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About Healthcare Belgium Healthcare Belgium is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 by the most prominent Belgian hospital groups. The organisation receives substantial support from the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO-FEB) and leaders of the medical technology industry in Belgium. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness report Belgium ranks Nr 1 in Health and Nr 5 in higher education (2010-2011). Healthcare Belgium holds a multitude of international collaboration agreements at the level of the Ministries of Health, academic institutions and hospitals.

Rudi Thomaes

President of Healthcare Belgium, Secretary General of ICC Belgium

Dimitri Mikhalski

MD, Chief Medical Officer, Russia

Herwig Fleerackers General Manager

Christel Dhont

Client Service Manager


Dominique Mortier

MD, Chief Medical Officer, Middle East

Anne Coudeyre

Marketing and Communications Manager

Healthcare Belgium offers unique collaboration opportunities

Academic Knowledge Transfer

Clinical Knowledge Transfer

• Training • Fellowships • Research & Development

• Hospital management • Centres of excellence in joint ventures • Visiting doctors


Health Technology Implementation

Patient Treatment

• Equipment and medical devices • Digitisation of hospital administration • Design and construction of hospitals

• Telemedicine, teleradiology services • Treatment of patients • Remote medical opinions/Second opinions


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Brussels Europe Hospitals The Brussels Europe Hospitals are the largest group of private clinics in Brussels. An experienced multidisciplinary team combined with modern state-of-the-art medical equipment ensure fast and accurate diagnosis and optimal care for each patient. International patients are welcome in our multilingual care facilities. VIP accommodation is possible within the hospitals.

Highlights World Firsts Several innovative developments have occurred at the Bariatric Surgery Centre. Robot Surgery Clinic Robot-assisted surgery is undeniably revolutionising operating theatres. As the first in Brussels to acquire the Da Vinci robotic system HDSi, the Europe Hospitals offer some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Medical Imaging The state-of-the-art Radiology Department offers 1.5-T MRI, digital mammography, twin tube, low dose, multidetector row computer tomography (including virtual colonoscopy, CT coronarography and fluoscopically guided punctions and spectral imaging), interventional angiography, ultrasound and both computed and direct radiography (CR and DR).

Dirk Lambrechts Strategy and Finance Director

Preventive Medicine: Health Checks The Exhaustive Health Assessment Unit is based on the latest advance in medicine. It is a Unit for prevention by identifying and reducing disease risk factors and improving the quality of life.

Centres of Excellence Bariatric Surgery World Firsts • T he first three cases of minimally invasive management of oesophageal perforations in the world were performed at Brussels Europe Hospitals and published in Surgical Endoscopy in 2002. • T he first procedure in the world entailing an adapted gastric banding technique for obese patients with giant hiatal hernias was performed at Brussels Europe Hospitals and details published in Obesity Surgery in 2005. Our hospitals now boast a team of 30 specialists including nutritionists, internists, endocrinologists, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and dieticians, all working together to tailor treatments to each patient's individual needs. A team of four surgeons with extensive experience in minimally invasive surgery offers a comprehensive range of surgery options. The recent acquisition of a high-performance surgical robot has enabled us to further reduce surgical trauma and enhanced our ability to perform complex procedures more precisely. Renowned for our dedicated and personalised approach, our centre now treats a growing number of patients of who over 300 undergo surgery each year. Site Ste-Elisabeth •


Avenue de Fré 206 • B-1180 Brussels • T: +32 (0)2 614 20 00

Marc Vertruyen

MD, PhD Programme Director

Serge Landen

MD, Programme Director

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral and maxillofacial surgery is developing all the time and seeks to treat and correct disturbances of the oral and facial tissues. Activity: • Skeletal deformities • Congenital malformations • H ead and neck tumours • Reconstructive pre-prosthetic surgery • Implantology • D ental rehabilitation

Edmond LAHy

MD, Head of Department

Radiotherapy/ Oncology Brussels Europe Hospitals run a private Radiotherapy and Oncology Department. The External Beam Radiotherapy department is fully equipped for modern external beam and HDR-brachytherapy treatments. Close interaction and collaboration with and easy, rapid access to the Radiology Department (CT and MRI examinations) and the Nuclear Medicine Department (scintigraphy and hybrid molecular imaging, including daily contact with a Petscan Unit) ensures that the treatment offered is the very best available. C. Salembier

Low dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer is one of the cornerstones of our Department. As one of the pioneers in Belgium in this field, we launched the prostate seed programme in our hospital in 2001.

MD, Head of Department

Urology The Urology Department is composed by team of six internationally renowned urologists who provide the highest quality of healthcare, using state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques. All procedures are performed using Da Vinci High-Definition robotic surgery. Activity: • O ncology • E ndourology (Stone Clinic) • Reconstructive Urology • Male and female Paediatric Urology P. De Groote

MD, FEBU, Head of Department, St-Michel

Site St-Michel •


Rue de Linthout 150 • B-1040 Brussels • T: +32 (0)2 614 30 00

C. Assenmacher

MD, Head of Department, St-Elisabeth

Brussels Saint Luc Universit y Hospital Just 10 minutes from the capital of Europe, the Brussels Saint-Luc University Hospital offers approximately 1,000 beds and a wide range of treatments. Thanks to its highly specialised teams and continuous investment in state-of-the-art medical equipment, Saint-Luc is able to treat even the most complex conditions. Day after day, our teams do their best to offer quality and support to our patients.

Highlights • W orld first in the field of angiomas: Identification of the major cause of venous malformation. Professor Miikka Vikkula's laboratory of human molecular genetics at de Duve Institute, Université catholique de Louvain, in collaboration with Prof Laurence Boon, recently made a particularly important discovery in the field of vascular anomalies. They identified the cause of venous malformation1 (also known as "cavernous angioma"). This finding opens the door to new perspectives on treatment. (December 2008). • F irst ever transplantation of ovarian tissue between genetically different sisters, with subsequent restoration of ovarian function and embryo development (2007). Professor Jacques Donnez, Head of the Department of Gynaecology and Andrology, in partnership with his team, has also achieved other world firsts in the field of ovarian transplantation.

Renaud Mazy CEO

• W orld's first partial face transplant: A 38-year-old woman received a "partial" triangular graft, consisting of the chin, lips and nose. This operation was performed in November 2005 at the Amiens University Hospital Centre (CHU). Prof. Benoît Lengelé, a specialist in microsurgery,reconstructive and plastic surgery at the Saint-Luc University Hospital was a member of the medical team led by Prof. Jean-Michel Dubernard from the Hôpital Edouard-Herriot in Lyon and Prof. Bernard Duvauchelle from CHU Amiens. • W orld's first implantation of an electrode around an optic nerve on a blind patient performed in 1998 by the Department of Neurosurgery led by Professor Raftopoulos.

Centres of Excellence Neurosurgery The Department of Neurosurgery led by Professor Christian Raftopoulos regularly performs all neurosurgical procedures, the majority of them using full Neuronavigation. The main operating theatre is equipped with the most up-to-date systems, in particular a brand new intraoperative highresolution MRI (3.0 Tesla). This system allows the neurosurgeon to check the progress of the surgery safely throughout the procedure. Saint-Luc acquired high-resolution 3.0-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment for its operating theatre in January 2006. This equipment is unique worldwide and has proven to be a valuable asset in procedures performed by Professor Raftopoulos and his neurosurgical team. Since 2010, the service has used 3D robotic intraoperative system to check pedicle screw insertion to increase patient security. The use of this kind of imaging robot for spinal surgery was a european first. From left to right: Standing: Dr P. Finet (MACCS), Dr M. Lawson (MACCS), Dr G. Ntsambi (DACCS), Dr E. Astarsi (MACCS), Dr C. Ciobanu (MACCS), Dr Waterkeyn (MACS). Seated: Dr M. Delavallée (Specialist, consultant), Dr G. Vaz (Specialist), Prof C. Raftopoulos (Head of the department), Dr E. Fomekong (Specialist), Dr V. Vanthuyne (Specialist, consultant)

Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (UCL) •


Avenue Hippocrate, 10 • B-1200 Brussels • T : +32 (0)2 764 11 11

Cardiosurgery The Cardiosurgery Department treats a wide range of pathologies. We offer a broad range of top quality surgery, including full arterial revascularisations for coronary surgery (over 20 years' experience), systematic repair of aortic and mitral valves with degenerative disease (>95%), a full range of valve replacement techniques (ross, homograft, stentless etc.), a heart-transplant programme (primarily artificial hearts), paediatric and congenital surgery and endovascular unit for stent graft… Professor El Khoury and his team run what has become a key centre in the treatment of valve disease; it is now considered a true authority on cardiac surgery. European First: The Cardiosurgery Department is equipped with a cardiovascular hybrid operating theatre. It is the first time in Europe such a high-tech equipment is installed in an operating block.

Gebrine El Khoury

MD, PhD, is recognised as a pioneer in aortic-valve repair.

Gynaecology The Gynaecology Department is a highly specialised centre for endoscopy (a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure) and, in particular, the treatment of endometriosis using a CO2 laser. A pioneer for over 25 years in in-vitro fertilisation, the Department offers a full range of medically assisted reproductive treatments offering a success rate of 40%. A special Breast Clinic, comprising gynaecologists, oncologists, radiotherapists and psychologists was set up in order to provide the best care possible for breast-cancer patients. In 2006, the multidisciplinary board treated 629 new cancer cases, including 436 breast cancers and 193 pelvic tumours.

Christine Wyns

MD, PhD, Head of the Gynaecology and Andrology Department.

World Firsts • T he Department achieved the world's first pregnancy resulting from a frozen ovarian tissue graft and also administers the largest ovarian tissue and ovary bank in the world in a bid to preserve fertility. • Professor Jacques Donnez and his team have achieved several world firsts in the field of ovarian transplants. The first ever transplant of ovarian tissue between genetically different sisters and subsequent restoration of ovarian function and embryo development was achieved in 2007.

Paediatric Surgery and Transplant Unit The Paediatric Surgery and Transplant Unit deals with all aspects of the medical and surgical management of a wide range of hepatobiliary pathologies in children. All the facilities required for the medical work-up of such conditions and diseases are available, including digestive endoscopy, therapy for oesophageal varices, specialised nutritional support, investigational radiology and appropriate anatomopathology support for interpretation of liver biopsy specimens. Paediatric Surgery and Transplant Unit is led by Professor Raymond Reding and has been offering a full range of surgery for hepatobiliary diseases in children for 25 years. The Unit enjoys international partnerships with various overseas centres in Russia, Macedonia, Algeria and Vietnam among others. In 2000, he opened a specialist Paediatric Centre for anorectal pathology and surgery. Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (UCL) •


Raymond Reding

MD, PhD, is the head surgeon in charge of the Paediatric Surgery and Transplant Unit.

Avenue Hippocrate, 10 • B-1200 Brussels • T : +32 (0)2 764 11 11

CHIREC Hospitals Edith Cavell Interregional Hospital Group, CHIREC, is a group of private hospitals, highly regarded both in Belgium and internationally for its hardworking teams of experienced specialists, all of whom are familiar with the very latest scientific developments. Statistics • N umber of beds: 1,092 • Workforce: 3,186 including 906 well known doctors • Admissions: 43,404 per year • H ospitalisation days: 289,177 per year • Surgical procedures: 27,541 admissions/year • Over 5,500 births/year: the largest maternity programme in Belgium • D ay Clinic: 25,506 patients/year

Highlights Jacques de Toeuf

State-of-the-art Equipment • C HIREC has acquired a new Somatom Definition Scanner, the first DualSource CT Scanner (2x64 slices) in Brussels and enabling high-precision diagnostics. • T hree CT Somatom Emotion Scanners and two magnetic-resonance "MR Symphony TIM 1.5 T" devices have also been installed. • A latest-generation accelerator has also been ordered for the Radiotherapy Unit, and a second one is currently being upgraded. • Intuitive Surgery: The Da Vinci Robot

MD, General Medical Director

Quality Labels • Maternity: Baby Friend Hospital. • Laboratory: ISO 9001. • Medical and Technical Services: Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Centres of Excellence Assisted Reproduction Centre Opened in 1986, the CHIREC Assisted Reproduction Centre (ARC) covers all areas of medical reproductive assistance and offers a full range of sterility and infertility treatments. CHIREC has 20 years' experience in assisted reproductive technology and some of our physicians were involved in Belgium's first successful use of assisted reproductive technology back in 1983. CHIREC Assisted Reproduction Centre performs some of the most advanced treatment such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, blastocyst culture, assisted hatching and vitrification of embryos and oocytes. CHIREC •


Bernard Lejeune

MD, PhD, Director of the Assisted Reproduction Unit and Chair of the Gynaecology Department at CHIREC in Brussels and has specialised in reproductive medicine since 1982. He is member of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology(ESHRE), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ARSM) and the Belgian Society for Reproductive Medicine (BSRM).

Rue Edith Cavell 32 • B-1180 Bruxelles • T: +32 (0)2 340 40 40

Obesity Centre In 2005, CHIREC opened the Cavell Obesity Centre (COC) offering treatment for morbid obesity. Obesity surgery can cure (or at least curb) obesity and obesity-related disorders such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, sleep apnoea and dislipidemia and as such enhances the quality of life of sufferers and can boost their self-image. Surgery is just one part of a general approach involving a selected team specialising in nutrition, psychology, internal medicine, gastroenterology and endocrinology. Such an integrated structure guarantees medical, paramedical and administrative continuity throughout the patient's treatment and follow-up. At CHIREC, obesity surgery is performed by a team of five surgeons led by J.Himpens, MD, an internationally respected bariatric surgeon who has performed over 7,000 laparoscopic bariatric procedures.

Jacques Himpens MD, Head of the Obesity Centre.

He is the President of the Benelux Association of Bariatric Surgeons

The obesity centre treats some 200 new patients every year. Many come from abroad (the Netherlands, the UK and the USA) and are pleased with the multilingual and personal care provided by our staff. Our results meet international quality standards and the Cavell Obesity Centre has been nominated for recognition by the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) as a Centre of Excellence. Ophthalmology Centre The CHIREC Ophthalmology Centre has a team of 41 highly skilled surgeons experienced in all the aspects of medical and surgical ophthalmology. M. Reiter

Since 1979, our innovative team has been involved in cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation and performs over 5,500 operations every year. We are a key centre for surgical ophthalmology treatment in Belgium and the leading unit in Brussels.

MD, Head of the Ophthalmology Department. Dr Reiter was one of Belgium's pioneers in implanting intraocular lenses and using phako-exeresis.

The centre has access to the very latest equipment, such as: OCT, angiography system, YAG laser, ARGON laser, IOL MASTER, A-scan, B-scan, etc. All our operations take place in the day clinic.
We offer an on-call service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We specialise in: General ophthalmology, Contact lenses (soft and hard lenses), Keratoconus, Treatment for glaucoma, Paediatric ophthalmology, Treatment for retinal diseases (retinal tears, diabetic retinopathy), Refractive surgery: medical investigations, Vitreoretinal surgery Glaucoma surgery, Cataract surgery (including multifocal implants and toric implants), Surgery to eyelids and lacrimal ducts, Surgery for strabismus and some adult diplopias and Corneal transplant surgery. Orthopaedic Department The Orthopaedic Surgery department at CHIREC is recognised as a leading centre in Europe. Our surgeons have been involved in developing a number of new techniques in surgical reconstruction. Our specialists, who have access to the very latest equipment and enjoy an international reputation, are able to offer a wide range of treatment options to their patients. More than 19,000 operations are carried out each year. Our team of highly qualified surgeons specialise in: • Shoulder surgery: 500 operations/year • K nee arthroplasty: 4,000 operations/year (including 1,200 total knee replacements) • H ip arthroplasty: 1,200 operations/year (total hip replacements) • Spinal surgery: 770 operations/year • H and surgery: 3,000 operations/year (a leading centre for implants) • F oot and ankle surgery: 800 operations/year • Paediatric orthopaedics: 500 operations/year The Department of Orthopaedics is considered a leading centre for prosthetic surgery in Belgium. CHIREC •


Rue Edith Cavell 32 • B-1180 Bruxelles • T: +32 (0)2 340 40 40

Patrick Zygas

MD, Head of Department at the Cavell site and Head of the Orthopaedics Department CHIREC

Stéphane Delcroix

MD, Head of Department Site Parc Leopold

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis, OLV Hospital The OLV Hospital is located across three campuses (Aalst – Ninove and Asse). The main campus is located in the city of Aalst between Ghent and Brussels. A highly skilled team of approximately 270 physicians and 1,000 nurses are giving all their patients Top Care according the highest standards in Healthcare. The dedication of the OLV Hospital to excellence has made them one of the bestknown hospitals in Belgium. Statistics • Sixth-largest hospital in Belgium (exculding university hospitals) • 8 44 beds; 95 day-care beds • 4 0,200 operations per year • 270 physicians and 2,500 employees

Luc Van den Bremt CEO

Highlights International Reputation • Through its long-standing tradition of research and innovation, the OLV Hospital has gained an outstanding national and international reputation, primarily in the fields of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, urology, general surgery and neurological surgery. • The hospital is extremely active in teaching at a national and international level. Every year a number of scientific fellows and trainees are given the opportunity to work with us and develop their skills and knowledge. A Phase 1 Research Centre is linked to the hospital, Research is conducted and publications produced in several medical disciplines with the support of study nurses. • The hospital is also the home base of the OLV Robotic Surgery Institute (ORSI) dedicated to provide unique training, education, data management, expertise and Research & Development in this field to all those who are involved in Robotic Surgery worldwide. Investment • A new 40,000-m2 wing on the Aalst campus was inaugurated in 2009, thereby enabling the hospital to cope more easily with the rising number of short-stay and day-care patients. • O ngoing investment also means that the doctors have access to the very latest technology. Marc Vanderheyden

MD, Head of the Cardiology Department.

Centres of Excellence Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery The Cardiology Department conducts considerable scientific research and has been recognised for its work by the Belgian government. Numerous cardiologists from all over the world train here too. To support its research activities, the Department has its own Cardiac Research Fund (sponsored by the King Baudouin Foundation), and several of the Department's staff are key opinion leaders, running courses and both chairing and speaking at many international conferences. The Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Unit was founded in 1980 by Dr Vanermen. Today, five surgeons perform approximately 1,300 heart operations, 700 vascular operations and 180 lung operations each year. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis, OLV Hospital •


Moorselbaan 164 • B-9300 Aalst • T: +32 (0)5 372 41 11

Hugo Vanermen

MD, Head of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Unit.

General Surgery The OLV Hospital's Department of General Surgery has enjoyed an excellent reputation for more than a century and countless general surgeons from all over Belgium have trained here over the years. The Department is one of the leading centres of its kind in Europe, having performed approximately 2,000 laparoscopic colorectal resections (including 430 cases of colorectal cancer) to date. Over 100 colorectal surgeons from Belgium and across Europe have attended live demonstrations within our Department; we also have considerable experience in performing laparoscopic upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery (gastrectomy, antireflux surgery, splenectomy and adrenalectomy).

Front row, L to R: Koen Vermeiren, MD and Yves Van Molhem, MD Back row, L to R: Philip Hofman , MD Steven De Gendt, MD and Jean-Pierre Gillardin, MD

Neurosurgery Dr Michel Van Vyve and Dr Frederic Martens founded the Neurosurgery Department in 1990. Michel Van Vyve

Neurosurgery has changed rapidly over the past 10 years due to ongoing research and medical imaging, endoscopic techniques and radiation therapy and the OLV Hospital's Neurosurgery Department has followed, supported and implemented these new developments.

MD, Chief Surgeon

We treat most forms of spinal pathology and are primarily involved in high-tech surgery such as implantation of lumbar and cervical disc prostheses and partial nucleus replacements using the DASCOR device. Frederic E. Martens MD

Urology In 1996, our Department was one of the first in Europe to perform urological laparoscopy. We now routinely use this minimally invasive technique for nephrectomy, colpopromontofixation and lymphadenectomy among others. We were also one of the first departments in Europe to introduce the Da Vinci robotic system in 2002 and the latter is currently used for several laparoscopic urologic procedures, primarily laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy and cystoprostatectomy. We have considerable experience in robotic surgery and are therefore recognised as a pioneer in robotic urology. Two robotic systems are currently available.

From left to right: Etienne Fonteyne, Peter Schatteman, Paul Carpentier and Alex Mottrie

Our Department plays a central role in education and training for residents and established urologists alike. As well as providing general training for Belgian residents, we offer clinical fellows from across the world special training in laparoscopy and robotic surgery. We also train urology teams planning to launch a robotic-surgery program. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis, OLV Hospital •


Moorselbaan 164 • B-9300 Aalst • T: +32 (0)5 372 41 11

Universit y Hospital Brussels Located in the heart of Europe, the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital Brussels) is one of Belgium's premier Centres of Excellence in healthcare, biomedical research and medical education. The hospital is closely associated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University Brussels). As a top-rate hospital, the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel has gained recognition at both a national and an international level. With its 700 beds, close to 30,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients are treated every year.

Highlights Marc Noppen

Legacy of Innovation The origins of the UZ Brussel date back more than 30 years to the founding of the hospital in 1977. Since those days, UZ Brussel physicians and researchers have made countless contributions to the practice and science of healthcare. The legacy of innovation continues today with state-of-the-art clinical programmes in virtually every medical speciality and subspeciality, including reference treatment centres such as the Fertility Clinic, the Cardiovascular Centre and the Oncology/Radiotherapy Department. As an integral part of academic medicine, UZ Brussel's clinical departments are always kept up-todate through dozens of ongoing research projects. Laying the foundations for further advances in healthcare, our hospital ensures that laboratory discoveries are quickly implemented in medical practice at the patient's bedside. International experience • UZ Brussel has established a partnership with Royale Hayat Hospital in Kuwait, for the management of the Reproductive Medicine Centre at Royale Hayat Hospital. • UZ Brussel also manages the Reproductive Medicine Program at the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi since September 2012. • Numerous international teaching and research programs (HRMC, IVF, Diabetes, Oncology, Disaster Medicine).

MD, PhD Managing Director

Lieve Decaluwe

Manager of Centre of Reproductive Medicine & International Affairs

Centres of Excellence Cardiovascular Centre The Cardiology, Cardio-surgery and Vascular surgery services were merged into the Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease (CHVZ) in 2007. The CHVZ (Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease) has become an indispensable player on the health care scene in Brussels and in Belgium. Even abroad, the Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease is considered to be a leading institution. We combine extensive medical expertise with patient-friendly service in order to achieve genuine high-quality care. Since 2007, no fewer than 10 new physicians have joined the team, making the UZ Brussel Cardiovascular Centre Belgium's fastest-growing centre. Two new catheterisation labs were opened recently, one of them equipped with a unique system for magnetic navigation. The total number of beds in the Centre recently doubled and we now perform more than 2,000 coronary examinations and operations and about 1,000 electrophysiological procedures every year. On top of this, the Centre is the only training centre in Belgium accredited by the European Heart Rhythm Association for Electrophysiology Training. UZ Brussel • • Laarbeeklaan 101


Guy Van Camp

MD, PhD Head of the Cardiology Department

Pedro Brugada

MD, PhD Head of the Heart Rhythm Management Centre

Danny Schoors

MD, PhD Head of the Interventional Department

Francis Wellens

MD, PhD Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department

B-1090 Brussels • T: +32 (0)2 477 56 01 •

Centre for Reproductive Medicine In operation since 1983, in 2005 the Centre celebrated the birth of its 10,000th baby born from parents treated there. Performing over 4,000 IVF cycles each year, the Centre for Reproductive Medicine is by far the largest centre in Belgium, and the second largest in Europe. It achieved eight European and world firsts in 20 years. On 5 April 2005, ISO Norm 15189 accreditation was awarded to the Laboratory for Clinical Biology and to the Reproductive Medicine Care Programme at UZ-Brussel. Specialities: • Pioneer and primary practitioner of ICSI • In Vitro Fertilisation with or without Intracytoplasmic Injection (ICSI) • F ertility and related reproductive complications • Techniques to aid the conception of a healthy baby • Surgical sperm recovery

Herman Tournaye MD, PhD Head of the Centre

Diabetes Clinic One single structure to cover multidisciplinary consultation, expertise and research. Diabetes has become endemic throughout the world, also in cosmopolitan Brussels. This is why University Hospital Brussels has launched Belgium’s first Diabetes Clinic. Traditional diabetes care in hospitals tends to be both complex and fragmented. However diabetes patients (in Brussels) now more than ever require a tailored care trajectory which caters for cultural diversity. Bringing together all relevant disciplines within a single organisation and structure enables multidisciplinary face to face consultation, enhanced expertise and optimised research. Bart Keymeulen

This new approach moreover guarantees a workable link with the hi-tech translational research which has been conducted on the Jette Campus for more than 20 years within the so-called Center for Beta Cell Therapy in Diabetes.

Radiotherapy/Oncology Centre The Oncology /Radiotherapy Centre was set up in 1984 and specialises in radiotherapy, hematology, medical oncology and oncologic surgery. There is also a Breast Clinic, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation programme (HSCT) and a professional palliative care team. In 1995, the UZ Brussel was one of the first clinics worldwide to introduce IMRT in clinical practice and the first European Centre to clinically implement sequential tomotherapy. The HSCT programme has been accredited by the European organisation for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) as collection and full transplant programme, for autologous as well as allogeneic stem cell transplantation, related as well as unrelated donors. The Radiotherapy department is currently equipped with 2 Tomotherapy Hi-ART II systems, a Novalis (Brainlab AG), a Vero SBRT system (Brainlab AG, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and an Elekta SLI. In February 2011 a satellite was opened in the city of Aalst, equipped with an Elekta Infinity and Compact. They contributed “Innovations in image-guided radiotherapy” to Nature Reviews Cancer and are the first worldwide to clinically implement the VERO Stereotactic Body RadioTherapy (SBRT) system, in a research joint venture with the Hercules foundation of the Flemish government and Brainlab AG. UZ Brussel • • Laarbeeklaan 101


MD, PhD, Head of the Medical Department

Marc De Ridder

MD, PhD Head of the Radiotherapy Department

Daniël Pipeleers

MD, PhD Head of the Diabetes Research Centre

Rik Schots

MD, PhD Head of the Hematology Department

Jacques De Greve

MD, PHD Head of the Oncology Department

B-1090 Brussels • T: +32 (0)2 477 56 01 •

Universit y Hospital Leuven The University Hospitals Leuven are a network of hospitals on campuses at Gasthuisberg, Lubbeek, Pellenberg, Sint-Pieter and Sint-Rafaël. With 1,995 beds, the University Hospitals Leuven make it the largest hospital in the country

Patient Care, Research and Training University Hospitals Leuven care for patients, conducting research and providing academic training. So many diseases are identified, studied and treated that it has built up a genuine wealth of expertise and knowledge. The reason for its success is its continual flow of ideas, innovation and scientific research at the highest level.

Johan Kips MD, PhD CEO

University Hospitals Leuven provide treatment in all fields of medicine. Comprehensive care is available at all times in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and both outpatients and inpatients receive a high level of medical and paramedical care thanks to our caring staff and innovative research and equipment. Top-quality care also entails ongoing critical analysis and testing. Doctors take refresher courses throughout their careers, their training never ends. International Reputation : Leuven University Hospitals is the first Belgian hospital with a Joint Commission International Quality Approval (July 2010). Leuven University Hospitals constantly strives to be a leading international centre in terms both of structure and provision of care. Its focus on Europe helps it to expand and broaden its expertise and thereby offer the highest-quality treatment to all patients. Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiac Surgery The Departments of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiac Surgery at Leuven University Hospitals together form the largest Heart Centre in Belgium. With 33 intensive care beds (post-operative and ICCU), 15 medium care beds and four wards with 152 beds, the Centre offers state-of-the-art management of various cardiovascular diseases and is considered as a centre of excellence by Circulation, journal of the American Heart Association. The close cooperation between cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, intensivists, nursing staff, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and registered dieticians ensures that cardiac patients benefit from an integrated programme of care from the moment they are admitted right through until they are discharged (or, where necessary, referred for outpatient treatment). The high volume of patients and the availability of the most cutting-edge devices and diagnostic techniques enable physicians to build up a wealth of clinical and technical experience.

Stefan Janssens

MD, PhD, FESC, FAHA, FISHR, Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases

The division of Cardiovascular Diseases is renowned for its pioneering work on ischemic heart disease and its leading role in Europe in clinical investigation and in different cardiovascular care programs, including congenital heart disease, cardiac transplantation and electrophysiology. The department of Cardiac Surgery has been well established at Leuven University Hospitals since 1957. It is the largest cardiac surgical unit in the country performing more than 1,200 open cardiac procedures annually. The hospital's clinical activities also benefit from ongoing development and scientific progress achieved via the Centre for Experimental Cardiac Surgery. University Hospitals Leuven •


Herestraat 49 • B-3000 Leuven • T: +32 (0)1 633 22 11

Bart Meyns

MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery

Fertility Centre The Leuven University Fertility Centre (LUFC) has played a pioneering role in various fields; Belgium's first IVF baby was born in 1984. The LUFC has achieved very high pregnancy rates since 1999: approximately 30% implantation rate per embryo and 35-40% clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer. The LUFC and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology are world famous for their clinical and research programmes in endometriosis, including laparoscopic surgery of advanced endometriosis of the bowel and ureter. Thomas D'Hooghe

The LUFC also runs an internationally renowned centre for research related to stress and infertility. The Leuven University Fertility Centre constantly strives to improve the quality of patient care and research and was the first centre for reproductive medicine in the Benelux region to be awarded ISO 9001-2000 certification in recognition of the high quality of care offered to patients with fertility problems.

MD, PhD Director of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at Leuven University Hospitals since 1996 and is Adjunct Professor At Yale University, New Haven, USA since 2010.

The Leuven University Fertility Centre is also the first EU centre accredited as “European Centre of Reproductive Medicine” for the training of subspecialists in reproductive medicine and surgery with the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG) and with the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery At Leuven University Children's Hospital we aim to provide children with a comprehensive range of high-quality care through cooperation with local, regional and international care providers and community dialogue. We provide a complete range of care programmes offering high-quality treatment for newborns right through to adolescents, with special emphasis on age-specific needs and longitudinal counselling. These care programmes are also supported by specialised research programmes and offer contextual education with continuous professional training. They are inspired by ethical values, checked for social relevance and meet high-quality standards…

Treatment of Liver and Biliopancreatic Diseases The large number of patients and the high level of clinical research guarantees an outstanding clinical and technical experience for the medical team. All patients are offered a multidisciplinary programme of treatment and benefit from the latest diagnostic and therapeutic developments owing to the close interaction between the different physicians involved. Our team comprises hepatologists, digestive oncologists, hepatobiliary surgeons, transplant surgeons, interventional radiologists, histopathologists, virologists and metabolic specialists. This high quality of care is illustrated for example in a significant better long term survival after liver transplantation in comparison with the mean outcome in Europe and an excellent survival after surgery for pancreas cancer.

Christel Van Geet

MD, PhD Head of Department

Frederik Nevens

MD, PhD Head of Department

Main domain of expertise : • H epatitis C, primary liver cancer, PBC and PSC and liver polycystosis • Rare metabolic diseases • B iliary and pancreatic cancer • Treatment of end stage liver disease (including liver support devices ) • L iver and multi-organ transplantations • D iagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy for biliary and pancreatic diseases (such as echoendoscopy and cholangioscopy) University Hospitals Leuven •


Herestraat 49 • B-3000 Leuven • T: +32 (0)1 633 22 11

Care to Move International Care to Move International is a group of medical specialists with a particular interest in the locomotor system. It aims at: • s tate of the art locomotor medicine (orthopaedic surgery, physical and rehabilitation medicine) • c onsultancy projects on an international level • r esearch and development The group consists of experienced medical doctors who participate in numerous scientific activities and are members of distinguished international faculties and organisations. On selected topics of locomotor medicine, members of care To Move are internationally considered as key opinion leaders. Almost all members are orthopaedic surgeons and are working in affiliated general (General Hospital AZ Nikolaas, ZNA Hospital Group Antwerp) and academic hospitals (University Hospital Gent). In Belgium they are backed up by tens of consultant orthopaedic surgeons, registrars, nurses and physiotherapist. Working in subspecialties using the latest techniques: Our team is able to deal with the entire locomotor medicine stretching from paediatric orthopaedics including paediatric spine surgery, arthroplasty surgery, minimal invasive and arthroscopic procedures, spine surgery, tumour surgery as well as rehabilitation and sport rehabilitation. Nowadays, an artificial joint should not only alleviate pain, it should also improve the function. Even more so than in any other specialty, there is an ongoing and unstoppable evolution happening for each joint or each part of the body. Only when doctors keep on specializing and gathering knowledge on techniques and materials, can they meet those expectations. CTM international training centre: Besides the medical activity there is a long tradition of scientific activity as well as training of medical students, fellows and physiotherapists. Apart from registrars/residents in training there is a growing request from international residents to come and specialize in our centres, in specific techniques such as arthroscopic techniques in shoulder surgery, spinal column surgery, hip arthroscopy and so on. Gert Van Esbroeck

MD, CEO (on the right)

The team: Johan Hens, MD - Karl Dom, MD Bart Van Backlé, MD - Jo De Schepper, MD Mr Lieven Maesschalck - René Verdonk, MD, PhD Guy Vanderstraeten, MD, PhD - Frank Plasschaert, MD - Dominique Verhulst, MD - Kris De Mulder, MD

International activity: Several doctors in our team are involved in international teaching projects concerning a variety of fields in orthopaedics and some of them have performed live surgeries in different European and Asian centres. Care to Move has longstanding contracts with international insurance companies and treats a high number of international patients.

Care to Move International • Regentiestraat 60 • B-9100 Sint-Niklaas


T: +32 (0)3 778 11 11 • F: +32 (0)3 766 41 22 • email:

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) The Voice of Business in Belgium

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) is the only multi-sector employers' organisation representing companies in all three regions of Belgium. Its members, Belgium's leading sectoral federations, represent companies in key industrial and service sectors.

More specifically, FEB is involved in economic, social, legal and fiscal issues. The organisation outlines its priorities in Strategy 2010, a range of proposals that aim to boost the Belgian economy by improving economic growth and creating more jobs.

FEB is the voice of business in Belgium. It aims to: work towards creating an optimum business environment; promote business interests at federal, European and international level; ensure consistency in the message entrepreneurs deliver and the actions they take.

FEB in figures FEB has 35 full members, all of which are professional sectoral federations, as well as a number of applicant and corresponding members. All in all, it represents more than 48,000 businesses, of which 41,000 are small or medium-sized enterprises.

FEB aims to help create jobs for the future and ensure that these jobs complement each other, especially in the service, industrial and construction sectors.

In terms of jobs, FEB represents approximately 1.6 million workers in the private sector. FEB also represents companies in nearly 150 national, European and international bodies.

FEB is firmly committed to ensuring that it is open to outside activities. Accordingly, it organises a wide range of meetings and information sessions at national, European (European Business Summit) and international level.

Values Each of the initiatives devised by FEB is based on a range of values: the social market economy, sustainable development, business ethics, corporate governance, consultation and self-regulation.

FEB's activities, backed up by knowledge of what is happening in the field thanks to the expertise provided by its member federations, cover all business-related matters.

Pierre Alain De Smedt

Pieter Timmermans


Federation of Enterprises in Belgium asbl/vzw • Rue Ravenstein, 4B • B-1000 Brussels



T: +32 (0)2 515 08 11 • F: +32 (0)2 515 09 99 • email:

AGFA HealthCare Agfa HealthCare is a leading provider of integrated IT solutions, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and contrast media solutions for hospitals and other healthcare centres.

Agfa HealthCare, a part of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, is a leading provider of integrated IT solutions, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and contrast media solutions for hospitals and other healthcare centres. Agfa HealthCare has over a century of healthcare experience in diagnostic imaging and has been a pioneer on the healthcare IT market since the early 1990s. Agfa HealthCare today offers its customers an extensive portfolio of solutions, including Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Clinical Information Systems (CIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Cardiology Information and Image Management Systems, solutions for reporting, enterprise scheduling, decision support, and data storage as well as Digital Radiography, Computed Radiography, print solutions, film and associated products. Over the years, Agfa HealthCare has demonstrated its capacity to rise successfully to its customers' technological challenges, and to guide them in their transition from analogue to digital IT solutions. Today, Agfa HealthCare is a global Imaging Informatics leader with over 3600 installations (PACS, RIS, CVIS) worldwide. The company is also a pioneer in the e-health area, with solutions linking thousands of general practitioners to healthcare providers.

Agfa HealthCare NV • • Septestraat 27


B-2640 Mortsel T: +32 (0)3 444 21 11 •

AMB Medical Waste Treatment Device AMB is a private company with 60 years of experience in the environment and industry sectors. • H ead office in Mons, Belgium and branch office in Montreal, Canada • 1 5 representation offices – agencies worldwide • M ain activity: manufacturing ecological medical waste treatment devices • M arket: Hospitals or hospital conglomerate; service providers such as companies specialized in medical waste collection, transport and treatment and municipalities. AMB's experience now enables it to offer the international market innovative solutions to environmental problems. By doing this, AMB contributes to maintaining a safe, healthy environment and promoting sustainable development. The technology: AMB has perfected a process for the decontamination of hazardous medical wastes using microwaves. The equipment is characterized by an optimal efficiency: the patented microwave system makes it possible to achieve a homogenous in-depth treatment. Ecosteryl is the answer to the waste removal problems faced by hospitals, problems that have become even tougher due to stricter regulations and the strengthening of hygienic and environmental rules. The treatment of contaminated medical waste is composed of 2 main phases: waste is first ground up to a diameter smaller than 20 mm. After the grinding process, it is heated to a temperature of about 100°C and maintained at this temperature for 1 hour in order to destroy completely the microorganisms present. Once treated through the system, hospital wastes are falling into the same category as household rubbish, hereby cancelling out any risk of contamination. The waste in question is waste that involves risk produced by health care activities: infectious disease, hepatology, and phthisiology departments, isolation units, surgical, obstetrics and gynaecology departments, etc. The machines proposed by AMB decontaminate all kind of waste, solid or liquid, including the sharp or prickly ones. The quality of the decontaminated waste is constantly checked during the whole treatment process whereas a temperature registration allows a tracing of it.

AMB Ecosteryl machines: 1. A MB-Serial 75- ECOSTERYL – up to 100 kg/h 2. A MB-Serial 125-ECOSTERYL - up to 175 kg/h 3. A MB-Serial 250-ECOSTERYL - up to 300 kg/h AMB Ecosteryl Certifications • The quality management is executed following ISO 9001-2008 • Label CE – European certification • Official agreement by the French Ministry of Health and Environment • C ertificates of technology in key U.S. states • O fficial certifications by European, Russian, … public Authorities • A pproved and certified by The Louis Pasteur Institute • R ecognized by the United Nations and by WHO

Market References • Leader position in France and several European countries • Leader position to biggest environmental companies worldwide specialized in waste management and water business • Service machines to major European municipalities • Major private and university European hospitals • Maghreb countries (North Africa) • North and Central America. • Private service providers in Europe • Overseas French territories • Hospitals and clinics around the globe

Philippe Dufrasne Managing Director

AMB s.a. • • Avenue Wilson 622 • B-7012 Mons


T: +32 (0)6 582 26 81 • F: +32 (0)6 582 47 98 • email:

Belintra Belintra specialises in transport and storage for the healthcare sector. The effective management of logistics is vitally important in the health care industry. Efficient storage and transport practices can help to reduce the efforts required to address these issues and redirect the resources to patient care. During its 40 years of service, Belintra has gained extensive experience in logistics and is an expert in the field. Our goal is to provide better patient safety, reduce costs and improve ergonomics by analysing the actual workflow around sterile and non-sterile goods and medication and optimise the process. Belintra specialises in: • S terilisation products and the logistic flow between CSSD and O.R. • L ogistic flow between the warehouse and all other departments • M edication trolleys • T ransport trolleys • S terile and non-sterile storage systems • G eneral nursing products • L inen & waste management

We understand very well that our customers do not all have the same working methods or demands. That is why we prefer to work in close consultation with our customers to find the products that best meet their requirements and fit best within their environment. At Belintra, every product can be entirely adapted to our customers’ needs. Geert Schepens CEO

Belintra • • Aalbroekstraat 3 • B-9890 Semmerzake


T. +32 (0)9 389 00 00 • F. +32 (0)9 389 00 99 • email.

BrandNewDay Durably changing health behaviour through digital health coaching. Digital health coaching is an innovating online method to change one's health behaviour by digital means. The online coaching process is accessible on personal computers and via the mobile internet.

Digital health coaching for companies Improving your employees' health and well-being is first of all important for the employee, but companies know now that it is just as crucial for their business strategy as well. For these companies in particular BrandNewDay has developed a unique online coaching platform: i change.

Digital health coaching for partners BrandNewDay also develops digital health coaching programs for organisations that want to offer their members large-scale and high quality health actions.

The results prove that it works The scientific approach of BrandNewDay guarantees its success. The digital health coaching programs have proven to effectively change health behaviour, both in smaller groups and with very large audiences.

Approach The goal of BrandNewDay is to change health behaviour. In order to offer as many people as possible interventions of the same quality BrandNewDay focuses on digital health coaching. BrandNewDay uses behavioural science techniques to build digital platforms that provide standardised yet very personalised online coaching. In that way the BrandNewDay services coach individuals to improve their health. Moreover, BrandNewDay constantly researches and analyses its own approaches in order to map its results and to prove its efficiency.

1. Change health behaviour 2. Digital health coaching 3. Evidence-based research

Claudia Put

PhD Managing Director

BrandNewDay • Park 51 site • Persilstraat 51c Bus 301


B-3020 Herent • T: +32 (0)1 622 88 93 • email:

The Global Headquarters of GSK vaccines division, Wavre

GlaxoSmithKline The group GSK has a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. This mission gives us the purpose to develop innovative medicines, vaccines and products that help millions of people around the world. Headquartered in the UK, GSK compromises 3 divisions: 1. GSK Pharma: research and production of medicines that treat major diseases such as asthma, anti-virals, infections, mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular and digestive conditions. In addition, we are a leader in the important area of vaccines developing new treatments for cancer. 2. C onsumer Healthcare: produces and markets oral healthcare and nutritional products and over-the-counter medicines (sensodyne, aquafresh, Niquitin...) 3. G SK Vaccines: research, development and production of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for all ages. GSK business employs 97,000 people in over 100 countries.

GSK Vaccines, the Global Vaccines Solution Provider GSK Vaccines, a division of the GlaxoSmithKline Group, is one of the main global players in the research, development and production of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. We employ more than 12,200 people including 2,500 working on research activities. GSK's global vaccine headquarters is in Belgium with 7,800 employees. Our research and development activities and our 14 manufacturing sites are spread throughout the entire world. Our portfolio comprises 30 marketed vaccines and more than 20 candidate vaccines in development. One-third of vaccine candidates in our pipeline target diseases particularly prevalent in the developing world, including all three WHO infectious disease priorities: HIV, malaria (Phase III results published in 2011) and tuberculosis. We are committed to providing vaccines to everyone who needs them, no matter where they live.

Last year, we distributed 1.1 billion doses of our vaccines in 173 countries. This represents approximately 3 million doses a day. Over 80 % of these doses went to developing countries, where they are supplied at prices as low as 10-20 % of those in developed countries. We are one of the main suppliers of vaccines to organisations such as UNICEF and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO). Pascal Lizin

GSK's vaccines business put the customer at the heart of everything we do. That is why we define our vaccines mission as Protecting.Human.Kind.

Director External & Public Affairs GSK Vaccines President Essenscia Wallonia

Gisela Payeras

Director Government Affairs, Emerging Markets & Asia Pacific

GSK Vaccines • • Avenue Fleming 20 • B-1300 Wavre GSK • • Avenue des Arts 46 • B-1000 Bruxelles


T: +32 (0)1 085 51 39 T: +32 (0)2 282 40 56

Haelvoet Haelvoet is a manufacturer of healthcare furniture. More than anybody else, Haelvoet has mastered the art of uniting innovation with ultimate comfort and attractive design.

Since 1931, those values have been the cornerstones in manufacturing high-quality furniture for both hospitals and nursing homes. The company’s rich history and enthusiastic spirit are the ideal incentives to create unique furniture that keep the balance between design, quality and functionality. The combination of innovation and tradition – two seemingly incompatible concepts – makes the furniture of Haelvoet so special. Haelvoet always applies the newest and most advanced technology, without forgetting our longstanding tradition of quality for customer’s benefit.

Vincent Haelvoet CEO

Thanks to our subsidiary, and multiple partnerships with international companies, Haelvoet has established an extensive product portfolio and has gathered the necessary know-how to complete total concepts. Haelvoet creates furniture full of care. Our furniture offer ample benefits to everyone involved in healthcare!

HAELVOET NV • • L. Bekaertstraat 8 • B-8770 Ingelmunster


T +32 (0)5 148 66 95 • F +32 (0)5 148 06 03 • email :

hict hict is an independent healthcare consultancy company. Expertise is our strength. hict – launched in 2004 - offers consulting to healthcare providers, healthcare suppliers and public services in the healthcare sector. We organise our expertise and our offer around 6 domains that represent the most important challenges in healthcare. hict’s domains of expertise are: Strategy, management, operations & quality We formulate the goals at operational level, we supply operational goals at service level, etc. We assist and advise investors and hospitals in the development of business plans for (re)new(ed) hospitals and healthcare facilities. We translate the business plans and feasibility studies into implementation plans, workflows, capacity- and financial plans. We support the management of the new facilities with the needed KPI's and BSC to manage the facilities. ICT management We bring IT to a higher level in the healthcare organisation in order to realise hospital objectives and to optimise the (internal) functioning and the cooperation with business, partners and network around the hospital. To realise this we offer IT audit services, program- and project management, and assist healthcare organisations to define their IT needs, translate them into specifications and guide them into the selection of the best solution. For specific cases we drive the implementation process. We assist hict vendors in the understanding of the healthcare market and the market access in the European market. Process Improvement Efficiency & effectiveness are of vital importance in all processes/in all hospital units. Our different STER-k@ programmes, aimed towards both the care units and the supporting units, help to map the functioning of a unit/service, with a focus on organisation & direction, efficiency & effectiveness of the processes. Value management The value of a 'health technology' (drug, medical device, service, other) in healthcare and in healthcare institutions has become very important. hict uses its knowledge of and experience with healthcare institutions and healthcare to help suppliers identify, quantify, optimise and create this value. Centres of Excellence in clinical R&D hict offers a unique holistic innovative solution aiming to: shorten clinical studies timelines, reduce study related costs, optimise resource usage, enhance study data quality. HR-consulting We map your current HR-policy, formulate improvement actions and develop efficient processes, with a focus on the authenticity of your organisation. hict interim management provides interim managers and experts on several domains to healthcare organisations.

Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise and professional, practice-based project approach, you can always rely on us for tailor-made advice. hict's multidisciplinary team guarantees the implementation of the proposed advice and guides you with the change paths. hict aims for more patient satisfaction and an optimal utilisation of the limited resources in healthcare with its result-oriented approach. hict is part of an extended network with ‘hict interim’ as an interim management office in healthcare and ‘hikt institute’ as a non for profit knowledge sharing platform on operational efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare. hict has today offices in Belgium, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands and a partnership in the Middle East (King Fahad Medical City). hict head office in Brugge • Zelstraat 69 • B- 8000 Brugge


Jan Demey

Managing director

T: +32 (0)50 33 33 40 • F: + 32 (0)50 33 33 39 • email:

Ion Beam Applications: IBA We Protect, Enhance and Save Lives

IBA: Opening up new paths in healthcare with a focus on fighting cancer IBA develops and markets leading-edge technologies, pharmaceuticals and tailor-made solutions for healthcare with a focus on cancer diagnosis and therapy. Thanks to its scientific expertise, IBA is also active in the field of industrial sterilisation and ionisation. IBA Group is present worldwide with over 2,000 staff in 40 locations.

Diagnosis: Making molecular medicine a reality IBA has unique expertise in designing cyclotrons and in the production and distribution of radiopharmaceutical tracers, which are used every day in thousands of hospitals worldwide to quickly and accurately detect cancer, neurological and cardiac diseases. IBA also offers drug-discovery solutions and in vitro diagnostics.

Particle Therapy: The next frontier in cancer therapy IBA is the undisputed leader in particle therapy, acknowledged to be the most precise and effective clinical radiotherapy method in the selective destruction of cancer cells. To date, more than 11 world-renowned medical institutions have set up a Particle Therapy Centre with IBA.

The fastest and most accurate dosimetry solutions IBA develops innovative, precise and high-quality equipment for use in hospitals and by industry partners worldwide. IBA offers a full range of measuring instruments and software that enable radiologists to perform the necessary checks and calibration procedures.

Environmentally friendly sterilisation and ionisation IBA designs electron accelerators and high-power X-ray solutions used in many industries to sterilise medical devices, cold-pasteurise food products and improve the properties of polymers. Over 220 of IBA's industrial accelerators have been in use worldwide for several decades.

Olivier Legrain CEO

ION BEAM APPLICATIONS S.A. (IBA) • Chemin du Cyclotron, 3 • B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


T: +32 (0)1 047 58 11 • F: +32 (0)1 047 59 88 • email:

Lapauw International Excellence in Laundry Machinery

Lapauw International Separating contaminated laundry from disinfected laundry by making use of integrated hygienic barrier machinery. Lapauw International is the European manufacturer of ecological laundry machinery and provides a total laundry solution for all kind of collectivities: Hotels, Hospitals, Cruiseships, Railway's, Automated Laundry businesses, Textile manufacturers etc. Lapauw International offers a wide range of washer extractors, washing tunnels, presses, dryers, tunnelfinishers and is worldwide known for its full range of flatwork ironers (gas- or steamheated) complete with feeders and folders. Healthcare Hygiene and disinfection are not just a must, but a requirement in healthcare. This is why, with its Pullman series, Lapauw offers the washing machines you need to keep your project within the strictest standards of hygiene: these machines are aseptic, allowing you to keep the clean zone separate from the dirty zone.

Flagship Medicare products: Pullman Medicare Washer : Hygienic barrier machine The Pullman Medicare is the Lapauw solution for the health care industry. With 2 and 3 pockets, the Pullman Medicare Washer-extractor not only is a washer for hospital laundries, but the 2 pockets offer the flexibility that is sought of by private clinics and homes for the aged.

Trolley Wash The Trolley Wash disinfection cabin offers you effective and 100% certain disinfection of the trolleys you use in the laundry.

Philippe N.L. D’heygere President

Lapauw International • Oude Ieperseweg 139 • B-8501 Heule-Kortrijk


T: +32 (0)5 635 42 95 • F: +32 (0)5 635 45 59 • email:

MedicCleanAir Clinically Proven Efficiency on Air Quality for High Care Areas and JCI Accreditation for Creation of Isolation Rooms (negative or positive pressure in existing rooms within ½ day work) Proof: ca. 15 different medical/scientific studies from Belgium, Germany, UK, Denmark, Iran, India, Italy, …

1. Where needed: Operating rooms, ICU’s, recovery I solation for infectious people (tuberculosis, SARS, pox, flu, etc.) I solation for immune-compromised patients (HIV, oncology, etc.) Protection of patients against Aspergillosis (renovation works) 2. When needed: To upgrade air quality when the usual ventilation systems do not perform as they should do. To introduce low-cost / high air quality in new buildings To avoid expensive renovation works. To solve the lack of isolation rooms in your hospital (with JCI Accreditation) 3. H ow do we create infectious free areas: By means of HEPA and ULPA filtration. 4. I mportant technical details: Devices are compact, easy to transport, easy to install, only need electricity, low consumption, re-movable/re-useable (investment is never lost) … No maintenance, only filter change after 12-18 months and when necessary, can be done by usual staff (no training needed) 5. W hat is eliminated: All airborne infectious agents, including gases and chemical compounds.

Hendrik Van Passel Owner

MedicCleanAir - Division of Walsberghe nv • Melkmarkt 35 • B-2000 Antwerp


T: +32 (0)3 860 70 60 • F: +32 (0)3 860 70 69 • email:

Mobelife The Highest Standards for Custom Implants in orthopaedics Founded as part of the Materialise group, active since 1990, Mobelife is a specialist in implant design and production for challenging bone and joint reconstruction surgery. Mobelife is the first implant provider in the world to offer all-in-one patientspecific bone and joint implant solutions, individually evaluated and precisely documented. Hereby, Mobelife intends to sensitize surgeons to the added value of patient-specific solutions, since these take into account both hard and soft tissue. Through a completely customized product development process, the Mobelife® technology is based on a flexible service which enables to forecast implant integrity and performance, guaranteeing an optimal fit and fixation, better stability and improved mobility.This enables the surgeon to optimally deal with severe bone loss, multiple revision and complex fracture, for improvement of the patient's quality-oflife after the most challenging reconstruction surgery. The Mobelife® technology for patient-specific implant design is based on 4 core competences: • Unique fit to the patient’s bone anatomy • Personalised and guided fixation • Individual evaluation by personalised musculoskeletal models • Customisation to the surgeon’s needs Our team of specialised biomechanical engineers, in consultancy with the treating physician, design each implant based on a simple CT-scan by use of innovative, patented and scientifically validated computer-based methodology. In implant manufacturing, Mobelife uses only the most advanced and accurate technologies. Mobelife is dedicated to continuous monitoring of quality through our product design and manufacturing process. With each unique implant delivered, we aim at total customer satisfaction.

Frederik Gelaude Co-founder, CEO

Mobelife NV • • Kapeldreef 60 • B-3001 Leuven


Tim Clijmans

Co-founder, CEO

T: +32 (0)1 629 83 94 • F: +32 (0)1 629 84 39 • email:

Novellas International The Healthcare Staffing Group

Our Vision & Mission Novellas International strives to become the EU reference company specialised in healthcare staffing for Hospitals. We are bridging Europe to the Middle East in matching Western Trained doctors and nurses to exciting job opportunities in Europe, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan etc… Novellas International is headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) and has an international network of 25 affiliates, associates & agents in 18 different countries and a local GCC representation office.

Expertise & solutions Recruiting Specialised in recruiting Western Trained medical (doctors) – clinical – para-medical (nurses & allied medical) staff. We offer our clients customised employment solutions, In One stop shopping approach. Healthcare Staffing Consultancy Our healthcare staffing consultants offers you the flexibility of adjusting the size of your project team to your current workload Outsourcing/locum services Locum Western Trained Medical & Nursing Staff; to manage your growth – to manage temporary assignments – to manage unavailable staff or to benefit from specific international operational expertise - Novellas International will be able to meet your needs.

Assessment centers (AC) & development centers (DC) Aligning people skills with business requirements is key to an organisations success and the value of competence Management. “Assessing what you have is crucial in knowing what you need” Training The Novellas International Group is an EU certified provider of Medical, Managerial, Clinical training and coaching for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies, the non-profit sector and healthcare institutions or organisations. It obtained the European Qfor Quality label that guarantees professionalism of training providers and consultancy firms.

Johan Denewet CEO

Novellas International • J.De Keersmaeckerstraat 25 • B-1731 Brussels


Mobile: +32 (0)475 270 980 • email:



Orfit Industries is a global solution provider for immobilisation and mobilisation needs in Physical Rehabilitation, Technical Orthopaedics and Radiation Oncology. We develop and produce splinting materials, thermoplastic sheets for prosthetic sockets and patient positioning and immobilisation devices for cancer patients that are treated with radiotherapy.

Radiation Oncology For radiation therapy to be as effective as possible, potential changes in the patient’s position have to be minimal. Orfit’s high precision Efficast® masks restrict movement to the golden standard of less than 2 millimetres. With the Efficast® Hybrid Masks bringing down the movement restriction to even less than 1.5 millimetres, Orfit Industries offers the optimal combination of patient comfort, ease of use and high precision in modern radiation oncology.

Splinting Materials As a world leader in low temperature thermoplastic splint materials for physical rehabilitation, we use the latest technology in materials and manufacturing to make immediate fitting splints for post surgical hand care and to help patients with limited physical abilities to improve in their daily activities.

Thermoplastics for prosthetic sockets Transparent High melt temperature thermoplastic sheet materials are used for making temporary prosthetic sockets that help an amputee patient to use prosthesis as soon as possible as part of the rehabilitation process. Orfit Industries is unique in that it controls the entire R&D, manufacturing and marketing chain from the selection of specialised raw materials, to the development of new materials and the education of medical professionals worldwide. In our search for perfection, we continuously strive to improve existing products and proactively develop new ones to meet the needs of ever increasing standards in medical care. It is our job to bring innovation to the market, with a clear understanding of the clinician’s needs, the patient’s comfort and the requirements of the authorities. ORFIT INDUSTRIES nv • • Vosveld 9A • B- 2110 Wijnegem


Steven Cuypers

President and CEO

T: +32 (0)3 326 20 26 • F: +32 (0)3 326 14 15 • email:

Qaelum Qaelum is a fast growing company active in the field of quality management for medical imaging. Qaelum is a high-tech spin-off company of the University Hospitals of Leuven. Based upon more than 15 years of quality assurance experience in an academic environment as well as in the field, we are your preferred partner when it comes to medical imaging quality control. Passionate about solving real world problems, we focus on the development and deployment of highly innovative solutions to overcome the everyday problems of every medical imaging professional. Ranging from automated quality control in nationwide breast screening programs to optimised solutions for local patient dose monitoring, we have solutions for all of your problems, no matter what scale they have. We specialise in quality assurance of breast cancer screening programmes and patient radiation dose monitoring for any digital modality. Our solutions allow healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.), private practices and OEM partners to perform more relevant quality control and improve workflow efficiently.

Our Solutions in a Nutshell

Breast cancer screening QA Remote software solutions to assure the highest quality in your breast cancer screening program.

Radiation dose monitoring Monitoring patient radiation doses in a technically innovative and clinically relevant way.

QA networks Combine local quality control installations in a powerfull network for remote quality control supervision

Quality Control Solutions Standalone applications to simplify the every day work of any medical physics expert

Medical viewing devices QC Maintaining the quality of medical viewing devices using innovative variable patterns

Human observer performance A framework to simplify the preparation and execution of human observer performance experiments.

Jurgen Jacobs CEO

qaelum NV • • Innovation and Incubation Centre K.U.Leuven • apeldreef 60 • B-3001 Leuven (Heverlee)


T: +32 (0)472 801 293 • F: +32 (0)1 629 83 19 •


Connecting Radiologists

Improving the quality of healthcare by providing radiology services worldwide.

Radiomatix Teleradiology … a benchmark in quality, security and service Teleradiology • Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purpose of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians. • In recent years, teleradiology has rapidly moved from adjunct to essential practice in thousands of radiology departments and centres worldwide. • In hospitals facing a shortage of qualified radiologists, teleradiology may be considered as a potential alternative for hiring an onsite radiologist. Moreover, because radiology capacity needs tend to fluctuate in time, temporary help may be welcome even in the absence of structural staffing problems. • The main advantage is flexibility: the client hospital decides on the number and type of patient studies that will be read by the teleradiologist(s), depending on the need of the moment. • Another advantage is the “on-demand” availability of subspecialists and special services. What differentiates Radiomatix from other providers • Radiomatix works with a large group of senior Belgian accredited radiologists, whereby each radiologist works as a subspecialty expert in a major – often an academic – hospital, and devotes some of his/her time (on average 20%) to teleradiology. • All Radiomatix radiologists are connected through a cloud-based platform (see below), making them function as a group instead of as a set of individuals (e.g., second or third opinions can be asked easily within the group, irrespective of the physical location of the radiologist) Radiomatix background • Belgian radiologists created the “Belgian Radiology Group” (BRG) with the goal to provide teleradiology services through Radiomatix • Radiomatix has been founded and is co-directed by radiologists Goals & Mission • Radiomatix supports radiology departments facing temporary or permanent shortage of radiology staff • Radiomatix makes teleradiology a valuable alternative for hiring a new consultant radiologist or subspecialist • Radiomatix makes the teleradiologist an integrated partner of your radiology department Vision • Medical quality is our first priority • Teleradiology should meet both the highest International and local standards Teaching programs • R adiomatix has established partnerships with Universities in Belgium and abroad to provide on-demand teaching programs for radiologists and radiology technicians. • Virtual fellowships consist of a combination of formal teaching with continued learning through overreading of interesting cases by experts. RADIOMATIX • • Bergekouter 99a • B-9300 Aalst


Jan Christiaen MD, PhD, CEO

T: +32 (0)5 377 74 33 • F: +32 (0)5 370 74 22 • email:

TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING Tractebel Engineering is a leading international engineering consultancy company, and offers state-of-the-art engineering and consulting solutions to energy and infrastructure customers in the public and private sector. Services include a full range of engineering assignments covering the lifecycle of the customers’ installations: architect engineer, owner’s engineer and consulting engineer. Headquartered in Brussels (Belgium), and with offices in eighteen countries, including GCC, Asia and Latin America, Tractebel Engineering employs around 3,300 people. Tractebel Engineering strives at establishing long term partnerships with its customers in order to help them meet their objectives of competitiveness, reliability and safety. To achieve these, Tractebel Engineering’s multiskilled teams develop innovative technological solutions that combine economic and technical performance thanks to their multidisciplinary approach and their experience of operational support. Tractebel Engineering is part of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, one of the business lines of GDF SUEZ and the European leader in multi-technical services.

HEALTHCARE BUILDING ENGINEERING Tractebel Engineering’s Smart and Sustainable Infrastructures Entity has more than thirty years of experience in hospitals, rest homes for elderly and bio-pharmaceutical laboratories projects. These are designed to ensure the comfort of patients and to make easier the nursing and medical care. The provided services cover feasibility studies, programming, technical design, construction management and commissioning. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT At Tractebel Engineering, we proudly take on the challenge of engineering a sustainable future: Firstly, by proposing environmentally sustainable solutions that should allow current and future generations to develop to their fullest. Secondly, by ensuring that ethical behaviour, good citizenship and safety permeate every aspect of our vision and business strategy.


CHC, General Hospital Liège: ca. 95,000 m² with 760 beds, opening 2017

General Manager Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure

Tractebel Engineering •


Avenue Ariane, 7 • B- 1200 Brussels • T: +32 (0)2 773 99 11

VK Group VK offers state of the art architecture & engineering services to its healthcare customers.

VK's Healthcare department VK’s HEALTHCARE department offers you more than 50 years of experience in the design and engineering of Healthcare facilities: hospitals, mental healthcare, senior living. VK is ensuring the right balance between technology and human dignity, based on a broad concept of sustainability. VK is acknowledged as leading agency on the Belgian Healthcare market.

Its portfolio now contains the construction of two ‘greenfield’ hospitals with more than 700 beds, besides the ongoing projects for several other large Belgian hospitals, senior care organisations and mental healthcare institutions. Multi-disciplinary firm VK is a multi-disciplinary A&E firm, integrating all disciplines within the construction process, from masterplanning, programming, architecture and engineering to interior design and landscaping. The multi-disciplinary character guarantees an optimal interplay between architectural concept and studies for civil and structural engineering and building services.

Paul Corbeel CEO

VK GROUP • • Brugsesteenweg 210 • B- 8800 Roeselare


T: +32 (0)5 126 20 38 • F: +32 (0)5 126 20 27 • email:

Healthcare Belgium Service Centre We understand the word ‘help’ in different languages Service Centre +32 (0)3 205 9 305

All our member hospitals decided that it would be easier for international patients to have one central contact point in Belgium where they can be oriented to the best centre of excellence according to their needs and be supported in their language. The team provides free support to all international patients wishing to be treated in Belgium or to receive a remote medical opinion from a specialist in Belgium. It is a quite unique service that reflects the dedication of Healthcare Belgium members to provide real support and solutions to international patients. Our team will: • Identify the best hospital according to your needs • Inform you on the hospitals and their centres of excellence • Help you to fill your application form properly • Give you information on services provided for your travel arrangements • Help you with your medical VISA application • Assist you for any question you may have!





Our team can assist you in French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.


Get an appointment or a medical opinion through our secure online platform: Through our secure platform, our international visitors can: 1. O rganise an appointment in the hospital of their choice 2. Ask for a second medical opinion by a Belgian specialist In collaboration with all member hospitals, we created a secure platform through which you can easily request an appointment or a remote medical opinion. Your personal and medical data are transferred in the most secure manner (through encryption and password based access) to the hospitals.

How does it work? Go to, choose by clicking either “Appointment” or “Medical opinion”.

You will now be redirected to our secure platform where you can enter all personal and medical data in an encrypted environment. Our service team will be pleased to help you (by phone+32 (3) 205 9 305) to find the best hospital and specialist according to your needs. In order to facilitate this process for international patients, a number of medical information is asked. For the composition of this medical file, a fixed fee of 100 Euro will be asked from you. This administrative fee is for both appointments in a Belgian hospital or remote medical opinion. Cost Estimate • For an appointment: Once your medical file is completed and sent to the centre of excellence of your choice, it will be analysed and you will receive a cost estimate and an appointment date within 72 hours. To confirm the appointment, another 100 Euro will be asked as a pre-payment. This amount will be deducted from your final bill at the hospital. • F or a remote medical opinion: Once your medical file is completed and sent to the specialist of your choice, it will be analysed and you will receive an order proposition from the specialist within 72 hours. To confirm your order and be able to access the final medical report a fixed fee of 200 Euro payable through paypal will be required. Payment The payments done through our platform are supported by paypal to ensure a comfortable and secure payment for our users. Embassy Patients We accept payment guarantees from following embassies: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Contact your embassies as we work closely with them.


Healthcare Belgium VZW/ASBL Stuiversstraat 8 Rue des Sols – 1000 Brussels – Belgium T +32(0)2 515 09 38 – F +32(0)2 515 09 39

Healthcare Belgium Ser vice Centre T +32 (0)3 205 9 305

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