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Heirloom Einkorn Grain Sourdough Challah (sensing a theme here?). Einkorn grain is an heirloom grain and one of the original five species of grain dating back to the time of Avraham Avinu. It’s also low gluten, low glycemic, and high in protein, micronutrients, and antioxidants. For Saturday dinner we will feature the cuisine of Chef Amy Green, serving food from her demo on seasonal cooking. On the coffee bar you’ll find tea from the herbalist Hannah Jacobson Hardy. On Shabbat, not only will we be proudly serving Gefilteria gefilte fish for Kiddush, but we will also feature Jeffrey Yoskowitz’s recipe for root vegetable latkes using our Adamah Farms turnips. We are also very proud to be featuring Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg egg substitute in many of our vegan options such as a vegan scramble, vegan latkes, and vanilla custard. Thank you all for your wonderful and important contributions! Hold the Gluten, Hold the Dairy, Special Orders Don’t Upset Us We take dietary needs, food allergies, and hospitality very seriously. It is imperative that each guest feel cared for and satisfied. At each meal you will find options that will cover

a wide range of dietary needs. If you don’t see something you can eat, our Dining Hall staff are here to take good care of you. Kol tuv, Mordechai Schram Director of Food Services

Jewish Life at the Food Conference The Hazon Food Conference is for everyone interested in Jewish life, sustainability, and contemporary food issues. We welcome people from across the spectrum of Jewish practice and knowledge as well as people from other religious backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and dynamic space for all to engage with Jewish culture and food issues. SHABBAT WITH HAZON Hazon strives to create an inclusive community throughout all of our events. As such, Shabbat can be a complicated time, since our participants come from all backgrounds and have a variety of personal customs. For some, this maybe their first time experiencing Shabbat; others may follow the letter of the law regarding Shabbat each week. In crafting our Shabbat schedule, we have tried to create programming that will be of interest to all, and have multiple minyanim (prayer services) to choose from. Feel free to participate in programs that you are accustomed to, or use this weekend to try something new! A DAY OF REST Shabbat is called a day of rest. The fourth of the Ten Commandments states, “For six days you shall labor and

do all your work. But the seventh day is a Sabbath… you shall not do any work.” Aside from doing physical work, people traditionally abstain from many different things including using the telephone, turning on and off lights, cooking, using a computer, listening to or playing music, writing, and driving. SHABBAT CANDLE LIGHTING Like all Jewish holidays, Shabbat begins in the liminal “place in-between” as day moves into night. We light candles to mark the transition from the mundane workweek to the holiness of Shabbat. This ritual provides an opportunity to both reflect on the past week and enter the day of rest.

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Hazon Food Conference Program 2016  
Hazon Food Conference Program 2016