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Leaders in Their Fields Share Their Wisdom for Aging Gracefully

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letter from the owner JANUARY 2017 COMMUNITY CALENDAR OF EVENTS National Donate Blood Month

Goal Setting:

Lessons of Life


tatistics show about 50 percent of Americans make a New Year Resolution, with 25 percent failing within the first week and only 8 percent achieving their resolution. So, what can you do to improve your odds of achieving your goals and resolutions? The number-one action to increase your odds of reaching a goal is to put it in writing. Yes, the simple act of writing your goal and putting it in a prominent place to read daily increases your odds of achieving your goal by a whopping 80 percent. The second step to help you stick to your resolution is support. Find someone to hold you accountable, to encourage you and hold you to your commitment. A person to cheer you on when you’re doing good, help you understand why you are struggling during times of weakness, and know what to say to help you get back on track. The third step is do not accept failure. You fail only if you accept your loss and choose not to try again. Yes, you may have set-backs and have to adjust timelines, but each time you have a set-back, learn from it. Examine what the weak link is, re-adjust your attitude and actions, and begin again. Good luck with your 2017 Resolutions. As always, if you have ideas or suggestions for future issues of Healthy Cells Magazine, please feel free to contact me. Wishing you health and prosperity as we begin a New Year. Happy 2017.

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Alzheimer’s Family Support Group, Generations at Agritopia, 11am, RSVP 480-485-2000

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2017 Volume 5, Issue 1


Patient Care: Are You Getting the Highest Quality Urgent Care?


Physical: Is My Snoring Causing Me to Gain Weight?


Nutritional: Eating Well as You Age


Emotional: The Holistic Approach


Understanding Hearing Loss: Can You Hear Me Now?


Living Life Fully Leaders in Their Fields Share Their Wisdom for Aging Gracefully

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Power of Touch: Health Benefits of Massage: It’s Not Just About Relaxation


Healthy Habits: Drinking Enough Water as We Age


Senior Living: Five Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community


Essential Oil: Gingerol: A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory


Straight Teeth: Benefits Beyond a Confident Smile


This Month’s Cover Story:

Business Profile: About Care Home Care


Optimism: The Year of Loving Yourself


Under the Weather: Facts and Myths About the Flu

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patient care

Are You Getting the Highest Quality Urgent Care?

Stacey Gouzenne, MD

By Stacey Gouzenne, MD, National Chief Medical Officer, FastMed Urgent Care


he sudden influx of urgent care clinics has made it easier than ever to seek medical care outside normal office hours and without heading to a hospital emergency room. While urgent care can be faster and less expensive than an ER visit — and certainly more convenient than the typical doctor’s visit — how can you be sure you’re getting the best care? Many people spend months looking for just the right doctor or specialist, but when they need urgent care, they think nothing of heading to the closest clinic. While I wouldn’t suggest delaying treatment for a lengthy background check, you should at least check for obvious expertise, such as accreditation. Has the urgent care achieved accreditation from the Joint Commission, earning the Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®? This means a clinic has met or exceeded comprehensive compliance standards for ambulatory healthcare. Care quality should also extend to affordability and convenience. For example, urgent care centers should offer convenient access seven days a week, 365 days a year, with no appointments necessary, and online check-in to help patients avoid waiting. Does the urgent care offer an industry-leading compliance program, and provide a premium patient experience? How do patients rate the urgent care on customer service? These are all important points when judging care quality. Other quality factors to consider are whether a clinic provides services such as digital radiography, EKGs, procedure rooms, on-site lab services, and electronic health records. Another plus is fully integrated electronic health records under a single, trusted brand. These are important distinctions when you need care in a hurry. Often, the biggest consideration will be whether or not a facility accepts your health insurance. Does the urgent care accept a diverse payor mix that includes Medicare, Medicaid and, for those in the military, TRICARE? For additional tips, the following quick checklist — emphasizing that the best time to use it is before the need for urgent care arises.

Urgent Care Checklist 3 Is the facility accredited by the Joint Commission? 3 Does it follow a comprehensive compliance program? 3 Do patients give it high marks for satisfactory care? 3 Are laboratory services offered on site? 3 Does it offer fully integrated electronic medical records? 3 Do services include advanced imaging options such as digital radiography and EKG? 3 Are the hours convenient? Do they include extended weekday, weekend, and holiday hours? 3 Does the clinic accept your health insurance plan?

To learn more about FastMed Urgent Care, its locations, hours, and services, or to check in online, visit With 109 clinics throughout Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas, FastMed is the fastestgrowing and second-largest urgent care provider in the U.S.

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Is My Snoring Causing Me to Gain Weight?

Beth Hamann, DDS

Shari Aftahi, DMD

Submitted by Koala Center for Sleep Disorders


s the New Year arrives, so do the New Years Resolutions. For many Americans it means hitting the gym more and eating a healthier diet. Research shows that there may be more to shedding those unwanted pounds than just exercise and diet. A local Sleep Disorders Dentist suggests that lack of quality sleep could be part of the problem. People tend to forego sleep in order to make time for a workout or other daily activities, and it is often overlooked as an important factor in the battle of the bulge. “Some patients believe less sleep means more calories burned, but they do not realize that skimping on sleep can actually make it harder to lose weight,” says Dr. Hamann of the Koala Center for Sleep Disorders in Phoenix, AZ. Studies: those who sleep less often weigh more Research suggests that even a modest amount of sleep deprivation can increase appetite by altering the behavior of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for regulating metabolism. “When you don’t sleep, it drives the leptin levels down, which means that you don’t feel as satisfied after you eat. Lack of sleep also causes ghrelin levels to rise, which means your appetite increases, so you want more food,” says Dr. Hamann (WebMD). Also, the psychological manifestations of fatigue, sleep, and hunger are similar, and as adults, we sometimes confuse them, we tend to eat when we’re actually sleepy because we think fatigue is a sign of hunger. Others fight feelings of fatigue and sluggishness by relying on high sugar, calorie-laden energy drinks and highly caffeinated beverages to stay awake. The extra calories and caffeine in excess contribute to a vicious cycle of weight gain and the inability to fall sleep when one is truly ready for sleep. In order to help fight these conditions and promote healthy lifestyles, we’re sending a wake up call to remind people that sleep is as important as diet and exercise… only easier! Healthy sleep is a part of an antidote for the obesity and diabetes epidemics in America. Page 6 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017

Snoring and sleep apnea causing sleep deprivation Unfortunately, getting a good night’s sleep is not a choice for some individuals. They desperately desire quality sleep and are willing to sleep more hours if necessary, but sleep eludes them because they suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. They may not even be aware of it, because they are, well... trying to sleep. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious health problem, and its first appearance is usually indicated by snoring. Snoring is the sound of partially obstructed breathing during sleep. When Obstructive Sleep Apnea occurs, the tongue and soft palate collapse onto the back of the throat and completely block the airway, which restricts the flow of oxygen. Although you may go to bed early and think you are getting a good night’s rest, the disruption in breathing prevents you from getting deep, reparative sleep. Eight hours of disrupted shuteye can leave you feeling like you had only four. “You wake up feeling tired and continue to feel tired all day,” states Dr. Hamann. If a person is overweight or suffering from sleep disordered breathing, he or she may not be as motivated to exercise or to diet. When apnea leads to daytime sleepiness, it may be that much harder to begin or sustain an exercise program, which has been shown to help people begin or maintain weight loss. Not only does obesity contribute to sleep problems such as sleep apnea, but sleep problems can also contribute to obesity. A 1999 study by scientists at the University of Chicago found that building up a sleep debt over a matter of days could impair metabolism and disrupt hormone levels. After restricting eleven healthy young adults to four hours sleep for six nights, researchers found their ability to process glucose (sugar) in the blood had declined in some cases to the level of diabetes. Oral sleep appliances — a comfortable alternative to CPAP Dentists and physicians are beginning to team up to identify and treat Sleep Disordered Breathing in a new field called Sleep Disorders Den-

tistry. Sleep Disorders Dentistry involves the use of screening tools (such as health history, questionnaires geared toward quality of sleep, neck circumference measurements, weight, and body mass index (BMI) calculations) as well as airway assessment and Oral Appliance Therapy. Although the CPAP has been the traditional method of treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, many patients refuse to wear them, resulting in untreated sleep apnea and continued health risks for the patient. “We have some patients who come to us and tell us they simply cannot get used to the masks they have tried or that the mask makes them feel claustrophobic. Others tell us it restricts their movement and that the hose gets wrapped up when they roll over,” states Dr. Hamann. Oral Appliance Therapy provides another treatment option for the patient. The best treatment option is one the patient will use all night every night. “I’ve had a number of patients who, when successfully treated for their sleep apnea, were able to lose weight with little effort. They had more energy, were more active, and their eating habits improved,” says Dr. Hamann. Sleep apnea is a widespread problem. Sleep Disorders Dentistry is a possible solution. If you, or someone you know, struggles with losing weight and suspects they have sleep disordered breathing, don’t wait another day. Oral Appliance Therapy is FDA approved and is covered by most medical insurances and Medicare. Make an appointment with your physician, or call to schedule a consultation at the Koala Center for Sleep Disorders. They can help put you on the path for healthier sleep tonight and brighter, more energetic tomorrows. For more information, contact The Koala Center for Sleep Disorders at 602-357-9845 or to schedule a Sleep Apnea screening today.

Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea • Loud, heavy snoring • Periods of not breathing during sleep • High blood pressure • Easily frustrated, irritable, or depressed • Drowsy driving • Morning headaches • ADHD in children • Heart disease • Weight gain • Inability to lose weight • Diabetes • Acid reflux • Not feeling rested after a full night’s sleep

w ng s! No epti tion c a Ac erv s Re

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Eating Well as You Age Submitted by Amy Holt, Generations Senior Living


ating well is vital for everyone at all ages. Whatever your age, your daily food choices can make an important difference in your health and in how you look and feel.

Eating well promotes health Eating a well-planned, balanced mix of foods every day has many health benefits. For instance, eating well may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, bone loss, some kinds of cancer, and anemia. If you already have one or more of these chronic diseases, eating well and being physically active may help you better manage them. Healthy eating may also help you reduce high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, and manage diabetes. Eating well gives you the nutrients needed to keep your muscles, bones, organs, and other parts of your body healthy throughout your life. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water.

Amy Holt

Eating well promotes energy Eating well helps keep up your energy level, too. By consuming enough calories — a way to measure the energy you get from food — you give your body the fuel it needs throughout the day. The number of calories needed depends on how old you are, whether you’re a man or woman, your height and weight, and how active you are. Food choices can affect weight Consuming the right number of calories for your level of physical activity helps you control your weight, too. Extra weight is a concern for older adults because it can increase the risk for diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease and can increase joint problems. Eating more calories than your body needs for your activity level will lead to extra pounds. If you become less physically active as you age, you will probably need fewer calories to stay at the same weight. Choosing mostly nutrient-dense foods — foods which have a lot of nutrients but relatively few calories — can give you the nutrients you need while keeping down calorie intake.


Pineapple Salsa

6 8-ounce swordfish 2 cups Fresh Pineapple steaks – diced 1 Tbs Cajun seasoning ¼ cup Red Bell Pepper – small diced ½ Tbs Lemon Pepper Pinch of salt ¼ cup red onion small diced 2 Tbs fresh cilantro – chopped 2 Tbs fresh jalapenos – small diced 1 Tbs lime juice

Directions: • Season swordfish and let set for minimum of 15 minutes. Preheat grill to 400 degrees. • Prepare pineapple salsa and set aside, (the smaller the dice on ingredients the better) refrigerate until ready to use. • Sear swordfish 3 minutes each side. Turn grill heat down to 300 degrees and continue cooking for 4 to 5 minutes (until fish starts to flake apart). • Remove fish from grill and top with fresh pineapple salsa. Serve immediately and enjoy! *(salsa pares well with chicken, shrimp, salmon, and many other white fish) Page 8 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017

Food choices affect digestion Your food choices also affect your digestion. For instance, not getting enough fiber or fluids may cause constipation. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods with fiber or drinking more water may help with constipation. Make one change at a time Eating well should not be just a “diet” or “program” that’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s making healthy lifestyle changes that you can adopt now and stay with for years to come. To eat healthier, you can begin by taking small steps, making one change at a time. For instance, you might… • Take the salt shaker off your table. Decreasing your salt intake slowly will allow you to adjust. • Switch to whole-grain bread, seafood, or more vegetables and fruits when you shop. These changes may be easier than you think, even if you need help with shopping or cooking, or have a limited budget. Checking with your doctor If you have a specific medical condition, be sure to check with your doctor or registered dietitian about foods you should include or avoid. You can start today Whatever your age, you can start making positive lifestyle changes today. Eating well can help you stay healthy and independent — and look and feel good — in the years to come.

Generations Senior Living offers vibrant living with an extensive array of services and amenities for independent living, assisted living, and memory care residents, giving them the freedom to enjoy what matters most. We are located within the master plan of Agritopia, near Higley and Ray Roads in Gilbert, 2811 E. Agritopia Loop S. Find us on the web at or email us at info@ We are a completely smoke-free community. Call today to schedule your complimentary lunch and tour — 480-485-2000. We are growing. Our second location, Generations at Ahwatukee, will open in mid-2017. Attend a Senior Living Options presentation offered each Tuesday at 10am. For reservations and information, call 480-485-3000. Sources available upon request.

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We are just as concerned about your hearing as you are. January 2017 — East Valley — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 9


The Holistic Approach… By Herendira Valdez, PMHNP-BC, Infinite Healing and Wellness

Herendira Valdez, PMHNP-BC

Holistic Medicine: treatment of the mind and body as a “complete system,” rather than the dissection of parts.

What does “holistic” mean? Merriam-Webster defines Holistic Medicine as treatment of the mind and body as a “complete system,” rather than the dissection of parts. This non-traditional philosophy of well-being considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s life as being interconnected, closely working within, and influencing each other on a physiological level. According to the American Psychological Association, Americans spend more than $34 billion dollars on psychoactive medications in any given year. If we look at the actual breakdown of these expenses, antipsychotics are at the top, with a whopping cost of $16 billion, antidepressants are a close second, at $11 billion, and last, but not least, ADHD medications cost Americans an average of $7 billion dollars a year. These numbers are alarming, and raise many questions about prescribing habits in the United States. Could it be that there is a legitimate need for the prescribers to utilize these drugs so freely? Or, is it that prescribers are not taking the time to truly assess and identify underlying issues that may be contributing to the unwanted behaviors, actions, or emotional states that Americans experience on an everyday basis? When evaluating new patients, I encourage them to welcome the exploration of all of life’s aspects. The in-depth assessment of personal, social, spiritual, and medical history allows me to gain a better understanding of who they are as individuals. The gathering of this information often provides cues and insight on the physical or emotional manifestation of symptoms that may not be related to psychiatric illness at all. Page 10 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017

Some of the most commonly reported symptoms amongst patients include the following: • Sadness or excessive worry • Diminished interest or pleasure in life • Insomnia or hypersomnia • Restlessness and irritability • Fatigue or energy loss • Lack of motivation • Intrusive or racing thoughts Symptoms such as these often indicate an imbalance within our system, prompting further assessment and investigation of the root cause. Finding a clinician that is willing to listen, dissect, and make alternative recommendations, rather than just offering another pill, is of utmost importance. The belief that medication can achieve the kind of balance we seek as individuals is a strong misconception. There is a legitimate need for medication in many circumstances, but there is no such thing as a “magic pill” or an easy fix. Behavioral medications should be regarded as an aid in symptom management and recovery, not the cure. Unwanted behaviors and alternating emotional states often have multiple and overlapping causes, which is why the evaluation of one’s “complete system” is elemental. Things as simple as vitamin deficiency, sleep deprivation, inadequate dietary choices, and sedentary lifestyles are just a few common causes in the development of unwanted behaviors, actions, and fluctuating moods, and this is just brushing the surface.

What if we dug a little deeper? What if we explored those repressed emotions related to early childhood experiences, traumatic events, and losses? Repression is a common theme amongst patients, often leading to the silent and chronic build-up of cortisol within our systems. Cortisol, referred to as the “stress hormone” can cause havoc on our bodily functions. It is associated with blood sugar imbalances, weight gain, immune system suppression, poor cardiovascular health, chronic fatigue, and depression. This is just another example of how emotions alone can cause physical ailments. The mind, body, spirit connection is undeniable, and I am a strong believer of exploring these imbalances through therapy. I strongly encourage patients to engage in therapies that will help them process past experiences, restructure thinking and behavior patterns, and encourage them to be present in the here and now. Some of my favorites include EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, and other mindfulness-based approaches. Using therapy in conjunction with medication can help potentiate the effect of medication, often helping patients achieve an overall improved state of well-being in a much shorter period of time. So what’s holding you back? I encourage you to take the next step towards improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Explore, identify, treat, and conquer any obstacles that are affecting your psychiatric health and emotional well-being. I offer free 15-minute consultations and look forward to hearing from you! My purpose for existence (PFE) reflects my passion to help patients become their best self! My PFE is to live a meaningful life by empowering others to become the best version of themselves through exploration, guidance, and holistic treatment of mental illness.

I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice/ Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and a strong advocate of “whole-person/holistic” health, encouraging my patients to explore, physical, mental, and social factors that may be contributing to the physical symptoms of their illness. I am fluent in English and Spanish, which allows me to connect with patients from various cultural backgrounds. Infinite Healing and Wellness LLC is a collaborative counseling practice and wellness center designed to serve children, families, teens, adults, and couples and cater to first responders and military veterans and their families. We are located at 2563 S Val Vista Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85295. Contact us at Phone 480-448-1076 or email Se habla español.


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understanding hearing loss

Can You Hear Me Now? By Kay Kochman, Au.D., Tri-City Audiology


hen I see my patients for follow-up visits, I typically ask them how their hearing aids are working for them in their different listening environments. I sometimes get answers from the patient or family member along the lines of, “not so good,” or, “Mom still can’t hear me even with her hearing aids are in.” How can that be? After a little more discussion, I will hear, “well, in a quiet room they are really good, but at the casino…,” or, “I went to a nightclub…,” or, “I really thought Mom would be able to hear me from in the kitchen since she has new hearing aids…” It turns out there is a mis-match between user expectations and instrument ability! Understanding what to expect from your hearing loss and hearing aids will help increase the success of your hearing aid fitting. So, why can’t I put on my hearing aids and have “perfect hearing” again? After all, it works that way with my glasses for my vision, so why not hearing? The auditory system is more fine-tuned and dynamic than the visual system. Similarly, for example, the nervous system in our body is more sensitive and dynamic than the skeletal system. If you break your arm just above the wrist, you get it treated and perhaps have some physical therapy after your cast comes off. In

Alliance Care Team



Aging Well Resources and Services for Baby Boomer’s and Beyond


Kay Kochman, Au.D.

time, you expect to have full use of your whole hand again, as though the break never happened. However, imagine the break involved extensive damage to your hand, including nerve damage. After the cast is off, therapy can only do so much. You may get to the point where you can pick up and hold large objects such as a cup or book, but tying your shoe is much more difficult than it used to be. Threading a needle or baiting a fishing line is no longer possible because of the nerve damage to your hand. Hearing loss is similar to that. Hearing loss is not just a matter of decreased sound volume (or sensitivity), but also involves damage to the function that gives us sound clarity. The brain uses subtle timing and pitch cues to determine individual sounds within words. Additionally, we then have to make sense of those words within a sentence, and interpret the sentences within the intended message. The loss of sensitivity makes the overall message difficult to hear. If there is additional damage, the listener also has to work harder to make sense of the sounds within the sentences. A speaker can be on the second or third sentence before the listener has made sense of the first, and soon the entire message is missed, prompting the familiar, “what did you say?” Having the conversation in a noisy environment will only add to the difficulty, as the brain has more difficulty now distinguishing between what the listener wants or does not want (background noise) to hear. Hearing aids are able to increase the sound volume, helping to reduce the first hurdle. However, it is much more difficult to overcome the damage to the clarity. Many times when a hearing impaired listener says, “I didn’t hear you,” it means, “I didn’t understand what you said.” The use of communication strategies, along with hearing aids, can significantly improve communication and relieve much of the stress that occurs with conversational breakdowns. Some common strategies are: 1. Get the listener’s attention before speaking. The listener can then be focused on your speech from the first word. 2. Maintain face-to-face conversation. Visual cues from the lips and face are very important for improving clarity. It’s ok that Mom is still reading lips, even with her new hearing aids. In fact, it’s recommended! 3. Minimize background noise when possible. Important speech information can reach the listener’s ear much easier without competition. Finally, when choosing a hearing instrument, it is important to understand the individual hearing loss and limitations. Every hearing loss is different in terms of degree of sensitivity loss and the clarity damage. Your audiologist can help you choose the right instrument to fit your individual needs, and help guide you with additional strategies to maximize your communication ability. At Tri-City Audiology, we look forward to helping with all your hearing health care needs.


Page 12 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017


The experienced, caring audiologists at Tri-City Audiology will be happy to help you with all your hearing health care needs. Please call the office nearest you for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you! Mesa: 480-498-2134 — Tempe: 480-498-2246 — Chandler: 480-498-2223.



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power of touch

Health Benefits of Massage: It’s Not Just About Relaxation By Ben Sackreiter LMT, Keystone Body Therapies


ver the years massage has been viewed mainly as a luxury available specifically to the higher classes, with no purpose other than relaxation. However, evidence points to the contrary. In recent years, a multitude of studies have been conducted to determine the physical effects of massage on health. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has even stated that “massage therapy can improve health and wellness through its effects on the physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual” — and that’s not all. As we already know, by bringing the body back to a relaxed state physically and emotionally, will lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as improve sleeping patterns. Just these factors alone will begin to bring the body back to its proper homeostatic state. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as massage assisting the body in healing itself. From the late 1990s to the present day, scientific papers have been written and published all over the world expressing the targeted benefits of multiple massage modalities, ranging from the effects of bodywork on anxiety and aggression in psychiatric patients (published in 2008), to the effects of massage on metastatic bone pain (also in 2008), all the way to reinforcing first-line defense in cancer patients (published in 2010).

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Using my skills and training, I have helped patient after patient improve their quality of life by educating them and giving them the tools to take their health into their own hands. – Dr. van Driel

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The results of these studies were all the same: massage has been proven to not only reduce anxiety and stress, but it is also an effective pain reliever and helps to stimulate the immune system when performed at regular intervals on the patients volunteering. From sleep disturbances, to chronic pain, all the way to chronic illness and postoperative patients, massage was a positive and effective additional treatment for a multitude of symptoms across the board. What about the cost factor? As it was stated previously, massage is widely viewed as a luxury, and for many people already under financial stress due to the cost of treatment for themselves or their families, getting a massage can appear very trivial in comparison when the payments start rolling in. Fortunately, there are options. Many people have been successful in getting insurance coverage for certain types of massage treatment, ie. Therapeutic Bodywork, Rolfing, and many similar modalities that address the application of massage on a more clinical level. Many people have received coverage for bodywork for issues as straightforward as pain management after a car accident. As this search for a more holistic resolution to managing pain and grief becomes commonplace, many massage businesses are adapting as well, creating discount programs for regular clients who are seeking treatment for themselves and their loved ones in an effort to avoid going under the knife or being prescribed medications that may only mask the problem. So, what does this mean for you? Simply put, you have options. There are still more studies being done to reveal in greater detail how massage can benefit peoples’ lives, and in what ways it affects us. If used as preventative maintenance, massage has been shown to improve health, quality of life, and our mental faculties in such a way that we spend much less time in hospital gowns and more time moving and growing and experiencing life in a relaxed, comfortable state. In the long run, regular massage treatments cost significantly less than surgeries and medications and, in some cases, may be a viable avenue to explore before engaging more invasive techniques. The effects of massage are immediate, lasting, and satisfying for you as the client. The world of medicine is ever growing and changing, and, as massage continues to grow in this field and move away from the previous mentality of upper-class luxury, we as therapists will continue to expand our knowledge and expertise for your benefit. To gain a further understanding of how massage can benefit your health, call today to schedule your free consultation with one of the therapists at Keystone Body Therapies at 480-686-8647, or book online at

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Drinking Enough Water as We Age

Dale Russell

By Dale Russell, Gardens at Ocotillo


ater is vital for the whole body and is essential for health, helping digest your food, absorb nutrients, and then get rid of the unused waste. With age, the percentage of water in the body decreases. To further complicate matters, some medicines might make it even more important to have plenty of fluids. Healthy living and providing your body with adequate water each day can actually slow down premature aging and prevent many seniors from ending up in the hospital due to dehydration. Seniors may be at a higher risk of dehydration due to decreased sense of thirst, fear of being incontinent, swallowing difficulties, and gastrointestinal disorders. In addition, an increased risk of infections, pressure sores, falls, and broken bones can be attributed to lack of proper hydration. Signs of dehydration include: • Loss of skin elasticity (skin tenting) • Concentrated urine • Dizziness • Increased heart rate • Dryness in the nose and mouth • Constipation or decreased bowel movements • Bowel discomfort • Acute confusion Water hydrates every cell and every organ in the body, including the brain. More than two-thirds of the brain is made up of water. Age can affect the body’s physical and cognitive functions. Water won’t solve this problem, but it is necessary for seniors in their daily lives. During the winter months in Arizona, when the temperatures are pleasant, people tend to be more active, but because it’s not hot outside, we don’t think about drinking enough water. It is important to make sure you and your loved one are drinking enough water and getting the exercise and activity needed for health and overall wellbeing. Resolve to make water consumption an important part of your daily routine. Drink to your health and see how much better you feel! Check with your doctor, however, if you’ve been told to limit how much you drink. At Spectrum Retirement, we know social and physical activities are important to help maintain independence as we age, so we offer a wide variety of activities for our residents’ enjoyment and participation including SpectraFit™, games, outings, special interest groups, and social get-togethers. Our community offers restaurant-style dining for our residents with plenty of options to suit both taste preferences and special diets. All of these options are available to make sure our residents are getting the food and hydration needed to better their health. For more information, visit www.GardensatOcotilloSeniorLiving. com, call 480-428-6417 or stop by and take a tour today! We are located at 1601 W Queen Creek Road in Chandler.

Tips to prevent dehydration • Drink fluids frequently throughout the day. • Take sips from a glass of water, milk, or juice between bites during meals. • Have a cup of low-fat soup as an afternoon snack. • Drink a full glass of water if you need to take a pill. • Have a glass of water before you exercise or go outside to garden or walk. • Water adds fluids to your daily routine without adding calories. • Drink beverages that do not contain added sugars. • Add citrus slices or cucumber slices to flavor water.

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feature story

Living Life Fully

Leaders in Their Fields Share Their Wisdom for Aging Gracefully


Aging is changing. The average senior is living longer, adding years and sometimes decades to life expectancy. One expectation of aging hasn’t changed — many still perceive their retirement years as being fraught with declining health and ability, full of infirmity and frailty. Just like a classic automobile, the body and mind too can age but remain timeless with some special care. Below, three Phoenix-area experts share their advice on living longer, better.


Aging Is a Part of Life, but Do We Have to Grow “Old?” By Chris James Chris James is the founder and owner of VIMTRIM. Chris has over 20 years of personal training experience and is knowledgeable of nutrition and supplementation. As a trainer, he has helped many people from all walks of life and fitness levels achieve their health and fitness goals. His training style is very articulate and detail oriented, emphasizing proper form to prevent injury and to ensure trainees get the most from their workouts. Chris can be reached at 480- 264-5120, email or visit


ou may have heard it said that age is just a number, but the reality is that we are all getting older. When thinking about aging there are several factors to consider:

Nutrition What we put into our bodies now will affect our wellbeing for years to come. The sooner healthy eating patterns are established, risk factors associated with age-related diseases are dramatically reduced. Eating clean, staying away from processed foods, avoiding preservatives, and reducing sugar intake are all important. Avoid chemical additives! If you can’t pronounce it or you don’t know what it is without a dictionary, don’t eat it. Hormones Our bodies go through many shifts in hormone levels. As a teenager, a hormonal shift causes the body to change from that of a child to that of an adult. Later in life, another more gradual, yet significant change occurs, causing reduced energy levels, hair loss, belly fat accumulation, and a loss of lean muscle. Supplementation, along with hormone replacement therapy, enables people to maintain their hormones at a more youthful level. Page 16 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017

Chris working with 100 year old client Irene; it’s never too late to stay active and take care of yourself. Exercise and lifestyle I hear people say often, “I’m getting old, my metabolism is slowing down.” Actually, the metabolic rate has less to do with age and more to do with activity levels. When I ask the question, “Are you as active now as when you were in high school?” The overwhelming answer is, “no!” Why is this? It’s called life: — we become too busy to stay physically active. I say this all the time, “If you’re too busy to take care of yourself, you’re too busy!” Do something — ride a bike, go for walks, play with your kids, go to the gym — and if you need a kick-start in the right direction, hire a personal trainer! Family and friends Ultimately, life is about the people who are in it. It’s been proven that those who have healthy relationships and friendships in their life are happier and tend to live longer!

Artsy Aging, It’s Never Too Late to Be an Artist! By Tina Ferguson

Tina proudly shows off the combined artwork of over 36 Veterans, who’s group murals of vintage war stamps adorn the walls of the Minnesota Veterans Home!

Tina Ferguson is an artist and the founder of Artsy Smartsy. Artsy Smartsy is in its 7th year of providing art classes in all mediums to seniors of all ages and abilities in order to bring fun, socialization, and creative challenge to seniors in their retired years. Tina volunteers for many senior service organizations, such as the Phoenix Alzheimer’s Foundation and Arizona’s East Valley Committee on Aging. She also speaks to healthcare professionals on the medical benefits of professional arts and aging programs. Get involved as a participant by checking the Artsy Smartsy Meetup site at, or volunteer by calling Tina at 651-334-3997 or via email at A materials donations list can found at


y 2030, seniors will be 20 percent of the population. The average life expectancy for today’s 65-year-old retired American is 17.7 years for a male and 20.3 years for a female. Both are rising! This is 17 to 20 years that active seniors have to enjoy life, participate in hobbies, travel, volunteer, and so much more. Many senior communities have been promoting healthy active living by enhancing personal growth, community building and quality of life in each of their residents by embracing these 5 dimensions of wellness: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Educational, Community & Social. High-quality professional creative art, programs, such as Artsy Smartsy can address all of these areas in just a single two-hour session! These sessions encourage creative, stimulating mental activities to bring richness to the lives of their students. Classes are fun, social, and enhance seniors’ art skills. Most importantly, they promote self-esteem and meaningful friendships between staff and residents. January 2017 — East Valley — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 17

feature story


Health Benefits of Yoga By Nicole Bruno

Nicole Bruno is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and completed her yoga teacher training at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ, which included multiple specializations. Nicole has a degree in psychology and social work from Arizona State University. Nicole is devoted to serving and honoring students in their yoga practice, offering gentle and relaxing styles which she also integrates into her dance-fitness classes. Contact Nicole at Innovative Holistic Therapy on the web at, by phone at 480-570-7317, or by email at


“We Can Do It!” 100 year old artist, Harriet, shows off her Rosie the Riveter painting! Current studies in the fields of art therapy, music therapy, and other creative modalities confirm that art can affect individuals in positive ways by inducing both psychological and physiological healing. According to Barbara Bagan, PhD, ATR-BC, “Creative art pursuits provide older adults with multiple benefits, not the least of which is enhanced cognitive function… making art offers a wide range of health benefits… helping them to realize unique potentials even when suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. We know that, in general, exercising our creative selves enhances quality of life and nurtures overall well-being.” Artsy Smartsy’s philosophy is based on the studies of Gene Cohen, MD, PhD, director of the Center on Aging, and the first researcher to conduct a national study on seniors and their quality of life. His research on art and aging found that creativity and art help individuals relax, provide a sense of control, reduce depression and anxiety, assist in socialization, encourage playfulness and a sense of humor, improve cognition, offer sensory stimulation, foster a stronger sense of identity, increase self-esteem, nurture spirituality, and reduces boredom. Page 18 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017

oga is the union between the mind and body through the breath and a revitalizing way to stay healthy, live longer, and reduce pain and fatigue. Yoga has many health benefits and taps into the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life, with benefits for all ages, shapes, and sizes. As people age, yoga is especially important to increase muscle tone, prevent cartilage or bone-density loss, and maintains the spine’s natural curvature. Yoga is helpful to the internal organs, bringing them back to homeostasis. It helps to do so by draining the lymph nodes, boosting immunity, increases heart rate and blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and increasing your mood and energy. There are various types of yoga, from yoga nidra, a slow, relaxed and “sleep-like” or meditation-type practice, to upbeat, high-intensity power yoga, chair yoga, partner yoga, aerial yoga, and acro yoga. It’s important to know your fitness level and physical limitations before starting a yoga practice. Yoga can be personalized to cater your goals, objectives, and any physical limitations. Key things to consider when starting a yoga practice include the following: • Find a safe and relaxing place to begin your practice, devoid of distractions. • Go slow. Learn the basics. • Find a supportive partner to practice with. • Ask the teacher questions or look up things you don’t understand and always be willing to learn more. • Don’t force yourself to move faster or compare yourself to other people at advanced levels. • Use modifications and props to help support your poses safely. • Remember that yoga is a practice of discipline, dedication, and consistency; not perfection.


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senior living

Five Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community

Leslie A. Davis, CDP

By Leslie A. Davis, BS, CDP, Mariposa Point of Gilbert


s aging seniors grow older, there are certain lifestyle changes that can occur. Over time, preparing meals or even maintaining a home can be challenging and may necessitate daily assistance. One option to relieve the stress of needing increased help is to reside at an assisted living community, which can provide your loved one with many benefits and eliminate those challenges. If you and your family are trying to weigh your options on whether assisted living is the right choice, here are some points to consider:


Increased quality of life An individual may still be able to perform most daily chores and they don’t need tasks done for them when they can do them for themselves just fine. The goal is to support the senior in living as independently as possible for as long as possible. Instead of worrying about all that comes with home ownership — daily housekeeping, paying multiple bills, landscaping, etc. — there is one monthly bill. Utilities, housekeeping, and cooking are all included in the rent. You can plan a day of activity or relaxation instead of worrying about those items.


Social and recreational opportunities One of the sad facts of living a longer life is that we will endure the loss of dear friends and family members. Losing lifelong relationships can lead to a more reclusive lifestyle. Many research studies show that having a socially rich life is an important part of promoting good health and positive emotions. Just like our taste buds change as we age, you may find that you enjoy an activity now that you would not have thought of doing in years past. Assisted living communities have vibrant programming with music, art, exercise, reading clubs, eating out, etc. Residents are not forced to do activities, but quality of life tends to be better for those who participate. Life just takes on more meaning when shared with others.


Minimize hazards Much research is put into the design of an assisted living community. Each will have their own personal touch, but there are some common themes you will see: wider hallways to provide space for wheelchairs or scooters, higher toilet seats, and walk-in showers to help reduce falls, emergency pull cords along with the option of a pendant than can be worn around the neck, etc. These safety items can make it much easier for an elderly person to continue living independently, while minimizing the need for additional interventions.


Rapid response to emergency situations Even with environmental safety features in place and certified caregivers working in the community 24/7, accidents can still happen. Having access to trained personnel, throughout the day and night, can mean the difference between a small incident and a lifethreatening event. In a community setting, problems can be noticed and addressed more quickly due to regular evaluations done by the nurse, and daily interaction with caregivers and other staff. Dining staff are great at noticing changes in eating behavior that can help the wellness team resolve what may be a minor issue before it becomes a more serious issue. Quick response translates into a better chance of overcoming difficulties. Page 20 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017


Customized care for each resident Perhaps the signature quality of assisted care is in its adaptability to the individual’s needs. A person who requires help with their mobilization requires a different set of support than someone who is having trouble remembering details, like when they last ate, or when their favorite TV show is coming on. Instead of losing all independence and privacy, assisted living centers make it possible to provide just the support needed for each person. An assisted living community offers a built-in social network and support group. Residents can create meaningful relationships with residents and staff. Developing fulfilling relationships can make life more meaningful for seniors, increasing their quality of life and positively impacting overall wellness. It is a difficult decision to leave the familiarity of a home you’ve lived in for any length of time and sometimes even harder to be the one making that decision for a loved one. What will ease that process is the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are safe and have someone to assist and care for them at all hours of the day and night. This reassurance allows family to focus on making the most of time spent with their loved one. Mariposa Point of Gilbert is dedicated to improving the comfort and quality of life for seniors and their families every day. Our dedicated Medical Director, Dr. Jerry Owensby, MD will be on-site every Friday to see our residents firsthand. The Health Services team includes a fulltime RN and LPN as well as Certified Caregivers and Certified Dementia Practitioners. We are taking Reservations now and are due to open this month. Be one of the first to reserve your apartment and become a Charter Member! Phone: 480-545-8900, email: mktg.mpog@ MariposaPointofGilbert. Please visit www.MariposaPointofGibert. com and our Facebook page at MariposaPointofGilbert for more information. We are located at 1445 E. Willis Road, Gilbert, AZ.

"It's hard to describe how wonderful it is to see her enjoy life again." Our memory care program helps residents engage in meaningful daily activities and regain their sense of purpose. Have peace of mind with our all-inclusive memory care pricing starting at $4,455. For more information, please call 480-428-6417. Chandler, AZ | (480) 428-6417 A SPECTRUM RETIREMENT COMMUNITY

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essential oil


4” x 9” Rack Card (General)

Gingerol: A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Rose Moeser, DC

By Rose Moeser, DC, Absolutely Chiropractic and Essential Oils


or thousands of years, the ginger root has been one of the world’s most valued spices, and continues today as a highly popular herb for traditional use. Aside from its warm, fresh, and spicy aroma, this world-wide celebrated oil delivers a wide range of benefits due to its high concentration of gingerol. Gingerol, the active constituent of ginger, is a relative of capsaicin and piperine, the compounds which give chili peppers and black pepper their respective spiciness. Ginger essential oil is steam distilled from the fresh root of the plant to ensure the highest concentration of gingerol and is sourced from its native Madagascar. Essential oil distilled from the fresh ginger root promotes overall digestive health, soothes nausea, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. When choosing an essential oil, it is important that it is free of impurities and toxins. It should be certified to be pure and therapeutic grade. Here are a few easy ways to use ginger essential oil daily: Aromatically • Place a drop in your hand and inhale during a long ride in the car on windy roads to soothe an upset stomach. Ginger is also effective when it comes to pregnancy-related nausea, such as morning sickness. • Diffuse in your office to create a warm, revitalizing, and energizing effect. • Diffuse in your home to fill the air with a fragrance that is earthy, fresh, and cleansing. Topically • Apply over the lower abdomen or bottom of the feet for a soothing massage. • Apply a drop of ginger diluted in coconut oil to reduce the day­ to­- day progression of muscle pain. Internally • Dilute in water to help soothe digestive discomfort. • Spice up your meal by adding a drop to enhance flavor. To learn more about the powerful effects of essential oils, schedule a complimentary consultation. Absolutely Chiropractic accepts Medicare, group and personal health insurance plans, medpay, and personal injury liens. We have packages available at a great savings for our clients who are paying out-of-pocket for wellness care. We are your healthcare advocates, let us take care of you and your loved ones every step of the way. Visit or call 480-207-6489 for your complimentary consultation today and ask for Dr. Rose Moeser.

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PLEASE EXAMINE YOUR PROOF(S) CLOSELY: We rely on our customers to review th

straight teeth

Benefits Beyond a Confident Smile

Chase Davis, DDS

By Chase Davis, DDS, Chandler Dental


any are surprised to learn the benefits of straight teeth extend beyond having a nice, confident smile. Although, as your dentist, I care if you have the smile and confidence you deserve. I also want that smile to be long lasting and functional. Crowded teeth do not allow proper attachment of gums to seal the teeth from bacteria and debris. Unfortunately, this causes gums to turn bright, shiny red, swollen, and become infected, which are all signs of periodontal disease and gingivitis. Rotated and malpositioned teeth make keeping teeth clean more difficult, which can also cause bad breath, heavier plaque retention, and greater risk for cavities. In addition to the oral health difficulties with crowded teeth, the American Dental Association research indicates additional health concerns caused by bacteria retained in our mouths and underneath our gums. Some of these diseases include strokes, pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Conventional braces with metal brackets and wires are typically the first thought that comes to mind when we think of straightening teeth. This is a great option for kids and teenagers due to compliance

and some cases of severe malocclusion. Placing brackets on teeth will trap more food and debris. Without proper oral hygiene, this can accelerate periodontal disease or tooth decay. We have all heard the commercials about Invisalign, but many do not understand the simplicity of this treatment option. The comfortable and clear aligners gently and gradually begin to move your teeth into the proper position. The beauty of Invisalign is that the trays are removable and keeping teeth cleaned are as easy (or easier since they will be getting more straight) as it was before Invisalign. Every two weeks, the aligners are switched out for new ones. There are no eating restrictions, and you can even eat with the aligners in. As you straighten your teeth with Invisalign, we can also whiten them at the same time which allows you to have a great white, straight, confident smile the day treatment is finished. Thanks to new technology and the many solutions that make teeth straightening more comfortable, it’s easier now than in the history of braces to have a healthy smile. Schedule a complimentary consult to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign or braces. Call today, 480-917-8400 or visit chandlerdental. com. Chandler’s preferred Invisalign provider.

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About Care Home Care No Fuss, Safe, and Affordable In-Home Care


business profile

fter eight years with a nationwide home care franchise, Ronnie and Greg Deane wanted to simplify care for seniors aging in place. Ronnie, having been a geriatric skilled nurse for over 30 years, and Greg, possessing an MBA and B.S. in Human Resources and Management, decided to pool their collective experience to create a better home care experience for all parties involved: patients, care givers, and family. Thus, they created About Care. What Greg and Ronnie most wanted to improve upon in home care was transparency in pricing for patients. They found that home care nursing services look affordable to clients and family, but can be deceptively expensive. There seemed to be a surfeit of extra, add-on expenses and hidden costs, such as weekend rates, mileage surcharges, and other concealed expenses that gave the illusion of affordability to the patient. About Care resolved to not only publish their prices, so all patients could be assured they were being charged fairly and consistently with other patients as well as knowing exactly what they were being charged for. About Care uses a fixed-rate price structure for their services, so patients are not subject to rate fluctuations and surcharges for the services that they require. Having both been engaged in service professions most of their lives, Ronnie as a nurse and Greg in the Air Force, they know the difference that employing experienced, dedicated staff members can make, especially when it comes to health care. Because home health workers operate with little supervision, their levels of experience and professionalism are of the utmost importance to the care of the patient and the reputation of their organization. About Care not only seeks to employ health care professionals, but it also pays them a higher percentage of patient fees than other home health services. Experience matters, as does being paid commensurate with the caregiver’s personal level of experience; many professions reward higher degrees of expertise with higher pay. Higher compensation also motivates employees and helps to ensure their happiness — if they feel appreciated and fairly compensated, they will do better work and make stronger commitments to quality service. After all, patients want to feel taken care of, so Greg and Ronnie want their care takers to feel taken care of. Providing experienced and affordable care with transparency can also save patients money and inconvenience. Just as exercising and eating right early in life

Office Staff L – R: Rachel Smith, Beth Westover, Dana Gammons and Greg Deane can prevent many health care complications later on, receiving the right care at the right time can prevent urgent health situations in the future. Receiving home health care can reduce patient need for urgent care or emergency room visits by having a health professional on hand to treat or diagnose a problem before it becomes an emergency, saving on costly health care visits. Having an About Care professional in the home gives concerned family a point of communication about their elder’s status, and can make sure they have peace of mind, knowing their loved one is looked after. Perhaps one of the greatest costreducing elements of home care is that patients get to remain at home where they are not only more comfortable and happy, but they avoid the great expense incurred by taking up residence in an assisted living home. Not only can a home health professional provide one-on-one service not available in a large care facility, but their undivided attention provides care tailored specifically to each senior served and is no more obtrusive to living life freely than required by the patient’s needs. About Care hopes to be your simple, affordable, and accredited choice for providing in-home health care for an aging loved one. With their streamlined structure, you can arrange for services and be visited by one of their licensed CNAs or other certified caregivers the very same day. About Care wants to serve you and your elder with expertise, giving you peace of mind and leaving you with nothing to worry about.

About Care Home Care is your professional and affordable choice to stay in your own home! Call today at 480-999-7000. Page 24 — Healthy Cells Magazine — East Valley — ­ January 2017


The Year of Loving Yourself Submitted by Derma Health self enables you to get rid of all the insecurities which lead to a happier and healthier family life. Once you have fallen in love with yourself, you would be able to look at people, things, and life in general in a whole different fashion. All of it will appear to be more appealing and beautiful to you. You’d learn to appreciate the little things in life. That is a commendable New Year’s resolution, to say the least.


hile half of the nation has committed themselves to a year of resolutions, it is the perfect time for you to make the yearlong commitment to loving the person you are in this exact moment. Learning self-love and self-acceptance can lead to a healthier and happier life. Remember that there is a major difference in self-acceptance and narcissism. Since giving and receiving is a major part of love, if you are willing to let yourself have enough of it, you’d be willing to share it with your family and friends as well. More often than not, people are crazed about making New Year’s resolutions and listing all the things that they’d like to change about themselves. Be it a physical change, a mental one, or perhaps the things that they would like to change about their personality. Somehow, the trend has made us all believe that it’s a good idea to consistently strive for a change which, in some way, is an implication of the fact that we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin. Why is it that all of us has an ideal mental image of ourselves that is significantly different from what we are as a person? It’s in a matter of days now that we will be welcoming the new year. It is understandable for you to be excited about all the New Year’s resolutions as part of the trend. For a change, this year, what if you make a unique New Year’s resolution about accepting yourself the way you are? Instead of listing the things that you would like to change about yourself, why not list your imperfections and find a way toward accepting and embracing all of your imperfections. Why not make a new year’s resolution this year to be comfortable in your own skin? Self-love ensures that you are totally aware of your positive and negative sides, that you accept all of them completely and are comfortable in your skin. It doesn’t mean that you will stop putting in the effort to improve yourself, it just means that you would stop loathing yourself along the way of improvement. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love charismatic and confident people? Once you focus on accepting and loving yourself the way you are, you’ll build up a confidence and charisma in your personality that’ll attract a lot of approval from the people around you as well. Last but not the least, self-acceptance has a lot to do with leading a happy life. Self-loathing is a negative attitude that doesn’t only affect you but the people around you as well. Accepting your-

Derma Health Skin & Laser focuses on helping our patients focus on beauty from the inside out! Come in and visit us today for your free Three-Tiered Skin Consultation ($129.00 Value) and receive a credit of $100 toward your first treatment or 10 free units of BOTOX (must purchase a minimum of 25 Units). Call us today to get scheduled at one of our five Valley locations — Chandler, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Paradise Valley, and Glendale. 602-903-3011.

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under the weather

Facts and Myths About the Flu Submitted by Banner Health Myth The flu shot will protect you from all forms of the flu. Fact The annual flu vaccine includes three strains of the virus that are predicted to be active that year. However, should you be exposed to a type of flu not included in the shot, you could still get sick. Myth I do not need the flu vaccine every year. Fact Getting the flu shot each year compounds its benefit for your immunity. Your body will build up resistance to many different strains of the virus over time. Myth People with egg allergies cannot get a flu shot. Fact Consult your physician. It depends on how allergic you are. For most people with mild sensitivity to eggs, the flu vaccine shouldn’t be a problem. You could also ask your doctor if the nasal vaccine would be appropriate for you.

Myth The flu is just a real bad cold, it’s not dangerous. Fact The flu can be very dangerous and can cause complications, even death. Over a period of 30 years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that deaths from the flu ranged from a low of 3,000 to a high of 49,000. There’s nothing like chicken soup when you are feeling under the weather. This chicken soup recipe is packed with nutrition and a nice, zesty lemony punch.

Chicken Orzo Soup Ingredients: ¼ pound ¼ cup 2 2 ½ 1 ¼ tsp Salt & pepper 1 32 oz ¼ cup ¼ pound 8 oz

orzo pasta — cooked olive oil carrots — peeled and chopped celery stalks — peeled and chopped white onion — diced shallot — minced dried Italian seasoning to taste bay leaf low-sodium chicken broth fresh lemon juice boneless skinless chicken breast — diced or cooked rotisserie breast skinned and chopped. fresh spinach

Directions: • Bring large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add orzo and cook until partially cooked through. Do not overcook. Drain and rinse with cold water until completely cooled. Drizzle lightly with olive oil to avoid sticking and set aside. • Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add diced chicken and allow to brown and cook through 5-7 min. Add carrots, celery, and onion cook 5-7 minutes. Add shallot, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. Cook another 30 seconds and add chicken broth and bay leaf. Bring to a boil and reduce to medium–low, and simmer about 10-15 minutes. • Stir in orzo, lemon juice. Add spinach and cook until lightly wilted. • At service, ladle into bowls and top with Parmesan cheese. Note: If cooked chicken is used, add it in with the chicken stock to heat through. Makes 6 servings. Sources available upon request.

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