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IRCTC PNR Status Passenger Name Record which is popularly referred to as the PNR status can now be checked using a mobile. By downloading an app designed by the Indian Railways, passengers can now check their PNR status, get regular updates and also get alerts on changes in their status. The ability to check their PNR status using a mobile phone has helped thousands of customers make use of their time and other resources more efficiently. This feature has also helped the Indian Railways deal with the holiday rush. Now that a mobile phone is a very common commodity with people, getting to know their ticket status using a mobile has enabled customers get their information fast and more accurately. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation IRCTC which is primarily responsible for the online ticketing and booking services claims the IRCTC PNR feature that lets passengers check their status online has helped passengers accommodate their booking needs in a better fashion. Now, all one has to do is log in to the web page and check their IRCTC PNR status by entering their exclusive ten digit number. Once that is done, in a matter of a few minutes, they can view their status along with details like train number and name. And, now that the facility of doing the same is available on a mobile phone too, the convenience quotient has gone tremendously up for the customers. Since the application is free for download and absolutely anyone can use it, passengers are now finding checking their PNR status a breeze. The application serves a number of purposes for the passengers using it. One, which is the most obvious use, is to find out their PNR status while on the go. The second use of this application is that using it passengers can find out about their seat reservation even when they are not in front of a computer. And, three by modifying

settings of the app it can be made use to let passengers receive prior notifications about their status and seat. Being able to check IRCTC PNR status online along with other tasks like booking/cancelling tickets online, passengers now have the opportunity to multi task and use their time to plan a fun filled and meaningful trip. To know more about IRCTC PNR status program log onto