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TO WELLBEING MAGAZINE! For several years now, instead of the dreaded trawl up the high street searching for last minute presents, I have made my own hampers for friends and relatives. The process starts in January with a parsnip relish, and ends with haw brandy and gingerbread men at about this time of year. An abundant summer in between is spent picking fruit for jams and sewing lavender pillows. For those less inclined to cover their hobs with baked on sugar, or fill up their worktop space with rows of gin bottles, help is at hand. Peter from wholefood shop ‘Good and Fair’ has been helping people build their own hampers using fair-trade produce at his shop in The Enterprise Centre (See p24). Why not pay him a visit or buy online? At this time of year, I’m always drawn to the celebration of light. Natural light really is precious, and days can disappear on us very quickly especially if the weather is gloomy. One of our members, Janis Muir, has sent in a beautiful article ‘Light Amid the Darkness’ (p32), and for those affected with the winter blues, there’s helpful advice from Dr James Revell on p31. Many thanks as always for the great diversity of inspiring articles from practitioners across the county who make Wellbeing Magazine what it is. Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you in the New year!

I am currently on maternity leave. The magazine will still continue as normal, but in my absence please contact or phone 0800 8815375.

Wishing you health and happiness!


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East Sussex Publisher


your Clutter Too much unwanted clutter in your life can be debilitating,

both mentally and physically, but it often is the result of some kind unhappiness. Many people suffer - attention deficit disorder, depression, chronic pain and grief can all be responsible for causing a build up of clutter and disorder, even resulting in rooms that can’t be used or homes becoming unsafe with blocked access points. But there is hope and help Whilst de-cluttering is often a difficult and emotional process requiring patient and non-judgmental support, it can be the road to recovery. The desire to change is the key and one small action the first step. Learning to let go of possessions and guilt by disposing of them usefully and generously can be an empowering and positive motivator to continue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - from trusted friends or family or contact me for confidential coaching, advice and practical assistance at tricia@ or 01435 883111 / 07974 950726 (free telephone consultation). More info at



what is modern hypnotherapy?

Caroline from the eastbourne & Uckfield hypnotherapy practice says ‘the simple answer is a natural therapeutic approach of combining hypnosis with modern therapy. hypnosis is part of a natural process that we all use, even if we are not aware of it, to deliver instructions to our subconscious mind. We are constantly analysing the environment we are in and we react accordingly. If this process becomes too intense, we often feel the results as anxiety or stress.By providing a more suitable instruction to our subconscious mind, using hypnosis, we can relieve the symptoms. This is, however, often a short term result, but amazingly helpful for exam nerves,

fear of flying, giving presentations and other similar problems. hypnotherapy combines this natural process with a therapeutic approach and provides the one to one support and understanding required for long term relief. Our clients have often suffered for many years with bad habits, pain, anxiety, stress, trauma or various other common problems and to help we really do need to understand the often complex issues surrounding these problems and the desire

to create a positive change in their life.’

if you feel hypnosis or hypnotherapy may be helpful you can contact Caroline for a Free initial Consultation by calling 01323 762844 or by

emailing caroline@ eastbourne-hypnotherapy. com

Further information is also available on the website


AwAreness through MoveMent

“I feel more connected, more in my body, more grounded.” “it feels as if i’ve had a full body massage only better because it’s inside and out!” “It’s like meditation.” “i sensed a flow and fluidity and continual movement.” These are just some of the things people are saying after a Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement session. Felden-what? What is Feldenkrais? It would be a lot easier if Feldenkrais didn’t represent so many different kinds of opportunity to different people; for one, it’s a quick solution for injury, for another, it’s a resource for skill and learning, for still another, it’s a kind of life philosophy. Go to to find out more, and download short Awareness Through Movement lessons. Classes in lewes and offham: Wednesdays, St Peter’s Church Hall Offham, Thursdays, Lewes Subud Centre, 26a Station Street. Just £8.50 drop-in or £28 for 4 sessions. For half price one to one sessions (usually £30) with rebecca meitlis near Lewes, contact Rebecca on 07595 543605 or email

Wellbeing 55 Wellbeing

unifying yoga comes to hastings “Like most people I first started my Yoga journey with the Asana, which are the postures and exercises. But I was curious about what else Yoga had to offer.” Pranava I soon realised that although the asana is wonderful, it is just one part of a whole system and when you include the rest, Yoga becomes even more wonderful, powerful and transforming! In particular, I learned that Asana, Pranayama, Mudra & Bandha and Meditation go together to form a very powerful quartet. To be more precise, here is what I mean: Asana (exercises and postures) takes care of the body and prepares us for an intake of energy, followed by: Pranayama (increasing energy) Through breathing techniques we absorbe a large amount of energy into us, followed by: Mudra and Bandha (energy seals and locks) Then we continue to send the energy deeper within us

Wellbeing 66 Wellbeing

to create inner awakening and transformation. They create a circuit board in your body to direct and channel the energy inwards so that it is not dissipated or leaked back out. Followed by: Meditation (greater inner and self awareness) the previous three steps put us in a position in which meditation can more easily happen. It is like preparing yourself for sleep at night. You cannot make yourself sleep but can prepare yourself in a certain way so that sleep may happen more easily. Overall creating a transformation in our experience of living and being – both inner and outer. Hopefully for the better! So, Unifying Yoga has these four Core Elements at its heart and which is why you will always get all four within a Unifying Yoga Class. I believe its time more people knew about this!

MovingU4ward Pranava: 0777 6367965

2012 brings growth for stem sessions! Through the success of the ‘Stem Sessions’ in Sussex, feedback requests longer and more sessions.

Liz Jeffries, the Alexander Technique teacher who continues to develop freedom of movement further, introduced this exciting concept of Stem Sessions earlier this year says “The workshops have been fantastic and feedback from those who have attended has been that they have derived great benefit in releasing tension, back and knee pain and they are enjoying walking much more!” Therefore we are planning Stem Weekends and Stem Mini-breaks, some of which will be in the UK and France. All of the venues will be in first class, tranquil surroundings and offer other therapies to complement the Stem Sessions. These sessions will be informative and even more fun, combined with healthy food and exercise, for those who want it! Stem Sessions are based on the concept of a flower in bloom, heavy and needing support from the stem, think of your body as the stem with your head perfectly balanced on top. A Stem Session is a two part workshop, the first where Alexander Technique is explained, demonstrated and taught, particularly in relation to walking. During the second stage, the Stem walk, I give guidance, touch and comments. To take part and for more information on all ‘Stem Sessions’ get in touch with Liz Jeffries on 01424 863778 or MovingU4ward to alleviate pain and improve posture.

Wellbeingnews happy 10th anniversary

Natural FitNess CeNtre, eastbourNe! In November 2001, inspired by her love of Yoga, Pilates and natural health, Alison Brown, Director of Natural Fitness Centre, opened the doors to the most perfect space where likeminded people could come together and enjoy learning and practicing. The wonderful sea views and the tranquil interior of the Natural Fitness Centre building is the perfect environment to create feelings of relaxation and calm.“I feel both proud and privileged to have brought health advice and support to the local community for the last 10years. Many loyal clients have been visiting the Natural Fitness Centre since we first opened and still more are joining us every

week to experience improved health, make lasting friendships and have fun!” “Most of us at some time during our lives face health issues. I believe looking after our health and wellbeing is a serious issue and as individual as you are. That’s why I feel it is so important to offer personal health consultations to establish what’s right for you. I feel very blessed that the Centre now has 40 of the very best Teachers and Therapists in the area, all of whom are committed to offering a great service to the people of Eastbourne and surrounding areas”


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Women and Children First!

This winter Anahata Health Centre has a special focus on women and children.

“We always offer more than the usual massage varieties as well as counselling, hypnotherapy, healing, and courses of all kinds. Check our website to view YouTube videos of our therapies and people’s experiences with them. For any fertility issues, male or female we have acupuncture and Chinese herbs. For pregnancy and labour we have pre-natal yoga, cranial osteopathy (to gently realign aching joints), acupuncture, pregnancy massage... and you can even rent one of our birthing pools for the ‘at home’ waterbirth experience. For babies and post-natal we have parent and baby yoga, pilates, cranial osteopathy (to help babies realignment after birth), baby massage, homeopathy, and Chinese Medicine for babies and children (we help you to help your baby/child in various ways). We also have a far infra red sauna: a brilliant, gentle way to safely remove toxins from your body so they do not get into your breastmilk. For older children we have children’s Yoga! Come and experience our many and varied affordable complementary therapies- one Saturday every month only £20... also weekly low cost deals - various therapies featured daily - call for details.” Anahata Health Clinic | 01273 698687 | |

Wellbeing Wellbeing 77

Taking the time to look at someone’s outward appearance can be hugely important in not missing a health condition. When I see patients on a one to one basis, I’m pretty much assessing them as soon as they come through the door, i.e. do they actually look well and do their eyes, skin, nails etc. tell me anything about their overall health?

8 Wellbeing

Wellbeing health

The outward signs of

Words:Kate Arnold



s a complete unique individual you will have completely unique individual traits, not only in your personality but also how you look. Starting with the eyes (often referred to as the windows of the soul) here are some symptoms that people suffer from and what they could but not necessarily mean: (so please dont all go rushing off to your GP unless you have real concerns!):


Glassy-eyed: too much adrenaline, exhaustion, prescription or recreational drug use Bloodshot: lack of vitamin B, tiredness, allergy, infection Itchy/dry: allergy, vitamin B deficiency or lack of tears (sjorgrens syndrome) Dark circles: tiredness, anaemia, parasites (often seen in children) Allergic shiners: usually seen in children - an allergy to a food or inhalant Photophobia: lack of vitamin B, migraine/headache sufferer Sunken eyes: dehydration/ exhaustion Pallor under eyes: anaemia


White spots on nail: calcium and/or zinc deficiency (often seen after an illness) Pitted nails: can indicate partial or total hair loss Ridges: vertical can indicate general poor health and horizontal can occur after severe stress.


Very slow: i.e. if under 50 bpm and little/no exercise done it can be braccycardia - a sign of hypothyroidism Fast/irregular pulse: heart conditions/anxiety/overactive thyroid


Spots: there are many reasons for spots or acne. Usually where they are on the face can give a clue, e.g. around the chin and hairline is usually hormonal. Rashes: can indicate an allergy or fungal infection Dry and scaly: dehydrated, lack of vitamin A, lack of EFA’s (essential fatty acids)

Skin colour: Lemon Yellow: lack of vitamin B12, pernicious anaemia

White: anaemia, lack of zinc Orange: can indicate liver problems, jaundice Dark Pink/Red: high blood pressure/heart problems Athletes foot: fungal infection Easy bruising: can indicate a lack of vitamin C Dandruff: usually a fungal infection Psoriasis: stress, lack of EFA’s, allergy Eczema: stress, lack of EFA’s, allergy Vitiligo: autoimmune conditions/ lack of PABA’s


Cracked: lack of essential fatty acids or vitamin Blips Sores at the corners: lack of vitamin B3 Dry: lack of EFA’s


Dry mouth: dehydrated, medication or lack of saliva (sjorgrens syndrome) Ulcers on tongue: run down or allergy White coating round the gums: oral candida Bad breath: tooth decay or bad digestion

Wellbeing 9

o t e d i u g Kate’s

YOUR PERSONALITY The Four Humours Although there is no scientific basis whatsoever, I love the idea of the very old practice of humors. Ancient Greek philosophers such as Hippocrates (400 BC) and Galen (140/150 AD) classified four types of “humors” in people. Each type was believed to be due to an excess of one of four bodily fluids, corresponding to their character. The personalities were termed “humors”. All diseases and disabilities resulted from an excess or deficit of one of these four humors. The four humors were identified as black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. Greeks and Romans, and the later Muslim and Western European medical establishments that adopted and adapted classical medical philosophy, believed that each of these humors would wax and wane in the body, depending on diet and activity. When a patient was suffering from a surplus or imbalance of one fluid, then his or her personality and physical health would be affected. This theory was closely related to the theory of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air - earth was predominantly present in the black bile, fire in the yellow bile, water in the phlegm, and all four elements were present in the blood. Theophrastus then developed a set of characters based on the humors. Those with too much blood were sanguine. Those with too much phlegm were phlegmatic. Those with too much yellow bile were choleric, and those with too much black bile were melancholic. Here are the general personality types of those humors:

10 Wellbeing

Sanguine A person who is sanguine is generally light-hearted, fun loving, a people person, loves to entertain, spontaneous, and confident. However they can be arrogant, cocky, and indulgent. He/She can be day-dreamy and off-task to the point of not accomplishing anything and can be impulsive, possibly acting on whims in an unpredictable fashion. The humour of Sanguine was once commonly treated with leeches.


A person who is choleric is a doer. They have a lot of ambition, energy, and passion, and try to instil it in others. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially phlegmatic types. Many great charismatic military and political figures were cholerics. On the negative side, they are easily angered or bad-tempered.


A person who is a thoughtful ponderer has a melancholic disposition. Often very kind and considerate, melancholics can be highly creative - as in poetry and art - but also can become overly pre-occupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world, thus becoming depressed. A melancholic is also often a perfectionist, being very particular about what they want and how they want it in some cases. This often results in being dissatisfied with one’s own artistic or creative works and always pointing out to themselves what could and should be

The Four Humours, Getty Images

improved. They are often loners and most times choose to stay alone and reflect.


While phlegmatic are generally self-content and kind, their shy personality can often inhibit enthusiasm in others and make themselves lazy and resistant to change. They are very consistent, relaxed, rational, curious, and observant, making them good administrators and diplomats. Like the sanguine personality, the phlegmatic has many friends. However the phlegmatic is more reliable and compassionate; these characteristics typically make the phlegmatic a more dependable friend. As I said, the humors have no scientifically proven basis, and are out of favour now. Like an astrology chart though, part of the thought process does have a sense of... something.

Type A personality If we bring things up to date slightly, our 21st century equivalent is the Type A and Type B personality, first suggested by Meyer Friedman, an American cardiologist, who noticed in the 1940s that the chairs in his waiting room got worn out from the edges. He hypothesized that his patients were driven, impatient people, who sat on the edge of their seats when waiting. They labelled these people “Type A” personalities. Type A personalities are workaholics, always busy, driven, somewhat impatient, and so on. Type B personalities, on the other hand are laid back and easy going. “Type A personality” has found its way into our general vocabulary. Since its inception, the theory has been widely popularized and also widely criticised for its scientific

Wellbeing health shortcomings. It is thought to be that Type As tend to get more fatigue syndromes (the yuppie burn out so common in the ‘80s and ‘90s), and also heart disease, than Type Bs. Type A can be described as impatient, time-conscious, concerned about their status, highly competitive, ambitious, businesslike, aggressive, having difficulty relaxing; and are sometimes disliked by individuals with Type B personalities for the way that they’re always rushing. They are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about delays. Because of these characteristics, Type A individuals are often described as “stress junkies.”

Type B personality Type B individuals, in contrast, are described as patient, relaxed, and

easy-going, generally lacking any sense of urgency. Because of these characteristics, Type B individuals are often described as apathetic and disengaged. Whatever your personality, there are certain traits individual to you that make you unique. That is why for me no one is ever treated the same. It’s extraordinary how two people with two similar health problems have completely different symptoms, coping strategies and outlooks and that’s why I love my job so much! Again there is no scientific basis on constitutions but there are certain types of people that are forever strong - Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill showed the same ‘never show weakness’ mentality. For me these people have strong constitutions and good genes, but maybe its more simple than that perhaps they have a more healthy way of coping with stress than others.

Wellbeing 11

Wellbeing gardening


s b r e h

GROW TO IMPROVE YOUR WELLBEING Words Pat Crawford, for Hadlow College


t is possible to keep a lot of herbs growing through the winter months on a window sill that affords plenty of light - but the other, and very easy way, to extend the benefits that can be derived from these so useful plants involves drying them! Thin-leaved plants such as peppermint, parsley, red clover and oregano are particularly easy to dry. They can either be hung in bunches - very decorative in a country kitchen or rustic dining area – or placed on a tray which is then put into the airing cupboard. The secret to success lies in drying slowly. They are dry when the leaves break easily under pressure. Another pretty infallible test can be carried out putting them into a clean, dry jam jar or similar - leave for two or three days in a warm place - then check to see if there is any moisture on the

12 Wellbeing

glass. They are not ready if the glass is misted or moist. Thicker leaved herbs such as sage, bay, Rosemary and thyme can be dried in the same way – however, it is important to make certain they have dried all the way through and not just on the surface. Try splitting the stems open – they should break with a little ‘snap’. If they are subjected to too much heat, the surface will dry but the inside will remain moist and the herbs will then rot. Liquorice, being very thick, needs especial care to prevent the outside of the root becoming dry and hard which prevents the centre drying out. Dried herbs can be kept for a long time although they will lose quality as they age. When correctly dried, the leaves should remain green and not turn to a sludgy grey/ khaki colour. Some herbs dry better than others but all lose

volatile oils as a result of the drying process – the more so if they are exposed to too much heat in an effort to dry them quickly. Many of the dried herbs sold in shops are ‘old’ and so it is important to buy from a reputable source. Some packets have transparent ‘windows’ making it easy to check the condition of the contents: beware those that have broken up into tiny pieces or look ‘dusty’. The majority of practising medicinal herbalists like to work with fresh herbs – some of which they dry to make into tinctures or ‘teas’. Arguments abound about the benefits to be derived from ‘tea’ (made using water) versus ‘tincture’ (made using alcohol). Different properties are released according

to the method used, something which is taken into consideration by practising herbalists. Teas and tinctures can be quite expensive to buy. Making basic forms of these herbal products at home is really quite simple and numerous books and websites providing information and guidelines have been published. Some are easy-to-read basic manuals suitable for the complete amateur – others require substantial herbal knowledge. Most give lists of uses - and the best include an A-Z listing ‘symptoms’ and ‘treatment’. It is best to start with a really easy-to-

make tea such as peppermint – good for digestion. Place about two tablespoons of dried leaves in a teapot and cover with about three cups of freshly boiling water. (These quantities can be varied according to taste.) Steep for about three minutes, strain and serve – with or without sugar. In hot weather, the tea can be allowed to go cold and a few cubes of ice added. Served chilled, it’s refreshing. Served hot, it is invigorating! There is no limit to the range of tinctures and teas that can be made at home. The fact that they are caffeine free is a big plus and they can be drunk according

to ‘mood’ as well as for their medicinal benefits. Christmas is approaching and attractively packaged, home-dried teas would make personalised – and very inexpensive – presents. Include information about the health benefits and the properties to be derived - plus guidelines about serving. Benefits reported include: Fennel: improves the appetite, relieves stomach cramps, soothes a sore throat. Ginger: improves circulation, relieves the symptoms of flu and colds, relieves nausea. Lemon balm: lifts the spirit, relaxes the nerves and relieves stomach disorders. Peppermint: aids digestion, helps to reduce symptoms of IBS, useful as a decongestant.

2 1 0 2

Gift ideas for


HADLOW, graded ‘Outstanding’ and one of the UK’s premier colleges.

Hadlow a wide ra offers nge of c areer (includin g degree ) and recreatio nal cours hor ticult es for urists an d garden includin ers, g Medic inal Hor Telepho ticulture ne: 050 . 0 for inform 551434 ation.

I Can Do It 2012 Calendar Louise L Hay The energy of this year is one of freedom, change, and expanding your boundaries. Louise Hay’s Calendar offers you 366 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to help you manifest love, success, health, and overal well-being. The Astrology of 2012 and how it affects you. Marcus Mason 978-1-84850-498-1 Whatever you believe about the nature and meaning of life, there can be no doubt that we are living in ‘interesting times’. 21st December 2012 marks the end of a 25,626-year Time Cycle, caused by the earth gradually changing her orientation in space. In this book Marcus


uses his extensive knowledge and experieince to provide some real answers to the question ‘what’s going on?’ and how it applies to you based on your personal sun sign.

Dairy Diary 2012 ISBN 978-0-9560894-4-1 £6.99 Gift Set £8.99 I love a good diary, an this is no exception. Full of facts and figures, from metric conversion and roasting times to wedding anniversaries and birthstones. Craft ideas, simple gardening tips, first aid, handy tips on stains as well as general information on the Olymics and useful numbers...all that before you get to the calandar and lots of tasty recipes on every page. I would be happy to have this handy diary under this year’s Christmas Tree.To order a copy along with The new Dairy Book of Home Cookery

Wellbeing 13

Conscious living

with the help of horses Wellbeing talks to Emma Colyer of Intuitive Horse, Ringmer, about her work with horses & healing.

uses horses to help people recognise their behaviours towards others and the consequences of their behaviours. These behaviours may be very subtle, others may be more conscious. We all behave in different ways, many of which we learnt as a child. As young infants we look to our parents for guidance and safety and we devise strategies to get what we need. The strategies we learn as infants often stay with us throughout our lives; some are conscious behaviours, but most are subconscious.

We all have parents and we pick up a lot of our behaviours from them and then mould them into our own ways of behaving. The trick is to

14 Wellbeing 14

spot these behaviours and then decide whether they serve you in your life. I truly believe that if we have an awareness of self and some simple life skills, then we have the power to make effective decisions and choices about the way we live our lives. When we understand the drive behind why we do what we do it’s like a breath of fresh air!

When you work with a horse at Intuitive Horse you are interacting with a ‘live being’; one who does not use our vocal language and cannot be fooled by words. Interacting with a horse is an experience more of body language and of using the feeling sense the same as we used as infants.

By working with a horse

you not only start to see how others respond to you, but also how the horse changes behaviour when you change your behaviour. This is because horses don’t carry the same emotional complexities that we do so they are able to just respond to you in the ‘present moment’. By working in this way with a horse you connect with your feelings, start to understand the drives behind your responses to the world as well as the response of others towards your actions and have the opportunity to choose a new response. This gives you instant feedback and a direct experience with yourself.


My work at Intuitive Horse

There is quite literally no hiding; it is exposing but very empowering.

Intuitive horse can help anyone - you do not have to be suffering from any huge trauma to benefit from a session with a horse. I offer private sessions, 1 day workshops, days with the herd and 3 day retreats. Or why not buy a voucher session for a loved one for Christmas.

For more info please visit my website or ring me on 07825 036 301



your first session at Intuitive Horse

*during Nov and Dec 2011


The Power of Committing to your Asking yourself what wellbeing means to you is the simple but powerful foundation for enjoying it in your life. We catch up with local Life Progress Coach, Laurence Davies who explains some simple steps he uses with clients to kick-start the journey to wellbeing!


larifying what wellbeing means for you, and committing to the actions that support it, is the key to vibrant wellness. Wellbeing means different things to different people. What does wellbeing mean to you? Health; a sense of vibrancy; balance in your life and emotions; time and space to enjoy yourself; a sense of security…When I work with clients, often the first step to wellbeing is to make a list of what it really means to that person. This process alone


can be deeply nourishing and emotionally centering. It can be both enjoyable and transformative to spend some time sitting, breathing and contemplating (journaling, or even talking with a friend) about what wellbeing means to you and what it feels like. Not only is this enjoyable in itself, it also calls the now well-known “law of attraction” to your aid. It also allows you to look more closely at the actual steps you take in your life to support your wellbeing. After all, if your connection with what

doing, without being authentically connected to the motivation to do so. The true connection with your personal picture of wellbeing is what allows you to take genuine command of your life and help yourself flourish. The important next step, and one that can often trip us up, is actually committing to building these actions into our lives. Challenges will come up, but don’t worry, recognising these, and considering what you can do about them is the key. Look honestly at yourself with self-acceptance and compassion. My experience and firm conviction is that there are always ways to overcome these challenges, and create a life that allows you to experience the full vibrancy of yourself, by putting wellbeing in the centre of your life.

“We are often nagged by self-judgemental thoughts... what we should be doing.” wellbeing looks and feels like to you isn’t strong, how will you discover what you can actually do to support it in your life? We are often nagged by self-judgemental thoughts, what we “should” be

Free 20 minute telephone consultation! Email laurence.powerofperspective@ to claim, with

‘Wellbeing free consultation’ in the subject line. Subject to availability, offer valid until 31st December 2011. Laurence Davies is based at Equilibrium Complementary Health Clinic in Lewes ( For more information on his one-on-one coaching, workshops and classes around Sussex visit:

5 steps to activate wellbeing in your life! 1) Make a list of what wellbeing means to you. What does it consist of? What does it feel like? 2) Consider what actions would support this. 3) Make decisions to commit to these actions. 4) Consider what gets in the way and how you can meet these challenges. 5) Look honestly at yourself with compassion and reconnect to the value you are putting on your wellbeing.

Wellbeing 15 15 Wellbeing

Empower your business Wellbeingbusiness

Most small businesses, particularly therapists, are reducing outgoings just to survive, but is there a way to reach more clients and improve income with only a small budget? Roy Van-der Kieft from Empower UK explains: ‘Over the last 18 months I have spent a lot of my time analysing the difficulties faced by sole traders and small businesses. Since the recession many businesses have experienced a slow progressive reduction in the number of customers and clients looking for their services and although this has been painful, most have been able to adapt and to survive. However, over the last couple of months or so, this slowdown seems to have become much more dramatic and many businesses are now facing real difficulties. The decline in the number of clients is causing many businesses to look at new ways to improve sales, with the client having the opportunity to experience some new and exciting products and services. However, most are continuing with reducing outgoings, with the common options being a return to working from home, cutting down on advertising, marketing and promotion and reducing salaries. This is, however, proving to be that ‘catch 22’ position, where small businesses, particularly sole traders, are having to cut back in

16 Wellbeing 16 Wellbeing

certain crucial areas, but leading the business into the inevitable bigger, more serious problem of even fewer clients and placing the business in even more difficulty.

Every business needs to attract customers Nearly all the sole traders and small businesses I have spent time with have said they would embrace the opportunity to be able to spend more money on their business. They would then be able to attract those new clients and customers, compete with the larger businesses and increase their income. However, with very little cash available, most are just hoping and praying that things will improve.’

So how can small businesses and the sole trader attract more clients and customers when they have such a small budget? The answer is to become part of Empower UK, where sole traders are able to access all the resources available to larger businesses at a fraction of the cost.

So how does it work? We have examined, in minute detail, all the elements that go together to make a successful, profit making, sole trading business.

By carefully assembling all the necessary components, we aim to make your business successful and provide you with an effective solution for attracting new clients and customers. Empower UK can provide all the services you need, at a fraction of the normal cost. By breaking down these services into smaller, more manageable options, we are able to supply only the options you require and eliminate any unnecessary costs and waste. No catch, just a great opportunity, only available to therapists, sole traders and the small independent business owner For further information and to see if your business is eligible to join, please send your business details and contact information to: and a member of our team will contact you. 01323 762844

Wellbeing 17

WEEKEND rs o i r r wa

Dr. Raj, Double Board Certified (American and Canadian) Orthopedic Surgeon talks to Wellbeing Magazine about the dangers of being unprepared for exercise.


o you find yourself compressing an entire week’s worth of exercise into the only two days of rest you have—the weekend? If so, you have joined the forces of the “weekend warriors”—a term given to the busy bees that work all week and still find time to cram their weekends with vigorous exercise. Although this technique is not recommended, many young and middle-ages adults still insist on overexerting themselves over a two-day time span. The result: sprained ankles, damaged joints, torn ligaments, and physical exhaustion. These injuries that were caused by something as simple as not being prepared can substantially hinder any physical activity for the following weeks to come. Believe it or not, regardless of the rigor these

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assiduous weekend warriors put themselves through, injuries can be avoided. “One thing to watch out for,” Dr. Raj warns, “is being unprepared.” It may seem like there is nothing better than a sudden urge to take that thirty mile scenic bike ride to the beach, but there is also nothing worse than being sidelined for the next month or so because of an injury caused by negligence. Dr. Raj emphasizes the importance of stretching before strenuous activity and understanding the steps to becoming a stellar participant in whatever activity you decide to take on. “In any activity you do, stretching beforehand is a must. For beginners, start at a low intensity and work your way up.” For beginner-level runners, Dr. Raj suggests running or jogging a few miles on a flat surface to get a feel

for the active lifestyle before pushing yourself beyond your body’s limitations. Taking baby steps will ensure a safe and effective workout, without completely draining yourself. Some of the most popular exercises can be the most risky ones when caution is absent. Sprinting, weightlifting, and downhill cross-training can be extremely dangerous if not performed correctly. Stretching before and after exercise is the best way to ensure that your muscles are properly warmed up. The consequences that can result from not stretching are pulling muscles, tearing ligaments, and uncomfortable soreness. A

weekend warrior may think that they can take on the world, but your muscles are delicate and need to be well taken care of. Just taking fifteen minutes to stretch and warm up will help you begin your workout safely and effectively. For those impulse moments when you are just itching to get outdoors, taking power walks or light jogs will get you some fresh air and the physical activity that so many of us need to adopt in such a highly inactive society. Getting that extra leg up on others will not only help you physically, but give you the confidence to succeed in many other aspects of your life.

Dr. Raj, is based in Beverly Hills, California, specialises in hip, knee, and joint replacements, arthritis pain, sports injuries, fractures, and additional focuses on providing top alternative, conservative, and surgical options for any joint, bone, or muscle pain.


“The summer rioting in UK brought the issue of anger to the front of my mind. I’m fascinated by this emotion, as I feel it is rarely permitted to be expressed in a healthy way.”


nger is mostly misunderstood. I don’t claim to be an expert on anger management, but what I do know is this: Unexpressed anger turns to rage. Rage is far more dangerous than anger. Once it reaches this boiling point, it is potentially destructive. So what can we do to have healthy anger?

can build and build, until the person can no longer contain it, and has some kind of tantrum, breakdown, or worse, depression. An ideal way to release this pent


In my personal journey, I have discovered three stages to heal anger Release, Expression and Forgiveness. Anger is a fast moving emotion. It seeks an outlet, usually through the mouth or fists! If this physical release is suppressed, the anger simply stays locked in the body, waiting. This

through the body, and set healthy personal boundaries. There are, of course, instances where it is impossible to speak the truth, because of the risk involved. One could then


When managed properly, anger becomes vital for our sense of self respect.

up emotion is through physical exercise. One can take all those angry thoughts, really feel the anger, and then run, box, skip, or push weights. Once the physical energy is spent, it is time to talk to whomever provoked the anger. This can now be done without the emotional charge surging

Write in the sand “I forgive” and then write all the names of the people who come into your mind. In this peaceful place, it is easier to let go of any unhealthy attachments to negative relationships. When managed properly, anger becomes vital for our sense of self respect.

write a letter explaining these feelings… and destroy the letter. The last part of healing the anger is to forgive. First forgive yourself for your part in conflict, then forgive the others. Those who find forgiveness difficult, could try this meditation: Imagine yourself on a beautiful quiet beach.

When coaching psychic development, I take a holistic approach to my students’ journeys. Only by becoming a clear channel, can we effectively bring forward spiritual messages. For readings, spirit guide portraits, or personal development, please see my website

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he more I work as a counsellor, the more I come to the understanding that our life is more like our friend than our enemy.

The ‘classic’ approach in counselling and psychotherapy comes out of the experience that difficult events that happened to us in the past can still affect us daily unconsciously. In this way they can cost us a lot of energy, give us low moods or disturb our health. Like boulders in a stream, they have changed our life in such a subtle way that we might not even have noticed it, and in such a way really can disturb the stream of our vitality and motivation for life. Often these ‘boulders’ find a way to ask for our attention. Like a continuous feeling of ‘something is not right’, low mood or loss of enthusiasm in life for example.

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How our past affects our present and our future: Wellbeing talks to Carine Biessels MBACP, about her work as a Biographical Counsellor Working in counselling or psychotherapy can then be very fruitful, sometimes by working through undigested experiences and giving them a place in our life, sometimes by finding and setting new boundaries, by acknowledging ourselves, our needs and that what is important to us.

In biographical counselling we work just like that, but we do not only work with our past, the experiences we have been through, but also with our future and how we experience our life, right here, right now, today. It is a counselling method that works with the whole of our life, coming closer to who we are and what our life is about for us.

To be in union and peace with our life can be a momentary state of well being. It can give the ultimate experience of being happy and healthy; a feeling of being satisfied, that we are who

This is my

Life? we are, and that this is all we need to be.

We are in tune with ourselves in our heart and reach with our own small individual life into the stream of the whole daily world. Everything seems to have its place and we feel we belong here on earth, together with our many brothers and sisters in life. Even in extreme situations, in our biography, in the experiences we have in our life, there is often a key, a seed of potential that connects to our eternal self, to who we are and why we are here on earth today. The people that we meet, the situations and events we go through, shape the course of our life. They influence us, in helpful and unhelpful ways and often they face us with a part of ourselves that we do not yet really know.

Sometimes, in a difficult experience we can find an enormous inspiration to do something in our life

Biographical Counselling is a holistic stream of counselling based on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) and the latest researches in counselling and psychotherapy. Biographical Counselling is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). many years later. If I had not been in a crisis nine years ago for example, I would probably not be a biographical counsellor today.

To find peace with our life can be quite a difficult challenge, if not impossible. There are always things in our life which have been so hard or so beautiful that we do not know where to place them inside us. Looking at my life, very often I feel like saying: ‘This is my life?’

It can be so different than what we initially aimed it to be like. And if we would have the power to change it, what would we do?

Biographical counselling can also be a wonderful experience when we work in groups. By working with themes in small groups, through dialogue and simple creative exercises we discover a rich variety and similarity in the personal stories and experiences of each other. It is a personal as well as a social experience in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Carine Biessels is a Biographical Counsellor based at Equilibrium in Lewes.



off % 0 1 Life’ y M ‘This is course


at Emerson Colle

uary 2012 * course starts Jan

In January a ten week course on Monday afternoons will take place called ‘This is my life’. The course is part of the new fulltime ‘It’s my life’ course at Emerson College in East Sussex. For bookings and more information go to www. biographicalcounsellingwork. or email carine@

s t r e p x e e h t k s A “I am badly allergic to a friend’s cat.”


I don’t have pets myself, but whenever I visit her house I have to limit my stay to a couple of hours. I also have mild asthma and am allergic to dust and have hayfever. I take an anti-histimine before I arrive and also use a nasal spray. Is there a more natural and long term solution that might help my body to stop over reacting to allergens?

Wellbeing reader, Hastings


Allergies are often a sign of an unbalanced immune system, with a heightened level of pro-inflammatory (Th2) cytokines (chemical messengers) sensitizing it to common allergens. Raised levels of Th2 cytokines are also seen in several other common conditions, including asthma. One of the most effective categories of natural product for helping rebalance the immune system is mushrooms, specifically mushroom polysaccharides (beta-glucans and related compounds) that form a large part of their cell walls and which have been the subject of large scale clinical trials in relation to their potential in cancer therapy (for which they are licensed in the Far East). Their impact on the immune system is complex but broadly they promote a shift away from a Th2 dominant immune state. Although all mushrooms contain such polysaccharides, for allergy sufferers I usually suggest Reishi, which as well as polysaccharides contains high levels of triterpenes with antiinflammatory and anti-histamine activity. It thus addresses both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the condition. Try to find a good Reishi supplement with high levels of polysaccharides and triterpenes, taking a high dose for an initial 2 weeks and then a lower maintenance dose, increasing on visits to your friend if you are still getting symptoms. Martin Powell, (BSc.(Hons), Dip.Ac, Dip.CHM, MRCHM)

Find out more...

Martin Powell is a partner in Seahaven Acupuncture Clinic and Herbal Dispensary and the author of Medicinal Mushrooms - A Clinical Guide. To Find Out More - You can contact Martin on 01273 917888 | | Read more about the latest clinical trials in the article ‘Management of histamine-mediated allergic responses’ available at (just type ‘Reishi’ in the search box on the homepage).

Are you struggling with a niggling health issue?

Send us your question and if you’re featured in the next edition we’ll send you some lovely freebies including a rather fine recipe book. Send your question to Sadly, we can’t reply to all emails personally. As with all health concerns, please seek advice from your GP in the first instance.

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Not feeling 100%? Not sure where to turn?

The Energy for Life healing process enables all of us to reconnect back to the essence of who we are, whilst experiencing an accelerated healing journeywith tranquility & inner peace.

Spirit Guide Portraits Reiki Healing Angel & Faery Readings Psychic Development Training Jackie Mannell Therapist Old Brewery Yard Battle, TN33 OAF 01424 775075

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Li Likke us? For e u offe exclus s! iv rs e ews


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Royal Parade (Nxt. to Redoubt) Eastbourne, BN22 7AQ B A C K C A R E | S T R E S S M A N A G E M E N T | PA I N R E L I E F

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APENNINES Sarah Yearsley discovers inspirational mountain landscapes, forested valleys and welcoming family-run hotels on a walking holiday in northern Italy.


he summit of Mt. Everest isn’t the only place you feel like you’re standing on top of the world. Monte Gennaio, in the Apennine mountains in northern Italy, can have much the same effect. At least it certainly did for my husband, Richard, and me as we triumphantly hugged each other one sun-drenched afternoon last summer and gazed out over a view that stretched more than 40 miles as far as the Duomo in Florence. At 5,915 feet, Monte Gennaio barely scrapes in as a foothill in Himalayan terms. But height isn’t everything. As anyone who loves walking will tell you, it’s a feeling of connection with previously unknown landscapes, the towns and villages that you pass through, the local culture and above all the people that makes for a truly memorable walking holiday. Not to mention wildlife that includes golden eagles, kestrels and buzzards, as well as deer, wild boar and the elusive muflone, a wild sheep that with its huge curved horns looks more like a cross between a goat and an ibex. Our route had been planned by Inntravel, our chosen operator, in collaboration with the owners of the family-run hotels at which we stayed along the route. Using detailed route

maps to guide us and exploring a new area every day, it was as if we had been given a local’s insight into a region largely unknown by most Brits while being given a home-fromhome welcome each night by hosts for whom nothing was ever too much trouble. Our route took us through the most beautiful parts of a region that includes high mountain ridges, forested valleys, waterfalls and medieval town and villages, the spires of their ancient churches visible from miles around. Each day we would walk along a well-signed network of forest paths and mountain tracks, both high and low level, joining the towns of Porretta, Lizzano, Pianaccio and Vidiciatico Each day was an adventure in itself. These mountains have a fascinating history which includes a crossing by Hannibal’s army during Roman times and, more recently, the defeat after a fierce battle of the Germans defending the Gothic Line on Monte Belvedere in WW11. There was a rhythm to our days which was both invigorating and satisfying. Navigating with our route notes was a voyage of discovery in itself and apart from a few glitches (quite fun in themselves) we never

felt remotely lost. The terrain ranged from the forested lower slopes of beech, birch, oak and chestnut interspersed with pines and scotch firs to rolling heathland above the tree line. Each village we passed through also had its own unique history from the extraordinary leaning tower at Lizzano, said to outdo Pisa’s in its defiance of gravity, to Monteacuto perhaps the most dramatic of the mountain eyries. The euphoria of walking along the summit ridge of Monte Gennaio will live long in the memory. But even on the mountain tracks leading to the summit, history has become part of the landscape in the form of ancient stone posts marking the border between the states of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna before the formation of modern Italy. So it was not just the epic views themselves that took our hearts away but the people we had met and the unique and ancient way of life we had briefly touched in the valleys and hillsides below.

Inntravel (01653 617001, offer a range of both guided and self-guided walking and cycling holidays throughout Europe and beyond.

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Local business THIS MONTH... Totally Tranquil in Shoreham What do they offer? Totally Tranquil is a beautiful therapy space providing accessible, affordable tranquil treatments for all people. It is on the ground floor and has a ramp for prams and wheelchairs.

Tell us more…The client can also have an Angel Card Reading to help them reflect on their daily and life issues. Mary has been practicing foot reflexology for 12 years, hand reflexology and reiki healing for 5 years, massage for 3 years and offering Rassage for 2

An ideal space to hold small therapeutic workshops and is available for hire from 9-12 Tues to Fri and in the evenings, also Saturday and Sunday 9 till 5 and evenings.

Therapies offered include: reflexology, reiki, Swedish massage and Rassage - a combined triple treat of reiki, massage, hand and foot reflexology. All treatments and readings are £15 for 30 mins or £30 for 1hr.

What makes them different?


Totally Tranquil is

medical questionnaire with the therapist before their first treatment. This is done to ensure delivery of the most appropriate therapy to the client. It takes 15 mins and there is a separate charge for this time. This document is then used to track client progress within the therapy space.

Two thirds off all therapies & readings at Totally Tranquil

*offer valid every Tuesday for those with restricted finances. Expires Jan 31st 2012

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equipped with a hydraulic massage bed making it the perfect space for people with mobility problems and other disabilities. This also enables children to receive therapies as the bed lowers to 1ft from the floor. All clients are asked to complete a thorough


years. She has also been reading Angel cards for 4 years. She has a wealth of life experience and as a registered carer, is able to understand and empathise with the needs of other carers. She has first-hand experience of the needs of children with Autistic spectrum disorders, A.D.H.D. and

Third off all therapies & readings at Totally Tranquil

*offer valid every Monday for the over 60s. Expires Jan 31st 2012

other learning disabilities.

Where are they?

Tarmount Studios, Tarmount Lane, Shoreham by Sea, BN43 5UT, near local bus routes and Shoreham train station. There is convenient low cost parking nearby and 3 disabled car park spaces immediately outside. The therapy space also doubles as a gift shop and sells unique flint jewellery, bespoke medicine bags created by a local shamanic practitioner, African drums, the Aromabreather face mask - a unique product created by Mary to help reduce the inhalation of some of the harmful chemicals found in daily life.

Hours of Business

Mon 11-3pm, Tues-Fri 1-5pm. Other appointments are available outside these hours. Mary is also able to make local home visits for reflexology, reiki and readings and is able to treat animals in their own homes with reiki. The space is also available for hourly or daily hire to other therapists. 07796 518667.

Build your own...

Christmas Hamper Looking for unique, ethical and fairly traded presents this Christmas? Need gifts for clients or staff? Look no further…


locally made, fair trade hamper (beautifully gift wrapped of course) will not only send all the right ethical messages, but is cost effective too. Good and Fair wholefoods in Eastbourne has been busy visiting local businesses with loose goods, helping people create their own hampers for staff, friends and family. Why not book your visit by emailing

Peter Watts founded Good and Fair on two principles; good food, fairly traded. “Almost all of our stock is organic, as we are persuaded that this method of farming is not only better for the planet but also for the consumer and producer. If there is anything better than a win/win situation it is a win/win/win one! We strongly support the ethos of the fair trade movement and are very happy to stock these products but buy on quality not out of sympathy.” Find out more at

Short of time?

Complete pre-wrapped hampers can be ordered online at www. Hampers start at just £32.50! Wellbeing 25 25 Wellbeing

s a m t hris




t’s here again; the period of Christmas, it’s frenzied consumerism and gluttony may just be the ultimate expression of our attitude to food and health - a crescendo of excess at the end of the year. But how did we get here and how can we find the true meaning of Christmas for our mouths, stomachs and health for the winter ahead? It is always good to remember that Christmas in Britain was always a time to see in the winter and prepare for the colder months to come. The difference between then and now is the availability of the food itself; when we relied on what the land gave us – what we grew and raised – every calorie was precious, especially those from fat, the best compact source of energy to see you through the winter. Now calories are too abundant and living in centrally heated homes, we have removed the need to produce as much body heat from fat. The motivation of a feast at the height of winter no longer fits with the way we live. There is much controversy about who ‘owns’ this celebration – Christians claim it as the celebration of Christ’s birthday and Pagans as the celebration of the winter solstice; the shortest day of the year and a sign that spring will soon be on its way. It was an early Christian theme to transform the traditions of other religions into their own, as a way of converting people. The Scandinavian feast of Yule, the Pagan fir tree, the Greek figure St Nicholas, the Celtic reverence of evergreen plants – the holly and the ivy – have all been amalgamated to create the hybrid Christmas that we know. The office party is a (not so gentle) reminder of the Roman feast of Saturnalia, an orgy of excess and debauchery. After the church stamped out such merriment, it wasn’t until Queen Victoria set the scene for the modern Christmas that the fun really began again. Victoria and Albert are credited with centring the period round the family, starting the Christmas card exchange and adopting

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the then expensive and imported turkey from the new Americas. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol popularised Christmas as a holiday period in its own right and the idea of a feast day was reborn. Whilst Victoria ate oysters and turkey, the traditional meal was usually goose or beef for those who could afford it and rabbit for the very poor. The Coca-Cola Company sealed the modern image of Father Christmas as we know him; through their advertising campaign of 1931 came the fat, jolly, white-bearded figure we associate with the consumerist act of present giving. This seems like a rather ironic change from the thinner English version that had in turn evolved from the Norse Odin, god of intoxicating drink and ecstasy! So full circle, the usual fare of a modern Christmas Day is a good illustration of how out of touch many of us are with food preparation. Our digestion has a hard time with modern preparation of meat – traditionally

it would be hung and cured to break down the proteins, but today it is on the plate in days. Much of the food we eat at Christmas has its origins in the need for preserving the food we grew or reared – pickling, curing, smoking, drying, chutneys and traditional jams have all been replaced by chemicals or sugary versions in the modern world. Most Christmas desserts were originally plum based and ways of preserving the fruits from when they ripen in September. The evolution of the plum pudding as Christmas dessert charts our historical relationship with food – it started out as plum porridge an ancient throwback of celebrating the winter festival with gruel, slowly over the ages, more fruit, then alcohol and sugar was added…seeing a picture? Christmas used to be a feast to stock up on some fat to see us through the lean months of winter. Now we have abundance aplenty all year round, do we really need this surplus?

Positive changes for Christmas that can follow into the New Year:

Seasonal Food Foods in season in December include celery, red cabbage, swede, pumpkin, celeriac, turnip, sprouts, beetroot and pears – a great mixture of vitamin C and the colourful plant chemicals carotenoids to support correct immune function for the winter months ahead. Turkey and game provide tryptophan and vitamin D to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder

Buy local Find a local organic delivery box scheme that will send you seasonal food from your local environment – you can then learn to practice the lost art of cooking with what you have, rather than deciding what to shop for.

Good butcher If you eat meat, find a good butcher and discuss the option of wild game or buy an organic turkey for the Christmas Day meal.

the holidays in our centrally-heated homes. Walking, playing and laughing outdoors will get your brain and circulation going and make your body create heat rather than store fat.


Spend less

Chestnuts are a wonderful protein rich and tasty snack or the basis of a nut roast for Christmas day. Remember, Christmas is not a festival of sugar! The overindulgence of sweets, chocolate, pies and cake is the worst way to see yourself through the New Year into winter – see this as a time to build your resources and help your body to ward off illness. Have the more traditional shelled nuts, fruit and make some ginger cookies and mince pies.

Spend less money on things you don’t need and lessen the stress of financial worry that is so detrimental to the digestion and immune system. Have a good time! In the spirit of the original celebration, do what you need to do to prepare yourself for the cold months ahead. That may be more about relaxing and recuperating than creating the perfect modern day feast.

Get outside Get out into the cold – Britons watch an average of 8 hours TV a day over

Charlotte practises as a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher in Brighton – see and is the author of The De-Stress Diet at

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Life is an exciting journey and my shiatsu training has been with me through the last seven years of my life. during this time the lessons that i have learnt have been life defining and from these experiences my shiatsu has evolved. it went from being a practice that i read about in a book and understood on an academic level to something that became very personal to me, working with energy became a way of life, a state of being. shiatsu is therapy that works on all levels of a person, it is many things to many people.

Local Shiatsu practitioner, Amy Law-Smith talks to Wellbeing about the evolution of her practice, her own development as a practitioner, and her passion for this ancient therapy. People seek shiatsu for various reasons; relief from physical problems, emotional pain, or just simply a space for them to be. in my work, my commitment to my own development means i am able to work with whatever people bring and i work towards the changes they


Natural Nutritionist Nicki Edgell of Cliffe Osteopaths in Lewes shares her recipe for delicious festive truffles. 28 Wellbeing

ingredients dates: 1 cup Apricots: 1 cup Almonds: 2 cups sunflower seeds: 1 cup Pumpkin seeds: 1 cup Zest and juice of a lemon Zest of an orange Cinnamon: 1 tsp Allspice: 1 tsp

want to create in their lives. i am by nature a person that seeks truth, clarity and love. i believe that a person’s truth, power and knowing are within themselves and i work to empower, to enable people to go where they want to and to be all that they want to be. Although Life is a journey, it is a journey with no end destination other than to just be - with the support of the special people in my life - the peace and

stillness i have inside, are the biggest gifts imaginable, i would like to thank those people very much. shiatsu is a gently hands on therapy that works to stimulate the energy flow within the body, to correct imbalances and promote well-being. shiatsu is done on a futon on the floor, treatments take place fully clothed, from my shiatsu room in eastbourne. i am open to home visits if this is preferable. i am also

extra virgin coconut oil: 1 tbsp ground raw cacao nibs: ½ cup or 1 tbsp green & Blacks cocoa powder MetHOd soak the fruit in the lemon juice and spices, and soak the nuts and seeds in water overnight. drain and rinse nuts/seeds and grind using a hand blender or in a food processor. then add remaining ingredients and puree until blended together. the mixture should be soft but not sticky. Add more cocoa

powder if too sticky. Break off small pieces and roll into balls. roll in cocoa powder or coat in melted g & B dark chocolate for a really special Festive treat. enjoy!

open to any questions people may have about the way i work or anything i do. 01323 749747 | 07971380547 |

For one-to-one nutritional advice call nicki on 077864 05366. Visit

for information on cookery workshops and nutrition courses.

A weighty issue… P

opular “starvation diets” that significantly restrict certain food groups like carbohydrates or encourage living off powdered meal replacements can cause muscle to be broken down resulting in a loss of energy and a slower metabolism. This will leave you feeling lethargic as well as being one of the major causes of yo-yo dieting and regaining all the weight lost. A far healthier way of losing excess fat and keeping it off is to adopt a program that measures your body composition rather than just the number on your bathroom scales.

muscle and not from fat, producing unhealthy body composition. There is no single cause of unhealthy body composition. Excessive fat accumulation can result from an imbalance between the calories you take in and the calories you burn, as well as lifestyle influences such as: A high-fat, high-sugar diet Overeating Lack of physical activity Excess alcohol intake Hormone imbalance

What is unhealthy body composition?

How do I achieve healthier body composition?

Generally speaking, it refers to carrying too much fat in comparison to muscle. Body weight alone (what the scales say) is not a definitive assessment of body composition. Even after losing weight, you might still be considered “over-fat”. This occurs when the weight you lose comes predominantly from

Tanya Borowski, director of Nutritional Values and fully qualified nutritional therapist runs highly successful body composition programmes called FLT –FirstLine therapy. FLT has been developed by Metagenics in the US and is now taking the UK by storm. In the UK there are only 35 accredited FLT

Better body composition supports: Healthy ageing Cardiovascular health Bone health Energy levels Hormone balance Weight management

It’s that time of year again where the crash dieting starts and resolutions are being made to change eating habits “for good this time”!

practitioners who have become the experts in weight management and body composition support. The program has been scientifically designed to help a person lose weight and look slimmer by targeting fat and preserving muscle. A higher ratio of muscle-to-fat may increase the body’s metabolic rate, enabling the body to more effectively burn calories each day. This is in stark contrast to an unhealthy weight loss programme, which may help a person lose weight, but often results in muscle loss without as much fat loss.

6 week FLT body composition package with Nutritional Values includes:-

Words: Tanya Borrowski

1. Initial health consultation including full assessment of possible roadblocks to weight loss i.e. hormonal imbalances. 2. Four body composition tests -assessing active muscle tissues, fat mass and hydration status. 3. A personalized FLT food plan 4. Thee follow-up consultations 5. Personalised FLT© pack including:- your weight loss targets, shopping lists, recipe ideas, & weekly report of findings showing your personal body composition changes. 6. Six weeks phone and e-mail support

As such, the program has proved highly effective in: Shedding unwanted body fat Increasing muscle mass & energy Improving satiety and reducing over eating Enhancing skin condition

Contact: Tanya Borowski @ Nutritional Values 07515 411056 or tanya@ Cost for the six week package is £150 - that’s just £25 a week!

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30 Wellbeing

Coping with Winter Blues

As the evenings draw in, it’s easy to start to feel gloomy. With one in four of us expected to succumb to winter blues or full-blown Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), here’s how you can get through the season smiling.

WorDS: Dr J revell

to scrape for a stress-free start.) Keep it all in perspective: Remind yourself that this will pass. By Christmas, the days are already beginning to stretch again. Get out the holiday brochures and start dreaming! Need a helping hand? Contact any of these practitioners at Lushington Chiropractic. 01323 722499 or visit their own websites directly. Sue Drake

Stuart Doree


at Yourself Happy: A regular source of fruits and vegetables will help colds at bay and you feeling brighter. It really is worth avoiding those empty calories and quick fixes that will only end up leaving you even lower as they wear off. Be Prepared: It’s said that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothes’. Take heed and kit yourself out properly. A good pair of shoes will see you through a soggy walk to work nicely. Don’t hibernate: ‘One of the problems during the winter months, is that we become more of a recluse’, says local Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Sue Drake. Humans are not meant

to hibernate, however much you might feel like it. Hiding away won’t make you feel better. ‘Avoid lie-ins as they can alter our body-clock, leave you feeling stiff and a bit down in the dumps before you even start’, says local Chiropractor, Dr James Revell. Don’t get stuck in bed and end up missing out on precious winter daylight. Get up at your usual time, but go to bed earlier to get more sleep. Winter Fitness: Embrace winter and keep fit and active. Stuart Doree, sports massage therapist, suggests trying out some indoor sports or activity. Just doing some brisk walks will help keep you warm and happier! Wake Up Smiling: Wake up with a “dawn simulator

light” which floods your room with daylight. Studies show it boosts your internal body clock. Think Positive: Learn to think positively. Negative thoughts about the winter months can cause the brain to produce depressive chemicals. Try to focus on the small positives instead even if it’s little things like the train being on time or the traffic lights staying green. Tool Up: Hate de-icing the car? Don’t let the morning frost catch you frantically scratching the windscreen with one of your credit cards. Invest in an ice scraper or, even avoid this hassle altogether with a night ‘car cap’ from Halfords that can be whipped off in the morning (and try to leave that extra 5 minutes

Christmas Wellbeing

Open Day Lushington Chiropractic Thurs 8th Dec 12.00 to 2.30

then 5.00 to 7.30pm: Fantastic health tips and a range of free talks. Mini treatment tasters and things to do: get your blood pressure checked; have a posture assessment; try a free mini massage; speak to the podiatrist about your feet; try Chinese acupuncture for the first time and find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you. All of the tasters and information on the day is free. Any funds raised on the day will be donated to Dr Barnardo’s. Lushington Chiropractic, 30 Lushington Rd, E’bourne, BN21 4LL www. Check out photo album of the Summer Wellbeing Day on Facebook.

Wellbeing 31 31 Wellbeing

Light amidst the darkness

Words: Janis Muir

In the Northern Hemisphere we are used to the apparent closing down of nature every winter,

sometimes the dark mornings and lack of sunlight and warmth are often experienced as depressing. Many of us suffer from winter depression sometimes termed ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’. This isn’t a new phenomenon and our winter festivals were designed to evoke and celebrate some light in this darkness; to give hope and remind us of the spring to come. Just like in nature, a depressed state of mind is energy gone underground. On the surface is a barren landscape, there is no growth. In fact the reason we often feel so tired when depressed is that much psychic energy or libido is invested in keeping things exactly as they are when in fact one’s own inner nature is calling for growth. But change and revealing what lies beneath (being unknown) is scary, so we invest much energy in resistance. Reactive depression (a reaction to negative events) can also be seen this way, if, like the psychologist Carl Jung, we see outer events as an expression of an inner psychic reality. Often the changes that need to occur are like Rites of Passage that shed the old to bring forth the new. Indeed many societies have rites of passage ceremonies to evoke, symbolise and confirm outwardly an inner change and they are of great value psychologically. It’s as if something wants to be born; the energy goes underground and gestation begins. Winter as a metaphor for the state of depression or the ‘dark night of the soul’ works for me in that beneath that apparently barren surface lie the seeds, bulbs and roots full of potential and waiting to burst forth into life but buried in the unconscious. But as always care must be taken if one explores this darkness, for our conscious ego is but a small part of the whole. Work with the unconscious requires that we explore with sincerity and respect. Every time we give this potential the chance to be born into consciousness is a new birth. A divine birth is celebrated at Christmas and

32 Wellbeing 32

another ‘recession’ Christmas represents a chance to discover the deeper meaning of this, which is that spark of beauty and divinity within waiting to be born. I read once about a lovely idea; that friends and family write down three things they love about all the others on separate bits of paper sealed in envelopes put on the Christmas tree to be opened and read on Christmas Day. When our true essence is reflected back at us this way we believe in ourselves. This present costs so little but its value is high.Time and time again it has been shown that a positive outlook strengthens the immune system which often feels weakened in winter. I am reminded of a saying attributed to Cattwg the Wise (a 6th Century Welsh saint): Shouldst thou desire to divert a person from his fault, bestow on him a good word again and again; for a man will be better by being commended, he will become worse by being censured. I once walked along feeling quite well when a friend greeted me saying, ‘How are you, you don’t look too well.’ My energy plummeted along with my mood! I think Cattwig was wise, knowing that negative words can be absorbed and taken on board especially when we are young or in a vulnerable state. To find light in the darkness often involves sacrifice and letting go of what no longer serves our higher purpose. I read about an elderly lady who dreamt that she stood in a dark room looking out into the night with only a lighted candle on the window sill. All of a sudden an icy wind came and blew out the candle leaving the room in darkness. But on the other side of the window in the night darkness she still saw the reflection of the candle where miraculously the flame of the candle still burned. She died not long after. So although Christmas can be tinged with sadness especially when we get older, look at the symbolism of the red berries for sacrifice, the evergreen for life everlasting, the angel on the tree (to know we are supported) and the fairy for magic; and don’t forget the lights in the darkness that represent our own inner light that once found again can never be lost; truly a Divine Birth.


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Welcome to the Therapy Rooms, where you will find solutions and ideas to support your health and wellbeing. We encourage you to contact our clinics and therapists to find out how, they can help you to improve your health, fitness and knowledge. Enjoy and be inspired.



Yurtopia Therapies 07969 949984

Debbie Cobb - Holistic Massage Dip. m.CThA

Based in Battle, I provide holistic massage within a beautiful canvas Yurt. The perfect place to unwind and receive a tailor made massage, whilst being warmed by the wood burning stove.

“Be transported to a different world of relaxation”

NEW fitness classes HAILSHAM

fitness pilates legs, bums, tums zumba dance

From just £4 per session

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Clutter Clearing with Suzanna Masters T: 01323 763454 M: 07717 094793 E:

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Offering solutions to a wide range of problems such as:- Low self esteem  Panic attacks  Fears and phobias  Eating disorders  Difficulty sleeping  Chronic fatigue syndrome  Menopausal problems  Stress (including post traumatic stress disorder). A personal combination of therapies drawn from EFT, Reiki/ healing, Dr Claire Weekes’ method, relaxation techniques, healthy living and mentoring, to help make the best of your life’s journey. To learn more or to make an appointment call 01825 873132 / mob 07767 367817 / email

Paul Skene Keating


Introductory Courses Accredited Diploma Courses

Next Diploma Course commences on 7th October 2011

In-House Training Courses Thai Massage DVD Tutor Christine Townley has 18 years experience

34 34 Wellbeing Wellbeing Tel: 01273 562202


Working With The Arts To Heal As an integrative Arts Psychotherapist I offer support for people with a variety of issues using the arts as well as talking therapies. Sarah: 07714218529 |

Acceptance, Understanding, Empathy Relational Counselling for Children, Families, Couples and Individuals. Stress management, anger issues, challenging behaviour, separation & loss. Lindsey Wilde: 01825 761875

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Seahaven Herbal Dispensary LLP • • • • •


FREE Health Advice On-site dispensing of Chinese and Western herbs Herbal Consultations & Acupuncture Treatments An Ongoing Programme of Talks and Workshops Sales of Selected Natural Health Products

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Thursdays 2-3pm Subud House Weds 11am-12pm Church Hall, Offham Rebecca Meitlis: 07595543605 / 01273 477990

Helen: 01273 278663 |

Are you looking for better health? Choose from over 50 naturally healthy drug-free treatments, courses and workshops Sue LewiS Independent Consultant 07879 075 81 | SueLewies_JulAug_therapyrooms.indd 1

17/06/2011 15:29:31

To find out more call 01273 470955 or visit 16 Station Street, Lewes Wellbeing 35 35 Wellbeing


Creative work using dreams and imagery from the unconscious to achieve balance.

07743473205, East Sussex and London

A session with a horse

can be increadibly revealing...

| 01273 814 402

*No horse experience necessary.*

‘Seeing you for who you really are’ ColyerEmmaV3_52x74mm_JulAug2011.indd 1


Do you suffer from...Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Diverticulitis, Fatigue, Haemorrhoids, IBS? Improve your health & vitality with Colonic Hydrotherapy or call Jilly 01273 477030


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with Amy

A space for healing & embracing wholeness | 01323 749747 | 07971 380547

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Friendly fair trade wholefood shop. Because good food doesn’t cost the earth. The Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne. 01323 411598 or shop online at:

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rejuvenation retreats

Michaela Augustin, Ayurvedic Therapist BSc (AYU)

magic power wisdom back to yourself... For appointments: The Acupuncture Clinic | 143 Portland Road | Hove, BN3 5QJ | or call Micha direct at 07794323780 Member of APA |

Stem Sessions

AvA i l A b l E o N t h E N h S helpline 01435 882092/884090


Developed by Liz Jeffries, a quality teacher of the Alexander Technique. Eczema and Psoriasis are kept under control by Elena’s Nature Collection naturally. Elena’s Routine formulated from customer research over 12 years is known to reduce the itch, lubricate the dryness and regenerate the skin day and night. MovingU4ward

Mail Order and invaluable information: |


Eve Peacock

If you suffer from back pain or arthritis, your health will benefit from Stem Sessions. Help to improve the way you walk and relieve pain. Your body is your ‘Stem’ with your head balanced on top, like a flower in bloom! For dates and venues contact Liz:

01424 863778 |

Yoga with Lisa Powell


in Hastings & St Leonards-On-Sea

Appearances on ITV’S “This Morning” Columnist for “Spirit & Destiny” Available for sincere, accurate consultations at Visions, The Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne. 01323 646101 | 07807637784

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Contact Lisa on 07733395065

Foundation Training Course By Tara Love Perry in Soul Reading, Channeling & Energy Healing for Birth, Body, Mind & Soul. Contact 07919463243 / facebook “Live In Light” page.

OVERWHELMED OR STRESSED BY CLUTTER?  get your life under control  make the most of your time, living space and belongings

 confidential advice and coaching  practical de-cluttering assistance T







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Wellbeing37 37 Wellbeing

Bed and Breakfast Chiddingly, East Sussex

Do you suffer from back pain? Book your FREE consultation today! Did you know that back pain can be eliminated and prevented by following a few simple and logical steps? Releive arthritis, sports injuries, back pain and improve your quality of life. Central Eastbourne location.

Steve Crossley Bsc DO

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01825 872512 MIA SAMPIETRO Animal Communicator and Healer If you would like a communication or healing for your animal/s please contact

M.E.|Chronic Fatigue|Fibromyalgia Sufferer?

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Mia on:

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Try The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme free at Practitioner training


Vajrasati Yoga in Brighton, Newhaven & Seaford

46-47 High Street | Hastings 01424 444946 Hair Cutting & Colour Specialists | Massage & Reflexology Hopi Ear Candling | Non Surgical Face Lift

HYPNOTHERAPY Find the ability within you to change Give up unwanted habits Overcome fears & limiting emotions Develop confidence & self-belief

John Hirst


Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine 01323 734664


38 Wellbeing Wellbeing 38

Rosie: 07983 622840 | 01273 512170

Come and be looked after at

“Totally Tranquil�

Shop, gallery, therapy space Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Angel Card Readings, Art gallery & much more Treatments for everyone including those with mobility problems & other disabilities.

Tarmount Lane, Shoreham, BN43 5ZD, 07796 518667

Diary: Regular Classes Mondays 6-7pm

General Yoga, The Wellington Centre, Hastings. www.lisapowell. 715-8.30pm Pregnancy Yoga, The Wellington Centre, Hastings www.

Tuesdays 12-1pm

Alexander Experience | Explore good


body use and breathing | All welcome | Brighton Alexander Technique College | £10 | check for dates |

6.30pm-8pm General Yoga Class, Christ Church Hall, St Leonards. www.

Lewes £5. Julie 01435 812843/07733 099735.

Wednesdays 10.30-12noon

Fridays 7.30pm

Biodanza class: Hove £10 Helen 01273 278663

Vajrasati (hatha) Yoga. B’ton Natural Health Centre. £8/£7. Drop-in class www.

General Yoga Class, The Wellington Centre, Hastings. www.


Saturdays 10.35–11.20am

Zumba @ The Body Workshop,

Events: What’s On Nov

3rd | 5.45pm-7.15pm Pregnancy Yoga | Antenatal classes for everything you need to know before baby arrives! | Equilibrium Studio, 33 Cliffe High St, Lewes | £70 (7 weeks) or £12 per class | Equilibrium 01273 470955 7.30-9.30pm | Meditation | Traditional Buddhist meditation practices, focusing on mindfulness and positive emotion | Equilibrium Studio, 33 Cliffe High St, Lewes | £56 (£42 concessions) | Equilibrium 01273 470955 12th | 9am-2pm Walk In Shiatsu Clinic | Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, Donations from £10, Nick Neter | www.

19th | 10am-6:30pm,

Low Cost Saturday, Many treatments available, Anahata, 119-120 Edward St, Brighton, £20, 01273 698687, www. 27th | 2.30 - 9pm Afternoon Restorative Yoga Workshop and an evening of Kirtan (devotional chanting), The Wellington Centre, Hastings.


10th | 9am-2pm

6th | 11.30am-12.30pm Tai Chi (Beginners) | An introductory Tai Chi class for good health, balance & posture | Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Rd, Newhaven | £70 (10 weeks) £60 (concessions) | Equilibrium 01273 470955 | www. 24th | 7-9pm Free Introductory talk on Classical Buteyko Breathing method, Optimal, physical and mental health and reversal of chronic disease. The Yoga-Life Studio, The Enterprise Centre, E’bourne BN21 IBD, kate@learnbuteyko. org,

Walk In Shiatsu Clinic, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, Donations from £10/Nick Neter | www.

LIVE IN LIGHT Foundation Course - Psychic development, new-


10th | 10am-6:30pm, Low Cost Saturday, Many treatments available, Anahata, 119-120 Edward St, Brighton, £20, 01273 698687, www.


Sundays 9-10.30am

Stem Sessions

taking place in Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne. For dates & times co ntact Liz Jeffries mail@lizjeffries. birth, Quickening Consciousness / Brighton / £1200 / Tara 07919 463243 /

Jan 15th to Feb 5th 2012 Yoga and Ayurveda retreat to find your magic back... South India Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Tour Budget: £1,555 (Sharing) £1,855 (Single). 21 nts excl. international flights,,

Mon 6th Feb 7-9pm Free Introductory talk on Classical Buteyko Breathing method, Optimal, physical and mental health and reversal of chronic disease, Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre ,16 Station Street, Lewes BN7 2DB, kate@,

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