including but not limited to social distancing requirements. The meeting can be viewed via various platforms as follows: City of Hawaiian Gardens local cable/channel: • ATT-99 • FRONTIER - 16 • SPECTRUM – 36

Live Stream via City website at:

FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO THIS PUBLIC HEARING ITEM, IT IS ADVISED TO SUBMIT USING ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS: •Written correspondence may be delivered to the City Hall Drop Box and must be received by no later than 4:30 p.m. on the date of the meeting. •Via E-Comment on the City of Hawaiian Gardens website. A person may leave a written comment to be read during the Public Hearing public comment section. •Comments received via email prior before 4:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting will become part of the official meeting record. You must provide your full name, but please do not provide any other personal information (i.e. phone numbers, addresses, etc.) that you do not want to be published. Please send electronic comments to Further information may be obtained by contacting the Hawaiian Gardens Community Development Department at (562) 420-2641. Si desea obtener más información, llame al Departamento de Desarrollo de la Comunidad al (562) 420-2641. Joseph Colombo, Community Development Director Published: September 11, 2020 Published at Hawaiian Gardens Community News 9/11/20 CITY OF LA MIRADA STATE OF CALIFORNIA NOTICE INVITING BIDS CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT NO. 2018-02 ALONDRA BOULEVARD PAVEMENT REHABILITATION FROM VALLEY VIEW AVENUE TO MOTTLEY DRIVE Notice is hereby given that the City of La Mirada, California invites sealed bids for the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, and services for Capital Improvement Project No. 2018-02. Project Documents are available online from American Reprographics Company (ARC). Bidders may obtain free copies of the Plans, Specifications and other Contract Documents online by visiting The general items of work include sawcut, removal and disposal of existing improvements, AC pavement reconstruction, cold milling, asphalt rubber hot mix overlay, Type 2 slurry seal, removal and replacement of damaged curb, gutter, cross gutter, sidewalk and curb ramps, adjustment of manholes and water valves, traffic control, water quality control plan preparation and implementation, traffic signal modifications, traffic signing, striping, markings, and raised pavement markers in the Cities of La Mirada and Buena Park. Sealed bids shall be delivered to the City Clerk at or before 11:00 a.m. on October 7, 2020. Bids must be submitted on the blank forms, prepared and furnished for that purpose and included in the Plans and Specifications. The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids, or delete portions of any or all bids, or waive any informality or irregularity in the bid or the bid procedures. Questions regarding the Project should be directed to the Project Manager at (562) 902-2373.

Published at Los Cerritos Commuity News 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25/20

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: ANDREW ST. ANN JR. CASE NO. 20STPB03144 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the WILL or estate, or both of ANDREW ST. ANN JR.. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by ERLINDA CHING in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that ERLINDA CHING be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 09/23/20 at 8:30AM in Dept. 2D located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 Notice of Telephonic Hearing Due to court closures, you may participate telephonically by scheduling with CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878. Please check the court's website at for information regarding closure to the public. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. In Pro Per Petitioner ERLINDA CHING 13429 CASCADE COURT CERRITOS CA 90703 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20 CNS-3394692# LOS CERRITOS COMMUNITY NEWS


Anne Haraksin, City Clerk City of La Mirada

Notice is hereby given to the creditors and contingent creditors of the above-named decedent, that all persons having claims against the decedent are required to file them with the Trustee and mail a copy to Greg L. Young, Successor Trustee, within the later of four months after the date of the first publication of notice to creditors or, if notice is mailed or personally delivered to you, 30 days after the date this notice is mailed or personally delivered to you. For your protection, you are encouraged to file your claim by certified mail, with return receipt requested.

Published at La Mirada Lamplighter 9/11/20

Greg L Young 8691 W Morten Ave Glendale AZ 85305

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To advertise call 562-407-3873 I am a citizen of the United States and a resident of the BLVD NORWALK CA 90650-6713 7009-024-026/S2016-020 DEPARTMENT OF THE $3,104.10the age of eighteen years, TREASURER AND TAX I am over County aforesaid; GARCIA,ROY N AND ROCIO C 8052-015-041 $4,160.48 COLLECTOR GARCIA,SALVADOR ANDabove-entitled GARCIA,ERNESTO 7009-007-008 and not a party to or interested in the $2,767.05 7009-007-009 $5,370.76 7009-007-061 $5,736.13 Notice of Divided Publication GONZALES,ARMANDO AND YOLANDA SITUS 11737 SPRY ST matter. NORWALK CA 90650-2341 8023-019-003 $4,912.58 GONZALEZ,ANTHONY SITUS 12921 GERONIMO LN I DIVIDED am the principal the CA printer the Los CerriNORWALK 90650-3310of 8045-002-034/S2015-010/S2016-010 NOTICE OF PUBLICATION OF THEclerk of $514.96 PROPERTY TAX-DEFAULT LIST TR MANUEL O GONZALEZ (DELINQUENT LIST) tos Community News, aGONZALEZ,MANUEL newspaper Oof general circu-TRUST AND GONZALEZ,DOMIRA SITUS 14705 STUDEBAKER RD Made pursuant to Section 3371, Revenue and Taxation Code NORWALK CA 90650-5634 8075-031-010 $12,657.92 lation, printed and published one time each week in GUARDADO,MAYRA A AND CASTRO,UBALDO SITUS 11842 Pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 3381 through 3385, GEM ST NORWALK CA 90650-2446 8024-012-010/S2017-010 the County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector is publishing thetheCounty Los Angeles, and which newspaper has $3,553.18 in divided distribution, Notice of Powerof to Sell Tax-Defaulted GUZMAN,JOSE M AND MENDEZ JOSEFINA AND Property in and for the County of Los Angeles (County), State of been adjudged a published newspaper of general circulation by OLVERA,EDUARDO C SITUS 14322 FLALLON AVE NORWALK California, to various newspapers of general circulation in CA 90650-4801 8074-016-006/S2016-010/S2017-010 $160.21 the County. A portion of the list appears in each of such newspapers. HAUSER,HEIDI L SITUS 13708 FAIRFORD AVE NORWALK CA the Superior Court of the90650-3716 County of Los Angeles, State 8053-017-032 $103.18 I, Keith Knox, County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector, HERNANDEZ,LILLIAN AND CORRAL,MICHAEL SITUS 12316 State of California, certify that: of California, under the date of September 9, 1996, in MAIDSTONE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2330 8023-013-010/ S2016-010 $638.66 Notice is given that by operation of law at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time, Number that the notice, theAVE HERNANDEZ,RAMON SITUS of 14012which LEIBACHER on July 1, 2018, theCase Tax Collector declared the realV5005861 properties listed NORWALK CA 90650-3533 8052-007-028/S2016-010/S2016-020/ below tax defaulted. The declaration of default was due to nonS2017-010 payment of the totalannexed amount due for the is taxes,aassessments, and other printed copy (set$1,309.48 in type not smaller than J MADISON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC SITUS 14104 charges levied in tax year 2017-18 that were a lien on the listed real EDGEWATER in DR each NORWALKregular CA 90650-3406 8052-017-161 property. Nonresidential commercial property and been property upon nonpareil), has published and en$3,086.99 which there is a recorded nuisance abatement lien shall be Subject to JAMES,JOSHUA AND HARKINS,ELISIA SITUS 10924 MAZA ST the Tax Collector's Power to Sell after three years of defaulted taxes. tire issue of said newspaper and not in any supplement NORWALK CA 90650-2568 8050-014-008/S2017-010 $812.14 Therefore, if the 2017-18 taxes remain defaulted after June 30, 2021, JONES,DAMON A AND KENYA SITUS 12917 GLENDA ST the property will become Subject to the Tax Collector's Power to Sell on auction the infollowing dates,CAto wit:7027-001-004/S2016-010 $21.38 CERRITOS 90703-8517 and eligible for salethereof at the County's public 2022. All other Los Cerritos Community News -

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Proof of Publication of


California 90012, or call 1(888) 807-2111 or 1(213) 974-2111.


Assessees/taxpayers, who have disposed of real property after January 1, 2017, may find their names listed because the Office of the Assessor has not yet updated the assessment roll to reflect the change in ownership.

Brian Hews

ASSESSOR'S IDENTIFICATION NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION The Assessor's Identification Number, when used to describe property in this list, refers to the Assessor's map book, the map page, the block on the map (if applicable), and the individual parcel on the map page or in the block. The Assessor's maps and further explanation of the parcel numbering system are available at the Office of the Assessor.

Los Cerritos Community News 13047 Artesia Suite C-102, Cerritos, CA 90703 The following property tax defaulted on July 1, 2018,Blvd. for the taxes, assessments, and other charges for the Tax Year 2017-18: 562-407-3873 LISTED BELOW ARE PROPERTIES THAT DEFAULTED IN 2018 FOR TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND 0THER CHARGES FOR FORM THE LCCN 82180 PROOF FISCAL YEAR 2017-2018. AMOUNT OF DELINQUENCY AS OF THIS PUBLICATION IS LISTED BELOW. ADAME,CARLOS AND PLANCARTE,LLIANA SITUS 14803 CROSSDALE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5618 8075-026-017/ S2017-010 $3,460.24 ADUNA,JOAQUIN C SITUS 10828 PLUTON ST NORWALK CA 90650-7532 8020-009-020 $7,422.83 ALESANA,VILIAMU AND SIMONA SITUS 16807 OUTRIGGER CIR CERRITOS CA 90703-1653 7016-023-069/S2016-020/S2017010 $3,159.76 ARROYO,JAVIER A AND ARROYO,ANGELICA SITUS 12110 ZEUS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2423 8024-010-024/S2016-010 $401.61 ARVIZO,JOSEPH P AND CLARETH SITUS 12066 CHESHIRE ST NORWALK CA 90650-6605 8080-029-021/S2017-020 $2,831.43 ASCENCIO,JUAN R CO TR ROMERO FAMILY TRUST SITUS 14527 FAIRFORD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4764 8075-017-029 $4,064.02 AWAD,MAGED F AND YOUSSEF,MARY Y SITUS 11911 DALWOOD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-7718 8022-005-025/ S2016-010/S2017-010 $7,847.04 BANKS,HEATHER S SITUS 11848 165TH ST NORWALK CA 90650-7248 7011-008-017/S2016-010 $1,491.42 BARRAGAN,STEFANIE AND RENE SITUS 17511 HARVEST AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-2552 7034-010-030/S2017-010 $2,520.26 BENITEZ,BENITO AND INGRID SITUS 13029 LIGGETT ST NORWALK CA 90650-5135 8070-008-009/S2017-020 $1,909.87 BLUE STONE BUILDERS INC TR 13705 CLARKDALE AVE UNIT B SITUS 13705 CLARKDALE AVE UNIT B NORWALK CA 90650-8749 8056-021-035 $6,481.34 BONILLA,MIRIAM D SITUS 11411 CRESSON ST NORWALK CA 90650-7902 8018-001-020/S2016-020 $284.07 BRADSHER,JAMES F AND PAULINE W SITUS 12212 ORR AND DAY RD NORWALK CA 90650-7840 8023-006-009 $3,646.72 CAMBEROS,CRISTINA C SITUS 14350 HORST AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4954 8073-001-017 $7,880.48 CARLTON,JOHNNY L SITUS 11512 COLLEGE DR NORWALK CA 90650-6944 7014-015-013 $4,020.51 CEDANO,NATHALY ET AL ARROYO,MARCO A SITUS 12320 DEL RIO CT NORWALK CA 90650-8027 8021-007-018/S2017-010 $1,929.75 CHABLE,ROBERTO AND ESPINOSA,GUADALUPE SITUS 11923 162ND ST NORWALK CA 90650-7229 7009-015-032/S2016010/S2017-010 $2,250.16 CHAVEZ,CARLOS A AND CHAVEZ,GUADALUPE D SITUS 14623 STUDEBAKER RD NORWALK CA 90650-5632 8075-031005/S2016-020/S2017-010 $1,758.87 CHUNG,CHRISTINA S SITUS 12008 SYCAMORE ST NORWALK CA 90650-4179 8056-028-037/S2016-010/S2017-010 $2,602.54 CONTRERAS,ALEX AND CONTRERAS,MANUEL C SITUS 12102 NORDESTA DR NORWALK CA 90650-7436 8021-031-015 $839.39 DIAZ,PAVEL R SITUS 11867 ARKANSAS ST ARTESIA CA 90701-1823 7011-007-036/S2017-010 $96.71 DIAZ,YVETTE J AND BENAVIDEZ,ERIK A SITUS 12139 KENNEY ST NORWALK CA 90650-1855 8015-003-008/S2016-010 $313.66 ELOFSON,PAUL C AND SHIRLEY E TRS ELOFSON FAMILY TRUST SITUS 12020 HEBE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2450 8024-008-006 $3,158.51 ERDEI,CHRISTOPHER AND ELLIOTT,CHARLES A SITUS 14403 LONGWORTH AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4722 8074-001001 $8,886.80 ESPINO,SERGIO AND CELIA SITUS 14723 FUNSTON AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5920 8073-024-028 $8,332.07 FRANCO,GUSTAVO F AND MONTOYA,FABIOLA F AND FONSECA,MARIA D SITUS 10920 CORBY AVE NORWALK CA 90650-1616 8016-002-006 $200.79 FUKUSHIMA,KEN M CO TR FUKUSHIMA DECD TRUST SITUS 18714 GODINHO AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-6061 7030-016-004 $1,173.75 GALLEGOS,ANTONIO SR AND GALLEGOS,ANTONIO JR SITUS 11218 ALBURTIS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-1608 8016015-009 $5,361.57 GARCIA,RODOLFO AND MAYRA L SITUS 16105 NORWALK

8/28, 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20

UNIT # B605


B499 B143/B141 B117 A253 B764/B770


I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed at Los Angeles, California, on August 12, 2020.


I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Please direct requests for information concerning redemption of taxdefaulted property to Keith Knox, Treasurer Tax Collector. You DATED ATandCERRITOS, CALIFORNIA, may mail inquiries to 225 North Hill Street, Room 115, Los Angeles,

NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED PROPERTY Notice is given that pursuant to sections 21700-21713 of the Business and Professions Code, Section 2328 of the Commercial Code, Section 535 of the Penal Code. 1812.607, that Norwalk Self Storage at 11564 E. Firestone Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650 will sell by competitive bidding by Climer’s Auctions ( Bond # 5181494 ), on or after DECEMBER 12th, 2017 @ 10:00 a.m., property belonging to those listed below. Auction is to EH KHOG DW WKH DERYH DGGUHVV 3URSHUW\ WR EH VROG DV IROORZV ER[HV WRWHV ÀVKLQJ SROHV ELNHV EDW FRPSUHVVRUV FDUW WULNH JDOORQ EXFNHWV WDEOHV SULQWHU LURQLQJ ERDUGV OLJKW À[WXUH VSHDNHUV GROOLH ZRRG WUXQN loose clothing, dresser, art frame, hangers, night stand, trash bags, chairs, rug cleaner, exercise equipment, PLUURU NH\ ERDUGV JOREH FRXFK GXIà H EDJV LFH FKHVW à DW VFUHHQ 79 WRRO ER[ ELNH SDUWV VXLWFDVH 9&5 hose, loose wood, picture frames, tent, pillows, loose bedding, gas can, shelving, book cases, basket, and bolt cutters belonging to the following.

11/24 and 12/1/17


12/20, 12/27/19, 1/3 and 1/10/20

This notice is given in accordance with the provisions of Section 21700 et seq. of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California. Sales subject to prior cancellation in the event of settlement between Owner and obligated party. Publication Dates: NOVEMBER 24, 2017 and DECEMBER 1, 2017.

JUEI CHIAO FU SITUS 18803 DE VOSS AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-6055 7030-019-018 $7,257.76 LACMA SALAZAR,ADELINA B SITUS 14328 FLALLON AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4801 8074-016-007 $13,624.51 LANDA,MARIA SITUS 13536 FLALLON AVE NORWALK CA 90650-3944 8054-007-002/S2016-010/S2017-010 $5,920.32 LE,MINH TAM 8075-039-028 $2,674.70 LEE,DANIEL K SITUS 11906 LOS ALISOS CIR NORWALK CA 90650-8214 8015-014-027/S2016-010/S2017-010 $3,494.52 LLERENA,LEONARDO L AND MONICA F SITUS 15406 GRIDLEY RD NORWALK CA 90650-6323 8079-031-021/S2017010 $1,284.86 LUCERO,DOROTEO AND DOLORES O SITUS 13712 ARLEE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4010 8054-011-013 $2,811.14 LYDE,HELBERT W SR SITUS 13900 STUDEBAKER RD 18 NORWALK CA 90650-3575 8053-020-025 $6,721.00 MADDOX,NICHOLAS AND TENAY TRS MADDOX FAMILY TRUST SITUS 17909 SAN GABRIEL AVE CERRITOS CA 907032618 7034-021-016/S2015-010/S2016-010 $5,851.11 MAKKAR,MUNISH SITUS 11441 JENKINS ST ARTESIA CA 90701-2610 7035-002-051/S2016-010/S2017-010 $5,943.49 MALDONADO,MICHAEL AND KATHLEEN SITUS 12801 NORWALK BLVD NORWALK CA 90650-8358 8047-005-004 $43,076.09 MALLOY,MATHEW J AND CHRISTI L SITUS 15416 THORNLAKE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-6654 8082-018-010 $2,735.59 MARES,ARTHUR AND ALMANZA,LUCY SITUS 12826 FOSTER RD NORWALK CA 90650-3356 8046-016-016 $16.96 MC CLUSKEY,KAREN E AND MCCLUSKEY,MICHAEL W SITUS 19031 KAY AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-7332 7044-006-016/ S2014-010/S2015-010/S2016-010 $4,005.59 MEDINA,PORFIRIO A SITUS 14732 DALWOOD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5621 8075-022-008 $18,492.83 MORENO,ROBERTO AND NEGREROS,LILIANA M SITUS 13803 CAULFIELD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4431 8046-024001/S2016-010 $1,786.31 MOSQUEDA,SHERYL A SITUS 14511 MARILLA AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5246 8070-022-024 $4,008.55 NELSON,NORMAN JR AND NORIDA TRS NORMAN AND NORIDA NELSON TRUST SITUS 10542 CHEDDAR ST NORWALK CA 90650-2103 8051-005-008 $4,795.19 NISSER,JOHN M AND ROSALIE SITUS 14812 GRIDLEY RD NORWALK CA 90650-5705 8074-027-005 $20.85 ORTIZ,SHERRIE SITUS 13206 DOMART AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2157 8051-026-024 $5,087.27 PALOMINO,JESUS R SITUS 12321 SPROUL ST NORWALK CA 90650-4345 8056-003-002/S2016-010 $166.16 PATEL,CHIMANLAL AND PUSHPABEN SITUS 18506 CLARKDALE AVE ARTESIA CA 90701-5724 7040-014-002 $6,878.23 PEREZ,JUAN G SITUS 14108 MADRIS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-4233 8056-018-037/S2015-010/S2016-010 $21,093.34 PINEDO,TONY AND LIRA,NORMA SITUS 12153 CYCLOPS ST NORWALK CA 90650-1962 8024-004-005/S2017-010 $2,579.27 PINEDO,TONY M SITUS 17215 JERSEY AVE ARTESIA CA 90701-2638 7035-016-049 $2,037.91 RAMIREZ,RICARDO AND MARIA L AND LOZANO,ALFREDO JR SITUS 15218 LEFLOSS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5443 8078013-006/S2016-010 $1,082.67 RAZO,JULIO C SITUS 14113 DALWOOD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-3616 8053-024-021/S2017-010 $3,304.87 REAL ESTATE SERVICES GROUP INC SITUS 14018 LEIBACHER AVE NORWALK CA 90650-3533 8052-007-027 $18,702.65 REED,MICHELLE M SITUS 12253 HIBBING ST ARTESIA CA 90701-7025 7054-005-037/S2017-010 $2,188.00 REMIGIO,JOANN A SITUS 15328 MCRAE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-6348 8079-017-024/S2017-010 $1,719.25 RESENDIZ,JAMMELLE L SITUS 12040 ASHWORTH ST ARTESIA CA 90701-4115 7033-027-003 $23,889.54 RIOS,EARLINE J TR RIOS FAMILY TRUST SITUS 11652 GONSALVES ST CERRITOS CA 90703-7453 7050-018-005 $4,229.79 RIVERA,GREGORIO F SITUS 19729 ALBERT AVE CERRITOS CA 90703-7509 7055-004-015 $16,312.65 ROSALES,DAVID AND CHRISTINA M SITUS 12215 SUMMER AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2368 8023-006-014 $3,476.26 RUIZ,ALEJANDRO R SITUS 11912 ALLARD ST NORWALK CA 90650-1909 8024-016-012/S2016-010 $700.60 RUIZ,OMAR 8021-024-031 $2,568.73 SAISEUBYAT,JAMES SITUS 14821 CROSSDALE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5618 8075-026-014 $9,316.20 SALAMANCA,MANUELAND MARIA C SITUS 13012 FAIRFORD AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2653 8049-030-020 $2,258.29 SAYED,SHAHEDA SITUS 13058 ACORO ST CERRITOS CA 90703-8600 7027-004-023 $28,866.48 SERRANO,EFRAIN JR AND SERRANO,LIZABETH SITUS 11843 HOPLAND ST NORWALK CA 90650-6544 8080-009-034/S2016010 $209.23 SHIMKO,MARK R AND JULIE A SITUS 12723 GRAYSTONE AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2664 8049-002-016 $10,857.23 SONG,MYONG W TR MYONG W SONG TRUST SITUS 19411 PEARL CT K CERRITOS CA 90703-8216 7044-040-100 $8,346.08 SPEICHER,GERTRUDE TR SPEICHER FAMILY TRUST SITUS 13443 PALM PL CERRITOS CA 90703-1047 7006-026-009 $3,758.56 SURATI FARSAN MART INC SITUS 11645 ARTESIA BLVD ARTESIA CA 90701-3849 7035-016-067 $74,605.72 TURCIOS,JUAN C SITUS 12112 FERINA ST NORWALK CA 90650-6623 8080-006-007/S2016-010 $2,307.08 URUETA,ROGELIO AND URUETA,JUAN C SITUS 13018 ELMCROFT AVE NORWALK CA 90650-2672 8050-024-014/ S2016-010 $587.04 VELASCO,SALVADOR B AND LOZANO,CHRISTOPHER SITUS 12227 CAMBRIAN CT ARTESIA CA 90701-7001 7054-006-027/ S2017-010 $67.82 VIERA,GERARDO D AND SARA M TRS VIERA FAMIOLY TRUST SITUS 17621 CALIENTE PL CERRITOS CA 90703-9014 7022-019-041 $2,149.99 VILLAMAR,JOSE M SITUS 16506 KNOLL STONE CIR CERRITOS CA 90703-2007 7010-022-007 $6,752.48 WINSON INTERNATIONAL LLC 8070-018-031 $5,286.72 YRIGOLLEN, TOMMY F TR TOMMY F YRIGOLLEN TRUST AND HERNANDEZ, IRMA SITUS 11702 ALBURTIS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-1722 8016-024-008 $2,560.23 ZAVALA, MARCOS JR AND ESTRADA, CZARINA Y SITUS 12159 CHESHIRE ST NORWALK CA 90650-6608 8080-035-022/ S2016-020/S2017-010 $1,597.94 2017 SKY LLC SITUS 13306 ROSECRANS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5251 8070-023-004 $18,693.50 SITUS 13302 ROSECRANS AVE NORWALK CA 90650-5251 8070-023-005 $25,085.22 8070-023-006 $8,801.46 CN971561 538 Aug 28, Sep 4,11, 2020

Published at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper 11/24 and 12/1/17

property that has defaulted taxes after June 30, 2023, will become Subject to the Tax Collector's Power to Sell and eligible for sale at the County's public auction in 2024. The list contains the name of the assessee and the total tax, which was due on June 30, 2018, for tax year 2017-18, opposite the parcel number. Payments to redeem tax-defaulted real property shall include all amounts for unpaid taxes and assessments, together with the additional penalties and fees as prescribed by law, or paid under an installment plan of redemption if initiated prior to the property becoming Subject to the Tax Collector's Power to Sell.

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: ALMA LETICIA GUTIERREZ CASE NO. 20STPB03421 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the WILL or estate, or both of ALMA LETICIA GUTIERREZ. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by JOSE GREGORIO JAIMES in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that JOSE GREGORIO JAIMES be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act with limited authority. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 09/22/20 at 8:30AM in Dept. 2D located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 Notice of Telephonic Hearing Due to court closures, you may participate telephonically by scheduling with CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878. Please check the court's website at for information regarding closure to the public. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner KENNETH GAUGH, ESQ. - SBN 140695, LAW OFFICE OF KENNETH GAUGH 1963 CARSON STREET TORRANCE CA 90501 8/28, 9/4, 9/11/20 CNS-3391202# HAWAIIAN GARDENS COMMUNITY NEWS


NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF CAROLINE S. YOUNG COUNTY OF ORANGE Notice is hereby given to the creditors and contingent creditors of the above-named decedent, that all persons having claims against the decedent are required to file them with the Trustee and mail a copy to Greg L. Young, Successor Trustee, within the later of four months after the date of the first publication of notice to creditors or, if notice is mailed or personally delivered to you, 30 days after the date this notice is mailed or personally delivered to you. For your protection, you are encouraged to file your claim by certified mail, with return receipt requested. Greg L Young 8691 W Morten Ave Glendale AZ 85305 Published at Los Cerritos Commuity News 9/11, 9/18, 9/25/20

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

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APN 376-032-020-3 TS No. 180904260 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND FORECLOSURE SALE Recorded in accordance with 12 USCA 3764 (c) WHEREAS, on 10/28/2005, a certain Deed of Trust was executed by Madeline Somerville, a widow as trustor in favor of Seattle Mortgage Company as beneficiary, and Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. as trustee, and was recorded on 11/4/2005, as Instrument No. 2005-0919582, in the Office of the County Recorder of Riverside County, California; and WHEREAS, the Deed of Trust was insured by the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (the Secretary) pursuant to the National Housing Act for the purpose of providing single family housing; and WHEREAS, the beneficial interest in the Deed of Trust is now owned by the Secretary, pursuant to an Assignment of Deed of Trust dated 11/23/2015, recorded on 3/22/2016, as instrument number 2016-0110055, in the Office of the County Recorder, Riverside County, California; and WHEREAS, a default has been made in the covenants and conditions of the Deed of Trust in that the payment due on 7/5/2018, was not made and remains wholly unpaid as of the date of this notice, and no payment has been made sufficient to restore the loan to currency; and WHEREAS, the entire amount delinquent as of 10/16/2018 is $200,406.60; and WHEREAS, by virtue of this default, the Secretary has declared the entire amount of the indebtedness secured by the Deed of Trust to be immediately due and payable; NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to powers vested in me by the Single Family Mortgage Foreclosure Act of 1994, 12 U.S.C. 3751 et seq., by 24 CFR part 27, subpart B, and by the Secretary’s designation of Law Offices of Jason C Tatman APC as Foreclosure Commissioner, recorded on 9/4/2018 as instrument number 2018-0353951, notice is hereby given that on 10/16/2018 at 9:30 AM local time, all real and personal property at or Used In Connection With The Following Described Property Will Be Sold At Public Auction To The Highest Bidder: Legal Description: Lot 60 Of Tract 27356, In The City Of Cerritos, County Of Los Angeles, State Of California, As Per Map Recorded In Book 806, Pages 69 And 70 Of Maps, In The Office Of The County Recorder Of Said County. Commonly known as: 17139 Leal Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703 The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development will bid an estimate of $303,956.09. There will be no proration of taxes, rents or other income or liabilities, except that the purchaser will pay, at or before closing, his prorata share of any real estate taxes that have been paid by the Secretary to the date of the foreclosure sale. When making their bids, all bidders except the Secretary must submit a deposit totaling $30,395.61 [10% of the Secretary’s bid] in the form of a certified check or cashier’s check made out to the Secretary of HUD. Each oral bid need not be accompanied by a deposit. If the successful bid is oral, a deposit of $30,395.61 must be presented before the bidding is closed. The deposit is nonrefundable. The remainder of the purchase price must be delivered within 30 days of the sale or at such other time as the Secretary may determine for good cause shown, time being of the essence. This amount, like the bid deposits, must be delivered in the form of a certified or cashier’s check. If the Secretary is the high bidder, he need not pay the bid amount in cash. The successful bidder will pay all conveyancing fees, all real estate and other taxes that are due on or after the delivery of the remainder of the payment and all other costs associated with the transfer of title. At the conclusion of the sale, the deposits of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to them. The Secretary may grant an extension of time within which to deliver the remainder of the payment. All extensions will be for 15-day increments for a fee of $500.00, paid in advance. The extension fee shall be in the form of a certified or cashier’s check made payable to the Secretary of HUD. If the high bidder closes the sale prior to the expiration of any extension period, the unused portion of the extension fee shall be applied toward the amount due. If the high bidder is unable to close the sale within the required period, or within any extensions of time granted by the Secretary, the high bidder may be required to forfeit the cash deposit or, at the election of the foreclosure commissioner after consultation with the HUD Field Office representative, will be liable to HUD for any costs incurred as a result of such failure. The commissioner may, at the direction of the HUD field office Representative, offer the Property to the second highest bidder for an amount equal to the highest price offered by that bidder. There is no right of redemption, or right of possession based upon a right of redemption, in the mortgagor or others subsequent to a foreclosure completed pursuant the Act. Therefore, the Foreclosure commissioner will issue a Deed to the purchaser(s) upon receipt of the entire purchase price in accordance with the terms of the sale as provided herein. HUD does not guarantee that the property will be vacant. The amount that must be paid if the Mortgage is to be reinstated prior to the scheduled sale is $200,406.60, as of 10/15/2018, plus all other amounts that would be due under the mortgage agreement if payments under the mortgage had not been accelerated, advertising costs and postage expenses incurred in giving notice, mileage by the most reasonable road distance for posting notices and for the Foreclosure Commissioner’s attendance at the sale, reasonable and customary costs incurred for title and lien record searches, the necessary out-of-pocket costs incurred by the Foreclosure Commissioner for recording documents, a commission for the Foreclosure Commissioner, and all other costs incurred in connection with the foreclosure prior to reinstatement. Date: Total Lender Solutions, Inc. U.S. Dept. of HUD Foreclosure Commissioner BY: /s/ Chelcey Romeril 10951 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 2F San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 866-535-3736 Fax: 760-278-9505 A notary public or other officer completing this certificate verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which this certificate is attached, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document. State of California County of San Diego On before me, a Notary Public, personally appeared who proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he/she/they executed the same in his/her/ their authorized capacity(ies), and that by his/her/their signature(s) on the instrument the person(s), or the entity upon behalf of which the person(s) acted, executed the instrument. I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of the State of that the foregoing paragraph is true and correct. WITNESS my hand and official seal Signature

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Cerritos City Council will conduct a public hearing at a regular meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2020 on the following matter: REVIEW AND CONSIDERATION OF A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CERRITOS DECLARING ITS INTENTION TO GRANT A WATER PIPELINE FRANCHISE TO GOLDEN STATE WATER COMPANY. This public hearing will be conducted by teleconference via Zoom video communications, as authorized by State of California Executive Orders N-25-20 and N-29-20. Members of the public may provide public comment by submitting an email to by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. You may also provide audio public comment during the meeting by connecting to the teleconference meeting online or by telephone/mobile call, as noted below: Cerritos Zoom Meeting online link: Cerritos Zoom Meeting call-in telephone number: (669) 900-6833, Cerritos Zoom Meeting ID: 858 1932 5724. The meeting will also air live on Cerritos TV3 and will be streamed over the City of Cerritos website at A copy of the related agenda report will be available for download from the website on the Friday prior to the public hearing. If you challenge the above mentioned item and related actions in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public meeting described in this notice, or in written correspondence emailed to the Office of the City Clerk prior to the public meeting. Any person interested in this matter may contact the Office of the City Clerk at (562) 916-1248 for additional information and/or participate in the teleconference public meeting and be heard. /s/Vida Barone, City Clerk Dated/Published/Posted: September 11, 2020 Published at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper 9/11/20

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ES-TATE OF: CAROLYN K. COLLINS AKA CAROLYN KAY COLLINS CASE NO. 20STPB06968 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be inter-ested in the WILL or estate, or both of CAROLYN K. COLLINS AKA CAROLYN KAY COLLINS. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by SU-SAN HAYES in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that SUSAN HAYES be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Es-tates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtain-ing court approval. Before taking certain very im-portant actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 01/12/21 at 8:30AM in Dept. 2D located at 111 N. HILL ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 Notice of Telephonic Hearing Due to court closures, you may participate telephon-ically by scheduling with CourtCall at 1-888-882-6878. Please check the court's website at for information regarding closure to the public. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objec-tions or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative ap-pointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in sec-tion 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as pro-vided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner TORI J. FREEBORN, ESQ. SBN 293750 EICK & FREEBORN LLP 2604 FOOTHILL BLVD. SUITE C LA CRESCENTA CA 91214 9/4, 9/11, 9/18/20 CNS-3393153# LOS CERRITOS COMMUNITY NEWS

APN: 8037-027-009 T.S. No.: 2020-1332 Order No. 1478160CAD NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED 10/3/2017. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. Will sell at a public auction sale to the highest bidder, payable at time of sale in lawful money of the United States, by cashier’s check drawn on a state of national bank, check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, or savings association, or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state will be held by the duly appointed trustee as shown below, of all right, title, and interest conveyed to and now held by the trustee in the hereinafter described property under and pursuant to a Deed of Trust described below. The sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by the Deed of Trust, with interest and late charges thereon, as provided in the note(s), advances, under the terms of the Deed of Trust, interest thereon, fees, charges, and expenses of the Trustee for the total amount (at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale) reasonably estimated to be set forth below. The amount may be greater on the day of sale. Trustor: GLOBAL ACQUISITIONS HOLDINGS GROUP INC Duly Appointed Trustee: S.B.S. TRUST DEED NETWORK, A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION Deed of Trust recorded 10/5/2017 as Instrument No. 20171145720 in book XX, page, XX RERECORDED ON 12/22/2017 AS INSTRUMENT NO. 20171492830 of Official Records in the office of the Recorder of Los Angeles County, California. Date of Sale:10/1/2020 at 11:00 AM Place of Sale: BEHIND THE FOUNTAIN LOCATED IN CIVIC CENTER PLAZA, 400 CIVIC CENTER PLAZA, POMONA, CA 91766 Amount of unpaid balance and other reasonable estimated charges: $971,643.10 Street Address or other common designation of purported real property: 15816 LA PENA AVENUE LA MIRADA, CA A.P.N.:8037-027-009. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address or other common designation, if any, shown above. If no street address or other common designation is shown, directions to the location of the property may be obtained by sending a written request to the beneficiary within 10 days of the date of first publication of this Notice of Sale. NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS: If you are considering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved in bidding at a trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the property itself. Placing the highest bid at a trustee auction does not automatically entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder's office or a title insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the same lender may hold more than one mortgage or deed of trust on the property. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER: The sale date shown on this notice of sale may be postponed one or more times by the mortgagee, beneficiary, trustee, or a court, pursuant to Section 2924g of the California Civil Code. The law requires that information about trustee sale postponements be made available to you and to the public, as a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn whether your sale date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled time and date for the sale of this property, you may call FOR SALES INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL (855)986-9342, or visit this Internet Web site using the file number assigned to this case 2020-1332. Information about postponements that are very short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not immediately be reflected in the telephone information or on the Internet Web site. The best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. Date: 8/25/2020. S.B.S. TRUST DEED NETWORK, A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION. 31194 La Baya Drive, Suite 106, Westlake Village, California, 91362 (818)991-4600. By: Colleen Irby, Trustee Sale Officer. WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT, AND ANY INFORMATION WE OBTAIN WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. (9/11/20, 9/18/20, 9/25/20 TS# 2020-1332 SDI-19380)

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Cerritos City Council will conduct a public hearing at a regular meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. on the following matter: AN APPEAL BY PROJECT APPLICANT KIA OF CERRITOS OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION DECISION (PLANNING COMMISSION RESOLUTION NO. PC 2020-9) DENYING A PROPOSAL FOR AN AUTOMOBILE REPAIR USE LOCATED AT 10742, 10750 AND 10754 ARTESIA BOULEVARD, CURRENTLY ZONED INDUSTRIAL (M) (APN 7034-018-117 AND APN 7034-018-009), AND ALL RELATED ENTITLEMENTS, INCLUDING GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT 2020-1, DEVELOPMENT PLAN AMENDMENT 2020-1, AND CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT 2020-1. This public hearing will be conducted by teleconference via Zoom video communications, as authorized by State of California Executive Orders N-25-20 and N-29-20. Members of the public may provide public comment by submitting an email to by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. You may also provide audio public comment by connecting to the teleconference meeting online or by telephone/mobile call, as noted below: Cerritos Zoom Meeting online link:, Cerritos Zoom Meeting call-in telephone number: (669) 900-6833, Cerritos Zoom Meeting ID: 858 1932 5724. The meeting will also air live on Cerritos TV3 and will be streamed over the City of Cerritos website at A copy of the related agenda report will be available for download from the website on the Friday prior to the public hearing. If you challenge the above mentioned item and related actions in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence emailed to the Office of the City Clerk prior to the public hearing. Any person interested in this matter may contact the City Clerk at (562) 916-1248 for additional information and/or participate in the hearing in person or by agent and be heard. /s/Vida Barone, City Clerk September 11, 2020 Published at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper 9/11/20


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Cerritos teenager and his team making the world greener one drop at a time BY LAURIE HANSON “Many little drops make an ocean,” is a Chinese idiom taught by parents of Harry Yuan of Cerritos that motivates him today towards a greener future for the world’s oceans tomorrow. The 17-year-old Whitney High School student and his team have developed a fashionable way to revolutionize beverage drinking with one simple invention called the “BluStraw”. “My parents always used that saying to push me to recycle and make environmentally conscious decisions,” said Yuan, “however, I never really understood the gravity of plastic pollution until my high school years.” After reading about literal islands of plastics floating in the world’s oceans, Yuan learned they would soon outnumber all the fish in the sea. He said in the United States, more than 500 million plastic straws are used daily, and if put together would circle the planet two and a half times over. “Crazy, right?!” he said. “I can’t even fathom how much plastic that is.” That is when he reached out across the state to a few environmentally passionate friends who together came up with a “small solution” to decrease oceanic plastic waste. “Our original thought was if we could get people to make a tiny change in their everyday lives, it would be the ‘little drops’ [in the ocean] that would make a big difference,” explained Yuan. That is when he and his team of came up with the

ON A MISSION to save the world’s oceans with one small invention, Harry Yuan of Cerritos is pictured holding his BluStraw image and silicone cylinder it will be made from. He and a group of teen’s simple idea is to create a reusable straw that can be worn as a bracelet, making it handy to use anytime, anywhere. Photo by Laurie Hanson.

idea of a reusable straw that doubles as a stylish bracelet – the BluStraw. “We’re aiming to keep plastic out of our oceans and start an environmentally friendly movement around the globe,” he said. “We have been working on this idea since the beginning of summer as there are few activities due to the pandemic.” On Yuan’s team is Derrick Cai, 16, of San Jose, Ashish Basetty, 17, of Fremont, Arnav Jain, 16, of San Jose, and Maddox Yu, 16, of Evergreen.

Though plastic straws aren’t the largest contributor to plastic pollution in the ocean, Yuan and his team discovered that the whole idea to shift away from plastic to reusable straws is really a symbol of an eco-friendly future for all, he said. It is something they concluded through social media, friends, and the eco-friendly community of the last decade. It is why they came up with a new reusable silicone straw in the form of a bracelet for everyday living.

SEPTEMBER 2020 AUGUST11, 7, 2020 “I have owned lots of reusable straws, and my friends have as well - they’re great for the environment, but they’re a bother to clean and take around,” Yuan said. “Using tiny brushes is extremely annoying, and I would often find myself forgetting to take out my reusable straw when eating out.” “With a bracelet on, I could wear it around every day without noticing it, and whenever I decide to get a drink my straw would conveniently be right there,” he explained. After conducting more than 300 surveys and 40 interviews plus doing extensive market research, Yuan and his team came with a few key features: • An openable yet functional reusable straw that is extremely easy to clean • A bracelet that covers the straw on the wrist to prevent germs and bacteria • A stylish design to spark conversation/make a statement about keeping oceans clean • To donate part of the proceeds to plastic cleanup nonprofits around the world “Over the past few months, we have worked for hours each day to turn our idea into a reality,” Yuan said. “We have conducted market research, created prototypes, contacted manufacturers, and are almost ready to start product production.” They have begun with an Indiegogo to begin crowdfunding the idea, and raised about $500 in two days, but still need additional funding. “We’re currently trying to raise awareness, as well as crowdfund through preorders and donations,” he added. To become ‘a little drop’ in this movement to save the ocean and for more information on the BluStaw’s IndieGoGo campaign (and to place an order to be filled by January 2021), please visit online at www.//