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Cover BJ8, formerly one of Tom and Skip’s, now living in Switzerland with Peter and Elisabeth. A small write-up on page 5.

Contents Random Mumblings • Cover Story • Activities Up-date • May Outing • Minutes from May Meeting • May Activity Preview • AHCO in History and much more! Thanks to Mark Schneider, Doug Escreva, Peter Kurth and Yrs Trly for photos, for stories and info. Thanks to the various committee heads for updates on their areas. John Wilson provided some food for thought on page 9, as did Tom Monaco, who just celebrated his 60th on May 18th.


itting down to write this evening, the weather is changing from the cool, wet, Spring we’ve been suffering for too many weeks to a far too hot Summer, faster than an Austin Healey can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Although it was a cool, damp Saturday last weekend, six Healeys and their drivers and passengers convened for

our first drive of the season. It’s worth noting that despite the weather, everyone had their tops down/off and we had a great tour. We started from Cedar Hills and drove out through the hills, around Sauvie Island, and back. My Sprite wasn’t out of my garage yet because of delays in finishing up maintenance work due to business travel, so I rode shotgun in Mark Schneider’s BJ8. That allowed me not only to ride in a big Healey for a change, but also to enjoy the scenery and shoot a few pictures while we drove – all of which are something I normally don’t get a chance to do on our drives.


ow that it looks like the weather has changed to favor our upcoming events, I encourage all of you to get your Healeys out of the garage (yeah, that includes me) and join us for some of our future drives. If you can’t bring your Healey or you don’t have one, come along anyway. There’s likely to be a vacant seat in one of the Healeys and you’ll get a chance to experience a ride in someone else’s car – either similar to or different from yours. Check Healey Northwest or the revamped web site for details of the upcoming events.


f you’re up for a bigger adventure, there’s still time to attend the 2008 Conclave in San Diego. At this time, it looks like we have three cars from Oregon headed south to the event and we’ll meet others from British Columbia, Washington, and California on the way.


ow, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some engine oil and antifreeze to change, new tires to have mounted, new side curtain rubber to install … You get the picture. See ya out there! — Jeff

June 21st





une 21, 2008 (note change to 3rd Saturday). Doug and Tammy Auburg will be our hosts for this event. They are both members and officers in the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Association and they are eager to show us why they enjoy this activity so much.



ramp becomes NE 10th Ave, turn right onto 219th St., 219th St. becomes Main St., proceed eastward and look for Safeway on your left just beyond the intersection with SR503 (SW 10th Ave.).


ollowing the 1-3/4 hour train ride, we will head back south to hold our meeting and no-host refreshments at the City Grill in Battle Ground. City Grill (1710 SW 9th Ave) is located in a mall a couple blocks south of Main Street on SR503 (aka NE 117th Ave). The meeting will commence at approximately 3:00pm.


e will meet in the Safeway parking lot in Battle Ground Washington at 10:45am. We'll depart the parking lot promptly at 11:00 and caravan north to Yacolt. In Yacolt we'll board the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad for a fun ride in the very scenic backwoods of Clark County. The train will depart at Noon. The cost of this ride is $15 for adults, $14 for seniors (60+), $10 for children 4-11 and $8 for children 2-4. Children under 2 ride free. Please RSVP Doug at 360-608-3802 or if you plan to take the tour so that we have an estimate of the number of riders.


irections from I5 to City Grill (if you don't attend the tour): Exit at 179th St. (Exit 9), continue straight as the exit ramp becomes NE 10th Ave, turn right onto 219th St., 219th St. becomes Main St., turn right onto SR503 (SW 10th Ave.) and then turn left at the next intersection onto NE 199th St. and then immediately left onto SW 9th Ave and proceed into the parking long to the left of SW 9th Ave. City Grill is near the north end of the parking lot.


irections from I-5 to Battle Ground Safeway for tour: Exit at 179th St. (Exit 9), continue straight as the exit

— Doug A.

AHCO Activities 2008 Up-Date AHCO ACTIVITIES AS OF NOW: June 21st. Regular meeting in Yacolt,Washington. Great antique train ride, hosted by Doug Auburg. Details above. June 29th-July 4th. Conclave (in San Diego). John Wilson and Jeff Mach are making caravan plans. Please contact them directly if you would like to be included. Portland Historic Races will be held this year on July12-13. To get your passes at a discounted price and participate in the Collector Car corral and a parade lap around the reconfigured P.I.R. please send me a check for $45.00. Further details about the race can be found at <> .


These fees must reach me by May31st. Our own Steve Rux will be racing his Sprite. This car has more horsepower than most six cylinder Healeys. Another AHCO member, Doug Escreva, will be bringing his "freshley sorted" 1957 100-6 out for the first time. (see photos from Seattle in another part of this HNW.) They'll be fun to watch and both would appreciate your support. Send checks to: Tom Monaco, 7710 S.W. 89th, Portland OR 97223. See you there! Aug. 2nd. John and Judy Carter will host a tour to an old bordello (now a McMenamins) in Centralia, WA. This will be an overnighter. We have 15 Queen rooms reserved. The prices on those are $60.00 plus tax, OR with the Roy Gardner Package: $134.00 plus tax, and includes a bottle of Edgefield wine and free billiards, free admission to the the-


Tom Monaco, Activities Chair

atre, up to $40.00 in food and non-alcoholic drinks for two and up to $20.00 for breakfast in food and Non-alcoholic beverage for two. You can either have the package or not. There is no discount on the room if they get the package. We will have Adept Security to watch our cars overnight. Call John or Judy to reserve your spot. 1-503-579-6599 <> Aug. 16th. Gary Jackson will host a meeting at his home in Redmond. This should be considered an overnighter. Details to be announced. Please note this is the 3rd Sat. of the month. Aug. 29-31st and September 1st. ABFM. Volunteers needed to count Peoples Choice Ballots and various other light tasks. Please call Jeff or Tom to volunteer.

Schedule of Events: • Sunday, June 29: Arrival, Registration & Check in. Welcome Reception. • Monday, June 30: Gymkhana & Funkhana, Concours Judging, Auction. • Tuesday, July 1: Car Show at Embarcadero Park. • Wednesday, July 2: Rallye (fun & TSD.) • Thursday, July 3: Tours & Honored Guests: Farewell Banquet. John Sprinzel Gerry Coker • Friday, July 4: Farewell, and others Post-Conclave Tour, or

stick around for the fireworks!

For Complete info: Go to

Gots & Wants: Healey Style

From the

Membership Chair

FOR SALE: Robbins Convertible Top (Tan) for Austin Healey BJ8 or BJ7. New, never been out of box – $400.00. Robbins Boot (Tan) for Austin Healey BJ8 or BJ7. New, never been out of box – $300.00. Hard Top for Austin Healey 4 seater. Needs new rubber and fasteners. Has wrap around rear Plexiglas window – $1,000.00 OBO. Contact Richard Breeden Phone:(541)923-9751 E-Mail: RSBreeden(a),

AHCO WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS Joe & Dotta Janssens 18581 Couch Market Rd. Bend, Or. 97701 The Janssens own a '55 BN1 Biff & Tanya Reading P.O. Box 652 Snohomish, WA 98291 Biff & Tanya have a '65 BJ8

FOR SALE: Car Dolly for BN1 - BJ8 Healeys. Four by four construction, 6 wheels (4 Castered). $85.00. Call Kent Lambert, 541-386-2310, 541490-5674 or

Phil Rittenhouse & Corrine Garcia 587 Nicole Dr. Newbury Park, CA 91320

FOR SALE: Austin Healey Sprite call Neil Buhman for all the particulars: 1-425-228-2742

— Skip


Website Schmebsite Well the new web site has been up and running for a little over a month as of May 15th. If you haven't checked it out you should. It is starting to come together nicely. We are averaging 32 views per day, with our best day to date having over 60 views. Currently we have 25 members with accounts on the site. Obviously a lot of members have not yet requested an account. An account gives you access to member-only parts of the web site. Currently, club event information and meeting minutes are member-only. As we get more experience with the new site we may add more member only sections. Getting access to the site is easy: Just send me ( an email requesting a user name and password. When you visit the site, you can click on the "login" link at the upper right hand side of the page (in the sidebar). Simply enter your username and password and then click the "login" button. If you have forgotten your password there is a link "Lost your password?" that you can click to have your password reset. Once you have logged in, you will see your "Profile" page. There you can change your password, add biographical info about yourself and change some other settings. To view the site, just click on the "Visit Site" button at the top of the page. You will then be able to view the member-only content. Feel free to leave comments about articles (posts) that you read. Just open the full article (click on the article title) and go to the bottom of the article. There you will see an input area with a "submit comment" button below it. Just type in your comment and click the button. The site also has a gallery for photos. If you have photos of your Healey(s) that you want to share, let me know. I can set you up so you can upload your photos, or if you send me your photos I will upload them to the photo gallery for you. If you have an article you want to post, let me know. We are actively looking for content. Visit the site at â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bob W.


AHCO Visits Hagerty Insurance

Story by Yrs Trly Photos by Mark Schneider and Yrs Trly

We all arrived on time at Bales Thriftway, just north of Hwy 26. The skies were overcast, but the idea of taking our Healeys out for a bit of exercise, brightened everyone’s day. After the usual chitchatting and story telling, Mark decided it was time to go

and everyone hopped in their respective Healeys. Mark’s road plan had us tooling along some twisty bits in no time at all. The northwest part of Portland lends itself nicely to giving our rides some pleasant exercise, while providing great vistas for our eyes. We eventually worked our way from Skyline Blvd, to Newberry Rd and down we went, “T”-ing out at Hwy 30. A short left then right and we were on Sauvie Island, for a little counter clockwise tour. Kym Randolf wanted to stop at Cistus nursery for some exotic plantings, but Larry couldn’t see all the soil and amendments doing much for the interior of his 3000. So, we didn’t stop til we were almost through the loop at the store for a potty break and refreshments (if needed.) It was a quick stop, and then we were heading off island and back,

southward (eastward?) on Hwy 30. We took the Germantown Rd exit and were soon climbing steeply up and back towards Beaverton and Bethany and such. Again, those roads are just spectacular and on a Saturday, not crowded in the least.

Hagerty spoke up and mentioned ease of dealing when pursuing a claim and when working with repair services. Many people were impressed enough with what they heard to make further arrangements to talk with the rep and get more specific information

Before we knew it, we were circling into Beaverton and looking for the AAA office on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. The Hagerty Insurance rep spoke with us about the benefits of insuring our collector cars with an insurance company that specializes in collector cars. She pointed our that there was a difference between stated value and agreed value when insuring. Several club members who were already insured with

on their particular car. Thanks, Mark for a great drive out and an interesting meeting. (P.S. Skip Monaco also presented the Charity recipients with their respective donations, see the separate story on page 13.)


— Yrs Trly

Peter and Elisabeth’s BJ8 — Ex-Monaco Here are a couple of pix of what Peter & Elisabeth have done to the car since they purchased it from Tom & me in October 1994. We've had the pleasure of driving this beauty in the Swiss Alps each and every time we visit our wonderful friends. The funny thing is that they still refer to it as our car. Ahhhhh.

— Skip

Doug Escreva at SIR: Preview of Portland Historics Racing Action - PIR


John Wilson ran across this article in the June issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, and thought that all of you, but especially the 100M owners, would like to read it.


Tech Stuff

Disc Brakes (adapted from an article that I don't remember where I got it from!) FINE PRINT: The information presented here is merely meant as an opinion. Anything that you might do, or any actions that might result from using this information is your own blooming fault. There is no way that this information is guaranteed to be 100% correct anyhow.

Without a doubt the most important point to get sorted at the outset is just what makes brakes do their thing - FRICTION. The sole purpose of the brake set-up on any vehicle is to convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. In English that’s motion into heat - friction. The motion of the disc/drum across the surface of the pad/shoe produces a prodigious amount of heat. The contact of these components and the heat generated creates friction - making continued motion very difficult. Try gently applying hand pressure to a drill chuck when it’s slowing down. Apart from speeding the slowing down process, you’ll notice your hand getting considerably warmer - friction. Excessive heat can be counter-productive. The correct operating temperatures are a relatively fine line so this also needs consideration. The amount of friction developed is dependent on a collection of components, but ultimately occurs at the disc/drum end of things, so the rest of the system and components should be built up around that. Swept area This is the total surface area of the disc that the pad operates on, so generally the bigger diameter the disc, the bigger the pad area can be, the more friction can be generated. Bit like the bigger a box full of something is, the harder it is to push it along. There are limits though - the wheel size and type will dictate what will fit. The main limitations center around the ability of the brakes to over come the tire grip and vice versa. The first tends to lock the wheels up, vastly reducing the grip on the tire on the pavement - therefore also severely reducing retardation. The second develops excessive heat, building up to a point where the pads and discs become ineffective - otherwise known as ‘fade’. Again retardation is greatly reduced. Driver input. Applying ones foot to the pedal is the start of the retardation process. This component is very variable, and sometimes each vehicle sees a number

Off da WoildWideWeb (Another Article adapted from an article that I don't remember where I got it from!)

of different ones. The human body being the amazing piece of machinery that it is, allows each to have a totally variable input independent of the sum of the other components, combining thought with feel - i.e. ‘I want to slow down quicker’ so the pedal is pressed harder. That sort of thing. The only direct contact the driver has with the braking system is the pedal. The pedal has a lever ratio all of it’s own, being calculated by the difference in length of the pedal to the pivot pin, and from there to the master cylinder cotter pin. Increasing the length between the pedal

and pivot pin will give more pedal travel, but reduce the effort needed to apply the brakes. Reduc-ing it has the opposite effect. Therefore an increase in ratio gives a softer pedal with more ‘feel’, reducing it the opposite. Changing this particular component is a bit involved though, and is generally unnecessary as it suits most combinations of the other components. Hydraulics. The master cylinder translates the pedal movement into fluid movement. The bore size dictates how much fluid is moved for any given pedal pressure, and is directly related to the main brake component - the caliper. Bigger diameter or multiple pistons will need more fluid displacement to make them work properly. A smaller bore means higher line pressure for any given pedal pressure - less driver input for same braking effort. Conversely a larger bore master cylinder means lower line pressure for a given peddle pressure more pressure for the same braking effort 'Feel', incidentally, is the sensation of what the brakes are up to, and is an important part of our thought process as to how much pressure we need to apply to the pedal in any given situation. When trying to get the best master cylinder bore size for your application, you need to remember that the amount of


hydraulic pressure produced at the pedal is INVERSELY proportional to the master cylinder bore. So if you are locking the brakes up too easily, you need to INCREASE the bore size. Consequently if you are standing on the pedal, pulling of the steering wheel and gritting your teeth together to lock the brakes, a smaller bore is the order of the day. Disc Mods. Improving the performance of the disc itself has seen three types of modification - venting, slotting and drilling. Vented discs have become pretty much a standard item on modern cars as a more efficient disc temperature wise can be fitted into a smaller area. This contradicts the 'bigger is better' principle, but modern technology has seen improvements in pad materials, so small cars that are fairly heavy can have good brakes without going to huge wheels to fit them in. A smaller vented disc does have slight advantages over a bigger solid disc in the effects of inertia stakes. Slotting discs has been pretty much misunderstood by many. It is generally believed that the slots are there to improve cooling. They are not. They are there to wipe the pad surface. In operation, the heat creates debris and gases between the disc and pad surfaces - reducing their effectiveness. The slots clear this away. To be totally effective though they need regular cleaning as the debris fills the slots up. Now, it has become fashionable to have loads and loads of slots in discs. Bear in mind that friction area is needed to make the brakes effective lots of slots markedly reduce the surface area of the disc and thus the available friction area. Drilling discs is open to the same misunderstanding that slotting is. The same actual reasons apply, except that holes are more effective over time as they are more or less self-cleaning. The only major draw back (apart from going mental on the number of holes - friction area reduction again) is that in discs with insufficient mass - too small in diameter or too thin - they tend to crack and fall apart.

Nethercutt Collection: The Perfect Job I've occasionally pursued the thought of what the dream job would be: spending time doing something you love, surrounded by art or cars, stimulating enough by meeting interesting people and get paid as well!! Sound like acceptable criteria?? Lori Thornhill has the perfect job. She is the archivist for the Nethercutt Car Collection in north LA.

For those you haven't heard of this collection (I hadn't until early March and its only been open since 1974{!}), it was procured over a 50 year period by the president of Merle Norman cosmetics, William Nethercutt. The collection is free and open to the public. Since we wanted a (free) tour to other building, we made reservations and arrived promptly on a Thursday morning. A bit of background: Glen and I travel to San Diego about every 3 - 4

months to see his daughter, our son-in-law, and (the true reason) Quinn, our three year old grandson. We drive down once a year and stop in Modesto to see some friends and maybe take in some California sights/sites down and/or back. Stopping in Sylmar (north LA) was an easy addition to our itinerary. What a fantastic place!! We entered the ground floor and ambled around the cars while people were checking in. The first car to catch my eye was British: an Austin Healey 100M/BN2 perfectly restored. (The only other British cars were an MGTC and 2 Jaguars. Sigh.) There was also a '48 Tucker in mint condition and a '46 Beetle. According to Lori, Nethercutt considered this the 'message that Detroit ignored'. We gathered together as Lori started her talk. The collection is currently at 250 cars, growing, and is now registered as a foundation, so it is safe for many years to

belonged to Fatty Arbuckle),'12 Franklin. Did I mentioned they were all of show room quality? We headed up the staircase to the mezzanine. We beheld cases of, oh, I'll be conservative and say 5000 hood ornaments and maybe 200 Hummel figurines. Another spiral staircase (this one had 1 and a half turns) brought us to the second floor which was as large and ornate as the first floor and contained thirty mechanized Nickelodeons. (These people were Collectors with a capital 'C'! They kinda reminded me of the LeMays.) We were treated to a concert from 4 of them, ending with 'Chatanooga Choo Choo', played from an organ that is bigger than one at Radio City Music Hall. It sounded like the train was coming right down the middle of the room! Lori was a wonderful tour guide, giving some information and allowing us to

come. The cars all have working batteries and are moved around, driven and taken to car shows every year. Fifteen full time mechanics are on staff, as well as the several dusters and tire cleaners I saw. Most of the cars were 'rusted out junk heaps' when purchased, each loving restored to show room condition. To my pleasant surprise, this was just a mere taste of what was to come. We walked up the winding staircase to the Grand Salon. Oh my!!!! Grand it was!!! Thirty foot ceilings. A mezzanine over-looking the salon. Huge marble pillars. Crystal chandeliers. The Nethercutt's were also interested in 'player pianos', but I use that word loosely. We were treated to a 'concert' by George Gershwin himself, playing none other than Rhapsody in Blue. Sublime! The most unusual car was a '30 Ruxton with a rose striped paint job. We were assured this was authentic. Some others cars: '33 Dusenberg, '23 McFarland (with a license plate of 'FATTY' since it had

wander around while she answered individual questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience AND we weren't done! Next step was across the street to the 150 or so cars that are open to the public every day. Many of the cars I recognized: Cadillac, Hispano-Suisa, Packard Hudson Hornet and many others. However, there were numerous makes, all American, that I had never heard of: Moon (St. Louis), '11 Matheson (Wilkes-Barre, PA), '28 Gardner (St. Louis) '10 Royal Tourist (Cleveland), '32Marmon (Indianapolis), '25 Doble (Emeryville, CA), '15 Stevens Duryea (Chicopee Fall, MA), '13 Winton (Cleveland) and on and on! I counted 31 American car manufacturers that no longer exist! Surprising! A special treat was a '36 Pierce Arrow Travelodge trailer, in mint condition of course. What a fantastic experience! I highly recommend the collection to anyone. Lori has worked there for 25 years, so don't hold out any hopes.


â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan W.

Cover Healey â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Swiss BJ8 The short version-not involving the State Police. Peter Kurth, wife, and friend walked into our shop one dayunannounced. Peter said he came to pick up his Healey(?). Since we had several, and had had many more in the past, I asked him for more details. Whereupon he brought out a photo album of "his" car. It was a very nice BJ7 with shiny black paint and red leather interior. Sure enough, it was one we had for sale only weeks before. When I saw the pictures, I remembered someone calling from Switzerland and requesting pictures. So here he was, expecting that because he wanted photos, the car was ,somehow, his. This took place in 1994 before E-mails and digital photos. At that time we were selling a Healey a week to somebody somewhere and most probably were sending at least a hundred photos per week all over the world. I thought Peter would cry when I told him that "his" car

now lived in Arizona with someone else. What to do? Well, we had Healey friends all up and down the West Coast so I told Peter that finding him another good car, for around $16000.00, should be no problem at all. Please come back in two days and we would have a selection for him. I should have known better! Skip and I called everyone on the planet, to no avail. So, when Peter came back, we did the only right thing-we offered him our own BJ8. He was happy and so is the car. It couldn't be in better hands. It has its own little garage-heated, of course. And ,it lives just minutes from the Swiss alps. The real bonus is that Skip and I get to ride in our old car when in Switzerland and we have two very special friends in Peter and Elisabeth. Cars come and go, but good friends, like these two, are forever. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Respectfully submitted-Tom


Charity Recipients Get the Goods On Saturday, May 12th the Austin Healey Club of Oregon made its annual presentation to our organization's Charity recipients. Club members arrived at the AAA - Hagerty Insurance facility at 8555 SW Apple Way in Beaverton for the presentation. Recipients arrived from the VA Hospital, the Muscular Dystrophy Children's Summer Camp, the Ronald McDonald House, the Coffee Creek Women's Correctional Institute, the Albertina Kerr Art Therapy Center & the Oregon Food Bank. Each year, usually in Jan/Feb, the Charity Committee has its first meeting of the year to discuss which organizations should be on our receiving list & the dollar amount to be spent. Thanks to the generosity of our Club members at the Christmas

Blankets for VA Hospital

Auction, there was more money in the kitty to assist these great organizations. Recipients ended up having either their entire 'wish list' (or nearly all of it) granted. We had some very happy campers indeed. The Portland/Vancouver Veteran's Hospital got 135 polar fleece lap blankets (each measuring 50"x60"). This hospital is finding that, at this time, there are more ambulatory patients & Pillowcases and TieDye for fewer in MS Summer Camp

wheelchairs, so the larger sizes were a better fit for them at this time. The Muscular Dystrophy Children's Summer Camp rep was also with us. In previous years we've donated art & medical supplies, but this year they needed 120 pillow cases plus Bedding For Ronald the tie-dye McDonald House kits to transform these stark-white cases into some beautiful creations as keepsakes. For many of these 100+ disabled youngsters, the Summer Camp on Mt. Hood is the highlight of their year, so this will

$500 for Quilting supplies At Coffee Creek

be a great project for each & every one of them. Ronald McDonald House was in need of new bedding for several of their bedrooms. For those of you who know of their houses, or have visited them, you know that - although this is a very large 'house' - the atmosphere is very homey. We provided them with

some beautiful, high quality bedding for two of their bedrooms. Coffee Creek Women's Correctional Institute representative, Coco Sutton - along with our own Betty Rueter - received the Club's generous $500 check. Coco represents their quilting program & Betty Rueter has been a volunteer instructor for that program for many years. Ms. Sutton will use the funds to purchase fabric, batting, thread, needles, sewing machines (& their repair), etc. as needed. Coco brought a beautiful quilting example for members to see. Members thought it was extraordinary. Albertina Kerr Art Therapy Center again needed lots of art supplies plus a sewing machine. They received nearly everything on their list. Not only was the Director of the program in attendance, but also the art therapist herself. The Oregon Food Bank had no representative available, but our Club has, once again, given them a $500 check with the knowledge that some families in our own area will have full stomachs for a few days. Let's have a big, heartfelt thank-you to our Charity team for their time spent online (Judy Carter) seeking the best sources for some of these donations, for Carole Trenko who was able to get the 'killer deal' on the Singer Sewing machine needed by Albertina, Iva Curry who sourced the best deal imaginable for the VA fleece blankets & for those who spent time shopping for these supplies (Carole Trenko, Judy Carter, Jerry Barron). Glen Enright will also be doing another beautiful design for the Veteran's Day cards, which will be distributed at our local (Portland & Vancouver) VA Hospitals in November. His designs for these lovely cards have brightened the Vet's special day in November for a number of years now. It's a testament that our club remembers our men & women who unselfishly & gallantly served our nation. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Skip

Art Supplies for Albertina Kerr


AHCO Meeting May 10, 2008 Bob got this little Ford for aCall songto Order: by President Jeff

Mach at 12:40 pm at the AAA/Hagerty Insurance Office in Beaverton. Jeff thanked Mark Schneider for our wonderful morning tour along the crest of Forest Park and to Sauvie Island. Jeff also thanked Becky Lee of Hagerty Insurance for her informative talk on collector’s car insurance. Officer and Committee Reports: Vice-President: Mark Schneider had nothing new to report. Secretary: Mark Schneider moved and Jerry Barron seconded to approve the minutes that appeared in the May 2008 issue of Healey Northwest for our April meeting. Treasurer: Jeff Mach indicated that he has been in touch with treasurer, Linda Adams, regarding the club’s status with the State of Oregon. Linda recently learned that our non profit status has not been kept up to date with annual reporting for about five years and it has lapsed. Linda is working on registration with the State and believes the Constitution and By Laws need to include annual reporting to the State of Oregon by the Treasurer in the future. Jeff Mach gave the treasurer’s report for Linda Adams. For details on the report contact Linda. Activities: Tom Monaco asked that everyone note there is a change for the date of the June meeting – it was published in the newsletter as June 14th but the train ride excursion will be held on June 21st instead. The July meeting will be a picnic at Kent Lambert’s home and a volunteer is needed to lead a tour to Hood River for the picnic. Let Tom know if you are interested. The Portland Historic Races – tickets are still available. Doug Escreva will be racing his modified ’57 100-6 and Steve Rux will be racing his Sprite. Tom encouraged everyone that goes to the races to let the drivers know they can count on us for support. John and Judy Carter will be organizing an overnight event on August 2nd to McMenamin’s in Centralia, WA. They have reserved 15 rooms at $60 per room. A dinner package to include wine, a movie and some pool may be available also. Tour details will be posted after John plans out the drive. Jeff mentioned that in the past we have participated in the McMinnville Fly-In and asked for help for organizing it this year – Mark Schneider volunteered to do

this. Kudos to Mark!! Plans for the Christmas Party are starting to take shape. Mark your calendars now for Sunday, December 7th. It will be held again at the Eastmoreland Golf Club in Portland. The event can be scheduled for an afternoon brunch or early evening dinner. Stay posted for further details. Tom also brought posters for the ABFM for anyone interested in posting them around town to publicize the event Editor: Glen Enright had nothing new to share.

Interclub Coordinator: John Wilson was not present. No report. Advertising: Joe Laws was not present. No report. Regalia: Carole Trenko and Jaci Koeber were not present. No report. Membership/Charity: Skip Monaco reported that we have 2 new members. Jeff expressed his appreciation for all of the efforts of Skip and the Charity Committee this year. Prior to the meeting there was a presentation to several organizations from the Charity Committee. Librarians: John Carter had nothing new to report. Sunshine Committee: Jan Whittlesey reported that everyone has been happy and healthy in the group of late. Old Business: Jeff Mach reported that the website is up and functioning. He asked that we give feedback on what we want to see on it. Kym Randolph encouraged others to post pictures of their cars on the website – we only have four cars posted currently. Rendezvous 2010 - Mark Schneider said he has been doing preliminary checking into various sites for holding the meeting, including the Grand Lodge at


Respectfully submitted, Cecilia Magnuson, Secretary

Forest Grove and McMenamin’s Edgefield (both are on the expensive side), Seaside (not very many rooms in a central spot), Skamania Lodge, Columbia Gorge Hotel, and Eagle Crest Resort. One problem with some of these locations is the rooms are without their own bathroom. Mark said John Wilson has also checked out the Valley River Inn in Eugene with rates of around $89 to $92/night and they have parking to accommodate up to 400 cars and this is a good spot for tours as well as wine tasting, etc. Skip Monaco has been talking with Chuck and Barbara Gowan about holding the event in Seaside and the Gowans have received good quotes on rooms and they are happy to help with looking more into this area. Another plus is the Chamber can put on a salmon BBQ and there are lighthouse tours available. Skip and Tom Monaco will look more into Seaside and report back to Mark. Jan Whittlesey suggested the Inn at Seventh Mountain in Bend so that we don’t have to invent things to do, there is so much already there. Tom Monaco said the drawback on this is we have already held an event there before, but it was also mentioned we have a lot of new members who have not been there. There was discussion on the number of participants we expect and Jeff thought we had around 100 cars with 150 participants at Richland last year. Also there were 116 cars and 200 attending the Nelson, B.C. event. Tom asked that we keep in mind a place with enough room for the larger events such as auction with small rooms for tech sessions like we had at Kahneeta. The negative is traveling in 100 degree plus weather. Mark Schneider is amassing information to present to the group and Jeff indicated he would like to see a decision made by this summer. Jeff also said we don’t have a firm date for the event but it can be anywhere from around mid June to mid August. New Business: Conclave – Jeff indicated there are currently about 4 or 5 cars from Oregon planning to drive down together and they will be joined by the group from Washington. It was moved by Jan Whittlesey that we adjourn for lunch at 1:25 p.m.


Healey Northwest 21150 Ornduff Road Hillsboro, OR 97123 Return Service Requested

This Month in AHCO History

by Jeff Mach

Thirty Years Ago

Twenty Years Ago

The Club was knee-deep in activities. Bob and Donna Brunhaver hosted a potluck (complete with a keg) together with the Club meeting on the first Saturday of the month. Members of the Morgan Club (who knew there was one?) were invited to come over, but none of them made it. The next weekend, Club members attended the Rose Cup Races, where the Club had a special assembly area. Club members attended the Sheridan Days car show on the third Saturday, which was combined with an overnighter at the Regeniers, complete with another potluck and keg. On the final Saturday of the month, Club members trekked over to Blue Lake Park for the second-annual British Field Meet. Whew. It exhausts me just reading it all.

Gary Jackson led Club members on a tour from Corvallis to Yachats via “roads less traveled by the faint of heart,” followed by a beach party and overnighter in Yachats. Sunday’s return trip toured along the Alsea River and up to the top of Mary’s Peak for a picnic and the Club meeting (and it didn’t rain!). Healey Northwest announced Tom and Skip Monaco as new members to the Club. And they’re still with us. Congratulations!

In Healey Northwest that month, Jim Taylor advertised his 1967 BJ8 for sale with 85K miles, factory books, tools and tonneau, in excellent running condition, for $5,700. Not to be outdone, Mike Fegles advertised his 1966 BJ8 with less than 40K miles, which had hardly been driven during the past five years and had been in dry storage, for $6,500.

Healey Northwest pointed out that noted auctioneer Rick Cole predicted in Road & Track that Austin Healey BJ8s would fetch $50,000 by the year 2000. He must have been pretty close on that prediction. I’m sure Jim and Mike felt badly about parting with their cars ten years earlier, if they’d read that article.

Ten Years Ago Gary Jackson once again led a tour. This time along Lane County back roads from Junction City to Lorane and Cottage Grove, before ending up at Bill and Pat Bolton’s house for a Funkana, barbeque, and croquet, badminton, and horseshoes.


2008 June - Healey Northwest  

Austin Healey Club of Oregon Newsletter

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