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ALL ABOUT STOUT GO GLOBAL THIS ST. PADDY’S DAY WITH A PINT OF PORTER FROM BREWERIES AROUND THE WORLD • You don’t have to be Irish to get lucky this St. Patrick’s day: Chances are there’s a stout out there perfect for your taste. The strong dark beer made from roasted malt or barley first became popular with London’s working-class river and street porters in the 1700s (hence its old moniker “stout porter”). Today wildly different styles are produced everywhere from Denmark to Japan— lighter English and Irish stouts, sweet oatmeal and milk stouts, strong Russian imperial stouts and even oyster stout, brewed with the bivalve to give extra body and protein to the beer. As for possible amorous side effects, that’s just one more reason to love the stuff. —Heather John

EVIL TWIN AÚN MÁS A JESÚS This imperial stout from Denmark balances smoky, dark fruit flavors with crisp dryness.

GUINNESS Despite its dark color and toasty flavors, Guinness is deceptively light in body and has just 125 calories per 12 ounces.

HARVEY & SON A. LE COQ IMPERIAL This Russian-style double stout, brewed in England, has notes of vintage port, dark cherry, espresso and spice.

DESCHUTES OBSIDIAN STOUT An American stout with strong espresso and dark chocolate flavors and molasses sweetness.

THE SIPPING NEWS Guinness master brewer Fergal Murray advises drinkers to raise their elbow high to “drink under the head” and taste the rich brown liquid beneath.

HITACHINO NEST SWEET STOUT Milk sugars are added to this Japanese stout, resulting in a smooth brew with sweet cream and malted chocolate flavors.

28 Photography by MISHA GRAVENOR

All About Stout  
All About Stout