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A Letter From Chad

Hi, I’m Chad Hendrix, owner and broker-in-charge of Hendrix Properties. We’re a small company that does big things.

“I became a Realtor in 1999 and within the following 5 years worked for four different real estate companies, some large and some small. I learned quite a bit at these companies. I learned some good things and I also learned a lot about what not to do. I never felt “at home” with any of those companies or that their practices and principles were aligned with my own. So in 2004 I started Hendrix Properties with a singular goal: I wanted to take all the things that work and do them better than anyone else... all the things that work for the client’s best interest, all the things that work in terms of marketing, all the things that work towards making us the most educated and tech savvy firm around. I knew that in order to achieve that goal, we needed to remain relatively small and tightly knit.

To me, doing big things means getting you results. When working with you as your listing agent I know that truly listening to your wants and needs is the biggest piece of the puzzle. I’ll always be honest and direct with you and only take on your project if I feel confident we can help you reach your goals. Once we have a plan I’ll carefully analyze the market and explore effective pricing strategies. If you’d like, I can help bring in the best home stagers and interior designers, professional photographers, and highly-designed marketing materials too. You and I will work together to make sure your home stands out amongst the competition and sells for the highest price possible in the shortest period of time. Hendrix Properties is small company that works hard every day to do big things. I hope you’ll consider me as the listing agent for your property the next time you’re thinking of selling; I know that together we can create great results. I’m Chad Hendrix and I appreciate your business.”

The Hendrix Properties Process









Your Home

Laying the Foundation

At Hendrix Properties, we like to say we’re a “real estate company built around people.” Having a handle on your wants, needs, and expectations early on ensures we’re always working towards the same goal, together.

Laying the Foundation

We always like to start with an in-person meeting. We’ll ask you questions about your motivation, your desires, and your goals throughout the process. We’re a results-driven company, and knowing what “results” means to you is always paramount.

Laying the Foundation

Next, we’ll walk through your home together. This step is crucial – it’s where we’ll discuss recommended actions like staging or de-cluttering and also where we’ll talk openly and honestly about your home’s best features as well as any drawbacks we see. It’s here you’ll provide us valuable insight about what drew you to the home in the first place which will help us market it most effectively.

Laying the Foundation

We’ll then discuss pricing and pricing strategies for your home.

Pricing your home properly from its first day on the market is critical to your success as a seller. We’ll sit down and talk about the pitfalls of pricing too high (“Chasing the Market”) and also pricing too low. Our goal is to price your home correctly from the get-go, also called “Pricing Ahead of the Market.” Doing so will save you time and, most importantly, money. No one succeeds when your home is priced incorrectly. Our extensive experience and market knowledge are the solution.

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Laying the Foundation

Finally, we’ll talk expectations. We believe one of our core responsibilities as your Realtors is to prepare you for the selling process and help you set reasonable, logical expectations. At this point we’ll decide what form of communication works best for you and also outline your expectations from us as your representatives. Of course, as the homeowner, you’ll have a few responsibilities too. Together we’ll figure out how we can work as a team to sell your home quickly and efficiently. We all have the same goal.

Doing Our Homework

We want you to feel like you’re Hendrix Properties’ only client. Your home only gets one chance to make a first impression on the market which is why we spend so much time and effort doing market research, evaluating neighborhood comps, and perfecting the way your home will show. It’s just how we do business.

Doing Our Homework

For some of our clients we suggest arranging an interior design consultation. Proper staging is more crucial than you might think, and our years of experience tell us most homes can benefit from some professional staging assistance. We all know your home is great. Let us help you make it extraordinary.

Doing Our Homework

If we know one thing it’s that professional photography is incredibly important.

That’s why we always recommend working with professional real estate photographers to highlight all the wonderful features of your home. Professional photos will get your home sold faster and for a better price, every time.

Doing Our Homework

We often use digital video to help buyers visualize themselves in your home. Custom high-definition video walk-throughs can illuminate your home’s best features and allow buyers to really feel at home, even before they step foot in your house. Arranging and creating custom HD video tours is just another service we offer that sets Hendrix Properties’ homes apart from the competition.

Our graphic designers are standing by to create a glossy, full-color brochure for your home.

Doing Our Homework

Most people are visual in nature and having an attractive, photo-heavy brochure they can hold in their hands after they tour your property may just remind them what they loved about your house. Choosing to create a custom brochure is just a subtle way to ensure your home rises to the top of their prospects list.

Doing Our Homework

Informational flyers have been around for a long time because they work. When buyers drive past your home we want them to have all the information they’re looking for at their fingertips (even if they don’t get any cell service!). The tangible reference material and pictures on our custom-made flyers will help grab buyers while they’re in the house hunting mindset.

Doing Our Homework

We want you to feel involved and engaged in the selling process. We want you to know what’s going on every step of the way which is why many of our agents use a transaction management system just for that purpose. You can use your login to see every marketing move we make, monitor results, and even access important forms and contracts you’ll need once the selling process is underway.

Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home properly takes experience and understanding. We’ve got both. Hendrix Properties knows the Charlotte real estate market front to back and we believe in making informed, strategic decisions when it comes to marketing your house. Let us help you sell your home…the right way.

Where are Charlotte’s buyers looking for homes? Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular sources for home buyers in today’s market. • Multiple Listings Database The MLS is the most comprehensive source for up-to-date local real estate information. The general public does not have open access to the MLS which is part of the reason brokers are so important. • Real Estate Websites Websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin provide general real estate information based on publicly available data. While these sites can be useful for some purposes it’s important to remember they’re far from local and can contain errors. • Realtor Blogs Many Realtors blog regularly, either on a personal site or a business platform, to stay engaged with their community. Realtor blog topics run the gamut from contract negotiations to up-and-coming neighborhoods. • Virtual Listings Video is quickly becoming the most popular way people consume content on the web. Virtual listings (or “virtual tours”) are a great way to get a feel for a property before ever stepping inside. • Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get millions of visits per day which is why they’re such a powerful real estate tool. Social sharing makes it possible to find listings, helpful advice, and local information passed along by friends and acquaintances.

Marketing Your Home

Placement on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is paramount when it comes to selling your property. Once your home is listed in the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association’s MLS listings its details, specs, and photos are disseminated nationally and even worldwide, in some cases. Only a licensed REALTOR can add your home to the MLS listings database.

Once your property is listed through MLS, it will be exposed to over 40,000 web, video, social media and mobile sites across the world!

Marketing Your Home

Our custom-designed website,, is the perfect place for us to professionally market your house. It’s where we’ll highlight your property’s assets, show off interior photos, and give buyers more information about your neighborhood and about Charlotte in general. We’ve spared no time or expense making our website the best of its kind.

Marketing Your Home

The popular Hendrix Properties blog helps draw people to our website where they can then view your home. Potential buyers follow our blog to learn about Charlotte real estate news, find answers to common transactional questions, and get inside information on the newest properties on the market. It’s a great tool for getting your home noticed.

Marketing Your Home

We may decide together that a video tour of your home is a smart marketing move. Many of today’s home buyers prefer the experience of touring homes virtually before they look in person, so we use custom YouTube and Vimeo tours to help highlight many of our properties’ best features. In fact, 58% of home buyers say they expect to see videos when looking at houses online.

Utilizing our popular social media channels is another way we market your property. We’ve worked hard to build an active, engaged audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn that looks forward to finding out more about the homes we represent. Social media is not a fad: Worldwide, 1 in 6 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook, more than half of all adults use social media daily, and Baby Boomers are the fastest-growing group of social media users.

So, how can we help you meet your real estate goals? Hendrix Properties is Charlotte’s most trusted professional real estate team and we really do care about what you need. After all, we’re a real estate company built around people. (704) 737-4400

Hendrix Properties Digital Listing Presentation  

Listing Presentation by Charlotte, North Carolina real estate firm. No fluff, no stats, just simply what we're going to do to sell your hom...

Hendrix Properties Digital Listing Presentation  

Listing Presentation by Charlotte, North Carolina real estate firm. No fluff, no stats, just simply what we're going to do to sell your hom...