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Konstantine Buhler

AI will reshape every software category and accelerate human productivity. The advancements in machine learning provide unprecedented ways to augment humans across all professions. Reimagining work will be one of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the coming decades.

AI is undeniably one of the most pivotal technology shifts in recent history. The advent of large models has democratized AI capabilities, making them readily accessible for adoption by all technology companies. Unlike the transition from on-prem to cloud, current incumbents aren't disadvantaged to quickly adopt this new tech. In a game that rewards scale, nimble startups might not necessarily have the upper hand. Nonetheless, there are countless exciting opportunities to build application layer productivity solutions and propel humanity forward with AI-powered software.


In many Western and Asian countries, the looming demographic shifts present a tidal wave that's likely to accelerate the adoption of AI. As companies grapple with challenges to grow their workforce, they'll have no choice but to embrace software automation.

When it comes to AI, it feels like a lot has already been said in recent months, but sometimes a fresh perspective uncovers novel ideas. This report is primarily tailored to founders who want to navigate this technology shift, effectively integrate AI into their roadmap, and steer through the emerging competitive realities arising from deep learning and large models.

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