Fall 2021

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Upcoming Event in the GROW Series Last year, HORAN announced a new company to support the growth of small and emerging businesses in the region. HORAN Emerging Business Advisors is a dedicated team of experts that is focused solely on the needs of businesses under 100 employees due to the complexity of ever-changing legislation, compliance and products in the market. The goal is to help emerging businesses offer benefits that compete with larger companies so they can attract and retain top talent. Check out the interview below with Julie Highley, President of HORAN Emerging Business Advisors, to learn more about their upcoming education opportunities for small and emerging businesses.




Julie Highley

President of HORAN Emerging Business Advisors

Why did HORAN Emerging Business Advisors launch the GROW Series? Julie Highley (JH): We launched the GROW Series to leverage our best-in-class strategic partners to help our clients’ businesses thrive and grow. We are committed to providing small and emerging businesses with actionable insights and continually sourcing timely, valuable information to create agile learning. The quarterly topics are designed to focus on key issues and showcase industry experts who can share insights to help businesses grow. What is the next topic in the series? The next edition of the GROW Series will be in February 2022. “Building Your Vision for the Future” is specifically designed to empower Owners and Chief Executive Officers and provide them with the tools to build a scalable business. Many organizations transitioned into survival mode during the pandemic and through adversity comes the opportunity for growth. But, a company needs vision, focus and a strategic plan. How can attendees benefit from the next edition of the series? Attendees will be provided with tools to create a vision, focus and strategic plan for their organization. Our featured presenters are entrepreneurs who have been in their shoes and have successfully built transferable and sustainable business value. Additionally, this series will be moderated by our Director of Operations, Lauren Peter, who has over 10 years of experience in the small and emerging business space, as well as a background in Human Resources. Be on the lookout for for more information about our 2022 event “Building Your Vision for the Future”.