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NKBA Competition




Remodel Exterior


Remodel Interior




Furniture design






Chief Architect 3

NKBA Competition

kitchen Design Statement A natural environment, close to a lake, provides a sense of seasons and the fullness each time of year brings for a business couple and their two dogs in this new cabin. Dwelling at the lakeside has a softer pace reflected in an appreciation for a home that welcomes home-owners and visitors alike to sit and settle for a while.

Goals Convey vision to client Reallocate space

perspective not to scale

Provide enduring appliances Create circulation Provide more light Skills Perspective drawing Product knowledge Space planning Hand-drafting Specifying



elevation A 1/4” = 1’-0”

floor plan 14” = 1’-0”

elevation B 1/4” = 1’-0”


NKBA Competition

kitchen Mechanical & Lighting I used corrugated galvanized metal to create a focal soffit enhancing the lakeside cabin aesthetic. The metal skirt hides a 54” skylight ceiling fan by Futuro designed to vent an entire room. The original plan included two small windows in the north east corner of the kitchen. A new series of three windows staged together allow a view of arriving guests while providing almost a full wall of natural light.

Goals Plentiful lighting Accent features Convenient outlets Skills Hand drafting Product knowledge Specifying


mechanical plan 1/4” = 1’-0”

elevation E 1/4” = 1’-0”

elevation D 1/4” = 1’-0”

Kohler & Rohl Sink & Faucets Sub Zero & Wolf Appliances



den Design Statement For the homeowners a life spent working in and around the world’s oceans required an investment in ecologically ethical materials for their home. Their second criteria were to imbue an essence of the deep mystery a restful ocean conveys. From the wool Oushak rug, hand knotted in Turkey to a roller blind manufactured using Cradle to Cradle closed loop practices, the design has succeeded in achieving a minimalistic impact on the world’s resources. Using gentle hues highlighted with anchoring tones we are soothed from everyday bustle.

rendered floor plan

rendered perspective

Goals Use sustainable materials Display artwork Provide office workspace Skills Sustainability Product knowledge Space planning


finish selection


original facade

sketched option 1

rendered option

sketched option 2 exterior fixtures & finishes When remodeling the façade of this Victorian folk house I chose to highlight the authentic structure with details appropriate for the mid to late 1800’s time period it was built in. Being a country home of modest means there was often little ornamentation included on the original facade. Any decoration was added in later Victorian times when manufactured goods became readily available and affordable for working homeowners. Subtle elegance is added with details such as gable drops and brackets, dentil trim, and round porch columns. Extra and larger windows allow light into the home and balance the exterior. Zinc metal roofing accents a soft warm cream color of the lap siding. A sedate Victorian Stick Style front door, sits demurely past wide steps, under the sheltering porch.





P1 C1

P1 C1

master suite Finishes, Transitions, & Codes



P1 T3

P1 T3

Each designer was given a client color preference. The color ’Rust’ by Benjamin Moore was my inspiration. A Chippendale styled cabinet in black with interior shelves in a deep orange launched the design theme which grew into soft, elegant finishes with similar elements of tone and color. I added variation by using pattern and texture in the different rooms.


T1 P1 T3

T1 P1 T3



P1 T3

P1 T2

finish plan 1/4” = 1’-0”

Create a master suite Walk-in closet Separate shower & tub Research building codes Convey transitions on plan Skills Codes application Finish transitions Product specifications Appropriate finishes


inspiration & finish selections

concept sketch 2

concept sketch 1

concept sketch 3

demolition plan

construction plan

1/4” = 1’-0”

1/4” = 1’-0”



hotel Design Statement Inspired by the elegance, refinement, and social conscience of the Edwardian Era, this luxury hotel will cater to business








travelers interested in the historical relevance of the era. The hotel finishes were chosen to enhance a light filled lobby with airy ambience,




rendered perspective

conservatory, plus furnishings from earlier Regency period.

Goals Create a ‘wow’ reception Plentiful gathering space Functional offices

Skills Appropriate finishes/ furniture/fixtures Perspective & Rendering History & style


interior fixtures & finishes

bubble diagram


line casting

soft fits



hotel logo

Floor Plan Design a floor plan for a small hotel for 300 guests to include an appealing gathering area, eye-catching reception with affiliated concierge and bellboy space. Include a small restaurant, gift shop and restroom facilities. A general staff office, managers office, break room, kitchen, and janitor’s closet are included for employee use. Most use was made of arranging spaces to incorporate the window walls and locate facilities conveniently.

Goals Allocate required business elements Adhere to code regulations & ADA Guidelines.

Skills floor plan

Auto CAD

3/16” = 1’-0”

Space planning Codes


way finding signs

lighting plan 1/8” = 1’-0”



hotel section Furniture Plan

3/8” = 1’-0”

The English Regency period was the inspiration for the interior finishes and furnishings of this hotel stemming from the garden towns built during the

elevation A

elevation B

3/8” = 1’-0”

3/8” = 1’-0”

Edwardian period. Office furnishings were selected for their clean, transitional style and effectiveness in the space.

Goals Design a reception desk Adhere to ADA guidelines Select guest furnishings Select office furnishings

Skills Appropriate finishes/ furniture/fixtures History & style AutoCAD


furniture plan not to scale

rendered perspective

inspiration piece

top plan

front plan


3/4” = 1’-0”

3/4” = 1’-0”

3/4” = 1’-0”

The Northern European heritage of many Minnesotans helped me choose the light and graceful Gustavian style of furniture as an ottoman design. Created in the reign of King Gustav III, Gustavian furniture has simple elegant shapes based, in part on the French Louis XVI style. Finishes are modest soft neutrals accented with just the perfect touch of glorious gold. This bench ottoman has a chic uncomplicated style, which is so appropriate for today’s home of essential, uncluttered beauty. Charming soft neutrals complement current trends for lakeside cottages, farmhouses, or urban lofts. Use it in an entry hall, bedroom, living or dining area. Currently being constructed for a drawing winner of our Fall Design Competition.

Furniture—Elegant Gustavian


exploded isometric 1/2” = 1’-0”


Revit—Commercial Building

tutorial Revit Create a multi-level commercial building in Revit, with five floors, different room layouts, angled walls, curved walls, and different roof heights.

exterior view 3/32” = 1’-0”

Goals Complete tutorial using tools in Revit

Skills Revit

first floor plan 3/32” = 1’-0”

Dimensioning Elevations 3D Drawing

south elevation 3/32” = 1’-0”


20/20—Laundry Room

rendered perspective

floor plan 3/8” = 1’-0”

The interesting wall angles in this laundry room create an opportunity to think a little harder about how to utilize the small space for multiple functions.

price list

I created an inviting, super functional laundry room, accommodating wall angles, providing a sewing center, and using a vintage sink. There is plenty of folding space with open storage underneath for laundry baskets. Closed storage above provides a place to hide cleaning equipment and solutions. A hanging rail close to the door means laundered clothes are easily accessible. Skills used were space planning, 20/20 drafting, and digital rendering.


Chief Architect

private residence Perspectives & Product Selection The homeowner requested a cottage farmhouse style for the kitchen and

elevation A

dining area, with the ability to see into

not to scale

the dining area while preparing food in the kitchen. I chose light, soft tones inspired by the homeowners green milk glass collection. The creamy

perspective ~ kitchen

Syzergy mini tile specified for the kitchen backsplash was a hit!!

Goals Convey to client the design vision

Skills Chief Architect perspective drawing Aesthetically pleasing Product knowledge

elevation C not to scale

product selection ~ kitchen


elevation B 1/2” = 1’-0”

perspective ~ dining

product selection ~ dining


Chief Architect

private residence Before & After Plans The homeowners had purchased a mid -70’s ranch style home, which required some extensive updating. They love the central kitchen but needed to expand the kitchen, create a more open flow, hide an exterior exit door and steps, incorporate a fireplace, and install a sliding glass door to exit onto a patio area. Columns were placed to support a load bearing wall and define a large central island. A dining room serving area accommodates a mini fridge, microwave, and bar sink. The kitchen’s west wall is a combined baking and mini-office center.

Goals Reallocate space Better circulation More light

Skills Chief Architect Space planning


before plan

after plan

1/8” = 1’-0”

1/8” = 1’-0”

perspective—dining 1/2” Plywood sheathing

Asphalt shingles mechanical plan 1/8” = 1’-0”

2” x 8” Ridge Beam 2” x 6” Rafter

1/8” Bead board

5” Siding

1/8” Bead board 3/4” Plywood

Sole Plate 2” x 6” Floor Joist wall section 1/8” = 1’-0”



thank you helen marshall-adamietz interior design portfolio

Helen Marshall-Adamietz Interior Design Portfolio  

. . . perception is everything . . .

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