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difference making additional repayments on your home loan may alter the duration of your home loan and also the interest payable. ď‚— Regularly paying a little bit extra on your home loan can may make a huge difference in the long run. Reducing the amount owing also reduces the amount that your home loan interest is calculated on. If your home loan allows you to make additional repayments without penalty, making extra repayments may benefit you over the life of your home loan.

loan comparison calculator •A loan comparison calculator can help you do the sums to find out which loan will be the best for your budget in the long run. Our home Loan Comparison Calculator can show you what interest you could pay over the life of different loans and what monthly repayments you could face at different interest rates. •You can even compare home loans that have different introductory rates. So you can compare side by side the honeymoon loans you’ve been looking at with our Home Loans Honeymoon Calculator and work out which will help your budget more.


stamp duty calculator in western australia  

We are here to help you to calculate the amount you need to pay as Stamp Duty on (Market Value or Agreement Value), Registration Fee and Oth...

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