Vines Art Festival 2017 Program

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Art: Tatiana Musi

Vines Art Festival

August 9 - 19, 2017 3rd annual eco-arts festival

WELCOME TO VINES 2017 Thank you for joining us at Vines this year. The festival has grown so much in the past three years. Now it’s a 10 day festival with new projects, new parks, new artists and performers. What’s remained the same is our commitment to bringing important questions to our friends and community through sharing artmaking and embodiment on this cherished land. Our ever growing team has some new faces this year, and we are all so excited to share the meaningful art and grounded teachings we have assembled for Vines. Thank you to each being that helped make this happen! Living seems to be constantly overwhelming: I find myself anxious and concerned about small things and big things, then lost in the depth of what it all means. Amidst these troubles, I notice that what I crave is community, with whom I can give and receive knowledge and passion; connection with the earth, to ground me and inspire me with her strength; and a creative outlet, to express what is going on in my mind, body and spirit. Then I remember why I wanted to start Vines years ago for these exact same reasons. It is reassuring to know that Vines still resounds as a powerful force of both stability and change for the community that is ever-growing around it. My hope is that Vines provides space for all of these things for you too, so that we can continue to strengthen and soften for each other and come together for big battles against capitalism and companies like Kinder Morgan and BC Hydro and celebrate successes like the one in Lelu Island. I am inspired with the artists’ stories this year and hope you see new perspectives by experiencing and hearing what they have to share. Resilient Roots is a new initiative for Vines 2017, led by Valeen Jules and myself. We have assembled a dream team of collaborators who are all creating art that motivates “decolonial love” as Valeen would say. I’m really excited about these projects and these artists’ future creations, be sure to follow these talented changemakers! As always I would like to thank the earth for inspiring us and providing for us, as well as the Coast Salish Peoples of the land. Whether this is your first day of Vines, or you’ve been onboard from day one - I think you’ll find something special. Welcome, and Enjoy the festival! Hugs, Heather Lamoureux Director, Vines Art Festival


Kitsilano Beach - Hadden Park 530-1030 PM

AUG 11th

Strathcona - Trillum Park 6-830 PM

AUG 12th

Strathcona - MacLean Park 3-530 PM

AUG 13th

Hastings Sunrise - Pandora Park 10 AM - 3 PM

(1015 Maple St)

AUG 15th

Mt. Pleasant - Dude Chilling Park 630-830 PM (2390 Brunswick St)

(600 National Ave)

(710 Keefer St)

AUG 17th

East Vancouver - Norquay Park 4-7 PM

AUG 19th

Trout Lake Park 1-730 PM MAIN EVENT

(5050 Wales St)

(3300 Victoria Dr South end behind the concession)

(2325 Franklin St)

Stanley Park (2nd Beach) 3 - 730 PM (8901 Stanley Park Dr)









E 33rd Ave

ALL EVENTS AT VINES ARE FREE! Locations are easy to reach via transit and bike Please bring a water bottle, snack, and blanket.


WEDNESDAY AUGUST 9 Kitsilano Beach – Hadden Park (1015 Maple St)

LEE SU-FEH - MOVEMENT CLASS 530 - 730 PM This class explores our autonomic nervous system as the foundation for moving and dancing. Inspired by Su-Feh’s study and training in Fitzmaurice Voicework®, the class uses Tremorwork® as a tool to connect with our bio-intelligence, to discover gravity as a partner, and to tune in to pathways in the spaces in and out of the body. We will explore listening to ourselves even as we listen to and dance with others, whether they be human or non-human. THE UNINVITED GUESTS COLLECTIVE - WET INK 745 - 830 PM Wet Ink is an outdoor live mixed media performance. Pipeline expansion projects are threatening land and precious coast on a global scale. With resource excavation and land exploitation being a thing of past and present, Wet Ink invites us to explore our options. It will leave you damp, hungry, and above all tired. Collaborators: Valerie Christiansen, Sharon H Ramirez, Nazli Akhtari, Marc-Olivier Harvey.

JULIA SIEDLANOWSKA AND ULLA LAIDLAW – COME ALONE 730 - 9 PM A luminous exploration into an ideal world: Walk into the ocean, through the trees, through music and poetry, and stumble onto a plant-based meal with ten strangers while a symphony of words from cultural leaders, politicians, inspirational figures and ourselves emerge. Come alone. NOTE: Participation is for 10 people/ night, includes a plant-based dinner, by sign up only. Please email to sign up. PUBLIK SECRETS – PEDAL-POWERED CINEMA 830 - 1030 PM Join the artists of Publik Secrets at their Hadden Park field house for a pedal-powered cinema experience. Participants will take turns powering a projection of short films in the park through the use of repurposed bicycles as energy generators. This screening will take place outdoors, so bring a blanket!


Strathcona – Trillium Park (600 National Ave) EARTHAND GLEANERS/SHARON KALLIS – SPINDLE FLAX TO LINEN 6 - 830 PM Learn about hand processing flax into linen and local growing efforts in cloth micro-production. Sample using a drop spindle, processing wild plant fibres ready for spinning and try out the walking wheel for spinning fibre. Sample spinning undercoats of local dogs or horse mane hair from the Racetrack and weave an addition into the Earth loom. This is a drop-in open ended activity that will begin winding down at 8pm. Picnic dinners are encouraged, wear a sunhat or other weather appropriate attire- we are outside under shelters rain or shine. LORI WEIDENHAMMER – BEE STORY SAFARI 6 - 830 PM Join Madame Beespeaker as she leads you through an art exploration that helps you learn about the different species of pollinators in Vancouver. Learn simple ways you and your family can help to save the many species of bees that pollinate our flowers and food crops. Let’s make Vancouver beautiful for bees.

SATURDAY AUGUST 12 Strathcona – MacLean Park (710 Keefer St)

ONCLE HOONKI’S – WOOD CARVING AND LIVE MUSIC 3 – 530 PM Mr. Fire-Man is the shop steward at Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop in MacLean Park Fieldhouse, where he facilitates woodworking, flintknapping, tool-making, and improvisational music performance. The leader of the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra, his wooden trumpets (called ‘Fuhorns’) feed an ongoing series of sound projects that range from old jazz standards to singalong funk, to park-jamming with local children. We will have Lawn Time with the shop open for normal membership to demonstrate carving, as well as a reprisal of last year’s Super Hippie Public Access Jam, an improvised musical experience facilitated by hornplayer, Mr. Fire-Man. All are welcome.


East Vancouver – Pandora Park (2325 Franklin St) POPCORN GALAXIES – SCATTER (FRIENDS OF VINES) 10AM – 3 PM Scatter is a community seed bomb making art project aiming to improve access to green space in East Vancouver. Join us for our drop-in seed bomb making workshop. Learn the value of greening unused and derelict spaces with colourful seed bombs made out of recycled paper and non-invasive pollinator seeds. On August 20th 10am – 3pm come back to Pandora Park to help create a public art installation using the seed bombs we collectively made! Join us for a fun, educational, and creative eco-art project!


Stanley Park – 2nd Beach picnic area (8901 Stanley Park Dr) CEASE WYSS and MIA AMIR - OBSCURA LUCIDA: THE LAND OF MY BODY 3 - 4 PM An interdisciplinary durational performance combining storytelling, an original score, and movement. Audience members are invited to the liminal world of the shoreline to explore the “present-unseen”: the stories that live in the land of the body, and in the body of the land; the interrelationships between past and present, between physical sensation and cultural condition, between myth and transformation, between self and other. Chronic illness, colonization, imagination, and ceremony sit at the centre of the invitation. ARIEL MARTZ-OBERLANDER - PLAYGROUND 3 - 4PM In our world and current political moment, we spend a lot of time and energy on scarcity - the things we lack and what we are losing. This piece invites us to think about what we have in abundance - imagination, our child selves’ creativity, and connection to each other. Choose between three stations: Memory Lane, Tea Party and The Garden.

ELISA THORN – CERULEAN 4 - 445 PM Cerulean is Thorn’s solo project which uses looping, voice, effects processing, and an electric harp to create soft but expansive and colourful sound worlds. Exploring the human condition, the beauty of nature, and the mystery of space and time, this music is easy to get lost in.

NEW(TO)TOWN COLLECTIVE – COLORED 445-530 PM 3 Clowns from 3 different Primary color Worlds come together to win! They can Freeze Time and Dance upon the 4th Wall. They bring their Posse. You decide which posse you want to join: Wild Play Posse, Shapeshifter Posse or the World Architects’ Posse. Discover some inner Nature as these clowns take you on a wild adventure questioning the nature of all things which might just uncover layers of your character. So we may get to play them in any way. Directed by Avyen von Waldenburg. Starring: Anjela Magpantay, Davey Calderon and June Fukumura LORI SNYDER- URBAN FORAGING 530 - 7 PM Come out and discover urban foraging and the basics of medicine-making through an interactive workshop identifying wild, edible, and medicinal plants growing beneath your feet. We will touch on how to incorporate wild foods into your lifestyle, when best to harvest, and how to receive the most of this earth wisdom.

JULIA SIEDLANOWSKA AND ULLA LAIDLAW – COME ALONE 730 - 9 PM A luminous exploration into an ideal world: Walk into the ocean, through the trees, through music and poetry, and stumble onto a plant-based meal with ten strangers while a symphony of words from cultural leaders, politicians, inspirational figures and ourselves emerge. Come alone. NOTE: Participation is for 10 people/ night, includes a plant-based dinner, by sign up only. Please email to sign up.


Mt. Pleasant – Dude Chilling Park (2390 Brunswick St) RESILIENT ROOTS PICNIC & DISCUSSION 630-830 PM Join Vines commissioned Resilient Roots artists in a conversation about how art can seek to decolonize and be accountable to place and natural systems. We will have picnic snacks, bring something if you would like to share, a water-bottle, and a blanket. We will find a nice patch of earth to lounge and chat on.


East Vancouver – Norquay Park (5050 Wales St)

FRESH ROOTS – GARDENING AND PLANT ART WORKSHOP 4-7 PM Join us for an afternoon of playing with your food! We will be engaging the community to create works of art about, and with, food. We’ll paint with beets and carrot tops, press our greens, and create a community art piece celebrating food and the land it comes from! Drop in any time! Learn more at www.

SATURDAY AUGUST 19 Trout Lake Park (3300 Victoria Dr)

Vines’ Main Event with 30+ performances in dance, theatre, music, and performance art, and installations with 50+ artists all at Trout Lake Park. You will find a map and schedule on the following pages that explain where and when to find each work - and a bit more about each piece and the artists. Ask one of our lovely volunteers if you need help finding anything! We promise there is something here for everyone. Bring a water bottle, a snack and a blanket and enjoy being entertained in the sun!

The Gas Trap

Puzzles of For

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The Creatio n Station

Skytrain Zoo

Re-shion Trashy Fa

Ej, là sko / O Love!


A Comp licated Intellige nce

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hales 1000 W

Spare Parts

*see schedule on following page







1:15 PM 1:30 PM

ZION FYAH and I'LAND 115 - 140 PM

1:45 PM

LOON Caitlin Griffin/Margie Gillis 145 - 200 PM

2:00 PM 2:15 PM

TREE/LIFE Marisa Gold 215 - 230 PM

2:30 PM 2:45 PM


3:00 PM 3:15 PM

MINE Kelly McInnes 200 - 215 PM

BOXED IN Meegin Pye 300 - 315 PM

ALIEN FORMS Rob Leveroos + Isabelle Kirouac 145 - 200 PM

ALIEN FORMS Rob Leveroos + Isabelle Kirouac 245 - 300 PM

WELCOME 315 - 330 PM

3:30 PM 3:45 PM

SON BOHEMIO 330 - 355 PM

4:00 PM

SAVING MOTHER Crystal Smith, Arash Khakpour + Mia Amir 400 - 425 PM

4:15 PM 4:30 PM


4:45 PM 5:00 PM


5:15 PM 5:30 PM 5:45 PM


6:00 PM

TREE/LIFE Marisa Gold 600 - 615 PM

6:15 PM 6:30 PM 6:45 PM


7:00 PM 7:15 PM


LOON Caitlin Griffin/Margie Gillis 530 - 545 PM


BOXED IN Meegin Pye 615 - 630 PM

AUG 19th INSTALLATION SCHEDULE 130 - 330 PM * Performance: 2 + 3 PM 130 - 330 PM

THE GAS TRAP Coltura/Matthew Metz KNIT PIECE Dalia Levy + Jared Brandle

A COMPLICATED INTELLIGENCE 2-7PM * Performance: 3, 4, 5 + 6 PM Stefan Smulovitz, Lara Amelie Abadir, Dave Biddle + Andrew Scott 215 - 235 PM + 340 - 405 PM 345 - 6 PM 430 - 445 PM + 545 - 6 PM

EJ LASKO/O LOVE! Jocelyn Anderson, Ana Elia Ramón Hidalgo, Georgia Johnson, Naomi Steinberg + Julia Ulehla THE CREATION STATION Claudia Segovia SPARE PARTS Harmanie Taylor + Sarah Lapp

1 - 7 PM PUZZLES OF A FOREST * Performance: 230-430 PM Charlotte Priest, Anna Kraulis + Soyoung Park 1 - 7 PM

RE-Kristen Rulifson, Nathan Swedlow + Cynthia Arellanes

1 - 7 PM

SKYTRAIN ZOO Matthew Tomkinson

1 - 7 PM

AT HOUSE, AT HOME Elissa Hanson, Kelly McInnes + Claris Figuiera

1 - 7 PM


1 - 7 PM

TRASHY FASHION Jacquie Rolston

1 - 7 PM

1000 WHALES Linnea McPhail

VINES PARADE 1245 - 130PM Catch Vines Artists Roaming throughout the park! COLORED - NEW(TO)TOWN COLLECTIVE A troupe of clowns WILD - MAGGIE BLUE O’HARA Roaming Wolves TRASHY FASHION - JACQUIE ROLSTON Recycled fashion show YORO NOUKOUSSI African drumming

RESILIENT ROOTS For nearly two decades, MIA AMIR has worked at the intersection of creative and community practice as an educator, dramaturg, cultural organizer, curator, publishing writer, and performance artist creating immersive interdisciplinary works. Born in Israel/Occupied Palestine, mia is a queer Jew of mixed Ashkenazi and Sephardic descent, who is disabled by chronic illness. She has lived most of her life on the unceded and occupied territories of the x”mə0k”əy’əm, skwx̱wú7mesh, and Tsleil-Waututh. mia is the Creative Director of The Story We Be, and the Associate Dramaturg at PTC. She teaches Creative Writing at UBC in Continuing Studies. In her creative work, mia explores the way sociopolitical events are manifest intergenerationally in the spaces of the home and the body; the narrative hauntings that emerge when our stories go untold. mia has performed her work across so-called Canada and the US. Her writing has appeared on SpiderWebShow, Lemon Hound and Digging Through the Fat.

CLARIS FIGUEIRA is a 24-year old poet and organizer who grew up on the unceded & unsurrendered territories of Coast Salish peoples / Vancouver, BC. She centres her work around climate justice, which she sees as a hub for intergenerational and social justice work, and in November 2016 she joined the Canadian Youth Delegation to COP22. She believes that the intersection between art and political activism is immensely powerful, and is honoured to be a part of the Vines festival for a second year.

MADDI GRIER is a visitor to the Coast Salish lands from the Blackfoot Confederacy, Piikani Nation. As an Undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University she is studying Gender Studies and Communications working towards freelance journalism. She is very active in advocating for Indigenous Voices. She holds close to her heart issues such as Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Two Spirited Indigenous People, and Indigenous Womenism. She is co-creator and publisher of a Zine called I AM Indigenous Alternative Media, to raise awareness to these issues since they are hardly recognized. She also has set goals of creating documentaries in the future that are directed towards these issues as well as other issues that intersect with the BIPOC communities. VANESSA GRONDIN is a visual performing artist who interweaves dynamic processes of

movement, spatial intervention, and the breakdown of language as a form of embodiment. As a soft spoken woman, I am often led towards actively grounding strength in vulnerability through body motion and vocalization. I am interested in how performative, linguistic, and collaborative processes can become documented and re-activated through printed ephemera. With a mindfulness for decolonial ways of being, I often work alternatively with existing structures to make way for seeing beyond imposed visibilities. I seek to let processes flow for shape-shifting ways of interconnecting by looking towards Indigenous practices of sovereignty and navigating intercultural relations. Coming from a mixed ancestry of AsianEuropean roots with gaps in between, I carry much gratitude for continuing to grow and learn as a guest on unceded ancestral lands of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

ELISSA HANSON is a performing artist and multidisciplinary collaborator who gratefully

resides on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. She investigates somatic, theatrical and political gestures. Elissa has performed and collaborated with Kinesis Somatheatro, Justine A.Chambers, EDAM Dance, Fight With a Stick, Mascall Dance, The Biting School, been a guest performer with battery opera, Company 605, and Pressed Paradise, as well as toured nationally and internationally with Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, Deanna Peters, and MOVE: the company. She has worked as a rehearsal director, teacher, moderator, outside/inside eye, assisted Jennifer Mascall in Experiential Anatomy workshops, and joined Josh Beamish as a mentor in his Choreographic Mentorship Program. Elissa’s independent work comprises several solo dances, installation, and video works, and expanding her teaching practice in TRE technique by Dr. David Berceli.

KWIIGAY IIWAANS is a queer Indigenous tenderboy and existential robot prince.

Six activist/artist pairings have been commissioned to create projects rooted in our local landscape; working to conquer present issues, and planting seeds for the future. Coordinated by Valeen Jules and Heather Lamoureux. Originally from Tehran and based in Vancouver, ARASH KHAKPOUR is a dancer and choreographer. Arash is privileged to be a dance artist on the ancestral and unceded Coast Salish territory including the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. Arash’s desire is to see whether the theatre can be a place to interrogate the body and to investigate the alternate ways of being. He is interested in dance as a way to research human nature and human conditions through historical, social, political and existential interpretations. Arash is the cofounder of Vancouver’s performance group Pressed Paradise, cofounder of the dance-theatre company The Biting School (alongside his brother Aryo Khakpour), and the founder and co-host of How About A Time Machine a podcast on the history of Canadian performance. KELLY MCINNES is privileged to be a dance artist, choreographer, performer & facilitator based on the unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. Kelly creates performance work exploring socio-political issues as a call to action. Her work has been presented at festivals throughout BC, in Toronto and in Mexico. Kelly is thrilled to be included in Vines Art Festival for the third year.

As the SNOTTY NOSE REZ KIDS, we speak back to the stereotypes that present us as untamed, ill-mannered and vulgar savages, reclaiming ourselves as the 7th generation on the rise. We don’t carry certain privileges afforded through colonialism -fenced in backyards, green grass suburbia- but we are privileged in other ways. We were privileged to be raised by the ocean with a forest in our backyard. We are rich through learning our traditional way of life while being raised on our ancestors’ territory – there is a great deal of wealth in knowing who and where you come from. We were able to learn by doing, to run around the reservation, get stung by devils nettle and not cry over it but wipe our snot on it and keep going. We were raised by our parents; we were raised by our community. Our culture is strong and continues to shape us into who we are today. We are storytellers, dancers, singers and artists. We are survivors. Our ancestors live through us and as individuals. With whatever lens you see us through, CRYSTAL SMITH is Tsimshian, Haisla and was adopted into the Heilsuk Nation. She now lives upon the Unceded Coast Salish Territory. As proud mother of two beautiful children, Crystal is taking it upon herself to fight for their future and writing poetry is one way she is able to battle. Crystal often writes about the lived oppression of Indigenous people and more importantly the will and skill to survive daily attempts of assimilation and colonialism

JAZ WHITFORD is a youth in care and a guest on the unceded Coast Salish Territories, Jaz is originally from the secwepemc nation - south central interior of BC. A street performer with a deep interest in decolonization, indigenous resistance and other frontline work. Jaz is currently working towards gaining a better understanding of traditional plant knowledge and the many teachings that come with it. In order to more effectively spread awareness about indigenous issues through the arts, based in the understanding that many can be traced back to loss of land and title.

T‘UY’T’TANAT- CEASE WYSS (Skwxwu7mesh/Sto:Lo/Metis/Hawaiian/Swiss) is an interdisciplinary artist who works with new media and interdisciplinary arts as well as community engaged and public art. Cease is a Coast Salish ethnobotanist and recently has returned to a textiles art practice through learning Coast Salish weaving techniques in wool and cedar. She is a member of the Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast and lives in East Vancouver. She is a beekeeper and community engaged gardener.

PROGRAM NOTES A COMPLICATED INTELLIGENCE (1 - 7 PM) Created and Performed by: Stefan Smulovitz, Lara Amelie Abadir, Dave Biddle, Andrew Scott Sound and words form with the help of colonial insects. ALIEN FORMS (145 - 2 PM + 245 - 3 PM) Created and Performed by: Rob Leveroos, Isabelle Kirouac A family of neon green forms are scattered across a field. They are familiar and strange at once. Two performers activate these ‘alien forms’ creating moving objectscapes. We see limbs pop out. We see these forms waddle across the yard, flop on their sides and scuttle past. The work snuggles into yet jumps out of its landscape. BOXED IN (300 - 315 PM + 615 - 630 PM) Created by: Meegin Pye Performers: Joanna Rannelli, Ally Baharoon Join Rae and Phyl during their morning routine outside their tent-like dwellings. COLORED (PARADE) Created by: New(to)Town Collective Directed by Avyen von Waldenburg. Starring: Anjela Magpantay, Davey Calderon and June Fukumura Clowns from 3 different color worlds come together to win! You decide which posse you want to join: Wild Play Posse, Shapeshifter Posse or the World Architects’ Posse. Discover some inner Nature as these clowns take you on a wild adventure. EJ, LÁSKO/O LOVE! (215 - 235 PM + 340 - 405 PM) Created and Performed by: Jocelyn Anderson, Ana Elia Ramón Hidalgo, Georgia Johnson, Naomi Steinberg, Julia Ulehla In the complex context of Truth and Reconciliation as well as Canada 150+, Ej, lásko/O Love! extends a space within which right-relation might be experienced and practiced. Weaving together singing and storytelling, we invite release, wild tears, howling and keening as well as laughter, breath and relief. KNIT PIECE (130 - 330 PM) Created by: Dalia Levy, Jared Brandle With a background soundtrack inspired by the artist’s travels through Central America in 2016, the interactive performance weaves vibrant red plant dyed yarns into an umbilical cord bearing knit anatomical hearts that fuse with the land—a quiet ‘yarn bombing’ protest for planetary universal rights and a cooperative ‘small is beautiful’ ethos. LOON (145 - 220 PM + 530 - 545 PM) Created by: Margie Gillis Performed by: Caitlin Griffin This work of modern dance reminds us that our bodies are each pieces of nature that we have been trusted to carry and protect. Seeing and celebrating ourselves in this way may shed new light on how to safeguard each other and the environment, and how to reconnect with our source.

MINE (200 - 215 PM) Created by: Kelly McInnes and Rianne Svelnis Performers: Elizabeth Armitage, Rin Armitage and Jordyn Myers MINE combines dance, theatre, live music, and clothing to explore consumerism, fast-fashion, globalization, value, identity, body image, history, and memory, using clothing as the common thread. The project’s focus on fast-fashion, consumerism and globalization directly relate to environmental pollution from production to consumption and human rights issues including dangerous working environments and child labour in sweat shops. NOUS EN AVONS TOUS BESOIN/ WE ALL NEED THEM (ALL DAY) Created by: Pierre Liechner We all have roots: physically, in our teeth and hairs; psychologically with our families; culturally with our communities; and spiritually with the earth and the cosmos. I have been using roots as the sculptural medium to express our connection and relationship to our environment. These cypress trees have been growing in these molds for 5 years and it will be the first time they are exposed. PUZZLES OF FOREST (230 - 430 PM) Created and Performed by: Charlotte Priest, Anna Kraulis, Soyoung Park In puzzles of forest we invite you to get up-close and personal with the texture and detail of an ancient temperate rainforest ecosystem. This is a participatory installation where audience members can come and go as they please. RE-- (ALL DAY) Created by: Kristen Rulifson, Nathan Swedlow, Cynthia Arellanes Through a mixed media collaboration, this theatre project yields to the question, how does an individual’s growing disembodiment affect our earth’s vitality? How would our 6 year old selves receive our 60 year old selves? SHAMIN ZAHABIOUN AND KHORSHID MORADJ (SUNSHINE) (430 - 500 PM) The two artists are connected to the same source of inspiration, represented by their hair tied together. They perform on a circular base responding to earth; one draws on a sketchbook and the other plays Setar (Persian Instrument). SKYTRAIN ZOO (ALL DAY) Created by: Matthew Tomkinson This sound installation will involve recording, transforming, and reinterpreting the noise of the inbound and outbound skytrains traveling between Commercial Drive and Nanaimo along the perimeter of John Hendry Park. Pre-recorded audio will be played back through multiple sets of noise-cancelling headphones, each of which will offer a different sound portrait of the immediate sonic environment. SON BOHEMIO (330 - 355 PM) Performers: Nyra Chalmer, Hector Falcon and Joaquin Gonzalez An ensemble that performs music from all over Latin America and Spain with a gipsy bohemian style. SPOKEN WORD (545 - 600 PM) Angelica Poversky Spoken word centering themes of environment and social justice.

SPAREPARTS (430 - 445 PM + 545 - 600 PM) Creators: Harmanie Taylor and Sarah Lapp / All Bodies Dance Project collaboration Performers: Cheyenne Seary, Diana McKenzie, Yolanda Weeks, Harmanie Taylor and Sarah Lapp SpareParts looks at accessibility and environmental accountability. Incorporating both standing dancers and dancers who use wheelchairs to help illustrate the ever-present need for accessibility and the clashing desire to protect the environment and be Eco conscious. The work redefines the relationship between nature and disability, and the “spare parts” that are used to better access outdoor spaces. THE CREATION STATION (345 - 600 PM) Facilitated by: Claudia Segovia The Make Station is a place where anyone can come create works of art such as sculptures, robots, cars, boats, etc. using recycled materials of many kinds. Kids ages 3-100 welcome! TRASHY FASHION (ALL DAY) Creators: Jacquie Rolston (artist) with support from Society Promoting Environment Conservation and community participants Join artist Jacquie Rolston and help her create wearable art from garbage and recycled materials! Outfits on display were created by community members at public workshops over the summer, and represent the average amount of trash thrown away by one individual in a year. TREE/LIFE (215 - 230 PM + 600 - 615 PM) Created and Performed by: Marisa Gold Using movement, spoken word poetry and vocalizations to relate the peaceful existence of a tree/all the world’s natural gifts to the role of the ego and my own personal experience. Letting go of self to become one with the love energy of the planet. Become love like the tree. WILD: RECONNECTING TO OUR HUMAN NATURE (PARADE) Created and Performed by: Maggie Blue O’Hara Encounter the magical wolf family as they move through the festival howling and dancing, inspiring others to reignite their own wild hearts. Also encouraging people to know more about the fight to support BC wolves that are being threatened and becoming endangered. YORO NOUKOUSSI (230 - 250 PM) Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter specializing in the donga (talking drum), kokomba (congas), and djembe. On stage, both solo and with his band, he is a dynamic and mesmerizing performer, drawing you into the sights, sounds, and rhythms of West Africa.

ZION FYAH and I’LAND (115 - 140 PM) Musicians: Zion Fyah (Camran Chaichian), Michael Mahoney, Zunelvis Fonseca Calvo Zion Fyah (aka Camran Chaichian) is a singer-songwriter and leader of the celebrated Vancouver Roots band “I’Land”. Together, they have performed internationally and locally in many festivals and venues. The music is a blend of middle-eastern, afro-cuban, folk, roots, reggae - 1000 WHALES (ALL DAY) Created by: Linnea McPhail Participants will be invited to make whales made up of single use coffee cups. During the art making process we are welcomed to engage in discussions on the use of single use items and giving them another life.

TEAM Artistic Director: Heather Lamoureux Associate Producer: Ariel Martz-Oberlander Resilient Roots Project Coordinator: Valeen Jules Technical Director: Shae Skerry Stage Manager: Heidi Quicke Videographer: See Together Media Photographer: Sheng Ho

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair: Andrea Rabinovitch Vice Chair: Robert Azevedo Treasurer: Heather Judd Secretary: Carolina Bergonzoni Members at Large: Jana Posyniak, Danielle Vallée, Kevin Kimoto, John Steil, Tiffany Shim

DONORS Arbutus ($500+) Darlene Martineau Douglas Fir ($250-500) John Steil, JoAnn Martineau and Brian Lamoureux Cedar ($100-249) Judith Garay, Andrea Rabinovitch Sitka Spruce ($50-99) Danielle Vallée, Robert Azevedo, Heather Judd, Joy Posyniak, Joyce Rosario, Carolina Bergonzoni, Lesley Kosinski Alder ($1-49) Anna da Cunha, Tiffany Shim

DONATE If you enjoyed the festival please join our donors to support more public perfomance and eco-art in Vancouver. As a free festival we rely on the generosity of our donors. You can donate in person, by mail or at

CONNECT We would lovee to hear your feedback or see your photos! Spread the word to more Vines supporters! @vinesfestival


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