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Sept 2009 - Aug 2010

Catalogue No 20

The HEALTHY HOUSE Ltd Relieving allergies since 1991

Look inside for: • information on allergies and sensitivities • an even wider range of products to relieve your allergies and ideas to make your home healthier • three NEW product sections

For Allergies and Sensitivities • Asthma • Rhinitis • Hay Fever • Mould • Dust Mite • Pet • Eczema • S.A.D. • Electrical Sensitivity • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ...bringing knowledge and products together to improve the quality of life for allergy sufferers.


History of The Healthy House A I R

The Healthy House is a family business established in 1991 to provide information and products for people suffering from allergies and sensitivities. The Skeltons, founders of The Healthy House, have considerable personal experience of the effects of allergies with all members of the family suffering to some extent from chemical sensitivity, hay fever, pet, food or dust mite allergies.


This year we have added to the allergy information with a small section on what to do if you suffer from a particular allergy. Reducing your symptoms and coping with allergies is an ongoing process and a few simple changes to begin with can make a significant difference to how you feel. We have a selection of new products this year including a new FiltreteTM air purifier, the Air Tamer A400 car air purifier and the new wearable Air TamerTM A300, some gorgeous new silk bedding, and other products that you will find throughout the catalogue.

In 1991 there was very little understanding of the effects of allergies. This has gradually changed as the incidence of asthma, eczema and chemical sensitivity has increased and there is an even greater demand for good quality products and information to help allergy sufferers.


As our product range has increased, so too has our breadth of knowledge, expertise and understanding of allergy sufferers’ needs. The Healthy House continues to expand. Although we are growing in size we retain our original ethos - to provide high quality information and safe products for people with allergies and environmental sensitivities.


Relieving allergies since 1991 and helping you feel so much better

Welcome to Catalogue 20

Sept 2009 - Aug 2010

Since our last catalogue the world has changed. The economy has entered a deep recession and this has affected us all. With this in mind we have been looking very closely at the products we provide, making sure that they offer you good value for money.



We have also added three new sections. Baby and Child: Reducing a baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals reduces the load on his immune system so we have chosen a basic range of organic bedding, clothing and toiletries. Therapeutic Products: This section includes some very useful products particularly for women and the LegCare magnetic wrap for men and women. Pet Corner: It is surprising how many pets are allergic and how many of their owners prefer to use natural products that neither they nor their pet will react to! We aim to keep our prices as low as possible. Many prices have remained the same and some have even been reduced. We have also added some special sets at a 10% saving. If there have to be price increases during the year we will notify you when you order, prior to despatching your goods. We are here to help you. At The Healthy House you can speak to a friendly, knowledgeable advisor from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can place an order over the telephone or online at any time, day or night. If you leave a message with our 24hr message service we WILL call you back at the earliest opportunity.

With our personal experience of allergies, chemical sensitivity and electromagnetic stress, we choose products that can help alleviate your allergy symptoms and encourage a healthier indoor environment. Our broad range encompasses most allergy needs. We are very careful to ensure that the


products we offer are not only effective but also that they do not introduce other contaminants into your environment. We do not make exaggerated claims and include as much information as possible so that you can make your own informed choice, bearing in mind your own needs and sensitivities. If you have access to the Internet you will find further information and some customer reviews on many of the products.

We would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for your support over the past year. We hope that we can continue to help you in the coming year. To those of you for whom this is your first Healthy House catalogue, we welcome you and hope to build the same supportive relationship with you that we have with many of our customers. With very best wishes for a happy and healthy year, Maxima and Don Skelton

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Solving Your Allergy Problems Knowing where to start is half the battle How to use the Healthy House Catalogue Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when an allergy or sensitivity has been diagnosed. We offer a wide selection of products and we want to help you to choose the most effective products for your situation. All the pages in the catalogue are coded so that if you suffer from a particular condition you can simply look through the catalogue and see which pages have products that might be of interest to you. You will also find some information on specific conditions and allergies throughout the catalogue. With most allergies there are several products that do more or less the same job and also products that complement each other.

Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Rhinitis and Hay Fever We offer a wide range of products including dust mite protection, air purifiers, humidity control and more. Further information is on page 18.


Mould Allergy Mould allergy can M be very frustrating O and debilitating. There are products U and lifestyle L changes that will D help you. Further information on page 14.

Dust Mite Allergy Dust mite allergy needs a multifaceted approach. We have many products that will help you and further information on pages 23 and 24.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity We suffer from chemical sensitivity M ourselves so have plenty of experience. C We are very careful S about the products we choose but please read the information carefully on each product as sensitivities are so individual. For further information please see page 33.

New Sections A I R

Baby and Child Section - pages 37 - 40

Skin Irritation and Eczema


Natural and organic creams and lotions, gloves and much more for eczema. For further information please see page 41.



Electrical Sensitivity and Protection Electrical sensitivity is affecting a E growing number L of people each E year. We offer a C wide range of products for measuring and for protection. You don’t need to be electrically sensitive to benefit from these products! For further information please see page 63.


Pet Corner - for allergic pets page 51


Seasonal Affective Disorder Light therapy for S.A.D. can significantly help reduce symptoms. For further information please see page 70.



Visit our website Don’t forget to look at our website. You will find lots of information there as well as some extra products and offers.

Therapeutic Products - page 49

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Air Purification and How to Choose an Air Purifier Helping you decide on the best air purifier for your situation and your home Many everyday activities in the home such as dusting, vacuuming, cooking, smoking, cleaning and burning an open fire or wood stove can increase concentrations of airborne particles and chemicals. Because many modern houses are now virtually draft free it means that there is very little circulation of air. The particles and vapours that build up can seriously affect your health particularly if you suffer from hay fever, asthma, rhinitis, eczema or multiple chemical sensitivity. The pollution levels found in many modern homes can be several times higher than the pollution level found on a busy road.


What to consider when choosing a room air purifier?


In order for you to choose the correct air purifier for your situation you need to consider certain factors. • What do you need to remove from the air? • Are you trying to remove a specific allergen, or resolve a particular symptom? • What is the size of the room that you will usually be using the air purifier in? • Do you need to be able to move the air purifier from one room to another?


Air purifiers use various types of filters:

Pre-filters M C S

The function of a pre-filter is to remove large particles.

Particle filters Particle filters are used to remove particles from the air. These include dust, dust mite fragments and debris, pollens, pet dander, smoke particles and mould spores. Particle filters are either HEPA or Electrostatic.


1. HEPA filters - (High Efficiency Particulate Air) These filters are usually pleated and are very dense – in fact as the filters are used they become denser and more effective until they get clogged up and need to be replaced. A true HEPA filter will remove 99.7% of particles down to 0.3 microns. (A micron is 1/25,000 of an inch. 99% of airborne particles measure 1 micron or less.) Depending on the size of the filter, they can last for several years before they need to be replaced. Because they are so dense they filter very fine particles though the through-put of air is less than with the 3M electrostatic filters. The PermatechTM HEPA filter is a permanent filter that is designed to be vacuumed every few months to keep it clean.


2. FiltreteTM Electrostatic filters - The 3M air purifiers use a Filtrete electrostatic filter that acts like a magnet attracting particles of all sizes. This is less dense than a HEPA filter which means that up to 30% more air can pass through it, giving it a higher CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate).

Chemical and odour filters Chemical and odour filters are used to remove chemical pollutants and odours from the air. These can be useful for anyone suffering from respiratory problems but are particularly necessary for chemically sensitive people or for anyone living where pollution levels are high, either from traffic pollution or from chemical sprays used in a rural setting. 1. Carbon filters - Carbon filters are usually used alongside particle filters and many of our HEPA air purifiers also use a carbon filter. The carbon filter helps to filter out odours and nuisance level vapours. The carbon removes chemicals to a certain extent but the removal is selective. Carbon will remove some formaldehyde. Carbon filters usually need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months depending on their size and the contamination level. 2. Plasma and Titanium Dioxide - Plasma and Titanium Dioxide work together to remove viruses, bacteria and chemicals. 3. UV lamp - A UV lamp kills microorganisms and is often used to activate the Titanium filter medium.

Ionisers Positively charged dust particles become suspended in the air. Ionisers put negative ions into the air that cause positively charged particles to drop. Ionisers also refresh the air, balancing the proportion of positive and negative ions. Some ionisers create a tiny amount of ozone, others create no ozone.

Air sterilisers Air sterilisers work by actually incinerating airborne pollutants and are particularly effective for mould allergy. An air steriliser works by convection and does not use a fan to move the air through the unit. Consequently the air movement is significantly less.

Ozone There are also air purifiers on the market that actually use ozone to destroy pollutants. Groundlevel ozone is a poisonous air pollutant with harmful effects on the respiratory system. Ozone is a very unstable chemical and we do not offer these due to the levels of ozone created and because many of our customers can be affected by ozone.

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) Some air purifiers have a CADR number which indicates the volume of filtered air delivered by the air cleaner. Where a unit has not been tested for CADR no figures are given. There are three CADR classifications - pollen, tobacco smoke and dust. The higher the numbers, the faster the unit filters the air and the larger the room size the air purifier will effectively clean.

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AIRFREE P60, P80 & P125


Air Purifier Comparison Chart


























3 10

3 14

3 34

3 16

3 10

















3 16


 4 48 silent 16-47 N/A

 3 28

3 28

N/A 24,32,50

























48w 45,45,50w

2 12

3 20

3 12












55.5w 55.5w 176.8w 54.2w 36w


42-61 30-55 30-55

Particles* Dust mite faeces, pollen, mould spores, pet allergen and pet dander. Mould** The machines marked actually incinerate the mould spores and reduce the growth of mould rather than trap the mould spores in a filter. Mould Capture*** All machines with HEPA or electrostatic filters will trap mould spores. Chemicals**** Activated carbon will remove some chemicals and odours. The machines designed for comprehensive removal of chemicals are the Siesta and the HM685 Plasma.


FiltreteTM Air Purifiers from 3M Clean your air faster, making you feel better sooner Since introducing the FiltreteTM air purifiers from 3M a couple of years ago, they have been hugely successful. We are now pleased to offer the latest addition to the range, the FiltreteTM Ultra Quiet.


As we all know allergies are widespread and at some time in their life 1 in 4 people suffer from some form of allergy. Every year the number of allergy sufferers increases by about 5% with as many as half of them being children. Without even realising it, we all breathe air which contains millions of microscopic dust, pollen and mould spore particles. It’s these particles, along with a host of others, that cause allergic reactions including asthma and hay fever, which affect so many people in the UK today.


FiltreteTM air purifiers offer first class performance for a range of airborne contaminants. In some recent research by 3M, tests at the University of Reading showed that dead skin cells, dust mite debris and mould spores are “highly prevalent” in our homes. The testing panel were very pleased with the results. One parent stated:


“I was a bit sceptical at first but now that we’ve had an improvement in my son’s asthma and a reduction in the use of his inhalers I am completely sold on the product.”

FiltreteTM Air Purifiers  Relieve the symptoms caused by airborne allergens  Offer 30% higher CADR* (clean air delivery rate) than an

equivalent size HEPA filter so that your air is cleaner faster and you feel better sooner  Filter out smoke, bacteria, fungus, pollens, virus, pet dander, dust and dust mite allergens so that you breathe clean air  Standard, Large and Ultra Slim come with a free replacement filter The Ultra Clean and Ultra Quiet air purifiers use a Filtrete electrostatic filter, which is 99.9% effective at removing pollen, dust mite allergen, mould spores and pet dander. It also captures household dust, bacteria and particles that carry odours and particles that can carry viruses, smoke and smog.

How the electrostatic filter works As the air passes through the electrostatic air filter it produces friction that creates a natural electrostatic charge between the polypropylene and the layers of bonded polyester fibres. The electrostatic charge attracts minute household dust and other particles to the electrostatic filters like a magnet. An electrostatic filter is effective at capturing particles down to 0.1 micron. The 3M electrostatic filters are completely ozone free.

Another commented:

“My son’s asthma improved to the point where we were able to significantly reduce the use of the corticosteroid inhaler. His dermatitis improved, as did the itchy nose, eyes and wheezing. I think the difference was very noticeable after I sent the filter back for testing. I didn’t have a replacement filter and within 3 or 4 days of not using the Filtrete air purifier I noticed my son was wheezy in the mornings and has needed to use his ventolin inhaler more...”


New filter prior to use

Filter after 10 weeks of use

FiltreteTM Ultra Quiet The FiltreteTM Ultra Quiet air purifier doesn’t have to be loud to be effective. Designed for small bedrooms or home offices. • Small room size: 10m2 • Electrostatic filter - replace every 3 months of constant use • Filter change timer included • 3 speed settings • Max. power consumption 55.5w • Measures 47.6x35.4x18.3cm • Weighs 4kg • Two year guarantee • British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval • Combined CADR: 278m3/hr • CADR m3/hr: Pollen: 94, Tobacco Smoke: 113, Dust: 71 FUQ FUCSRF

Ultra Quiet Replacement Filter

* Please see page 4 for information on CADR.



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£99.99 £14.99

FiltreteTM Air Purifiers from 3M Remove up to 24% more pollen and 12% more dust than a HEPA filter* “For the past 2 years my 4 year old daughter has suffered from allergic rhinitis with constant coughing often to the point of being sick. My Large Filtrete arrived yesterday and I was amazed at the instant improvement. A full nights sleep for all of us and this morning my daughter exclaimed ‘I slept all night didn’t I Mummy?’.“ L.A.

Best seller Filtrete



with FREE filter

D U S T with FREE filter

with FREE filter

Standard Ultra Clean

Large Ultra Clean

Ultra Slim

The Standard Ultra Clean is ideal for a small to medium sized bedroom, office or living area.

The Large Ultra Clean is a large unit! Please check dimensions before ordering. It is ideal for a medium to large sized bedroom, office or living area and is one of our best selling units.

The sleek Ultra Slim is suitable for a medium sized room and designed to fit up against a wall.

• • • • • • • • • •

Small/medium room size: 14m2 Electrostatic filter - replace every 6 months 3 speed settings, quiet on low setting Max. power consumption 55.5w Measures 55x39.5x20cm Weighs 5.6kg Two year guarantee British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval Combined CADR: 582m3/hr* CADR m3/hr: Pollen: 225, Tobacco Smoke: 167, Dust: 189


Standard with Free Filter Replacement Filter

£129.99 £14.99

* Please see page 4 for information on CADR.

• • • • • • • • • •

Large room size: 34m2 Electrostatic filter - replace every 6 months 3 speed settings, quiet on low setting Max. power consumption 176.8w Measures 70.5x50.8x23.6cm Weighs 8.39kg Two year guarantee British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval Combined CADR 1358m3/hr* CADR m3/hr: Pollen: 486, Tobacco Smoke: 467, Dust: 405


Large with Free Filter Replacement Filter

£159.99 £17.99


Medium room size: 16m2 Electrostatic filter Filter change indicator 3-6 months 3 speed settings, quiet on low setting Automatic air quality sensor monitors (gas, vapour and odour) • Night light and programmable timer • Ioniser (can be on or off) • Max. power consumption 54.2w • Measures 60x43.5x8cm • Weighs 8.3kg • Two year guarantee • British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval • Combined CADR 598m3/hr* • CADR m3/hr: Pollen: 216, Tobacco Smoke: 186, Dust: 186

• • • • •


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Ultra Slim with Free Filter Replacement Filter

£189.99 £14.99


HEPA Air Purifiers Remove airborne particles such as pollen, mould spores, dust and dust mite particles, and pet dander A I R


Bionaire BAP242

Premi-air AP281

 Helps relieve your symptoms caused

 Helps relieve your symptoms caused

by airborne allergens


by airborne allergens

 Can be used upright or horizontally

so that it fits in awkward spaces  Contains HEPA/carbon filter to remove particles and smells • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Small room size: 10m2 3 speed settings Quiet on the low setting Ioniser can be turned on or off Takes one filter Replace filter annually Independently controlled ioniser Max. power consumption 36w Measures 25x33x13.5cm Weighs 2.38kg British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval One year guarantee CADR combined: 322m3/hr CADR m3/hr: Pollen: 110 Tobacco Smoke: 119, Dust: 93

BAP242 BAPF30-1

Bionaire Compact Air Purifier £49.99 Filter for BAP242x1 £13.95

Filters for Bionaire Air Purifiers The Bionaire BAP filters fit the following units: BAP 242 and BAP 412 take one filter each. BAP 422 and 830RC take two filters each. Save £4.00 on a pack of four filters. BAPF30-1 BAPF30-2 BAPF30-4


Replacement Filter (x1) Replacement Filters (x2) Replacement Filters (x4)

£13.95 £27.90 £51.80

 HEPA/carbon filter removes pollen,

Bionaire BAP1550 with PermatechTM

dust, smoke and some odours so you breathe clean air  Fits in small spaces

 Helps relieve your symptoms caused

by airborne allergens  Permanent HEPA filter means no

filters to replace saving you both time and money • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Medium room size: 16m2 3 speed settings Quiet on low setting Remote control Independently controlled ioniser Filter change indicator Max. power consumption 90w Measures 68x26x15cm Weighs 4.35kg British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval Two year guarantee CADR combined: 558m3/hr CADR m3/hr: Pollen: 186 Tobacco Smoke: 186, Dust: 186


Bionaire Permatech


This is a really good little economical unit to use in a small bedroom or even on your desk. The combined HEPA/carbon filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns and removes smoke and odours from the air. The special silver coating within the filter kills most bacteria on contact. The unit also has a built-in ioniser to balance the positive charge in the air. Replace the filter once a year. • • • • • • • • •

Small/medium room size: 12m2 2 speed settings 1,2 and 4 hour timer Quiet on low setting Built-in ioniser Max. power consumption 30w Measures 31x24x12.5cm Weighs 1.7kg One year guarantee

AP281 AP281F

HEPA/Carbon Air Purifier HEPA/Carbon Filter

£35.99 £13.99

Bionaire Air Purifier “... after using this air purifier for only one day, these symptoms have vanished! The air feels much fresher in general and with the added bonus of an ioniser the whole family is benefiting from cleaner air. Would highly recommend ...” S.L.

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HEPA Air Purifiers Reduce the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and pet allergy caused by airborne particles Premi-air HM681 HEPA Air Purifier - Save £30.00 Best seller HEPA

 HEPA filter alleviates the symptoms of airborne allergy by

removing 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns: dust mite faeces, pet allergen, mould spores  The carbon filter helps to remove smoke and odours leaving you with cleaner air  Remote control and 5 stage filtration for extra protection The 5 stage filtration consists of: 1 Washable pre-filter 2/3 2 part filter (HEPA and carbon) 4 Herbal sterilisation filter to remove bacteria 5 An independently controlled ioniser • • • • • • • • • • •


Premi-air HM68801RC

Large room size: 20m2 3 speed settings 2, 4 and 8 hour timer Quiet on the low setting Automatic setting adjusts fan speed according to contaminants HEPA/carbon filter - replace 6-12 mos Herbal antibacterial filter - replace annually Max. power consumption 40w Measures 45.3x21.5x32cm Weighs 4.7kg One year guarantee

HM681 HM681HC HM681AB


HM681 HEPA Air Purifier HEPA/Carbon Filter Herbal Antibacterial Filter

usually £109.99 £14.99 £17.99

Special Offer £79.99

 Helps alleviate the symptoms of airborne allergy  Multi-stage filtration includes HEPA filter to remove 99.99%

of particles down to 0.3 microns, carbon filter to remove odours and washable pre-filter  Ioniser adds negative ions to the air so that you feel refreshed Ideal for a small bedroom, office or living area. This air purifier can be placed vertically or horizontally. It has a digital display and remote control. • • • • •

Small/medium room size: 12m2 Quiet on low setting Ioniser can be on or off Max. power consumption 40w Weighs 2.7kg

HM68801RC HM688SH

• • • • •

3 speed settings 1,2,4 and 8 hour timer Replace filters annually Measures 30x30x17.5cm One year guarantee

HM68801RC HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control HEPA/Carbon Filter

Filter Reminder Service

Usually an air purifier is more effective if you leave it running on a low speed all the time. You will be amazed at how dirty the filters get even if you live in a relatively pollutant free area. These are the particles that would otherwise be floating around in the air and getting into your lungs and nasal passages.

Using our Filter Reminder Service is a great way to remember to change the filters on your air purifier. When you buy an air purifier from The Healthy House we will send you a reminder based on the manufacturer’s instructions as to when a particular filter needs to be replaced. Do remember that, as with any machine, an air purifier should be kept clean and maintained according to the User Manual. Filters have a specific life and need to be replaced accordingly. Usually carbon filters need to be replaced more often than a HEPA or electrostatic filter. Some pre-filters are now washable.

Air purifiers should not be used whilst building work is going on as the fine dust will quickly clog the filter and may harm the machine. Allow the building dust to settle once the work has been completed and then turn on the air purifier.


£65.99 £14.99

Tips when using an air purifier

If you suffer from hay fever and keep your window open, make sure that the air purifier is positioned between you and the window.


If the pollution level is very high you may find that your filter needs replacing sooner than expected.

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Siesta Air Purifiers The ultimate choice for removal of bacteria and viruses, chemicals and all types of particles Siesta Flash Streamer A I R




 Destroys bacteria and viruses and sterilises the air helping

to keep you healthy  Reduces the symptoms of chemical sensitivity by cleaning the

air of chemicals that other air purifiers leave behind, helping to make you feel better  Relieves symptoms caused by dust, particles, pollens, moulds, and pet dander One of our most effective, silent and user friendly air purifiers with 8 stage filtration. This really is the Rolls Royce of all air purifiers. Please see the “How it works” box below. The Automatic setting is virtually silent and leaves the machine to boost itself up as and when it needs to to maintain clean air. • • • • • •

Large room size: up to 48m2 • Silent on Automatic setting. Remote control • Available in two colour options Power consumption 8-55w • Measures 53.3x42.5x21.2cm Weighs 8.7kg • One year guarantee British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval Air flow 60m3 per hour on Automatic, up to 420m3 on Turbo setting

The Siesta Flash Streamer can be left on 24 hours a day and should not disturb sleep or other activities. This is important as clean air is of the utmost importance while we are resting. Even if you think the air in your house is clean, you will be amazed at how much very fine dust has settled on the prefilter. This is what you would have ingested into your lungs. The running cost, if the unit is left on automatic continuously, is only pennies a day. It comes complete with filters including 7 sheets of pleated particle filter. Each sheet will last for up to 10 months though this will depend upon the level of contaminants and whether the unit is on constantly or not. Before using your Siesta for the first time, we recommend that you run it in a separate room for a couple of days to rid it of its new smell. All air purifiers should be kept clean. The Siesta pre-filter should be washed or vacuumed regularly and the unit kept clean. There is an indicator that will alert you as to when the particle filter needs to be replaced. Please note that the Flash Streamer will remove smoke particles but does not remove carbon monoxide. FS7W FS7S FS7F FS7B

Siesta Flash Streamer White/Silver Siesta Flash Streamer Silver/Blue Particle Filters (7 sheets) Bio-Antibody Filter (replace once a year)

£315.00 £315.00 £74.99 £37.99

“I couldn’t get through the hay fever season or cope with my M.C.S. without my Siesta and the great thing is it doesn’t disturb my sleep.” E.S.


Best seller for chemicals

How it works: Dirty air enters the unit. Stage 1. The Pre-filter captures large dust particles and pet hair. Germs are removed by the Catechin component of this filter, an antibacterial substance derived from tea leaves. Stage 2. The next stage is the Bio-Antibody filter. This gauze-like filter acts by disabling airborne viruses. They are absorbed by this filter and then quickly removed. Stage 3. The Plasma Ioniser positively charges dust and pollen particles so that they stick to the negatively charged electrostatic filter. Stage 4. High speed electrons are generated by the Flash Streamer Discharge Unit. These electrons powerfully break down odours and pollutants such as exhaust gas, diesel exhaust particles and VOCs (including formaldehyde) into harmless by-products. Stage 5. The negatively charged Electrostatic Dust Collection filter absorbs positively charged dust and pollen and collects odours. Stage 6. The Titanium Apatite (a mineral compound) on the other side of filter 5 now breaks down the odours collected on the front side. Bacteria, mould spores and viruses are also absorbed and thoroughly removed. Stage 7. The final filter is the Streamer Deodourising Catalyst. Odours are powerfully removed by the synergistic effect of the Flash Streamer, deodourising the air and decomposing any final remaining harmful elements. Stage 8. The purified air finally passes through the fan and back into the room - clean, purified air.

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Air Purifiers for Chemical Removal Ideal if you are chemically sensitive or suffer from hay fever or allergic rhinitis A400 Air TamerTM Car Ionic Air Purifier

Premi-air HM685P Plasma


 Destroys bacteria and viruses and sterilises the air helping to

 Cleans the air of atomic size pollutants including

keep you healthy  Neutralises chemicals and VOCs including formaldehyde helping to reduce symptoms of MCS  Absorbs harmful gases and odours

smog, viruses, bacteria and VOCs creating cleaner, healthier air inside your car  Also helps to remove smoke, dust, mould, pollen, dust mite allergen and pet dander  Plugs directly into the 12-volt socket on your dashboard

The HM685P Plasma unit is great for the removal of chemicals and other airborne contaminants including particles. It has a 5 stage filtration system: Stage 1. Pre-filter captures large dust particles and pet hair. Replace every 6-12 months. Stage 2. UV Lamp - kills microorganisms and supplements the titanium filter medium. Replace every 2 years. Stages 3-4. Active Carbon and Titanium Oxide (TIO2) absorbs harmful gases and odours. Replace annually. Stage 5. Plasma Generator generates positive and negative ions to destroy bacteria and viruses and sterilise the air. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Medium/large room size: 28m2 3 speed settings Quiet on the low setting 2,4 and 8 hour timer 5 Stage Filter System Independently controlled ioniser Airflow up to 200m3 per hour Remote control Built-in anti-tilt safety mechanism Max. power consumption 50w Measures 67.9x18.4x18.5cm Base dimensions 26cm diameter Weighs 5kg One year guarantee


HM685 Plasma Air Purifier Replacement Pre-Filter for HM685P Replacement Carbon and Titanium Filter Replacement UV Lamp

£149.99 £14.99 £29.99 £19.99

Allergy Tip If you suffer from chemical sensitivity we recommend that you keep your air purifier running constantly. This will help to minimise the pollutants in the indoor air. Though the air purifiers that are designed to remove chemicals will be constantly cleaning the air they cannot prevent items from offgassing. If you have purchased something that is offgassing and causing you problems place the air purifier between the offending item and yourself to maximise its effect.

Travelling by car can expose you to a number of pollutants from both inside and outside the vehicle. These include exhaust fumes from other vehicles and offgassing from materials inside your own vehicle as well as pollens, bacteria and viruses.



The A400 car air purifier uses a carbon fibre brush system to emit healthy negative ions into the air within the cabin of your car. These attach themselves to allergens and pollutants and negatively charge them. These negatively charged particles repel each other and fly away from your breathing space. They then get attracted by the closest positively charged surface rather than being breathed in by you or other passengers in the car. The Remote Ion Emitter clips to your vehicle’s air vent harnessing the fan’s power to improve ion dispersion and cleaning performance. The A400 itself plugs into the 12 volt socket on your dashboard. The A400 effectively cleans up to 2.8m3 of air (this is the volume of air in a typical car) when used in conjunction with the Remote Ion Emitter.



The unit is completely silent in operation with no noisy fans or motors. It takes no filters so there is nothing to replace. It can be used continuously on long journeys as it uses only a very small amount of battery power. It will not interfere with any other electronic equipment such as mobile phones, GPS navigational systems or the radio. The Air Tamer 400 produces extremely low amounts of ozone (less than 0.05 ppm). The manufacturer suggests that you should consult your physician before using this device if you have a pacemaker or have a history of respiratory problems or heart or lung disease. One year guarantee. A400

Air Tamer 400 Car

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Ionisers Air with balanced ions produces a wide range of health, comfort and performance benefits Ionovate Products A I R



myairZone and mymicroZone are air purifier ionisers that give you natural, pure, ion-rich air at the touch of a switch. People are drawn to the seaside and the mountains because, although they may not know it, there are more negative ions at altitude and close to the broken water. Before a thunderstorm, many people feel irritable and uncomfortable. This is because the negative ion level has dropped and the positive ion level has increased. Negative ions are nature’s air cleaners. They strip airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria and viruses from the atmosphere. This is why pure air is so beneficial to your health.

myairZone Portable Ioniser

mymicroZone Computer Ioniser  Helps to increase your energy levels while you

silently repelling allergens, dust, pollen, dust mites, fungal spores and germs  Restores your depleted ion levels leaving you refreshed  Encourages recuperative sleep and promotes calmness

work at your computer  Helps you avoid catching the viruses that go round the office  Encourages improved concentration, relaxation and wellbeing

The myairZone portable ioniser can provide enhanced protection from airborne allergens. Ionisers have an air cleaning action, stripping particles, microorganisms, pollen, dust, pollutants and airborne germs from the air. The myairZone has also been found beneficial for electro sensitivity.


myairZone Ioniser

If you feel sleepy and lacking in energy, get frequent headaches, itchy and sore eyes while you work on your computer, the mymicroZone should help you. Though it’s not just negative ion deficiency that’s to blame, mymicroZone will relieve many of the symptoms of sick building syndrome and reduce the risk of picking up coughs and colds and irritating infections. The mymicroZone is widely used in call centres and modern offices, helps counteract sick building syndrome and is 100% ozone free. It plugs into the mains supply of your computer providing you with fresh ionised air to protect your health, increase your concentration and improve your wellbeing. It also helps to keep the air free of airborne allergens.

Scientists have established a clear link between the level of ions in the air and the amount of 'free' histamine in the bloodstream. As the negative ion level increases, so the histamine level decreases. Ionisers therefore tackle allergic conditions, like hay fever and other allergies, in two ways: by removing the 'trigger' and by damping down the body's reaction. myairZone is similar in size and style to a mobile phone and, uniquely, will operate for about 40 hours from a single charge of its NiMH batteries. The myairZone does not produce ozone.


"My 13 year-old son suffers with hay fever and was unable to go to school or to sleep. The morning after myairZone arrived he awoke refreshed having slept well and went to school wearing MyAirZone on his wrist, breathing normally." A.D. Hants



 Continuously protects you at home, work or in transit by


mymicroZone Ioniser


"I suffer from electrical sensitivity, which means that I am very badly affected by all types of electrical radiation, wiring in the house, appliances, cordless and mobile digital phones. For me the problem is very severe and has meant that I have been unemployed and mainly housebound for many years. I tried the myairZone ioniser to see if this would help and find it very beneficial. I now sleep much better and am better able to enjoy television again ... J.P.

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Ionisers, Ionising Daylight Bulbs and Air Tamer Negative ions clean your air of smoke, dust, pollen and airborne germs A300 Air TamerTM Travel Ionic Air Purifier

Pyramid Ioniser  Clears the air of particles so that

 Protects against harmful airborne pollutants,

your symptoms of airborne allergy are alleviated  Restores the electrical balance by neutralising positive ions  Freshens air like sea air

viruses, mould, smoke and allergens  Offers you clean air wherever you go making it

an ideal travelling companion

The Pyramid Ioniser produces negative ions which restore the electrical balance by neutralising positive ions. The dust particles can no longer remain airborne and fall to the floor. This unit incorporates five high output ionisation streams which help clear the air of smoke, dust and pollen. The unit measures 11.5x11.5x8cm and has a 5m range. It should be placed on a washable surface. Available in black or white. Pyramid Ioniser Black Pyramid Ioniser White

£22.50 £22.50

Ionising Daylight Bulbs - New 9w for lamps  Improve quality of sleep, attention and alertness  Encourage improved concentration, reaction time, mood and

skin conditions giving you a sense of wellbeing  Clean and balance the air and reduce your energy bill These amazing bulbs save over 80% on your energy bill (compared to a conventional bulb), produce beneficial full spectrum light and also emit negative ions which act to purify the air, removing dust, odours, mould spores and smoke. The light is similar to natural sunlight and will reduce glare and eyestrain and help your body to produce vitamin D. It may also help to reduce the symptoms of S.A.D. Each bulb delivers over 10,000 hours of service, cutting down on your electricity bill and helping the environment. 15w equals 70w in a regular bulb and 20w equals 90w. Our new lamp bulbs come in 9w - equal to 45w. Please do not use if the equivalent wattage exceeds that recommended for a particular appliance. They are not suitable for use on a dimmer switch. These are fluorescent bulbs and may not be suitable for someone sensitive to low energy fluorescent light. Ozone free. IPL15-B22 IPL20-B22 IPLC9-B22 IPLC9-E14

15w Bayonet 20w Bayonet 9w Bayonet for lamp 9w Small Screw fit for lamp


 Runs for 20 continuous days on one battery

In an enclosed indoor space the negative ions are depleted. Positively charged air attracts and holds suspended dust particles, which can cause fatigue, headaches, allergies and irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes.



£13.99 £13.99 £9.99 £9.99


Our new wearable air purifier gives you cleaner, healthier air wherever you are. It is ideal to wear for travelling as it will protect you from viruses and bacteria on the tube, the train, on buses or when you are flying. It is useful to wear if you suffer from hay fever or pet allergy or even in your office where the air can be polluted by computers, photo-copiers, printers and other people.


The A300 is comfortable to wear. It measures 7.5x3.5x2.75cm and weighs 46g. A steady stream of negative ions are emitted from the negative ion emitter, creating a clean zone of healthier air within your breathing space. A blue light will gently blink to indicate that the power is on and the unit is working. It can be worn around your neck on the cord provided, clipped to your shirt, blouse or pocket or placed on a nearby table, seat or night table. It is most effective in areas within 90cm from your face.


The Air Tamer A300 uses a carbon filter brush system to emit healthy negative ions into the air. These attach themselves to air molecules and any impure particles in the air and negatively charge them. These negatively charged particles repel each other and “fly away” from your space getting attracted by the nearest positively charged surface (your chair, table, wall or clothes) rather than entering your respiratory system. The Air Tamer produces no measurable amount of ozone (0.0044 ppm) and can be used for long periods of time. The manufacturer suggests that you should consult your physician before using the A300 if you have a pacemaker or have a history of respiratory problems or heart or lung disease or if it is to be used by a child under 10 years of age. One year guarantee. A300

Air Tamer 300 Travel

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Information on Mould and Mould Allergy Moulds can cause a wide range of symptoms including asthma, allergic rhinitis, depression and joint pain What are Moulds? Moulds are an underestimated and unacknowledged cause of a great deal of misery amongst allergic people. They can cause a wide range of symptoms including asthma, allergic rhinitis, depression and joint pain. In the past treatment has needed to be with toxic fungicides. Now the nillergen Allergy Range (p20) can be used with confidence that it is effective, safe and easy to use.


People tend to think of moulds as a problem in older, more dilapidated buildings. In fact, many modern homes easily provide the 3 things that moulds need to survive and reproduce – moisture, oxygen and something to eat. The “something to eat” takes many forms and moulds live happily in basements, closets, bathrooms and fresh food storage areas and on house plants, humidifiers, dustbins, refrigerated drip trays, mattresses, upholstered furniture, foam rubber pillows, wall cavities, wood floors, carpeting, tiles, acrylic paint and plasterboard. The perfect environment is created by damp, leaks or floods coupled with poor ventilation.

Mould growing on bathroom sealant

Moulds reproduce by producing tiny spores that become airborne and it is these that are ingested or inhaled. Air conditioning, vacuuming and building work are the worst culprits as physical disturbance helps to disperse the spores.

mould found in the home. Our nillergen Allergy Range can be used safely and effectively to treat them all (p20). As well as using the nillergen Allergy Range, it is important that you make some minor lifestyle changes as well, particularly if mould is a problem in your home or if you or anyone in the home is allergic to mould.

What to do to eliminate and prevent mould growth • Use the nillergen Allergy Range to eliminate and neutralise moulds in the air, on surfaces and in the washing • Ventilate your home especially after having a shower. Open the windows until they are clear of condensation • Air your bed on a daily basis. This not only reduces the humidity and chance of mould growth, it also reduces the potential for dust mite proliferation • Sterilise your mattress and bedding using the Raycop Bed Vac • Use an Airfree Air Steriliser in the kitchen to reduce mould growth on fruit and vegetables. See our website for The Strawberry Test • Use a relative humidity monitor or humidistat of some sort to let you know what the relative humidity in your home is. If it is much over 50% you really need to use a dehumidifier • Always dry your clothes outside or in an externally vented dryer • Never dry your clothes on a radiator as this increases the relative humidity encouraging mould growth • Wear a mask when gardening or raking up leaves • Remember that moulds can cause symptoms other than those related to the respiratory system. Mould can also affect the brain causing depression and anxiety and can also affect arthritis

The majority of moulds produce allergens so Mould growing on wooden window jeopardise the health of immune compromised frame individuals - the very young, the elderly, the sick and of course, people who are predisposed to asthma, rhinitis and other allergies. There are some species that produce mycotoxins and these are classed as highly dangerous.

Indoor moulds have been divided into 3 hazard classes: Hazard Class A – Mycotoxin producers that are highly hazardous to health and must be dealt with immediately Hazard Class B – Moulds that may cause allergic reactions to occupants if present indoors over a prolonged period of time Hazard Class C – Includes fungi not known to be a hazard to health but may cause economic damage so preferably not present The Class A and B moulds are found in kitchens and bathrooms, on mattresses and carpets, on wallpapers and window frames, in basements and cellars and in flower pot soil. In fact there can be over 100,000 species of


Disclaimer: Information included on this page is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

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Airfree Air Sterilisers Destroy 99.99% of microorganisms including viruses and mould Airfree Air Sterilisers  Helps improve your mould and dust mite allergy


symptoms by killing mould  Helps to keep you healthy by destroying viruses, bacteria, ozone, and airborne particles  Will not disturb your sleep as Airfrees are completely silent


Tests in 6 countries have proven that the Airfree destroys 99.99% of microorganisms that pass through the ceramic core and reduces dust mite population by combating a certain mould needed by dust mites to break down their food. The Airfrees are for continuous use in one room. They are not designed to be moved around. They sterilise the air and are perfect for removing viruses. They will reduce ozone by 26%, (this is given off by photocopiers and fax machines). Convection draws in particles which are then incinerated in the ceramic core. Sterilised air is then cooled before being released back into the room. Within 14-21 days the level of microorganisms and allergens will have been reduced by 85% and from then on are kept to a minimum. Run in a ventilated room for the first 2 days to get rid of the new smell.


Best seller for mould

Airfree P60, P80 and the Platinum P125 The Airfrees are easy to use, energy efficient and need no maintenance. The internal chamber is metal with an outer covering of hard ABS plastic. They measure 26.5cm high by 21.5cm in diameter and weigh approximately 1kg. They have an exclusive dimmer controlled blue anti-stress light which is ideal for children’s rooms to use as a night light. The P60 is suitable for a room up to 24m2, the P80 for a room up to 32m2, and the P125 for a room up to 50m2. Power consumption on the P60 and P80 is 45w and on the P125 is 50w. You will find further information on how these units work on our website with an enlightening video and results of the ‘Strawberry Test’. These units are ideal for both dust mite and mould allergy. The P60 and the P80 are both white and the Platinum P125 is a silver grey. Safety Feature A warning light is activated if the Airfree is improperly installed. If the unit is placed sideways instead of vertically, is under furniture or its air inlets or outlets are blocked, the ceramic core will be disconnected and the unit turned off. After one minute the blinking light will come on to attract your attention. P60 P80 P125

P60 (White) P80 (White) P125 (Platinum)

up to 24m2 up to 32m2 up to 50m2

£179.00 £199.00 £239.00




Airfree “As a Physician specialising in allergy and environmental medicine, I am very impressed with the Airfree Air Steriliser for the purpose of removing moulds and their spores from the air we breathe ... Overall I feel the Airfree has contributed greatly to the reduction in the mould count in parts of my house... I can wholeheartedly recommend this machine for anybody with a serious allergy to mould and other airborne allergens.” Dr Diana Samways

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Weather Station and Dehumidifiers Monitor the humidity in your home and regulate it with an efficient dehumidifier WS9635 Weather Station A I R


 Gives you the relative humidity and

temperature in your home or work place so that you can take measures to adjust them for your health and comfort  Easy to read digital display An essential accessory to help you monitor the relative humidity in your home or work place. The display shows: • Date and time (12 or 24 hr clock) • Temperature display in C or F both indoor and outdoor • Indoor humidity display with comfort level indicator • Low battery indicator • Takes two AA batteries - not included • Table standing or wall mountable WS9635

Weather Station

PD20DEN Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

PD14DEN Dehumidifier and Air Purifier


RMDH09 Mini Dehumidifier

 Removes up to 14 litres of moisture a

 Removes up to 20 litres of moisture

day making a huge difference to the humidity and the comfort of your home  Combines air purification with 3M HEPA filter and dehumidification  Suitable for a 3-4 bedroom house

a day ensuring that any excess moisture is removed  Combines air purification with 3M HEPA filter and dehumidification  Suitable for a 4 - 5 bedroom house or an open plan office

 Helps you remove mild dampness in


cupboards or small spaces  Protects expensive camera equipment  Completely wireless in operation This rechargeable mini dehumidifier is a great little unit. It contains silica gel which absorbs the moisture from the air. An indicator on the front will show when the crystals need recharging. It can be used for 1-2 months after each recharge. Plugging the unit in to recharge it returns the silica gel to its dry state. The RMDH-09 measures 13.5x20x6cm and weighs 900g. Power consumption when charging is 26w. RMDH09


Mini Dehumidifier


The PD14DEN is a medium sized dehumidifier and air purifier. • • • • • • • •

2.7 litre tank capacity Moisture removal of up to 14 litres per day Permanent hose drainage option Operating temperature 5C-35C Automatic shut off when full Electronic control with auto restart Removable tank for easy emptying Supplied with 3M HEPA filter - replace annually • Carry handle, cord storage • Decibel level 43dB • Measures 32.5x45x22cm • Weighs 10.5kg • Max. power consumption 270w • One year guarantee PD14DEN PDDENH

Dehumidifier Replacement HEPA Filter

£169.99 £17.99

The PD20DEN is a medium sized dehumidifier and air purifier. The specifications are the same as the PD14DEN except for the following: • • • • • •

3.1 litre tank capacity Moisture removal of up to 20 litres per day Decibel level 50dB Measures 34x48x23.5cm Weighs 13.7kg Power consumption maximum 410w


Dehumidifier Replacement HEPA Filter

£199.99 £17.99

Allergy Tip Using a dehumidifier will remove excess moisture and help to reduce or eliminate mould while at the same time making the environment inhospitable to dust mites. The nillergen airTM (p20) will remove mould spores from the air.

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Humidifiers Add moisture to dry indoor air making it more comfortable and relieving the symptoms of colds and croup WG-S40B Humidifier - warm mist

BU1300W Bionaire Humidifier - cool mist  Makes you feel more comfortable when central heating

 Helps relieve sore throat and blocked nose allowing you

has caused dryness and static in the air  Soothes respiratory dryness  Suitable for a room up to 25m2

to breathe more easily  Relieves the symptoms of children’s croup and gives you all a better night’s sleep  Suitable for a room up to 40m2

This compact and effective ultrasonic cool mist humidifier uses a high frequency, oscillating transducer to break up the bond between water molecules, allowing them to be dispersed into the air.

• • • • • • • •

• 1.5 litre tank, 7 hour timer • Running time up to 10hrs • Discharges up to 166ml of moisture per hour • Variable humidity settings • Rotating nozzle for faster humidity to focused area • Night light assists and comforts children’s sleep • Automatic switch-off when empty • Measures 23x23x14cm • Weighs 1.5kg • Power consumption 18w • Two year guarantee BU1300W

Cool Mist Humidifier

Tank capacity 4 litres Running time up to 10hrs Discharges 430ml moisture per hour Easy to use with an easy to fill tank Measures 25x37x21cm Weighs 2kg Power consumption 400w One year guarantee


Warm Mist Humidifier

 For colds, croup and associated respiratory discomfort  The digital humidistat and display allows you to set the £35.99

PUH-610 Humidifier - cool mist

relative humidity level of your choice from 35% to 65%


• 4.2 litre tank • Running time up to 48hrs • Discharges up to 450ml of moisture per hour • Set on manual for continuous running • Set humidity level for accurate moisture level • Automatic switch-off when empty • In-built antibacterial system • Measures 31x25x26cm • Weighs 2.5kg • Power consumption 370w • Two year guarantee

 Adds moisture to dry air making you more comfortable  In-built ioniser revitalises the air  Suitable for a room up to 45m2 • 4.5 litre tank, 7 hour timer • Running time up to 48hrs • Discharges up to 300ml of moisture per hour • Three settings, with built-in ioniser • Alarm warning and automatic switchoff when empty • In-built antibacterial system prevents mould and fungus growth • Measures 30.7x30x16cm • Weighs 2.4kg • Power consumption 45w • One year guarantee Cool Mist Humidifier


BWM401 Bionaire Humidifier - warm mist

 Suitable for a room up to 40m2




Warm Mist Humidifier



Allergy Tip - Warm Mist versus Cool Mist Humidifiers


A warm mist humidifier is invaluable for relieving symptoms associated with colds and respiratory problems and croup in young children. A cool mist humidifier is more suitable for simply adding moisture to air that is uncomfortably dry, often caused by central heating and lack of adequate ventilation.

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Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever and Pet Allergy Helping you understand the triggers and solutions D A U I S R T M O U L D D U S T

Asthma and its symptoms

Hay fever, its triggers and symptoms

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory condition of the lung airways. Symptoms are cough, wheeze, chest tightness and shortness of breath, often worse at night. Bronchospasm is the key event in asthma, a sudden but reversible tightening of the bands that surround the airways. The narrowed airways stop the air from leaving the lungs at the normal speed. This means that the lungs are still half full when it is time for the next inhalation. Inflammation of the airways often begins with an allergic reaction to something in the air – such as the house dust mite or pet allergens. It could also start with a viral infection or a large dose of an irritant such as chlorine. If you think you may have asthma you should go for a consultation with your doctor.

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen. Severity of symptoms is directly related to the amount of pollen that the sufferer is exposed to. This can vary depending on the pollen count, heat and time of day.

What triggers asthma? Triggers vary from one asthmatic to another and could include: • cold or dry air, weather conditions, particularly thunderstorms • irritants in the air including strong smells • dust mite and pet allergy • sulphur dioxide used as preservatives in some foods and drinks • any altered breathing pattern (laughing, coughing etc.) • stress and anxiety, or strong emotions • colds, ‘flu and chest infections, exercise

What to do to reduce the asthma triggers Minimise contact with allergens and irritants, allowing the airways to calm down so that they are less sensitive. Treat associated symptoms such as sinusitis and hay fever and eat a healthy diet. Treat bronchospasm with the use of reliever drugs prescribed by your doctor. We suggest that avoidance of irritants could include: • using barrier cases on bedding to protect against the house dust mite • using an efficient air purifier • drinking filtered water • using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter • monitoring and controlling the humidity in your home • using a dehumidifier (if necessary) to combat mould and dust mites • avoiding the use of chemicals in the home

Symptoms are similar to allergic rhinitis and include: • running nose and sneezing accompanied by red, itchy, streaming eyes • coughing or wheezing • shortness of breath can also be experienced and for some people the pollen can bring on the symptoms of asthma Less common symptoms include dryness of the throat, no sense of smell, a feverish sweaty feeling, swelling and inflammation of the eyelids, recurrent sinusitis, earache, a stuffy feeling in the ears, or glue ear and itching in the ears. References: The Allergy Bible, Linda Gamlin

What to do to reduce hay fever symptoms During the hay fever season it is a good idea to: • keep an eye on the pollen count and plan activities accordingly • shower and change clothes when you come in from outside and always leave clothes outside the bedroom • remember that pets can also bring pollen into the house • keep the windows closed while travelling and use a filter in the car • use the nillergen range to denature pollen and other allergens • wear glasses to restrict the amount of pollen reaching the eyes • keep the windows closed in the house and use an air cleaner to filter the air • use a personal wearable air purifier to filter the air reaching the mouth and nose • try natural hay fever products

Allergic rhinitis and its symptoms Usually caused by an inhaled allergen, pollen, dust mite or pet allergen, mould spores or airborne contaminants, allergic rhinitis can also be caused by a food allergy. Symptoms can include a runny nose, sneezing, itchiness of the nose, ears and the roof of the mouth, nasal obstruction, a blocked nose, headaches, disturbed sleep and dark rings around the eyes.

Avoidance Usually the first things to try are effective precautions against the house dust mite, pollen, moulds and animal dander. However, reactions to foods may contribute, and may be the main cause, in which case avoidance will often reduce or eliminate the symptoms.


Disclaimer: Information included on this page is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

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Masks Ideal for chemical sensitivity, asthma, hay fever and pet allergy, and protection from bacteria and viruses Washable Masks

Organic Cotton Comfort Mask

Disposable Masks

All our washable masks have adjustable latex-free ear loops and fit into a pocket or handbag. They can be washed by hand in cool water.

This 100% certified Organic Cotton Mask is made with three layers of soft, natural colour cotton to reduce exposure to dust, pollen, mould, dander and lint. It filters 83% of particles down to 1 micron. No dyes or bleach have been used on the organic cotton. Adjustable non-organic, natural cotton twill ear loops hold the mask in place effectively sealing the area from pollutants. Naturally latex-free.

The level of protection is determined by the FFP rating: FFP2 is 92% and FFP3 is 98% efficient, based on the total inward leakage of air around the edges of the mask. Higher levels of efficiency are achieved with a better face seal, though this will depend upon the concentration of contaminants. The material in the masks below has been tested down to 0.5 microns. These masks use electrostatic material and are disposable. They are designed for 8 hours of use. When not in use store in a sealed bag away from direct sunlight. Leaving the mask in sunlight will cause the straps to dry out and deteriorate.

Cold Weather Mask

Pharmaceutical and High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Masks for particles, bacteria and viruses

Honeycomb Mask with Activated Carbon Filter This mask reduces exposure to fragrances, particles, cigarette smoke, smog, dust, diesel fumes, and VOCs and household chemicals from 50% to 95% depending on the substance. It removes 99% of particles down to 1 micron. The mask is made up of a comfortable, porous outer layer which holds a disposable carbon filter. The carbon filter is effective for 20-40 hours of use. Replace it if it becomes hard to breathe or the smell or taste of pollution comes through. This will depend on what substances are being filtered out and also how sensitive you are. The Honeycomb Mask comes with one Activated Carbon Filter. The mask contains nylon, polyester, cotton, hard plastic and latex-free elastic. The activated carbon is bound to a polyester support material with a synthetic latex which does not contain the protein of natural latex. The carbon filter insert is not washable and will need to be replaced.

Silk Comfort Mask This patented luxurious white silk mask filters nuisance level non-toxic particles: dust, pollen, lint, dander and mould spores. It removes 93% of particles down to 1 micron. It is comfortable to wear for cleaning the house, being around pets and walking outside helping you breathe more easily. It is light-weight and can be folded easily into a pocket or handbag. The mask contains silk, nylon, plastic, cotton/polyester and has adjustable latex-free elastic ear loops for individual fit. Can be worn dry or damp.

The grey Cold Weather Mask helps protect you from respiratory problems caused by cold weather. It is perfect for going out and about in the winter months, whether for walking, skiing or just playing outside. Using these lovely polar fleece masks can make a huge difference to cold air induced chest infections and respiratory problems. The mask is equally suitable for anyone who feels the cold. It is made with an outer layer of warm polyester fleece and an inner lining of pure silk. It dries quickly and even allows for fog free eye glasses. The patented design wicks away dampness from the nose and mouth. Available in child (3 to 9 years) and adult sizes.

“I wore this mask all through last winter and found it extremely good and much easier to wear then a scarf... Very soft against the face. P.J. HM HMCF2 SCM OCM CWMA CWMC

Honeycomb Mask +1 Filter Replacement Filters x 2 Silk Comfort Mask Organic Cotton Mask Cold Weather Mask Adult Cold Weather Mask Child

£15.99 £6.99 £17.99 £18.99 £19.99 £17.99



The Pharmaceutical Mask (FFP2) can be used for animal allergy and pollen. The High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Mask (FFP3) has an exhalation valve and is for very fine dust particles, viruses and bacteria.


Blue Vapour Mask for chemicals and particles The Blue Vapour Mask offers protection against general nuisance particles as well as nuisance levels of organic vapours and odours. Very popular with those who are chemically sensitive or for use where pollution levels are high or whilst travelling.


Pharmaceutical Masks x 2 High Efficiency Ph Mask x 1 Vapour Masks x 2

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£4.99 £4.50 £6.99


nillergen range - (formerly Indoor Allergy Range) For people who are allergic to dust mites, pets, pollen and mould nillergen A I R

 Relieves the symptoms of dust mite, mould, pet

allergies and hay fever - no triggers, no symptoms  Controls allergens in the air, in the wash and on

furnishings reducing allergen exposure up to 90%  Completely safe - no insecticides


It is amazing how HomeCleanseTM, FabricCleanseTM and AirCleanseTM, now part of the Bio-LIfe nillergen range, are in our top ten best sellers every week of the year. They contain no insecticides or propellants that might cause problems. Made in the UK by the manufacturers of PetalCleanseTM we continue to get excellent feedback on them. They denature the allergens that most commonly cause asthma and eczema in both humans and dogs. They have been tested at Smallburgh Laboratories and Reading Scientific Services.

nillergen sofa and bedTM (HomeCleanseTM) nillergen sofa and bedTM gets rid of dust mites, dust mite residues, pet and pollen allergens in mattresses and soft furnishings for one month after application. The trigger spray is easy to use. The active ingredients are eucalyptus oil, ylang ylang and quaternium salts. Spray furnishings and pet bedding once a month. The allergen reduction will be over 75% depending on how thoroughly you apply the spray. The spray is non staining and safe for natural and synthetic soft furnishings. (Always test for colour fastness first.) NS


Best sellers for allergy

nillergen sofa and bed



nillergen laundryTM (FabricCleanseTM) nillergen laundryTM has the same effect on allergens as the nillergen sofa and bedTM. It is a liquid that you add to the water for both hand and machine washing. It kills 99.9% of dust mites and reduces allergens by over 90%. The key ingredients are eucalyptus and benzyl benzoate. The solution is effective at temperatures as low as 30C and is suitable for synthetic and natural fibres. The liquid should be added to the washing powder at the start of the washing cycle. The benzyl benzoate is washed out of the fabric in the rinse cycle. NL

nillergen laundry



nillergen airTM (AirCleanseTM) nillergen airTM is a spray that encapsulates and neutralises allergens in the indoor air. The active ingredients are eucalyptus oil, ylang ylang and quaternium salts. Spray the air in your room twice a week for the first three weeks and once a week thereafter. Tests show that the average reduction in airborne allergens is 86% and the minimum is 75%. This makes a significant difference to anyone reacting to allergens in the air. NA

nillergen air



usually £47.96

pack price £43.16

Allergy Pack  Neutralises allergens in the air,

on furnishings and in the washing  Natural and easy to use  Save 10% on individual prices This pack contains: One nillergen sofa and bedTM, one nillergen laundryTM, one nillergen carpetTM and one nillergen airTM. For dust mite allergy we recommend that you combine the use of these sprays with dust mite proof bedding.

nillergen carpetTM nillergen carpet is specially formulated to add to carpet cleaners to get rid of dust mites, pet dander and pollutants for that fresh “spring clean” feel in the home. Added at the rate of 1ml per litre of carpet cleaning fluid, the eucalyptus and ylang ylang together with a balsam based extract ensures no re-infestation for up to 3 months after application. It is safe for you, your children, and any pets you may have. NC


nillergen carpet




nillergen allergy pack

Allergy Packs at a saving Using a combination of products to combat an allergy problem is often more successful than using one single product. For pet allergy the nillergen petTM is very effective combined with the nillergen airTM.

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nillergen petTM for Pet Allergy and Pet Allergy Packs Reduces symptoms in 90% of pet allergic people - well worth a try! Pet Allergy Pack - Save 10%

Best sellers for pet allergy

 A remarkably effective way to reduce pet allergy  Neutralises pet allergen throughout your home  Neutralises and removes allergens on your pet


If you suffer from cat, dog or other animal allergy this pack could really help you. It enables you to neutralise the pet irritant while it is in the air and once it has settled on sofas and chairs - perfect if your pet is always lounging on your favourite sofa.

nillergen petTM (PetalCleanse) for allergy to dogs, cats and small pets

The pack contains: one nillergen airTM, one nillergen sofa and bedTM, one nillergen petTM (PetalCleanse - choose Cat/Small Animal or Dog). Please see previous page for full information on the nillergen range.


Pet Allergy Pack for Cat/Small Animal Pet Allergy Pack for Dog

 Effective in reducing symptoms in over 90%

of pet allergic people usually £34.93 £34.93

pack price £31.45 £31.45

Pet Allergy Saver Pack - Save 10% NEW

 Enjoy pet allergen free air with our Pet

Allergy Saver Pack  As above with the addition of an AP281 HEPA air purifier  The complete method of pet allergen removal The Pet Allergy Saver Pack contains: one AP281 air purifier, suitable for a room up to 12m2, one nillergen airTM, one nillergen sofa and bedTM, and one nillergen petTM (for either cats and small animals or dogs). More information on the AP281 is on page 8.


Pet Allergy Saver Pack Cat Pet Allergy Saver Pack Dog


usually £70.92 £70.92

pack price £63.83 £64.75

 Removes the pet allergens that cause

rhinitis, asthma, eczema and hives in humans  Save £2.00 when you buy two bottles Reacting to a family pet is a real misery. Pets can cause all sorts of reactions from wheezing and asthma, to coughing, hives and eczema and streaming and puffy eyes. It isn’t actually the pet’s hair that causes the allergic reactions but the potent allergen Fel d1 (in cats) and Can f1 (in dogs) and their microscopic dander, saliva and urine. The production of allergens increases as the pet matures. PetalCleanseTM is now part of the nillergen range, for allergy to dogs, cats and small pets and is amongst our most popular products. It is a lotion that removes pet allergens from the pet’s coat, moisturising and conditioning it at the same time to reduce further allergens. Apply to the pet’s coat once a week. nillergen petTM is made in the UK and tests confirm that it is completely safe for pets. It may give immediate relief for contact allergy, but can take up to three weeks to relieve the symptoms of asthma and respiratory problems because it takes time to reduce the build-up of airborne allergens in the home environment. (Using nillergen airTM with the nillergen petTM will speed up your recovery time.) A 350ml bottle lasts for approximately 3 months for each pet (depending on the size of the pet) and comes with full instructions for use. NPC NPC2 NPD

For Cat/Small Animal For Cat/Small Animal x2 For Dog

Save £2.00

£10.95 £19.90 £10.95


For Dog x2

Save £2.00



“It’s my lifeline! I couldn’t continue with my streaming eyes and wheezy chest. Now I use PetalCleanse.” J.B.

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Products to help with Asthma, Hay Fever, Rhinitis and Pet Allergy Natural products can help you to reduce your symptoms and breathe more easily The SaltpipeTM

Sneezer Beam Allergy Relief A I R


 Can help reduce allergy symptoms: runny nose,

 Flushes away impurities in the

sneezing, sinus congestion and watery eyes so that you can get on and enjoy yourself  Uses low energy phototherapy in your nostrils to reduce inflammation helping you to feel better  Clinically tested and CE certified

respiratory system allowing you to breathe more freely  Using the pipe for 15 minutes a day can help relieve asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis  Helps ease smoker’s cough

The Sneezer Beam is a brilliant invention. It has a similar effect to taking an antihistamine but is completely drug free and without side effects. The Sneezer Beam works by sending infra-red beams into your nostrils, inhibiting histamine production. (Histamine is produced when your body thinks it is being invaded causing typical allergy symptoms.) Use the Sneezer beam twice a day for 3 minutes a session. After three weeks you should be able to reduce the treatment. The Sneezer Beam measures 7.8x6.5x3.1cm and uses one 9v battery, which is included.


The Saltpipe is a handy porcelain pipe filled with salt from the Transylvanian Praid salt mine. If you suffer from asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, rhinitis, or other allergies of the respiratory tract this could really improve your symptoms. It’s also very useful if you have a cold or ‘flu and are feeling really stuffed up and congested.

Sneezer Beam


Hay Fever Allergy Pack - Save 10%  Cleans the air of pollens and other allergens relieving your

symptoms of hay fever and rhinitis  One Bionaire Air Purifier BAP242 with HEPA and carbon filter  One nillergen airTM, one nillergen sofa and bedTM Our Hay Fever Allergy Pack gives you all you need to make a haven for yourself which can be kept virtually free of pollen and other airborne allergens. The products in our pack help to reduce the symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Full information on the BAP242 is to be found on page 8 in the air purifier section and the sprays are to be found on the previous page.



Hay Fever Allergy Pack

Best seller for asthma

The salt in the Saltpipe helps to calm and cleanse the cells of the respiratory system. The sodium content induces natural self-cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also mechanically clean the breathing passages. Salt therapy causes no side effects and is even suitable for you if you are on a low sodium diet. The pipe is very simple to use. Place it between your lips and inhale the salty micro climate into your lungs. Exhale through your nose making sure your exhaled breath does not go back into the pipe. The recommended use is for 15 - 25 minutes a day. This can be done while you are sitting watching TV or even reading a book. Sometimes users experience some coughing to begin with which is quite normal. The salt contained within the Saltpipe will be effective for approximately 5 years.

“I felt the inconvenient accumulations in my respiratory tract dissolve and leave. This year I haven’t needed to take antibiotic medications. I just recommend the use of this pipe to everyone, because it simply changed my life.” K.H. usually £73.97

pack price £66.57



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Information on Dust Mites and Dust Mite Allergy All you need to know about dust mites and the symptoms of dust mite allergy The dust mite

Symptoms of dust mite allergy

Dust mites are tiny microscopic little creatures that live in huge numbers in modern homes. Contrary to popular belief, they do not bite and it is not the body of the dust mite that causes problems but its droppings that contain a potent allergen called DerP1.

Dust mite allergy can develop at any age. Symptoms include: • nasal symptoms - sneezing, runny nose, rhinitis, sinusitis, with related headaches and ear blockages • breathing symptoms - wheezing, dry persistent cough, tightness of breath and asthma • eczema and dermatitis • joint pain, swelling of tissues, and muscle aches

The droppings are 4-20 microns in size, but they can crumble into fragments of 1-3 microns, and the tiniest bits are only 0.5 microns across. During their three month life span each dust mite lays 20-40 eggs and produces up to 2000 droppings. This causes the concentration of dust mite allergen to increase very rapidly. “Up to 1,000 individual mites can be counted in just one gram of dust (and there are approx. 28 grams in an ounce). This means that the average bed contains more than 10,000 dust mites and perhaps in excess of two million faecal pellets.

Where do dust mites live? Although you can’t actually see them, they live alongside us in our beds, upholstered furniture, carpets and soft furnishings. Dust mites love warm and humid conditions - in fact the very conditions that we tend to live in. They reproduce very rapidly so that within 4 to 6 months a new mattress will be colonised with dust mites. They live in mattresses, bedding and carpets and any nice warm, dark, damp place where food is plentiful. Dust mites live on shed skin scales from humans and animals, but only if the scales have been broken down by mould first. This is why humid conditions suit the dust mite so well. The other reason why mites need high humidity levels is that they do not drink, but absorb water from the air. When the relative humidity falls below 50 per cent, the mites gradually dry out and are killed. Therefore creating a dry atmosphere within the home will gradually make the environment intolerable for dust mites. Dust mites are not more common in dirty houses and there is certainly no stigma connected to the presence of dust mites. In fact a relatively dusty house may be completely free of dust mites if the atmosphere is not conducive to their habitation; in other words, if it is not warm enough or moist enough for them to live. Dust mites are also destroyed by heat and sunlight so a well ventilated bed under a bright window may have low dust mite levels. Refs: The Allergy Bible, Linda Gamlin; Allergy-Free Living, Dr Peter Howarth and Anita Reid; Asthma, The Complete Guide, Professor Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin; The Allergy Survival Guide, Jane Houlton.


Allison’s Story Allison came to work for The Healthy House almost two years ago and through what she has learned about allergies she has quite transformed her son’s condition. John had pneumonia at age 5, followed by bronchitis when he was 7. It was after this that he started to become wheezy and she took him to the doctor who prescribed an inhaler. He also suggested steroid tablets, which Allison decided against using. From this time on John used to sniff and snort in the mornings waking everyone up and sometimes he would wake in the night coughing. When he was still at primary school he used to compete in cross country running and Allison would always be at the side of the field cheering him on, inhaler in her hand for him to use immediately after the race. After working with us for a period of time she decided to try a dust mite proof case on John’s mattress, and some dust mite proof pillows and a dust mite proof duvet. She was amazed at the almost instant transformation. No more sniffing and snorting He now wakes up with a clear head and feeling rested. Not only that, he now no longer needs to use his inhaler on a daily basis.



The important message is that Allison had no idea that dust mites were a problem or even that they had dust mites in their house. She had just got used to the fact that her child was stuffed up each morning. She also said that it would not have occurred to her to investigate why her son woke up sneezing. Now that she is aware of the dust mite problem she has made the use of HomeCleanse and AirCleanse (now the nillergen range) a routine in her cleaning, realising that the elimination of dust mites in the furniture and furnishings and clearing of dust mite allergen in the air are also important.

Please see the next page to find out what you can do to relieve your symptoms of dust mite allergy.

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Information on Dust Mites and Dust Mite Allergy Steps to take to relieve your dust mite allergy symptoms A I R




What to do if you have dust mite allergy

For more severe dust mite allergy

Dust mite allergy can affect people in different ways and to different degrees. The symptoms are almost always related to the respiratory system and usually manifest themselves as sneezing, running nose, sinusitis, congestion, wheezing and coughing. However mild or severe your symptoms, you can do a great deal to alleviate them.

You may find that you need to take more actions than those already listed. Further suggestions are below.

For mild dust mite allergy Though there is a list of actions to take if you suffer from dust mite allergy, you may find that a few simple steps are sufficient to make a significant difference. Remember that your bed is the most important place to start and that usually just covering the pillows with dust mite proof cases or using a dust mite proof pillow will not be enough to make very much difference as the dust mites will also have colonised your mattress and duvet and the carpeting in your bedroom. We suggest that you: • Encase your mattress, pillows and duvet in dust mite proof cases. Or, use a case on your mattress and change your pillows and duvet for dust mite proof ones. The advantage of this is that you will then not need the extra cases. (An additional case on your existing duvet will add up to 1700g for a king size duvet.) • Always wash your bedding at 60C (or use nillergen laundryTM). This will kill any dust mites that are on the surface and dissolve the faecal pellets that contain the allergen. • Wash your dust mite proof cases and dust mite proof pillows and duvet 2 to 3 times a year. • Always air your bed out in the morning, fluff up the pillows and fold back the duvet. Open the window to bring fresh air in. • Use the nillergen range (p20) in the bedroom and living room, on soft furnishings and in the laundry. This will denature the dust mite allergen. • If you use an electric blanket, it will need to remain on top of the encased mattress. Since it will also harbour dust mites you will need to spray it once a month (on both sides) with nillergen sofa and bedTM. Always unplug the electric blanket before using the spray. • Control the humidity. If much over 50% use a dehumidifier. • A RayCop can be used to kill the dust mites in a used mattress and on carpets and bedding prior to encasing the bedding. The RayCop uses UV light to kill dust mites and bacteria and vacuums up the debris. • Use a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and regularly vacuum the house.

• Wash your dust mite proof bedding 3 to 4 times per year. • Make sure your clothes are put away at night as these can harbour dust mites. • Use an Airfree Air Steriliser to eliminate mould and dust mites in the bedroom. • Use nillergen airTM in other living areas. • Use nillergen sofa and bedTM on soft furnishings and furniture in the living room. • Use nillergen carpetTM on the carpets. • Use nillergen laundryTM to wash cushion covers. • Keep humidity between 40 and 50%. • Never allow pets in your bedroom as they can transport dust mites.

Disclaimer: Information included in this information sheet is intended for information purposes only and is not a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

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Dust Mite Proof Bedding Cases Relieve your dust mite symptoms by encasing your bedding in our pure cotton cases The Healthy House Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases - 100% Cotton


 Sleep peacefully without the allergic symptoms caused by

dust mite allergy  Ideal if you are chemically sensitive or prefer natural bedding  Protect yourself from dust mites by completely

encasing the mattress, duvet and pillow You will love our pure cotton dust mite proof bedding cases. They are made for us in France from beautiful unbleached and undyed cotton. Tests in Cambridge showed that the density of the weave acts as a barrier to the house dust mite and its faeces.

Best seller for dust mite allergy


In keeping with our philosophy of providing products as safe as we can find, the cotton has had no chemical treatment and it conforms to Oeko-tex Standard 100 - tested to be free from harmful substances.

Zip flap for added protection The cases are easy to put on and remove for washing. (If you have a double or king sized mattress you will need someone to help you!) They all have zip closures running the length of one side the zip on the mattress case opens down one side and along one end. There is an extra flap behind the zip for added dust mite protection. Machine wash the cases at 60C 3 to 4 times per year. Since the material is densely woven and has no easy care treatment, it will crease when washed. You can either iron it while it is still damp or simply air or tumble dry on a cool setting and put back on to the bedding. Cover with your own cotton sheets. If you suffer from dust mite allergy the bedding cases and our Sheet Sleeping Bag are available VAT exempt. Please see page 75 for VAT exemption form.

Choose a complete bed set and save 10% The single bed set has one pillow case, one mattress case and one duvet case; the double, king and super king sets have two pillow cases, a mattress case and a duvet case. Always check dimensions before ordering.

Sheet Sleeping Bag We also offer a Dust Mite Proof Sheet Sleeping Bag which you will find on page 27.

Cotton Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases DCP Pillow Case Mattress Cases DCMC Cot DCMCB Cot Bed DCMS Single DCMD Double DCMK King DCMSK Super King Duvet Cases DCDS Single DCDD Double DCDK King DCDSK Super King Cotton Bed Sets DCBSS Single DCBSD Double DCBSK King DCBSSK Super King


ex VAT £11.57

incl VAT £13.30

60x122x10cm 70x140x10cm 90x190x23cm 135x190x23cm 150x200x23cm 180x200x23cm

£39.65 £43.78 £52.04 £70.22 £73.52 £85.91

£45.60 £50.35 £59.85 £80.75 £84.55 £98.80

135x200cm 200x200cm 235x220cm 265x220cm

£56.17 £71.04 £81.78 £94.17

£64.60 £81.70 £94.05 £108.30

£107.80 £147.95 £160.59 £182.90

£123.98 £170.15 £184.68 £210.33



“Putting your dust mite bedding on my daughter’s bed has made all the difference. She doesn’t wake up with a streaming nose anymore.” J.W.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Dust Mite Proof Bedding Cases “My son no longer needs to use his inhaler since I covered his bedding” Choose a complete bed set and save 10% The single bed set has one pillow case, one mattress case and one duvet case; the double, king and super king sets have two pillow cases, a mattress case and a duvet case. Always check dimensions before ordering.



The Healthy House Polyester Microfibre Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases  Stop sneezing, rhinitis and other allergic symptoms caused

by dust mites in your bedding  Smooth and soft polyester microfibre is comfortable to sleep on  Protect yourself from dust mites by completely encasing the


mattress, duvet and pillow With the same attention to detail as our cotton cases, these white polyester cases create an effective barrier between you and the dust mites in your bedding. They are bleached using eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide and carry the Oeko-tex Standard 100. Tests in Cambridge showed that the density of the weave acts as a barrier to the house dust mite and its faeces.

Polyester Microfibre Cases DPP Pillow Case Mattress Cases DPMS Single DPMD Double DPMK King DPMSK Super King Duvet Cases DPDS Single DPDD Double DPDK King DPDSK Super King Polyester Microfibre Bed Sets DPBSS Single DPBSD Double DPBSK King DPBSSK Super King


ex VAT £7.61

incl VAT £8.75

93x190x23cm 140x190x23cm 150x200x23cm 200x205x23cm

£38.78 £48.48 £51.39 £53.35

£44.60 £55.75 £59.10 £61.35

140x190cm 200x200cm 225x220cm 260x220cm

£38.78 £48.48 £51.39 £53.35

£44.60 £55.75 £59.10 £61.35

£76.66 £100.96 £106.20 £109.72

£88.16 £116.10 £122.13 £126.18

“Every morning my son would sniff and sneeze so I bought your polyester dust mite proof cases for his bed. He now not only no longer sneezes in the morning but he no longer needs to use his inhaler.” A.W.

Zip flap for added protection All cases have zip closures with an additional flap for extra protection. The mattress case opens the length of one side and along the bottom making it easy to take on and off for washing. The duvet case and pillow case open the length of one side. The fine 100% polyester microfibre is soft and smooth and is both breathable and vapour permeable. The cases are light, durable and easy to use. Machine wash at 60C 3 to 4 times per year. Iron while still damp or simply air dry or tumble dry on a cool setting and put back on to the bed. Cover with your own cotton sheets. If you are allergic to the house dust mite you can purchase these VAT exempt - please see the information box opposite.


VAT Exemption Our Healthy House Cotton and Healthy House Microfibre dust mite proof bedding cases can be sold VAT exempt to sufferers of asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis and other dust mite allergies. A VAT Exemption Form signed by you must accompany your order or VAT will be charged. Please see page 75 for VAT exemption form.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

Dust Mite Proof Pillows and Duvets and Comfort Bed sets Protecting yourself from the dust mite reduces your total allergen load Dust Mite Proof Pillows - only £9.99

Comfort Bed Sets for Summer and Winter Save 10%

These dust mite proof pillows come as a pair. The cover is Daltex Allershield and the filling is hollowfibre. Machine wash at 40C 3 to 4 times per year. Air dry or cool tumble dry. An ideal choice for children’s beds. Replace every 12-24 months. DMPP

The Summer Comfort Bed Set includes a Healthy House Polyester Microfibre Mattress Case (p26), a 4.5 tog Dust Mite Proof Duvet and a pair of Dust Mite Proof Pillows.

Dust Mite Proof Pillows 1 pr



Best sellers for dust mite allergy

The Winter Comfort Bed set includes a Healthy House Polyester Microfibre Mattress Case, a 12 tog Dust Mite Proof Duvet and a pair of Dust Mite Proof Pillows. VAT Exemption The ex VAT price of the set includes the mattress case without VAT and the other products inclusive of VAT. A VAT exemption form (p75) signed by you must accompany your order or VAT will be charged. Comfort Bed Sets SCBSS SCBSD SCBSK WCBSS WCBSD WCBSK

Dust Mite Proof Duvets - 4.5 and 12 tog  Help relieve the symptoms of dust mite allergy  Available in summer weight 4.5 tog and winterweight 12 tog  Economical alternative to a dust mite proof duvet case The 4.5 and 12 tog synthetic dust mite proof duvets are light weight and washable. The covers are dust mite proof Daltex Allershield and the fil ling is hollowfibre. Simply cover with your usual cotton bedding. Wash at 40C 3 to 4 times per year. Air dry or tumble dry on a cool setting. DMPDS4.5 DMPDD4.5 DMPDK4.5 DMPDS12 DMPDD12 DMPDK12

4.5 tog Duvet Single 4.5 tog Duvet Double 4.5 tog Duvet King 12 tog Duvet Single 12 tog Duvet Double 12 tog Duvet King


137x200cm 200x200cm 220x230cm 137x200cm 200x200cm 220x230cm

£15.99 £17.99 £19.99 £24.99 £29.99 £32.99

ex VAT £58.28 £68.81 £73.23 £66.38 £79.61 £84.93

Summer Set Single Summer Set Double Summer Set King Winter Set Single Winter Set Double Winter Set King

incl VAT £63.52 £75.36 £80.17 £71.62 £86.16 £91.87

The Healthy House 100% Cotton Dust Mite Proof Sheet Sleeping Bag Our Dust Mite Proof Sheet Sleeping Bag is made of 100% unbleached undyed Oeko-tex Standard 100 cotton. It has a pillow pouch and a zip closure down one side. This is a sheet sleeping bag similar to a YHA sleeping bag with the advantage of being dust mite proof. It is not a padded sleeping bag. Machine wash at 60C. Iron whilst damp.


Sheet Sleeping Bag

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


ex VAT £55.43



incl VAT £63.75


Feather and Down Dust Mite Proof Pillows and All Seasons Duvets Have a good night’s sleep with dust mite protection and the luxury of feather and down The Feather and Down All Seasons Duvet consists of two duvets that pop together; one is a 4.5 tog summer weight duvet, the other is a 9 tog spring and autumn duvet. Clip them both together and you have a duvet suitable for the colder winter months. The price is for the two duvets. Air your bedding every day. Wash 3 or 4 times a year at 40C. Tumble dry. Always make sure that the filling is thoroughly dry.

Dust Mite Proof Feather and Down Pillow A I R

 Stop sneezing and wheezing caused by dust mites in

your pillow  85% white goose feather and 15% down  Save £5.00 when you buy 2 pillows This is a very comfortable feather and down pillow, suitable for general use. The casing is dust mite proof 100% cotton cambric. The pillow carries the Nomite certification, designed to limit dust mites, and the Oeko-tex Standard 100, free from harmful substances.




DMP All Seasons Feather Single DMP All Seasons Feather Double DMP All Seasons Feather King

9+4.5 tog 9+4.5 tog 9+4.5 tog

£86.00 £129.00 £149.00

The feathers and down are washed and thoroughly rinsed. They are sterilised at 120C during the drying process. The filling weight is 700g. The manufacturer’s instructions say to wash this pillow at 40C. We have washed it at 60C and have allowed for the shrinkage in the stated size. Wash 3 to 4 times per year. Tumble dry on a cool setting.

Save £5.00 when you choose a pack of 2 pillows The pack of two pillows offers you a £5.00 saving, making this comfy pillow a very economical purchase.



DMP Feather Pillow x 1 DMP Feather Pillow x 2

48x74cm 48x74cm

£19.99 £34.98

Dust Mite Proof Feather and Down All Seasons Duvets  Sleep comfortably without the symptoms of dust mite allergy  Offers you complete flexibility all year round  85% white goose feather and 15% down by weight A perfect choice for all year flexibility. These duvets are completely dust mite proof having a casing of 100% cotton cambric and a filling of 85% goose feather and 15% down. All products are Oeko-tex Standard 100 and carry the Nomite certification. As with the pillows above, all the feathers and down are washed to ensure that they are clean and then thoroughly rinsed. The drying process ensures that the feathers and down are sterilised as the temperature must reach 120C.


Feather All Seasons Bed Sets Save 10% (even on the pillows!)


The Feather All Seasons Bed Set includes a Healthy House Cotton Dust Mite Proof Mattress Case (p25), a Feather and Down All Seasons Duvet and a pack of two Feather and Down Pillows. Since the mattress case is available VAT exempt, the ex VAT price of the set includes the mattress case without VAT and the other products inclusive of VAT. A VAT exemption form (p75) signed by you must accompany your order or VAT will be charged. FASBSS FASBSD FASBSK

Single Double King

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

Offer ex VAT £155.72 £210.78 £231.75

Offer incl VAT £162.75 £220.26 £241.68

Dust Mite Proof Pillows and Duvets It’s all about quality of life: our Danish bedding is luxurious, dust mite proof and safe for allergies and asthma Feathers and Allergies If you have missed out on using feathers because of their “allergenic” issues, our Danish bedding may be just the thing. It has been heat treated to remove the natural oils and bacterial components commonly found in down and feather fillings and thought to be a contributing factor in so many feather allergies.


The fillings have been properly cleansed and sterilised and are free from the chemicals that are usually used to eradicate this problem.

Danish Down and Feather Pillows  Stop morning sneezes caused by dust mites in your pillow  70% Danish duck down and 30% Danish duck feather  Dust mite proof and washable at 60C This is a perfect medium fill pillow, ideal for everyday use with the added benefit of being dust mite proof. It carries the Nomite and Daunasan certifications. It is made up of three chambers the top and bottom chambers are filled with 70% Danish duck down and 30% small feathers and the inside is filled with 70% small feathers and 30% Danish duck down. The cover is Oeko-tex Standard 100 dust mite proof white cotton. Filling weight is 600g. Machine wash at 60C 3 to 4 times per year. Tumble dry on a cool setting.

“The Danish Down Pillow I received last week is gorgeous. It has relieved my dust mite allergy symptoms and is also very comfortable.” C.E. DP

Danish DMP Down Pillow



Danish All Year Duvets - Tog guide 9 - 10  Surround yourself in dust mite free luxury, relieving your

dust mite allergy symptoms and letting you wake refreshed  Light weight warmth offers you restful sleep  90% Danish duck down and 10% Danish duck feather, dust

mite proof and washable at 60C

D U S T The filling of these gorgeous Danish Dust Mite Proof Duvets is 90% new white Danish duck down and 10% feather. They are manufactured in Denmark without the use of harmful substances and chemicals. The manufacturer was one of the first quilt manufacturers to be certified to the recognised Oeko-tex Standard 1000 as well as the Oeko-tex Standard 100.


Made to the highest quality, the down and feathers have been washed, heat-treated and de-dusted and all the allergenic bio-organisms have been rendered harmless. The covers are dust mite proof cotton. The duvets carry the Nomite logo (to certify that the product is specifically designed to limit dust mites) and Downafresh/Daunasan symbols (to certify that the product is made in Europe to the highest standards). Wash at 60C 3 to 4 times per year. Tumble dry on a cool setting. Please see page 31 for Luxury Bed sets.


Danish Dust Mite Proof Duvets AYDS Single AYDD Double AYDK King

140x200cm 200x200cm 240x220cm

Filling weight 600g 890g 1170g

£135.50 £189.50 £247.75

Care of Danish Down products if you have allergies Wash at 60C. Dry thoroughly in a tumble drier using three tennis balls or DryerBalls. No dust mites will enter the duvet or pillow. To keep the surface of the duvet and pillows free of dust mites wash 3 to 4 times a year. Regular care: Fluff up your bedding daily and allow it to air. This keeps it lofty, light and airy and helps to distribute the filling evenly. Do not leave in direct sunlight and never vacuum or beat the pillows or duvet.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Silk Pillows and Duvets - also suitable for dust mite allergy Though we consider silk to be the ultimate luxury, it is inhospitable to dust mites Silk Pillows A I R


 Sleep in comfort knowing that dust mites


won’t be sharing your pillow  Available in Standard and Soft Style to suit your needs  Filling is long-strand silk covering a core of polyester Our pillows have the perfect combination - luxurious silk covering a core of polyester. This gives just the right level of support. The cover is 100% combed cotton sateen. The polyester core combines with the silk surround to provide a softer feel than an all silk filling, which many people would find a bit too firm - a perfect balance of firmness and comfort. We offer the pillows in both Standard and Soft Style. The softer pillows are the same weight as the standard ones, but the pillow itself is half the density - perfect for those who find standard pillows too bulky.



Standard Silk Pillow Soft Style Silk Pillow

50x70cm 50x70cm

£38.00 £38.00

Silk Duvets - Tog guide 3.5 and 9 S K I N

 Stop morning sneezes caused by dust mites in your duvet  Also suitable and beneficial for osteoarthritis, shingles and

overheating  The 100% long-strand silk keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm


The 100% silk filling is amazingly warm in winter but leaves you cool and contented in summer. Each duvet is layered by hand using 100% pure longfibre mulberry silk and constructed to achieve optimum warmth and lightness. The tacking in the duvet prevents the silk moving about in the casing, but eliminates the possibility of large cold spots created by pockets. The cover is 100% combed cotton sateen. Natural silk is a fully breathable material which helps you to maintain a stable body temperature. It is inhospitable to dust mites, making it suitable for people with dust mite allergy. Our silk duvets are as warm but lighter than a traditional duvet. This makes them particularly suitable for people with osteoarthritis or shingles, because they drape over the body and do not cause any pressure spots. Silk has the amazing ability to help you maintain a constant body temperature allowing for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.


Silk is a natural product and has a distinctive odour. This can often be mistaken for a slight chemical-like smell, but is just the natural odour of pure silk. In our experience the odour can be most noticeable when the duvets are first unpacked, but this dissipates after a few hours and is completely gone after a few days. Caring for your silk duvet is very simple. Use a natural fibre duvet case, either cotton or silk. Air your bedding each day by leaving your duvet drawn back. In addition to this your silk duvet can be washed very gently at 30C or below. Alternatively, it should be aired in the sunshine twice a year.

Save 10% when you buy a set - combined tog guide 13.5 Our duvets are sold either individually in summer or autumn weights or as a combination set of one summer and one autumn duvet that fasten together. All duvets have fasteners on them so that you can add a second duvet at a later date. Use the lightweight in summer, the autumn weight in spring and autumn and the combined duvets during the coldest months. SDS3.5 SDD3.5 SDK3.5 SDS9 SDD9 SDK9 SDSC SDDC SDKC

Summer Single Summer Double Summer King Autumn Single Autumn Double Autumn King Combined Single Combined Double Combined King

140x200cm 200x200cm 225x220cm 140x200cm 200x200cm 225x220cm

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

filling weight 640g 880g 1100g 1160g 1600g 2000g

£110.00 £125.00 £145.00 £150.00 £165.00 £185.00 £234.00 £261.00 £297.00

Luxury Bed Sets and Other Useful Bedding Waterproof covers are great for taking on holiday or for nights away from home Luxury All Year Bed Sets - Save 10%

Cotton Terry Waterproof Covers  100% waterproof, dust mite proof fitted sheet keeps your

The Luxury All Year Bed Set includes a Healthy House Cotton Dust Mite Proof Mattress Case (p25), a Danish All Year Dust Mite Proof Duvet (p29) and a Danish Dust Mite Proof Pillow (2 pillows in the double and king sets).

mattress protected from accidents and spillages  Pillow case gives complete dust mite and mould protection  Light and easy to take with you for travelling

“I simply can’t wait to go to bed and snuggle up in my Danish duvet, knowing that I won’t wake up sneezing.” E.S. Since the mattress case is available VAT exempt, the ex VAT price of the set includes the mattress case without VAT and the other products inclusive of VAT. A VAT exemption form (p75) signed by you must accompany your order or VAT will be charged. LBSS LBSD LBSK

Offer ex VAT £204.78 £305.73 £361.13

Single Double King

Offer incl VAT £211.81 £315.21 £371.05

These waterproof protectors are really useful for general mattress protection, or for children or anyone with an incontinence problem. They also function as a dust mite proof case for short term use - ideal for holidays or sleep overs. They conform to Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified free of harmful chemicals. The mattress covers are fitted sheet style with elasticated sides for easy fitting. The top layer is 100% cotton towelling with a polyurethane backing allowing body heat and vapour to pass through. It functions as a barrier to dust mites and mould, though for total dust mite protection a complete case is always recommended. The pillow cases entirely enclose the pillow offering you total dust mite and mould protection. For other sizes please see our website. Machine wash at 40C. Hang to dry.

100% Cotton Cellular Blanket




 Lightweight and breathable and can be used just with

a cotton sheet or for extra warmth on top of a duvet  Can be washed regularly on a hot wash so that the blanket is suitable for dust mite allergy, eczema, and chemical sensitivity We have been using these blankets for almost 20 years. They are unbleached and undyed, 100% cotton and hemmed with a poly/cotton thread. Soft and warm without being heavy, they have been very popular with our chemically sensitive customers. Being pure cotton and generously sized, they can be washed regularly on a hot wash and tumble dried, which makes them ideal for people suffering from dust mite allergy. Also suitable for people with eczema or anyone who gets hot at night. Single size only. JWCS



CSP Mattress Covers CSMC CSMCB CSM30 CSM36 CSM54 CSM60

Pillow Case Cot Cot Bed Bunk Single Double King



60x122x15cm 70x140x15cm 75x190x25cm 90x190x25cm 140x190x25cm 150x200x25cm

£14.50 £16.50 £17.50 £25.99 £29.99 £32.99


Allergy Tip If you suffer from dust mite allergy we advise washing your sheets once a week on a 60C wash. Alternatively you can use the nillergen laundryTM (p20) on a 30C wash helping to save the environment and saving on your electricity bill. Dust mites will not be able to penetrate through your dust mite proof cases, dust mite proof pillows or duvets but they should be washed 3 or 4 times a year to remove any dust mites that may be on the surface. Washing at a lower temperature will dissolve the dust mite allergen but will not kill the dust mites.


Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Raycop Anti-Allergy Bed Vac and Dust Mite Proof Toppers More products ideal for dust mite allergy Raycop Anti-Allergy Bed Vac A I R

 Leaves your bed clean and fresh and free of dust mites and

bacteria  Reduces asthma and other symptoms of dust mite allergy

so that you feel clear-headed and rested, ready for the day  Vacuum safely and efficiently assists in the elimination and



removal of dust mites and their faeces The Raycop reduces your dust mite exposure by killing the dust mites and the bacteria they need to break down their food. The vacuum cleaner sucks up dead dust mites and their faeces which are collected in a small cartridge filter. • UV-C Sterilising Lamp with safety sensor - replace every 2-3 years • Vibrating Pad • Washable Cartridge Filter replace every 12-18 months • Replaceable Micro Allergy Filter replace every 12-18 months • Power consumption 400w • Measures 37x34x16.5cm • Weighs 2.4kg • British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval • One year guarantee

 Sleeping on our mattress toppers is like floating on a fluffy

cloud!  5 star luxury toppers add extra comfort to your mattress  Dust mite proof pure cotton cover with a choice of fillings

Anyone with a sensitive skin complaint should not use the Raycop without consulting their doctor. Always keep it out of reach of children. The Raycop can be used with or without the vibrating pad function. This vibration shakes the dust mites free of the mattress so that they can be vacuumed up. Always follow the instructions for use and never cover the safety sensors. Please pay for rentals by credit card. Any damage will be charged against your card at cost. A deposit of £10.00 is included in the rental price and will be returned when the unit comes back thoroughly cleaned and ready for reassignment.


Goose Down

Mattress Toppers

Use the Raycop on mattresses and bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, and upholstered furniture remember-ing that the UV-C light needs a flat surface in order to function. Use the Raycop every day for the first week on a used mattress then either encase your mattress and bedding in dust mite proof cases or use the Raycop once a month. The Raycop is available to rent for this purpose or can be purchased for more frequent use on household items. Not recommended for use on down and feather.



Raycop Rental for one week (incl deposit) Delivery Raycop Purchase

£40.00 £7.50 £149.99

Enjoy the blissful comfort of a super soft mattress topper similar to those used routinely in 5 star hotels worldwide. These have now also become a standard household item in many homes. Our toppers are covered in dust mite proof cotton cambric and are ideal even if you suffer from dust mite allergy. Both toppers have a boxed construction for even distribution. Elasticated corner straps secure the topper to the mattress. Simply cover with your usual bedding. Dust mites will not penetrate the cotton cover. In order to keep the surface free of dust mites, the topper should be aired regularly. Mattress toppers now by law have to pass the match test. Our Microfibre Topper has an fire retarded cover which is Oeko-tex Standard 100 (free from harmful substances) with a filling of micro ball fibre polyester. Our Goose Down Topper is naturally fire retardant. It has an Oeko-tex Standard 100 cover with a separate 1” layer containing 100% goose down with a deeper layer of duck feather for stability. This may come with an outer baffled wall (as shown) or with an inner baffled wall. Commercial washing recommended. MTS MTD MTK GMTS GMTD GMTK

Microfibre Single Microfibre Double Microfibre King Goose Down Single Goose Down Double Goose Down King

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

90x190cm 135x190cm 150x200cm 90x190cm 135x190cm 150x200cm

£55.00 £69.00 £79.00 £85.00 £112.00 £135.00

Information on Chemical Sensitivity Helping you to cope with this little understood condition and offering you tips on how to help yourself Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

What are the symptoms?

Have you ever really stopped to think just how many chemicals are used in our everyday lives? Unless you have made a conscious effort and decision to replace household and personal products with organic or non-toxic varieties you may be being exposed to a lot more than you bargained for. Paints and varnishes, household products (particularly cleaning products and air fresheners), furniture, skin care products all contain large numbers of chemicals; even the clothes we wear and the bedding we sleep in are often coated in easycare or stain repellent chemicals. Breathing in chemicals of this sort is not good for anyone but for some it makes them noticeably ill. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (M.C.S.) is a poorly recognised condition. More and more people are suffering from it, and many of them do not know what it is. The good news is there is a lot you can do to reduce your chemical exposure and your symptoms.

Each person with M.C.S. has a unique set of problems and may exhibit different patterns of symptoms when exposed to different chemicals. Symptoms can be caused by exposure to air, food, water or skin contact and often occur in more than one organ system. Symptoms include the following:

What causes M.C.S? Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a disorder triggered by exposure to chemicals in the environment. This may be the result of a single large exposure to one or more toxic chemicals or repeated exposures to low doses, for instance from long term exposure to a variety of chemicals now common to everyday life, both at home and at work. A variety of other conditions make it more likely to occur: these include Candida overgrowth, nutrient deficiency, a poor functioning endocrine system and a general inability for adequate detoxification. People with M.C.S. have symptoms from chemical exposures at concentrations far below the level tolerated by most people. Sensitisation to these chemicals often leads to the sufferer becoming more susceptible to the other chemicals that surround them. For instance, they may suddenly notice that they feel ill in the office where they are surrounded by volatile chemicals coming off the chipboard desks or the photocopier, or they may notice that they can no longer tolerate their favourite perfume. Whatever form it takes M.C.S. can drastically affect your life.

• headaches • dizziness • visual disturbances • ’flu-like symptoms • inflammation • chronic exhaustion • food allergies • Candida • bloating and other digestive problems • fatigue and depression • mental confusion and brain fog • short and long term memory loss • ear, nose and throat problems • asthma or other respiratory problems • increased sensitivity to odours • persistent skin rashes and sores • cardio-vascular irregularities • muscle weakness and joint pains • numbness and tingling • genito-urinary problems • irritability and behavioural problems • learning disabilities in children • auto-immune disorders, persistent infections In other words, almost any symptom you care to imagine.

Who suffers from M.C.S.? Many thousands of people suffer some degree of chemical sensitivity. Some may be quite unaware that their symptoms are caused by exposure to chemicals. Many people will say they get a headache from using oil based paint but just accept it not realising that the substances that are causing that headache are present in other products they live with each day.

people can react to hard plastics such as computers and TVs, especially when they are new. If you are particularly sensitive to pine resin you may also need to get rid of pine or wood which contains a lot of resin. Other avoidance measures could include:


• using a water filter to remove chlorine and other contaminants • using unperfumed detergents, natural soaps and shampoos • using untreated or organic cotton or wool bedding • removing gas appliances and using electricity instead • avoiding any processed foods and drugs containing artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives References: Environmental Medicine in Clinical Practice, Drs Honor Anthony, Sybil Birtwistle, Keith Eaton, Jonathan Maberly, ; Goodbye Allergies, Judge Tom Blane; Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the work place, Tracy Frisch; Chemical Victims, Dr Richard Mackarness; An Alternative Approach to Allergies, Theron G Randolph, and Ralph W Moss; Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental diseases and pollutants, Sherry A Rogers; Good Health Guide, A Keats; Your Home, Your Health and Well-Being, David Rousseau, W J Rea, M.D. and Jean Enwright; Article adapted from material in Detoxification and Healing by Dr Sidney Baker, Keats. WDDTY. Feb 1999.


Disclaimer: Information included on this page is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

What to do to reduce chemical exposure On a practical level, removal of as many synthetic materials from the home and work place as possible is essential. This includes removing plastics, vinyls, foam and chipboard. Stop using toxic or scented cleaning chemicals and polishes, synthetic soaps, detergents and, in particular, fabric conditioners. Be aware that some sensitive

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Organic Cotton Bedding Made from pure cotton, organically grown with nothing added A I R

Organic - what does it mean? Our organic products have been made with materials grown without the use of chemical sprays and have undergone strict testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Most cotton has been sprayed with insecticides and pesticides and then dyed using heavy metal dyes. The cotton is then usually treated to make it “easy care”, crease resistant and easy to iron. This treatment contains formaldehyde which can offgas whilst you are sleeping. Formaldehyde is a brain toxin and many people are sensitive to it. Our organic cotton bedding has had no chemical treatments and will crease. It can be ironed while slightly damp or just dried in the open air and put back onto your bed.

Organic Cotton Bedding  When you sleep in organic cotton you know you are

not being exposed to any chemical offgassing  Ideal for all year use - smooth and cool to the skin  Suitable for most MCS sufferers This bedding offers the luxurious feel of quality cotton with the assurance that it has never been through any chemical processing. The duvet covers have Tagua nut buttons. The thread count is 31x27 threads per cm2. They are unbleached and undyed. As with any untreated pure cotton, the sheets will crease and there will be some shrinkage which is allowed for in the manufacturing process. Machine wash at up to 60C.



Organic Single Jersey Fitted Sheets  Naturally stretchy so that bed making is quick and easy  Need no ironing so save you time  Natural colour makes co-ordinating easy We love these Single Jersey Fitted Sheets because they are so easy to manage - no creases where you lie and they don't need any ironing to look good. They are undyed and unbleached, 100% organic cotton and one of the best selling ranges in Germany. They are soft and have a natural stretch without the addition of any elastane. Being organic, they have never been exposed to any chemical treatments and are warm and cosy. We use them throughout the year. Wash at up to 60C. OCJ36 OCJ54 OCJ60


Fitted Single Fitted Double Fitted King

90x190cm 140x190cm 150x198cm

£20.99 £27.99 £34.99

OCP C36 C54 C60 C70 C90 C100 OCS OCD OCK

Pillow Cases per pr Fitted Single Fitted Double Fitted King Flat Single Flat Double Flat King Duvet Cover Single Duvet Cover Double Duvet Cover King

50x75cm 90x190cm 137x190cm 152x198cm 178x254cm 229x254cm 254x264cm 137x200cm 200x200cm 225x220cm

Allergy Tip Any unbleached material will whiten with time and even more rapidly when washed using a detergent with optical brighteners. We recommend using an eco-friendly detergent without optical brightener or the Aquaballs on page 50.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£14.99 £24.99 £32.99 £35.99 £35.99 £39.99 £42.99 £37.99 £53.99 £62.99

Organic Cotton Bedding The only way to be sure your bedding has not been treated Cosy Organic Flannelette Bedding

Organic Cotton Bedding with Detail

 If you love

 Organic bedding with 21st century sophistication offers

softness and warmth, these are the sheets for you!  100% organic cotton flannelette  Keeps you warm and cosy during the cold winter months

you style and purity  Pure 100% organic cotton, unbleached with delicate detail  Works well with any of the organic fitted sheets on the previous page

Best seller for winter


The detail in these natural organic sheets is the result of the weaving process. They are unbleached and undyed. For anyone who would like natural coloured bedding that is a little bit special these are absolutely perfect. The thread count is 48x31 threads per cm2. Machine wash at up to 60C.

There is nothing quite as comforting as snuggling up in flannelette sheets. These soft and luxurious brushed cotton sheets are unbleached and undyed ideal for the colder months. They wash well and are generously sized. Machine wash at up to 60C.


“Blissful bedding - These sheets are wonderfully cosy and nurturing to sleep in. I have used them for a couple of years and they are wearing and washing well. The sizing is extremely generous. They look rather fifties with the natural colour and flannelette material but if blissful comfort is a priority then these are perfect. I love them!” B.L. OCFP OCF36 OCF54 OCF60 OCF70 OCF90 OCF100 OCFDS OCFDD

Pillow Cases per pr Fitted Single Fitted Double Fitted King Flat Single Flat Double Flat King Duvet Cover Single Duvet Cover Double

50x75cm 90x190cm 137x190cm 152x198cm 178x254cm 229x254cm 254x264cm 137x200cm 200x200cm

£14.99 £24.99 £32.99 £35.99 £35.99 £39.99 £42.99 £37.99 £53.99


Duvet Cover King



Pillow Cases per pr Duvet Cover S Duvet Cover D Duvet Cover K

50x75cm 137x200cm 200x200cm 225x220cm

£20.99 £45.99 £63.99 £73.99


Organic Cotton Mattress Protector  Protects your mattress and keeps it clean  Adds a little extra warmth  Thick organic cotton flannelette


This soft organic cotton mattress protector is made of thick soft flannelette with an elasticated strap at each corner. Ideal for protecting your mattress and adding a little extra insulation. Wash at 60C. For cot and cot bed sizes please see page 37. OFMPS OFMPD OFMPK

Single Double King

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

90x190cm 140x190cm 150x200cm

£25.99 £36.99 £39.99


Organic Bedding and Towels For chemical free living - good for you and good for the environment Organic Cotton Fine Knitted Blanket

Organic Cotton Winter and Summer Duvets A I R

 100% organic cotton so that there are no chemicals to react to  Available in two weights for all year use - 10 tog and 4 tog  Combine perfectly with the Organic Wool Pillow below

 Fine knitted blanket with “handcrafted” detail  Suitable for the sofa or as a single blanket  100% soft organic cotton


Made in Germany, this beautiful, fine blanket comes in a single size (baby and cot sizes also available in the Baby Section). It is knitted using fine organic cotton. Washable at 30C. Reshape whilst wet and air dry.


Organic Cotton Blanket Single



Organic Cotton Towels



Our organic cotton duvets are made in Germany with a sumptuous cotton filling and an unbleached creamy cotton cover. The Winter Duvet is a tog guide 10 - warm and cosy. The Summer Duvet is a tog guide 4 - perfect for late spring, summer and early autumn. They are hand washable at 40C. Lie flat to dry. Air by folding the duvet back on itself and leave to air during the day. Winter OCDWS OCDWD OCDWK Summer OCDS OCDD OCDK

Single Double King

135x200cm 200x200cm 220x230cm

filling weight 1600g 2400g 3000g

£150.00 £225.00 £295.00

Single Double King

135x200cm 200x200cm 220x230cm

800g 1300g 1500g

£120.00 £195.00 £225.00

Organic Wool Pillow


Organic Wool Pillow

These 100% organic cotton towels are available in their natural colour in three sizes plus face cloths. As with any new towels absorbency increases with washing. Wash at 60C. The towelling weight is 400g per sq m. Tumble or line dry. OFC OHTN OSTN OBTN

Face Cloth Hand Towel Shower Towel Bath Towel

30x30cm 50x100cm 70x140cm 100x180cm

Organic Mattresses

Made by the same company as the duvets, this pillow is very soft and comfortable. The cover is a zipped 100% organic cotton padded case and the filling is 100% organic wool. We do not recommend washing this pillow. Ideal for chemical sensitivity as you can rest assured that neither the cover nor the filling have ever been exposed to chemical treatments. OWP

 Gorgeous natural organic towels are soft on your skin  Suitable for the whole family  Washable at 60C

We offer handmade organic mattresses in both a pocket sprung and an unsprung latex. The pocket sprung is certified by The Soil Association and the certification of the latex is still ongoing. All the organic mattresses are wrapped in organic wool and covered in organic cotton. They conform to BS7177 without the use of chemical fire retardants. Please ask for further information on our organic mattresses or visit our website. 50x75cm


Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£2.99 £8.99 £14.99 £22.99



Baby and Child Section


Choosing organic gives your child the best start in life Organic Waterproof Underpad  Protects your mattress from accidents  Equally suitable for cots and standard size mattresses

Organic gives your baby a healthy start in life We believe that using organic products for your baby may help to reduce the risk of developing allergies, asthma and eczema. It does, in any case, reduce the pollutants that your baby has to detoxify and offers him a pure and healthy environment in which to live. All our baby and toddler bedding and clothing is made of high quality organic materials, free from harsh chemical treatments. We have chosen a basic natural range to get you started with the addition of some beautiful coloured clothing for older babies.

your child has a healthy sleeping environment  The only cot mattress to have the Soil Association certification  Naturally fire retardant without the use of chemicals

Waterproof Underpad Waterproof Underpad

70x100cm 70x140cm

£18.99 £28.99

Organic Cotton Cot Mattress Protector  Keeps the mattress clean  Adds extra warmth and


What could be better than providing an organic mattress for your new baby to sleep on? Choosing an organic cot or cot bed mattress reassures you that the materials have never been treated and that your baby is not sleeping on a mattress that has been chemically fire retarded.



Cot Mattress Protector Cot Bed Mattress Protector

60x120cm 70x140cm

£15.99 £18.99


The Healthy House Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases - 100% Cotton for Cots and Cot Beds  Keeps a new mattress dust mite free  Creates a barrier between your child and the dust mites in

Our cot and cot bed mattresses are made with 100% unbleached untreated organic cotton and organic wool, bought exclusively from farms in Wales, covering a core of coir bound with latex. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. 120x60x10cm 140x70x10cm per mattress


The cot and cot bed mattress protectors are of 100% organic cotton flannelette - soft and warm, with elasticate straps at each corner. Wash at up to 60C.

 An organic mattress ensures

Cot Mattress Cot Bed Mattress DD

No need to cover your child’s beautiful organic mattress with a PVC waterproof cover to protect it from accidents. This organic waterproof underpad is made of a double layer of thick organic cotton sandwiching a layer of waterproof polyurethane. It’s also equally suitable for large mattresses as it is large enough to protect the main area where the body lies. Washable at up to 95C. Do not iron.


Organic Cot and Cot Bed Mattresses

OCM120 OCM140 P/p


£135.00 £145.00 £15.00

an older mattress Oeko-tex standard 100 - free from harmful substances. For full information on these cases please see page 25. DCMC DCMCB

Cot Cot Bed

60x122x10cm 70x140x10cm

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

ex VAT £39.65 £43.78

incl VAT £45.60 £50.35


Organic Cotton Baby/Small Children Basics




Soft and pure for ultimate comfort Organic Cotton Cot and Cot Bed Fitted Sheets A I R

 Soft and luxurious cotton in brightly coloured velour  Reversible - plain or mutli-stripe

 Make bed making so easy  Available in stretchy jersey cotton or flannelette Our organic cotton fitted sheets are the best choice for your baby or young child. You can rest assured that they have never been exposed to chemical treatments and at the same time, are beautiful soft cotton. The jersey sheets are ideal for all year use and the flannelette is extra cosy for the cooler months. Wash at up to 60C. These are the same as the sheets pictured on pages 34 and 35. OCJC OCJCB OCFC OCFCB

Jersey Fitted Cot Jersey Fitted Cot Bed Flannelette Fitted Cot Flannelette Fitted Cot Bed

60x120cm 70x140cm 60x120cm 70x140cm

£11.99 £12.99 £13.99 £14.99

Organic Cotton Knitted Baby and Cot Blankets


Organic Cotton Velour Blankets

These beautiful knitted organic cotton blankets are made in Germany. The small size is perfect for wrapping your baby in or as a shawl over the pram or push chair. The larger size is suitable for use on the baby’s cot. Washable at 30C. Reshape whilst wet and air dry.

These beautiful velour blankets are fully reversible, plain on one side with a multi-coloured stripe on the other. Soft and luxurious to use as a cover or on the floor to lay your baby on. Wash at up to 40C. Choose from plain blue and multi-stripe or plain red and multi-stripe. LC2170 LC2190

Red and Multi-Stripe Blue and Multi-Stripe

90x65cm 90x65cm

£22.99 £22.99

Green Baby Natural Sheepskin  Natural insulating properties keep your baby warm in winter

and cool in summer


 Natural softness gives your baby a sense of comfort and KBB KBCB

Knitted Baby Blanket Knitted Cot Blanket

73x73cm 80x100cm

£23.99 £25.99

Organic Cotton Hooded Towel

This beautiful natural sheepskin has been naturally cleaned and sterilised. It is ideal for a variety of uses. Perfect to place on the floor to put your baby on, or in a cot or pram. Please note that the colour and texture of the sheepskin may vary.

 Soft and absorbent for wrapping

your baby in after bath time Our super soft terry towel comforts your baby after bath time. Wash at up to 40C. Available in baby size and toddler. Colour: natural ecru.



Hooded Towel Baby Hooded Towel Toddler

security  Machine washable on wool cycle

80x80cm 100x100cm

£13.00 £18.00


Natural Sheepskin

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

80-90cm long




Baby/Small Children Night Wear


For safe, natural and comfortable sleeping Green Baby Organic Cotton Scratch Mittens

Green Baby Organic Cotton Terry Sleepsuit

 Helps prevent your baby from scratching  Soft organic cotton

 Fully opening front for

Our scratch mittens are perfect for babies from newborn to 6 months. They have soft rib cuffs and come in a pack of 2 pairs. Wash at 40C. Colour: natural ecru. For children’s gloves please see page 42.


Scratch Mittens x 2 prs



easy changing  Integral feet and nickelfree popper opening


Perfect sleepwear for your small baby. This terry towelling sleepsuit opens fully down the front and both legs for ease of changing. Wash at 40C. Colour: natural ecru.

Green Baby Wraparound Bodysuit  Makes dressing your baby trouble free  Ideal on its own or under a sleepsuit

GBC1343 GBC1346

Ideal for babies who do not like clothes pulled over the head. Can be worn on its own with leggings or under a baby gown or sleeping bag. Wash at 40C. Colour: natural ecru.

GBC0073 GBC0076

Wraparound Bodysuit Long Sleeves Wraparound Bodysuit Long Sleeves

0-3mos 3-6mos

Terry Sleepsuit Terry Sleepsuit

0-3mos 3-6mos

£13.00 £13.00

Green Baby Organic Cotton Farmyard Sleeping Bag  Encourages peaceful sleep

£5.75 £5.75

Green Baby Organic Cotton Baby Gown


as it keeps your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long  Full length front zip fastening  Suitable for babies from 4.5kg


Our quilted Farmyard Sleeping Bag is 100% organic cotton - both casing and filling. With a tog rating of 2.5, it is extra cosy and helps keep your baby’s temperature constant. For safety reasons baby sleeping bags should not be used with a blanket or a duvet or for babies under 4.5kg in weight. Washable at 40C.

 Makes nappy changing so easy  The perfect gown for new

babies with integral scratch mittens Baby’s first night gown has integral scratch mittens (just fold the cuff over), an envelope neck opening and elasticated bottom. Comfortable for the baby to sleep in and easy to pull up for changing. Wash at 40C. Colour: natural ecru.

GBC3036 GBC30318

Farmyard Quilted Sleeping Bag Farmyard Quilted Sleeping Bag

0-6mos 6-18mos

£40.00 £40.00

Cotton and Silk Eczema Suits GBC014

Baby Gown



For cotton and silk clothing designed specifically for babies and children with eczema, please see our website.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Organic Baby/Small Children




More ... and organic toiletries Organic Cotton Velour Babygrow A I R

Green People Baby and Child Toiletries

 Gorgeous smooth velour for added comfort  Red or blue - soft and very cosy

Give your child the best start in life with pure, organic Green People products. They are made from the finest ingredients and are very gentle. They do not contain lanolin, petrochemicals, parabens, SLS or SLES or any of the harsh chemicals that are found in many of today's baby and children’s toiletries.

Our organic cotton velour babygrows are beautiful all round - well made of luscious thick velour. The suit has nickel free poppers down the front and one leg for easy nappy changing. Wash at up to 40C. LC2166/74 LC2166/86 LC2186/74 LC2186/86



Baby Salve - May be suitable for babies prone to eczema. For smoothing onto baby’s hands, face, body and bottom. Water-resistant to protect against dampness when your baby has nappy rash.

Velour Babygrow Red Velour Babygrow Red Velour Babygrow Blue Velour Babygrow Blue

6-12mos 12-18mos 6-12mos 12-18mos

£21.95 £21.95 £21.95 £21.95

Organic Cotton Velour Sleeping Bag which is very soft keeps your baby comfortable all night long  Warm and cosy, complete with sleeves and integral scratch mittens

Children’s Mandarin Toothpaste - 100% natural and safe - free from SLS and fluoride. Really fruity taste, great for encouraging kids to brush! Children’s Bath and Shower Gel Lavender Gentle, everyday bath and shower gel for children. Natural foaming action – washing becomes a real treat! Soothing herbs to calm and relax with a delicate floral scent. Ideal for settling before bedtime.

Our organic cotton velour sleeping bag has a lining of multistripe velour. Suitable for a boy or girl, it is beautifully made with little tabs covering the zip ends so that they cannot scratch the baby’s skin. Available in 2 sizes, 70cm and 90cm long. The cuffs turn into integral mittens. Wash at up to 40C.


Nappy Cream Baby Balm - A soothing organic bottom balm which protects against dampness when your baby has nappy rash. Children’s Shampoo Lavender Gentle everyday shampoo for children. Non-irritating for sensitive scalps, highly concentrated.

 Sumptuous sleeping bag

LC2191A LC2191B

Baby Wash Lavender - Gentle, everyday shampoo and bath wash for baby. Protects from dryness and irritation.

Velour Sleeping Bag Blue Velour Sleeping Bag Blue

3-6mos 6-18mos

£36.95 £39.95

F011 F012 F027 F016 F001 F014

Baby Salve Baby Wash Lavender Nappy Cream Baby Balm Children’s Shampoo Lavender Children’s Mandarin Toothpaste Children’s Bath/Shower Gel Lavender

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

100ml 150ml 40ml 200ml 50ml 200ml

£8.95 £6.50 £8.95 £6.95 £3.19 £6.95

Information on Eczema and Skin Conditions Helps you know where to start to reduce eczema symptoms Eczema and skin problems Skin problems affect approximately 5.7 million people in the UK alone. The most common of these is dermatitis (or eczema as it is more commonly known). Eczema is actually not one specific skin condition but a group of conditions that cause inflammation of the skin. There are many causes and your age, sex, symptoms and frequency of occurrence can all help to determine the cause and help you manage the condition. We are most concerned with Atopic Eczema though you will find information on other types of eczema on our website under Allergy Information. Eczema is an inflammation and not an infection although secondary infections may occur if the condition is prolonged especially in the greasy skin areas where yeasts and bacteria take advantage of the anaerobic conditions of the skin. In the drier areas, infections occur if the condition is not treated and the skin is damaged by severe scratching.

Atopic Eczema This is by far the most common form, the result of an allergic reaction to environmental or nutritional elements. Chronic eczema is both environmental and partly inherited i.e. tends to run in families. Atopic eczema is characterised by red, itchy, dry skin that is vulnerable to secondary bacterial or viral infections and the formation of “hot spots”. Atopic eczema appears first in childhood and may or may not disappear in adulthood where there is a familial tendency. In others, it often occurs after periods of extreme stress or illness treated with antibiotics that suppress the immune system.

Triggers of Atopic Eczema • Dust mites in mattresses, soft furnishings, carpets and clothes • Chemicals in fabrics, furnishings, herbicides, pesticides, toiletries, paints, inks and cleaning materials, jewellery and chlorine in tap water • Pets • Foods • Pollens

Pets Contact pet allergies are easily diagnosed. If your cat, dog or small furry animal licks you or rubs against you, you will see red welts appear within a matter of hours and sometimes minutes. Unfortunately, pet allergens are not just in the saliva, they quickly become airborne and stick to fabrics, furnishings and walls.


Foods Food allergies are perhaps one of the most difficult and this is one area where effective diagnosis may require a medically approved allergy test. Trying to isolate the offending nutrient in all but the most extreme cases is very difficult (e.g. peanut or seafood allergy that often results in anaphylactic shock) although the most common offenders are milk, wheat, eggs and food colourings.

What to do to reduce your symptoms of Atopic Eczema Treatment must always be tailored to the individual but we recommend that you: • Remove all known allergens and irritants • Use the nillergen allergy range to denature dust mites in mattresses, furnishings, in your washing and in the air • Use dust mite proof bedding cases on the mattress and bedding or use a dust mite proof duvet and pillow • Follow our other recommendations for dust mite allergy on pages 23/24 • Use organic or natural untreated fabrics for both bedding and clothing • Use the MediCleanse range of toiletries that can significantly reduce the incidence of chemically induced atopic eczema • Use other natural toiletries and creams designed to help relieve the symptoms of eczema • Use a water filter for drinking water and a shower filter or bath dechlorinator for bathing (see pages 52-59) • Never allow pets in your bedroom and use the nillergen petTM to neutralise the allergens on the pet’s coat and the nillergen allergy range as above to neutralise the pet allergens in the air, on fabrics and furnishings and in the washing • Be aware that food allergy can affect your eczema. The most common food triggers are milk, wheat, eggs and food colourings though an allergy test should help to determine your specific food allergies




Dust Mites Studies in the USA show that 70% of eczema sufferers are allergic to dust mites. The dust mite allergen is found in beds, sofas, carpets and other upholstery and to a lesser extent in clothes. If you are susceptible to dust mites, the patches of inflammation tend to appear on the back, chest, back of legs, face and neck. The worst irritation is at night not least because those areas have the highest concentration of allergen. Chemicals These are present in brominated flame retardants in carpets, permethrin and triclosan in carpets and furnishings to deter moths, fungi and beetles; bleach, phthalates, alcohols, SLES, and parabens in toiletries, washing powders and cleaners and chlorine in tap water. Using filtered drinking and bathing water, natural untreated fabrics and furnishings combined with natural and non toxic toiletries can significantly reduce the incidence of chemically induced atopic dermatitis.

Disclaimer: Information included on this page is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

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Gloves for Adults and Children Protect your hands when they are sore with eczema and help them heal Adults’ and Children’s Cotton Gloves Best seller for eczema

 Protect your hands so that you can enjoy everyday tasks  Ideal while playing, working or at school  Can also be used at night over creams and lotions Our cotton gloves are hardwearing and washable at 60C. The gloves will shrink but should fit the wearer comfortably if they are reshaped while damp and left to dry flat. Wear them as a daytime glove or at night after putting cream or oil on damaged skin. They can be comfortably worn under washing up gloves or leather gardening gloves to absorb the salt from perspiration, preventing chafing between the fingers.


Knitted Gloves

Stitched Gloves

Hardwearing gloves for work or play to protect sensitive skin. These gloves are machine knitted using pure loomstate cotton - unbleached and undyed.

These gloves are made of soft white cotton knit material with insets in all the fingers for extra comfort and fit. They are popular for wearing to work or school or for wearing at night over creams. The CE label inside can be cut out if required. Machine wash at 60C. Reshape whilst damp. GSCS5 GSCM5 GSCL5 GSAS5 GSAM5 GSAL5

Being knitted, there are no seams in the gloves except to close off the ends of the fingers and the thumb. The wrists are elasticated to give a secure fit. The elastic is knitted into the cotton welt so that it has minimal contact with the skin. Hardwearing for work or play. These gloves are made for us in England. Machine wash at 60C. Reshape while the gloves are still damp. GCS5 GCM5 GCL5 GLSM5 GLL5

Child’s Knitted Small (3-5yrs) Child’s Knitted Medium (6-8yrs) Child’s Knitted Large (9-11yrs) Adult’s Knitted Small/Medium Adult’s Knitted Large

5 prs 5 prs 5 prs 5 prs 5 prs

£8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £10.59 £10.59

“These gloves are excellent for my four year old son who chews on his fingers (nervous habit we believe). His fingers were pretty raw and he now even asks for the gloves when he wakes up. They are comfortable and luckily, he has not been teased so he likes to wear them. I am ordering some more right now. Thank you!” Kim in California


Child’s Stitched Small (3-5yrs) Child’s Stitched Medium (6-8yrs) Child’s Stitched Large (9-11yrs) Adult’s Stitched Small Adult’s Stitched Medium Adult’s Stitched Large

5 prs 5 prs 5 prs 5 prs 5 prs 5 prs

£8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £10.59 £10.59 £10.59

“I have a daughter with eczema so severe she requires liquid immune suppressants from time to time. She wears these gloves to do nearly all everyday tasks (painting, playing in the sand and playdoh) and I have to say they have really improved her quality of life!!! It also helps her remember to stop itching ... I would recommend these to anyone with a child with eczema as the difference they make to my daughter's life is fantastic.” Mum from Cheltenham Allergy Tip Please see our Baby Section (page 39) for scratch mittens. Our MediCleanse products on page 45 can help kill bacteria and keep your hands free from infection. For our range of cotton and silk clothes for eczema sufferers please see our website.

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Creams for People Prone to Eczema and Skin Conditions Effective alternatives to steroid creams purepotions The purepotions range is 100% natural. Nothing extra is added. As with our other ranges, no synthetic colours or fragrances are used. Every ingredient is there for a reason and because of this they provide a deeper nourishment and moisturising effect.

Skin Salvation Salve A nourishing salve that is suitable for those prone to eczema. Also suitable for use on dry, itchy, irritated or troubled skin. Ideal for those wanting to avoid steroids. Made with a beeswax base that holds the moisture to the skin, with the added benefit of hemp oil which is rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids). You can apply it to any part of your body. Use before going to bed to reduce night time itching.

Skin Salvation Bath Oil To provide moisture and nourishment for skin during bathing. A superb bath emollient and a perfect complement to the Skin Salvation Salve. PPS30 PPS120 PPBO

Skin Salvation Salve Skin Salvation Salve Skin Salvation Bath Oil

30ml 120ml 100ml

£7.99 £17.99 £7.99

SK Cream  Safe for all ages from 2

months  Organic ingredients  Soothing, non greasy and unperfumed  Positive results often within 48hrs

SK Cream SK Cream No Lanolin


Natural relief for itchy, dry skin Formulated to be gentle on the skin Acts quickly and powerfully on symptoms Relief for babies and adults

Best seller for eczema

Hope’s Relief product range was developed by Melbourne naturopath Jacqueline Hope in response to the need for a natural, effective alternative for relieving the symptoms of various skin and scalp conditions, such as itchy and dry skin. The remarkable results have led to grateful testimonials from around the world. Hope’s products contain only the purist natural ingredients including licorice, calendula, manuka honey, aloe vera and gotu kola.


“I just wanted to say thank you for producing such wonderful cream! My six month old girl had eczema on her chin and neck and nothing I tried cleared it up or even reduced the redness. After only 3 days of using Hope’s Relief not only is the redness gone but nearly all of the rash has gone too! She has beautiful baby skin again!” Simone

SK Cream is suitable for use by people prone to eczema. Available with or without lanolin. Apply twice a day to everywhere except your hands which may need more frequent application. Keep refrigerated. Contains almond oil. SK SKNL

Hope’s Relief - Cream now in tubes

30g 30g

£10.99 £10.99


Moisturising Cream Moisturising Cream Bulk Pump Herbal Shampoo Herbal Conditioner

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

60g 150g 250ml 250ml

£13.99 £29.99 £14.99 £14.99


Creams for People Prone to Eczema and Skin Conditions More natural and effective alternatives Salcura Hydrator Range - now in tubes

Zeoderm+ Moisturiser

 Nourishes, moisturises and protects  Leaves your skin richly hydrated

 Helps to regulate hydration and dehydration of the skin  Strengthens elasticity of skin tissue  Helps to protect the skin

These wonderfully rich products contain vitamins and omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 for skin cell rejuvenation. Leaves the skin feeling strong, supple, healthier and richly hydrated. No steroids, alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals. Suitable for people who may be prone to dermatitis, urticaria, eczema and psoriasis.

Zeoderm+ is a moisturiser that is a unique blend of nanominerals and vital nutrients. It reduces dryness and promotes relief from itching. Zeoderm+ is quickly absorbed, non sticky and penetrates deep down for maximum moisturisation. It is formed from natural volcanic micro porous silicate minerals Best (zeolites) and is non toxic. seller Suitable for all ages and skin for types and has no known side eczema effects. Ideal to combine with the Salcura Skin Therapy.

Body Hydrator, Face Hydrator, Hand Hydrator For maximum hydration of the skin, these products are all slightly differently formulated to suit the different parts of the body. They nourish, protect and moisturise the skin. Apply 2-3 times a day or as needed.

Salcura Skin Therapy  Anti-itch, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial


Salcura products have been specially formulated with anti-itch, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. They contain only natural oils, minerals and vitamins providing essential nutrients to help maintain skin cells in a viable and healthy condition. They have not been tested on animals. Safe for people who may be prone to dermatitis, urticaria, eczema and psoriasis. Ideal to use with the Zeoderm+ Moisturiser.

Gentle Skin Therapy Spray Specially formulated for hypersensitive skin and for babies under 12 months of age, this natural spray provides the skin with essential nutrients. It moisturises, strengthens and protects.

Intensive Skin Therapy Spray This highly effective skin spray is quickly absorbed, nonsticky and penetrates deep down to clean, moisturise and protect the skin. SGSTS50 SGSTS100 SISTS50 SISTS100 SBH200 SFH50 SHH50


Gentle Skin Spray Gentle Skin Spray Intensive Skin Spray Intensive Skin Spray Body Hydrator Face Hydrator Hand Hydrator

50ml 100ml 50ml 100ml 200ml 50ml 50ml

£9.99 £14.99 £9.99 £14.99 £12.99 £11.99 £10.99

“I had been suffering with a severe case of psoriasis on the palms of my hands for some time - my skin was red raw, cracked and weeping . I had been finding it very difficult to use my hands. My doctor prescribed various steroid creams which had no effect. I thought I would give Salcura a try. I found the Intensive Spray very effective. ... I also used Salcura Zeoderm cream and within two weeks I noticed an improvement. Over the space of the next four weeks my hands healed completely. I continue to use Salcura Hand Hydrator. Salcura has worked wonders for me.” W. London ZEO50 ZEO100

Zeoderm Zeoderm

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50ml 100ml

£8.99 £13.99

MediCleanseTM Antibacterial Skin and Hair Care Safe for use by sufferers of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis Product Range

MediCleanseTM  Antibacterial - helps to protect you from infection  Safe for use by sufferers of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis

and acne  Safe for use by immuno-challenged patients in hospital  Safe for use by those in long term care The MediCleanse natural skincare range has potent antimicrobial properties that help protect you from infection and is gentle enough to use by sufferers of long term skin conditions, the chemically sensitive and immuno-challenged patients in care.

The core ingredients & their role in skincare Tarchonanthus camphorates (Leleshwa) - Harvested in the Rift Valleys of Kenya, this essential oil is one of nature’s most potent antimicrobials that kills over 99% of bacteria including antibiotic resistant species as well as common fungi and viruses. It is also a natural insect repellent and an anti-inflammatory with mood enhancing properties. Salix alba (Willow bark) - A natural source of Salicylic acid that helps remove thick layers of overgrown skin, dead cells and scales common to scar tissue, dandruff, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis/eczema and acne. Phytic acid - Derived from wheat bran and flax seeds, it is rich in antioxidants and inhibits cellular and bacterial over activity. Ylang-ylang & Eucalyptus – Essential oils that are antiseborrhoeic (regulate sebum production), antiseptic, calming & soothing. Jojoba & Coconut oil based cleansers/moisturisers - Nature’s gentlest cleansers that mimic the skin's own natural oils. Lichen extract - Antibacterial, antifungal, natural extract with potent pain relieving properties. As with our other skincare, MediCleanse products contain no alcohol, added fragrances, sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) or parabens. The formulations do not sting and are safe for sufferers of acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis as well as immuno-challenged patients in hospitals or in long term care.

The MediCleanse range consists of a face cleanser to use twice a day, a moisturising lotion for your face and body to use twice a day or as needed, a bath and shower gel and a shampoo and conditioner. The hand gel is to apply after washing your hands both as a moisturisier and antibacterial and the Pure Essence is for use as spot spray to be used twice a day.


“As a long term sufferer of Psoriasis I was amazed by the changes in using the MediCleanse range of products. The build up of flaky, itchy skin has been reduced dramatically. The Shampoo and Pure Essence are particularly impressive.” S.G. The range is ideal and very effective to use if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. It is also effective as an antibacterial skin care to protect during a hospital stay. Don’t leave home without it!

“Thank you so very much for sending the various lotions which I received just before I went into hospital. We used them all and I eventually came home after ten weeks with no infections.” H.B. MCFC MCML MCBSG MCS MCC MCHG MCPE

Face Cleanser Moisturising Lotion Bath and Shower Gel Shampoo Conditioner Hand Gel Pure Essence

100ml 250ml 250ml 250ml 250ml 50ml 30ml

£11.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £11.99 £10.99



Common Causes of Infections and Skin Disorders in Hospitals and in the Home Staphylococcus aureus including MRSA - boils, abscesses and infections of the bones, joints, soft tissues, wounds, heart valves, lungs and bloodstream Candida albicans and other Candida species - yeast infections - gut and dandruff; common cause of noscomial infections in hospitals E. coli - meningitis, septicaemia, urinary tract infections and gut infections (food poisoning) M. luteus - wound infections, boils, abscesses and bacteraemia; secondary infection in cases of meningitis, pneumonia and septic arthritis P. aeruginosa - intestinal, urinary, respiratory, ear and lung infections Aspergillus niger - asthma, cystic fibrosis and sinusitis - allergic bronchiopulmonary aspergillosis - and secondary infection in cases of TB Propionibacterium acnes - principle cause of acne pitysporium ovale - dandruff

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Fragrance Free Natural Skin and Hair Care Relief from scented products without compromising on quality A I R

Natural products with no harsh chemicals While bathing, showering and cleansing, toiletries can introduce a whole host of harsh chemicals that can be absorbed into your body. None of the toiletries that we offer contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, ethyl alcohol, parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances or any harmful additives. None of our products are tested on animals. (The Green People sunscreens may contain plant based alcohol and a synthetic alcohol approved by the Soil Association.) Many of our customers are not only sensitive to harsh chemicals but also to the essential oils found in many organic and natural product ranges. This is why we offer three ranges of hair and skin care without the addition of essential oils. All products have been very popular not only with chemically sensitive people but also for those who prefer no fragrance.

Green People Organic “No Scent” Range  Based on a high proportion of organic ingredients  No added essential oils  Free from all harsh chemicals


The organic base “No Scent” range is formulated without essential oils. *Preservatives used are phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid and dehydroacetic acid.

Best sellers unscented

Cleanser So gentle, you can even use it to remove eye make-up.

24-Hour Cream S K I N

Moisturising and nourishing for sensitive and dry skin on the face and neck.

Hand & Body Lotion

Gives effective, long-lasting protection against body odour. This is not an anti-perspirant.

Sun Lotion SPF22 Natural, water resistant protection for sensitive skin UVB. Vegetarian but not vegan.

Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF25 Natural, water resistant protection. Vegetarian and vegan. Rich in anti-oxidants - protects against cell damage.

“The Green People Range means that I do not have to compromise on quality just because I prefer natural products.” B.S.

Non-greasy moisturising lotion to use all over the body.

Shampoo Highly concentrated and mild enough for daily use. For the whole family.

Conditioner Restores shine and body to healthy hair.

Shower Bath A gentle, rich-foaming gel, mild enough for frequent use, and ideal as a bubble-bath or to soak away dirt.

Liquid Soap Very economical, perfect for frequent use and ideal before food handling where scent residues should be avoided.


Roll-On Deodorant

H001 H002 H003 H004 H005 H006 H008 H009 G005 G011

No Scent Cleanser No Scent 24hr Cream No Scent Hand & Body Lotion No Scent Shampoo No Scent Conditioner No Scent Shower Bath No Scent Liquid Soap No Scent Deodorant No Scent Sun Lotion SPF22 No Scent Children’s Sun SPF25

200ml 50ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 75ml 200ml 150ml

£14.99 £13.99 £14.99 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £7.99 £6.99 £16.99 £14.99

Ingredients Please see our website for a full list of ingredients on all toiletrires.

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Fragrance Free Natural Skin and Hair Care Toiletries for people who care about themselves and the environment Fragrance Free Range

The A'kin Unscented Range - new larger sizes

 Ideal for most chemically sensitive people  No added essential oils

 Ideal for most chemically sensitive people  Award winning unscented products  Caters to all skin types, particularly babies,

Fragrance Free Moisturiser

 Now available in economical 500ml size All the A’kin products are vegan, using certified organic ingredients where possible, and formulated without animal ingredients.

Fragrance Free Facial Wash For cleansing morning and evening. A complete blend of vegetable derived ingredients with aloe vera. Apply, cleanse face and wash off.

Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo Ensures your hair and scalp will be soothed and refreshed.

Unscented Very Gentle Conditioner

Fragrance Free Shampoo and Body Wash

Deeply soothing, wheat free conditioner with nourishing ingredients.

One of our top selling products. A light and easy to use gel with all the benefits of a good shampoo and body wash.

Fragrance Free Conditioner This deliciously creamy conditioner gives silky smooth hair and is suitable for all hair types.

Unscented Very Gentle Body Wash

Best seller fragrance free

Gently cleanses, soothes and calms sensitive and fragile skin. Can also be used as liquid soap at the hand basin.


Unscented, 24 Hour Pure Moisture Facial Moisturiser

Fragrance Free Face Mask

For sensitive, allergy prone and fragile skin. Naturally rich ingredients help soothe, comfort, deeply moisturise and repair your skin.

This fast acting clay gently lifts impurities to the surface for a deeper skin detox. Use every 2 weeks.

FF Moisturiser FF Facial Wash FF Shampoo FF Conditioner FF Face Mask


the elderly and the allergic

This rich creamy blend of aloe vera and plant based ingredients nourishes the skin without any harsh products or scented essential oils.



75ml 250ml 250ml 250ml 50ml

£12.99 £11.99 £7.99 £7.99 £10.99

A’Kin Products “I use the A’Kin Shampoo every day and the 24hr Pure Moisture both morning and night. In fact I never go to bed or go out in the morning without putting it on. Although it’s a relatively small jar it seems to last a long time.” Maxima Skelton


Unscented Replenishing Body Moist Body Lotion Deeply calming moisturising lotion. Perfect to use for skin that has suffered trauma such as wind damage, sunburn and skin disorders such as allergies.

AK2103 AK2113 AK2206 AK2214 AK2305 AK2315 AK2416 AK2512

Shampoo Shampoo Bulk Pump Conditioner Conditioner Bulk Pump Body Wash Body Wash Bulk Pump 24hr Pure Moisture Replenishing Body Moist

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

225ml 500ml 225ml 500ml 225ml 500ml 50ml 200ml

£8.99 £14.99 £8.99 £14.99 £8.99 £14.99 £19.99 £11.99


Natural Skin and Hair Care The advantage of organic with the addition of gentle essential oils Roll on Deodorant

Green People Range A I R

 The closest you can get to organic food for your skin  Nourish and soothe even the most sensitive skin  Award winning toiletries Keep your skin looking radiant with these wonderfully moisturising natural products that are free from unhealthy chemicals and parabens. The Green People range offers beautiful products with beneficial essential oils to add mild fragrance and enhance the products.

Day Solution SPF15 Day moisturiser with UVA/UVB protection. A gentle skin defence cream for all skin types with natural, broad spectrum UV protection. With organic camomile, edelweiss and aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Shampoo


Soothing everyday family shampoo, for normal/dry hair. Very concentrated, 200ml equals 600-800ml of most conventional shampoos. With organic aloe vera and lavender.

Aloe Vera Conditioner S M K C I S N

Family conditioner for normal/dry hair. With aloe vera and lavender.

Aloe Vera Shower Gel Gentle, soothing, moisturising and rich foaming. Suitable for all skin types. Cleans and softens.

Rosemary Shampoo For normal/oily hair and itchy scalp. Helps keep your hair free from dandruff. Very concentrated, 200ml equals 600-800ml of most conventional shampoos. With organic rosemary and lavender.

Intensive Repair Shampoo

Available in aloe vera or rosemary. Refreshing, with anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Free from aluminium and ethyl alcohol. This is not an anti-perspirant.

Shave Now Shaving Gel for men For wet shaving. Lifts and softens the hair shaft for a closer shave. Conditions and protects the skin. Supplied in a 125ml tube.

Mint Mouthwash Leaves breath fresh and clean. Strong antibacterial action. Suitable for the whole family.

Organic Toothpaste Award winning, refreshing toothpaste. Free from fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate and synthetic additives. Available in fennel or mint. B022 C001 C002 C003 C004 C030 C031 C032 C024 D002 D004 D006 M002

Day Solution SPF15 Aloe Vera Shampoo Aloe Vera Conditioner Aloe Vera Shower Gel Rosemary Shampoo Int. Repair Shampoo Int. Repair Conditioner Aloe Vera Deodorant Rosemary Deodorant Fennel Toothpaste Mint Toothpaste Mint Mouthwash Shaving Gel

£14.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £6.99 £6.99 £3.29 £3.29 £4.99 £9.99

“ The Intensive Repair Shampoo is one of the only shampoos I can use that actually lathers and it leaves my hair looking great!” E.S.

A must have for chemically treated, coloured or blow-dried hair. Rich in active nutrients. Helps with dry scalp. Strengthens weak and damaged hair.

Allergy Tip

Intensive Repair Conditioner

Please see our website for full ingredients on all skincare products.

Did you know that many toothpastes contain ingredients that you wouldn’t even want to put on your head let alone in your mouth. Always read labels to see what you are buying.

Boosts shine and nourishes the scalp and hair shaft. For daily or intensive use. With organic jojoba, quinoa and B vitamins.


50ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 75ml 75ml 50ml 50ml 250ml 125ml

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Therapeutic Products


Natural alternatives for a variety of problems

Salcura Topida

Magnopulse mn8

 For all round daily vaginal hygiene and comfort

 All you may need for period pain, PMS, breast tenderness,

Topida is an effective, natural solution that supports vaginal hygiene and a healthy balanced microflora. Perfect for use to counteract the effects of antibiotics, which can upset the vaginal microflora. Spray affected areas three times per day or as needed.

 Reported benefits for those with endometriosis, polycystic


Salcura Topida


reduction in facial spots, less water retention and bloating ovaries and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)


Magnopulse - Enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal itself Magnopulse products are designed to help your body heal itself by creating powerful magnetic fields (these are not electrical fields) which may enhance the natural process of healing.

Magnopulse LegCare  May help arthritic leg pain, varicose veins, swollen legs,

aching knee joints, foot and ankle injuries, severe cramp and restless legs As we get older our body’s circulation is not as effective as it used to be. This can result in cramps, chilblains, aches and pains as well as stiffness. These can precede more serious conditions such as swollen legs, varicose veins, arthritic knees and ankles, as well as ulcers that refuse to heal.

Wearing mn8 could be the only thing you need to reduce or eliminate period pain month after month, year after year. It is perfectly natural - a small but powerful static magnet device which you attach discreetly onto your underwear in the pelvic area. It should be worn initially as much as possible. For period pain, wear your mn8 at least a day before and during menstruation. Do not allow the mn8 to get wet. Keep away from direct contact with credit/debit cards.

“The first month was incredible - the pain eased within a day and the rest of the period was pain free.” C.S. MPMN

Magnopulse mn8


LadyCare  May help reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms of


menopause  May also help hot flushes, heart palpitations, mood swings  May also help muscle tension and sore joints

Each LegCare has patented directional technology that applies a powerful static magnetic field to your leg. Some studies suggest that by using this technology there may be an improvement in circulation, a calming of nerve signals and a change in the behaviour of the cells involved in the healing process. A survey of 350 users showed that LegCare had an effect on 96% of users: 84.5% had a reduction in knee and ankle pain, 73% of those with swelling found a marked reduction. LegCare is now widely used by almost 250,000 people. The LegCare comes in three sizes - small 28-35cm, medium 35-43cm and large 43-51cm. Please measure the circumference of your leg approximately 4cm below your knee to ensure you are ordering the right size. If you have a problem with both legs, it is best to wear a leg wrap on each leg. Do not allow the leg wrap to get wet. Keep away from direct contact with credit/debit cards. MPLGS MPLGM

Magnopulse LegCare Magnopulse LegCare

Small Medium

£34.00 £34.00


Magnopulse LegCare



The LadyCare is helping an ever increasing number of women to relieve menopausal symptoms. As well as for the symptoms stated above, the LadyCare device may also help bloating and bladder problems, loss of libido and painful intercourse, irregular periods and breast tenderness. LadyCare is discreet and simply attaches to your underwear in the pelvic area. For best results wear your LadyCare as much as possible including overnight during menopause. Do not allow the LadyCare to get wet. Keep away from direct contact with credit/debit cards.


“I’m amazed! I don’t know how it works but it has and the improvement has been dramatic - I am no longer considering HRT!“ P.H. MPLC


Order now 0845 450 5950 or



Cleaning Products A few simple changes to your cleaning products can make a huge difference to your health AquaballTM Laundry Ball A I R

Chemicals in Cleaning Products Cleaning products and fabric softeners can contain many toxic ingredients which are not only harmful to you if you are chemically sensitive but are a potential health hazard to anyone who uses them on a regular basis. Just a few simple changes can make a huge difference to your long-term health. Formaldehyde is found in many household products including fabric softeners, paints, cleaning products, adhesives, carpets, bedding and even toothpaste and diet drinks - did you know that Aspartame is a by-product of formaldehyde? Formaldehyde has been found to cause cancer in rats. It can cause dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations, depression, insomnia, asthma, irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin.



Household Ammonia is found in many cleaning and personal care products. It is dangerous on its own but can be deadly when mixed with other chemicals, particularly bleach. Ammonia fumes can cause symptoms from headaches, nausea and vomiting to fluid build up in the lungs. Chlorine is found in both cleaning products and detergents. It is an irritant and a corrosive and can cause irritation of the lungs, respiratory passages and skin. Chlorine in washing detergents can leave a residue in the clothes and bedding that can cause skin problems or aggravate conditions such as eczema. Synthetic Fragrances are found in cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products, detergents and air fresheners. Many are toxic and can cause adverse reactions including headaches, rashes and allergic symptoms. Reference: Why David Hated Tuesdays, Amilya Antonetti



 Detergent free and

 Kills bacteria in your washing giving

unperfumed leaving Best your clothes clean and seller free of residues laundry  Ideal for eczema and chemical sensitivity  Economical and biodegradable The Aquaball works by releasing ionised oxygen. The water’s molecules penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothes lifting the dirt away. The Aquaball is kind to you, kind to your clothes and to the environment. It is naturally antibacterial and destroys both E-coli and Staphylococcus. Each ball lasts for up to 60 washes and can then be refilled. The pack contains 2 balls, 2 sets of replacement pellets and a 30g tube of stain remover. The replacement pack contains 5 bags of replacement pellets. A larger tube of stain remover (160g) can be ordered separately. Ingredients: higher alkyl sulphate, non-ionic surfactant, sodium metasilicate, calcium carbonate and sodium carbonate. Unperfumed.

you fresher laundry  Naturally antibacterial using silver ions  Complements the Aquaball When the bluemagicball is in the washing machine, silver ions are released into the water and distributed into your laundry. The washed laundry remains impregnated with silver for approximately 10 weeks and even helps prevent body odour for up to 2 days. Tests have shown that the bioactive fibres are safe for the skin and can be helpful in the prevention of skin infections. You no longer need to wash on a hot wash for hygienically clean laundry. The bluemagicball lasts for up to 160 washes. The colour indicator on the ball changes from red to pale blue when it needs replacing. (The bluemagicball does not contain nanoparticles.) For our Washing Set please see p74. BMB

 Prevents limescale build-up in

washing machines and dishwashers prolonging the life of your machines and saving you money on repairs

 Soften your clothes without chemical

fabric softeners saving on your electricity bill The Dryerballs have been scientifically tested and proven to soften fabric naturally, reduce drying time, make ironing easier and reduce lint and static. Two balls per pack. AB ABSR ABRP DB

Pack with 2 Aquaballs Stain Remover 160g Refill Pack Pack of 2 Dryerballs

£15.49 £9.99 £15.49 £9.99



DryerBallsR  Reduce drying time by up to 25%


The Magnoball’s magnetic power crystallises limescale particles in the water preventing them from settling in your clothes or clogging up the elements and pipes of your washing machine or dishwasher. The Magnoball is economical and environmentally safe and you can use up to 70% less detergent in your washing machine (or use the Aquaballs). Lasts up to 10 years. MB

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Pet Corner - Products for Allergic Pets



Keep your ‘best friends’ happy and healthy with our natural products

Natural products for allergic, chemically sensitive and immuno-challenged pets Around 70% of itchy, scratchy pets suffer from allergic reactions to fleas, dust mite and foods, not to mention the chemicals contained in toiletries, carpets, furnishings, pollen and pollutants. For your pet’s health and wellbeing, we have introduced a small range of natural, chemically friendly products that we have found to be oustandingly soothing and effective for pets with chronic skin conditions often from an indeterminate source.


“I have watched my poor dog suffer for a couple of years with what has been described as a damp eczema. The scratching causes his hair to come away in clumps and his skin always felt 'stiff' not like skin should feel. By using the shampoo and conditioner once it has completely eradicated the problem. He has stopped scratching, his skin is breathing and his coat is beautiful.” A.B.

MediCleanseTM for Dogs, Birds and Horses

MediCleanse Pure Essence™

 Improves the wellbeing of your pet  Helps prevent chronic conditions so saves you money on

Especially suitable for moist infections e.g. eczema “hot spots”. Apply twice per day until the condition clears. For flea prevention spot treatment apply once per day on the neck, base of tail and the tummy.

expensive, long term veterinary care  In trials, provides outstanding relief without the side effects  Naturally tick and flea repellent

MediCleanse Paw & Patch Moisturiser™

This range contains none of the harsh chemicals normally found in antimicrobial products such as benzyl peroxides, coal tar, selenium sulphates, SLES, parabens, alcohols and artificial fragrances that irritate dogs as much as they do humans. Furthermore, they have none of the side effects associated with corticosteroids and antihistamines such as secondary yeast infection (Malessezia), weight gain, skin thinning and bruising.

MediCleanse Shampoo™ Helps heal chronic skin conditions and prevent a recurrence. Use once per week for the first 3 weeks and once per month thereafter.

MediCleanse Conditioner™ Use once per week for the first 3 weeks and once per month thereafter.

MediCleanse Paw & Patch Gel™ This is easily absorbed through thickened or overactive skin (Pyorrhoea, Demodicosis, Hyperkerastosis). Apply twice per day until the condition clears.

Hydrates and restores normal skin function and promotes healing after treatment. Apply twice daily during the recovery period. MCSP MCCP MCGP MCEP MCMP

Shampoo Conditioner Paw and Patch Gel Pure Essence Paw and Patch Moisturiser

250ml 250ml 50ml 30ml 100ml

£12.99 £12.99 £11.99 £10.99 £10.99

Electronic Flea Controller for Cats and Dogs  Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pets  Repels fleas, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly  Very convenient - put it on your pet and forget about it




Our new Flea Controller emits a range of harmless ultrasonic pulses that are safe for pets and humans but intolerable to both fleas and ticks. It repels them from the pet’s coat and its close surroundings. The weatherproof pendant attaches to your pet’s collar. It prevents new fleas infesting the coat and also removes existing fleas and ticks. Parasites cannot become resistant to the ultrasonic sounds. You will notice results within two weeks of continuous use. Tested and proven at the University of Milan, 2002.


Electronic Flea Controller

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Information on Water Be aware of the contaminants that can be in your water A I R

Clean Water is Essential to Good Health


Water constitutes between 55% and 60% of our body. As a result the quality of the water we drink and the amount of water we drink is critical to our individual long term health. In 1997 Life Magazine declared that 'the filtration of drinking water plus the use of chlorine is probably the most significant public health advancement of the millennium'. For the past 100 years chlorine has been killing off fatal waterborne diseases and providing clean drinking water to millions of people around the globe.

Cryptosporidium is spread by transmission of oocysts via drinking water which has been contaminated with infected faecal material. Once inside its host, the oocyst breaks into 4 moveable spores that attach to the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and eventually form oocysts again that can be excreted. Symptoms include diarrhoea, headache, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and a low fever. For people with compromised immune systems such as infants, the elderly or those with AIDS, cryptosporidiosis may become life threatening. Water treatment processes that utilize coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination may remove it but due to its resistance to chlorination and its small size, these centralised treatments may not work.

Water from the tap The central water suppliers do their best to make safe the water that is delivered to your home but they are processing millions of litres per day and delivering this water through miles and miles of pipes of various ages. The water from the tap contains chlorine that has been added to kill bacteria and other contaminants. The chlorine and other filters may not do their job so your water may contain coliform bacteria, giardia lambia, cryptosporidium and hepatitis A. The following is a brief description of each of these contaminants and their possible effects on you.


Chlorine is, by itself, a yellow-green poisonous gas. It is an inorganic element that cannot exist by itself in nature but needs to bond to another element, the most common being sodium, hence, sodium-chloride, or salt. Chlorine has a corrosive effect on organic matter. Numerous scientific studies report that chlorinated water can destroy polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It can also destroy intestinal flora in the gut that help digestion of food and protect the body from harmful pathogens. It is not uncommon for chronic skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema to clear up or significantly improve by switching to unchlorinated drinking and bathing water. In the chlorination process, chlorine combines with natural organic matter such as decaying vegetation to form trihalomethanes (THM’s) and haloforms that are known cancer causing substances.

Coliform Bacteria Coliform bacteria include e-coli, salmonella, legionella, cholera, and salmonella typhi (typhoid). They live in soil or vegetation and in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. The majority of coliform bacteria are harmless but if E-coli is found it is likely that the water supply has been contaminated with human or animal waste. If pipes become contaminated or the water companies do not adequately chlorinate the water at source there is a chance that coliform bacteria may be present and should be removed.

Giardia Lamblia Giardia are flagellated protozoa that are parasitic in the intestines of humans and animals. A cyst can be ingested if present in contaminated water. Once the cyst enters the stomach, the organism is released into the gastrointestinal tract where it will adhere to the intestinal wall. Giardia causes giardiasis, a disease characterised by symptoms such as diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea, weight loss and general gastrointestinal distress.


Hepatitis A is an enteric virus that is very small. The virus is excreted by a person carrying it and if the sewage contaminates the water supply, then the virus is carried in the water until it is consumed by a host. Generally water systems utilize chlorination, preceded by coagulation, flocculation, settling and filtration to remove the virus.

Oestrogen, synthetic oestrogen and other organics



Hepatitis A

There is increasing concern over the effects of oestrogen and synthetic oestrogen residues in the water supply. The activated carbon in our filters will remove both eostrogen and synthetic oestrogen. Because quantitative tests have not been carried out, we cannot state figures.

Rust and other particles The source of rust particles in water is usually old iron pipe work which is common where mains supplies date back many years. Our filters have an absolute filtration rating of 99.99% of microns 0.9 or larger.

Lead and heavy metals Lead can cause physical and mental retardation, behavioural problems and learning difficulties, high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease. It can also lower sperm count. The lead removal of the Ultracarb filter candle is 98.3%. This filter and the GWPHM will also remove other heavy metals such as aluminium, copper, cadmium and mercury though there have been no quantitative tests carried out.

Home filtration solution When thinking of a water filter system to ensure against these contaminants you should consider either an RO (Reverse Osmosis) System or an undersink unit that uses a ceramic filter such as the Doulton Utracarb. Both of these systems have a filter capacity that will remove 99.99% of bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium and Hepatitis A. Also ensure that any filter system you consider has been tested and approved by an independent body such as NSF.

Quality Standards Each of the manufacturers of the water purification products that we sell has had independent quality control approvals. These have been carried out by independent organisations such as NSF International, standard 42 and 53, and WRAS approval ensuring that product performance claims are verified to the highest standard.

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More Information on Water and Reverse Osmosis System Filtering your water removes contaminants and helps improves your health Why Filter Your Water? - For Eczema, Asthma, MCS Filtering both drinking water and bathing water in your home is an important part of reducing the total load of contaminants entering your body. Ingesting chemicals such as chlorine and bacteria, cysts and viruses from drinking water can cause symptoms in sensitive people or people with compromised immune systems. Inhaling chlorine fumes from bath and shower water can cause reactions to those suffering from asthma and chemical sensitivity. If the outer surface of the skin is broken and sore, chlorine and other contaminants can be particularly aggravating and can adversely affect anyone with eczema or other skin conditions.

For general good health It has become customary for everyone to purchase bottled water, but for pennies a day you can have unlimited filtered water safe in the knowledge that harmful contaminants have been removed. High levels of contaminants can be absorbed through the skin and through inhalation during bathing. Showering and bathing in filtered water not only helps people with allergic conditions, it is also beneficial for the skin and hair and the general health of the body.

Filter reminder service It is important to change the filter candles in your water filter system on a regular basis. When you purchase your water filter we will automatically put your name onto our filter reminder service so that you can keep your water filter functioning effectively. We offer this service for the drinking water systems, the whole house systems, the shower filters and the bath dechlorinator.

Reverse Osmosis System  Removes all organic compounds including oestrogen and

Reverse Osmosis is the method of purifying liquid by pushing it through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane allows pure water molecules through it, whilst impurities are flushed away. The R.O. membrane removes suspended solids, up to 98% of all dissolved solids, and virtually all bacteria, pesticides, insecticides and viruses.


The system can be installed DIY or by your plumber and needs to be hooked up to a drain. The filters should be replaced every 6 months. and the membrane every 2-3 years. The unit measures 38x33x13cm. The tank is 20cm in diameter and 46cm high. Both parts should fit under an average sink (please check dimensions). A separate tap is provided to be fitted to the corner of your kitchen sink.

How it works: Incoming water is filtered through a four stage filter system. Stage 1. A 5 micron pre-filter removes any sediment and particles. Stage 2. An activated carbon block filter removes a large number of heavy metals and chlorine. Stage 3. The water is forced through the membrane for removal of pesticides, bacteria, nitrates and the remaining metals. The water is then stored in a pressure tank with a butyl liner. Stage 4. When the tap is turned on the butyl liner contracts and the water is pushed out through a final granulated carbon filter to remove any residual taste from the liner and then out through the tap. RO4S RO4SP RO4CPF RO4PC RO4M

Reverse Osmosis System Sediment Pre-filter Carbon Block Filter Post Carbon Filter Replacement Membrane


£249.99 £7.99 £8.99 £9.99 £44.99



synthetic oestrogen  Ideal if your therapist has recommended pure water  Removes nitrates, heavy metals and hardness The Reverse Osmosis System is plumbed-in under the sink to provide a constant supply of drinking and cooking water free of both contaminants and minerals. It is an excellent system for patients whose doctor or therapist recommends pure water or for people who want to drink pure H2O. It improves the taste, odour and appearance of water, removes limescale and works well with a water softener.

Removal Specifications of the Reverse Osmosis System For full details on what is removed by this system please see our website or contact us and we will send you further information.

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Drinking Water Filtration - Stainless Steel Undersink Units Using a drinking water filter saves you pounds on bottled water Undersink Water Filters A I R

We cannot survive without drinking water. This makes the quality of our drinking water so important. Our single and double units are available in stainless steel and in plastic and are complete water filtration systems. They are compact and can be fitted DIY or by your plumber. All units fit under the sink in a standard kitchen cupboard. The Ultracarb filter used in the stainless steel units and the Ultracarb Imperial filter used in the plastic units (see chart below) remove chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, particles and heavy metals. The Ultracarb filters do not remove the beneficial trace elements and calcium that are important for strong bones and teeth.

Filter Reminder Service and Replacing the Filters

Single Stainless Steel THH1S  Provides drinking and cooking water free

Best seller drinking water

of chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, particles and heavy metals giving you filtered water on tap  Ultracarb filter fully tested and certified by NSF  Flow rate at 3 bar pressure is 3 litres per minute


The single unit contains one stainless steel housing, an Ultracarb filter candle, a chrome tap, full fitting kit, instructions and one year guarantee. It measures 30x15x7.5cm and can be installed DIY or by your plumber.

 Increases the flow rate with a pre-filter or  Reduces added fluoride with a special fluoride filter or  Inhibits limescale with a special limescale filter Add an extra housing to remove other contaminants from the water. In certain areas there may be specific problems that require an additional filter candle either to combat low pressure or high sediment levels, to reduce fluoride or to inhibit limescale build-up. The Ultracarb filter goes in the second housing and the pre-filter, flouride filter or limescale filter fits into the first housing. The double unit measures 33x28x10cm and comes with two stainless steel housings, an Ultracarb filter candle, a chrome tap, full fitting kit, instructions, one year guarantee and the extra filter of your choice.

“Very impressed with the effect it has had on our water. It has made the undrinkable drinkable!” B.M.



Stainless Steel Unit with Ultracarb Filter with 1 Pre-filter and 1 Ultracarb Filter with 1 Fluoride and 1 Ultracarb Filter with 1 Limescale and 1 Ultracarb Filter Replacement Ultracarb Filter Replacement Pre-Filter Replacement Fluoride Filter Replacement LImescale Filter

£179.00 £255.00 £269.00 £275.00 £24.99 £14.99 £28.99 £35.99

Removal specification of the UltracarbTM independently tested by NSF, and Ultracarb Imperial filter candles

Double Stainless Steel THH2S S K I N

Our Filter Reminder Service is available to help you keep your unit functioning effectively. The Ultracarb filter should be replaced every 6 months for 4 people and every 9 months for 1 to 2 people. The pre-filter and fluoride filters should be replaced every 6 months and the limescale filter annually.

Bacteria E. Coli Vibrio Cholerae (Cholera) Shigella Salmonella Typhi (Typhoid) Klebsiells Terrigen

>99.99% >99.99% >99.999% >99.999% >99.999%

Cysts Cryptosporidium Giardia

>99.999% >99.999%

Trace Organics Insecticides Herbicides

>85% >85%

Phenols TCP >50% Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons >95% Trihalomethanes >50% Free Chlorine Removal


Lead Removal


The Ultracarb will remove oestrogen and synthetic oestrogen and heavy metals such as copper and mercury but the amounts have not been quantified. The Ultracarb will not remove hardness from the water. See below for the limescale filter.

Fluoride and Limescale filter candles The fluoride filter will reduce fluoride to between 50 and 75%. The limescale filter prevents limescale build-up by stopping the calcium/magnesium from precipitating out of the water.

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Drinking Water Filtration - Plastic Undersink Units An affordable option with a wide range of filters Plastic Undersink Water Filters Our plastic water filters offer similar options to the stainless steel units on the previous page with the advantage of being able to add a third housing. These housings are slightly larger than the slim line Stainless Steel though they fit under the sink in a standard kitchen cupboard. They can be fitted DIY or by your plumber. You can either choose one housing for an Ultracarb Imperial filter, two for a pre-filter, fluoride filter or limescale filter with an Ultracarb Imperial or three housings for a fluoride filter, a limescale filter and an Ultracarb Imperial filter. The plastic housings are slightly larger than the stainless steel and therefore take an Ultracarb Imperial filter and larger pre-filter, fluoride and limescale filters. These filter candles are not interchangeable with those for the stainless steel units and vice versa. The Ultracarb Imperial and the pre-filter should be replaced annually and the fluoride and limescale filters should be replaced every 6 months though this will depend upon water usage and the level of contamination. All cartridges and media satisfy NSF standards.


Triple Plastic HH3P

Single Plastic HH1P  Provides drinking and cooking water free of chlorine,

chemicals, bacteria, particles and heavy metals  Components fully tested and certified by NSF  Flow rate at 3 bar pressure is 5 litres per minute The Ultracarb Imperial filter (70mm in diameter) removes chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, particles and heavy metals (see chart opposite). The Single Plastic unit contains one plastic housing, an Ultracarb Imperial filter candle, a chrome tap, full fitting kit, instructions and one year guarantee. It measures 38x12x15cm and can be installed DIY or by your plumber.

Double Plastic HH2P  Increases the flow rate with

a pre-filter or

 Removes chlorine and

heavy metals, reduces fluoride and inhibits limescale build-up all in one triple unit With the plastic unit you can choose to have a third housing to filter fluoride, limescale and the general contaminants that are removed by the Ultracarb Imperial filter which goes in the final housing. The triple unit measures 38x40x15cm and comes with the same attachments as above but with three plastic housings. HH1P HH2PP HH2PL HH2PF HH3P HHUC HHPF HHLC HHFC

Plastic unit with 1 Ultracarb Imp. Filter with 1 Pre-filter and 1 Ultracarb Imp. Filter with 1 Limescale and 1 Ultracarb Imp. Filter with 1 Fluoride and 1 Ultracarb Imp. Filter with 1 Fluoride, 1 Limescale and 1 Ultracarb Imp. Filter Replacement Ultracarb Imp. Filter for HH1P, HH2P or HH3P Replacement Pre-Filter for HH2P Replacement Limescale Filter for HH2P or HH3P Replacement Fluoride Filter for HH2P or HH3P

£99.00 £119.00 £139.00 £138.00 £184.00 £34.99 £9.99 £27.99 £26.99



 Reduces added fluoride with

a special fluoride filter or  Inhibits limescale with a special

limescale filter Add an extra housing to increase the flow rate or to reduce fluoride or inhibit limescale build-up. The Ultracarb Imperial filter goes in the second housing and the pre-filter, fluoride filter or limescale filter fits into the first housing. The double unit contains two plastic housings, an Ultracarb Imperial filter candle, a chrome tap, full fitting kit, instructions, one year guarantee and the extra filter of your choice. It measures 38x28x15cm.

Independent Quality Control Testing The Ultracarb media is manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) and The Water Quality Association who all use a very strict set of criteria to continually monitor the filter candles and performance of undersink units on these pages.

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Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter A portable water filter with the same filter specifications as our plumbed in units Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter A I R

 Provides healthy, clean water for drinking and cooking  Portable and free standing - no plumbing involved so that

you can use it in rented accommodation or while travelling  Filters fully tested and certified


Chlorine Sediment, rust and particles

Cyst Removal (Cryptosporidium, Giardia)

>97% >99.7%


Trace Organic Removal - The Super Sterasyl will also reduce the following chemicals and pollutants. Because quantitative tests have not been carried out by the NSF, figures cannot be given: Insecticides Lindane Herbicides Atrazine Phenols TCP Chloroform Trihalomethanes Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's) Oestrogen and synthetic oestrogen

The upper container is filled manually with water which then filters down to the lower container passing through the filter candles. The water then comes through the tap at the bottom of the unit. The lower tank has a capacity of 9 litres. It takes 1 hour for 1 litre to pass through the filters. Please allow longer when using for the first time.

Heavy Metal Filter Candle This filter has all the specifications of the Super Sterasyl filter above with added filtration to remove heavy metals. It will remove all heavy metals but with a higher specification for lead. This means that lead takes priority and if there is only a small amount of lead it will also remove other heavy metals.


You can choose to have standard filters or heavy metal filters. The filter candles should be replaced every 9 months for 2 people and every 6 months for 4 people. The Gravity Water Filter will arrive unassembled with full instructions on how to assemble it. The housing measures 20.9cm in diameter and 53cm high and comes with a one year guarantee.

With Standard Filters The Gravity Water Filter Standard will remove in excess of 97% of free chlorine, 99.999% of pathogenic organisms such as bacteria: e-coli, cholera, typhoid and cysts: cryptosporidium and giardia. The Super SterasylTM filters will also reduce chemicals as listed in the blue box opposite.

With Heavy Metal Filters The Gravity Water Filter with heavy metal filters will remove all of the above contaminants plus heavy metals.


The capabilities of Super SterasylTM filter candles used in the Gravity Water Filter are as follows:

Bacteria >99.99% (E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae (cholera), Shigelia, Salmonella Typhi ((Typhoid), Klebsiella Terrigena)

The Gravity Water Filter is a great way of benefiting from filtered water “on tap” especially if you are travelling or living in rented space. It sits on the counter top providing plenty of water for each day and can be refilled at night for the next day’s supply.


Super SterasylTM Filter Candle tested by NSF

Gravity Water Filter Standard with Super Sterasyl Filters Gravity Water Filter with Heavy Metal Filters Replacement Super Sterasyl Filter x2 Replacement Heavy Metal Filter x2

Allergy Tip Instead of buying bottled water in plastic bottles we suggest you purchase some glass bottles and bottle your own filtered water to take with you when you go out. The plasticizers in plastic bottles leach into the water and can, over time, cause health problems. Please see our website for glass bottles.

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£94.99 £99.99 £29.99 £34.99

Shower Filters Protect your skin, hair and lungs from the effects of chlorine Chlorine and Eczema Chlorine in bathing water can be very harsh for sensitive skin, making it even more dry and irritated. Many people with eczema and skin disorders cannot swim in swimming pools for this reason. Chlorine is used in our water to disinfect and kill bacteria to make it safe to drink. Unfortunately chlorine’s attraction to and corrosion of organic matter does not end at the bacteria in the water. It will also attach to your hair, skin and lungs as they are all organic. Studies have shown that for health reasons it is best to remove chlorine from drinking water and from the water used for bathing and showers.

Shower Filters for high or low pressure  Stop itching and dry skin caused by showering

Culligan Filtered Showerhead Best

in chlorinated water sellers  Control some bacteria such as algae and fungi water  Prevent respiratory problems caused by inhalation of chlorine from the shower  High pressure filter now has a replaceable filter cartridge Many people are so used to the smell and taste of chlorine that they no longer notice it. With these shower filters you will have no smell of chlorine and the benefits should be noticeable very quickly. Because chlorine attaches to your skin, hair and lungs, it can cause dryness and itching and irritation of the airways. With these shower filters you can solve the problem so easily. And if your shower fitment is over the bath, you can even fill the bath through the shower giving you a chlorine free bath.


 Helps prevent chlorine damage to your skin, hair and lungs  5 function massage head soothes tired, aching muscles and

reduces tension  Replaceable filter cartridge Our new Culligan Filtered Showerhead gives you the benefit of chlorine free water with the luxury of five spray settings. You can enjoy softer skin and hair and choose from a full body spray to a full body spray with invigorating pulse for an energizing muscle massage. The replaceable filter reduces sulphur odour and scale and 99% of chlorine. The hand-held design allows for isolated massage and is convenient for cleaning the shower (or bath) or even for washing pets! The unit is easy to install and comes with comprehensive instructions. It will fit any standard 1.27cm threaded shower arm. For domestic use the filter cartridge needs to be replaced every six months. A filter change reminder sticker is included though we will also put you onto our filter reminder service.




These shower filters fit easily on to most shower heads between the shower hose and your existing shower head. They use KDF 55 filter media made of high purity copper and zinc alloy. Please specify whether your water is on tank (low pressure) or mains (high pressure). Replace your Low Pressure Shower Filter once a year. If you have a High Pressure Shower Filter you will need to replace the filter cartridge once a year (12,000 litres). The housing needs to be replaced every 3 years or as needed. The shower filters are easy to take with you when staying away from home. RST RSH RSHC


Low Pressure Shower Filter for Tanks High Pressure Shower Filter for Mains Replacement Cartridge for High Pressure Filter

£39.99 £44.99 £24.99

Removing the chlorine from your water The Crystal Ball Bath Dechlorinator removes chlorine from the bath water (p59). A Wholehouse Water Filtration System will remove contaminants from all the water in your house.


The spray settings are as follows: • Full body spray for maximum water coverage • Soft rain spray for gentle water delivery • Invigorating pulse for an energising muscle massage • Full body spray/rain combo for ultimate relaxation • Full body spray/pulse combo for all over warmth with massage The filter pack includes the shower head, shower filter, 1.5m metal shower hose, mounting bracket, Teflon tape, filter change reminder sticker, installation instructions and filter change instructions. SHS-C135 WHR-140

Culligan Filtered Showerhead Replacement Cartridge

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£64.99 £19.99


Wholehouse Water Filtration Systems Remove chlorine and organic compounds from all the water in your house Standard Wholehouse System A I R

Our Standard Wholehouse System is Before and After designed to remove the most A before and common contaminants from all the after shot of water coming into the house. It is pre-filters available in two sizes and comes with showing all the a 5 micron pre-filter for removal of sediment that sediment and a carbon block would have cartridge. This extruded carbon block been in the cartridge is very efficient at removing water had we chlorine, organic compounds and not had a cysts. There is no release of carbon whole house fines and the reduction of VOCs is water filter. exceptionally high. It removes in particle and dissolved forms 99.99% of chlorine and organic compounds such as trihalomethane, pesticides, herbicides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, phenols and VOCs.

Wholehouse Water Filtration System M C S

 Provides chlorine free water throughout the house giving

you peace of mind, healthier skin and no chlorine fumes  Ideal for skin disorders, asthma and chemical sensitivity  The components of the wholehouse Water Filtration System

are fully tested to meet relevant NSF standards



The wholehouse unit comes in two sizes with two filter options. Both are designed to be plumbed in where the water enters the house. They are relatively easy to fit by an experienced DIY person or a plumber and come with complete fitting instructions. The pre-filter removes sediment and prolongs the life of the filter cartridge. The filter replacement times are based upon one person using an average of 150 litres of water per day for drinking, bathing and washing (55,000 litres per year). If you have a combi-boiler, a mega-flow system or have low water pressure, we recommend the WH6, instead of the WH3, with a high flow fitting kit. This consists of two braided stainless steel hoses that do not restrict the water flow to the unit.

Standard Wholehouse System WH3 - for up to 4 people The WH3 has two 25.4cm high housings and measures 36x19x36cm. It has the capacity for 300,000 litres per year, suitable for an average 4 person household. The pre-filter should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on the quality of the water. The carbon block chlorine removal cartridges should be replaced once a year for a 4 person household and every 6 months for 6 people.

Standard Wholehouse System WH6 - for 5 or more people The WH6 has one 25.4cm high housing for the pre-filter and a 50.8cm housing for the two carbon block cartridges. It measures 69cm high, has the capacity for 600,000 litres per year and is suitable for 5 or more people. The carbon block chlorine removal cartridges should be replaced every 12 months for 6 people and every 6 months for 12 people. The filter housing carries a 5 year guarantee. A wholehouse water filter should be combined with a drinking water system. Please note that the pre-filter for the previous WW4 and WW5 can be found below under code WWPF. This has a diameter of 6.35cm. The WWPRE has a diameter of 11.43cm and fits the WH3 and the WH6. WH3 WW3R WH6 WW6R P/p WWPRE WWPF WWHFK

300,000 Litres 1 Carbon Block 1 Pre-Filter Replacement Carbon Block Cartridge 600,000 Litres 2 Carbon Blocks 1 Pre-Filter Replacement 2 Carbon Block Cartridges for whole house System Pre-filter for WW3/6, WH3/6 Pre-filter for WW4, WW5 High Flow Fitting Kit

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£295.00 £49.50 £395.00 £99.00 £7.50 £15.99 £13.99 £75.00

Heavy Metal Wholehouse Water Filtration and Crystal Ball Removing contaminants from your water reduces your total pollutant load Heavy Metal Wholehouse System  The Heavy Metal System rids your water of chlorine,

lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulphide  Reduces limescale, mould and fungi in your bath and shower giving you healthier water throughout your home  KDF55 heavy metal media is NSF certified Our Heavy Metal Wholehouse System has the added benefit of removing heavy metals as well as 99.99% of chlorine and organic compounds such as trihalomethane, pesticides, herbicides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, phenols and VOCs.

Heavy Metal Cartridge specifications for both units: Contaminants in test

Level in untreated water

Chlorine Hydrogen Sulphide Asbestos Coliform Bacteria Salmonella Bacteria

75 10 100 2000* 2000*

After treatment (in PPM) 0.01 0.01 0.1 1* 1*

Our heavy metal cartridge is specially made for The Healthy Trace Organics House. It contains KDF which Lindane Pesticide 5 0.002 removes dissolved gases such Malathion Pesticide 5 0.002 as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide Trichlorethane 1 0.002 and methane, controls Heavy Metals bacterial growth, reduces Arsenic 5 0.01 levels of microorganisms and Cadmium 5 0.01 will remove virtually any Lead 2.05 0.1 soluble heavy metal. The Mercury 1 0.001 Silver 1 0.01 heavy metal cartridge is used *Counts per millilitre in the first housing to remove the heavy metals and also to act as a pre-filter. The filter housing carries a 5 year guarantee. Always allow 10cm below the unit for changing the filters. A whole house water filter should ideally be combined with a drinking water system.

WH3HM The WH3HM has two 25.4cm high housings and measures 36x19x36cm. It has the capacity for 250,000 litres per year. The heavy metal and carbon block chlorine removal cartridges should be replaced once a year for a 4 person household and every 6 months for 6 people.


250,000 Litres 1 Heavy Metal 1 Carbon Block 250,000 Litres 1 Heavy Metal 2 Carbon Block Replacement HM Cartridge for WH3HM/6HM Replacement Carbon Block x 1 for WH3 Replacement Carbon Block x 2 for WH6 For whole house System High Flow Fitting Kit

£395.00 £495.00 £119.50 £49.50 £99.00 £7.50 £75.00


The Crystal Ball Bath Dechlorinator For a relaxing bath without the irritation of chlorine. An ingenious invention - when water comes into contact with the media inside the ball, chlorine is changed at molecular level into zinc chloride which is a harmless compound. Simply turn the bath on and hang the ball on the bath tap spout to allow incoming water to flow over the ball. After filling the bath swirl the Crystal Ball through the water for about 5 minutes. By doing this chlorine and chloramine should have been reduced by 90%.

Best seller water

Always remove the ball before adding bath oils. The ball also contains 29 grams of virgin crystalline quartz. This helps ‘energise’ the water by reducing the water’s surface tension. This helps increase the sudsing and lathering of soaps and shampoos. The media inside the ball will last up to one year (approximately 200 baths). Replace the filter bag once a year.

“At last! No more filling my bath with moisturisers and covering myself with oils. I can now bathe without any fear of dry, flaking skin.” A.B. CBD CBDRB

Bath Dechlorinator Replacement Bag



£39.99 £29.99

Allergy Tip

WH6HM - for higher flow rate If you have low water pressure, a combi boiler or a mega-flow system, we recommend the WW6HM, instead of the WH3HM. The WH6HM has one 25.4cm high housing for the heavy metal cartridge and a 50.8cm high housing that contains two 25.4cm carbon block chlorine removal cartridges. The WH6HM measures 69cm high. Capacity is for 250,000 litres per year. The heavy metal and chlorine removal cartridges should be replaced annually for 4 people and every 6 months for 6 people. It can be plumbed in using rigid piping or it can be installed using the high flow fitting kit.

We are often asked whether you need to have a drinking water system if you have a wholehouse water filtration system. Usually the whole house system is plumbed in where the mains comes in to the house which means that from then on there is no chlorine in the water. As a precaution against contamination in the pipes, we recommend that you use either a plumbed in undersink unit or a Gravity Water Purifier for drinking and cooking water.

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Ecos Organic Paints Best for chemical sensitivity - 108 beautiful colours Standard Colours - Shaker - Umbria - Swedish - Cotswolds - California Due to the printing process, actual paints may not match the colour shown




Milk & honey



Dusky rose






















Dark ice











Slate grey

Powder blue

Sykes green

Parker grey


Clay blue

French grey

Stratford green

Warwick green Atkinson grey Crimson* * Crimson needs a dark undercoat.


Ocean drive

Sunset blvd

Rodeo drive



Bel air



Pacific heights



Dark cream

Light cream

Blue Tint

Green Tint

Pink Tint

Peach Tint

Blue Pastel






Lapis lazuli



Green Pastel

Pink Pastel

Peach Pastel




Heritage Colours



True olive

Award Winning Ecos Organic Products Which? Magazine - Best Buy - Best Quality environment friendly paint  Redecorate your home knowing you are not exposing

yourself or your family to toxic chemicals  Completely solvent free  No unpleasant odours  Wide range of paints and 108 colours Coverage depends upon porosity. All paint is mixed to order. Please see delivery charges and carriage instructions on page 62.


Ecos Colour Chart and Sample Pots Due to the printing process, actual paints may not exactly match the colours shown. We recommend the hand painted colour chart as it shows the true colours including the Tropics colours and a range of neutrals not shown on the colour chart above. Colour sample pots in Matt Emulsion and sample pots for allergy testing in White Emulsion, Gloss, Eggshell, Clear Varnish and Plaster Sealer are available for £2.50 incl p/p. The Heritage and Tropics colours, especially the Acid Yellow, Tango and Lime Green will only be ‘true’ if painted on top of a white coat. Crimson needs a dark undercoat. ECC ESW

Ecos Colour Chart incl of p/p Sample Pot incl of p/p

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£9.00 £2.50

Ecos Organic Paints Offer you peace of mind when decorating the toxin free way High Opacity Wood Primer - for bare wood For use on interior and exterior bare wood. Coverage is approximately 12m2 per litre. 1 coat. Follow with Ecos Undercoat. EHOWP1 EHOWP5

Grey or White Grey or White

1 litre 5 litres

£12.20 £47.50


Undercoat - for primed woodwork For use on interior and exterior primed or painted woodwork and bare or painted metals including iron and steel but not copper or brass. Coverage is approximately 12m2 per litre. 1 coat. Cover with Ecos Gloss or Satin Gloss. EU1 EU5

Wallpaint Emulsion - walls and ceilings Touch dry within 1 hr, re-coatable in 2 hrs and fully hardened within 24 hrs. Excellent brush and roller application. Coverage is 65m2 per 5 litres per coat on hard non porous surfaces. Best results achieved with 2-3 coats. Can be wiped with a damp cloth. Please state finish - Matt or Soft Sheen. EWW1 EWW5 EWC1 EWC5 EWH1 EWH5 EWT1 EWT5

Pure White Pure White Standard Colours Standard Colours Heritage Colours Heritage Colours Tropics Colours Tropics Colours

1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres

Best seller paint

£17.10 £33.10 £19.50 £37.50 £26.10 £43.50 £24.25 £42.75

Eggshell - for bathrooms and kitchens For interior walls and ceilings, especially kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where steam and condensation are a problem. Not ideal for use on lining paper. Water resistant and fully washable. Coverage is 65m2 per 5 litres per coat on hard non porous surfaces. Best results are normally achieved with 2 coats. EEW1 EEW5 EEC1 EEC5 EEH1 EEH5 EET1 EET5

Pure White Pure White Standard Colours Standard Colours Heritage Colours Heritage Colours Tropics Colours Tropics Colours

1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres

£17.10 £50.55 £19.50 £62.20 £26.10 £80.90 £24.25 £66.90

Grey or White Grey or White

1 litre 5 litres

£12.20 £47.50

Gloss paint for interior/exterior woodwork/metal For use on interior and exterior woodwork and primed or previously painted metal. Ecos Gloss will key to most finishes but a test area is advisable. Use with Primer and Undercoat (see above). For knots treat with Shellac Knotting and for filler treat with Ecos Filler Sealer. Coverage is approximately 10m2 per litre per coat on hard, non-porous surfaces. Best results are normally achieved with 2 coats. Available in Gloss and Satin Gloss. The Satin Gloss is slightly less shiny than the Gloss and is not suitable for exterior woodwork. Please state Gloss or Satin Gloss. EGW1 EGW5 EGC1 EGC5 EGH1 EGH5 EGT1 EGT5

Pure White Pure White Standard Colours Standard Colours Heritage Colours Heritage Colours Tropics Colours Tropics Colours


1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres 1 litre 5 litres

£15.50 £58.40 £17.45 £69.30 £21.60 £87.00 £19.10 £76.95

Ecos Products and Ordering Due to the space limitations of the catalogue we are unable to show the huge range of paints and varnishes available. Please send for full details or see our website. Please see overleaf for delivery charges which may be subject to change during the year.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Varnish and DIY Products Safe alternatives Also available in the Ecos range - Purifying Paints We have a wide range of paints and finishes available in the Ecos range including some specialist purifying paints. Full details of all the Ecos products will be found on our website or can be sent to you upon request.


Natural Wallpaper Paste For all types of wallpaper on absorbent surfaces including plaster, previously painted surfaces and lining paper. This product is completely free of fungicides, preservatives and synthetic resin. It is supplied in powder form for mixing with water. Contents: non toxic pure methylcellulose. Coverage is 40-60m2 per 200 gms depending on the weight of the paper.

Clear Interior Varnish - water resistant For use on interior woodwork including floors. Not suitable for teak or similar oily woods, bathroom floors or kitchen worktops. Wood must be clean and oil and wax free. Coverage is 10m2 per litre per coat. Best results normally achieved with 2-3 coats. Available in Gloss, Satin or Matt.



Clear Clear

1 litre 5 litres

£17.60 £71.10

Interior Woodstain Varnish For use on interior woodwork including floors. Available in Antique Pine, Mahogany, Teak, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Green, Blue, Grey, Orange, Yellow and Red. Please ask for a printed colour chart. On bare wood, use one coat of clear varnish first. Coverage is approximately 10m2 per litre per coat. 2-3 coats. Gloss, Satin or Matt. EWV1 EWV5

(Please state colour) (Please state colour)

1 litre 5 litres

Wallpaper Paste

200 grams


Borax Woodworm Treatment For eliminating existing woodworm and protecting against woodworm infestation where the wood is not exposed to constant moisture. The Borax Woodworm Treatment comes in powder form to be dissolved in water. When applied to woodwork, it will give protection against woodworm in larval and adult stages by killing them on contact. Any adults emerging from the timber will ingest the Borax and die. 1kg bag of Borax powder should be sufficient to treat 20m2 of timber. If infestation is causing structural failure please seek specialist advice. Two or more coats at a lower solution are more effective than one stronger one. Full instructions included. BWT P/p P/p

Borax Woodworm Treatment 1 kg bag for more than 1 kg


£14.99 £4.50 £7.50

Delivery Charges on Ecos Products

Ordering Ecos Products

Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery, though most paint arrives within 2 working days. Please phone for delivery charges to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland or anywhere off the mainland.

All paint is mixed up to order. If you are ordering a large amount of paint, we suggest you order cautiously as paint may not be returned. The shelf life of unopened Ecos paint is 12 months. We cannot guarantee the shelf life of paint once it has been opened. We find that a piece of Cling Film over the tin before putting the lid back on helps to keep the paint clean.

Delivery charges may be subject to change during the year. 1-15 litres 16-30 litres 31-45 litres


£21.00 £86.60


£9.40 £18.80 £28.20


Order now 0845 450 5950 or

Information on Electromagnetic Stress and Electrical Protection Helping you understand how electrostress can affect you and your health What is electromagnetic stress? Our exposure to electricity has increased by a phenomenal amount. Our houses are increasingly filled with gadgetry, time saving devices, lighting, TVs and stereos. At work most of us spend the majority of the day on a computer and surrounded by electrical machines. All these electrical appliances give off electrical fields. Electromagnetic fields are always vibrating; they spread out into space indefinitely and carry alternating electric and magnetic vibrations. Electricity has become such a central part of our lives that it is hard to question its unseen effects. Yet evidence of its potential danger to health is continually accumulating, and can no longer be disregarded. Electromagnetic stress affects the immune system, cell growth and tumour formation, foetal development, the central nervous system and the brain.

Symptoms and effects of electromagnetic stress Exposure to electrical fields has been linked to many conditions including childhood leukaemia. More people are experiencing adverse effects from this exposure and are reporting a wide range of symptoms that are connected to it. Symptoms vary considerably from a feeling of lethargy, lack of concentration and fatigue, particularly when using the computer, to much more severe reactions. These may include immune system dysfunction, psychological problems, inability to concentrate, increased anxiety, depression, insomnia and memory loss, dizziness, breathlessness and high blood pressure.

The Wireless Age and electrosmog Wireless technology gets rid of unsightly wires but at what cost to the humans who use it? With all these new wireless improvements, there is a huge increase in electrosmog. (We have noticed a steady increase in customers complaining of the highly charged atmosphere in their work place making them agitated and causing absence from work.) Research into Wi-Fi in schools is causing considerable concern to informed parents. The A-COMED will help to find the hot spots in the office, the school, your home or on the street.

Effects of pulsed microwaves The health effects of pulsed microwaves such as those around mobile phone base stations and Tetra masts include sleep disruption, nosebleeds, headaches, migraines, lethargy, increased blood pressure, skin problems, the triggering of epileptic attacks and electrical hypersensitivity. The A-COMED is sensitive to signals as low as 0.01 V/m and detects the pulsing from sources operating in the range from 50MHz to well over 3000MHz (3GHz).

Geopathic stress In addition to the complex electrical environment in which we now live, geopathic stress is also an important factor to be considered. Geopathic stress is the detrimental effect of some earth energies on the immune system. The earth behaves like a huge electromagnet with a large number of geoelectromagnetic field lines crossing its surface and rising up through the earth. This natural radiation can be distorted by other electromagnetic fields, subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities, cosmic radiation and artificially created electromagnetic fields. It is important to remember that geopathic stress is not measurable using a meter. Dowsing is the recognised method of determining geopathic stress.

Measuring and reducing exposure Measuring the fields in your living space could quite literally save your life. How many people are truly aware of the fields coming from, for example, a DECT phone? Though it is not possible to avoid electrosmog, if you know where the fields are highest there is a lot you can do to reduce exposure for yourself and your family. Using an EMF meter allows you to move beds and furniture to places where the fields are safer. The A-COMED may alarm you or may confirm that the fields in your living space are safe. It is only when you know where the danger spots are that you can take control of your level of exposure. References: Killing Fields in the Home, Alasdair Philips Water, Electricity and Health, Alan Hall

What to do to reduce the harmful effects of electrostress • Avoid using electrical gadgets close to the body - hair dryers and electric blankets give off high electrical fields. • Move electric clocks and radios to at least a metre from your head and baby alarms to at least one metre from the infant. • Sit as far away from the TV or VDU as possible. • Change your DECT phone for a corded phone or use a Green8 Small on the base station and one on each handset. • Use a Green8 Small in your mobile phone and please remember that microwave fields are magnified when you are sitting in your car or in a railway carriage. • Choose from products on the following pages that will help protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geopathic stress and electrosmog. Our range includes products to protect you while working on a computer, while using a mobile phone, shielding material to block microwaves from external sources, the Bio-Protective products for specific radiation (Wi-Fi, Sat Nav) and the Energetic Vitalisers for whole house protection from electrical and geopathic stress. The products we offer (except for the Daylight Shielding Material) will not alter the readings of the meters. This is because the fields are still present but their harmful effects are compensated for. There are no meters to measure geopathic stress.


Disclaimer: Information included on this page is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Meters for Measuring Electric, Magnetic and Microwave Fields Give you the information you need to take action Meters Meters allow you to know whether your home or work place have high electric, magnetic or microwave fields so that you can act accordingly and protect your health. Our meters are either for rent or to buy. Fields are changing all the time as new masts go up or your city becomes wireless so owning the meters can be of real benefit. However, if you simply want an inexpensive and very accurate way of checking your house for fields, renting is a very good option. Please note there are no meters that will measure geopathic stress. Rentals of all meters and monitors must be paid for by credit card and will be charged for in full if not returned. Please return by Special Delivery.

Professional Electric and Magnetic (EMF) Meter  Allows you to make sure beds are in safe areas so that you

know you and your children are not being exposed to high fields as you sleep  Lets you ensure playing and working areas are safe  Offers an instant reading of both electric and magnetic fields

A-COMED - Electrosmog Detector  Alerts you to hidden mobile phone masts or Tetra masts so

that you can take measures to protect yourself  Allows you to hear whether the cordless phone you are using

is safe or to hear the electrosmog in your home or office  Distinguishes between different types of EMF so that you can

pinpoint the source

Rent for a week or purchase for continuous use Our very precise professional, digital meter is easy to use and offers an instant reading of both electric and magnetic fields.


• Tells if, or by how much, a particular area exceeds safe levels • Large digital display • Sounder indicates levels • Fully tested and calibrated to European standards • Accurate measurement of both electric (0-1999 volts/metre) and magnetic (0-19.99 microtesla) fields generated from ELF electrical sources • Provides accurate measurement over a range 10Hz to 2000Hz (+/- 3dB), including all the harmonics within this wide range • Pack contains EMF Meter, battery and instructions for use


This battery operated unit is easy to use and allows you to actually hear the “aggressive pulsing” of microwave frequencies. It makes different sounds according to the type of electromagnetic field it is detecting. These sounds can be heard on our website and allow you to discover uniquely whether it is a Tetra mast, mobile phone mast or even Wi-Fi that is in your environment. We recommend you check all the areas in and around your home where you or your children spend a lot of time. The array of debilitating health problems potentially associated with wireless microwaves include headaches, tiredness, depression and behavioural changes in children, epilepsy, skin complaints and even cancer. Be aware of the potential threats and, if necessary, take measures to protect yourself and your family.

“... a real eye-opener! Everyone with a mobile phone should hear the Accousticom (now A-COMED) ... What a fright! The information we have gathered has been invaluable ...” E.L. EMFR Professional Meter Rental for One Week EMF Professional Meter for Purchase P/p DD Special Delivery A restocking charge will be applied on returned purchased meters

Check your home for microwave frequencies (from mobile and cordless phones, telephone masts and base stations and other wireless technologies) on an ongoing basis with this clever detector.

£25.00 £347.50 £5.50

“We were shocked to discover the amount of radiation coming from the cordless telephone ... and a source of radiation at the back of the house ... a mobile phone mast some 500m away ...” A.G. A-COMEDR Electrosmog Detector Rental for One Week A-COMED Electrosmog Detector P/p DD Special Delivery A restocking charge will be applied on returned purchased meters

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£15.00 £58.99 £5.50

Geomack Products for Electro and Geopathic Stress Counteract the harmful effects of electrostress Geomack Energetic Vitalisers  Neutralise the effects of electromagnetic pollution and

geopathic stress protecting you from their harmful effects  A unit on the ground floor protects the upper floors as well  No risk - three month money back guarantee on larger units Factors that contribute to electrostress include mobile phone masts, substations, pylons, DECT phone systems, GSM and UMTS mobile phones, computer equipment, household appliances, WiFi and Bluetooth systems. Electrostress is now pervasive. Symptoms can range from fatigue, tension, insomnia, low immune system efficiency to serious illness and cancer.

Best sellers electrostress

The Geomack Energetic Vitalisers neutralise the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress within the home or work place by clearing the space of distorted energies. They transform geopathic and electromagnetic radiation into a type of Schuman resonance frequency (necessary and beneficial for human life). A protecting shield of energy is created that keeps external radiation at bay. The Energetic Vitalisers come in three sizes plus the pocket size G-Oyster. They all work in the same way and none of them use mains power. With the EV4001 and the EV9001 the area covered is based on the ground floor area and floors above will automatically be protected. These products (but not the G-Oyster) come with a three month money back guarantee should you feel the unit has not been of benefit to you. The unit must be returned in completely new condition, in its original packaging and within three months of purchase. Please notify us first if you are returning a unit.

EVO G-Oyster The pocket sized G-Oyster Energetic Vitaliser (8.5cm in diameter by 2.4cm deep) is designed to be kept in your pocket or handbag for protection against both electro and geopathic stress.

EV601 Energetic Vitaliser A portable unit with a coverage of 3 metres, big enough to cover the area of a desk or a double bed and ideal to protect you when sleeping, or to take with you when you go away from home.

EV4001 Energetic Vitaliser Suitable for an average sized house with

"I am recovering from electro sensitivity ... Fortunately thanks to Health Kinesiology and the combination of Geomack and Green8 protective devices my health is recovering considerably ... A.B. “It was almost a feeling of “INSTANT RELIEF”. Overnight I had the best night sleep I had had in 3 years of being in my house. This thing WORKS.” R.L.

Geomack EP2800  Extra protection from high fields caused by phone masts

and pylons close to your house  Must be used in conjunction with the EV4001 or EV9001  No risk - three month money back guarantee

a ground floor area up to 100m2.

EV9001 Energetic Vitaliser Our most powerful unit suitable for a large area with a ground floor area up to 200m2. EV601 EV4001 EV9001 P/p EVO

coverage measures 3m diameter 20x5x5cm up to 100m2 (and upper floors) 70x5x5cm up to 200m2 (and upper floors) 75x7.5x7.5cm on above units person

£117.00 £277.00 £397.00 £7.50 £82.00

Designed for use in Holland where WiFi and mobile phone masts give off higher fields than in the U.K. Highly recommended if you are close to mobile phone masts or pylons or living in a WiFi city. It must be used with one of the larger Energetic Vitalisers. It should be placed on the level where you sleep, on the wall closest to the source either at 15-20cm from the floor or at the level of the top of your mattress. Shown above. The unit measures 5x8x100cm and is the tallest of the Geomack products. EP2800 P/p

Order now 0845 450 5950 or



£299.00 £7.50


Bio-Protective Products for Electrostress Provide specialised protection for a range of high-tech products Green8 Bio-Protective Products  Neutralise harmful electromagnetic and geopathic stress  Specialised products for mobile phones, cordless phones,

electronic equipment and computer stations Our Bio-Protective products neutralise and harmonise electromagnetic radiation from products around the house and office including mobile phones, computers and microwaves. Each unit is designed for a different purpose depending on the fields emitted. They are not interchangeable and must be used for the purpose stated. The Green8 foils and the Transformers (on the following page) do not block the fields but work by producing a compensating field which neutralises the frequency coming from the particular item it has been designed for. To work effectively the products must be kept undamaged. The Bio-Protective products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Any products being returned must be in perfect condition in their original packaging.

Testing the Green8


Traditional physical measuring methods are not suitable to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Green8 - radiation results do not show any changes. The effect is only noticeable in the body itself, because the body does not “lie”. This has been established by means of a direct body test using a bioresonance system such as PROGNOS, BEST SYSTEM - USA etc. Green8 “transforms” radiation in such a way that no more discernable stress is detected in the human body. Furthermore, numerous blood tests have confirmed the unique effect of the Green8.

“Rouleaux formation”: Blood plate agglutination is noticeable after only 90 seconds of mobile phone use.


The Green8 effect: No blood plate agglutination, even after longer mobile phone use.

E-422 Green8 Small for mobile phones and E-425 Green8 Small Double Pack for mobile or DECT phone

Best seller Green8

The small Green8 is designed to be used in mobile phones, on DECT (digital cordless phones) and on baby monitors. It reduces or eliminates the discomfort of fatigue, lack of concentration, warm ears and the other detrimental effects caused by frequent mobile phone and DECT phone use. The tiny 8 fits into the battery compartment of your mobile phone, is unseen and does not affect reception or use. For a Blackberry we advise using two of the small Green8s. For DECT cordless phones please attach one Green8 foil at the back of the base station and one to each handset. The foil measures 4.0x2.0cms. If this is too large for your phone you can carefully cut around the 8 making sure you do not damage it. The effective area is up to 2 metres. (radius 1m). Save £10.00 on the double pack.

E-421 Green8 Medium for electronic equipment The medium Green8 is to be used on individual pieces of electronic equipment such as microwave ovens, CD players, computer monitors, laptops, TVs or the circuit breaker box. The foil measures 9.5x5cms. The effective area is up to 3 metres (radius 1.5m).

E-420 Green8 Large for computer stations and living areas The large Green8 is for computer work stations or living areas and can be placed under a bed to protect against electromagnetic and geopathic stress. The foil measures 18.5x10.5cms. It creates a protective area up to 5 metres (radius 2.5m).

E-422 E-425 E-421 E-420

Green8 Small Green8 Small x2 Green8 Medium Green8 Large

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

Save £10.00

£30.55 £51.10 £42.30 £62.30

Bio-Protective Products for Electrostress Provide protection from GPS, WiFi and for your body E-434 Transformer 22-30 for Wireless Communication Networks

Green8 Bio-Protective Products  Neutralise harmful electromagnetic and geopathic stress  Specialised products for SatNav, personal protection and

wireless communication networks Included in the Bio-Protective range are products designed specifically to neutralise and harmonise electromagnetic radiation from SatNav and wireless networks as well as a pendant for personal protection. To work effectively the products must be kept undamaged. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Any products being returned must be in perfect condition in their original packaging. If you think you may return one of these products please use it in its plastic bag while trying it out.

E-431 Transformer 23 for GPS Navigational Systems A large number of drivers now use SatNav on a regular basis. This transformer is designed to harmonise the fields emitted from SatNavs in cars, buses, trucks, ships, aeroplanes and in handheld devices (used by delivery companies). The E-431 measures 8.8cms in diameter. You will need 1 for a car, 2 for a bus or a lorry, 2-4 for a ship and 4 for an aeroplane. It creates a protective area up to 6m (radius 3m). In a car it can be placed in its bag in the glove compartment or in a side pocket on the door. The E-431 also protects you from in-car bluetooth technology. E-431

Transformer 23 for SatNav


E-432 Transformer 24 for Personal Protection The E-432 is a pendant designed to be worn on the body, ideally over the solar plexus. It measures 3.3cm in diameter. Its new technology offers lasting protection against all forms of radiation. The energy field it creates increases as you wear it up to an area of 1 metre (radius 0.5m). It neutralises electromagnetic radiation caused by electronic equipment and is a general protection for inside and outside the home. E-432

Transformer 24 for Personal Protection

Many of our customers express concern over the potential health effects of having a wireless communication network in their home. The E-434 is designed to harmonise the fields emitted from both WiFi and WLAN networks and is ideal for a wireless home office or work station. It is flat and measures 21x21cms. It should be placed horizontally in a suitable place (preferably next to the wireless router). It must remain unobstructed and not be covered. Its range is up to 20m2 (radius 10m2) . E-434

Transformer 22-30 for Wireless Networks


Q-Link USB  Helps to reduce the effects of EMFs from computers  Creates a healthy field enabling enhanced performance and

productivity The Q-Link USB is the latest addition to the Q-Link range. It is easy to use - just plug it in to any USB port, Mac or PC and it begins to work immediately. Unlike the pendants (on the previous page) the USB is an SRT field generator, actively producing a 1.8m sphere in which the effects of EMFs are reduced. There is no software to install. 90 day money back guarantee if returned in new condition in its original packaging. A £6.00 restocking charge will apply.



Q-Link USB

E L E C £121.99

EMF Clearing Card


Also available in the Bio-Protective product range is the EMF Clearing Card on page 69. It works as a discharge device rather than a protective product and is ideal to use in conjunction with the rest of the range.

Order now 0845 450 5950 or


Q-Link Pendants Keeping you protected wherever you go Q-Link Pendants  Improve your energy, stamina and muscle strength  Protect against the effects of electromagnetic radiation  90 day money back guarantee Q-Link pendants strengthen and balance your body’s energetic system, boosting your resilience to all kinds of stress. Scientifically tested and endorsed by top practitioners, wearers report having improved focus and concentration, increased ability to cope with stress, enhanced mental and physical performance, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, reduced effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers and air travel, increased blood oxygenation and improved exercise recovery rates. We live in an age where quality of life is high on our agenda. Modern advances in communications, medicine, technology and leisure should allow us better health, longer life and more relaxation, yet how often do we hear “I’m tired, I have no energy, I’m stressed?” The impact of psychological and physical stress, including exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobiles and computers can have a variety of effects and can lead to severe conditions if not dealt with.


The Q-Link pendant provides continual support via its proprietary technology SRT™ (Sympathetic Resonance Technology), which integrates the biological and energetic functions of the body identified in both western and eastern sciences. It works along the same principles as acupuncture, but without the needles and complements all treatments and therapies. Very simply, all cells in your body resonate together and create your own

The Q-Links are available in the New Design (White and Black), the Titanium, the Original Silver Polished and the Silver Pebble. We now offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all Q-Links. If you do not feel you have benefited from it, it may be returned for a refund. It must be in saleable condition and in its original packaging. A £6.00 restocking charge will be applied. The Q-Links contain no batteries and need no maintenance. They are person specific and, once worn, should not be used by anyone else. Please note that occasionally symptoms may worsen when first wearing the Q-Link. This is a normal reaction and may mean you need to acclimatise gradually to the Q-Link by wearing it for longer periods each day.



Study shows how Q-Link improves blood oxygenation “After wearing the Q-Link for only 72 hours, every test showed a very significant improvement in the quality of their blood. The blood of the test group wearing Q-Links showed a normal blood profile that I see in only 1 out of 10,000 people. In my scientific opinion anybody whose blood is improved to this degree will significantly improve their performance and the quality of their life.” Dr R.Young, Microbiologist


personal biofield. When this biofield is distorted by different stressors symptoms occur. SRT resonates at a healthy frequency and when you wear the Q-Link pendant the resonating frequency that is emitted normalises your biofield. Each pendant contains a resonating cell, which is programmed with the healthy frequencies of the body that, when worn over the heart area, strengthen and balance your body’s energetic system. The resonating cell is activated by the copper. induction coil which picks up micro-currents from your heart to power the pendant. The Q-Link works like a master tuning fork, constantly reminding the body of its healthy frequencies.


Original Silver

Silver Pebble

“Over the last few years I have suffered terribly from working on a computer all day, with lack of energy and multiple headaches. I decided to try the Q-link and chose the Original Silver. I felt an unpleasant sensation in my chest for 2 days while the Q-link was acclimatising my body back to normal but after the first month I did start to see results. Now, over a year later, I wouldn't be without my Q-Link. My headaches have completely stopped and I feel so much better in my general overall health." L.M. QLNW QLNB QLT QLOS QLSP P/p

Q-Link New Design White Q-Link New Design Black Q-Link Titanium Q-Link Original Silver Polished Q-Link Silver Pebble Polished DD Special Delivery

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

£81.75 £81.75 £173.70 £183.90 £255.45 £5.50

Other Products for Electrostress From computer protection to a safe haven for sleeping in EMF Clearing Card

Daylight Shielding Material

 Clears the body of distorted energies after exposure

 Make your own curtains or clothing to protect you from

to electrosmog helping you to feel unstressed  Can be used alongside the Green8 protective products  Can be used any time you feel electrically stressed

 Offers 90% protection from electromagnetic radiation

The EMF Clearing Card is the latest addition to the Green8 range. It has Green8 technology embedded into it and works as a discharge device rather than as a protective product. It will help clear your body of radiation, electromagnetic stress and distorted energies, leaving you feeling refreshed and free of electrosmog. One card can be used by the whole family. The card is ideal to be used in conjunction with the Green8 protective products. It will last for about three years and then needs to be replaced.

electromagnetic radiation (including microwave radiation)  Available in running metres of 2.5 metre widths


The EMF Clearing Card is the size of a credit card and can be kept in your wallet without affecting your credit cards or your mobile phone. Place the card on your solar plexus for several minutes with the picture facing down. This can either be directly onto your skin or over your clothes. We offer a two week money back guarantee should you find that the Clearing Card has not been of benefit. If you may be returning it, please keep it in its plastic bag. It must be returned in pristine condition, in its original packaging and in its original saleable state.

“... I find your EMF Clearing Card very helpful to remove excess energy which is stored after going out and getting exposed to excess electro smog.“ A.B. E-CC

EMF Clearing Card

Shielding material can be hung as curtain lining, made up as net curtains, used around beds in ‘mosquito net’ style Cross section canopies and even used for protective clothing. With the characteristics of beautiful textiles yet providing 90% or greater protection from high frequency electromagnetic waves, this is an ideal way to protect yourself. An invisible metal fibre is woven into the threads creating a deflective barrier without detracting from the appearance and quality expected from traditional fabrics. The material is white and semi-transparent. Swiss Shield Daylight fabric is a net-like polyester material. It is washable at 30C and easy to tailor. The fabric is 2.5 metres in width and each piece is cut to order. A small sample can be sent upon request. SM2.5D P/p


Daylight per running metre Cutting and Carriage

£73.90 £7.50

ADR Protect  Works on the body’s acupuncture

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients: Electrical Sensitivity as an Emerging Illness In a recent ES (electrical sensitivity) survey, the five most common symptoms experienced when EMF exposed were: • skin itch, rash, flushing, burning and/or tingling • confusion, poor concentration and/or memory loss • fatigue, weakness • headache • chest pain, heart palpitations Less commonly reported symptoms included nausea, panic attacks, insomnia, seizures, ear pain/ringing in the ears, feeling a vibration, paralysis and dizziness.

channels to help compensate for the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollutants This little device, 2.2cm in diameter, has been very popular for reducing the harmful effects created by mobile phones, computers and microwaves on the human body. Research has shown that it works on the acupuncture channels. It has also shown an improvement in the circulation of the blood and strengthening of the immune system. The ADR can be placed on a mobile phone, the back of a watch or on your computer mouse. In order for the beneficial effects to be felt the ADR must come into contact with the body. ADRP

ADR Protect

Order now 0845 450 5950 or




Seasonal Affective Disorder and How to Choose a Light Box Helping you cope with the winter blues Seasonal Affective Disorder and its causes S.A.D. is a recognised and increasingly common medical condition affecting people during the winter months due to lack of daylight. This causes the body to increase the production of melatonin and suppress the production of serotonin making us feel more and more depressed.

office all day. This can be caused by low light levels in the office and can very easily be alleviated with the use of a light box. The LitePod is ideal to have on your desk and fits neatly between your keyboard and the monitor. Apart from working as bright light therapy it will increase the overall light levels at your work station and help you to feel better. If in doubt as to the benefits, try our rental service to see whether light therapy does the trick for you.

Choosing a light box There are three main variables to consider when choosing a light box and these will determine which box is best for you: • The severity of your condition: S.A.D., M.E. or lack of energy • The strength of the light box • The time you have available for treatment

Symptoms and severity of S.A.D. Though S.A.D. can affect people differently and to varying degrees there are certain symptoms that typify Seasonal Affective Disorder: • Depression • Lethargy • Fatigue • Anxiety • Lack of sleep • Loss of libido • Craving sweet foods and carbohydrates

M.E. and other conditions M.E. has similar symptoms to S.A.D. and a light box can be very helpful to sufferers. Extreme fatigue is one symptom of M.E. and sufferers often feel worse during the winter months. Lethargy, tiredness and sleep problems make coping with M.E. very difficult. We recommend that the light box has a 30 minute treatment time and also has the ability to switch off some of the tubes to start treatment gradually. It is best to start off with one or two tubes on for a short period of time and gradually increase the treatment time. Once you reach 30 minutes with one or two tubes you can turn on more tubes for a shorter length of time. If you feel that you have gone too quickly go back to a shorter length of time and gradually build up again.

Sleep problems including insomnia, fatigue, well-being, low mood and depression, jet lag, shift work problems


Bright light therapy was developed for the treatment of S.A.D. and many of the above symptoms are common to S.A.D. sufferers. Light therapy has also been found to be beneficial for sleep problems, to increase energy levels, ease anxiety and help with jet lag and acclimatising to working night shifts. It can also help if you tend to fall asleep in the evening before going to bed. A short treatment in the early evening may help you to stay awake until bedtime.

The strength of the light box The treatment is to bring bright light to the sufferer by using a light box or similar device. All our boxes are supplied with Daylight tubes that mimic natural sunlight and emit a cool, blue/white light. The light must enter through the eyes so that during treatment it is important to glance at the light box. Benefits are usually felt within 4-10 days. A “normal” indoor environment has a lux level of approximately 500. For intensive light therapy the light source should have a 10,000 lux level although 2,500 lux light boxes can be effective if used for a longer treatment time. Treatment is assumed to take place with the light source at arm’s length from the person. Generally, the larger the light box the better the spread of light and the higher the intensity of light the lower the treatment time required. Optimum treatment times will vary. Those worse affected will need a longer treatment time than those with mild S.A.D.

Time available for treatment If you have a limited time available for light therapy treatment (20-30 minutes) it is best to use a light box with a higher intensity. Alternatively, if you have more time available (45-90 minutes) you can use a lower intensity light box for a longer period of time.

Light therapy and lux All the light boxes on the following pages have been tested and granted “Medical Device” accreditation. They are certified to Medical Directive EC93/42. The lux value for each light box is given and the distance at which it was measured. Should you experience headaches, you may be sitting too close and need to move further away until you acclimatise to the bright light. Our light boxes have a special “Flikka-Free” electronic ballast and a diffuser for the removal of UV. Tubes should be replaced every 2 to 3 years. Disclaimer: Information included on this page is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

VAT exemption The light boxes are available VAT exempt for sufferers of S.A.D. A VAT exemption form can be found on page 75. This must be signed by you and should accompany your order for the VAT free price to be charged.

You may find that you suffer from a lack of energy after being in the


Order now 0845 450 5950 or

Light Boxes for Severe and Moderate S.A.D. Help alleviate winter depression and lack of energy Diamond Light Boxes  Improve energy levels and alleviate tiredness  Help with depression caused by S.A.D.  Reduce carbohydrate cravings The Diamond light boxes are the best quality light boxes we have found. They have a sleek ergonomic design to bring the light to you in the most effective and efficient way possible. For maximum effect the advanced curved shape focuses the light to the point where you are sitting, while the smooth opal diffuser gives a beautiful, even luminosity. The light box comes complete with a base allowing it to tilt forwards or backwards 6-120o as research has shown that angled light that hits the back of the retina can be more beneficial. The Diamond models have two switches to vary the light output. The optional floor stand or wall-mounting bracket also makes this the most flexible light box to suit individual needs. Treatment times vary from 20-40 minutes. The floor stand enables you to position the Diamond light box in front of your desk or beside your armchair. The wall bracket allows you to mount the light box on the wall. It has a ball and socket joint which allows the user to adjust the light box to its most beneficial position. The Diamond light boxes all measure 61x33x10cm and have a base measuring 23x28x5cm. 3 year guarantee on the light boxes, 1 year on the tubes.

Benefits of Daylight Tubes The Diamond light boxes and the LitePod on the following page are all supplied with daylight tubes. Whereas full spectrum light contains UV, the daylight tubes have had the UV removed. This gives a higher light output and most people find that it is easier on the eyes and a more pleasant light. It also eliminates the possibility of retinal damage from UV.

Diamond 5

Diamond 4

Diamond 3

 For severe S.A.D. or M.E.  10,000 lux at 61cm  Treatment 20-30 mins The Diamond 5 has two switches to vary the light output. and a carry handle for easy moving. It can have two, three or all five tubes on.

 For severe S.A.D. or M.E.  10,000 lux at 50cm  Treatment 20-30 mins The Diamond 4 has two switches to vary the light output. It can have the two outside, the two inside or all four tubes on.

 For moderate S.A.D. or M.E.  10,000 lux at 47cm  Treatment 30-40 mins The Diamond 3 has two switches to vary the light output. It can have one, two or three tubes on.

• 4x36w daylight tubes • Weighs 3.9kg

• 5x36w daylight tubes • Weighs 4kg D105 ST2 WB1

ex VAT Diamond 5 £265.00 Floor Stand £39.65 Wall Bracket £31.20

• 3x36w daylight tubes • Weighs 3.7kg

incl VAT £304.75 £45.60 £35.88

D104 ST2 WB1

ex VAT Diamond 4 £230.00 Floor Stand £39.65 Wall Bracket £31.20

incl VAT £264.50 £45.60 £35.88

D103 ST2 WB1

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

ex VAT Diamond 3 £210.00 Floor Stand £39.65 Wall Bracket £31.20

incl VAT £241.50 £45.60 £35.88



Light Box for Mild S.A.D. and Light Box Rentals Renting a light box lets you experience the benefits before you buy LitePod  Increases energy and helps relieve mild S.A.D.  10,000 lux at 30cm  Treatment time 45-60 minutes at 50cm

Best seller light box

The LitePod is small, discreet and perfect for use at home or in the office. It fits neatly between a keyboard and monitor or on the counter top in the kitchen. Simply using it every day will supplement light, increase energy levels and counteract the symptoms of mild S.A.D. If you find you fall asleep in the evening we recommend using the LitePod in the early evening to help you stay awake until bedtime (do not use it less than 3 hours before going to bed). The LitePod is supplied with daylight tubes. Please see Benefits of Daylight Tubes on the previous page. • Can be used horizontally or vertically • Measures 38x12.5x12.5cm


• 2x24w daylight tubes • Weighs 1.5kg ex VAT £115.00


incl VAT £132.25

Light Box Rental - Try before you buy!  Renting lets you try light therapy to see whether your

symptoms are caused by S.A.D.  You benefit from one month’s rent against the purchase price

if you then decide to buy  Minimum rental period is now one month We offer a selection of light boxes on a rental basis for anyone who wants to rent for a few months or try before they buy. Each box is charged at a monthly rate. The minimum rental period is now one month and if you decide to purchase the box you will get the first month’s rental deducted from the purchase price. At the end of the agreed period please return the light box to us undamaged and in its original packaging. (We can arrange to have it picked up and charge you at cost.) Payments for rentals will only be accepted by credit/debit card and any damage will be charged against your card at cost.



Rental per month D105R D104R D103R LPR P/p

see page 71 see page 71 see page 71 see above

Treatment Time 20-30 minutes 20-30 minutes 30-40 minutes 45-60 minutes

ex VAT £42.00 £36.00 £32.00 £19.00

“I wanted to thank you for a great product. I must admit I was quite sceptical a thing like this might work. ... I’ve not even used it for a week and the changes are remarkable. I used to be a living zombie, feeling tired all the day. But no more. I’m also more cheerful and I have the feeling I can take on more work. Thanks a lot, this is truly a life saver and now it’s a vital part of my workstation.” F van H. Light boxes may:  Increase energy levels Alleviate tiredness Ease anxiety problems  Help with sleep problems  Help with jet lag Increase libido  Help with post natal depression Help with fatigue  Reduce carbohydrate cravings Help with low mood Help with depression caused by S.A.D. Help acclimatise to shift work


incl VAT £48.30 £41.40 £36.80 £21.85 £7.50

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

Natural Alarm Clock and Winter Sun Set Wake up naturally without stressing your body The benefits of using a dawn simulator Most of us find it much easier to wake up and get up in the summer months when it is light outside. During the winter, however, waking becomes much harder and a loud noise or alarm shocks the body out of sleep. This stresses the body and the results can last all day. A dawn simulator acts as a natural sunrise allowing your body to wake up gradually. It has been found to be beneficial in energising the body and also helps with mild S.A.D. Waking up naturally with a dawn simulator can help reset the body’s circadian rhythms. This can be particularly helpful for people working on shifts and also for teenagers who find it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock

A dawn simulator does not use what is known as bright light but can be used in conjunction with bright light therapy to help reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of S.A.D.

 Sunrise simulator helps your body to wake naturally

leaving you refreshed and unstressed  Sunset simulator helps you relax and go to sleep The DawnLite is a natural alarm clock that works as a dawn simulator. It helps your body to wake up naturally leaving you feeling refreshed and energised, ready to face the day. It has a sunset function so that when you go to bed you can set the light to fade down gradually to darkness, allowing you to relax and fall gently to sleep. With a DawnLite you will not need another bedside light as it works perfectly as a reading light. Please note that it is important not to touch the halogen bulb with your bare hands as sweat can cause the bulb to burn out more quickly. Power failure battery and spare bulb included. • Adjustable length sunrise and sunset: 15,30,45 and 90 minutes • Reassuring dimmable night-light • Dimmable bedside light • Bright halogen light bulb G9 40w • Variable light levels • Opal glass dome for softer light • Digital clock • Advanced LED display which reduces in intensity as the light fades • Power failure battery back-up • Optional beeper alarm • Easy to use • Measures 18cm in diameter by 22cm high • Weighs 925g • One year guarantee DL


Winter Sun Set - Save 10%  All you need to ‘get up and go’  Start the day naturally with the DawnLite leaving you

refreshed and unstressed  Re-charge your energy with the

LitePod light box This set includes a DawnLite Natural Alarm Clock and a LitePod Light Box - all you need to keep your energy levels up this winter or to treat the symptoms of mild S.A.D. Waking up to a dawn simulator is so much less stressful than being shocked out of sleep with a loud noise. It can have benefits for people with mild S.A.D. when used in conjunction with a light box. With this set you can then benefit from some bright light therapy later in the morning to help boost your energy and your mood. The LitePod is small enough to move from one place to another. You can either use it in the kitchen while you have your breakfast or beside your computer while you work. You can also use it while you are sitting reading - keep the LitePod on your left and glance up at it each time you turn the page. The ex VAT price of the set includes the LitePod VAT exempt and the DawnLite inclusive of VAT. A signed VAT exemption form (p75) must accompany your order or VAT will be charged.

£79.95 WSS

Winter Sun Set

usually incl VAT £212.20

Order now 0845 450 5950 or

pack ex VAT £175.46


pack incl VAT £190.98


Special Offers and Main Terms and Conditions When you buy our sets you benefit from a 10% saving Bath and Shower Set - Save 10% A I R

Eczema Set - Save 10%

 Saves you 10% and offers

 Saves you 10% on individual

all you need to have a chlorine free shower and a chlorine free bath  Contains one Shower Filter and one Crystal Ball

prices  Contains one Zeoderm+

Moisturiser 50ml and a pack of 5 pairs of White Stitched Gloves

Combining a Crystal Ball with a Shower Filter gives you chlorine free bathing at a 10% saving. Once you've tried it you will never want to go back to bathing in chlorinated water. Please state whether you require a shower filter for tank (low pressure) or mains (high pressure). Further information on these items is available on pages 57 and 59. BSST BSS

For Low Pressure (Tanks) For High pressure (Mains)

usually £79.98 £84.98

pack price £71.98 £76.48

 Saves you 10% and offers


you all you need for bacteria free and detergent free washing  Contains one set of Aquaballs and one bluemagicball


Washing Set

usually £39.48

pack price £35.53

The Healthy House Main Terms and Conditions Description of Goods We describe our products as accurately as we can. All items have been chosen for their suitability for the allergy market but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all our products are suitable for all customers since sensitivities are so individual. Please be sure to check all ingredients on the packet or bottle before opening as unfortunately opened products cannot be returned. Postage Please remember to add £4.50 for p/p unless otherwise stated and an extra £2.50 for Next Day Delivery. Items sent via Special Delivery or Direct Delivery are charged separately. If there is more than one p/p charge, please add only the highest value to your order. Please note that delivery charges to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland and anywhere off mainland Britain may be increased. We will notify you if this is the case. Delivery Most orders are despatched within a few days and many go out within 24 hours of ordering. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the time of delivery and cannot accept responsibility for delays that are beyond our control. If you require goods to arrive at a specific time, please make sure you order well in advance. We must be notified of receipt of damaged goods immediately as claims must be made promptly.


We have combined one of our best selling creams with our best selling gloves to offer you a pack price with a 10% saving. The Zeoderm+ is a moisturiser that is a unique blend of nano-minerals and vital nutrients. It reduces dryness and promotes relief from itching (p44). Our white cotton gloves (p42) are perfect for people prone to eczema or dry skin or just to protect your hands while you are working. They are smart enough to be worn for more formal occasions. These gloves are made of soft white cotton knit material with insets in all the fingers for extra comfort and fit. The CE label inside can be cut out if required. Machine wash at 60C and reshape whilst damp. A pack contains 5 pairs of gloves.

Washing Set - Save 10% M C S



Zeoderm+ 50ml/Child’s Stitched Small x5prs Zeoderm+ 50ml/Child’s Stitched Medium x5prs Zeoderm+ 50ml/Child’s Stitched Large x5prs Zeoderm+ 50ml/Adult’s Stitched Small x5prs Zeoderm+ 50ml/Adult’s Stitched Medium x5prs Zeoderm+ 50ml/Adult’s Stitched Large x5prs

usually £17.98 £17.98 £17.98 £19.58 £19.58 £19.58

pack price £16.18 £16.18 £16.18 £17.62 £17.62 £17.62

Guarantee and Returns We want you to be delighted with your purchase but understand that sometimes you may need to return a product. Returns within 14 days You can order with complete confidence as we guarantee to refund or exchange any product that you are not completely happy with. All we ask is that you return the product to us in its original unused condition, in its original undamaged packaging within 14 days of receipt of your order. It is your responsibility to take good care of the products and to cover the cost of returns. If a product fails after 14 days, we will need the product returned to us for inspection prior to a replacement being sent. A Returns Form must accompany the returned goods. The cost of the goods but not the postage will be refunded. Please notify us immediately of faulty or damaged goods. If you are returning a faulty item please contact us to discuss method of return otherwise we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for return charges. Returns within 7 days Within 7 days of receipt of your order you have the right to notify us in writing and return the whole order in its original unused condition and in its original undamaged packaging (goods that are made up to order are non-returnable unless faulty). We will refund the full purchase price and postage. It is your responsibility to cover the cost of returning the goods and insure them for their value in case they should go astray or be damaged in transit. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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