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Lindsay's Health Centre for Women Promoting & Supportingthe Health & Well-Being ofWomen

Thursdrys, 9:00am



Antigonish Women's Resoruce Cente 204 Kirk Place, 219 Msin Sneet Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2Cl

Tel: 902-88-6221

What is Lindsay's Health Centre for Women? Lindsay's Health Centre provides women and adolescent girls with services and programs that can help them make informed decisions about their health.

Who is providing the services and programs? Oru services are provided by a multidisciplinary team that includes:

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Mental Health Services Addiction Services Public Health Services The Antigonistr Women's Resource Centre

A doctor and a nurse practitioner

Who can come to Lindsayts Health Centre? Our services and programs are open to all women and adolescent girls. We are sensitive to the needs of those who experience diffrculties in accessing appropriate health services. We welcome women from equity communities including aboriginal, immigrant, visible and language minority women, women with disabilities, and lesbiano bisexual and queer women.

What services are available? Education Programs: o Managing Stess o Talking with your Kids about

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Substance Abuse, Sexuality, Depression Menopause Healthy Food Choices Teen Health Healthy Aging

Support Programs:

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Tobacco Cessation Sexual Health for Youth Crisis and Problem-Solving Support Well Woman Care Body Image Women and Addiction

Medlcal Care: o Women's Health Services r Teen's Health Services o Reproductive Health r Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Screening Sexual Assault Care


If there is a program you want, just let know. Confidentiality is respected.


Our approach to providing services Lindsay's Health Cente is guided by women's diverse experiences and knowledge. We value and encourage womenos ideas and insights about their lives and health and we work with women to provide senrices appropriate to their needs.

Programs and services are designed to enhance the understanding, self-care, self-help and self advocacy abilities of each woman.

Our Philosophy lVe Believe: Every woman has the right to make informed decisions about her health. A woman's health improves when she has a greater sense ofcontrol over her life situation.

A womanos health is dependent upon her physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. Gender is a key determinant of health as are social status, income, employment, education and social supports.

Lindsay's Health Cente is committed to facilitating the empowerment of women, individually and collectively, in all its prograrns and services.

Will I have to pay? No. All services are free of

charge. You may be asked for your Nova Scotia Health Card.

When is Lindsayts Health Centre open? On Thr.usdays from 9:00am to 4:30 pm. We are located in the Antigonish Women's Resource Cente on Main Steet (above Tim Hortonos).

Dolneedareferral? A referral is not necessary. You can walk in or you can call 863-6221and make an appointment.

If you wish, you may bring

a friend.

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Mission Statement Lindsay's Health Centre for Women provides collaborative primary health care programs and services for women and their families to promote and support their health and well-being.

Our Name Lindsay's Health Centre for Women is named in honour of Lindsay Elizabeth Myers. A woman and health professional with stong connections to the community. Lindsay had a deep commifinent to social justice and was a tireless advocate for the most vulnerable in our society. She embodied the spirit of sftength and empowerment that we aspire to pass on to the women who use our services.

are a teen, you may bring a parent or


Who will I see at Lindsay's Health Centre? You will be seen first by a support worker. She will talk to you; explain how the Cente works and what programs are offered, and direct you to the person you would like to

Senice Team Partnership Lindsay's Health Cente for Women is a parfirerstrip of the Guysborough Antigonish Straieht Health Authority, the Antigonish Women's Resource Centre, and the medical community. Please drop by nnd check us out.

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Meetings: Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at Health Connections, People,s Place Library, 283 Main St. Antigonish 7-8:30 PM. Bring a friend, your sister or mother with you to a meeting! We have educational programs with guest speakers followed by a support social session. The meetings are comfortable and informal. We share stories, learning experiences and humor.

Breast Cancer Support Group (Antigonish)

We develop ftiendships, ongoing support and good rapport between members.

Confrdentialilv is a high priorilv.

Women Alike, Antigonish Chapter Women Alike, Antigonish Chapter was founded in November,1997. We are an educational and support group for anyone faced with the diagnosis ofbreast cancer.

We are here to address your concerns about:


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Breast cancer as a diagnosis Facing the diagnbsis Types of treatment Your family and their reactions


Support and Resource Material

Trained volunteers and information about resources may tre accessed through the Oncology clinic 867-4500 Ext. 4240, Patient Navigator 8xt.4707 or Cuthy's Place Cancer Resource Room, 4th floor, Ro om 4324 St. Martha's Regional Hospital


.or by calling the Canadian Cancer Society Information line 1-888-939-3333 NS Division 1-800-639-0222

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All women with breast cancer and other types of cancer are welcome regardless of length of time since diagnosis.

Contacts: For more information, please caII


Charlene Porter 867-4500 Ex,T4436

or Heather Brander 867-4500 EXT 4707 t-866-524-1234


have the power to make this day a good one,,.

Information for Women  
Information for Women  

This is some of the information for women that is available through Health Connections.