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WHO WE ARE? We are a group of students of Florida Secundaria formed by: Javier Almarche Sonia Benavent Marta Bort Juan Huescar Elena Roig and Isis Vargas. We are interested in all the thing that are happening in this moment, so you can find all kind of fashion things: make-up, fashion store, films, gossip‌ This magazine is made by young people for young people, but if you are still fashionable, of course you can read us!



OOHH MY GOD!! Okay girls this section is only for us, is to see the kids more beautiful in the world and know something about them. And dream with they. ENJOY IT!!

Uuufff imagine that after, you are who help him in the shower to remove all the sand, and then‌ STOP STOP STOP!!

And for the woman who loves small we have the sexiest werewolf. Aaaiii mother, who was werewolf for bitten him.

Ok girls, what do you think? Exactly Brad Pitt is amazing. This week we can see him in him new film and I advancement you that you can see him NUDE‌

What can we say about Leonardo DiCaprio? ... yes, I also think you too fit in the door and you could save in the Titanic. WE LOVE YOU!! Isis Vargas


PARIS HILTON Welcome to the column of Paris Hilton. This week I have an interesting gossip for you. My enemy Belén Estéban has got involved with my boyfriend. She is the most stupid person in the world. She wanted to steal the throne, MY throne. You know what I am talking about? Yes, the throne of the craziest famous worldwide. Can you believe it? I introduced my boyfriend in a party. And she stole it. She is the worst there is in Spain. I am perfect and nobody and nothing will make that change.

My boyfriend, ajam ajam, my ex-boyfriend, is an attractive man. He has green eyes, beautiful hair, and he is a boy with a strong constitution. In conclusion, He is the perfect man. His name is John, and his family is a rich and important family in New York. She does not really love, just a game for her. You finish with a future family. YOU ARE DE WORST!! Finally, I only want say that Belén Estéban is a rude girl and say to John that: I did not expect this from you. I hope I never see you again in my life and I hope that, they are very happy. Your princess, forever.

Elena Roig


NATURAL TIPS Having the necessary knowledge and information, we can have a radiant skin, free from impurities and totally moisturized. This will improve our skin and we will notice an amazing change. Now, I am going to talk about three methods:

TO SMOOTH THE STAIN IN YOUR SKIN: Mix half a glass of “hammamelis water” with two spoonfuls from lemon juice and four drops of oil from tealeaves. Then, apply it with a cotton wool and your skin and let it work without removing.

ANTI-AGE FOR YOUR FACE SKIN: Boil a cucumber chopped with its skin and introduce it into a litre water. Then, cool it for a while and apply it on your face. You have to do it every night with two slices of cucumber on your eyes.



Cut up an apple in slices and apply it in your eyelids and its contour and let it work for some minutes. PERFECT FACE: Take a spoonful of honey and mix with chopped almonds. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. The mixture is now ready to apply it in your face. Then clear your face with care.

BEAUTIFUL TABS: Put olive oil every night on the tabs and wash your eyes the next morning. Do this every night and you will soon see the results. Javier Almarche Perell贸


HOW TO BE PERFECT LIKE A FAMOUS! Nowadays, all of we want to be like a super star. Look like her, dress like her‌ Do you want to be perfect like a famous person? Just read this article and show off your perfect appearance.

First of all, you'll have to wake up all a.m., and to go for jogging. It's very make some sport in the morning

days at 6 important to because

then, your skin will be smooth and shiny. It's very important to eat a lot in the morning with pasta and meat, and a few in the night with some vegetables, and always to eat a lot of salads and fruit in all your meals to be perfectly healthy and fit.

Then, is very important your makeup and you need to know how to use it to be gorgeous. The makeup base is the most important because it covers up all your imperfections. It is advisable that you use a cream before the base to have your skin more moisturize. Then, you can paint your lips to make them fatter with a color red or with brown or pink tonalities. Then, you


have to paint your eyes with a smoked that bring out your eyes color and you will be perfect all day.

Finally, we’ll show you here three beautiful ensembles. With these ensembles you will feel like a famous person everyday because they are very elegant and at the same time discreet and simple. If you follow all our advices, you won’t regret it. Are you ready to look like a super star? We’ll wait for you in the next section, See you soon!!

Sònia Benavent Romaguera



PETS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE Do you want to buy any pet? If you want to have a pet like your favourite celebrity, I’m going to tell you some of these animals. One of the most important presidents of the world has a Portuguese water dog. Barak Obama received this animal as a present from a friend. This was because Barak had promised his daughters that if he became president, he buy a dog for them. And his children chose the name of Bo. Another strange pet can be a Vietnamese pig. You can think that this animal is to eat, but some celebrities like George Clunny or David and Victoria Beckam would be able to eat them, because for them these animals are exotic pet. They have names like the pig of George is called Max, and names of Victoria and David pigs are Elton and David like Elton john and his partner David Furnish Angelina Jolie is another celebrity that has poodle called Jeny. She bought it, because before she had killed her hamster. Well in reality she didn’t kill it, it was an accident. The hamster was running around the house and she didn’t see it and by accident she stepped on it. These are some of the pet of the celebrities. However to chose a pet you should chose an animal that you want, because it also is a living being and they need attention. Juan Huescar


THE FAMOUS HOLLIDAYS For the currently people, the holidays are go to a site where anybody know us. Imagine go to a small island and see a lot of reporters. I think that you don’t this. But if you want see any celebrity, I’m going to show some sites where you can see the celebrities.

ITALY: For example Sofía Vergara chooses a beautiful place for stay in holidays nearly of sea, in Napoles. Nearly in Capri Jessica Simpson is enjoying her holidays. In this country, in the north you can meet lake of Como where live George Clooney.

SPAIN: In Spain some celebrities like Mickel Douglas, have a house in Mallorca. The “Islas Baleares” are a nice place where you can stay for pass your holidays. In one of this islands called ”Ibiza” is the perfect place for do a big party. In this small island you can go to a lot of discotheques like “Pacha” where a lot of famous like Shakira go.


CARIBBEAN: In this part of the world, you can trove a lot of privates places and small island where a lot of celebrities go to holidays. For example Hugh Grant is a frequently visitor of the Barbados. Other place is the French Antilles, you can ask to Enrique Iglesias if it is a perfect place for relax. In this sea there are more than 60 islands and a great part of this are virgin. Once this three beautiful places, you can choose one of them, but is not necessary go to a paradise for stay in holidays, you can go to a normal place and meet new people or know new places. You can choose a lot of things. Juan Huescar


SITES BY FASHIONABLE Nowadays a lot of people (famous or not) usually go to shopping centre because they want to be fashionable. The people that usually go are young because stores have youth clothing. These stores are called ZARA, BERSHKA, PULL & BEAR, PIMKIE, JACK & JONES… If you want clothes for young people, the top stores are BERSHKA and PULL & BEAR because they are cheap and you can always find the clothes that you want. Despite this if you want formal clothes, you can go to ZARA. This store is more expensive than BERSHKA or PULL & BEAR but the clothes are very elegant. The stores that have been mentioned above have masculine and feminine sections but there are stores that are only for women or men such as PIMKIE for the women and JACK & JONES for the men.

Javier Almarche Perelló


WHERE TO PARTY IN VALENCIA? DISCO NUMBER ONE: Nightclub located in the heart of Valencia, near the Túria River’s old stream, it takes just 10 minutes walking from Valencia’s downtown to arrive. Characterized by its location, is a point of reference for the Valencia night. Number One’s DJs plays a lot of different kinds of music every night, but if you want to be sure that your song will be played you can request it at Number One’s web page. (Cánovas Square, 6 – Valencia)

COCOLOCO: Situated at Gandia’s seafront, Coco-loco is one of the most frequented discos of this city; which is of the most festive cities during summer. Due to Gandia is away from Valencia, some weekends, Cocoloco’s managers hire bus services for taking people from the capital. (Ciutat Ducal Square), 46730 Gandia’s Beach)

JOY VALENCIA: This disco is situated in a small village near Valencia Called Albal. Despite the


fact that Albal is not a festive village, this disco is pretty famous among young people. The venue has three rooms: one of techno and two of electro music, one of which is used as a terrace in summer. This disco is famous because a lot of famous people have attended it (Padre Carlos Ferris Av, Albal, Valencia)

CULLERA’S SEAFRONT: Like Gandia, Cullera is a very festive city during summer. Next to the beach, we can find five free-entrance nightclubs to suit all kinds of music: disco, techno, bachata, 17eringue, etc. On the other side of the seafront, in the beach, you can also find a lot of chiringuitos that are playing music all night. Unlike Cocoloco’s, whose managers hire bus services for taking people, here is not any bus service during the night, which is a problem if you don’t live near the city. But if you are in Cullera during summer, you must visit some of these party venues.

Marta Bort



A 2011 British film directed by Guy Ritchie and produced by Joel Silver, Lionel Wigram, Susan Downey, and Dan Lin. It’s the second part of the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes. Both films are based on the character of the same name created by Arthur Conan Doyle. The film is specifically influenced by Conan Doyle’s work The Final Problem, but it is an independent story rather than a strict adaptation. PLOT: There is a new criminal, Professor James Moriarty who signs “M”, and the search becomes more dangerous as it takes Holmes and his friend and helper Watson, to leave London in the direction of Europe, through France, where they met a Gypsy called Sim, who will go with them, helping the couple of detectives, Germany and finally arriving to Switzerland in order to, with the help of Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Holmes, who works for the intelligent service for the Queen of England, find Moriarty and discover his intentions. IMPORTANT CHARACTERS: Sherlock Holmes: Robert Downey Jr. Dr. John Watson: Jude Law


Mary Watson: Kelly Reilly THE DESCENDANTS Is an American comedy film directed by Alexander Payne. based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings. The film is protagonized by George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Judy Greer, Matthew Lillard and Beau Bridges. PLOT: Matt King is a businessman from Hawaii whose wife Elizabeth had an accident while surfing and she stays at hospital struggling between life and death. Matt knows that his wife was unfaithful with a businessman, Brian Speer which Matt is forced to confront. However, for Matt his wife’s infidelity is not the worst for him because he had lost the contact with his daughters, Alexandra and Scottie and now he is trying to recoup. His relationship with Alexandra will be particularly difficult, because she is angry with his father due to his distant attitude in the past. Finally, the girls move with him and Matt hopes to be loved for his daughters. CHARACTERS: Matt King: George Clooney Elizabeth King: Patricia Hastie Brian Speer: Matthew Lillard Alexandra King: Shailene Woodley Scottie King: Amara Milley


Marta Bort

TYPES OF MUSIC What’s your favorite type of music? In this time we can found a lot of different styles of music. Do you know all of them?

If you go to the disco it’s provably that you listen house, techno or electro music that have a lot of rhythm and can make you dance a lot all night. In this music the most important is the rhythm and the intensity, and most of time, their lyrics are about love and sex. They are composed to go party.

In the street there are a different styles of music like rap, hip-hop, street dance…, that can make you dance a lot, but in a different way because it’s music more strong and the most important in this music are the lyrics that always want to express something like their feelings, or criticize the society.

In a different way, there are music like pop, rock, punk and heavy metal. Each other of these styles are totally different. Pop music is the most relaxing and heavy metal music the hardest and the strongest in this group.


Then, there are jazz and blues music. All the previous types of music come of this music that is especially improvised. Finally, and in the most important place, there are the classic music that is the “mother” of all types of music at present, and it have their origins since the first humans in the world. And nowadays we can listen it in the concert halls. At the moment there are more types of music, but this is a small summary. What’s your favorite? See you soon guys!

Sònia Benavent



Elena Roig



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ROJITAS LAS OREJAS, BY EXTECHINATO Y TU. Extrechinato y tú was a Spanish rock music project formed by components of other groups like Extremoduro, Platero y tú and Fito & Fitipaldis. The intention of this group was to give music to Manolo Chintao’s (a street poet from Puerto de Béjar, Salamanca) poems. The group recorded just one CD called Poesía Básica (Basic Poetry). In all the songs of this album, Chinato recites a few verses of his poems. This song, Rojitas las orejas, is the most popular of the album.

I don’t remember when I listened this song for first time, but I like it so much and I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

Marta Bort


WE FOUND LOVE BY RIHANNA My favorite type of music is Pop music because I think that it is very good. There are many international pop singers such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga…. But my favourite singer is Rihanna because she sings the song I like best. It shows the relationship with her boyfriend. For her, he is like a drug and addiction. It has become a star singing in clubs and radios.

It is a song from her sixth album, “Talk That Talk”, which includes many songs that are liked to all people. I also like the part of the song that says: “We found love in a hopeless place”, because I sometimes feel much indentified with it. I listened to the song for first time five months ago because a friend recommended it to me. I recommend this song and also to listen more songs by Rihanna because she is a girl who sings beautifully.

Javier Almarche


“I WAS HERE” AND “GIVE ME LIGHT OF YOU” What is my favorite song? mm I have two favorite songs. The first is for when I'm sad, it's of Beyoncé and is called "I was here." With this song she wants to say that life is too short and you have to do what you feel in every moment, so that when you will not be here, you have been someone important for people who love you and they remember you forever. The first time I heard this song was in early 2012 and when I heard it I knew that's what I want, I have been the world for someone.

The second song is for when I'm happy and I want to go out partying with my friends. It's of Don Omar and is called "Give me light of you". The truth is that I don't know the meaning of the song but I love the rhythm and I have a great time dancing. Isis Vargas


BOB MARLEY My favorite song is Bob Marley Sweat, this musician was a guitarrist and singer of jamaica. I listen this song 4 years ago, but recently it became my favourite song, and i listen ever time and every day. It hasn't have meaning for me, but i really like this song. My favourite part of the song is the chorus. This song like to me beacuse it have a good rhythm and sometimes i heard it when i want relax, I listen it when I'm on the bed in my room. This singer I also like other songs like Jammin, Buffalo Soldier or Hotel California.

Juan Huescar



My favorite song is “with me” by Sum 41, is a Canadian punk rock band, and the first time I heard the song “with me” was two years ago when a friend show it to me, and instantly I loved it.

The song is about repentance and love. The boy has made a lot of mistakes and is trying to sort out all his problems with his girlfriend because he really loves her, and the girl, the same. It means to me that you only fond of a person when you are going to lose them, and it’s very nice to see what a person is capable to do for love.

What I like best about the song are the lyrics, that are very expressive and splendid, but the music is perfect too. I hope you enjoy it a lot!

Sonia Benavent



My favourite song is “surrender” by Billy Talent. They are a Canadian punk rock band from Streetsville, Ontario. They formed in 1993 with Ben Kowalewicz as the lead vocalist, Ian D'Sa on lead guitar, bassist Jon Gallant and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk . I listen this song more of 3 years ago when I travel to Canadá with my family. My favourite part of the song is when the guitar starts at the beginning of the song. this song is my ringtone. I love this song. It reminds me of many things of the pastwhen he speaks of surrender a person. If I were a song, no doubt, would surrender, billy talent. I hope you enjoy.

Elena Roig


HOROSCOPE PISCES Better not get up from bed, your day today is going to be a horror. If you ask out the guy you like will give you a negative. AQUARIUM Come one girl, stop eating you are putting like a seal.

ARIES Leave your boyfriend, ¿don’t you see? He is putting the horns with your best friend. YOU MUST BE FOOLISH FOR DON'T SEE IT!

TAURUS Eeee ¿did you see that beautiful guy? look for other side because he has girlfriend.

GEMINIS Are you sad? salt around with your friends and find a nicer guy.

CANCER She is the best friend you have, do not lose her.


LEO That's nothing ... you'll find better. DON’T WORRY!!

VIRGINITY Today you are gorgeous. Look around you because you are going to find your love. Said him: I LOVE YOU!!

LIBRA Ooo come one girl, download him pants… You’ll feel better. COME ON!!

SCORPIO You go out of party and have fun.

SAGITTARIUS He is a stupid, find another boy better. Find your blue prince!!

CAPRICORN He doesn’t love you jet, get over it!! He does not love you, get over it! go out and kiss to the first guy you find and if you do not like looking at other… Isis Vargas



Free Style  

Sónia, Elena R, Marta, Isis, Javier A, Juan

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