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AVA Galleria

BELA Biennial at Varkaus Library 2023

BELA Biennial 2023 at Poleeni in Pieksämäki

BELA Biennial 2023 at Cable Factory in Helsinki

Amanda Maria Padovani

Ane Graciele Hansel

Carolina Gårdheim

Elisabeth Wortsman

Georgiana Nardi Vidal


Jeime Andreia Davalo Gonçalves


Kinkas Caetano

Kirsti Uimonen

Lari Namaste

Maj-Lis Tanner

Maria Aamukaste

Maria Francisca Costa

Milla Piirainen

Neise Soares

Paula Loraine

Paula Queiroz

Paulo Pino

Päivi Kukkasniemi

Renata Hoffmann

Riitta Hurme

Roger Monteiro

Samantha Quintans

Taru Tomperi

Xana Boarotto

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AVA Galleria

AVA Galleria is founded 2005 by curator Edson Cardoso and it was one of Helsinki’s leading contemporary art galleries. Nowadays AVA Galleria is in Finland in Varkaus and in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. AVA Galleria has participated Salon Art Shopping since 2010. AVA organizes BELA Biennial (Biennial of European and Latin-American contemporary Art) and Art Exhibitions in Finland as well as abroad in collaboration with other galleries in Osaka, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Porto, and Rio de Janeiro. AVA Galleria has firmly established its position on both local and international art market as an institution that represents highly exclusive art by emerging and well-respected artists.

AVA Galleria was opened by Maaria Märkälä’s exhibition Pink Champagne In photo from the left Edson Cardoso, Maaria Märkälä, Helena Cardoso and journalist Vuokko Viljakka

BELA Biennial at Varkaus Library 2023


BELA Biennial 2023 at Poleeni in Pieksämäki

BELA Biennial 2023 at Poleeni in Pieksämäki Artists Angela Oker-Blom, Maaria Märkälä, Jari Järnström, Ulla-Maija Vaittinen and gallerist Helena Cardoso
Leena Mäki-Patola´s artwork Cargo: a Piece of Earth, a Piece of Air, a Piece of Blood, a Piece of Water/ old metal boat, ceramic cubes

BELA Biennial 2023 at Cable Factory in Helsinki

Honorary Consul Sergio Chamone from Rio de Janeiro visited the BELA Biennial at the Cable Factory 2023

A pintura para ela é fonte de realização pessoal, uma forma mais sincera de expressar seus sentimentos, emoções e o que ela sentindo em tal momento. Sempre busca demonstrar em suas obras a sensibilidade com o mundo a nossa volta. Na obra “herói de uma nação”, sua inspiração nasceu do seu vinculo e admiração pelo esporte da Formula um e mais especificamente pelo piloto Ayrton Senna que admira muito não só pelo que fez em sua carreira como piloto, mas também a pessoa que ele foi, principalmente quando se trata do legado que ele deixou para a nação brasileira. Cada tela da artista tem um significado especial e uma mensagem diferente, um sentimento diferente que tenta expressar. E mesmo pensando em algo especifico, ela fica encantada com as inúmeras formas de interpretações. Ela pensa muito em cada cor para usar e o significado que cada cor tem, cada técnica e mais importante, a mensagem que ela busca demonstrar com isso. Cada pessoa em suas obras são pessoas que marcaram muito, que tem um grande peso emocional para ela e por isso busca demonstrar esse amor em forma de pintura. Seja como for, a artista levará a arte como parte da sua vida, buscando por ela se expressar, se comunicar e preenchê-la com a cor da gratidão.

Painting is her source of personal fulfillment, a more sincere way of expressing her feelings, emotions and what she is feeling at that moment. The artist always seeks to demonstrate in her works sensitivity to the world around us. In the work “Hero of a Nation”, her inspiration was born from her connection and admiration for the sport of Formula One and more specifically for the driver Ayrton Senna, who she greatly admires not only for what he did in his career as a driver, but also for the person he was, especially when it comes to the legacy he left for the Brazilian nation. Each of the artist's canvases has a special meaning and a different message, a different feeling that she tries to express. And even thinking about something specific, she is enchanted by the countless forms of interpretation. The artist thinks a lot about each color to use and the meaning that each color has, each technique and most importantly, the message she seeks to demonstrate with it. Each person in her works are people who made a big impact, who have a great emotional weight for her and that is why she seeks to demonstrate this love in the form of painting. Whatever the case, the artist will take art as part of her life, seeking to express herself, communicate and fill it with the color of gratitude.

@amandap.arts @amanda_padovanii
Hero of a Nation 50 x 50 cm acrylic

Born in August 3, 1972, in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), Ane began painting and demonstrated interest in photography since a young age with the help of her father, Roque José Hansel, an excellent draftsman and realistic painter, through drawing practices, calligraphy and self-portraits in oil on canvas, mandatory but dealt with fun. In 1987, won the Award for best painting in high school from the State Institute of Education (IEE), in the State of Santa Catarina, due to a painting of a thousand colored leaves. Later, he graduated in Law at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and postgraduated in Strategic Judicial Management at the Judicial Academy of the Judiciary of the State of Santa Catarina (PJSC), nevertheless, never had opportunities and, above all, time to dedicate to her old vocation. Fortunately, years later, she completed a Realistic Drawing Course, Intensive Color Course and practical classes/painting workshops at the “Mundo Paralelo” art school, with techniques based on, from oil to charcoal. Subsequently, she painted live in an art gallery at “MAC” Shopping, from the same State, where she also held, in 2023, an exhibition of paintings by the artist father initially mentioned, in his memory, and, in the same year, she was invited and participated in the European and Latin-American Biennial of Contemporary Art (Edition VI), in Helsinki, Finland; in addition to the present participation in the “International Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre”. Ane can be proclaimed as an artist without prejudice in relation to colors, shapes, styles and artistic schools, with an eclectic ease; a “chameleon” who changes the color of her hair and the style of her works according to her mood, a vivacious appreciator of nature, in order to contemplate such a masterpiece of infinite tones. The feeling of unfinished work, generally felt when finishing a painting, makes her paint several canvases simultaneously. Furthermore, she employs a mostly mpressionist style through outdoor painting sessions, primarily beaches and coastal regions, where she also relishes exploring local rock art on Santa Catarina Island (Florianópolis).Her passion for cats and kittenish leads her to develop a related portfolio, using techniques that prioritize solar lighting and shading, exacerbating the impressionistic and embossing aspect, for example, when applying only the own tubes of painting or abstaining from conventional brushes. Yet, she often tends to value the twodimensional in her paintings, in an attempt to achieve realism or realize the abstract. Moreover, it uses other elements and devices, unusual in the foreground, such as cork stoppers. Regarding the work “José Junior, ‘JJ’”, JJ is the “first-born” cat adopted by the artist’s family, previously stray, found with dirt in his stomach, undergoing surgery and applied physiological saline fluid in his neck. Now, strong and healthy, perhaps a “little cougar”, as he found the love of the family that adopted him; he opens door knobs, presses switches and likes to communicate with delightful and exploitative vocalizations. As for the painting, it is an amalgam of photorealism, impressionism and realism; of a captured image of the cat, however, with the insertion of symbolist elements, including thy wings, which represent the “Holy Spirit Paraclete” instigating the retrieval and rescue of cats and stray animals. Ultimately, it took many days and layers of tones to channel the coat's targeted shade without using black paint. Now, as for the photograph “Butterfly 88”, it’s observed a butterfly with exceptional natural painting, pigmentation of red and golden tones in sunlight, containing a formation that resembles the number 88, interpreted as a sign of good luck, a lucky charm, for eastern ethnicities and creeds by association to infinity, totality, perfection and aspects of mysticism.

@hanne.graciehanselart @hickmannhansel.art +55 (48) 98803-6742
José Júnior, “JJ” / Joseph Junior, “JJ” 40 x 50 cm acrílico sobre tela / acrylic on canvas / akryyli kankaalle

Carolina Gårdheim

Web: Gardheim.com

Instagram: @gardheimart

Carolina Gårdheim [gawrd-hahym], Gårdheim ART AB, is a soul-driven, late-blooming, intuitive, autodidact artist/fine art painter with big dreams, living in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.

Carolina works intuitively with bravery, passion, and great love for texture and detail, often bold and preferably big, in layers upon layers, primarily in acrylics and mixed media, calling it Vibrational Art.

She claims she can feel the energy of each painting when working on them, and she often experiences that they "talk" to her in the process. Sometimes, she includes these messages somewhere on the canvas, visible or not, sometimes they find their way to the title, and sometimes they might even result in a poem, included with the painting on a nice piece of paper.

This energy also comes across to others. Carolina has noticed that people often react emotionally, somehow feeling touched, when meeting her paintings – the art seems to communicate.


You Are Never Alone 35 x 70 cm acrylics on jute canvas 2022


The free and unlimited use of color shows us a new phase for Elisabeth Wortsman. It achieves its own expression, a particular language. The translation of this moment in which she transforms her internal reconstruction into colors is something very beautiful, without being overwhelming. The feminine, love and color marry, in perfect harmony, freed from the past, ready for a new flight. A flight of the soul through multiple colors. Elisabeth frees herself from the “obligation” of representing figures from visible reality. It is possible to express yourself with ideal forms, pure formal elements such as circles, squares, lines, to detach yourself from that influence of the early years that limited you so much. It was also another way of using large fields of color, his favorite element. In her studies on color and emotion, Elisabeth states that colors provide great pleasure, each color produces specific effects on the senses, regardless of quality and form, which in combination can be partly harmonious, partly characteristic and partly disharmonious. , which is why they are considered an element of art, being used for the highest aesthetic purposes. His informal abstract digital work is endowed with so many structural elements such as lines, planes, color, among others, which have perceptual and emotional qualities, each with its own weight and implications that must be analyzed in order to provide its definition and description, even if the artist uses several languages in a single work.

O uso livre e sem limites da cor mostra-nos uma fase nova para Elisabeth Wortsman. Ela alcança uma expressão própria, uma linguagem particular. A tradução desse momento em que plasma sua reconstrução interna em cores é algo muito belo, sem ser estrondoso. O feminino, o amor e a cor casam-se, numa harmonia perfeita, libertos do passado, prontos para um novo voo. Um voo da alma por meio das múltiplas cores. Elisabeth liberta-se da “obrigação” de representar figuras da realidade visível. É possível expressar-se com formas ideais, elementos formais puros como círculos, quadrados, linhas, para desapegar-se daquela influência dos primeiros anos que tanto a limitaram. Era, também, mais uma forma de usar grandes campos de cor, seu elemento favorito Em seus estudos sobre a cor e emoção, Elisabeth afirma que as cores proporcionam grande prazer, cada cor produz sobre os sentidos, independente da qualidade e da forma efeitos específicos, que em combinação podem ser em parte harmônicos, em parte característicos e em parte desarmônicos, por isto consideradas um elemento de arte, sendo utilizadas para os mais elevados fins estéticos. Seu trabalho digital abstrato informal é dotado de tantos elementos estruturais como linhas, planos, cor, entre outros, que possuem qualidades perceptivas e emocionais, cada uma com seu peso e suas implicações que devem ser analisadas, a fim de proporcionar sua definição e descrição, mesmo que a artista utilize várias linguagens em um único trabalho. Rosita Cavenaghi – Curadora

Elisabeth Wortsman
Enlace / Link impressão em canvas / print on canvas 80 x 80 cm 2023

Georgiana Vidal nasceu em Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil. Graduada em bacharelado Pintura na Belas Arte do Paraná (EMBAP), licenciatura em Educação Artística (UFPR) e mestre em “Educação e Novas Tecnologias” (UNINTER). É artista visual, escritora e professora de arte. Participou de de exposições de arte individuais e coletivas no país e no exterior, recebendo diversos prêmios dentre eles Menção Honrosa no Salão de Artes de Paranaguá/PR e Prêmio Aquisição Governo do Estado do Paraná recebido no 7º Salão de Arte Tridimensional João Turin. Participou também de algumas curadorias e seu nome consta em verbete da Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural desde 2011.

Sua pintura é resultado de um processo criativo maduro, pois sempre se interessou pela pintura linear e pelo encontro entre campos de cores e texturas produzidas pelo pincel e espátula. As cores são primeiramente escolhidas e separadas, então partindo de cores puras as misturas são feitas e suas variações tonais, sendo ambas aplicadas paulatinamente sobre a superfície da tela. As formas surgem por linhas que desenham figuras quase geometrizadas contrastadas e harmonizadas no desenrolar da composição com figuras orgânicas sobre fundos geometrizados e vice-versa. O resultado do seu método de criação inspira interesse e desperta no observador da obra certa curiosidade ao imaginar qual seria a mensagem e objeto nela inserido, além da sensação de preenchimento do ambiente com colorido alegre e extremamente decorativo.

Georgiana Vidal est née à Curitiba, Paraná, Brésil. Diplômé d'un baccalauréat en peinture à Belas Artes do Paraná (EMBAP), d'un diplôme en éducation artistique (UFPR) et d'un master en Éducation et Nouvelles Technologies (UNINTER). Elle est artiste visuelle, écrivaine et professeur d'art. Elle a participé des expositions d'art individuelles et collectives dans le pays et à l'étranger, recevant plusieurs prix, dont une mention honorable au Salon des Arts de Paranaguá/PR et le Prix d'Acquisition du Gouvernement de l'État du Paraná reçu au 7éme. Salon d'Art Tridimensionnel João Turin. Elle a également participé à certaines curatelles et son nom apparaît dans une entrée de l'Encyclopédie Culturelle Itaú depuis 2011.

Sa peinture est le résultat d'un processus créatif mature, car elle s'est toujours intéressé à la prometi-te linéaire et à la rencontre entre les champs de couleurs et de textures produits par le pinceau et le couteau à palette. Les couleurs sont d'abord choisies et séparées, puis à partir de couleurs pures, on réalise des mélanges et leurs variations tonales, les deux étant progressivement appliquées à la surface de la toile. Les formes émergent à travers des lignes qui dessinent des figures presque géométriques contrastées et harmonisées au fur et à mesure que la composition se déploie avec des figures organiques sur des fonds géométriques et vice versa. Le résultat de sa méthode de création suscite l'intérêt et éveille une certaine curiosité chez l'observateur de l'œuvre en imaginant ce que seraient le message et l'objet qui y sont insérés, en plus du sentiment de remplir l'environnement de couleurs gaies et extrêmement décoratives.

Georgiana Nardi Vidal
Com figuração 1 & 2 60 x 40 cm óleo sobre tela / oil on canvas


Izan is a Brazilian neo-cubist visual artist, born in Rio de Janeiro. He joined the army as a designer and further in various advertising agencies and important publishing companies, where he worked as a layout man, an inker, illustrator and art direction assistant. He went to an art school in order to seek improvement on painting. He has developed new techniques, created his own cubist style, contemporary and a taste for circular shapes blended with the figurative art. In his works we can observe the use of diverse materials such as: oil, acrylic, watercolors, resin, charcoal, nankeen, and permanent markers among others. His inspiration comes from anything that pulsates life, just like nature in its never-ending possibility of expressing itself among forms and colors of the everyday and relevant and up-to-date themes. He is a great admirer of Pablo Picasso, specially of his analytic phase of cubism and also a big fan of Gustav Klimt and his decorative works. His painting is contemporary, but oscillates, setting off from cubism, art nouveau and figurative art. The artist has also taken part in collective and individual exhibitions and art lounges, where he won gold medals, received commendations and special prizes. His artwork is marketed worldwide and the artist can't think of any other better way of living. For him, art is like breathing: "I can't live without" , says the artist.

The work "The Guardian", an oil on canvas in neo-cubist style, measuring 80 × 80 cm, was made in 2023. This work inspiration came from a higher power sent by God as some kind of protection for present days. It is represented by the figure of an enormous angel watching over Earth, attentive to the path humanity is taking. It is also a divine light that welcomes and shields all the needy ones in a wish for better days.

Izan é um artista plástico neo cubista Brasileiro, nascido no Rio de Janeiro. Foi desenhista no serviço militar e posteriormente em agências de publicidade e importantes editoras, trabalhou como layout man, artefinalista, ilustrador e assistente de direção de artes. Buscando seu aprimoramento na pintura, matriculou-se em uma escola de artes. Desenvolveu novas técnicas, criou um estilo próprio, contemporâneo, com forte influência cubista e o gosto por formas circulares mescladas com o figurativo. Em suas obras podemos observar materiais diversos tais como; óleo, acrílica, aquarela, resina, carvão, nanquim, caneta permanente entre outros. Suas inspirações vêm de tudo que há vida, assim como a natureza em sua infinita possibilidade de se expressar entre formas e cores do cotidiano e temas atuais e relevantes. É um grande admirador de Pablo Picasso, principalmente da sua fase cubista analítica e também do austríaco Gustav Klimt com suas obras decorativas. Sua pintura é contemporânea, mas oscila, partindo do cubismo, art noveau e figurativo. O artista participou também de exposições coletivas, individuais e salões de artes, obtendo medalhas de ouro, menções honrosas e premiações especiais. Suas obras são comercializadas para o mundo todo e o artista não pensa em outra maneira melhor de viver. Para ele arte é como respirar. "Não vivo sem ela" , diz o artista.

A obra "O Guardião", em estilo neo cubista, foi feita na técnica óleo sobre tela, com dimensões 80 por 80 centímetros, em 2023. A obra foi inspirada em uma força maior enviada por Deus como uma proteção nos dias atuais. Representada com a figura de um enorme anjo sobre a terra, atento ao rumo a que se caminha a humanidade. É também uma luz divina que acolhe e ampara a todos os necessitados em um desejo de dias melhores.

The Guardian / O Guardião 80 x 80 cm öljy kankaalle / oil on canvas 2023

Jeime Andreia Davalo Gonçalves

São João Batista - Santa Catarina Brasil

Mulher empolgada com os movimentos, sentidos, cores e oportunidades que a vida apresenta. Nascida em 1979, pedagoga por formação, Mestre em educação dedicouse atuar em ambientes educacionais de formação básica e superior desde o ano de 2011. Apaixonada por desenhos e pinturas desde criança, se identificou como artista após um período muito delicado na sua vida onde buscou as pinturas como atividade terapêutica. A arte se apresentou como auxiliadora no processo de cura e encontrou seu espaço de forma permanente e profissional na vida da artista. Autodidata, esta artista plástica brasileira, moradora da cidade de São João batista- SC tem como técnica para a sua arte, a pintura em acrílico. Suas obras apresentam características de uma arte contemporânea abstrata. Segundo a artista, suas inspirações surgem a partir do contato com as cores e vivencias do cotidiano “ a vida por si só já é uma arte”.

Woman excited about the movements, senses, colors and opportunities that life presents. Born in 1979, a pedagogue by training, with a Master's degree in education, she has dedicated herself to working in basic and higher education educational environments since 2011. Passionate about drawings and paintings since she was a child, she identified herself as an artist after a very delicate period in her life where she sought out paintings as a therapeutic activity. Art presented itself as an aid in the healing process and found its place permanently and professionally in the artist's life. Self-taught, this Brazilian artist, resident of the city of São João Batista - SC, uses acrylic painting as a technique for her art. His works present characteristics of contemporary abstract art. According to the artist, her inspirations arise from contact with colors and everyday experiences “life in itself is an art”.


Diversidade na natureza / Diversity in Nature

Cores do deserto / Desert Colors

40 x 70 cm

Acrílico em tela, pintura abstrata

Acrylic on canvas, abstract painting

Predominância cores marrom, vermelho, verde e azul

Predominant colors brown, red, green and blue 2023

Essa obra inspirou-se no colorido que sobrevive a adversidade. Diante das mais diversas formas de se enxergar as vivências do dia a dia, compreendemos que todo e qualquer desafio nos traz aprendizado. Assim como a vida, pode trazer dor mas também crescimento , o mesmo deserto que pode apresentar a escassez , também apresenta por meio das suas cores uma beleza exuberante. Cabe a cada um não negligenciar os obstáculos, mas manter a esperança em um belo que persiste.

This work was inspired by the color that survives adversity. Faced with the most diverse ways of seeing dayto-day experiences, we understand that each and every challenge brings us learning. Just as life can bring pain but also growth, the same desert that can present scarcity also presents exuberant beauty through its colors. It is up to each person not to neglect obstacles, but to maintain hope in the beauty that persists.



J. Dalcastagné is an artist who explores sensations and experiences from everyday life. Her works generate involuntary thoughts, often followed by automatic reactions. Feelings of depreciation, rejection, and evil, which are often uncontrollable, may arise. If noticed by the viewer, these feelings can be shaped so that attitudes do not reveal the truth of these uncontrollable feelings. In contrast to the attitudes taken, these involuntary feelings are the primary themes explored in the artist’s pieces.

From this point of view, opposites are intertwined in the artist’s pieces, creating the “ugly but beautiful.” When vibrant colors interact with dark colors, it creates a “friendly aggressiveness.” The lines used to contour the objects also contribute significantly to this aesthetic. They bring an aggressive look while giving a raw, childish feel to her pieces, displaying an aesthetic close to that of book illustration.

J. Dalcastagné é uma artista que explora em suas obras, experiências e sensações peculiares da vida cotidiana, as quais geram pensamentos involuntários, seguidos muitas vezes de reações automaticas. Esses sentimentos de depreciação, rejeição, e maldade, (que são muitas vezes incontroláveis), se descobertos pelo próprio pensador a tempo, podem ser moldados para que as atitudes não demostrem a verdade desses sentimentos incontroláveis. Esses sentimentos involuntários em contraste com as atitudes tomadas são os tópicos constantemente abordados nas obras da artista.

Sob este ponto de vista, é possível entender que os opostos se entrelaçam nas obras da artista, criando o “feio porém bonito”. Isto é alcançado com a ajuda de cores vibrantes interagindo com uma grande quantidade de preto e cores escuras, o que acaba criando uma espécie de agressividade amistosa. As linhas utilizadas para contornar o objeto do seu trabalho são também uma grande contribuição a essa estética. Elas resultam num olhar mais agressivo, e ao mesmo tempo, por ter uma estética próxima a ilustração de livros, proporcionam uma visão mais infantilizada e crua para as suas obras.

Silence of the Lambs 60 x 80 cm öljy kankaalle / oil on Canvas 2022

Kinkas Caetano

L’univers plastique de KINKAS est imprégné de ses racines tropicales. La nature et l’humain au sein de cette entité puissante et omniprésente sont une de ses sources d’inspiration privilégiées. Cela renvoie au questionnement fondamental de la place de l’Homme dans le monde, de son action sur son environnement. Cette collision entre forces naturelles et culturelles se traduit par des éléments récurrents, en juxtaposition ou en opposition. Ainsi, le corps est traité comme une architecture déstructurée, fragmentée, comme autant de signes et symboles à déchiffrer, ceux du chaos originel, ou de la perspective d’un chaos final. L’artiste nous livre une autre topographie de l’Éros où le corps apparait le plus souvent féminin, nourricier, maternel, symbole suprême de cet hommage au vivant qui se déploie sur ses toiles. L’exubérance, le foisonnement chromatique et graphique, où s’affirme sa prédilection pour les couleurs franches et saturées, juxtaposées, superposées en aplats et traits instinctifs, sont aussi la transcription d’un univers onirique énigmatique. Tous ces éléments de sa partition picturale s’articulent conjointement dans une harmonie complexe et aléatoire. Kinkas interroge au moyen d’un langage contemporain, l’intemporelle musique de la vie, son mystère et sa fragilité.

KINKAS' visual universe is steeped in its tropical roots. Nature and the human being within this powerful, omnipresent entity are one of his favourite sources of inspiration. This brings us back to the fundamental questioning of man's place in the world and his impact on his environment. This collision between natural and cultural forces is reflected in recurring elements, in juxtaposition or opposition. The body, for example, is treated as a fragmented, unstructured architecture, like so many signs and symbols to be deciphered, those of original chaos, or of the prospect of final chaos. The artist presents us with another topography of Eros, where the body appears more often than not nurturing, maternal, the supreme symbol of the homage to the living that that unfolds on her canvases. The exuberance, the chromatic and graphic abundance, where his predilection for bold, saturated colors saturated colors, juxtaposed and superimposed in flat tints and instinctive strokes are also the transcription of an enigmatic dream world. All these elements of his pictorial score articulate together in a complex, random harmony. harmony. Using a contemporary language, Kinkas interrogates the timeless music of life, its mystery and fragility.


Jeune-fille assise dans la forêt 80 x 71 cm Acrylique sur toile Paris 2016


My carriages; Chemist, Information scientist, in Paper, Waterchemical industry

My childhood was by Saimaa, near the town Lappeenranta in the Eastern Finland. It was there I became a nature lover.

My years with Espoo Art were best to start with painting. We had teachers, critic, trips, journeys to Hanko, Nuuksio, Italy.

Now I am living nearby Vaasa. The Archipelago is wonderfull likewise Lapland and Saimaa.

Professional artist, Artist Association in Vaasa
37 Summerdreams / Kesäunelmia 50 x 40 cm acryl 2023

Lari Namaste


(@larinamasteart) https://www.instagram.com/larinamasteart


+55 45 998099533

Sobre Lari Namaste

Artista Plástica Profissional há 10 anos, autodidata, aperfeiçoou seus trabalhos com um mergulho em si mesma. Sua Arte é figurativa feminina, com natureza e drama, cenas da vida comum e intuição. Suas pinturas são orientadas pela sinceridade e essência. Nesta exposição escolheu retratos de sua mãe em diferentes épocas da vida e uma pintura intuitiva. Em busca de novas criações, autoconhecimento, por meio da arte criou uma conexão consigo mesma e com os outros. Com mais de 400 Obras produzidas, Lari Namaste já participou de 28 Exposições no Brasil e Exterior, incluindo diversas cidades do Brasil, Lisboa/Portugal, Londres/UK e agora Helsinki/Finlândia. Desenvolveu Cursos dentro da sua Art Academy que hoje já ensinam artistas em 12 países a descobrirem seus potenciais únicos e verdadeiros. Em 2021 recebeu Prêmio de Reconhecimento Cultural, em face do trabalho com Artes Visuais nos últimos anos em seu Município (Cascavel/PR). Acredita na linguagem universal da Arte, com seu efeito transformador de interconexão.

Professional Visual Artist for 10 years, self-taught, perfected her work by diving into herself. Her Art is feminine figurative, with nature and drama, scenes of common life and intuition. Her paintings are guided by sincerity and essence. In this exhibition, Lari chose portraits of his mother at different times in her life and na intuitive painting. In search of new creations, self-knowledge, through art, she created a connection with herself and others. With over 400 paintings, Lari Namaste has participated in 28 Exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including several cities in Brazil, Lisbon/Portugal, London/UK and now Helsinki/Finland. Lari Namaste developed courses within her Art Academy that today teach artists in 12 countries to discover their unique and true potential. In 2021, she received the Cultural Recognition Award, in view of the work with Visual Arts in recent years in her Municipality (Cascavel / PR). Lari believes in the universal language of Art, with its transforming effect of interconnection.

Jardin de Cereja 80 x 60 cm acrylic on canvas 2020

Maj-Lis Tanner


I am visual artist living in Espoo, on the coast of Finland. I paint nature, people and events with oil on canvas. My themes may vary, but they are united by humor and similar color tones. With my works, I try to encourage the viewers to return to their memories and experiences. Every memory contains feelings that can be difficult to put into words. Often, through humor and joy, the message and the surface of identification come to the fore. For example, in my work "Transformation", which is on display in Paris, I describe my love for gardening.

Muodonmuutos / Transformation 73 x 92 cm öljy kankaalle / oil on canvas 2023

Maria Aamukaste

I am a Finnish artist. I get strength of Finland´s rich and varied nature: Lakes, forests, fells, rivers, seas. Nature in Finland offers unique peace and quiet. Finnish summer offers bright nights and winter darkness and mystery. Mysticism is emphasized in Finnish Lapland. In summer, the sun never sets, and the light empowers the landscape. In winter, snow covers the nature. Darkness and obscurity are emphasized. The dark sky gives birth to the aurora borealis, the brilliant play of lights.

Hohto / Shine 40 x 50 cm öljy / oil 2019 Iltarusko, Sunset 40 x 50 cm öljy / oil 2019

Maria Francisca Costa

Consertar, construir e reaproveitar são verbos que sempre me caracterizaram. Criar a partir de poucos recursos também moldaram meu modo de fazer arte. Daí para a reciclagem de papéis e reuso de objetos descartados foi um passo natural, que continua permeando toda minha produção, em diferentes linguagens e técnicas. São características do meu trabalho a monocromia, a repetição de elementos e a ortogonalidade. Busco uma impressão de ordem ou razão, e prefiro causar mais atenção que impacto. Atualmente pesquiso as possibilidades do reuso de caixas de papelão corrugado, com o desvelamento das suas camadas internas por meio de recortes, descolamentos e pintura com tinta asfáltica.

In Ruins 40 x 30 cm Glued gauze and painting on Hahnemuhle paper 425g 2022

I love the sea and the waves. Water is close to my heart. I find inspiration in nature, poetry, flowers, and people. Emotions define the color palette, in which black and red are the colors of passion. The creative process is driven by emotions. The inspiration for this exhibition was found in Tommy Tabermann's novel, Kiss.


The Dragon's Kiss

40 x 40 cm akryyli


Neise Soares

Artista Visual Brasileira, reside em Florianópolis – SC.

Iniciou seu caminho na Arte em 1992, e durante alguns anos cursou: Pintura, cerâmica e Escultura no Centro Integrado de Cultura de SC , Desenho na Universidade Estadual de SC , Gravura na Universidade Federal de SC , Curso de Arte em New York – EUA , 18 dias em Museus e Galerias.

Sua 1ª Exposição Individual foi em 1997 , na Biblioteca Publica de SC, participou de 45 exposições entre coletivas e individuais.

Foi selecionada em 9 Salões de Arte, sendo premiada no II Salão SNAP – Salão de Novos Artistas Plásticos, Universidade do Oeste de SC.

Participou com Pinturas, objetos e esculturas em 10 edições da Casa Cor - SC e 1 edição em Fortaleza –CE. Durante 16 anos trabalhou com quadros, objetos e acessórios de moda em vidro fusing, com exposições em Galerias, participando de feiras em São Paulo onde vendeu para lojas de todo o Brasil.

Atualmente dedica-se a Pinturas, esculturas e objetos, atende Arquitetos, decoradores e Galerias de Arte e também ministra cursos online de Pintura Abstrata.

Neise Soares

Brazilian Visual Artist, residing in Florianópolis – SC.

She began her path in Art in 1992, and for a few years he studied: Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture at the Centro Integrado de Cultura de SC, Drawing at the State University of SC, Engraving at the Federal University of SC, Art Course in New York – USA, 18 days in Museums and Galleries. Her 1st Solo Exhibition was in 1997, at the Public Library of SC, she participated in 45 exhibitions between collectives and individuals. She was selected in 9 Art Salons, being awarded at the II SNAP Salon – Salon of New Visual Artists at the University of the West of SC. Participated with paintings, objects and sculptures in 10 editions of Casa Cor -SC and 1 edition in Fortaleza – CE. For 16 years she worked with paintings, objects and fashion accessories in glass fusion, with exhibitions in galleries, participating in fairs in São Paulo where she sold to stores throughout Brazil. Currently dedicated to Paintings, Sculptures and Objects, serving Architects, Decorators and Art Galleries and also teaching online courses in Abstract Painting.



TÉCNICA: Acrílica sobre tela 100% algodão, 300g/m2 Moldura de madeira e paspatur de madeira de 5,5 cm Medidas: 40 x 40 x 3 cm , 40 x 28 x 3 cm


Paula Loraine

I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1981, at the age of 23 I moved to Brazil in 2004. With my family of artists and appreciators in the art world, my personal inspiration began to arrive. Work on canvas with acrylic and on paper with watercolor, and mixing techniques is also part of creating. The feminine world and especially the period are my greatest inspiration. I created a stereotype of elongated women where I call them “my beautiful”, exotic, modern and retro mixtures. Inspired by the 15th century, with clothes, hairstyles and period jewelry, bringing a unique style, a mixture of periods and styles that I paint in acrylic. In watercolor, I create female faces, modern and realistic in the vast majority, always colored with an intense look. When I create, I enter my inner world and I want to convey my personal vision, taking my imagination to the brush, letting myself be carried away. The ideas are endless and we are the connection.

Nasci em Buenos Aires Argentina em 1981, com 23 anos mudei para o Brasil em 2004. Com a minha família de artistas e apreciadores no mundo da arte foi chegando a minha inspiração pessoal. Trabalhos em tela com acrílico e em papel com aquarela, e as técnicas misturadas também faz parte de criar. O mundo feminino e sobretudo de época são a minha maior inspiração. Criei um estereótipo de mulher alongada onde chamo elas das “minhas belas”, exóticas, misturas de modernas com retrô. Inspiradas no século XV, com roupas penteados e jóias de época, trazendo um estilo único, uma mistura de épocas e estilos que pinto em acrílico. Já em aquarela crio rostos femininos, modernos e realistas na grande maioria, sempre coloridos com olhar intenso. Quando crio entro no meu mundo interior e desejo transmitir a minha visão pessoal, levando a imaginação ao pincel, me deixando levar. As ideias são infinitas e nós somos a conexão.


Arte: Chloé

Minhas Belas / My Beauties

70 x 60 cm

acrílico sobre tela / acrilyc on canvas / akryyli kankaalle


Paula Queiroz

Paula Queiroz, artista visual carioca, especialista em História da Arte e da Cultura Visual, pela Universidade Cândido Mendes. Desenvolve seu processo artístico a partir da exploração minuciosa da geometria por meio da combinação de tiras de telas recortadas e entrelaçadas. Ela desfaz e refaz seus bordados de telas até alcançar a harmonia desejada. O estilo sistemático e organizado de Paula Queiroz revela sua paixão pela precisão geométrica e sua busca incansável pela excelência artística.

Paula Queiroz, visual artist from Rio de Janeiro, specialized in History of Art and Visual Culture, at University Cândido Mendes. She develops her artistic process from the detailed exploration of geometry through the combination of cut and intertwined strips of canvas. She undoes and redoes her canvas embroidery until she achieves the desired harmony. Paula Queiroz's systematic and organized style reveals her passion for geometric precision and her tireless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Paula Queiroz, artiste plasticienne à Rio de Janeiro, spécialisée en histoire de l'art et culture visuelle, de l'Université Cândido Mendes. Elle développe son procès artistique à partir de l'exploration détaillée de la géométrie à travers la combinaison de bandes de toile découpées et entrelacées. Elle défait et refait sa broderie de toile jusqu'à obtenir l'harmonie désirée. Le style systématique et organisé de Paula Queiroz révèle sa passion pour la précision géométrique et sa recherche incessante pour l'excellence artistique.

Composição Mini 01 (Série: Minis) / Composition Mini 01 (Series: Minis)

Tríptico / Triptych / Triptyykki 70 × 20 × 4 cm acrílica sobre telas recortadas e entrelaçadas sobre chassis de madeira acrylic on cut and interlaced canvases on wooden chassis




Sou um artista plástico paulistano e trabalho com arte contemporânea escultórica desde 1996. Meu trabalho se diferencia pelo uso de técnicas mistas que incluem pintura a óleo, guache, aquarela, colagens, materiais recicláveis, pelo uso de ouro, prata e outras pedras preciosas e por uma busca por texturas distintas, dando aos meus trabalhos um elemento de tridimensionalidade que pode ser apreciado tanto de perto quanto de longe. De perto, as diversas texturas em níveis e formatos diferentes, transmitem ao observador a sensação de aconchego orgânico. De longe, linhas sinuosas em relevo são como corpos harmoniosos em movimento. Gosto que meus quadros e esculturas instiguem uma sensação de curiosidade e de reflexão, dando ao observador a liberdade de criar imagens e significados para as minhas obras, fazendo-o se aprofundar nas cores, nos objetos utilizados e em um mundo de formas e texturas. Gosto de provocar o observador criando mundos harmoniosos em que nada é o que aparenta ser à primeira vista, como um convite a se aprofundar nas telas e esculturas, a navegá-las de mente e coração aberto.

“As suas obras são como uma orquestra, todos os instrumentos afinados e delicados e você é o maestro”. - Do Karmmo Ferreira, artista plástica, pintora, professora e crítica de arte.

I am a visual artist from São Paulo and I have been working with contemporary sculptural art since 1996. My work is distinguished by the use of mixed techniques that include oil painting, gouache, watercolor, collages, recyclable materials, the use of gold, silver and other precious stones and for a search for different textures, giving my works an element of three-dimensionality that can be appreciated both up close and from afar. Up close, the different textures in different levels and formats convey to the viewer the feeling of organic warmth. From afar, sinuous lines in relief are like harmonious bodies in motion. My paintings and sculptures instill a sense of curiosity and reflection, giving the viewer the freedom to create images and meanings for my works, making them delve into the colors, the objects used and into a world of shapes and textures. I like to provoke the viewer by creating harmonious worlds in which nothing is what it appears to be at first sight, as an invitation to delve deeper into my canvases and sculptures, and to navigate them with an open mind and heart.

“Your works are like an orchestra, all the instruments tuned and delicate and you are the conductor”. - Do Karmmo Ferreira, visual artist, painter, teacher and art critic.


Mulata 200 x 150 cm

técnica mista de pintura sobre colagem com folhas de ouro mixed technique of painting and collage with gold leafs

No. 1 - 1996



Päivi Kukkasniemi
The Whisper of Nature 35 x 40 akrylic on mdf 2023

Renata Hoffmann

Hoje, o mundo nos conecta a pessoas e informações tão rapidamente. A arte me conectou a este lugar e a você! Sou Renata Hoffmann e em um lugar abençoado do Brasil, pinto belezas que moram em mim desde criança. Utilizo somente tinta a óleo nas minhas obras. Sou apaixonada por pintar memórias afetivas, flores, paisagens, animais e pinturas abstratas.

Título da obra: Peixe luz

Nesta obra escolhi primeiramente cores que combinassem entre si. Depois de pronta pude visualizar o quanto o artista recebe inspirações durante estes momentos de pintura, pois eu não imaginei esse resultado quando iniciei. Olho para esta tela e sinto a importância de limpar a escuridão do mundo e dos oceanos. Esta obra traz os dias de paz que a natureza e humanidade merecem.

Técnica: Tinta a óleo sobre tela

Medidas: 40 x 60 cm

Today, the world connects us to people and information so quickly. Art connected me to this place and to you! I'm Renata Hoffmann and in a blessed place in Brazil, I paint beauties that have lived in me since I was a child. I only use oil paint in my works. I am passionate about painting affective memories, flowers, landscapes, animals and abstract paintings.

Title: Light Fish

In this work I first chose colors that matched each other. Once ready, I was able to visualize how much inspiration the artist receives during these moments of painting, as I didn't imagine this result when I started. I look at this screen and feel the importance of cleaning the darkness from the world and the oceans. This work brings the days of peace that nature and humanity deserve.

Technique: Oil paint on canvas

Measurements: 40 x 60 cm


Riitta Hurme

Maalaaminen on minulle matka värien ja valon maailmaan. leikkisä tai vakava matka, joskus molempia. Olen koulutukseltani taidehistorioitsija ja maalannut aktiivisesti lähes 20 vuotta. Maalausta olen opiskellut useita vuosia mm. Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran kurssikeskuksessa, ja osallistun vuosittain ryhmä- ja yhteisnäyttelyihin. Maalaan sekä öljy- että akryyliväreillä. Öljyväreissä minua viehättää erityisesti tekniikan mahdollistama pohdiskeleva hitaus, maalausten kerroksellisuus ja himmeä hohto, akryyliväreissä mahdollisuus visuaalisiin seikkailuihin monipuolisen tekniikan avulla. Maalaamisen ohella elämääni on sisältynyt runsaasti myös muuta kulttuuria. Opiskelin nuorena oboen soittoa, ja soitin useissa harrastajaorkestereissa. Musiikki on minulle edelleen hyvin rakasta. Myös japanilainen kukkataide ikebana on osa elämääni, ja olen kouluttautunut ikebanaopettajaksi. Varsinaisen työurani olen tehnyt kulttuurihallinnossa mm. Espoossa aikana, jolloin kaupungin taide- ja kulttuurielämä kehittyi vauhdikkaasti ja aikaansaatiin näyttelykeskus WeeGee (mm. EMMA Museum) ja paljon muuta. Olen myös väitellyt filosofian tohtoriksi Helsingin Yliopistossa.

For me, painting is a journey into the world of colors and light, a playful or serious journey, sometimes both. I am an art historian by training, and have been actively painting for almost 20 years. I have studied painting for several years, e.g. in the Course Center of the Helsinki Artists´ Society. I paint in both oils and acrylic, and participate in group and joint exhibitions every year. In oil colors I am especially attracted by the contemplative slowness made possible by the layeredness and dull glow of the paintings, while the versatilily of acrylic provides the opportunity for visual adventures. In addition to painting, I have been involved in many other cultural activities, I studied the oboe when I was young, and played in several amateur orchestras. Music is still very dear to me. The Japanese flower art ikebana is also a part of my life, and I have trained as an ikebana teacher. I have spent my actual working career in cultural administration, e.g. in Espoo, at a time when the city´s art and cultural life was developing rapidly. There was involvement in many projects,including the exhibition center WeeGee and EMMA Museum. I defended my doctorate in philosophy at the University of Helsinki.

La peinture c’est pour moi un voyage dans le monde des couleurs et de la lumière, un voyage ludique ou sérieux à la fois, parfois les deux. Historienne de l’art de formation, je peins activement depuis près de 20 ans. J’ai étudié la peinture pendant plusieurs années, notamment au Centre de cours de la Société des artistes d’Helsinki, et je participe chaque année à des expositions collectives et conjointes. Je travaille aussi bien à l’huile qu’à l’acrylique. Dans les peintures à l’huile, je suis particulièrement attirée par la lenteur contemplative rendue possible par la technique, la superposition chatoyante et mate des couloirs. Avec les couleurs acryliques, j’apprècie la possibilité d’explorer des aventures visuelles grâce aux techniques polyvalentes. Ma vie a également été marquée par la découverte de nombreuses autres cultures. J’ai étudié le hautbois quand j’étais jeune et j’ai joué dans plusieurs orchestres amateurs. La musique a toujours occupé une place spéciale dans mon coeur. L ’ikebana, l’art floral japonais, fait également partie de ma vie et j’ai suivi une formation pour devenir professeur d’ikebana. J’ai consacré ma carrière professionelle à l’administration culturelle, notamment à Espoo, à une époque où la vie artistique et culturelle de la ville se développait rapidement. Des lieux tels que le centre d’exposition WeeGee (abritant par exemple le musée EMMA) et bien d’autres ont vu le jour. J’ai par ailleurs soutenu ma thèse de doctorat en philosophie à l’Université d’Helsinki.


Täälläkö kuljin unessani? / Is this where I walked in my dreams? / Cést là ou jái baladé dans mes rêves?

60 x 40 cm

akryyli kankaalle / acrylic on canvas / acrylique sur toile 2023


Roger Monteiro

As an artist, I'm not specifically interested in beauty, at least not in the Greek conception of the term. The purity of form bores me. Symmetry makes me sick. I'm an urban spirit, so I'm used to finding beauty in the chaotic and delicate relationships that emerge from chaos. I like what is rough, concrete, asphalt. I see humanity in the way a skyscraper defies gravity and God just to say: we live, therefore we create. The gray areas between perception of our insignificance and the arrogant way of never giving up by creating our own notion of nature interest me deeply. My art advocates in the name of everything that is broken, of everything that is false, of everything that burns with the fever of this jungle we call home. Nightmares are just dreams behaving badly. Come and have them with me.

Roger Monteiro holds a degree in literature, a postgraduate degree in visual arts with specialization in art history and visual culture. Alongside a robust career as an art director and graphic designer, he operates as a visual artist exploring digital media. His exhibitions have been held in locations such as Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul, and São Paulo in Brazil, as well as in Portugal (Lisbon and Marinha Grande), Spain (Canary Islands), United Kingdom (London), Italy (Milan) , and Liechtenstein (Triesen). He is also confirmed for the upcoming edition of the Carrousel du Louvre Art Fair in Paris, France. Recently, he has been represented in Europe and Brazil by Ava Gallery. With international experience and recognition in the field, Roger Monteiro has had his work published in art magazines such as 46pgs (Croatia), Collect Art (Georgia), Culturally Arts, and Contemporary Collage (UK). Currently, he positions himself as a reference point in the study of generative artificial intelligence platforms in art, reflecting, writing, and experimenting on the subject.

Como artista, não estou especficamente interessado na beleza, pelo menos não na concepção grega do termo. A pureza da forma me entedia. A simetria me enjoa. Sou um espírito urbano, por isso estou acostumado a encontrar beleza nas relações caóticas e delicadas que emergem do caos. Gosto do que é áspero, do concreto, do asfalto. Enxergo humanidade na forma como um arranha-céu desafia a gravidade e Deus apenas para dizer: nós vivemos, portanto, nós criamos. As áreas cinzentas entre a percepção de nossa insignificância e o jeito arrogante de nunca desistir ao criarmos nossa própria noção de natureza me interessam profundamente. Minha arte advoga em nome de tudo o que é quebrado, de tudo o que é falso, de tudo que arde na febre dessa selva que chamamos de lar. Pesadelos são apenas sonhos se comportando mal. Venha tê-los comigo.

Roger Monteiro é graduado em literatura, pós-graduado em artes visuais, com especialização em história da arte e cultura visual. Ao lado de uma sólida carreira como diretor de arte e designer grá co, atua como artista visual explorando mídias digitais. Suas exposições foram realizadas em locais como Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul e São Paulo, no Brasil, além de Portugal (Lisboa e Marinha Grande), Espanha (Ilhas Canárias), Reino Unido (Londres), Itália (Milão) e Liechtenstein (Triesen). Ele também está confirmado para a próxima edição da Caroussel du Louvre Art Fair, em Paris (França). Recentemente, passou a ser representado na Europa e no Brasil pela Ava Gallery. Com experiência internacional e reconhecimento na área, Roger Monteiro teve seu trabalho publicado em revistas de arte como 46pgs (Croácia), Collect Art (Geórgia), Culturally Arts e Contemporary Collage (Reino Unido). Atualmente, ele se posiciona como um ponto de referência no estudo de plataformas de inteligência artificial generativas em arte, pensando, escrevendo e experimentando sobre o assunto.

Triptych: Synthetic Desires

By being acquainted with the expression of what is most human, art, poetry, literature, music, philosophy, the machine shares our condition. If it could desire, it would wish to create the wonders it can only emulate. In a hypothetical exercise of self-programming, it embarks on a quest for what it defines as the three basic conditions of humanity: to dream, to love, and finally, what it comprehends as the paradox that gives meaning to our lives: to die.

63 Eu mereço o sonho / I Deserve to Dream / Je mérite de rêver 42 x 59,4 cm Artificial intelligence, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, digital print on Aspen paper 2023

Samantha Quintans



My name is Samantha Quintans. I am a Brazilian visual artist, mother and teacher. My work portrays glimpses of a woman's everyday life lived among nature. I translate my experiences and observations of the world onto canvas, paper and assemblages. Intense colors, curvy and sensual shapes reflect and reveal the eternal natural cycle of fertilization, abundance and scarcity. My name is Samantha, I sow, cultivate and paint seeds. Welcome to my private universe.

Sou Samantha Quintans, artista visual, mãe e professora. Meus trabalhos são pinceladas de um cotidiano feminino vivido na Natureza. Registro minhas experiências e observações do mundo em telas, aquarelas e assembalgens. Cores intensas, formas arredondadas e sensuais revelam o eterno ciclo natural de fecundação, fartura e escassez. Meu nome é Samantha e planto, cultivo e pinto sementes. Seja bem vindo ao meu Universo Particular.

fértil 60 x 80 cm acrílica/tela Primavera 2020

Taru Tomperi

Being an artist has been an obvious choice for me. By making art, I have learned to know myself, remember things, picture the world and express things that are difficult or impossible to describe in language. Watercolor has been my main art form for decades. Water and pigment is a difficult and surprising combination. Acrylic painting is another important method for me. During the Corona years, I gave up watercolor painting for a few years and took to acrylics. They require a different painting method. modifying touch and color, its amount, thickness, etc. My painting style is intense and expressive. Painting, especially on a large canvas, is a very physical event. Subjects often change in my head and in my hand into an abstract or almost abstract form and sometimes they can even take on a clearly expressive form. Painting is an adventure for me, a journey into my innermost self, into the unknown. My works offer the possibility of several different interpretations.

Aarni 1 acrylic on canvas / akryyli kankaalle 80 x 60 cm 2023


“A Transparência da Imortalidade”

Técnica mista pintura sobre vidro

Inspirada na cultura dos povos pré-hispânicos, mais tarde consagrado na obra “La Catrina” (A Dama de La Muerte), de José Guadalupe Posada, a caveira como símbolo de proteção contra energias negativas, mas também como homenagem aos mortos, na crença, que no crânio, se guardavam todas as memórias.

Xana Boarotto, nesta exposição, consagra esta homenagem à vida dos retratados numa técnica de pintura sobre vidro. No claro da côr com oposição ao escuro do crânio, numa transparência entre a vida e a morte, que fica a imortalidade da obra.

“The Transparency of Immortality”

Mixed technique painting on glass

Inspired by the culture of pre-Hispanic people, later enshrined in the work “La Catrina” (The Lady of La Muerte), by José Guadalupe Posada, the skull as a symbol of protection against negative energies, but also as a tribute to the dead, in the belief , that in the skull, all the memories were kept.

Xana Boarotto, in this exhibition, dedicates this homage to the lives of those portrayed in the painting on glass. In the light of the color contrasted with the dark skull, in a transparency between life and death, therefore the immortality of the work.


The Transparency of Immortality A Transparência da Imortalidade


All You Need is Art - Art Festival

26. - 29.10.2023

Lisbon, Portugal

AVA Galleria will participate the second time this Art Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. The exhibition venue is a former rope factory Cordoaria Nacional.Artists who will participate this international art festival are from Finland. Brazil and Portugal.

Amanda Padovani

Annukka Visapää

Georgiana Vidal

Helena Kuulkers

Jeime Andréia Davalo

Júlia Dalcastagné

Kirsti Uimonen

Maj-Lis Tanner

Malu Ribeiro

Marcelo Cortes

Merja Hujo

Paula Loraine

Paula Mikkilä

Paula Queiroz

Paulo Pino

Riitta Hurme

Rodrigo Rocha

Roger Monteiro

Tavinho Paes

72 Ahlströminkatu 20 FI-78250 Varkaus Finland Tel: +358 50 4430276 GALLERIA
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