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Sep/Oct 2021

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SEP/OCT 2021



September & October 2021

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26 / Sep


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Port Shelter Regatta

03 / Oct

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10 / Oct

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SEP/OCT 2021



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UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021, Race 1 UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021, Race 2 (Mirs Bay Passage Race) UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021, Races 3 & 4 Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Races 1 & 2 Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Race 3 Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Races 4 & 5



SEP/OCT 2021



Happy Mid Autumn Festival, everyone, which will rapidly be upon us by the time you read this. This issue of Hebe Jebes is jam-packed with yacht racing stories from the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series and the Peroni Summer Saturday Series. The fact that the Club has been able to hold these events, safely and socially distanced, amid all the COVID restrictions is a testament to the organising efforts of the Sailing Centre and the Race Committee. Sadly, no prize-givings could be held after any of the races due to government restrictions—and I thank everyone for their long-term patience and understanding with this. Despite this, It’s been fantastic to see so many boats, of all classes, out on the water recently, in everything from champagne sailing conditions of the Mirs Bay Race to the huge storm clouds that loomed over the end of Race 8 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series. That storm marking the end of an epic course round Basalt, out to Ninepins, around Table and back to Port Shelter in what, prior to the storm, had been some extremely light winds. We will soon bid farewell to our General Manager, Rene Verhulst, and as I pen this, the search consultant is beavering away interviewing and shortlist the best talent for the HR Committee to final interview and make their selection for our new GM. We wish Rene a happy retirement and good health as he embarks on the next stage of his life. DON JOHNSTON Commodore

We are working hard on further enhancing safety at the Club, and by the time you read this, GenCom will have considered a proposal to bring in a raft of measures to achieve these goals and help make the Club safer for everyone, including members, staff and contractors working here. And speaking of contractors, you will start seeing a few more of them around the Club in the near future as the Planning And Works projects build-phases kick off. One of the first will be the renovation of the club washrooms and changing rooms. See the Vice Commodore’s report for more details. Many may still be wondering about the status of the Club’s proposed new Articles of Association; remember those? You may recall that, at a members’ forum back in 2020, we explained a need to bring the Club’s Articles into line with the new Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) and better align them with the Club’s current objects and administrative practices. As the vast majority of the changes were driven by the Companies Ordinance, we sought a policy statement of support from the Home Affairs Bureau (which we have), followed by the approval of the Director of Lands (which we are very close to getting). This process, as anticipated, has required numerous iterations and legal clarifications, but the finish line is now in sight. After this, we will conduct another members’ forum to update everyone— refresh memories about the key changes and why they are necessary—and then call a General Meeting of members to seek your approval. Preparations are also well underway for compiling the Annual Report and Accounts that will be circulated to all members ahead of the 2021 Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for 11 November 2021 (mark your diaries). Take care and stay safe! Don Johnston


當你讀到這篇文章的時候,中秋節馬上就要來臨了,提早祝大家節日快樂。本期不少來 自UK Sailmakers 颱風盃系列和Peroni夏季週六系列賽的故事,本會能夠在所有疫情限 制下的安全地舉辦這些活動,並要求參與者保持社交距離,背後少不了帆船中心和賽 事管理團隊的努力。遺憾的是,受防疫促使所限制,比賽結束後未能舉行頒獎儀式,在 此感謝各位的耐心和理解。不過,看到這麼多形形色色的船隻在水上航行,真是太棒 了。天氣也是各式各樣,大鵬灣帆船賽有絕佳的航行天氣陪伴;UK Sailmakers 颱風盃 系列第八場比賽結束之際,巨大風暴雲層籠罩上空。旅程從火石洲出發,然後到果洲 群島,再繞過平面洲,最後回到牛尾海,這場風暴標誌著賽事的結束。在風暴之前,風 勢非常輕柔。 另外,本會總經理Rene Verhulst即將離任,本會委任諮詢顧問物色合適人才,本會的人 力資源部將面試合適人選,選出新一任總經理。在此謹祝Rene榮休之後一切如意,迎 接新的生活。 當你讀到這篇文章的時候,執行委員會將考慮引入一系列措施進一步提高本會的安 全,保障本會會員、員工和承建商。說到承建商,隨著計劃及工程委員會項目啟動,其 中一項將是改造本會的洗手間和更衣室,本會周圍看到更多的承建商的身影,詳情請 參閱副會長的報告。 不少人可能想知道本會的新章程進展如何,在2020年的一個會員座談會上,我們解釋 了將本會章程與新《公司條例》 (第622章)保持一致的必要性,使其本會當前的目標 和政策保持一致。由於新章程裡的大部分更改是因應新《公司條例》所出現的,我們 已向民政事務局尋求支持政策聲明(本會已取得該聲明),然後又向地政總署署長尋 求批准(我們即將獲得批准)。正如我們所料,這個過程經歷了不少重複的手續和法 律釐清條例的程序,幸好我們離終點線不遠了。在此之後,我們將舉辦另一個會員論 壇,再次向會員介紹新章程裡的更改,然後召集會員大會,徵求會員承認新章程一事 的同意。 整理年度報告和財政報告的工作進行中,這些文件將在2021年11月11日年度股東大會前 分發予各位會員(記得出席)。 希望各位生活如意,注意安全!



SEP/OCT 2021



A hot week both on the water and, at times, inside the Club too—while awaiting the much-welcome repairs to the air-con system. Thank you so much for being so patient while we got that fixed, which took a little longer than we would have all liked, as the current system’s age made it challenging to get suitable parts. And thanks to all the restaurant staff who sweltered away to keep us all served during the times it was down. In due course, when we upgrade this system, we can look at sectioning separate air conditioning systems throughout the clubhouse to help build in redundancy. Once approved, this upgrade would mean that even if one aircon is down in the future, we will still have others fully functioning. PWC video update Scan to view this brilliant 4½-minute video summarising the latest update from PWC. Thanks to Helmuth Aberer and his daughter, Claire, for putting this together and David Lam and Herman Ng for their help with the Chinese subtitles.


Masterplan: lift & regularising garden bar area To help get us a lift built by mid-2022, we are now moving forward with the Authorised Person (AP) works and tender issue process for the access lift, new storage areas for the kitchen and garden bar project. Carmen Chan, our AP, will help with all the relevant BD submissions for this project, while Burro Happold will be providing registered structural engineering (RSE) services related to M&E coordination, structural design, architectural finish design and tendering procedures. Masterplan: regatta deck At the time of going to press, the Town Planning Board should hopefully approve the Club’s submission for the new regatta deck to replace the existing garden bar tent. Further alignment will then be required from other related governmental departments, including the District Planning Office and the Transport Department, which we expect in the next few months. Following this the Club will need the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB)’s policy statement of support and the Lands Department’s lease modification approval before construction can start (so a couple of years to go yet). Masterplan: new club access road Ahead of the widening of Hiram’s Highway outside the Club, Knight Frank is preparing a quotation for the required planning work for the new site vehicle access, which will be done in conjunction with a traffic consultant to work out the best way of performing security checks of member vehicular access to the club via a new turning circle—allowing enough space for drop-off or turn-around without entering the club carpark—and the proposed new vehicular access road. This new road is planned to be located near the existing children’s playground—which will itself be later relocated to a more suitable location. The new road will be compliant with HyD regulations and provide appropriate emergency vehicular access (EVA) to the Club. The project will also seek to better level the car park, boatyard and seawalls across the entire site and reduce flooding of the car park during typhoons. HAB policy statement of support We have submitted round 6 (no less!) of the detailed accounting and planning information requested by HAB for the expenditure forecast for the planned works and proof that the Club has the cash available to carry out such works. HAB has now requested that the current submission be limited to works to be completed in 2026 before the Club’s lease renewal in 2027. After that, we can submit another one (oh joy!) for future works post-2026 after the lease renewal. My sincere thanks to the entire team, especially Don, Carol, CY and Fansy, for all their input on this detailed reconciliation task.


Seawall repairs Following a site study of the boatyard surfacing and potential seawall repairs, we now have a quote in from the contractor, Tong Kee, to cover critical repairs, including: • • • •

Reconstruction of existing seawall adjacent to the car park Restatement of existing concrete floor slabs in the boatyard Reconstruction of concrete slipway adjacent to the boat lift zone Upgrade the concrete slipway adjacent to the Sailing Centre to provide greater traction (and safety) when pulling dinghies out of the water

Repairs, once confirmed, will be carried out during the low seasons, winter and spring, to help minimise any impact to members. Aecom is also checking the degree of repairs required and that the existing drainage and interceptors are still fit for purpose and able to capture the majority of the runoff from the boatyard to minimise the chances of any potential pollutants entering the sea. Marina pile long-term replacement project Invitations to five contractors to bid for the tender for the Ground Investigation (GI) works in the pontoon areas were issued by AECOM on 2 July 2021; these closed on 23 July 2021, and following site visits, the most appropriate contractor will be selected and recommended to GenCom for subsequent approval.

Refurbishment of club changing rooms GenCom has approved Jepsen Designs as the designer and managing consultant for this project, which is now in the design phase, and will be completed in phases with the female, then disabled, then male washrooms and toilets being refurbished. Expected completion dates are Christmas 2021 for the female facilities and early 2022 for the disabled and men’s facilities. During this time, mobile shower and toilet facilities (comprising at least four separate showers and four separate toilets) will be provided to ensure we’ve all always got somewhere decent to get showered, changed and use the WC. In addition, to ensure environmental protection, all greywater from such facilities will be collected into a dedicated tank. Solar power project Amosola was approved by GenCom as the service provider for installing the new solar panels on the club roof. The kick-off meeting with the contractor was held on 8 July 2021, and they are now proceeding with the design work before installation. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-January 2022.

又是炎熱的一週。最近遊艇會內部進行冷氣系統維修,感謝各位會員海 涵,因為當前系統比較老舊,尋覓合適的零件需時。 還要感謝所有的餐廳 工作人員,他們在酷熱的天氣下依舊殷勤服務。 在適當時機,我們可以考 慮升級冷氣系統,在不同區域劃分獨立的空調系統。 一旦獲得批准,此次 升級意味著將來一部冷氣出現故障,我們仍有另外的冷氣正常運作。 計劃及工程委員會最新更新(視頻)

4分半 鐘 的 視 頻 紀錄了 計 劃 及 工程 委 員會 的 最新進展。感謝 Helmuth Aberer 和他的女兒 Claire的協助;也感謝David Lam和Herman Ng 翻譯為中文。

總體規劃:電梯和正規化花園酒吧區 為了在2022年中之前在 入口安置升降機,推動廚房新儲存室和花園酒 吧項目,我們有新的認可人士、招標過程也有新進展。我們的認可人士 Carmen Chan將向屋宇署提供該項目的文件;Burro Happold將協助註冊 結構工程服務,涉及機電協調、結構設計、建築裝修設計和招標程序。 總體規劃:帆船賽甲板 在今期會刊出版後,理論上城市規劃委員會已批准我們的申請,以興建新 的帆船賽甲板,拆除現有的花園酒吧帳幕。未來亦會和其他的政府部門如 規劃處和運輸署配合,推動項目進展。在此之外,需得到民政事務局的政 策支持聲明和地政總署批核後的租約修訂,才能開始建造(所以還有幾年 時間才能開工)。

Compliant disabled access to pontoons Following the installation of the help alarms and signage on the ramps to the pontoons to better facilitate disabled access to the pontoons, the Authorised Person (AP), Yin Lee, has recently made their submission detailing such in our letter of reply letter to the Buildings Department (BD) in this regard. Safety walkways for boatracks Now that the government has approved the plans for the safety walkways, the project consultant Buro Happold (BH) will be vetting the tenders from, and the subsequent management of, the contractors for this project so we can move forward with a mock-up walkway and then the entire build.

總體規劃:遊艇會車用通道 會所外 的西貢公路即將展 開路面拓闊工程,在 此之 前,本 會 讓 Knight Frank準備一份車用通道項目的報價,這項工程將與交通道路顧問合作, 制訂會員車輛進入會所的最佳方案。因路面工程將落成一個新的轉彎處, 預留足夠的空間才讓車輛在不進入會所停車場的情況下能落客或掉頭。 此外,交通道路顧問也會協助車用通道的項目。新通道位於現時的兒童遊 樂場附近,該遊樂場稍後將搬遷到一個更合適的位置。新通道的工程實 施會依照路政署的規定,也會設計緊急車輛通道。 該項目亦會提高停車場、船塢和海堤的地面水平,並減少颱風季節引致的 水浸情況。



SEP/OCT 2021




民政事務局政策支持聲明 這是我們第6輪向民政事務局提交詳細的會計及規劃文件,例如計劃工程的開支,並證明 本會有足夠的現金流進行有關工程。民政事務局現在要求目前提交的工程項目在2026年 會所租約續期之前完成。此後,我們可以再提交另一個(又得重新來一遍)。我衷心感謝 整個團隊,特別是Don、Carol、CY和Fansy,他們耗了相當多的精神和體力完成這件事。 海堤修理工程 在船塢的地面及海堤進行實地考察後,我們收到承建商Tong Kee對工程的報價,修葺 項目包括: • 修復毗鄰停車場的海堤 • 重鋪船塢上混凝土路面 • 修復船區附近混凝土船台滑道 • 優化帆船中心附近的混凝土滑道,讓會員更安全、更方便地把小艇拉上岸 工程一旦落實,修復項目將於冬季和春季進行,將影響減至最低。 Aecom還在檢查需 要修葺的設施,現有的排水系統和截流器仍適用,並能夠截住來自船塢的大部分水流, 以最大限度地減少任何潛在污染物進入海洋的機會。


碼頭樁柱長期替代項目 AECOM於今年7月2日向五家承建商發出邀請函,為浮台的工程投標。這些項目將於 2021年7月23日結束,在承建商場地勘察之後,本會將選擇最合適的承建商,並呈交予 委員會進行審批。

符合規格的殘疾人士浮橋通道 已安裝求救警鐘和標識在浮橋通道,方便殘疾人士出入。認可人士Yin Lee已提交與屋宇 署的書信來往,待本會進一步跟進。 船架安全通道 政府已批准本會安全通道的項目。項目顧問Buro Happold (BH)將審查該項目承建商的 投標和後續管理,其後我們可以建造一條模擬通道供參考,然後再具體落實工程。 本會更衣室和洗手間的翻新項目 委員會已任命 Jepsen Designs 為該項目的設計師和管理顧問,該項目目前處於設計階 段,將分階段完成,首先是女洗手間,然後是殘疾人士洗手間,然後是男洗手間。預計 女洗手間的完工日期為今年聖誕節,殘疾人士洗手間和男洗手間的完工日期為2022年 初。在此期間,我們將提供臨時淋浴和廁所設施(至少4個獨立的淋浴和4個獨立的廁 所)。此外,這些設施的所有污水將儲存於一個專用池,為保護環境出一分力。 太陽能發電項目 經委員會批准,Amosola將成為本會會所屋頂新的太陽能電池板的承建商。本會將於2021年 7月8日舉行第一次會面。目前他們專注在設計工作階段。預計項目於2022年1月中旬完成。




SEP/OCT 2021



Dear Members We can look back at very busy and successful Summer Camps this year and despite the COVID-19 restrictions and some bad weather, Rob Allen and his team, together with many part-time instructors and numerous volunteers, did an outstanding job of providing very special sailing and multi-activity outings for the many kids who were in dire need of an adventure and a ‘holiday’ away from school and their homes. Now that the racing season has come to an end with the successful Typhoon Series, there are still some great sailing events on the calendar for the coming months. These include Bart’s Bash—Ladies Helm on 11 September, the Port Shelter Regatta 25 and 26 September, and the Monsoon Winter Race on 23 October. So save the dates in your sailing calendars.

RENE VERHULST General Manager

24 HOUR DINGHY CHARITY RACE The traditional 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race will take place this year in some shape or form, depending on the ongoing restrictions at the time. We are actively seeking volunteers to help with the organisation, and this amazing race is scheduled for 30 – 31 October. Please sign up for a few hours to assist if you can drive a safety boat (after completing training), count laps or help land or waterside. As this is my final article in Hebe Jebes, I would like to thank the General Committee and all members and employees for the support that they have given me during my tenure at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club and for making me feel at home. My best wishes to everyone at Hebe.

親愛的會員: 回顧今年舉辦的夏令營活動,在疫情限制和天氣的影響下,Rob Allen 和其團隊,以及許 多兼職導師、義工,工作表現出色,為參加者提供了非常獨特的帆船和外出體驗,小朋 友們藉參加活動,稍稍放下學業和家庭,給予自己體驗新奇活動的機會。 另外颱風盃系列比賽圓滿結束。在接下來的幾個月,本會仍有精彩的帆船賽事:9月11日 的Bart’s Bash-Ladies Helm、9月25日至26日的牛尾海帆船賽以及10月23日的冬季系列 賽。有興趣的人記得密切留意相關日期! 24小時慈善小艇賽 24小時慈善小艇賽將在今年舉行,具體形式仍商討中。我們正在積極召喚義工前來協 助,比賽於10月30日至31日舉行。有興趣支援活動的成員(需完成安全船駕駛訓練), 歡迎報名成為義工,協助數圈、支援陸上或水上工作。 這是我在本會會刊的最後一篇文章,在此感謝執行委員會、所有會員和本會員工,感謝 他們在我工作期間給予的支持,讓我感覺非常窩心。 謹祝各位事事順意。





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SEP/OCT 2021








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F&B upcoming events Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner Buffet

Crazy Friday


24 29

Restaurant (6.30–9.30pm) SEP


Monthly Wine Fair

Curry Friday

24 29

3 1

Restaurant (6.30–8.30pm) SEP OCT




Buy One Get One Free (5.00–9.00pm)


Restaurant (6.30–9.00pm) SEP OCT

Sunday Buffets

Restaurant (6.00–9.00pm)

5, 12, 19 & 26 SEP 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31




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F&B wines & beers of the month Wine of the Month (Bottle $258, Glass $68)



Organic wines from Niagara Peninsula, Canada

Organic and Biodynamic wines from Gisborne, New Zealand

WHITE WINE WHITE WINE Tawse, Sketches of Niagara, Riesling 2017

Milton, Crazy by Nature, Sirlus White 2019

Lovely lime vibrancy on the nose. Notes of

This wine has a warm ripe apricot character

peach, pear and dried apricot. A beautifully

with lifted acidity, scented white peach and

made and balanced wine. 90 points,

honeysuckle and finishing with a soft, fat warm

Natalie Maclean.

mouth-filling character of immediate appeal.



Tawse, Gamay Noir VQA 2019

Milton, Crazy by Nature, Cosmo Red 2018

Fruity aromas of brambleberry, Bing cherry,

Blend of Malbec, Syrah and Viognier. There

black tea and spices. Soft tannins and the

is dark leather and black pepper with a

finish is bright, balanced and long.

tingling aroma of lifted spice. The taste is dense and alive with mint, chocolate, Asian

Top 10 Gamay Noir, Wine Align 2020 –

spice and the warmth of feather pillow for a

Guide to Canada’s Best Wine

fatigued head.

Beer of the Month (Pint $55, ½ Pint $29)




Samuel Adams, SAM’76 Draught Lager - USA

Arcobräu, Urfass, Draught Lager - Germany

Nice sweet grainy-dough flavour. Citrus

The aromas is dominated by beer crisp cereal

taste with a hint of tropical fruit. Light, solid,

tones with nuances of yeast and herbs. Bright,

refreshing, round and smooth body.

pleasant, long finish filled with hop bitterness.



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UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021, Race 1 颱風盃帆船系列賽 第一場比賽

Zannekin, line honours in IRC A (Typhoon Series 2021, Race 1)

Conditions were looking precarious as Race Officer (RO), Dave Norton, briefed his volunteer race management team on the committee boat, Hebe One, in preparation for Race 1 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021 on Sunday morning, 6 June. The Series comprised nine races over seven race days between 6 June and 21 August 2021 and was open to IRC, HKPN, Sportsboat Class boats and One-design Classes Dragons and J/80s, with the addition this year of a Short-handed Division.

6月6日(週日)上午,UK Sailsmakers 2021 年颱風 盃帆船系列第一場比賽的賽事主任Dave Norton 向他的義工團隊介紹了司令船Hebe One。賽事於 2021年6月6日至8月21日舉行,為期7天,共9場比 賽,參賽選手包括IRC、HKPN、運動級艇、Onedesign龍級艇和J/80級艇,還增設了新的雙人帆 船挑戰賽。

The various weather predictions ranged from 1-12 knots, most at the lower end of the scale, swinging around from the north to the south during the course of the morning. However, according to Norton, there were zero knots at Waglan at 0900 that morning. Oh dear.

賽前天氣預報說法不一,1到12節不等,大多預期 風速較低。然而,根據Norton的說法,那天早上9 時橫瀾島的航速為零,出乎意料。

There were even mutterings about raising the postponement flag ashore and delaying the start by one hour. In the end, Norton opted to head out to the outer reaches of Port Shelter to better appraise the situation.


甚至有人提議把比賽推遲一個小時。最終,Norton 選擇前往牛尾港的外圍,以便評估形勢。

Alpha Plus, 2 nd in IRC A (Typhoon Series 2021, Race 1)

The first warning signal was scheduled for 1055. By 1030, a 5-knot southeasterly was blowing, so the RO settled on two courses, keeping most of the fleet in the southern waters and avoiding the risks inherent in the more sheltered waters of Rocky Harbour.

第一次信號定於10時55分發出。當日上午10时30分,東南 方向刮起了5節的大風,所以賽事主任決定在兩條航線上航 行,讓大部分船隊留在南部水域,並避免在糧船灣海更隱 蔽的水域中逗留。

Two new courses, #96 for IRC A and #97 for all the others, were selected. These took everyone out for a port rounding of South Nine Pin, followed by North Nine Pin (p), Steep (s) a new mark at Ma Tsai Pai (p), Table (s) finishing at Little Palm Beach, a distance of 15 nautical miles. For IRC A, after rounding Table (s), they continued on for a further 8 nautical miles, rounding Basalt to starboard and returning to Table (s). In the end, the race was shortened for everyone at Table Island. A starboard-rounding windward mark was laid at 130 degrees along with a 300-metre start line.

兩條新航線第96有IRC A組別的船隻,其餘船隻都去第97。 所有人先是去了南九針港,接著是北九針港,放置迎風賽 標在馬仔排,平面洲的比賽終點是15公里遠的小棕櫚灘。 IRC


到右舷,然後返回平面洲。最終,平面洲的比賽提早結束, 當時賽事管理團隊在風向130度設置上風賽標及300米長 的起航線。

With just one minute to go in the countdown for the start of the combined IRC A and B divisions, the postponement flag (AP) was hosted due to a major wind shift of 40 degrees. It didn’t take long to reset the start line, with the RO choosing to remove the windward mark.



挪移了40度,因此大會揚起延期旗(AP旗)。幸虧重置起跑 線需時不久,賽事主任之後移除了迎風賽標。

At 1104, the AP flag was lowered with the seven IRC A and 10 IRC B boats starting at 1110. Alpha Plus and Zannekin led off the line at the pin end along with Ambush and Kingsman. Meanwhile, Juggerknot and Tipsy Easy were shut out at the committee boat end and were obliged to go around.


A new rule 12.4 (on page 8 of HHYC’s June 2021 SSI) now requires that all boats must cross the starting line within four (4) minutes of their start or otherwise will be scored a Did Not Start (DNS) without a hearing and seemingly without any discretion on behalf of the RO to allow a boat to start. Unfortunately, Outrageous, Bits & Pieces, Gecko and La Folia were all late for their starts, with La Folia later retiring.





Kingsman緊隨其後。與此同時,Juggerknot和Tipsy Easy被 司令船擋住去路,不得不繞道而行。

相關規定指所有船隻必須在比賽開始後的四分鐘內越 過 起 跑 線,否則將被判為「未起 跑」而不予聆訊,賽事主任 也無法讓船隻再次開始。不幸的是,Outrageous、Bits


Pieces、Gecko和La Folia的起步都晚了,其後La Folia無緣 獎項。

The nine boats in IRC C followed at 1115 with the 5-knot breeze at 151 degrees and Dexter II and Blu leading off the line.

IRC的九艘船馳行,當天11時15分的風速為5節,風向為151 度,Dexter II和Blu領先。


Athena was well positioned for the start of the 14 boats in HKPN A along with the three J/80s at 1120, with the 5.6-knot breeze having swung to 170 degrees. Tong Shing’s trimaran Bluefin and Bridget Chan’s colourful Minnie the Moocher were slow off the line, while Bits & Pieces was late but decided to continue for the practice.

11時20分,HKPN A14艘船和3艘J/80的船整裝待發,,Athena也做 好準備,當時風速5到6節,風向已變成170度。Tong Shing的三體 船Bluefin和Bridget Chan的色彩鮮豔的Minnie the Moocher稍微 落後,而Bits & Pieces雖然晚了出發,但決定繼續參賽。 Eclipse帶領HKPN B組別的九艘船於11時25分越過終點線,五分鐘後

Eclipse led the HKPN B fleet of nine boats over the line at 1125, followed five minutes later by the two boats in the Short-handed Division—Deborah and Rob Berkley on Calamansi and Juliet and Mark Ashton on Miss LeVa.

兩艘雙人帆船挑戰賽的船——Deborah及Rob Berkley的Calamansi 船隻和Juliet及Mark Ashton的Miss Le Va船隻尾隨其後。 Alpha Plus以3:29:39的時長奪得第一,並獲得IRC A組別、讓分評

Alpha Plus took line honours in 3:29:39 to finish 2nd in IRC A behind Ambush on handicap, with Quest 3rd. Unfortunately, the longer course proved difficult for the slower boats in the class, including Nick Burns’ Witchcraft (ex-Blue Bunny), while DEA III Fire finished 2.25 hours after the lead boat.


Nightshift took line and handicap honours in IRC B with Kingsman 2nd and Rampage 3rd.

Nightshift 在讓分評級系統和 IRC B 組別中獲得了第一名殊

Dexter II led the IRC C fleet home to claim line and handicap honours with Blu and Goddess 2nd and 3rd, respectively, while Ding Dong retired.

Dexter II 在 IRC C 組別、讓分評級裡奪得第一,Blu和Goddess分

Footloose comfortably won the J/80s race with Team Danny Sum on Jelik 7 2nd and Mozzie 3rd.

在J/80的比賽中,Footloose與Danny Sum團隊對決,前者以Jelik

Athena took line honours in HKPN A to finish 3rd on corrected behind Ricochet 1st and the recently re-tuned Temujin 2nd. It was a close race between the men’s team on LoTech and the women on Jibulai. Jibulai was leading until the penultimate leg between Steep and the new Ma Tsai Pai Mark when the breeze began to ease, allowing LoTech to overtake the heavier boat.

Athena在HKPN A 組別里中獲得第三名榮譽,Ricochet奪得第


的是,較長的航程對這個組別中較慢的船隻來說是困難的,包括 Nick Burns的Witchcraft(前身是Blue Bunny),而DEA III Fire在 奪得第一名的船隻到達終點2.25小時後才現身終點線。


別斬獲第二名和第三名的榮譽,Ding Dong無緣獎項。

7 2和Mozzie 3出戰,輕鬆勝出。

一,最近經過一輪調整的Temujin獲得了第二名。 LoTech 上的 男子隊和Jibulai上的女子隊勢均力敵, Jibulai 一直領先,直至 Steep和新的Ma Tsai Pai Mark加入倒數第二段的航程,這時微風 開始減弱,LoTech越過其他較重的船隻。

The Hebe Dragons on Getafix took line and handicap honours ahead of Foxzhead and Baby Beluga, while Scrumpy, Ma Cherie and La Folia retired. Bringing up the rear and last home at 17:28:40 was Pepper & Salt.

Getafix上的 Hebe Dragons 斬獲

The Berkleys on Calamansi won the short-handed duel against the Ashtons on Miss LeVa.

另 外,C a l a m a n s i 船 隻 上 的

RO Dave Norton was relieved that they had managed to complete Race 1. While it may have proved too long for some, the race management team had managed to cope with the unexpected.

賽事主任 Dave Norton 對於他們

Results were provisional at the time of writing, with the race committee facing three protests by the three boats scored DNS, Outrageous, Bits & Pieces and Gecko, while Gecko also protested Pepper & Salt.


首名,在 讓 分系統 排 第一,排 在 Foxzhead和Baby


而Scrumpy、Ma Cherie和La Folia 無緣獎項。最後在17:28:40越過終 點的是Pepper & Salt。

Berkleys夫婦對決 Miss LeVa 的 Ashtons夫婦,最後前者勝出。

成功完成了第一場比賽感到很欣 慰。雖然對一些人來說這可能時 間太長了,但賽事管理團隊已經設 法應對了意外情況。

暫時賽果,是次賽事管理團隊面 臨三艘船的抗議,這三艘船分別 獲得了DNS:Outrageous,Bits & Pieces和Gecko,而Gecko也針對 Pepper & Salt提出抗議。

Race 2, the Mirs Bay Passage Race, was held on Saturday 19 June with a Pursuit Race starting in Port Shelter on Sunday 20, comprising the Mirs Bay Regatta. The combined results count towards the Philip Boothroyd Countess Trophy. This year there was no overnight stay at Wong Shek.

第二場大鵬灣航行賽於6月19日( 週六)舉行,緊接著的週日Pursuit Race和大鵬灣航行賽都在牛尾海 開賽。兩場比賽的綜合賽果將算 入 Philip Boothroyd Countess獎, 可幸的是今年沒有人在黃石過夜。



SEP/OCT 2021





UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021, Race 2 (Mirs Bay Passage Race) UK Sailmakers 2021 颱風盃帆船系列第二場比賽(大鵬灣帆船賽) Phoenix crew celebrate their finish

The Mirs Bay Passage Race is one of the most popular races in the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series. Traditionally it has involved an outward passage race to Mirs Bay on the Saturday and an evening prize-giving party and BBQ at Wong Shek. Those staying over then had the option to race back on Sunday. That was until last year when COVID-19 restrictions prevented the usual celebrations in Wong Shek. Consequently, a return passage race out from and back to Port Shelter was organised on the Saturday, with most classes venturing as far as Mirs Bay. Social distancing regulations meant the same format was adopted this year's event and held on Saturday, 19 June 2021.

大鵬灣帆船賽是UK Sailmakers 颱風盃系列中最受歡迎

Conditions looked excellent as the committee boat, Hebe One, dropped anchor in the vicinity of Shelter Island. There the Race Officer (RO), Bob Vart, ably assisted by Lesley Anderson, Howie Suen and a team of volunteers, set up a windward mark at a distance of 400 metres at 220 degrees into an 8- to 12-knot breeze.

當會船Hebe One 在牛尾島附近停泊時,一切尚可。當日風

The first of six starts saw the nine IRC A boats hit the line on schedule at 1100. Only Ambush was called OCS at the start and obliged to return, although there may have possibly been other infringers. Meanwhile, Quest and Xena had both been shut out at the committee boat end before they were able to start.

當天共有六場比賽,第一場是九艘IRC A船在1100準時到達

The 10 IRC B and 10 IRC C boats followed at five-minute intervals, all on the same Course 10 as IRC A. This involved rounding the windward mark to port, followed by East Nine Pin (p), a gate, approximately 1.5 nautical miles east of Conic Island, Tai Long Wan Mark (s), Shek Ngau Chau (Gau Tau) (s), Offshore Mark (s), Basalt (s) where ultimately the planned 32nm race was shortened for all.

十艘IRC B和IRC C船每隔五分鐘進入第10航線。他們繞


的比賽之一。以往,參賽隊伍於週六前往大鵬灣參加比 賽;晚上參與 在黃石碼頭舉行的頒 獎晚會和燒烤慶功 宴。參加者亦可選擇週日返程。直到去年,由於疫情關 係,黃石的慶祝活動無法照常進行,比賽於週六牛尾港 進行,參賽者需即日返程,大多數船隻馳行遠至大鵬灣。 因社交距離措施仍落實,今年按去年賽事流程進行,賽 事於2021年6月19日(週六)圓滿結束。

速為8至12節,賽事主任Bob Vart在Lesley Anderson、Howie Suen和義工的協助下,在220度、相距400米處設置了一個 迎風賽標。

起航線。只有Ambush一開始被判定偷步(OCS),被勒令 返回,不排除還有其他犯規者。與此同時,Quest和Xena 被司令船擋住,沒來得及出發。

過迎風賽標去牛尾港,前往其次是東果洲,之後到飯甑 洲以東約1.5海里的區域,接著是大浪灣、石牛洲、離岸 標記區、火石洲,最終競賽 海里數縮短,原計劃是每小 時32海里。

The fourth start saw the combined fleet of 12 HKPN A, and three J/80s start at 1115, with the J/80 Mozzie amongst the leaders. Bits & Pieces and Crystal brought up the rear and tacked early to find clear air.



艘J/80組成的聯合船艦在11時15分 起航,其中J/80 Mozzie保持領先。 Bits & Pieces和Crystal已早早來到 後方,準備出發。

The 10 HKPN B boats followed. Ma Cherie 2e was last to arrive, but on this occasion, was early to start and was obliged to restart. Fortunately, it managed to do so within the four-minute starting window. Their scheduled 28nm course followed that of IRC but excluded East Nine Pin.

10艘HKPN B艇緊隨其後。Ma Cherie 2e 最 後 到達,但 這次他們 早了起 航,按賽例需重新出發。幸好他們 在4分鐘內成功出發,按計劃每小 時28海里速度航行;行IRC航線,但 不去東果洲。

Last away was the sole entry Miss LeVa in the Shorthanded Class, a disappointing turnout, not only for the organisers but for Miss LeVa itself. Its shorter 22nm course eliminated both East Nine Pin and Shek Ngau Chau.

最後一名是雙人帆船挑戰賽裡孤 身作戰的Miss


喪。 其航行每小時海里數較短,每 小時22海里,以致未能到達東果洲 及石牛洲。

The fleet made a colourful spectacle, most with their kites full, heading downwind and spread across the horizon, heading for the gate and on to Shek Ngau Chau. There the TP52, Alpha Plus, led the fleet around the island, followed by the TP52, Phoenix; Zannekin and Ambush.

浩 浩 蕩 蕩 的 船 艦 馳 行 海 洋,五 顏 六 色 旗 幟 飄 揚,十 分 壯 觀!船 隻 離 岸 標 誌 前 進,然 後 前 往 牛 石洲。在那裡,TP52、Alpha


圍 著 島 嶼 航 行,緊 跟 著 是 T P 5 2 Phoenix、Zannekin和Ambush。

Tong Shing’s trimaran Bluefin, in HKPN A, was flying downwind to lead the other divisions around the island. It must have struggled on the return upwind leg in the turbulent seas. It subsequently experienced gear failure and motored part of the way before requesting a tow home.



HKPN A艇,下風馳行,還領著其他 組 別船伍繞島航行。其後Bluefin 的船身機件出現故障,要求拖船返 程,極可能是在逆風回程的時候奮 力掙扎不果。

Several others retired, including Quest in IRC A, Mosling, Foxzhead, Ma Cherie 2e in HKPN B. Bits & Pieces opted to retire after its boom knocked Kay Peterson overboard who sustained a head injury. After medical treatment, she was back at the Garden Bar— heavily bandaged—to tell the tale.

還 有 其 他 隊 伍 無 緣 後 續賽事:包括IRC


Quest、Mosling、Foxzhead、HKPN B的Ma Cherie 2e。Bits & Pieces在撞 倒Kay Peterson選擇退出賽事。Kay 頭部受傷,在接受治療後,她回到

Alpha Plus took line and handicap honours ahead of Witchcraft and Zannekin in IRC A. Protests were raiesd over Witchcraft’s inclusion in IRC A, which elected to race in a division above its IRC rating.

花園酒吧,頭上纏著厚厚繃帶。 Alpha




分 評 級 系 統 裡 領 先 W i t c h c ra f t 和 Z a n n e k i n。有 其 他 隊 伍 對

Nightshift again demonstrated its competitiveness taking line and handicap honours in IRC B, ahead of Rampage and Daydream. Tipsy Easy was given a DNF and subject to protest by the race committee for failing to report its retirement. Word is the crew tried to contact the race committee but were unsuccessful before heading on to Double Haven.

Witchcraft被列入高於自身IRC 評 級的組別提出抗議。 在IRC B 組別中,Nightshift 展示了 自 身 實 力,力 壓 R a m p a g e 和 Daydream奪得第一,讓分評級裡 排第一。​​Tipsy Easy 被判定未能完 成賽事(DNF),因賽 事管 理團隊

Dexter II similarly claimed the daily double with Whiskey Jack 2nd and Talkinghead 3rd in IRC C.

表示 沒有收 到隊伍 的退 賽申請。 有消 息 稱,隊伍曾試 圖 聯 繫 管 理 團隊,但未成功。

Footloose claimed the J/80 honours, after an elapsed time of 5 hours 9 minutes and 10 seconds, beating Mozzie by just 40 seconds. Jelik 7-Team Danny Sum finished 3rd.

在 IRC C組別, Dexter II 斬獲第一, Whisky Jack 第二和 Talkinghead 第三。



SEP/OCT 2021





Minnie the Moocher took line honours in HKPN A, but was relegated to 10th on handicap. Jibulai finished 13 seconds later to take handicap honours. Temujin finished 2nd with Scintilla 3rd. La Vida Loca finished 1st in HKPN B after 5 hours and 46 minutes to finish 2nd on handicap behind La Folia with Baby Beluga 3rd. Scrumpy brought up the rear after 6.75 hours to finish 4th on handicap. Miss LeVa completed its solo race in an elapsed time of 3:52:14. Bringing the event forward in the Series to June has certainly paid dividends in terms of conditions, although this year they proved especially challenging. This was particularly so for the HKPN fleet, in the 8- to 16-knot breeze and choppy seas. Hopefully, the annual escape to Mirs Bay, with BBQ, prize-giving and overnight stay, can resume next year, making it less of an endurance challenge.

在經過 5 小時 9 分 10 秒的賽事後,Footloose 以 僅 40 秒的優勢擊敗 Mozzie,獲得了 J/80 組別 首名的榮譽,Mozzie第二, Jelik 7-Team Danny Sum 第三。 Minnie the Moocher 在 HKPN A 組別中獲得 第一名,但在讓分評級系統排第 10 位。 Jibulai 在Minnie the Moocher完賽13秒後到達,獲得 讓分評級的榮譽。 Temujin排第二, Scintilla 排第三。 La Vida Loca在HKPN B組別以5小時46分鐘 的 成 績 獲 得 第 一 名,在 讓 分 評 級 系 統 中 排 第二名,落後於La



三。Scrumpy在6.75小時 後 完成賽 事,在 讓分 評級系統中名列第四。 Miss LeVa以 3 點 52 分 14 秒的時間完成了單人 比賽。 將是次系 列賽 事 提 前到6月,各方面的條 件不 少改善,不過今年挑戰亦不小。 在 8 到 16 節 的波濤洶湧的海面上,對HKPN


是如此。 希望一年一度的大鵬灣帆船賽(包括燒烤、頒獎 和過夜)在明年能如常舉行,讓大家早日享受這 份樂趣。




SEP/OCT 2021





UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021, Races 3& 4 UK Sailmakers 2021 颱風盃帆船系列第三丶四場比賽

Out of 61 entries, 48 boats showed up for Race 3 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2021. Thirteen boats didn’t make it—were the never-ending roadworks on Hiram’s Highway to blame? The alarm didn’t go off? Or was it just too hot (34°C)? Whatever the reason, they missed a great day on the water.

在61隊參賽隊伍裡,有 48 艘船參加了2021 年UK Sailmakers

For the eight IRC A boats that started at 1100, it was Course 7, a three-lap windwardleeward. In 5 knots of wind from 128 degrees, they headed for Shelter Island. The return leg would bring them back to the committee boat, Hebe One, stationed in the northern sector of Port Shelter. Short, sharp and sweet with the wind beginning to build. The leader, Alpha Plus, was soon around the top mark and hoisting its big kite to later claim line honours at 12:16:33. But, on handicap, the TP52 could only score a disappointing 7th, six minutes ahead of another TP52, Phoenix, in last place! Winner of this first race was Nick Burns’ Witchcraft, followed by Ambush and the Ker 42, Seawolf.

11時正,八艘IRC A 船佇立航線7,當天有一個三圈的右舷下風,

颱風盃系列賽的第三場比賽。不過有13隊未能參賽,不知是 否因西貢公路工程擾 攘?還 是鬧鐘 沒響?抑或是 天氣太熱 了?不管怎樣,他們錯過了這一場精彩賽事。

在 128 度的方向風速5節,船隻準備前往庇護島。之後船隻返 程,到牛尾港北部的會船 Hebe One 集合。短暫、銳利的風撲 面而來。領頭船 Alpha Plus 很快到達終點線,並在12:16:33揚起 自己的旗幟,隨後獲得了首名榮譽。但是,在讓分評級系統 裡,TP52名列第7,比最後一名TP52,Phoenix 早6分鐘。名列 第1的則是 Nick Burns 的 Witchcraft,其次是 Ambush 和 Ker 42,Seawolf。 IRC B 組別從11時05分開始,在 6 號航線,當時有一個兩圈右舷

The IRC B division started at 1105 on Course 6: a two-lap windward-leeward. The wind had swung to 140 degrees but the Race Officer (RO), Barry Truhol, pressed on regardless. Nightshift put in a strong performance to claim both line and handicap honours. In 2nd, came a much-improved Kiasu! and 3rd, H3O. Outrageous retired.

下風。風已經轉向 140 度,賽事主任Barry Truhol示意船伍繼續

The third start at 1110 was for the nine-strong IRC C division. The wind on the committee boat read 6.5 knots from 96 degrees which led to some bunching on the line. Nevertheless, Dexter II fought its way to the front and finished at 12:19:00 to claim both line and handicap honours. In 2nd was the spirited crew of Whiskey Jack, and 3rd, Goddess.

11時10分,九艘 IRC C 組別的船隻準備出發。當天在96度方向


前進。Nightshift表現出色,獲得了首名和讓分評級第一的榮 譽。第二是與日俱進的Kiasu!;第三則是H3O。Outrageous無 緣排名。

讀取 6.5 節的風速,船隻排列有些擠迫。儘管如此,Dexter II 還是一路領先,並在12:19:00越過終點,獲得了首名和讓分 憑系統 第一 的榮 譽。排在 第二位的是 充滿活力的Whiskey Jack,第三位是Goddess。

The three-boat J/80 class started at 1115 but had to contend with a mere 4.3 knots from the south-southeast. Footloose was first home and took 1st on handicap as well. Jelik 7—Team Danny Sum followed three minutes later. Mozzie claimed 3rd place.

三艇 J/80 級於 11時15分開始比賽,不過當時

HKPN A started together with the J/80s. Always a lively contest, the cruisers showed their enthusiasm on the line with Bits & Pieces, Mark Houghton on the helm, working its way to the front and taking line honours at 12:11:41. But, on handicap, the Magic 25, Good Vibrations, filled the top spot, with the venerable Temujin in 2nd. Bits & Pieces had to settle for 3rd.

HKPN A 組別船隻與 J/80 船隻一起開始。 這

東南偏南方向風速達4.3節。 Footloose第一 個越 過終點,並在讓分評級系統也排名第 一。 Jelik 7—Danny Sum 隊排第二。 Mozzie 獲得第三名。

是一場激烈的比賽,航線上的賽手情緒高 漲,Bits & Pieces 的Mark Houghton,於 12:11:41 達到終點。但是,在讓分評級系統裡,Magic 25,、Good Vibrations 位居榜首,Temujin位居 第二。,Bits & Pieces 不得不屈居第三。 11時20分,八艘HKPN B在4.5 節的微風中起

At 1120, the final start saw eight boats in HKPN B set off in a 4.5-knot breeze that had swung to 135 degrees. Patrick Yam’s Baby Beluga emerged victorious with line and handicap honours. Scrumpy scored a 2nd and La Vida Loca a 3rd. Gecko retired.

航,風向135 度。Patrick Yam的Baby Beluga 是第一個到終點和並在讓分評級系統居幫 手。Scrumpy 第二,La Vida Loca 第三。而 Gecko則無緣排名。 於12時55分,賽事主任讓 IRC A 組別的船離開

Anxious to maintain momentum, the RO had IRC A boats away at 1255 for the second race of the day, Race 4. Alpha Plus made up for its earlier disappointing performance by leading from start to finish, clocking a time of 13:49:52 as it flew past the committee boat. Mind you; the wind had increased and, at times, was blowing 9 knots at various points around the course.

航線,為第四場比賽準備。 Alpha Plus 早些時 間表現差強人 意,這一次終於從 頭到尾保 持領先,於13:49:52衝過終點。當天風勢持 續加強,風速有時高達9節。 IRC B組別的船隻在13時07分出發。Nightshift 再次向對手展示了過人實力,贏得首名和讓 分評級系統的第一名榮譽,在 49 分 52 秒內

IRC B were away at 1307, Nightshift again showing its challengers a clean pair of heels to win line and handicap honours, completing its two laps in 49 minutes and 52 seconds. In 2nd place was H3O and Kiasu! in 3rd.

完成了兩圈。排在第二位的是H3O ;Kiasu! 排名第三。 在 IRC C組別,Dexter II 再次擊敗了它的競爭 對手,比Goddess提前三分鐘到達終點,並

Dexter II again brushed aside its competitors in IRC C by crossing the line three minutes ahead and winning on handicap too. Goddess scored a 2nd and Whiskey Jack a 3rd.

在讓分系統評級位居榜首。Goddess排名第 二,Whiskey Jack排名第三。 J/80 組別的第 4 場比賽由 Jelik 7—Team Danny Sum 獲勝,緊隨其後的是 Footloose

Race 4 for the J/80s was won by Jelik 7—Team Danny Sum, followed by Footloose and Mozzie.

和 Mozzie。 憑藉團結一致的精神讓Temujin在 HKPN A 中

Consistency and teamwork saw Temujin top the tables in HKPN A. Tim Ridley’s Scintilla placed 2nd with linehonours winner, Good Vibrations, in 3rd. Bluefin retired.

名列榜首,Tim Ridley 的 Scintilla 排名第二(最

The final division to start, HKPN B, crossed the line at 1320 in 7.3 knots. Despite not being the fastest boats on the water, the top four finished within an hour, and the last boat home, Ma Cherie 2e, took the horn at a respectable 14:34:30. On handicap, Scrumpy won, Baby Beluga came 2nd and Foxzhead 3rd.

最後一個組別HKPN B於13時20分開始,當天

At the time of writing, the overall leader in the series for IRC A is Alpha Plus, IRC B Nightshift, IRC C Dexter II, J/80 Footloose, HKPN A Temujin and HKPN B Baby Beluga. With five races still to go, these positions could change dramatically—we’ll just have to wait and see. Roll on Race 9 on the 21 August 2021.

在撰寫本文時,IRC A 系組別的領先隊伍是

先越過終點) , Good Vibrations 排名第三。 Bluefin無緣排名。

風速達7.3 節。但前四名船隻在一個小時內完 成賽事,最後一名 Ma Cherie 2e 於 14:34:30 越過終點。在讓分評級系統裡,Scrumpy位居 首名,Baby Beluga 獲得第二名,Foxzhead 獲 得第三名。

Alpha Plus、IRC B Nightshift、IRC C Dexter II、J/80 Footloose、HKPN A Temujin和HKPN B Baby Beluga。由於還有五場比賽要進行, 排名可能會有調整,我們只能拭目以待了, 放眼8月21日第九場的賽事了!



SEP/OCT 2021





Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Races 1& 2 Peroni 夏季週六系列賽 2021 第一丶二場 With Typhoon Signal No.1 still hoisted, it was a surprise to see patches of blue sky over Port Shelter as the committee boat, Hebe One, headed out for Races 1 & 2 of the Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021 on Saturday, 12 June. Thunder and lightning warnings were still in place, with predictions of heavy squalls and showers. 6月12日(週六),1號颱風信號悬挂的情況下,當會船Hebe號駛往2021年Peroni夏季週六 系列賽的第一、二場時,牛尾港上空天色蔚藍,令人稱奇。當日雷暴警示生效,天文台亦預 測將有狂風暴雨。


AmaZe closes on the finish line (Peroni Saturday Series 2021, Race 1)



SEP/OCT 2021





J/80 Jazz approaches the start (Peroni Saturday Series 2021, Race 1)

Concentrated effort on Ricochet (Peroni Saturday Series 2021, Race 2)

Hebe One anchored in the middle of Port Shelter, and the race management team soon had the relatively simple windward/ leeward course set, with a new variation included. The top A1 black mark was laid at 0.9 nautical miles for the IRC fleet and the A2 orange mark at 0.7 nautical miles for the HKPN, J/80 and Dragon classes, both at 110 degrees. However, instead of laying a separate C leeward mark, the finish mark was also made the C mark. With 15 boats in the combined HKPN and J/80 start—a relatively long start line of 250 metres was laid, marked by a white buoy.

Hebe One停泊在牛尾港中間,賽事管理 團隊很快就設置了相對簡單的迎風/背 風路線,並加入了一個新改動。 IRC 艦 隊的頂部 A1 黑色標記設於距離0.9海里 之處,而 HKPN、J/80 和龍級的 A2橙色 標記設於距離0.7海里之處,均為110度 的風向。同時,賽事管理團隊也將終點 標記也為C,而不是單獨的C背風標記。 HKPN 和 J/80 的組別共有 15 艘船,團隊 鋪設了一條長達250 米的起跑線,並以 白色浮標為標誌。

First off on schedule at 1400, on two laps of the course for all, were the eight IRC boats with Arcturus and RB bringing up the rear in the 12-knot breeze from 125 degrees. Both started within the four-minute start window. The second start, for HKPN and J/80s combined, followed five minutes later, with the breeze having picked up to 15 knots from 130 degrees. LoTech was over anxious and, starting early, was obliged to restart, again within the four-minute start window.

首先在預定時間下午2時正出發,在兩 圈的 航 程中,共 八 艘IRC組 別船隻 參 與,包括Arcturus和RB。他們在125度風 向、12節風速的天氣下馳行。兩隊都在 四分鐘內起航。五分鐘後,HKPN和J/80 組別的船隻出發,當時風向130度、風速 上升至15節。不過LoTech提早出發,需重 新起航。

Finally, at 1410, the four Dragons got away into a further strengthening breeze of 16 to 18 knots, swinging 104 to 120 degrees. All up, 27 boats were competing in lively conditions. On the first downwind leg several boats—including H30, Kiasu!, Ichiban, Baring Asia 1 and Fuzzy Duck—left it late to drop their kites and sailed well beyond the C mark. The conditions meant that the first of the two scheduled geometric races was over within an hour. Consequently, the race management team set up the second geometric on the same course, the only variation giving IRC three laps.


14時10分,四艘龍級船伍需面對16到18 節的強風,風向從104變為120度。總共 有27艘船同場競技。在第一個下風航 段,H30、Kiasu!、Ichiban、Baring Asia 1 和 Fuzzy Duck幾艘船遲了揚起風帆,並遠 離C標記。這意味著兩個預定的浮標賽中 會在一個小時內結束。因此,比賽管理團 隊在同一路線上設置了第二個浮標賽, 所以最後IRC組別船隻共進行三圈航行。

Goddess and Vixen round the leeward mark (Peroni Saturday Series 2021, Race 1)

First away again were IRC, although missing Vixen, which had to retire after Race 1. Conditions had deteriorated with a squall briefly passing over the race area. Fortunately, it didn’t last long before the sky brightened. Goddess was well placed at the start. Five minutes later, the combined HKPN and J/80 fleet followed with close action on the line, particularly at the pin end. The four dragons were last off at 1520.

首個出發的是IRC組別的船隻,不過Vixen在第一場賽事被淘汰 後,便無緣後續賽事。由於一場暴風掠過賽區,天氣不算理想。幸 好短暫過後,天空放晴。 Goddess初始佔上風,五分鐘後HKPN和 J/80的船伍緊隨。四艘龍級船伍於15時20分出發。 在第二場比賽開始之前,Arcturus似乎已經從前面的賽事吸取教 訓,因風帆產生的失誤較少。Arcturus在第一圈領先H3O繞過背

Lessons seemed to have been learned over dowsing kites before the mark in Race 2, with fewer incidents. Arcturus led H3O around the leeward mark on the first lap.

風標。 在IRC的第一場比賽中,H3O第一個越過終點,但在讓分評級系統 中落後於Arcturus,Kiasu!位居第三。在第二場比賽中,H3O因輾

In Race 1, in IRC, H3O took line honours but lost out to Arcturus for handicap honours with Kiasu! 3rd. In Race 2, H3O retired, having run over its spinnaker, leaving Arcturus to take line and handicap honours with Goddess 2nd and X-Terminator 3rd.

過了自己的三角帆,無緣排名;最後Arcturus首位越過終點,並在 讓分系統位居榜首,Goddess第二,X-Terminator第三。 在 J/80 級別第一場賽事,Mozzie 首名達到終點,Baring Asia 2 排名第二和Jazz排名第三。第二場賽事 Baring Asia 2 排名第

In the J/80 class, Mozzie took the honours in Race 1 with Baring Asia 2 2nd and Jazz 3rd. Baring Asia 2 and Mozzie reversed positions in Race 2, with Jive 3rd.

一,Mozzie 第二,Jive第三。 Bits & Pieces 在 HKPN 的第一場比賽中首名達到終點,經排名

Bits & Pieces claimed line honours in HKPN’s Race 1 to finish 3rd on corrected time behind Bucephalus 1st and Lazy Piggy 2nd. LoTech took line and handicap honours in Race 2 with Bucephalus 2nd and the Hebe Dragons on Getafix in 3rd.

調整後,以第三名完賽,排在Bucephalus和Lazy Piggy之後。

Wudi won both Dragon races with Arrow 2nd and Shiva 3rd in Race 1, while Minion finished 2nd and Shiva 3rd in Race 2. The skipper and crew of Bucephalus were delighted with their 1st and 2nd place finishes having relished the conditions. Strong winds, with gusts of 20 plus knots, suited them well.

Wudi在龍級組 別第一、二場賽事勝出,Arrow第二名和Shiva

Social distancing restrictions meant, yet again, there was no prize-giving. So the winners of the races will just have to wait to celebrate.


LoTech在第二場比賽中第一個越過終點線,並佔據讓分評級第 一,Bucephalus 獲得第二,Getafix 上的 Hebe Dragons 獲得第三。

第 三 名;M i n i o n 在 第 二 場 比 賽 中 獲 得 了 第 二名 和 第 三 為 Shiva。Bucephalus的船長、船員們對自己取得第一名和第二名的成 績感到滿意。當時風速達20節,對他們來說是理想的航行條件。




SEP/OCT 2021





Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Race 3 夏季週六系列賽 2021 第三場 According to Diana Ross, “No wind, no rain, can stop me, babe, if you’re my goal”. Well, race officer, Rob Allen, wasn’t able to sing the same tune*, although he tried hard, on Saturday 26 June, in officiating Race 3 of the Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021.


Diana Ross 曾經說過:「親

愛的,無論刮風下雨,都不 能 阻 止 我 朝 你 奔 去,如 果 你是我的目標。」然而在6月 26日(週六)的 Peroni 夏季 週六系列賽2021第三場,賽 事主任 Rob Allen 面臨不少 挑戰,天氣未如預期,儘管

Despite weather predictions of a 3- to 12knot south westerly for Port Shelter, the flags at the HHYC were hanging limply. A second event, Day 1 of the Hong Kong Sailing Federation’s 64th Festival of Sport Open Dinghy Regatta, was also being hosted by the Club and, with no wind on their course, they kept their competitors ashore and socially distanced, before abandoning racing for the day.

他前期準備了很多。 儘 管天 氣 預報說牛尾港 將 出現3到12節的西 南風,本 會 的旗 幟 彷彿 搖 搖 欲 墜。 當天 第二 項 賽 事是 香 港 帆 船運動總會第64屆體育 節 第 一 天 公 開小 帆 船 賽。 由 於 海 上 沒 有 風,隊 伍 留 在 岸 邊 並保 持 社 交 距 離。 不過 賽 事一度面臨 取 消的

The ever intrepid Rob Allen, though, took the Summer Saturday Series fleet out into Port Shelter to appraise conditions and at least try to get a race in. Initially, there was a 9- to 10-knot breeze from around 140 degrees, but ominous looking clouds were building over the Clearwater Bay Peninsula, with radar images threatening thunder and lightning.

狀 況。 然 而,果 斷 勇 敢 的 R o b Allen帶著船隊前往牛尾港 看 看 天 氣 如 何,想 著 至 少 開 展 一 場 賽 事。到 達 目 的 地後,一開始海面出現9到 10節的風速、風向在140度 左 右,但 烏 雲 慢 慢 在 清 水 灣 半 島 上 空 形 成,雷 達 圖


The first warning signal was scheduled for 1355, but at 1315, a second rain squall engulfed Port Shelter; but once the storm had passed, there was not only ‘No Rain’ but also ‘No wind’. Attempts to whistle up more wind than the little there was, 0 to 0.1 knots from 7 to 22 degrees, failed, resulting in the AP postponement flag being hoisted.


* Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


by Diana Ross (1970)

Mountain High Enough (1970)

第一 次警 告 信 號 定 於13 時 55分發出,但在13時15分, 第 二次 暴 雨 席 捲 牛 尾 海。 風 暴過後,不但 無雨,還。 在 風 向 7 到 2 2 度,風 速 0 .1 節,因天氣條件不理想,賽 事管理團隊揚起AP旗。

歌詞出自Diana Ross 的 Ain’t No



SEP/OCT 2021





Attempting to gauge the opinions of the sailors of whether to persist in the hope of the five knots required to start racing or abandon, Allen, light-heartedly, conducted a poll, requesting crews who wished to abandon to go to the bow of their boats, whilst those who wished to wait to stay at the stern. The crew of Alpha plus were the most demonstrative of wishing to abandon with more than half near the bow. The majority of sailors appeared to favour sitting it out.

Allen詢問選手關於開展比賽的意見,希望放棄的船員 可靠 近 船 頭,希望 等 到5節風 速 再 開展比 賽 的人 靠 近 船尾。 Alpha plus 選擇放棄。總體來說超過一半的人 選擇放棄。 到了預定的開始時間兩點正,但 海面上 沒有船隻的身 影,比賽仍未能開展。

The scheduled start time of 1400 came … and went. 由於風速沒有任何改變的跡象,Allen除了在兩點十分

With little sign of any improvement, Allen had little alternative than to hoist the AP flag over A, at about 1410. He sent the 21 boats that turned out home and officially postponed the race to another day—if it can be squeezed into the busy racing schedule.

升起AP的旗 幟外別無 選 擇。最後21艘 船 伍回程,賽 事 推遲到下一天,本會賽程愈加繁忙。 由於社 交 距離的限制,賽 事管 理團隊沒有安排頒 獎,

No prize-giving was scheduled due to social distancing restrictions, but socially distanced beers, sponsored by Peroni, were enjoyed by those that made it back to the Garden Bar while stocks lasted.

但 選手們能回到花園酒吧享用Peroni贊助的啤酒,作 小小慶祝。 Peroni夏季週六系列賽於 2021 年 7 月 3 日(週六)進

The Peroni Saturday Summer Series continued on Saturday 3 July 2021, with two geometric races Races 4 & 5, an Island Race 6 on Saturday, 17 July, and concluded with geometric Races 7 & 8 on Saturday, 31 July 2021.

行,包括兩場浮標賽第 4 和第 5 場。在7 月 17 日(週 六)舉行的是第 6 場島嶼比賽;此次系列賽的最後賽 事是 7 月 31 日(週六)第 7 和第 8 場浮標賽。

Crews move fore or aft to "vote" to abandon race or wait things out




SEP/OCT 2021





Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Races 4& 5 Peroni 夏季週六系列賽 2021 第四丶五場

Kite issues on H3O (Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Race 5)

Saturday 3 July 2021, was a cracking day on the water for officials and most of the sailors taking part in Races 4 and 5 of the Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021.

7 月 3 日對於參加 Peroni 夏季週六系列賽2021 第四和第五場的

Out in Port Shelter, Race Officer, Rob Allen and his team of volunteers set up the course for two windward/leeward races, aided by the Buoy Zone application. The windward A1 mark, for IRC and Sportsboats, was laid at 0.8 nautical miles from the committee boat, Hebe One, at 170 degrees, with the inner mark at 0.6nm for the HKPN, J/80 and Dragon classes. A leeward gate, positioned off the port bow of Hebe One, in front of the start line, was also set.

在牛角港,賽事主任 Rob Allen 和他的義工團隊在申請使用浮

A 9- to 12-knot southerly was predicted and, fortunately, prevailing when the nine IRC boats approached the start on schedule at 1400. Goddess led Alpha Plus and H3O over the line on the first of their three laps of the long course.

當 天 天 氣 預 計 將 有 一 場 9 到 1 2 節 的 南 風,幸 運 的 是,當 9 艘


標區後,設置了兩場迎風、背風比賽的航線。迎風的A1賽標用 於IRC和運動艇組別,距會船 Hebe One 將近0.8海里,風向170 度。另一 個內標記設 於距 離HKPN、J-80和龍級 船隻0.6海里 處。在起跑線前面,還設置了一個背風區,位於會船 Hebe One 的左舷船首。

I R C 船 於下午2 時 正 在 岸 邊 準 備 起 航 時,海 面 終 於 出 現 一 陣 風。Goddess、Alpha Plus及H3O在漫長的三圈後,最後Goddess 以首名越過終點線。

The second start, five minutes later, involved two Sportsboats, five J/80s and 10 HKPN boats. Ricochet led HKPN off the line and Baring Asia 2 the J/80s on two laps of their respective courses. Heading for its start, the J/80, Jazz, tried to squeeze through between the committee boat and Bucephalus. While it managed to avoid hitting Hebe One, it collided firstly with Bucephalus and then Lazy Piggy. Red flags were hoisted, and shouts of protest were heard, whereupon Jazz completed a penalty turn. Hearings have yet to be heard.


五分鐘後,第二場比賽開始,兩艘運動艇、五艘J/80及十艘HKPN 艇同場競技。頭兩圈Ricochet領先HKPN、Baring Asia 2和J/80。出 發時,J/80號Jazz試圖穿過會船和Bucephalus之間的縫隙,它先 是設法避免撞到Hebe One會船,不料隨後撞上Bucephalus,再是 Lazy Piggy。賽事管理團隊因此舉起紅旗,同時抗議的聲音四起, 之後Jazz完成了一個自罰回合。不過關於此事聆訊尚未舉行。

HKPN的Dufour 31,Mystique 試圖起 航,不過它錯過了四分 鐘內越過起跑線的機會。相同 情況亦發生在其他人身上,例 如Magic 25、No Rush(的確 沒 趕 上 )未 能 在 運 動 船 級 別 比賽準時出發,因此被賽事管 理團隊判為DNS,其後在龍級 組 別賽事開展時,於14時10分 一齊出發。Elfje和Eaux Vives 領 先 其 他 八 艘 隊 伍。L a z y Pig gy在 升主桿 時遇 到了阻 礙,無 法順利完成賽 事。其船 伍有三名成員擔任Hebe One 會 船,協 助 管 理 雙 人 帆 船 挑 戰賽。 在 水 上 看 到 不少 團 隊 出 現 狀 況,水 手 技 巧 生 疏、合 作 不 協 調,在 調 整 三 角 帆、换 舷 及 卸 帆 時 候 似 乎 有 困 難。最 明顯的是Ichiba n、LoTe ch和 Outrageous,Outrageous在 第一場比賽中已被淘汰。Alpha Plus隊伍還被捕捉到選手拿著 酒杯的畫面。 Magic 25的Good Vibrations、It 's My Pleasure,這兩艘運動級 LoTech's ill-disciplined kite (Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021, Race 4)

別艇 本應 完成兩圈長 距離 賽 事,但他們都跟隨HKPN船隊和 J/80在內標附近航行,因此最 後沒有得分。

The Dufour 31, Mystique, in HKPN, attempting to start, missed the four-minute window in which to cross the start line. It was not the only one as the Magic 25, No Rush, lived up to its name, arriving late for the Sportsboats’ start, joining the third start at 1410 of the Dragon Class. It was also scored DNS. Elfje and Eaux Vives were the best placed to lead the eight Dragons over the line. Lazy Piggy later had problems hoisting its main and retired, with three of its crew joining the short-handed race management team on Hebe One.

由於IRC組 別中船隻 較 慢,仍 未 完 成 三 圈 賽 事,賽 事 主 任 決 定 讓 H K PN、S p o rt s b o a t s 和J/80s組 別開始第5場 比 賽。I c h i b a n、B i t s &

There was plenty of action on the water, with perhaps somewhat rusty and uncoordinated crews struggling to control spinnaker hoists, gybes and drops. Most notable were Ichiban, LoTech and Outrageous, the latter retiring during the first race. Even Alpha Plus was spotted with a wine glass.

Pieces、Ricochet 和 Jazz 都在 起跑線上,接著龍級船隻在15 時05分出發,緊隨其後;Elfje 和船身亮黃的Minion領先其他

The Sportsboats were supposed to complete two laps of the long course, but both Magic 25s Good Vibrations and It’s My Pleasure followed the HKPN fleet and J/80s around the inner mark and failed to score having not sailed the course.

對手。 Vixen是最後一艘完成比賽的 IRC組 別的船,於15時20 分直

With the slower boats in IRC still to finish the third lap of the course, the Race Officer started Race 5 for the HKPN, Sportsboats and J/80s. Ichiban, Bits & Pieces, Ricochet and Jazz were all well placed on the start line. The Dragons then followed at 1505, with Elfje and the yellow-hulled Minion leading over the line.

接開始第五場比賽。Goddess 焦 急 萬 分,但 不 得 不 重 新 起 航,餘下的H3O 和 Alpha Plus 表 現 最 好,他 們 很 幸 運 地 避

With Vixen the last of the IRC boats to finish, it was straight into their Race 5 at 1520. Goddess was over anxious and obliged to restart, with H3O and Alpha Plus the best of the rest. They were fortunate to get away when they just avoided the earlier starters bearing down on the gate. The 10- to 12-knot breeze remained relatively constant but shifty, swinging 20-30 degrees southwesterly.



風 速10到12節,相 對 穩 定,但 風速搖擺不定,向西南方擺動 20到30度。



SEP/OCT 2021





The TP52, Alpha Plus, took line and handicap honours in both races. The Impala, Moll, finished 2nd on handicap in Race 4 with the Beneteau First 34.7, Goddess, 3rd. Goddess improved to 2nd place in Race 5 with the Sunfast 3600, Arcturus, 3rd.

TP52、Alpha Plus在兩場比賽中都獲得 了首名衝過終點和讓分評級系統首位 的榮譽。 Impala Moll 在第四場比賽中 的讓分評級系統排名第二;Beneteau 以34.7分位居榜首;Goddess排名第 三。G o d d e s s 在 第 五 場 比 賽 中 憑 藉 Sunfast 3600 獲得第二名,Arcturus 獲得第三名。

With no results for the three Sportsboats in Race 4, No Rush made up for its late start with victory in Race 5. It’s My Pleasure finished 2nd with Good Vibrations 3rd. Baring Asia 2-Team Pak Kong Au won the J/80s Race 4, with Mozzie 2nd and Eliza Yeung’s Baring Asia 1 3rd. Mozzie won Race 5 with Baring Asia 1 2nd and Edmond Yew’s Jazz in 3rd.

三艘運動級別艇未能在第四場比賽中 取得任何名次。No Rush 在第五場賽 事勝出,彌補之前起步較晚的劣勢。 It's My Pleasure 以 Good Vibrations 獲得第三名。Baring Asia 2-Team Pak Kong Au 贏得了 J-80 的第 4 場比賽首 名,Mozzie 獲得第二名,Eliza Yeung 的 Baring Asia 1 獲得第三名。第五場 賽事中,Mozzie位居榜首;Baring Asia

The B32, Bits & Pieces, took line honours in both HKPN races but lost out on a podium position in Race 4. The Beneteau First 35, AmaZe, beat the GP26, Ricochet, by 17 seconds on corrected time to claim handicap honours in Race 4 with the Yamaha 33, Bucephalus, 3rd. Positions were reversed in Race 5, with Ricochet beating AmaZe by 28 seconds for handicap honours with Bits & Pieces 3rd just eight seconds behind on corrected time.

1 位居第二和 Edmond Yew 的Jazz位 居第三名。 B32、Bits & Pieces在HKPN的兩場比 賽中首位越過終點線,但在第四場比 賽中失 去了榜 首 的位 置。Be nete a u First-35、AmaZe在調整賽果 後以17 秒 的 優 勢 擊 敗G P26、Ric o c h et,獲 得了第4場 賽 事讓 分評級系統 的第 一名,Yamaha33、Bucephalus並排 第三名。第5場比 賽 的 排名卻完全相 反,Ric o c h et以28 秒 的 優 勢 擊 敗 了 AmaZe,而 Bits & Pieces 在調整賽果

A range of skills was demonstrated in the Dragon fleet. Elfje won Race 4 with Dragonfly 2nd and Fe Chi 3rd, while Eaux Vives won Race 5 with Dragonfly again 2nd and Elfje 3rd.

後,以落後第二名8秒,排在第三。 龍級的船伍在賽事中各自展現個人實 力。 Elfje榮獲第一,Dragonfly斬獲第 二,Fe Chi 贏得第三。而在第 5 場比賽 Eaux Vives位居第一, Dragonfly 再次

Once more, social distancing restrictions prevented a prize-giving, but the sponsored Peroni beer, back at HHYC, raised socially-distanced spirits as memories were recounted after a splendid afternoon on the water.


贏得了第二,Elfje 排名第三。 因社交距離的限制,未能舉辦頒獎典 禮,但贊助商Peroni慷慨給予的啤酒 則在花園酒吧等著各位選手,為這一 天畫上完美的句號。



SEP/OCT 2021





Actions speak louder than words 坐而言不如起而行

By Andrew Sheard

Sailability Day Nov 2009

Ernest Cheung was Sailability’s Male Volunteer of the Year in 2020. Andrew Sheard, HHYC member and Sailability volunteer, spoke with him to find out why he likes working on Sailability programmes.

Ernest Cheung 是 2020年度帆船運動義工。本會成員

There is a quiet thoughtful demeanour to everything Ernest does, and he is softly spoken, but not understated, as he explains that 21 years ago one of his sons, Ray, was aged 12 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Two years later, it took his life. What followed was a challenging period during which Ernest became depressed and was advised to take up some sport or physical activity to aid his recovery. Ernest initially took up rowing at Shatin and then canoeing at Wong Shek before trying sailing. Several years later, he discovered Sailability offered the opportunity to both sail and serve the community at the same time. Ernest said, “Sailability volunteers have one aim regardless of their background, which is to serve the disabled people and others who are learning to sail. Sailability aims to provide people with an experience they have never had before—whether you are disabled or abled, young or old, educated or not, male or female, retired or working.”


兼航能香港義工 Andrew Sheard 與他聊天,了解他為 什麼熱愛帆船運動。

被診斷出腦癌,在兒子14歲那年,癌症奪去了他的生 命。之後人生便陷入困境,Ernest開始變得抑鬱,醫生 建議他參加一些運動或體育活動,以幫助他儘快走出 憂傷。Ernest最初先後在沙田、黃石參加過划艇活動, 後來又嘗試帆船運動。幾年後,他偶然間認識航能香 港,知道他們不僅提供航行的訓練,還服務所在的社 區。Ernest說不論參與者來自哪裏,航能香港的義工 只圍繞一個宗旨,那就是為殘疾人士和其他正在學習 帆船的人服務。不論是普通人、殘疾人士、年輕人、老 年人、是否受過教育、男性、女性、退休人士、在職人 士,航能香港只是想為大家製造非常獨特的的體驗。

For 30 years, Ernest worked at City University’s Architecture and Civil Engineering Department Laboratory, monitoring and calibrating the equipment used by the students and researchers. He likes repairing things and putting them back in use in good condition, and those skills are now being used by Sailability as he helps maintain the boats and ensure they are seaworthy. He noted, “My retirement has been a very fruitful time. I’m interested in boat maintenance, but no matter whether you are an engineer or not if you have the heart to do it—that’s the key. God teaches us to love people; I give my full heart, and love to share my practical experience with people.”


30年來,Ernest在香港城市大學的建築和土木工程系 實驗室工作,監 測和校準學生和研究人員使用的設 備。他喜歡修理東西,得以再用,這些技能在航能香 港大派用場,他幫助維護船隻,確保運作良好。他說: 「退休後的生活收穫頗豐。我是一個對船舶維修很感 興趣的人,我覺得不管你是不是工程師,只要你有勇 氣去做,這才是最重要的。上帝教導我們要愛別人,我 願意全心全意與人分享我的經歷、體驗。」

The Kaplan , part of te Sailability fleet

Rex and the Fab 4

Ernest’s son Ray died too early and too young; nevertheless, his life was an inspiration to many. While his son Ray was receiving medical treatment, Ernest built him a model boat made out of reclaimed scrap wood. The gesture seems to encapsulate the practical and thoughtful person that Ernest is, preferring to create something personal and unique with his own hands using discarded material rather than buying a gift-wrapped present from a shop.

兒子Ray的離世帶給很多人傷痛,但同時他也鼓舞了許多人。 在兒子Ray接受治療期間,Ernest用回收的廢木頭給他做了 一個模型船,非常切合Ernest務實而深思熟慮的性格,他更 喜歡用自己的雙手創造一些私人的、獨特的東西,而不是從 商店購買包裝好的禮物。 Ray是一個喜歡畫畫的人。2009年,他出版了新書Messages

Ray was an artist who liked to draw and paint. In 2009 the book, Messages from Ray’s Paintings Life in a New Episode, was published in which people who knew Ray wrote about him alongside Ray’s paintings. In the book, Ernest is described as a man of few words. But that doesn’t matter. Actions speak louder than words and indicate a person’s true sentiment. Ernest can be found regularly working quietly on behalf of Sailability and the communities it serves.

from Ray’s Paintings In a new episode。在書中,Ray的朋友 在畫作旁邊留下描述他的文字。在這本書中,Ernest被描述 為一個沉默寡言的人,看似平平無奇,但行動比語言更響亮, 也能傳遞真實情感。Ernest當義工的時候,也不多言,默默埋 首工作。 如果您想成為一名航能義工或以其他方式支持我們,請聯繫

If you want to become a Sailability volunteer or support us in any way, contact Kay at or visit our webpage 或瀏覽網站 get _ involved

Ernest Cheung



SEP/OCT 2021





Hebe sustainability 可持續發展報告

By Sean Baylis

Dear Members and GenCom I want to express my gratitude for the faith you have placed in me to allow me to serve the Club as the new Chair of the Sustainability Committee. In addition, I would like to thank Carol Biddell for her tireless efforts over the past years, who has kindly agreed to continue to serve with our committee going forward. The Sustainability Committee has achieved much in the last years. We have mostly eliminated single-use plastic from our restaurant.  Plastic straws were the first to go, then the plastic water bottles from Canada, then the plastic butter cups from Denmark and the coffee creamers from Kowloon.  Later came the water machine downstairs, which provides high-quality drinking water to our membership and the occasional taxi driver. It is encouraging to see members filling up their jugs with our great homemade (reverse osmosis filtered) Hebe Water. The current Sustainability Committee has been trying to solve the problem of Ice bags, we use a lot of them, and yes, they make great garbage bags, but they are of a too heavy grade of plastic and not great for landfill. We are exploring options for how to tackle this issue. One idea is to source our own ice machine that would provide free ice for those that bring their own bags. How to do this hygienically is being explored. Member’s suggestions on this and any other sustainability initiatives are most welcome; please email me at Let me keep this short, and since, at the time of writing, I have yet to attend an actual GenCom meeting, I would just like to say hello and update you on the current work of our committee. We will have a more comprehensive update in the next issue; until then, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Thanks for your time Sean


各位會員、委員會成員: 我想感謝各位對我的信任,任命我為本會的可持續 發展委員會的新主席。此外,我要感謝上一任主席 Carol Biddell在過去幾年裡的不懈努力,她之後也會 繼續為我們委員會服務。 可持續發展委員會在過去幾年取得了很大的成就。 我們的餐廳基本上已經不再使用一次性塑膠了。首 先淘汰塑膠飲管,然後是加拿大的塑膠水瓶,然後 是丹麥的塑膠牛油杯和九龍的奶精塑膠樽。後來樓 下有了飲水機,為我們的會員和司機提供高質量的 食水。看到會員飲用本會經反滲透過濾的水,真是 令人開心。 另外,可持續發展委員會一直在努力解決冰袋的問 題。本會積攢了很多冰袋,的確這些是絕佳的垃圾 袋,但它們的塑料含量太多了,對環境影響比較 大。我們正在討論如何解決這個問題,有人提議本 會應該購置製冰機,為自備袋子的人免費冰塊,我 們仍在商討如何在保證衛生的條件下做到這件事。 歡迎成員就此和其他可持續發展舉措提出建議,電 郵至。 在寫這篇文章的時候,我尚未出席委員會會議和 大家見面,因此我想在此和各位會員問好,並藉 此匯報委員會目前的工作。下一期我們會有更多 項目的更新,在此之前希望向各位倡議減廢、重 用和回收原則! Sean



SEP/OCT 2021





My Hebe journey 我的航海之旅

By Laura Quinlivan

Thousands of miles begin with one step Sailing has never been easy—an activity that is always weather dependent, physically demanding and requires continuous dedication for improvement, especially when it comes to racing. The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has sometimes made things difficult for regular practice and always precluded prize-giving ceremonies. Despite all of this, the Hebe spirit has prevailed. This is Laura’s story, who started her sailing journey in 2014 on one of HHYC’s school sailing programmes, and she shares her incredible journey from a newbie sailor to becoming a coach in just eight years.

千里之行,始於足下 投身帆船運動從來都不是一件 容易的事情,這項運動需 要天氣、體力、毅力的配合,尤其在比賽方面這些元素 更是缺一不可。


進行;賽 事的頒 獎儀 式 亦須 延後。儘 管 如此,白沙 灣 的 精 神 支 撐 許 多人 克 服 障 礙,例 如 La u ra。她 在2014年 參加了本 會 的 一 個學 校 帆 船項目,由 此開始了航海之 旅,她將會分享自己從一個新 手,在短短8年內成為一名教練的難忘經歷。


My journey with the Hebe community began back in 2014 when I joined an after-school sailing programme as a Year 6 student. Since then, my passion for sailing has transformed my life in ways I could never have imagined. From competing in regattas, becoming a coach, and even travelling to Melbourne as a state athlete—sailing has become a way for myself, my family and my friends to involve ourselves in a supportive community, develop new athletic skills, and make some unforgettable memories.


Soon after I first began sailing, I switched to the weekend training programmes, where I got to learn at a higher level, with new coaches in a safe, invigorating environment. There was a lot of choice for me, even as a 12-year-old, and I moved through optimists and Picos to then briefly join the Hebe Dragons before heading to an Australian boarding school in January 2017.


時在白沙灣遊 艇會參加了一個課後帆船項目。從那時起,航海 便開始改變我的生活,從未想過自己會如此熱愛這項運動。從 參加小艇比賽、之後成 為一名教練,又曾以州運動員的身份前 往墨爾本參賽,帆船運動已經成為我、家人和朋友融入社區的 方式之一,又讓我自己挖掘新的運動技能,種種經歷讓我留下 難忘的回憶。

得到了更深程度的學習,有新的教練、讓人期待振奮的訓練環 境。當時我12歲,年幼的我在那裡也有許多新嘗試。我參加過 樂天小帆船、Picos,然後在Hebe Dragons短暫逗留,之後便於 2017年1月入讀了澳洲的一所寄宿學校。



SEP/OCT 2021





As an avid sailor by this point, once I arrived in Perth (Western Australia), I immediately set out to join a yacht club, deciding on a local one called the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Quickly, I became heavily immersed in racing 29ers and even enjoyed a bit of keelboat racing on the side. It was here that my coaching journey began, as I completed my instructor’s certificate, which involved teaching, first aid and obtaining a powerboat license. This was incredibly exciting—as I could now be both a sailor and a coach, and experience sailing in a new and diverse way.


Both Hebe and Freshie really supported me throughout my coaching endeavours, as I would coach and sail in Australia during the school term, then do the same in Hong Kong on my school holidays. It was definitely strange at first, as I was suddenly working alongside people who had taught me to sail, people whom I respected and admired. But I quickly settled into the coaching team at Hebe, as my co-workers became friends who helped whenever needed and just generally showed me the ropes (quite literally).

白沙灣 和 Fre s hie 遊 艇會 在 我 執 教 期 間 都 非 常 支 持

Being an instructor definitely comes with a certain responsibility, not only regarding the students’ safety but also surrounding their progress and enjoyment. At its core, Hebe is an environment where people of all ages have the ability to learn in a safe but stimulating way. As a coach, every day is different depending on variables like the weather, the kids and the other coaching staff. But I think this is part of the charm—we, as coaches, are continuously challenged to find the most effective ways of teaching. This often means using different boats for different wind strengths and choosing the best times to do theory versus going out onto the water.

作 為 一 名教 練當 然 有 一 定 的 責任,上 課 的 時 候 要 照

府),就馬上 加入一 個遊 艇俱樂部,決定在當地成 立 一個遊艇會Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club。很 快,我便全身心投入到29er的比賽,甚至對龍骨船比 賽也產生巨大興趣,正是這裡開始了我的教練之路, 取得 教練 證 書(包括 教學、急 救和遊 艇 執照 ),當時 心情非常激動。現在的我既是一名水手,又是一名教 練,多了一種新的、多元的方式體驗航海。

我。因為我在澳洲讀書期間,教練和水手的活動我都 有參加,然後 假 期回到香港,也做同樣的事 情。剛開 始心態有點異樣,因為我突然間和教過我如何航海的 前輩們一起工作,這些都是我打心底裡尊敬和欽佩的 人。當時我很快融 入了白沙灣的教練團隊,我和同事 們也成 為了朋友,他們在需要的時候提供幫助,並毫 不吝嗇傳授技巧。

看學生的安全,他們取得進步的時候,為他們感到高 興。 白沙灣遊艇會的宗旨是讓任何年齡階段的人,以 一種安全而不失趣味的方式學習航行。這一學習路程 上,每天都是不一 樣的,不同天氣、學 生和 其他 教 員 都會留下不一樣的經驗。但我認為這就是趣味所在, 作為教練,我們不斷接受挑戰,務求得到最有效的教 學方法。這意味著我們得研究不同的風力下,使用不 同的船出海,還要挑選最合適的時間實驗,而不是無 目的地出海。

I’ve found that continuing my competitive sailing has exponentially helped my coaching, as I’m being challenged constantly and learning new things myself. Invariably, coaching and sailing are different, but this allows me to understand the perspectives of both teachers and students. It’s incredibly empowering to watch younger groups of sailors learn and grow, and this is one of the many things that keeps me excited and enthusiastic about my own sailing. While the 29er national championships this year were cancelled due to COVID-19, in Western Australia, we were lucky enough to sneak in the State and Youth State Championships, which was an amazing 14-day competition filled to the brim with talent and dedication.


這一路上,持續參與競技類的帆船運動對我的教練培 訓有很大的幫助,因為我不斷面臨挑戰,同時學習新 的東西。教人 航行和自己航行分別還是挺多的,我慢 慢 能從 教練 和學 生的觀 點 看 待這 項 運 動。看著年 輕 的水手們學習和成長是一件令人非常感觸的事情,這 也是我的堅持航行動力之一。 雖然今年在西澳舉行的第29屆全國錦標 賽因疫情而 取消,但我們很幸運入選了州際和州際青年錦標賽, 這是一場為期14天的比賽,到時候能與實力強盛的選 手交流,盡自己所能全力以赴。



SEP/OCT 2021



This latest article for Hebe Jebes marks the conclusion of the summer racing season. Both the UK Sailmakers’ Typhoon Series and the Peroni Summer Saturday Series will have wrapped up after a successful summer racing by the time you read this. As I write this, however, the penultimate race of the Typhoon Series has yet to be sailed, and with the racing so close, comments on the results will have to wait until the next edition. As with 2020, following the 2021 Mirs Bay Regatta, we could not host the traditional post-race BBQ at Wong Shek Pier due to COVID-19 restrictions. So, also as with last year, the Race Officer, Bob Vart, sent the boats on a coastal race up to Gau Tau Chau halfway up Mirs Bay. Also akin to last year, champagne conditions of F4 - 5 greeted the fleet. The format has been very popular with the sailors, and you can expect to see more coastal racing in the future. The balance of the Typhoon Series has seen at times light conditions, but the series has, so far, avoided any postponements or abandons.

ADAM GLENDINNING Rear Commodore—Sailing

The Peroni Summer Saturday Series concluded earlier in August. One race, Race 3, had to be postponed due to insufficient wind conditions. After careful consideration and assessment of what is already a very full racing calendar across Hong Kong, the race was later cancelled. Conditions tended to be lighter for the Summer Saturday series, giving the race management team and sailors challenging decisions and conditions to work with. In years gone by, the conclusion of both these series would typically be capped off with a prize-giving and party. Whilst we have avoided the sporting lockdowns that beset the Club in 2020, there are still government-imposed restrictions on social gatherings. Unfortunately, our race permits still include the prescription that we are specifically mandated to not hold prize-givings. COVID-19 has been with us for over 18 months, and despite progress, seems to be here for far longer than anyone anticipated. We are fortunate to belong to a yacht club that allows us access to the wonderful playground that is the waters of Sai Kung and Hong Kong. Racing, cruising and sail training all continue relatively unaffected by COVID, but much of our onshore activities, including prize-givings and the like, remain off the table for the moment. So, please remain patient while we navigate our way through the web of government-mandated restrictions. Next on the racing calendar is Bart’s Bash and Ladies Helm on 12 September. Looking forward to seeing as many boats as possible out being helmed by our female sailors. Following this will be the annual Port Shelter Regatta on 25 – 26 September. Despite the COVID restrictions, the clubhouse remains a hive of socially distanced activity, and summer cruising remains exceptional in 2021. So, let’s get out on the water and enjoy the waters of Sai Kung.


當你讀到這篇文章的時候,UK Sailmakers 的颱風盃系列和 Peroni 夏季週六系列賽 都即將結束,前者賽事的倒數第二場比賽還沒有開賽,勝負惟有下回分解。 由於疫情影響,與去年一樣,在今年大鵬灣帆船賽之後,我們無法在黃石碼頭舉辦 賽后燒烤活動。去年賽事主任 Bob Vart 帶領船隊前往大鵬灣半山腰的牛頭洲參加一 場沿海比賽。與去年情況一樣,天氣晴朗,風力4至5節。沿海比賽的模式,非常受 水手們的歡迎,以後應該更加常見。颱風盃系列賽的天氣情況不太穩定,但到目前 為止,該賽事沒有延期或取消的通知。 Peroni夏季週六系列賽在8月初結束,第三場賽事由於風力不足,不得不推遲。在仔 細考慮和評估了整個香港地區繁忙的賽程後,比賽後來被取消。Peroni夏季週六系 列天氣條件往往比較弱,給予賽事管理團隊和水手不少考驗。 在過去的幾年裡,颱風盃系列、夏季週六系列都以頒獎和慶功派對畫上圓滿句號。 雖然去年的封鎖政策已解除,但現時仍須遵守社交距離。根據相關規定,我們目前 未能進行任何頒獎儀式。 疫情已經持續18個多月了,儘管醫學研究員們已經研發了疫苗,取得了不少進展, 但它的存在出乎意料的長。幸運的是,我們擁有寶貴的水域資源,對賽事、巡航和 帆船訓練的影響不算太大,但我們的許多陸上活動,包括頒獎等,仍未能恢復。因 此,希望各位耐心靜候,我們的一切活動謹守政府防疫規定。 接下來大家可期待9月12日的Bart 's Bash 和 Ladies Helm,期待更多女水手領航;9月 25至26日則是牛尾海帆船賽。 因疫情限制,本會一切活動遵守社交距離,不過2021年夏季巡航仍是未知之數。所 以,大家把握時間和資源,盡情享受水上活動吧。



SEP/OCT 2021



The Club has ordered a small electric dolly (see image right) to help move smaller vessels around the boatyard and onto the slipway, which will be delivered and put into service shortly. Recently, a fire broke out on several yachts in the Aberdeen typhoon shelter. The fire quickly spread to nearby vessels and caused severe property damage. This serves as a timely reminder to all members to regularly inspect their vessels and to reduce the risk of fire in ensuring that: • • •

EDDY LO Rear Commodore—Operations •

Electric dolly 小型電動拖拉車

all electrical and gas appliances are operating properly; electrical systems are properly wired and fused to avoid short circuits; all flammable substances are appropriately stored. It should be noted that in accordance with Club Byelaws Section 3, 14.61 that fuel can only be stored at the Club “in properly constructed fuel containers located either in or on their craft, or in a designated fuel storage area, and in all other cases in a designated storage area or in the paint locker provided for members’ use.” i.e., fuel must not be stored anywhere on the pontoons; and in any event, by law in Hong Kong,2 it is illegal to store in excess of 20L of petrol (the exempted quantity) in an approved tank.

In case of fire, please notify security immediately and use the firefighting equipment at the Club, if it is safe to do so. Please note that dangerous goods (DG) such as used motor oil or inflammable materials must not be disposed of in rubbish bins. This not only poses an environmental risk but also poses a fire risk and danger to members. DG should only be disposed of in appropriate containers in the Chemical Waste Store (see adjacent map). For assistance in disposal of any DG, or if the storage tanks in the Chemical Waste Store are full, please immediately contact the Marine Office on 2719 3673. Effective mooring management helps protect our facilities, members’ property and reduce the risk of accidents. The Marine Office is actively cooperating with the relevant government departments to ensure safety across the Club and particularly on our moorings.

1 In accordance with Club Byelaws Section 3, 14.6, “Members shall not store toxic, volatile, corrosive or flammable liquids or gases including without limitation, acids of any description, petrol, diesel, paraffin, paint of any description, paint thinners, paint remover, solvents of any description, butane, propane or LPG in the Members sail lockers or elsewhere on the Club's premises other than, in the case of boat fuel, in properly constructed fuel containers located either in or on their craft, or in a designated fuel storage area, and in all other cases in a designated storage area or in the paint locker provided for members’ use. Items left in the paint locker shall be clearly marked with the owner’s membership number and the date they were placed in the paint locker.” 2 Under Section 6 of Dangerous Goods Ordinance, Chapter 295, Laws of Hong Kong, “no person shall store any such substances in excess of their respective exempted quantities in any premises or place without a licence issued by the Director of Fire Services.”


Fire extinguisher locations


Location of fire fighting equipment on the pontoons 浮台消防設備位置

船會已訂購小型電動拖拉車(見左頁附圖),方便較小型的帆船從滑道上下水。將於短期內運送到 會並投入服務。 近月香港仔南避風塘發生的遊艇火警,火勢迅速波及附近船隻,引致嚴重財產損失。在此提醒大家: 定期檢查船隻及船上電器,確保運作正常;確保線路正常運作及裝上保險絲,避免釀成短路;易

Dangerous Goods (DG) Store location



的船隻上,或在指定的易燃物料存儲區域、油漆庫。也就是說,易燃物料不能儲存在浮台的任何地方; 在任何情況下,根據香港法例,在符合標準的 容器內儲存超過20公升的汽油(獲豁免量)是 違法行為。 如遇火警,請立即通知保安,並在安全情況下 使用消防設備控制火勢或撲滅火警。 ( 見上圖 附上消防設備的照片 ) 類似廢置機油或易燃物料的化學物質,請大家 切勿隨意棄置於垃圾桶內,不但影響環境,也 容易引起危險。如需協助,請聯繫海事部了 解。危險物品只能在化學廢物庫的容器中(見 右圖)。 如需協助處置任何危險物品;或如果化學廢物 庫的儲罐已滿,請立即致電 2719 3673 與海事處 聯繫。 有效管理船隻繫泊將保障本會設施及會員財 產,減少意外發生。本會海事部積極配合政府 部門措施,確保安全。

All DG waste must only be disposed of in the tanks in the Chemical Waste Store 所有危險物品必須棄置於化學廢物貯存區的儲罐



油、任何種類的油漆、油漆稀釋劑、油漆去除劑、任何種類的溶劑、丁烷、丙烷或液化石油氣。例外情況:如屬船隻燃料,儲存在妥為構建的燃料罐內。而燃料罐只可放置在會員之 船內或穿上,或在指定的燃料儲存地方;以及如屬其他物料,儲存在指定儲存地方或提供給會員使用的油漆儲物櫃。凡留在油漆儲物櫃的物品必須註明物主之會員號碼和擺放油漆儲 物櫃的日期。 2








SINCE 1960 SAILS EAST (HK) LTD Graham Young M:+ 852 9195 5959 Unit 24, 9/f, Goldfield Industrial Centre, 1 Sui Wo Road, Fotan, N.T. Hong Kong T:+ 852 2606 3786 F:+ 852 2691 3545


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Hebe Jebes CHINA PACIFIC MARINE LTD Shop B11 Marina Cove Shopping Arcade, Sai Kung, Hong Kong Contact: Don Chow T: +852 2358 0023 F: +852 2358 0006 JEANNEAU / ZODIAC / CENTURION

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Hebe Jebes | Sep/Oct 2021  

Hebe Jebes | Sep/Oct 2021  

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