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Extra information “Het 37” B09-2046537 – original Kenji Schmitt Was only raced as a young bird and won 1


9 95 759

La Souterraine La Souterraine National (z) La Souterraine National

303b. 4,581b. 17,814b.

Is mother of: “The 30”

6 7 8

Laon 261b. Gueret 250b. La Souterraine 376b.





Is the nest-sister of “538-09” “538-09” won 3 224 9 213

Argenton Argenton National

525b. 23,929b.

Bourges Bourges National

254b. 14,145b.

Is a daughter of “Oude Witte” x “Halfzus Joy” “Oude Witte” B00-2142481 – original Schmitt Kenji Won




Is father of: “White Ball”: won 1st Pithiviers “Het Lief”: won 8th Provincial ace KBDB (youth) “538-08”: see above “537-08”: see above “206-05”: 1st Sens 227b. Is grandfather of “Lovely” (15th National (z) Gueret 2,735b.) “Half-sister Joy” B07-2057370 – original Schmitt Kenji Is a half-sister of “Joy” “Joy” won 1st National Argenton 5,927 year birds

Is mother of: “Owner’s Fault”:

“Fast 60”:

1 2 6

Pithiviers Soissons Melun

333b. 367b. 171b.

1 2 6

Momignies Momignies Momignies

242b. 139b. 477b.

2 111 120

Bourges Bourges National Argenton National

255b. 15,508b. 6,410b.

“538-08”: see above “537-08”: see above “Blue 30”:

Is a daughter of “Dirkske” x “Dragoon” “Dirkske” B06-2128048 – original Peeters Fabienne Son of “het provinciaalke” (1st Provincial Bourges 2,949b.) Father of 71st National Argenton “Dragoon” B02-2235443 : won 1 x 1st and is mother of “Joy” (1st National Argenton year birds).

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B09 204653720140214113841