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May 2012

Governor training and development programme


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Contents: Introduction General information

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Induction and leadership courses Induction for new governors Taking the chair – induction for new chairs/vice-chairs of governors and chairs of committees Leading in partnership – a seminar for head teachers and chairs of governors Training and development courses The new national curriculum The Head teacher’s appraisal Changes to SEN in Southwark Safer recruitment Preparing for an Ofsted inspection – Sept 2014 new guidance Safeguarding in schools The pupil premium – what do governors need to know? Southwark Governors’ Association Managing complaints RAISEonline – interpreting and using pupil performance data in a primary school

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Introduction Southwark Council’s governor development service provides information, advice and learning opportunities to individual governors as well as whole governing bodies of Southwark schools. We hope that this training programme will help you to better understand your role and responsibilities and enable you to discharge your duties more effectively. We strongly recommend that all new governors attend the induction programme and each governor commit to attend at least some training courses in a year. Each governing body is held responsible for their own training and development and we would suggest that your governing body discuss their training needs on a regular basis and plan attendance at training courses to ensure that you are aware of key issues and changes to the law.

How to contact us: Governor development team: David Lister Governor development manager T: 020 7525 5313 E: Ela Cleary Governor training co-ordinator T: 020 7525 5107 E: Governor development advisers/clerks to governing bodies: Steve Cleary T: 020 7525 5108 (Mon to Thur) E:

John Finch T: 020 7525 5076 E: Michael Johnson T: 020 7525 5134 E: David Keeton T: 020 7525 5110 E: Benjamin Washington T: 020 7525 4601 E:

Nicole Galea T: 020 7525 5252 (Mon to Wed)

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General information Access to training courses Training is provided via the following modes: Central training: open to all governors and run from a central venue. School-based training: customised training for the whole governing body on a topic of your own choice, usually held in your school. Cluster group training: a cost- cutting alternative to single governing body training, usually for two or three governing bodies, held locally in one of the participating schools.

Cost The training programme can be accessed either by an annual subscription or on a payas-you-go basis. Subscription provides much better value for money as it entitles your governing body to one bespoke session per year plus gives you unlimited access to all centrally run sessions. For non-subscribing schools the cost is £110 per person per course. As part of Southwark Local Authority’s commitment to your development as a school governor, induction programmes for new governors and chairs of governors are still being offered free of charge to all LA maintained schools. Academies/free schools are charged a reduced fee for induction sessions. The cost of the subscription is based on a formula roll and can be obtained from your school office.

Training venues The majority of training courses are held in the council’s offices at 160 Tooley Street, SE1 2TZ, occasionally though we may need to use other venues, as required. The Tooley Street offices were modernised not too long ago; the training rooms are comfortable and accessible to people with a disability who use a wheelchair. Should you have any other requirements please contact us prior to attending.

Course bookings, queries and advice: E: T: 020 7525 5107 You can book a place on a course by email, telephone or post. You can either use a booking form which can be found at the back of this brochure, or simply state the courses you wish to attend. Once you have requested a course, an acknowledgement will be emailed to you. Joining instructions are usually emailed about a week prior to course.

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Although we aim to communicate electronically only, if you do not have access to email, we will send you joining instructions by post. Should you not hear from us, please get in touch to confirm your place on the course prior to attending.

Cancellations We make every effort to ensure courses run as planned, but it is vital that we have your contact details to inform you about any changes. If you find yourself unable to attend a course you have booked, please let us know so that we can offer your place to someone on the waiting list or amend course arrangements accordingly. We accept course bookings up until the last minute. However, if a course does not attract at least ten governors one week in advance, it may be cancelled. Please book your place on courses as soon as practicable

A map of the Southwark Council’s offices at 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TZ

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Induction and leadership courses Southwark’s induction programme for new governors is based on the national training programme commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) now the Department for Education (DfE). The programme is regularly reviewed and reflects any changes to legislation. All newly appointed or elected governors are strongly recommended to attend the induction programme. The programme consists of six modules covering various aspects of school governance. Apart from modules one and two, which follow in sequence, you can mix and match the remaining modules as convenient.

Induction for new governors Evenings: all at 6.30pm to 8.30pm Module one Governors’ roles and responsibilities – part 1

Series one Monday 13 October

Series two Thursday 14 May

Module two Governors’ roles and responsibilities – part 2

Monday 20 October

Thursday 21 May

Module three School curriculum (all phases)

Monday 10 November*

Thursday 4 June

Module four Special educational needs (SEN)

Wednesday 5 November*

Thursday 11 June

Module five Personnel framework

Monday 17 November

Thursday 18 June

Module six Monday School finance (except academies/free schools)24 November

Thursday 25 June

*please note these two modules have had to be swapped

Daytime: all at 10am to 3pm Modules one and two Governors' roles and responsibilities – parts 1 and 2

Series one Friday 30 January

Series two Friday 12 June

Modules three and four School curriculum (all phases)/Special educational needs (SEN)

Friday 13 February

Friday 19 June

Modules five and six Personnel framework/School finance (except academies/free schools)

Friday 27 February

Friday 26 June

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Induction and leadership courses Induction for new governors Module 1: Governors’ roles and responsibilities (1) Discover your main roles and explore key issues:  the place of the governing body within the education system  the composition of the governing body  the governing body’s key roles - strategic, providing support and challenge and ensuring accountability  powers and duties of governing bodies  collective responsibility and confidentiality  governance versus management Module 2: Governors’ roles and responsibilities (2) Further explores strategies and mechanisms for exercising the governing body’s main powers and duties discussed in module one:  the school improvement cycle – monitoring and self-evaluation; supporting and challenging  planning and making the most of your school visits  gathering relevant information and documentation including the head teacher’s report  conduct of meetings: dealing with agendas and jargon  ensuring accountability Module 3: School curriculum (all phases) Examines the governors’ role in overseeing organisation and delivery of the school curriculum (introduces the early years foundation stage, primary and secondary phases):  definition of the curriculum  changes to the national curriculum  clarifying the governors' role  monitoring and evaluating the curriculum Module 4: Special Educational Needs (SEN) Introduces the responsibilities of the governing body for overseeing the provision of education to children with special educational needs:  inclusive school  changes to SEN from September 2014, including Education, Health and Care plans (EHC), the local offer, the new Code of Practice, personal budgets and funding  the role of the governing body and others Module 5: Personnel framework* Introduces the personnel framework within which schools and governors operate:  staffing structure and appointments, including safer recruitment, equal opportunities, disability and discrimination legislation  staff dismissal - discipline and capability procedures; grievance procedure  new arrangements for teacher appraisal and pay, including the head teacher performance appraisal. *academies or free schools do not have to abide by the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document however governors may attend this session if they wish to gain transferable skills

Module 6: School finance (not suitable for academy or free school governors) Explains the governors’ role and responsibilities for school finance. Topics covered:  school financial regulations  overview of school funding and the annual cycle  recent developments, including the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) Page 7 of 13

Induction and leadership courses Taking the chair: induction for new chairs/vice-chairs of governors and chairs of committees Module one: Thursday 4 December 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street Module two: Thursday 11 December 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street A training and development programme for chairs, vice-chairs or those aspiring to take the chair one day, developed by the Department for Education (DFE) as part of the national strategy. It focuses on the particular skills and knowledge needed by chairs to work in partnership with the head teacher and to lead and motivate others to achieve the shared vision for the school. The course uses a variety of learning approaches and emphasises the practical application of knowledge and skills. Topics covered:     

leading and managing the work of the governing body the chair's role in supporting strategic leadership the chair and the head teacher the chair and the governors the chair's role in ensuring accountability

Aimed at: new, prospective and experienced chairs and vice-chairs of governors and committees who wish to review their effectiveness in the role. Cost: free to all maintained schools; academies and free schools: ÂŁ110

Leading in partnership Friday 23 January 10.00am to 3.30pm 160 Tooley Street The working relationship between the head teacher and the chair of governors is crucial in ensuring school effectiveness. This one day seminar is designed to enable heads and chairs to:  refresh their understanding of shared strategic leadership and the respective roles and responsibilities of governors and head teachers  identify what more they could do to consolidate that in their working relationship  consider how to refresh the shared values and vision for their school  review how they manage strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation to achieve the vision  develop an action plan to ensure effective distribution of leadership within the governing body

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Essentially it explores each of the three key roles of governing bodies in the context of each school. Each chair and head teacher pair is asked to bring the following documentation to the session:    

the school prospectus the school improvement plan the school self-evaluation report a recent report written by the head teacher for the governing body

These documents will not be shared with others but will be needed by participants to evaluate and refine their current practice. Aimed at: pairs of heads and chairs, places limited to 24 Cost: free to subscribing schools; £180 per pair (head and chair) for non subscribing schools

Other training and development courses The new national curriculum Thursday 18 September 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street This session provides an overview of the main changes to the National Curriculum and the links to changes in assessment. It explains:  the national timeline for implementation  how Ofsted make judgements about a school’s curriculum and considers the questions they might ask school leaders including governors Aimed at: primary school governors * please note that although academies/free schools are not subject to the National Curriculum, they must ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is taught

The Head teacher’s appraisal Monday 29 September 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street This session examines the Head teacher’s performance appraisal procedure and covers:  the appraisal cycle;  standards against which to assess performance;  setting of the objectives;  links with the school improvement plan and pupil performance data;  appointing and making the most out of your external adviser; Page 9 of 13

 conducting the review meeting  the role of designated governors. Aimed at: governors who are involved in the Head teacher’s appraisal; those who are thinking of taking on that role in the future should also attend

Changes to SEN in Southwark Thursday 2 October 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street This is a repeat of the session held in July 2014, which outlines the key changes brought on by the new Children's and Families Act and the new SEN Code of Practice The session considers how the new legislation will affect the SEN provision in Southwark. You will have an opportunity to find out about the local offer, the new single assessment process and Education, Health and Care Plans; about funding and personal budgets, and consider the implications for schools and governors. Aimed at: SEN governors although all governors are welcome to attend

Safer recruitment Friday 6 February Or Friday 5 June* 9am to 5pm 160 Tooley Street * please note that the 3 October has been cancelled due to the training materials being updated nationally via the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

It is still required that any appointments of school staff are made by a recruitment panel that includes at least one person who has been trained in safer recruitment. This course is for people who will sit on recruitment panels and is based on the materials originally developed by the National College. Participants will be required to sit a short test at the end of the training course. The course provides information on the safer school culture, and advice and guidance to strengthen safeguards against employing unsuitable people in schools. The training will help schools demonstrate that they have effective recruitment and selection processes in place that ensure pupils are both well taught and protected. Please note that this course incurs an additional fee of £50 for all maintained schools, £100 for all independent establishments. Alternative, online training is currently being updated and governors will be informed as soon as it becomes available again. Aimed at: those who are likely to get involved in the recruitment and selection process

Preparing for an Ofsted inspection Wednesday 22 October 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street This session outlines the main features of the current, new framework (Sept 2014) and explores: Page 10 of 13


the key changes to the inspection process the new evaluation schedule and grade descriptors judgements made during the inspection the role of governors before, during and after the inspection.

Aimed at: all governors

Safeguarding in schools Tuesday 11 November 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street Governing bodies are required to ensure that schools work to safeguard pupils and promote their welfare and need to consider child protection procedures alongside strategies to reduce the risk of harm. This session includes the statutory guidance for schools published earlier this year and explains:  what is safeguarding?  the responsibilities of governing bodies  best practice in safeguarding – key messages for staff  dangerous people versus safe organisations  what Ofsted expects of governors? Aimed at: all governors, especially child protection link governors

The pupil premium – what do governors need to know? Thursday 13 November 6.30pm to 8pm 160 Tooley Street This session explains additional funding available to schools since 2011 to help close the attainment gap between children from low-income and other disadvantaged families and their peers. Schools are accountable for how they use their pupil premium funding, and are required to publish online information about their funding allocation and how they plan to spend it. They must also publish information on the impact of their spending on eligible pupils which is carefully evaluated by Ofsted. Governors should be playing a full part in making decisions about pupil premium spending, as well as asking challenging questions about how effective actions are in improving achievement. This session helps you to:  understand what the pupil premium is for, and who is eligible to receive it.  learn how schools are held accountable for the way the pupil premium is spent and what the school needs to publish online  consider the range of ways that pupil premium funding can be used successfully to tackle gaps in attainment and support pupils from low-income families and other target groups.  understand how Ofsted evaluates the school’s use of the pupil premium  consider how governors can challenge and support schools in how they use their pupil premium funding. Aimed at: all governors Page 11 of 13

Southwark Governors’ Association (SGA) Wednesday 19 November Wednesday 18 March Wednesday 17 June 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street Termly meetings for all Southwark governors to discuss current issues and initiatives affecting school governance. The November meeting will include the AGM. Open to: all governors of maintained schools, academies, free schoolss and pupil referral units

Managing complaints Tuesday 25 November 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street From time to time, every school will need to handle concerns and complaints from parents and other stakeholders on a range of issues such as the curriculum, behaviour, special educational needs, bullying, even problems with individual members of staff. These can usually be resolved informally, but if not, it is vital for the governing body to have fair and effective complaints' procedures in place. Referring to actual examples of complaints made to schools (anonymised), this session offers opportunities for questions and discussion and enables participants to:  learn about governors' statutory responsibilities regarding managing complaints to the school  understand when to use formal complaints procedures  explore the ingredients of fair and effective complaints procedures  identify good practice in operating complaints procedures, especially in holding the governors' appeals panel Aimed at: particularly Head teachers and Chairs of Governors however all governors are welcome to attend

RAISEonline – interpreting and using pupil performance data in a primary school Wednesday 3 December 6.30pm to 8.30pm 160 Tooley Street Under the new Ofsted inspection framework, coming into effect from September 2014, understanding and interpreting pupil performance data becomes even more critical to governors’ ability to hold their school to account and to monitor pupils’ progress. Ofsted inspectors will seek to ascertain how well governors know their school. This session examines a range of pupil performance data available to governors, mainly through RAISEonline document and School Profile, and explains how the school data can be used in monitoring and in school improvement planning. Aimed at: all primary school governors Page 12 of 13

Booking form: autumn term 2014 Please indicate the courses you wish to attend by ticking the last column.

Induction for new governors: governors: Module

Course name




Governors' roles and responsibilities - part 1

Monday 13 October

6.30pm to 8.30pm


Governors' roles and responsibilities - part 2

Monday 20 October

6.30pm to 8.30pm


School curriculum (all phases)

Monday 10 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm


Special educational needs (SEN)

Wednesday 5 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm


Personnel framework

Monday 17 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm


School finance (non-academy)

Monday 24 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Course name



The new national curriculum

Thursday 18 September

6.30pm to 8.30pm

The Headteacher’s appraisal

Monday 29 September

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Changes to SEN in Southwark

Thursday 2 October

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Safer recruitment

6 February or 5 June (please delete as appropriate)

9am to 5pm

Preparing for an Ofsted inspection

Wednesday 22 October

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Safeguarding in schools

Tuesday 11 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm

The pupil premium – what do governors need to know?

Thursday 13 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Southwark Governors’ Association

Wednesday 19 November

6pm for 6.15pm start

Managing complaints

Tuesday 25 November

6.30pm to 8.30pm

RAISEonline – interpreting and using pupil performance

Wednesday 3 December

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Taking the chair part 1

Thursday 4 December

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Taking the chair part 2

Thursday 11 December

6.30pm to 8.30pm


Other training and development courses:

data in primary schools

Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone number:_________________________________________________________________________________________ School:____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please specify any special needs (wheelchair access, induction loop etc) you may have:

Please send your booking form to: E. Cleary, Governor Development, Southwark Council Children’s and Adults’ Services, 4th Floor, Hub 2, PO BOX 64529, LONDON SE1P 5LX, or email to: T: 020 7525 5107

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