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Everest Award Winner

About our Publisher

Dirk R. Hobbs, is a 30-year senior-level marketing executive and strategist who has served as Chief Marketing Officer for a national biotech/medical research organization, one NHRA and two NASCAR motor-sports programs and numerous national and regional brands. He has consulted on more than 300 feasibility studies, business plans and capital campaigns nationwide.

In 2001, he turned his attention to publishing - specifically medical publishing, where he established himself as a trusted resource for health systems, biotech and physician practices who were working to capitalize on their branding and positioning elements as well as, their overall marketing and development strategies.

Having earned the trust of the medical community in the western U.S. and several east coast systems, Hobbs went on to serve as a junior lobbyist and became known as a true “physician advocate”, so much so, one of CO’s health systems hired Hobbs to assist them with a key strategic initiative, which he completed in 2020.

Once again a free-agent, Hobbs set his sites on his own community - the burgeoning northern communities of Colorado Springs & El Paso County, Colorado.

Ever the media entrepreneur, he established a concept that would help create connectivity and community among this relatively new, but exploding population of northern El Paso County. He saw several micro-economies evolving such as a world-class entertainment district, an emerging “foodie scene”, medical, retail, lodging and tourism, resort lifestyle, and family recreation.

With no substantive media outlet attending to this highly active region of the community, Hobbs knew area businesses large and small, both local and regional, would love to reach this new, untouched market which accounted for nearly 50,000 new lives since 2018, and nearly 250 new businesses north of Briargate Blvd. As a business owner, he knew that one of the missing pieces was a high-quality, communique that would capture the essence of the growing area.

He also knew that the right kind of publication would serve as an economic development tool for local business executives, professionals, owners and community leaders, as well as, and service providers who wanted to conduct outreach, business

Dirk R. Hobbs, Media Entrepreneur

development, and marketing efforts with the local consumer base.

Add to that, Hobbs’ 30 years of marketing expertise, area businesses get more than a media company. NORTH builds longterm business partnerships that focus on strategy in reaching consumers and prospective customers, going so far as to even directing local businesses to other resources that would be more precise for specific business needs, foregoing otherwise easy ad sales. Consulting is a very familiar role for Hobbs, as it is his natural inclination to want to see businesses thrive and not waste precious resources.

After careful feasibility research, and countless area focus-groups, Hobbs created Colorado Media Group, which released its first edition of NORTH in October 2021.

Since that time, NORTH has reached its one-year anniversary and has profiled some of the community’s most extraordinary leaders and contributors, all the while, maintaining an approachable look and feel that has readers and interests across the spectrum raving about NORTH. They have also attracted some of the most talented creative talents in the community!

As one local elected official put it, “NORTH - not just a magazine - it’s a way of life!”, a slogan that now appears on

In the year since launch, NORTH has become a go-to resource for local businesses who want to expand their message and offerings to the newest areas of the city, as well as, those who want to further brand and position themselves with long-time residents in the northern communities.

“This publication is an experience for all involved. It is a substantive portrait of those who live, work and play in our amazing community and who contribute to the enrichment of our lives. I love Colorado Springs and I love how we’ve grown. I love connecting people who would otherwise never meet and to helping to make our local economy thrive. I enjoy seeing people brim with confidence after they have told their story in a meaningful way. The art of storytelling is foundational to NORTH. --Dirk R. Hobbs, Founder

Publishing Awards

Medical Publisher of the Year - 20007-2012, 2015-16

National Publisher’s Leadership Counsel

Entrepreneur of the Year Runner Up - 2008/COS EDC Top 40 Under 40 - COS Business Journal - 2008

Circle of Excellence - Sunshine Media 2007-14

The Everest Award by The American Ad Federation -2022-23

Some of NORTH’s Regional Partners

Colorado Springs Sports Corporation

Visit COS

Colorado Springs Airport

Air Force Academy Athletics

Rocky Mountain Vibes Baseball

Notes LIVE!

YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective


Cultural Offices of the Pikes

Peak Region - COPPeR

Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce

COS Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



Colorado Media Group houses three major news, information, lifestyle, business and portraiture outlets:

TrueNORTH - On-air radio programming focusing on local leaders and luminaries.

So. Colorado Business Forum & Digest - A real business-to-business publication for regional executives, entrepreneurs, community and business leaders focusing on economic sectors, business news, finance, subject matter expert articles and much more.

NORTH - The Everest Award-winning publication showcasing our amazing community and its people, attractions, events, and our amazing Colorado lifestyle.

Colorado Media Group is a Original Content Publishing & Distribution Network. We are working closely with other, established area organizations to help promote the media, physical and performing arts in Colorado Springs & El Paso County.

NORTH is presently recruiting and vetting area artists and professionals in the following areas:

- Original and Creative Writing

- Film making (cinematographers, producers, directors, videographers, post-production editors, film sound and more.)

- Photography

- Journalism

- Publishing

NORTH + (NORTH Plus) will feature original content written, directed, and produced by local artists and professional film and writing teams. Learn more about our distribution platforms and network by calling: 719.330.7448 or

OUTPUT FORMATS: Documentary shorts, Documentary standards, biographical sketches, commercials, marketing videos, animation shorts, business collateral, special presentation.

Original Content Development, Publishing & Documentary Film

Business Lifestyle Arts, Entertainment Real Estate People
Copyright © 2023 Colorado Media Group, LLC All Rights Reserved.

The art of story-telling is back at NORTH!

Poorly researched, rushed, and biased story-telling by non-professional writers is part of why print suffered in the first place.

As media has advanced from the daily news and regular periodicals, to highly verticalized, instant-access digital and television media formats, the need to stay fresh and “breaking news” is paramount. It’s a cycle that is endless and frenetic. But, it also keeps the advertisers coming, because they know people are watching regardless of accuracy or source-verification.

Another casualty for most magazines, has been availability of good writing by educated, skilled writers who are capable of truly great story-telling. Like watch-companies, magazines are now a dime-a-dozen. Only a very select few are considered world-class pieces of art and functionality.

NORTH is very different

“Stories are what connect us to one another, and create and edify our community. We can learn we’re not alone in our plight. We can relate to another’s challenges and how they overcame adversity, which we all face. We can learn how to do our own lives better by gaining insights from those who have mastered an aspect of life. We can raise awareness, engagement, and support by virtue of telling our individual stories.”

• We LOVE the English language, great words, good grammar, and colloquialisms, and we know how to use them.

• We LOVE writers who listen carefully, and can craft outstanding articles that are as accurate as they are interesting.

• We know there are interesting stories everywhere and how to get folks to tell us their story.

• We know authentic storytelling makes people take an interest in reading publications regularly.

• We know it takes more than fancy marketing-esque word-smithing and sensationalized imagery to get and KEEP the attention of readers.

• NORTH is locally founded, owned, produced and distributed by a local businessman and long-term resident.

• NORTH is very interested in the PEOPLE and their journey behind the brands and experiences that make up our community.

• NORTH is fond of showcasing human triumph that is achieved in the midst of trials and setbacks. No business is perfect because it is developed by imperfect people.

• NORTH is not interested in “gotcha” journalism. This region has hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of business, schools, households, community projects, events, etc.All working hard to serve, to learn, and to make our way of life better. There are interesting stories embedded within these institutions everywhere!

• We know good writing informs. But in print, it also improves information retention (by 30%), increases introspection, improves grammar and vocabulary (by 45%), encourages and increases individual engagement (by 50% over self-distributed marketing content), and increases brand loyalty (by up to 65% when the experience expectation is met).

Copyright © 2022 Colorado Media Group, LLC All Rights Reserved. Overview

Original distribution: >110,000 Total reach w/partners: >500,000

Distribution area: Colorado Springs and northern El Paso County zip codes: 80923, 80921, 80920, 80918, 80908, 80132, 80133

General demographic: HHI > $125,000/year, degreed, employed

Integrated distribution channels: Print, digital editions, mobile SMS, strategic partnerships, Website, NORTH App*, NORTH Cinema*

Average length of time w/digital edition: 7M 42S

Average completion rate of digital edition: 73.8%

Average open rate*: 66.87% (based on CRM Analytics)

Industries served: All in the region - primary employers, small business, retail, development (commercial and residential), food and beverage, lodging, attractions, convenience, healthcare, military, DoD, sports, leisure, professional services, multipurpose, services, city, county, schools and more.

Main focus: Business, Real Estate, Lifestyle & People of Northern Colorado Springs & El Paso County

Purpose: Economic development and attraction, regional business news, B2C, B2B, community engagement and awareness, industry support, consumer engagement, events promotion, news, business profiles, people profiles, and more.

Frequency: 9x annually (print/digital) + continual/refreshed online presence

Publisher experience and specialization: Local, deep marketing and communications expertise, media training and utilization, brand positioning, brand promise, brand expansion

Average bi-monthly investment: $2,500.00


Social channels: Facebook/Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter


Integrated Media Distribution


What is NORTH?

It’s a B2B & B2C multi-media distribution company based in northern Colorado Springs. Our focus is on Business, Real Estate, Lifestyle and the People of Northern Colorado Springs & El Paso County, CO.

OK, what does “multi-media” mean to NORTH?

We use a variety of media distribution options to get YOUR message and offerings seen:

• Print

• Digital E-zines (via email)

• Radio

Why does NORTH exist?

• Website & Social Media

• Mobile distribution

• Colorado/Geo-targeted News Feeds

• Apple News

Prior to NORTH, reaching residents and business owners in northern Colorado Springs & El Paso County was extremely difficult. NORTH is focused on the region’s population residing in 80923, 80921, 80920, 80918, 80919, 80908, 80132, 80133, and businesses located in this emerging economy. However, more than 20K subscribers have picked up NORTH throughout the Pikes Peak Region since our launch in October 2021.

We exist to showcase northern community assets and events to those who don’t live, work and play here, AND to create accessibility and connectivity to the consumers and businesses who do.

How to people get NORTH?

Initially, we purchased a massive mailing and email list that focused on those who live, work and play in northern Colorado Springs & El Paso County. Already, it has expanded to reach those living in surrounding anchor communities, including downtown COS, and even out-of-state subscribers who are looking to move to the region.

Do recipients have to pay for NORTH?

No. At this time, NORTH is complementary to area residents and is brought to you by our business partners.

Is NORTH/Colorado Media Group a franchise owned by some other company?

No. NORTH is owned, produced, and distributed locally by award-winning publisher, Dirk R. Hobbs. Hobbs is also a local businessman with more than 25 years as a senior marketer and award-winning media executive who has served numerous major brands, and who has served as a chief marketing officer for two, $250M organizations.


For starters, it begins with your business needs, not ours.

NORTH does business unlike most media and publication outlets. We intentionally work with you to create value-add programs based on YOUR needs, not our costs formula.

Because your business needs are not the same as another, NORTH creates custom business partnerships to help optimize the opportunity of reaching and connecting to our massive, regional audience.

But, so not to beat around the bush, our current average investment per client is about $18K annually.

Low: $15K, High $48K

Contact us today to arrange a conversation on how you can use NORTH’s distribution assets for the benefit of YOUR business.

Still more data & insights ...

Strategic Partnerships & Promotions

How Do People Find NORTH?

Aside from our own outreach and development efforts, we have developed contractual partnerships with numerous organizations who distribute NORTH as a “member-benefit” or their respective audiences.

Among our larger partners is KKTV 11 NEWS - the local CBS affiliate in COS, owned by Grey Media. This strategic partnership consists of cross promotions, co-sponsorship of community events, and social media interaction - KKTV’s audience is in excess of 500K people.

NORTH is also an official “media sponsor” for numerous organizations and events that attract from 500 to 35,000 people.

NORTH is also partners with numerous area chambers and EDCs who also use NORTH as a member benefit.

Social Events

Formerly the NORTH Business Forum

Now: The So. Colorado Business Forum & Digest Business Happy Hour.

A unique professional & executive networking

format designed to introduce leaders and develop meaningful alliances and business partnerships. Elected officials, community organizers, business owners, and other influencers flourish at these fun and interesting events.


Editorial Calendar 2023

COVER FEATURES : NORTH cover features are never purchased. They are earned by our editorial selection committee from inquiries, nominations, requests, and suggestions that come in.

SPECIAL FEATURES : NORTH covers several, non-paid “universal” topics that are newsworthy and will present those topics to readers using stories from local individuals or groups who have experience with the matter. NORTH provides a skilled writer or journalist to conduct feature interviews and develop long format articles. These pieces are not “salesy”; however, often will have a call to action.

NORTH SELECT : NORTH Select Sections are paid placements available in 1, 2 and 4-page spreads. These sections are designed to allow organizations to message and position themselves for the expressed intent to move readers to engagement via marketing communications, special offers, invitations, etc. These submissions are welcome any time during the year on just about any topic.

NORTH SPECIAL EDITIONS : Aside from our six (6) standard issues, NORTH will provided three to four special editions per calendar year.

- Celebrate Home - An entire magazine dedicated to where we live. This edition will promote all things pertaining to the aesthetics of our homes. This issue is entirely promotional in nature and scheduled for release early spring 2023.

- Let’s Play! - An entire publication dedicated to Colorado’s attractions, events, entertainment, destinations, active lifestyle, home entertaining, outdoor life, and more. With the exception of the cover feature and several earned media stories, this issue is entirely promotional in nature. This issue will be released in early summer 2023.

- NORTH Business Edition - This edition will go deep on topics impacting our northern communities. Subject matter experts from the legal, finance, banking, tax and accounting, home office, staffing, regulatory, you name it. We will feature several area businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues as a part of this program. With the exception of the cover feature and several earned media stories, this issue is entirely promotional in nature. This issue will be released in early mid-summer 2023.

- Philanthropy 2023 - This edition will focus entirely on area non-profits of interest. All presentations will be 2 and 4-page layouts showcasing participating agencies and their Missions and firm calls to action.

NORTH is not limited to these sections. Our editorial board and focus groups are continually advising leadership of interests and new ideas. See next page for our standard editorial departments

Tell Your Story.
Editorial - How to Use NORTH to

Key Editorial Departments

Not limited to

Business: Business & Leadership Profiles in All Categories

Real Estate: Commercial, Residential, Manufacturing, Tourism, Market Climate, & More...

Celebrate Home: Home Building, Home Office, Home Decor, Fine Art, Landscaping, Architecture, Luxury Living, Remodeling and More...

Medical/Health, Fitness, Nutrition: Physical and behavioral health experts, nutrition and diet, exercise and fitness, rehabilitation, and More...

Lifestyle: Entertaining & Catering, Cooking, Dining, Cooking, Retail/ Shopping, Automotive, Medical, Health & Wellness, Outdoor Living, SelfCare, Parenting, Travel, Active Lifestyle, Cooking, Libations, Education & More...

People: Entrepreneurs, Community Organizers & Leaders, Top Business Owners, Outstanding Prep Students, First Responders, Elected Officials, Young Professionals, Armed Services/Military, Organizations of Influence, Top Executive Professionals, Collegiate & Professional Athletes, Small Business Owners, and Individual Contributors

Culture: Entertainment, The Arts, Community Projects, Books, Lectures, Museums, Sporting Events, Special Events, Concerts & Performances, Outdoor/Natural Resource Etiquette & Preservation, Celebrations, and Much More...

Special Features: Topical issues that impact our lives. Ex: Human trafficking, homelessness, addiction, social media & peer pressure, and other pertinent, non-political matters.

Copyright © 2023 Colorado Media Group, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Let NORTH Do The Talking in Telling Your Story Again and Again with New Prospects

and Customers. Ask us About NORTH REPRINTS:

Why reprint you article?

If you print brochures, you know how costly those pieces can be. When you reprint a NORTH article or Featured Story, you have boosted your business story’s credibility by >50% because it has been published in an unrelated, third party venue. Our “As seen in” reprint program is a cost effective solution for small businesses to get world class quality collateral and exposure at a lower cost than brochures . Plus, your story lives on in our social media realms, Web site, and our Digital Edition at no extra cost.

Unlimited digital usage after purchase.

1 2 4

Unique, local cover features of people who are leading the community. Cover featured are never purchased.

ORIGINAL CONTENT! You won’t find the same stories anywhere else.

Authentic, one-of-a-kind PEOPLE portraits about those living among us.

Rich, action-oriented columns from subject matter experts in business, real-estate, finance, and more.

Lifestyle features that entice and inform local readers of our amazing community assets and attractions.

Popular features from local lifestyle experts!

Local, experts solicitory

Local, vetted business experts provide nonsolicitory content to educate readers!

Airy, easy-to-follow layout and design have readers breezing through NORTH’s pages from cover to cover.

Editorial Calendar - 2023 & 2024

JUN/JUL 2023

AUG/SEP 2023

OCT/NOV 2023


FEB/MAR 2024

APR/MAY 2024

JUN/JUL 2024

AUG/SEP 2024

OCT/NOV 2024












SPECIAL EDITIONS 2023 (Subject to change)



Call Publisher at 719.330.7448 or dhobbs@coloradomediagroup for extention information.

At NORTH, doing business together should be a win-win for all involved.

Most non-profit organizations are better served using their precious funds toward their core mission. That’s why NORTH determined at the very beginning, we as a media company would support several area non-profit agencies with complementary advertising and story-telling opportunities.

This is part of how NORTH views being a true community partner. Revenues are nice, but we have the ability to help these organization reach new donors, volunteers, benefactors and those in need of various services.

Our Non-Profit, Community Partners

• Springs Rescue Mission

• Human Trafficking Task-force of S. Colorado

• Reclaiming Hope

• Leave No Trace/Outdoor Stewardship

• X Foundation - Fentanyl Awareness

• National Charity League-Colorado Springs

• COS Community Cultural Collective

• Cultural Offices of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR)

• COS Home Builders Association

• COS Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

• Tri-Lakes Chamber & EDC

• Town of Monument


Ad Specifications

Full-page edge to edge

Full-page island

Double truck edge to edge

Half-page horizontal, edge to edge

Half-page horizontal, island

Half-page vertical, edge to edge

Half-page vertical, island

1/3-page column island

1/3-page square

Outside back cover Full magazine 8.87x11.37” 8.87x11.37” 8.375x10.875” 7.37x9.87” 8.37x17.25” 8.62x5.68” 7.37x4.94” 4.44x11.37” 3.69x9.87” 2.35x9.87” 2.35x3.35”

Digital Asset Specs

Feature Article Ad

1920 px by 1020 px

Medium Banner Ad

300 px by 250 px

Billboard Ad

970 px by 250 px

Video Assets

MP4 and .MOV

Resolution & Distribution Formatting

1080 to 4K YouTube Formatted


0:15s, 0:30s, 0:45s, 0:60s, 120:00s, 150:00s

Website Integration Opportunities

Crawlers, direct link, iFrame & streaming capable

Copyright © 2022 Colorado Media Group, LLC All Rights Reserved.


Southeastern Colorado has evolved to be one of the most economically steady regions in the nation. The region’s anchor community, Colorado Springs and surrounding communities are home to some of the most in-demand and relevant industry sectors in commerce today.

Areospace, Cybersecurity, Innovation, Semi-conductor, BioTech/Lifesciences, Military & Defense, Tourism, Film, Amateur Athletics, Health Sciences, Mining & Agriculture, Nutrition & Wellness, and more are scattered throughout the region.

Supporting those and dozens of other industries are a robust economic development and attraction mindset among city and business leaders working to keep the region atop of lists of site selection teams across the nation. A distribution hub for S.E. Colorado, hosting organizations like Amazon, Inand-Out Burger and UPS distribution centers, in lock-step with a forward-thinking Airport leadership team and comprehensive enterprise zone.

The So. Colorado Business Forum & Digest will cover these sectors and report must-know information in a range of business-centric topics such as: Venture capital, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance, economics, work-force development, strategic partnerships, news from the Capitol, banking, marketing, business law, policy, leadership, and countless others.

Coming summer of 2023, the Digest, will be released to all business owners, executives and leadership via an sleek, easy-to-read digital format with special quarterly and annual publications in both print and digital formats. Subscriptions will start at $1.50/week.

Insightful conversations with business and community leaders, entertainers, sports figures and others who continue to make Colorado Springs and El Paso County an extraordinary place to live, work, and play. With host, Dirk Hobbs, founder of Colorado Media Group and Executive Publisher North & So. Co. Business Forum/Digest.

Listen on Saturday’s at 8:00am on AM1460/101.1 - The Answer

Recording date: Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Airing date: Saturday’s at 8:00 a.m

Podcast release date: The following Monday after initial airing.

Salem Media’s AM1460 and 101.1FM signals reach the entire southern Colorado region and Front Range from Castle Rock to Trinidad and the eastern plains. Estimated reach of TrueNORTH for Saturday’s airing is 60,000. Podcast available after airing date.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on how your business can leverage and benefit from NORTH’s powerful and widely distributed print and digital assets and CONNECT with northern Colorado Springs residents and business owners. CONNECT WITH COLORADO SPRINGS & EL PASO COUNTY - NOW LIVE!
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