HEDONE ROMANE Memoirs of Temporal Insanity

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« Memoirs of Temporal Insanity » chronicles an artist’s idiosyncratic journey into the recesses of the creative mind. Unveiled in snapshots of abstract moments, it explores the creative necessity to reach the point of temporal insanity to arrive at a profound expression worthy of an audience. It reveals a certain sense of freedom associated with letting go of what is rational and attaining a romantic euphoria when the conscious meets the subconscious. What others deem as pure hedonistic indulgence is rendered critical like water is to life and death. Narrated in allegorical fashion using strong visual imagery, Jeanne-Marie Chan brings a singular crossdisciplinary artistic endeavour that fuses the worlds

of jewellery, photography, literature, and contemporary art for HEDONE ROMANE. Combining juxtaposed images from various locations with theatrical facial expressions, this art book registers the emotional rollercoaster of plunging into an abyss and coming out of it. A rather satirical take but what seemingly begins in darkness ends in glory. The story starts off in black & white where a woman portrays the artist lost in nostalgia. Her wandering mind preoccupied with listless unfinished thoughts and unabashed fantaisies until the random faces and unlived stories begin to disturb her sanity. The bare branches and circular iron grills allude to entrapment within and without. The vivacity of the colors reveal the progressing intensity of her emotions.

Freed from the rational, her imagination towers over her. Illusions haunt her. The silence deafening. She feels enclosed in a time warp. All sense of time is lost in between infinity and eternity. Somewhere she comes across a secret garden, an oasis, a momentary refuge from her subconscious. Holy light is streaming through narrow arched windows. Heaven is upon her. She looks but does not see. There is not enough air. Suffocated as if plasticized, she screams with all of her several times over. Death is in the room. She is intoxicated. Resistance. A sudden thirst for life overcomes her at the sight of a bottle of eau de vie on the table.

It is madness. The chandelier threatens to crash. Her eyes betray her. That which is lopsided is real and that which is upright to her is fantasy. She is one with the shadows and the voices. The smell of black roses perfumes her senses. Symbiosis. Indulgence. The story ends as she scurries to find the golden door, symbolic of golden promises, hopes and dreams. It is her escape back into the mundane. Disbelief. Relieved. Resurrected from some form of poetic agony. Perhaps wiser from revelation.

Fine Jewellery

TOUCH ME NOT Ring in white gold with cushion-cut garnet center, partly paved with rubies and white diamonds

SIRENS Quadrate pendant in yellow gold with white diamonds

SIRENS Quadrate ring in yellow gold with white diamonds

Fashion Jewellery

FANTASY 038 Skeleton with tainted ruby drop, cultured pearls and pyrite on yellow-gold plated

FANTASY 020 Rock crystal earrings on yellow-gold plated hoops with skulls

FANTASY 021 Skeleton with black spinel drop and cultured white pearls on yellowgold plated earrings

FANTASY 039 Skull and bones with hematite yellow goldplated earrings

FANTASY 008 8 circle chimes yellow gold-plated earrings

FANTASY 035 3 strand black spinel and pyrite yellow gold-plated bracelet with magnetic closure

FANTASY 053 Candy pink and purple tainted agate and, hematites on yellow gold-plated chains neckpiece

FANTASY 052 Electric blue and purple tainted agate and, hematites on silver chain neckpiece

FANTASY 051 Pyrite roses, candy pink tainted agates and hematites on yellow gold–plated FANTASY 049 Pyrite roses and electric blue tainted round agates yellow gold plated earrings�

FANTASY 036 3 strand black spinel and pyrite yellow gold-plated bracelet with magnetic closure

FANTASY 045 3 strand candy pink tainted agates and labradorite yellow gold-plated bracelet with magnetic closure

FANTASY 037 3 strand cornelian and pyrite yellow gold-plated bracelet with magnetic closure

FANTASY 050 3 strand moonstone and cultured pearls yellow gold-plated bracelet with magnetic closure

Special thanks to L.Q. and M.S. without whom this would not have been possible.