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Hazed Magazine

Issue One Spring 2012 Created by Hazel Loves Design

What does the term Indie Design mean to you? Indie means to me mid 90’s. Corduroy Jeans, suede sneakers, band t-shirts........ -Gabrielle McGrath to me it means unique, handcrafted and probably sold to you by the maker themselves or someone who has met or knows them personally. Something crafted with thought and intention with the maker involved in every part of the design, execution and marketing. - Miriam, ‘Make It, Give It’

Indie design to me feels like happiness and sunshine vintage markets and bus tickets. -Nicole, Serendipitous Zenefertiti

Indie design to me means a free-spirited, independent concept that is non-conformative, but uniquely wonderful in it’s approach to purpose -Baking Passion

Indie Design is perfect for a small country like NZ. Limited runs, quality products, designs from the heart & made with love! -Home Made @KeepingItInNZ To me “Indie Design” means any artisan working beyond the constraints of factories to achieve an above average design, on a small scale. Often handmade, but always high quality. -Hazel, Hazel Loves Design

Free from commercial investment and influence. These are your designs, your creations; you set your own boundaries and find your own influences. - Kirsty Robinson, Hello Lovely

Edgy and forward thinking! -Sherry Symonds

Thank you ‘Cloud Nine Creative’ for allowing us to use your image on the cover. New Zealand Fine Art Print


Lee sinclair is the creative director and owner of Cloud Nine Creative, responsible for a collection that consists of exclusive artworks, homewares and accessories. That stand out from the crowd.

Love The Contents... Love My Fashion 8 An Interview with Shelley D. Jewellery Love Lee at Pretty Birds


Trend Report


Online Store Wocolate


Fun & Natural DIY


Market Stall Love Ameliorate


Love My Home Style Zana Lokmer Design


Travel Bug Hamptons Style


Words Worth Sharing


My Design




Jane Denton Textile Art + Design

Take a Break Time to Bake 58 Cooking with Brad My Sisterhood



Love My Contributors...


A lover of symbolism and wordplay, Nicole has re-discovered her passion for writing. She also loves her kids, the colour green and making people laugh until they cry. zenefertiti


Animal loving ceramic artist with a love of vegan munching and all things crafty. Spreading the word about handmade and sustainability. Borrowed Earth


First and foremost a mama to two gorgeous boys, she crafts, makes clothes, loves calories and dressing up. Miriam is also a professional speaker, MC and actor who collects Christchurch bloggers as a hobby. Create, Hope, Inspire.


A husband and father and an absolute whiz in the kitchen. Brad loves to liken himself to Jamie Oliver, with his love of fine food often sourced locally.

Vic Bibby

Mum, designer, blogger, owner of Cush & Nooks homewares, and lover of all things bright & beautiful. Cush & Nooks

Welcome to the first ever edition of ‘Hazed’ magazine, this magazine has been created with love by the team @ ‘Hazel Loves Design’ and is a celebration of the fantastic world of Indie Design here in New Zealand. Returning home from New Zealand after living in Australia for several years. It became apparent that we have a very strong community of artisans here in New Zealand, but no real publication celebrating them and the fabulous work that they do and the great things they are achieving. So after much consideration my team and I decided to launch this grass roots publication, and hope that it will evolve to include many designers and artists. If you are an Indie Designer or just a lover of Indie design, there are a plethora of ways you can become involved in this magazine. To find out more about becoming involved or to let us know what you think of the magazine say ‘Kia Ora’ on either Twitter #hazed Facebook or simply drop us a good ol’ fashioned email, hazellovesdesign@yahoo.com We would love to hear your thoughts. With Love, Hazel & the team at ‘Hazel Loves Design’ xox P.s We have a giveaway happening over on Facebook, so check it out!!

Mellow Yellow Left:

Print by Sandy Banner Design Studio on Felt


1. Man Cave by My Heart Sings 2. Love Heart Print by Miss Print 3. Teatowel by Washhouse on Etsy 4. Chevron Print Cushion by Cat Taylor 5. Objectify Lemon Clock 6. Objectify Sun Wall Organiser 7. Apron by Apron Strings on Felt 8. Bumble Print by A little Ink


2 1

5 4

I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love. -Conor Oberst 3




Love My Fashion

Website Blog Facebook Twitter

Shelley D. A true artisan, Shelley has the precision and meticulous eye for detail needed to execute her designs, from pattern to finished product.

In February 2011 I was on the hunt for a job in Auckland. I’d just returned to New Zealand after a year abroad, travelling through Europe and temping in the UK. My partner and I decided to try our luck in a different city, we chose Auckland because there were supposedly more jobs here. The recession still lurked in the shadows and employers were picky, with agencies being flooded with CVs. A dehydrated fashion industry didn’t have much to offer at all. I was lucky to spot a job as a temporary sample machinist on Gumtree, and went along for a trial. While I was there, I told the lady my heart was actually in pattern making and I would rather be holding a set square and calculating pattern measurements any day. The next day I started in the pattern room! I worked for one season helping out with patterns, from adjusting patterns to drafting new ones from design sketches. I was in my element. If you’re in the industry, you’ll know how the work fluctuates dramatically through the year. Sampling had to come to an end at some point, and it did. When I’d finished the contracting work I thought to myself how much fun it would be to be doing my own patterns and sampling for my very own label. So it began; I trademarked my brand and ordered some neck labels and swing tickets, and asked my dad to build me a patternmaking table. From that day, my journey was underway!

What inspires you when you are developing new products?

I do a lot of draping on the mannequin. I pin seam lines to the form and see what shapes work. I love experimenting and its hugely rewarding if a design works out well when you have started from scratch like this. A huge amount of inspiration comes from the fabrics as well. I’m often found in fabric stores even when I didn’t plan on it, just soaking up the wonderful vibes that come out of the rolls of fabric!

What is your favourite product?

My favourite product in the online store right now is the leather yoke cardigan. I wear mine often and always get a compliment from someone. Its so versatile and I love how it drapes open. I often wear mine with an extra-long belt wrapped twice around the waist over the cardigan.

Do you have a product that sells a lot better than the others? The cluster clutch is the best seller. It’s the item that is most widely stocked in stores and the retailers love them. It’s such a cool design that is really unique.

What do you like the best about selling online?

I love the idea that the world is your oyster with an online store. You can break international markets overnight and become an exporter in an instant. Although my focus is to sell more within NZ right now, the possibility to advertise to the global market without needing to change the way I operate is a valuable thing.

How do you encourage visitors to your website?

I have a business card which I am often handing out when someone likes something I’m wearing! Word of mouth is an understated form of advertising! I have recently started using Pinterest to pin items from my store, and this has been redirecting a little traffic. A lot of people come through google, so getting the right keywords and tags on the site is tremendously important – I had one person search “bags with elephant print lining” and end up at my site because I have one bag with an elephant print lining!

What advice can you give to other designers looking to set up their own websites?

Be fussy. Treat it like a store front. You wouldn’t have a broken window in your shop, or a rack in the middle of the doorway; so make sure it is working properly, your layout must be appealing and the website has to speak the same language as your brand.

How do you find social media influences your business?

I have a page for shelley d on Facebook. I have tried to make the page as much like a social version of my website as possible. I post good

“I am often found in fabric stores even when I didn’t plan on it, just soaking up the wonderful vibes that come out of the rolls of fabric!”

content and not too often, and I love seeing the response of the fans. I think it’s important to listen to your fans and so I sometimes post a picture of a prototype just to check what the reaction will be. It’s a valuable business tool. If you don’t have a website for your business, you should at least have a Facebook page and a Finda or Localist listing that can direct potential customers to your page. I’m also on Twitter, write a blog from time to time and I’m increasingly using Pinterest.

How do you find your stockists?

When I’m looking for stockists I use Google search. Often I search: ‘NZ made design stores’. I also keep an eye out for other labels and items that would sit well next to mine, and then I look up what stockists they have. There have also been a couple of stores who have contacted me through my website seeking new labels to stock, and I am guessing they also found me in a Google search.

Do you look for stockists that have similar business ideals?

The stockists for my bags are design stores, mostly stocking NZ made product. I think it fits well with my brand as I decided from the beginning I would remain NZ made. The Vault in Wellington has a nice policy that packaging used for their orders is recyclable.

Where do you see Shelley D in the future?

Still selling online and I’ll hopefully have many more stockists of my clothing. I would love to have a second label for my online clothing and my leather goods will shortly be made under the abbreviated version of my label, SDNZ.

Do you think you will open your own bricks and mortar store? Perhaps. I’m open to the possibility. But I have to see where things take me for now.

If you could choose any celebrity to where an item from your range, who would it be? The gorgeous home grown Kimbra.

Shelley x

Indie design means the opposite of mainstream to me. Independant designers offer more uniquely designed products that you don’t see in big chain stores.




Inspiration Board



1. Macarame Plant Holder by Spoonful Design; 2.Painting by Zana Lokmer Design; 3.Burlap Bunting by Wink; 4. Fantails on plywood by nativecre8ve; 5.Swan Chalk Board by Love Note; 6.Candle by Tinker

3 6



Independent design meaning no commercial involvement/sponsorship and therefore being that little bit less mainstream -Lorna Jane Interior Design

Jewellery Love boutique fashion jewellery made just for you. Created by Lee with the hope that you will love wearing it as much as she has loved creating it.

Pretty birds Website Facebook

I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t making jewellery of some sort, even as a kid! I got a bit more serious about it about 6 years ago when I did a Silversmithing course but after the course found out I was pregnant with number two child and pretty much got immersed in family life. I didn’t really have a lot of energy to be creative and instead gave my time to helping run mother’s groups. Once my youngest (there are now three kids!) turned two, I started to feel like I needed a creative outlet and found myself itching to do something more than mothering. I fell in love with glass dome jewellery at a craft expo and decided to make some for myself. I kept on seeing designs and patterns I loved and kept on making it until my husband literally said “Enough. You need to sell some.” I originally got together with two other crafty friends, one who makes laptop and kindle covers, and the other makes kids clothes, and we came up with Pretty Birds – because of the pretty pictures of birds we had. Unfortunately, the other two have found themselves too busy, so Pretty Birds is now just jewellery. I feel very lucky to be doing this, like Pretty Birds is God’s gift to me, for me to be creative (and stay sane!), to allow me to stay home for the kids, and for me to learn new things. I’m very grateful.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Mostly fashion, fabrics and nature. I love work by designers like William Morris. Fashion more-so, for the Kiwiana Collection. I think nothing looks more classic than black and white with a touch of red. And I love the neon brights coming in for the summer so wanted to give a nod to that too. I also have some really stylish friends who inspire me with what they wear and what they love! Fashion design-wise I’ve always loved Prada and Chanel, and of our NZ designers I love Trelise Cooper and Annah Stretton.

How does your creative process work?

When I get an idea or inspiration for a collection, I really just want to sit at the computer and start playing around – I now have a ton of image files that have “play” in the filename! Often I’ll search the internet for a particular image or design that I want, that I can purchase from a graphic designer - it’s not always working smarter to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes things come easily – like some of the Kiwiana designs - I had a really clear picture of what I wanted and they designed themselves really. For others in the collection I started doing one thing and they veered off in a different direction completely – sometimes it feels like some designs are never really “finished.”

’Kitchen Table’ or Studio? And who do you have behind the scenes?

In the warmer months I work in “The shed” – where I can leave everything out and come back to it later, but in winter I definitely have my spot inside at the table - near the fire! My husband is long-suffering and encourages me to go for it. My mother is

fantastic with stepping in to look after our 3 kids when hubby is working and I need to be at a market or to get something done.

What is the best piece of creative advice you have ever been given?

Have a vision. Know in yourself what you want things to look like, or what “feel” you want. Stick to your vision, don’t be distracted by what others are doing. If you love it, chances are someone else will too.

Does social media influence your business?

I love social media! I first started selling on Facebook until I got my own website. I love the Pretty Birds fans on Facebook, I feel like they are a community of people who like what I like. They are great to put questions to and ask advice about things I’m working on or thinking of doing. I adore Pinterest - I call it “porn for crafters”

How do you sell your product?

I sell through my website, also Facebook, and I do the occasional market or crafty shopping night in the Christchurch and Canterbury area.

Which is your favourite product?

Rings, rings, rings – especially my Willow No.3 ring in a chunky antique silver setting. I’m rarely not wearing it. Although this summer I’m pretty keen on the Nautical Ring.

Do you find one of your products is more popular than the others? (And why do you think that is?) There are probably a few pieces that are the first to go. I’ve even had a ring bought right off my finger – I don’t normally let that happen but it was a funny situation so I let it go… People love earrings. Probably because they are affordable and near the face so they get noticed a lot.

Business wise, do you have any hints/tips for wanna-be designers? Lol! Not really – I still am a wannabe designer! Very much a novice in both business and design.

Is there anything you find hard, or anything you really enjoy about being a New Zealand based jewellery maker? One of the things I love about us Kiwi’s, is that we love who we are and where we come from. The things that make New Zealand special are so often celebrated in our art and design – and rightly so. I want to say no to the “find hard” part of the question – but the reality is that there are so many glass dome jewellery makers in NZ now – there’s quite a lot of competition, keeping it fresh and different is quite hard work.

One of Lee’s Favourite rings

What’s next for ‘Pretty Birds’?

Now that the Kiwiana Collection is out, I have another collection in the pipeline – a smaller one - based on a traditional pattern. I also have a few markets lined up in and around Christchurch – you can keep up with those through the Events on my facebook page.

Lee x

What does Indie Design mean to you? Passion. Someone putting their heart and soul into something that they love. A person expressing who they are through their medium, and allowing their personality to show through their work. I don’t imagine that would be as easy if you’re working for a large company whose eye is always on the bottom line. - Lee, Pretty Birds

The Trend Report

Online Store


Wocolate we love goods that celebrate imagination and fun. Think chocolate say Wocolate. Wocolate had been in the planning for a couple of years and at the time it was a lack of local online choice here in NZ that inspired us to get started. We knew of many amazing and imaginative goods, but very few of them could be bought locally online. We thought forming a collection of these wares on a website that showed them off and delivering them to customers in 1-2 days, could work. Who is behind the business? Wocolate is owned and operated by myself Joshua Lindsay & Sarah Chong, and we are both really passionate about well made and fun creative products. How did you come up with your business name? It came in a dream screaming and running from killer chocolate I couldn’t get the words out “Wocolate… Wocolate”. The name made us a bit uncomfortable at first it seemed rather silly, but then we realised that’s what makes a good name distinctive.

How do the 3R’s influence your business (reduce, re-use, recycle)? Reduce that’s the important one, and since we are a small start up business we are very frugal in everything we do, we have to be, and as we continue to grow I don’t see this changing its something we are used to and fits our brand & ethos. We make no mistake though, we sell goods, but the world also needs trade and people love to create, hopefully we can play a part in encouraging people to buy better goods, quality over quantity! To fill our store with goods of character that one will cherish and will endure is our company mission and it’s a goal we will always be working towards along with working with brands that do the same. At the heart of our business is delivering goods to people and to achieve this we re-use the cardboard & packaging we receive to package items for safe delivery. It does take a little longer, but it

gives the boxes another life. So if your items come in random worn box now you know why, perhaps you could even find a third use for it. We recycle everything we know how to, which along with the normal paper & plastic includes trips to the sallys, e-waste depot and safe disposal of batteries. It probably does not influence us, it’s just become the norm. Does being an online business based in New Zealand have any advantages or disadvantages? We compete with the rest of the world for our customers and some of those competitors are huge, we may not always be able to match their

prices and we certainly can’t match their endless array of product options, but we differ by offering fantastic personal customer service, delivery in 1-2 days and a well defined curated product line which greatly improves the shopping experience, again it’s quality over quantity. New Zealanders are starting to wake up to the real convenience and different choices available when shopping online, but we’re still behind our Australian cousins in the purchasing of physical goods online, most of our online dollars are spent on tickets and bookings. It’s changing though students are now shopping on our site on the way to uni on the bus, that’s convenient and the future. How do you find the products that you source for your store? A variety of ways, sometimes we actually think of a product that should exist and then try to find it. We have attended supplier fairs before, but the majority of the goods there are designed for markets and tastes other

What does the term ‘Indie Design’ mean to you? Independent Creativity! -wocolate

than ours so it’s a needle in a haystack. A lot of the time though one good product will lead on to another, so we just follow the trail, tweet to blog to designer to website to another designer or producer. For labels looking to establish more of an online presence, what do you suggest they should look for, or do, when approaching online retailers? Get your pricing right, it’s really important from the beginning that they figure out a price that allows them to sell wholesale, we often find great work from craftsman and artists that have started out selling direct to the customer, but have not thought of wholesale pricing so they simply can’t get larger orders and have many stores stocking their work. An obvious one which most people are doing a good job of now, but still worth mentioning is taking the time to photograph your product well & include lifestyle photos too. What suggestions or helpful hints can you offer for those of us looking to establish a website in the future? Nooo don’t do it, it’s way too much work! But if you do, keep it simple and focus on the user experience. Google search algorithms are getting more intelligent, they can now recognise if a website is designed well and provides a good user experience. If you have an ugly or complicated website customers won’t spend much time there and google won’t send many people there either. Visitors can be

gone from your site with a single click so get to the point quickly. If you have good products, focus on them so customers can see them without distraction. The world is full of average work, focus on a particular niche, style or theme and do it bloody well, if you do a great job of it you will get recognised and appreciated by those who are interested in that niche. The internet is massive and a small niche on it is still huge, don’t be greedy (you could apply that to the rest of your life too). Ride a bike to work, not much to do with establishing a website but its still a good idea! How do you feel social media influences your business? And what social media platforms do you use? We didn’t start with a brick and mortar shop and facebook was already here when we got started so it’s always been integral to what we do. We use it to connect with our customers, conduct customer service, find new artists & goods, network, promote & even sell goods through it. We use Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest primarily at the moment, but will start using Google+ too soon, gotta support the competition to keep them all honest, I think some are getting a little too big for their boots! How do you encourage visitors to your site? We entice them in with wonderous wares through Social media, google, competitions, email, word of mouth & finish with great customer service so people enjoy their visit and return.

Where do you see Wocolate in the future? Now that’s a question that gets us really excited, we have a lot of ideas going already as we envision Wocolate being more than just a wonderful store. We have a lot of super keen fans/ customers already so we would like to involve them more in what we do here and build a community around that. Even more fun, colaborating with artists and designers on products, colaborating with other like minded brands, produce our own wares, more creative promotions & competitions all of which is heaps of more fun. Do you think you will open a bricks and mortar store? Never say never, but it is not on the horizon yet. However, pop up shops yes most definitely! Our business has a lot more freedom and flexibility with the internet and we can execute things very fast and that makes it a very exciting place to be. Also we can reach a much greater audience so we can stay true to our concept even if it’s not hugely commercial and still find a large enough audience to make it successful. If we then combine that with creative pop up shops which are also fast and flexible I think that gives us the best of both worlds.

Joshua & Sarah x

Fun and Natural DIY



You will need: Bottles I got mine from Arthur Holmes but you could also rummage around second hand shops and get some vintage bottles (they will need lids); Essential Oils and Base Oils (From Lotus Oils) make sure you use only essential oils as these are all natural. For my base oils I used apricot and sweet almond. These are very light all purpose oils & good for most skin types; Cardboard & ribbon for labels I chopped up an old manila folder and had ribbons lying around the house (as you do); Fancy pen - we all should have one of those! Step 1: Wash your bottles and lids and dry well. Step 2: Measure and add your base oils into clean bottles Step 3: Drop essential oils into bottles that you have just put the base oils into Step 4: Put on lid and gently mix around Step 5: Make a cool label! I decided to go oversized and gave these away as gifts. You can use any essential oil you like or experiment with a mix and make up your own signature blend and give it a funky name! I used: 20 drops ylang ylang/45 drops rose geranium/ 35 drops jasmine added to a base of 50ml apricot oil and 50ml sweet almond I called this one my Romance blend. My next mix was my Night Night blend -for those nights when sleep is more important than romance! 40 drops lavender/30 drops sandalwood/30 drops rose geranium added to the same base as above. Another of my favorites is to use plain Rose geranium 100 drops to 100ml of base oils. As a general rule add 1 drop of essential oil to 1 ml of your base oil. Just smell as you go and have fun!

Adele x

Want to see more from Adele? Check out... Borrowed Earth

Not only will this save you money, you know exactly what is in it - because you made it. It has only been tested on you, not animals, which sadly a lot of cosmetic companies still do - you don’t want to be part of that! and you can use the same bottles over and over again. YAY! recycling! Oh, and did I tell you that its oh, so easy peasy!!

Blue Crush... 1.Map of New Zealand by Borrowed Earth 2.Painting by Zana Lokmer Design 3. Nautical Necklace by Pretty Birds 4. Hand Painted jars by Heartncraft on Felt 5.Mens slippers by House of Shoes 6. Owl Door Stop by Zippity Doodah 7. Rocket Cushion by Charlie Jane 8. Waffle plate by jill Mathew on Felt 9.NZ Wool Blanket cushion by Blue Button on felt









Creative people having the freedom to do what they love - Charlie from Charlie Jane


We Heart It

Want to advertise in ‘Hazed’? Email: hazellovesdesign@yahoo.com

Green with Envy 2




1, Cintique ‘Havana’ Armchairs by Wooden Diamond 2. My Quiet Corner painting by Zana Lokmer Design 3. Bird Candle by Tinker 4. Fruity wall clocks by Objectify 5. Teatowel by 4 Washhouse on Felt 6. Cake Stand by Borrowed Earth Creative folk who 7. Bird Wall Hook are working for by Objectify

the love of it, not for fame or fortune -Swonderful



Market Stall Love...


Can you spot the crafty Ninjas?

The name and face behind Ameliorate, Kerry-Anne is a keen screenprinter, crafter and Mother. By shopping with Ameliorate you can ensure your little one is dressed as cute as a button in bespoke Tshirts and Onesies. Or you could dress up the kitchen with gorgeously screenprinted teatowels. I personally LOVE the ‘Yours’ and ‘Mine’ pillowcases! Whatever the need I can guarantee you will find something you love when you come across Ameliorate at your next market Discover Ameliorate online on both ‘Felt’ and ‘Facebook’. Or, at a number of different markets, including those run by ‘Shop Me Pretty’, ‘Encraftment’ and ‘The Craft Collective’. Ameliorate often tackles the markets with a couple of friends under the guise of ‘Two Crafty Campers’.

Hazel x

Ameliorate will be at the following upcoming markets:

Encraftment Market

Spring event 1st September Villa Maria College Hall

Shop Me Pretty

Next shopping event Friday September 14th Paparoa Street

Original, forward thinking, not mass produced, following its own path! - Ameliorate

Want your market stall in ‘Hazed’? Enter the competition on our Facebook Page.

Love my Home Style...

Zana Lokmer Design Zana Lokmer is an interior stylist by profession, a jewellery maker and a painter by passion. She is the owner of Zana Lokmer Designs, a one-stop shop for people in search of colourful, creative and compelling enrichments for the wardrobes and living spaces. Looking for something to brighten a corner of your home with some vivacious hues? Check out Zana’s store you will find something to love. Visit Zana Lokmer Design on Etsy.

Zana started making jewellery while living in Harare (Zimbabwe), taking inspiration from the fascinating nature within her surroundings. Later, after moving to Sydney she addedd “Interior Styling� to her list of interests, studying at the Internation School Of Colour and Design in Australia. Later working as an interior stylist for many years. Finally landing in the Land of the long white cloud, Zana found everything to be new, from a new life, to new inspiration and new opportunities, living a top of hill top in Wellington she discovered a new passion... painting. I hope you will love Zana’s home, every inch a reflection of her personality and a reminder of her travels.

What is your favourite spot in the home?

I love our little TV room (and I don’t watch TV) . I always have my coffee there. It is very cosy, very warm, very peaceful. I also love the view from our balcony. There is always that view at the end of the day.

If you have had to save one item in your home from fire which item would you choose?

It would be our dining table. It would be very difficult to save because it is very heavy. We bought table in Zimbabwe and it is made of Zimbabwean Teak (Baikeia plurijuga) which is a superior tropical hardwood indigenous to southern Africa, and is world famous for its beauty and

It means me,independent, individulal,unique, crafty. It means Etsy, Markets, online shops, Fairs. -Zana from zana lokmer design

durability. It becomes darker and more lustrous with age and usage. Every table made of this wood is unique, according to the grain of the wood and the history of the mature teak tree that is used. This table really speaks to me. This table speaks to everyone who comes to our home. We have had many wonderful moments at this table, it is so full of memories. Lots of memories...

When you are suffering from “artist block” what would we find you doing?

Cooking, reading, going for walks.

What do you enjoy most about living in New Zealand?

I love many things about New Zealand. Being connected with nature I love the most. The birds, the trees, clean air, open space. Living here is about being peaceful. I love the people and the coffee culture. I love New Zealand design. I really feel fortunate to live in New Zealand.

Zana x

necklace by Zana lokmer design

Painting the town red...



4 5 7

3 6



1. Tea Towel by Cat Taylor 2. Sly Fox Jewellery 3. Retro Table Lamp by Borrowed Earth 4. Charlie Jane Cushions 5. Egg Warmers by Alex Mackenzie 6. Tiny Ring Bowls by Borrowed Earth 7. Heart Appliqued cushion by Jamie kay 8. Tinch Design Heart magnets 9. Red Heart Country Mug by little white box 10. Print by A little Ink

Shop Me Pretty




We were lucky to attend the recent ‘Shop Me Pretty’ in Sumner, and can vouch that the shopping event is definitely well worth a visit! The exciting new night market is organised by two talented ladies (Kate & Brenda) and features a range of creative retailers selling a wide range of gorgeous products. The market is open from 6.30pm til 9.00pm, entry by gold coin ensures a glass of bubbles and nibbles throughout the evening. For more information about becoming a stall holder check the Website, Facebook or email - shopmeprettynz@gmail.com. I (Hazel) am organising goody bags for the first fifty attendees, if you have something you would like to include in the goody bags, please email me - hazellovesdesign@yahoo.com or just pop by to introduce yourself.

Friday 14th September - Paparoa St School Hall Saturday 6th October - Templeton Community Centre

Purple Rain... 2


3 4




1. Crochet Garland by Alex Mackenzie. 2. Quote magnets by Tinch Design Studio. 3. Skull cushion cover by NZFINCH on Felt. 4. Cushion by Eiderdowns on Felt. 5. Stripe Card by Forty Five. 6. Fabric Basket by Craft Me Up on Felt. 7. Hoody by Ambassador


Travel Bug with Hamptons Style



A most magical spot in Northern NSW, and a special place that my two girls and I always cherish and get excited about going there together. Every. Single. Time. We stumbled upon the lighthouse by accident one day when we were driving to Kingscliff for lunch. I had heard about Fingal so we took a little drive there, parked the car and took a walk along a beach track. We saw a sign that read “Lighthouse” with an arrow and decided to take a walk. When we came out through the trees we could see a lighthouse at the top of a hill so off we ran! The view from the top is magical! And we were lucky enough to watch some dolphins swim too! If you’re ever in the area, make sure you pop in. You can find it only about 5 k’s south of the Queensland/New South Wales border. Postcode 2487. You won’t regret it. I’ve heard there is a map with all the lighthouses around Australia on it. I would love to get that map and make it part of my “bucket list” – to go to each lighthouse and document the journey. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

Donna x

Donna runs ‘Hamptons Style’ an online emporium influenced by the style trends of the Hamptons. Donna is also a contributor on Hazel Loves Design. ‘Hazed’ has created this travel series as a way to celebrate our international friends. If you would like to contribute a piece please email: hazellovesdesign@yahoo.com

Words Worth Sharing Thank you to Adele for these gorgeous words worth sharing you can find more of Adeles fabulous work on her website... Borrowed Earth

You are here just to BE, for no reason. You have no mission except enjoy life, to BE happy.The only thing you need is just to BE the real you. BE authentic. BE the presence. BE happiness. BE love. BE joy. BE yourself, thats the main point. - Anthony Robbins

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Jane Denton Textile Art and Design

I’ve always loved working with colour. In my twenties I made jewellery and sold it to shops around NZ and it was always about the colour of the beads. After that I did a creativity course through ‘Learning Connexion’ where I enjoyed working with graphite, charcoal and pastels, but I particularly loved the pastels because the colours could be so warm and vibrant. After we had bought our home and had our first child I wanted some art for our walls but couldn’t find anything we loved that was in our price range. So I set up a space to start to create something myself but at the time I didn’t actually know what I was going to make. I’d originally thought I would design some patterns on the computer and print them, but it didn’t feel like enough, the pictures were too “flat”, I wanted more texture and a point of difference with my work.

Kirsty Gibson

One day I found some old wool I’d kept from years before from a Jennifer Pudney cross stitch kit and I absolutely loved the colours. Around the same time I was driving through Wellington (down Vivian Street) and saw a wire fence where people had wound wool around parts of the fence in various shapes. And I guess that’s where it all began. I came home, got the wool out and started stitching onto linen fabric the same long stitches I’d just seen on the fence. Where does your inspiration come from? I’m always looking at colour combinations, I often save pictures or take photos of colours I love together. I usually come up with the colours I want to work with and then the design comes to me, often when I’m trying to get to sleep!

How does your creative process work? When I have an idea for a new artwork I can’t wait to start it and until it’s finished almost everything else is pushed aside… washing piles up, walking the dog gets reduced to a five minute walk around the block... it’s all I can think about! I start in the middle of the picture usually with pink, and then slowly start adding other colours but only if they look just right next to each other. I have a quote on my website by Picasso about how two colours can ‘sing’ when they are next to each other and that’s exactly how I feel about colour and why I love it so much.

Describe your style in five words... Fresh, fun, pretty, vibrant, and contemporary. ‘Kitchen Table’ or Studio? I have set up a lovely work space in the living room but I’ve hardly ever sat there! I actually tend to work anywhere where it’s light and sunny. I usually start in the kitchen with a cup of tea and follow the sun round the house as the day goes on. Which is your favourite product? I think I’ll always love ‘Crosses’, I love the simplicity and the freshness of it and I think the colours are really sweet together.

What makes your craft unique? It’s a modern take on embroidery and traditional textile art and in New Zealand at least there’s nothing else around like my work. It’s also quite colourful and fun compared to a lot of other New Zealand art.

Love the home? It belongs to Meg McMillan from Tea Pea

It’s great for people to be able to buy unique, high quality and often locally made products that are not mass produced and to be able support the people behind them.-Jane Denton

Who inspires your designs? I’m inspired by other artists like Kirra Jamison, Michael Muir and Rachel Castle. I really like their use of colour and the abstract nature of their work. Which books and magazines are currently on your bedside table? Jane’s Always the latest ‘Inside Out’, Inspiration... ‘Your Home & Garden’ and ‘Homestyle’ where do you magazines. find yours? What are your plans for the future? I’ve been working on some new pastel coloured artworks for spring… So pretty! And eventually I’d love to design some homeware products and I have ideas for jewellery I’d like to work on… so many ideas, not enough time.

Jane x

We Heart It


Ahhhhhhh Spring. There is something about it that makes you want to lie on a blanket outside. Read a really good book. Be nice to ants. Enjoy the sun before it gets really hot. You love the blue of the sky, the green of the grass. If only the kids could enjoy it without you having to be involved. Sometimes, I wish they would just leave me alone. Not forever. Not even all day. Just for a couple of hours. They don’t even need to do anything… I just need to not have to look after them or think about them for a while. I’m sitting here, trying to think of an awesome topic for this column, but I can’t concentrate because my 5 year old son is wriggling around on the couch, fidgeting while watching TV. I want to believe that he will be distracted long enough for me to write something, but it’s not his attention levels that are the problem, its mine. I am a mum, a student, a casual employee and sometimes, a crazy person. To be all those things to all people requires a bit of creativity. I don’t consider myself a creative person... Creative people have art studios and flowing floral clothes, smell like paint and incense and feel at peace with the world. I am more like the Mad Hatter – fumbling through the demands of housework, limiting the therapy my kids will need when they grow up, handing in assignments late and creating a social life out of school pick-ups and weekend work. It really is a wonder I get anything done.

You quickly learn to take advantage of whatever time you have. You know you are a busy mum when your one goal for the morning is to be on the 8:30am train to work, after having dumped your kids at school or kindy. Once you collapse onto the seat, you know the hardest part of the day is done, and no matter what happens at work, you have succeeded. You are a success. You made the train. At home, you get caught up in all those things that you have to do: Laundry, dishes, bathroom. Remembering to feed the fish – but checking he’s still alive first. You get creative in cleaning the armpits of your hubby’s work shirts at midnight, so he has something clean to wear the next day. Lunches are made during your morning coffee when your eyes are hardly open. You let your kids wear tracksuit pants and a T-shirt to bed, and then decide the next morning that they look clean enough to wear for the school drop-off, after a stain check of course! Yes, these ARE signs of creativity, not laziness. I love Serendipity. I love the intricacies of life. Synchroncity. Fate. The Universe. It’s fascinating. It’s all maths. It’s all a balancing act. How can I lose? I have to admit I get cranky when I’m trying to read or write something, and someone needs a sandwich. Geeeez, didn’t I do that 10 minutes ago? Or was it yesterday? And in this rush to get things done, and do things I want to do - I forget my serendipitous little man on the couch. Warmer weather is coming - time to get outside and enjoy Spring :)

Nicole x

Want to hear more of Nicoles ramblings... Check out her blog: Confessions of Zenefertiti Serendipity The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”. Pinterest

Take a break, time to bake

Pumpkin & Dark Choc As spring starts to creep around the corner it’s time to dust off the hibernation of winter and re-acquaint oneself with friends. These muffins make a perfect accompaniment to a coffee and a chat. These muffins are spicy and aromatic and seem to be universally well-liked even by staunch pumpkin haters. I created this recipe when I was cooking and mashing endless pumpkin in the ‘first foods’ stage with my wee ones. But it’s not a lot of time or work to make some and pumpkins are currently in season. If make too much pumpkin I double the recipe and share.

Muffins Ingredients: 1C mashed pumpkin (I find about 1/8 of a pumpkin micro-waved with a little water until it is mashable usually yields the right amount). 1/2C milk 1 egg 100G melted butter 1tsp vanilla essence 2C flour 4Tsp baking powder 1Tsp cinnamon 1/2Tsp mixed spice 1C brown sugar 1/2-1C dark chocolate – cut into large chunks


Mix pumpkin, egg, milk, butter and vanilla together. In a separate bowl whisk flour, baking powder, spices, sugar and chocolate chunks together. Carefully mix wet and dry ingredients together until they are just combined. Bake in greased or paper lined muffin tins at 200 degrees C for about 15mins.

Miriam x

Want to taste more from Miriam... Check out her blog: Create. Hope. Inspire.

Cooking with Brad...



Cooked 4 Lamb Shanks Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper 1 Teaspoon Coriander Seeds 1 Small dried red chilli 1 Tablespoon fresh rosemary 1 Teaspoon dried marjoram (or oregano) 1 Tablespoon Flour 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil 1 Clove of Garlic, finely chopped 1 large carrot, quartered and finely chopped 6 Sticks of Celery, quartered and finely chopped 2 Medium/Large Onions, quartered and finely chopped 2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar 170ml Dry White Wine 6 Anchovy Fillets 2 x 400g tins of whole tomatoes 1 handful of fresh basil, marjoram or flat leaf parsley, finely chopped.

Season the lamb with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Smash up the coriander seeds and dried chilli and mix with the chopped rosemary and dried marjoram. Roll the lamb in this mixture, pressing it in well. Dust the lamb with flour.Heat a thick bottomed casserole pan, add the oil, brown the meat on all sides and then remove from the pan. Add the garlic, carrot, celery, onions and a pinch of salt and sweat them until softened. Add the balsamic vinegar and allow it to reduce to a syrup. Pour in the wine and allow to simmer for two minutes. Add the anchovies (these really seem to intensify the lamb flavour) and then add the tinned tomatoes, kept whole. Shake the pan and return the lamb to it. Bring to the boil, put on the lid and simmer in the oven at 180c for 1.5 hours, then remove the lid and cook for a further 0.5 hours. Skim off any fat and taste for seasoning. Finally stir in a handful of roughly chopped fresh basil, marjoram or flat-leaf parsley. Serves Four.

**Recipe from Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef)**

Brad x



When you are talking Spring in the kitchen, there is only one thing that ‘springs’ to mind... the quitessential kiwi protein.. LAMB. This dish is my favourite lamb dish and my go-to meal when I need to impress. Sadly the cost of Lamb Shanks has more than quadrupled in recent years, and I whole heartedly blame Jamie Olive for bringing recipes like these to the masses! When shopping for this recipe I tried to cut down on the food miles as much as possible, the Lamb was sourced from a local butcher, famous for sourcing his meats locally. The vegetables from the local vegetable market (the vegetables are grown in the paddocks next to the store) and the wine we used was from the Marlborough region (a few 100kms up the road). When I cook this meal I turn the temperature down to 150c and increase the length of time it is in the oven for, this way, the meat absolutely melts from the bone. I hope you have fun cooking this meal, and many other lamb meals this spring!

My Sisterhood At the beginning of 2012 The Sisterhood was formed with one mission in mind: Bringing about a few extra smiles. I started it from the idea that I have so many talented and generous friends who wanted to give, I thought perhaps we could pool our resources and give to those women who truly deserve it. The hardworking mother who doesn’t get any recognition, the student who studies late into the night and manages to hold down a job, the strong business women who handles her company with integrity. Really, there are so many amazing people in our community to love on. Everyday people doing life well. That’s who we wanted to bless. There are also many generous people out there. We’ve called ourselves The Sisterhood, it started from my Blog and we now have over 600 of us on Facebook. Throughout the year we send love bombs to these deserving women. Our Love Bombs are filled with chocolates, coffee, beauty products, pamper vouchers and anything else we think they might really appreciate. Each love bomb is tailored to its recipient. It has been an absolute joy running The Sisterhood this year. Seeing it grow from a crazy, scary idea I had in the middle of the night to people emailing me everyday asking how they can contribute and help. I especially love to read about those who have been nominated for love bombs, and then once it’s arrived for them to track us down and tell us what it meant to them. There have been many happy dances, tears of joy and smiles shared from the work of The Sisterhood. It is a complete blessing to be a part of and I am so thankful to have that privilege!

You can find out more about The Sisterhood and join at www.sophieslim.co.nz

Books To Love... Danielle Proud’s “House Proud”

“The Secret Lives of Dresses” by Erin McKean

I discovered this book whilst fossicking at the local Op Shop earlier this year, it is a great selection of ideas for upcycling and repurposing items around the home. Danielle Proud shows you how to produce fabulous signature pieces for every room - vintage-scarf cushions, sexy hostess aprons, personalised decoupage tables and more - most of which you can make from things you already own. In no time at all, you’ll be whipping up your own placemats from old Vogue covers, creating snazzy batik wind wheels for your garden, and giving your hallway an art deco edge with glamorous mirror stairs.

When Dora’s grandmother Mimi falls ill, Dora rushes back home to Forsyth, NC, and finds herself running her grandmother’s vintage clothing store. The store has always been a fixture in Dora’s life; though she grew up more of a jeans-and-sweatshirt kind of girl, before she even knew how to write, Mimi taught her that a vintage 1920s dress could lift a woman’s spirit. While working there, Dora befriends Mimi’s adorable contractor, Conrad. Is he after Dora, or is working from a different blueprint? And why did Mimi start writing down-and giving away--stories of the dresses in her shop?

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