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March 2012


SLEEP Inspiration

Enrico Dini The man who prints houses

Luscious Rugs

for a good night sleep


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This magazine is dedicated to all those home and aspiring home owners who love creating their own individual space. This magazine is for you. What do you like, what do you want to read about, what can we find for you? 2012 promises to be an exciting year and with so many interior and furniture trade shows at the start of the year we want you to set us a challenge... Tell us what you are looking for, is it an amazing purple corner sofa, perhaps you want that clever bed that comes out of the wall... whatever your desire please share it with us at

National sleep month

Rachel Branson PUBLISHER / EDITOR What an exciting issue we have for you this month. With March being National Sleep Awareness we speak to Dr Hilary Jones and also Sue McKillick from Furniture Village for some helpful hints and tips for getting a good nights sleep. We also have an exclusive interview with Enrico Dini about his vision for revolutionising the building industry with 3D printing and showcase some very exclusive homes in the Balearic Islands to inspire your next redecorating project. And if you want to start your spring cleaning check out some of the latest products and gadgets to make your chores more fun. Victoria Branson FEATURES EDITOR March already, where is the year going? At least the arctic freeze we’ve been experiencing these last few weeks has now dissipated, we can open the windows, let in the fresh spring air and give our homes a good thorough clean, we’ve reviewed and tested some excellent eco friendly cleaning products for you and why not try your luck at winning our home detox kit! I hope you enjoy this issue, it features some of my favourites, sleeping, sumptuous beds and purple!




Cameonne Bedspread. An exquisite 100% cotton, hand quilted, bedspread with an allover pattern of ovals, embellished photographed with Novella comforter and cushion, Woodland robins egg comforter and eurocase, Crellini Milla Natural pillowcase and Belle round cushion in Ocean. Bedspread from £372.00 Follow us on facebook at or twitter at stylistahomes










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Words Victoria Branson

he Colour Purple - no, this is not an article on the 1985 Steven Spielberg film with Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg, PURPLE is BIG this year! Well, I for one are certainly not “born to the purple” and I shall try not to write a “purple patch”, but what I have discovered from our recent trips to the interior shows is that purple is set to be a significant key colour for interior trends throughout 2012. A colour which encourages creativity and is favoured by the Stylista team for you will often see us use it on the website and in publications. It is also a personal favourite of mine, my most cherished handbag by designer Julien MacDonald is purple, so I’m pleased to see he has also designed the plum bedding range. Shades of purple feature frequently amongst our natural habitat, with many varieties of purple flowers giving off pleasant armours, the most typical being lavender which contains so many calming properties it seems sensible to incorporate purple into our homes. There are many different names for purple, such as lavender, violet, lilac, mauve, wine, plum, and magenta so watch out for these as designers use the different terms when naming their products. A little bit of history, the word purple is derived from the Greek word “porphura” which is the name of the Tyrian purple dye. This dye is found in the mucus produced by the “spiny dye-murex” snail which was found on the shores of the city of Tyre in ancient Phoenicia, know to us these days as Lebanon. Due to the unusual source of this colour it became a symbol of wealth as only the very rich could afford it, hence the name imperial purple. Tyrian purple is very dark and could almost be described as a deep blood red colour. Perhaps a better early representation of purple,



APOLLO LILAC FAUX FUR BLINDS One of the hot stories from last week’s London Fashion Week was texture, fur, prints and pleats. Get the look in your home and be ahead of the Autumn / Winter 2012 fashions! Lush lilac faux fur textured Roman Blind from Apollo Blinds. Prices start from £132 for a 600mm x 600mm made-to-measure Roman blind.


is Han purple an artificial pigment found in China around 500 BC and AD 220. More recently the “royal purple” dating from the 1600’s I would say this was the most generic representation of what the colour purple looks like. The designers have made good use of every aspect of the purple spectrum with some seriously stunning wallpapers, mosaics, kitchen ware, furniture and soft furnishings all inspiriting the purple trend. Purple is a bold statement colour so don’t overdo it however, you can cleverly use it to theme a room or make it an accent colour in a monochrome scheme. Purple works exceptionally well with green, as they are what is known as complementary colours. Later in the summer months you’ll see the lighter shades like lilac feature heavily in picnic wear and garden accessories.

Adele Table Lamp, Cassis £45

Vivien Sofa - £1300

Chelsea Rug, Purple, from £145


Imperial Purple Is The Colour On Trend

Be bold with mosaic colour this season, says Italian glass tiles specialist Trend, suggesting that purple is now becoming chic in interior design. Having talked to architects, designers and tiling retailers across the country, UK sales director Tom Anderson finds renewed enthusiasm for the purple spectrum, inspired perhaps by recent, dramatic glass mosaic

designs like Trend’s Liberty Purple, which expresses the colour in an irregular palette of plum, aubergine, lavender and amethyst. Scattered amongst the 250 pages of Trend’s lavish online catalogue, viewable at, fashionable shades of purple can be found permeating the entire collection. The classic 2 x 2 cm tile format [from £49 per square metre] offers iridescent purple, plum and violet Shining tiles, tonal veins of enamel and aventurina in Brillante and plainer semi-transparent mosaics in the Vitreo range. The 1.5 x 1.5 cm range [from £120 psm] extends choice in the purple spectrum to opaque glass Lux in plain shades and the opulence of Shining, created with semiprecious metal solutions in molten glass. Smaller yet, the 1 x 1 mini mosaic tiles [from £51 psm] allow for more intricate décor panels and borders, using tiny Brillante 1 x 1 designs in varying shades of purple.


ask the

EXPERTS Q: I have been sleeping badly what can I do about it? With the National Bed Foundation revealing that 93 per cent of GPs agree that a good, comfortable and supportive bed will improve the quality of sleep, Furniture Village bed expert Sue Killick has collaborated with the UK’s favourite GP and TV broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones to answer our question. It comes as no surprise that a good night’s sleep is instrumental in sustaining a healthy body and mind, but with 37 per cent of the nation suffering from insomnia, it’s no wonder that one in seven visits to a GP are currently linked to sleep problems. With the rise in portable electronic devices, longer working hours and social networking, it’s often hard for people to switch off, but cutting back on sleep can bring harmful effects on the body and mind. Studies have shown that sleeping poorly for less than six hours increases the risk of heart disease by almost 50 per cent, and it could even trigger strokes by 15 per cent.

a (above) Alaska Bedstead from Furniture Village


Visit or one of 39 Furniture Village stores nationwide to view the complete range of bedstead, divan and mattress collections.


ask the

EXPERTS Dr Hilary’s Tips For A Restful Night’s Sleep

qAvoid eating two hours before going to bed qTry to shut down at least one hour before bedtime qMentally relax with some calming music or a book qTry aromatherapy in a warm bath before bed qSprinkle a little lavender on your pillow qKeep the bedroom cool, dark and quiet qCut back on caffeine and alcohol qCheck your medication with your GP



Hilary Jones

Bad back? Chronically tired? Not sleeping? The doctor will see you now. Or should I say, Furniture Village will see you now? That’s because as a GP and TV broadcaster I’m fully aware of the medical profession’s challenges in treating the UK’s twin epidemics of persistent back pain and insomnia. More doctors’ consultations are taken up dealing with these two troublesome conditions than anything else and both can be measurably debilitating and exhausting. The answers do not come in the shape of painkillers or sedatives, however - these merely mask the problem. They treat the consequences and cause nasty side effects of their own. Instead, my prescription is a comfortable bed - probably the most important factor of all in managing back pain, allowing the vertebrae of the spine to remain in the correct alignment whilst the surrounding muscles can ease out of spasm and relax. A well-sprung supportive but comfortable mattress, which prevents you from rolling together with your partner in the middle of the night, overheating, or developing neck pain and pins and needles in your arms, can really help overcome difficulties with sleep and leave you feeling alert and refreshed the next day. That in turn is much more likely to give you the energy and motivation to exercise your back again which your muscles desperately need if they are not to waste away and weaken, leading to yet more back strain and discomfort. I’m always happy to see patients who come to me with pain and daytime exhaustion, but I’d much rather they invested in a good bed and prevented it in the first place.


Killick (above) Vi Spring Regal from Furniture Village

Almost a third of our lives are spent in bed according to The Sleep Council, so it’s really important to get the optimum amount of seven to eight hours’ sleep each night. And as only 39 per cent of adults sleep well - taking an average of 37 minutes to nod off - the mattress will play a fundamental part in helping the rest of the population to achieve its much-needed ‘zee’s’. The important thing is for the consumer and their partner to try as many different beds as possible before purchasing, as how manufacturers grade their comfort level (firm, medium or soft) varies between the makes and models. Finding the right type depends on the weight, size and sleep positions of the user, so it’s essential to take off your shoes, jacket or coat relax - and adopt your natural sleep position. Don’t believe that a firm mattress is best for those suffering with a bad back (this advice was withdrawn over 20 years ago), or assume that a bed with a pseudo medical name like orthopaedic is necessarily better for a person’s health. When asleep, the body moves 6070 times a night, with up to a dozen full body turns. So if the mattress

is too soft or old, the body will sink into the mattress, increasing the likelihood of aches & pains. But if the mattress is too firm, discomfort may be experienced at certain pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders. Ultimately, look for a mattress which is large enough, comfortable, not too firm, but has enough tension and support to enable the user to achieve a good posture in bed. The mattress should hold the spine in correct alignment and mould itself to the body’s natural curves so that it remains horizontal when a person lies on their back or side. However, an adult couple may have different requirements, so ideally look for two single mattresses that zip together where different degrees of firmness can be combined. Finally, choose the biggest bed the bedroom can accommodate. Remember that a standard 4’6” double bed only allows 2’3” of space for each partner - that’s less than a single bed, and less space than a baby has in a cot! Open spring mattresses contain large diameter ‘hour-glass’ shaped springs, which are held together in rows by wires. The firmness can be varied by the wires’ thickness and

the type of upholstery used. Pocketed spring mattresses are considered to give the sleeper the highest level of posture, support and comfort. Individual springs provide independent support wherever weight is applied, and luxury upholstery fillings add further comfort. Latex and foam mattresses are self-airing, never need turning and can help to reduce bouts of asthma. Around one fifth of the UK population suffers from respiratory problems, and old beds and bedding are now considered the prime source of contact with the asthma allergen. These mattresses can also be combined with slatted, padded, adjustable or spring bases to give a wide variety of comfort and firmness. Visco elastic (or memory foam) mattresses contain a special foamlike material with millions of tiny window-like cells, which react to heat and pressure; moulding and supporting the entire body without pushing back against the body’s own weight. Some memory foam mattresses also contain micro silver crystals that help to neutralise bed mite allergens, bacteria and static electricity build-up.


a good nights


EXPRESSION3000 Double Divan Set from ÂŁ899


VERSAILLES CURVED UPHOLSTERED GOLD BED Gorgeously-glamorous, opulent and supersophisticated. With deep-buttoned upholstery in piped-edge, beige-grey raw slub silk, framed in antique gilt mahogany and with signature cabriole style legs. Fits standard UK double (4ft 6in), king (5ft), superking (6ft) and emperor (7ft) size mattresses. From £1,630 for a double size

ALEXANDRIA (above) Bedroom range from MFI. This striking, silver leaf bed gives any dull bedroom the perfect feminine touch, making a beautiful statement piece on its own - you can complete the boutique look with the matching bedside cabinet, wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table. Alexandria King Size Bed £1,859

SOMNUS MARQUIS (above) Double Divan from £2299 and Churchill Headboard from £630

(right) Handmade Furniture Village


Robert Lancaster-Gaye, Founder and Director, offers some useful advice: 1. Creating a relaxing bedroom ambience is essential to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep 2.Sleep on a well made mattress. 3. Invest in quality bed linen and duvet 4. Make sure your curtains block out any light and try to eliminate noise. 5. Buy a top quality pillow, carefully selecting the level of firmness and filling. A good pillow should be supportive and hold the head in alignment with the shoulders and spine – the same position as if standing. The pillow should be tucked into the neck and shoulders to ensure the head is fully supported. There is a wide range of pillows available: goose down, duck, down, feather, microfiber, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all personal tastes. Pillows are subjective, so choose one that suits your sleep requirements.



power of

100% Mercerized Long Staple Cotton Percale, Luxury Satin Stripe, 300 Thread Count with Oxford Pillow Cases from £130 (double)


People often underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. Creating an environment that will improve sleep patterns and achieve a truly restorative night’s sleep is an invaluable investment. Quality sleep is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it significantly improves mental and physical wellbeing. Getting into freshly laundered sheets was recently ranked in the top 3 happiness boosters. This experience is one we should be able to retain; by using high quality bed linen, (100% cotton and optimum threadcount) sheets will feel fresher for longer and deliver a more comfortable night’s sleep.” Quality Sleep deserves investment because we are entirely dependent on it. With a good night’s sleep we are able to function effectively, feel less stressed and ultimately become a lot happier.


ICELANDIC SHEEPSKINS Icelandic Sheepskins are rare breeds from iceland, completely natural and un-dyed retaining their original markings and colour. The wool is long and “shaggy” in appearance. The Octo Iceland rug is of premium quality being carefully processed to preserve their natural beauty, eight skins are then carefully sewn together to create the perfect bedroom rub of throw for the bed. Single skins from £70

Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it the perfect choice for allergy and asthma sufferers. Blissfully soft and long lasting, the collection is recognised to boost the appearance of smooth skin by reducing wrinkles, whilst the natural properties in the silk together with its sleek surface prevents hair from becoming matted and dried out. For those prone to hot flushes, the bedding also naturally regulates the body’s temperature to maintain a restful nights sleep. Pillowcase from £25, duvet cover from £120 based on single size.

HUDSON STRIPE ORGANIC COTTON Give bedding a fresh update and embrace the trend for coastal style with the new sumptuous bed linen launching from luxury online retailer, The Fine Cotton Company. Made from 100% combed organic yarns that have been carefully woven to create a finely textured and smoother feel, each enduring design is crisp and inviting to echo superior hotel quality for a comfortable night’s sleep. Ethically produced; free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, the bedding is carefully sourced to ensure fabrics are kind to the skin and safer to the planet without compromising on quality or style. From £70 based on single size (135 x 200 cm)




Today’s busy lifestyles can mean that our days are packed with an everlonger to-do list. However, making sleep priority number one can result not only in higher productivity, but also an overall healthier and happier lifestyle. Fortunately the recent launch of the groundbreaking Octaspring mattress, by leading mattress brand Dormeo, has made getting a beautiful night’s sleep easy. A truly revolutionary invention, the Octasprings uniqueness comes from being built around patented memory foam springs, designed keep your body cool and give it the perfect support for an unbeatable night’s sleep – meaning the days of counting sheep are over!

A Breakthrough in Mattress Technology Octaspring has created something completely new by marrying the best features of existing mattress technologies, the steel springs and memory foam. Each Octaspring has a revolutionary eight-sided honeycomb design, allowing movement in every direction whilst providing support, comfort and ventilation. Octasprings are made in varying levels of firmness to match the differing dynamics of the human body. Extensive pressure mapping is used to determine the resistance and optimal placement for each spring.


The body enjoys a healthy airflow courtesy of the constant ventilation that Octaspring provides. As the body moves during sleep, stale and humid air is forced out through the specially designed mesh sides of the mattress whilst fresh air is drawn back in. Each Octaspring works both independently and collectively in layers to create the perfect conditions for smooth blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, agile vertebra alignment and excellent support meaning fresh, blissful sleep night after night.

To Win an Octaspring Pillow. Enter our competition by Visiting our website competitions Closing date 31st March 2012 (See website for terms and conditions)

A Better Night’s Sleep

Octaspring improves on existing mattress technologies to take sleeping to a new level of comfort. Traditional metal springs can cause pressure points that disrupt sleep, while the Octaspring works in the completely opposite way. Instead of pushing up against a resting body, Octaspring accepts the weight and cradles the body. Memory foam can eliminate pressure points, but it can also be hot and humid, while the Octaspring’s revolutionary ventilation system avoids this, resulting in comfort without compromise.



(above) Start each day with the warmth, light and natural sounds of an African sunrise. The Wake-up Light also has a USB input so you can be roused by your own favourite track if you prefer, while the lamp gradually fades from dark to light it also works in reverse, gradually fading you into the perfect nights sleep . Philips HF3490 Wake-Up Light £135



(above) If you rely on relaxing music or soothing speech to help you to sleep at night, the all-new iMusic Memory Foam Pillow takes it to a whole new level. The iMusic Memory Foam Pillow features an ingenious built-in speaker that can be connected to any music source featuring a standard UK headphone socket. And because this standard-size pillow is made from Memory Foam, it gently moulds to the shape of your neck and head, relieving pressure and supporting you in comfort while you sleep £29.99


One of the latest products that is set to be a massive part of the ‘Do It Yourself’ health movement is the Zeo Sleep Manager - a unique device which tracks your sleep through the night to give an accurate reading of your sleep stages and sleep quality. The wireless headband tracks your brainwaves as you sleep and then sends this data wirelessly to your smartphone; this data can then be used to devise a personalised sleep coaching programme to enable you to take control of your sleep and improve sleep quality. It is scientifically proven that sleep has a massive impact on lots of aspects of life including health, weightloss, performance, happiness and even sex life, so it really is a key health aspect to track. £89




HESSIAN FROM SANTA FE (left) Prices start from £200 per square metre and shutters are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit every time. 63mm Tier on Tier Shutter system in ‘Hessian’ from Santa Fe Shutters


FROSTBRITE Prices start from £25 Stockists:

Q&A Q: I’m having difficulty choosing a window dressing for my bathroom window. I want to create more privacy but I don’t want to lose natural daylight. In addition, the room gets very steamy so no curtains or anything fussy please. Any suggestions? A: These ultra chic, ‘Tier on Tier’ shutters from Santa Fe Shutters (pictured left) sound perfect for your window, creating a chic and streamlined window treatment. Top and bottom sections operate independently for optimum control of light, privacy and ventilation. An alternative option is Frostbright a residential window films installed to solve many glass related issues such as heat, glare, fading, safety, security, privacy, glass decoration and glass manifestations.

BATHROOM SHUTTERS (right) These bathroom shutters as shown are featured at a Kelly Hoppen designed home at The Lakes by Yoo development in England. photo Mel Yates


enrico dini


Have you ever had a moment of excitement when you hear or see something that captures your imagination? Rachel Branson speaks to Enrico Dini about the future of 3D printing. About a year ago I watched a short video clip featuring a technology called 3D printing, at the time I thought it sounded like a great idea but wouldn’t really be available in my life time. Then last week I watched the Chanel 4 programme ‘Home of the Future’ but this time they showed a desktop printer that could physically print objects, such as a pen and a table lamp. As soon as the programme finished I was on the internet googling anything I could find about 3D printing. Could this technology really allow me to design my own unique household furniture and objects? A quick search revealed a website, a collaboration of artists who have designed stunning items from lampshades and art to stunning pieces of jewellery ( I found a company creating bespoke toy robots (www.myrobotnation. com) and collaborations through crowdsourcing, raising funds to commission sculptures . The printers use powdered plastics and


metals like stainless steel, laying and fusing each layer together to create solid and sometimes extremely complex objects. But after trawling through websites and blogs a story caught my eye, a trailer for a film called ‘ The Man who prints Houses’, now that got my attention. www. I watched the trailer twice and read everything on their website, was this really a possibility. I contacted the film company and asked if I could interview the inventor and two days later I was emailing Enrico Dini to organise a Skype call to Italy. Having just finished the call I felt an urgent need to write it all down, I wanted to capture his passion, enthusiasm and most of all his vision. I meant to take more notes but as the conversation flowed I sometimes forgot I was interviewing him, I just wanted to listen to his soft Italian accent tell a story of visions, passion, heart ache and possibilities.

I feel slightly in awe of the fact that I have just spoken to the person who will revolutionise building methods... But behind this genius and visionary is a gentle, kind, compassionate man, looking to bring a balance back into his life after the turmoil, heart ache and financial losses of the last few years. Enrico Dini studied Civil Engineering in Pisa during his late twenties, and was later recruited into the robotics department of a company where his brother also worked. He was drafted to the technical department, designing robotic machinery, the very skills he would need to fulfill the vision he experienced while traveling to Mexico as a student. The concept of 3D printing has actually been around for the last 30 years, but it was in the early 90’s that Enrico attended an exhibition in Milan and saw his first machine used to create mechanical components, then in 1996 he saw the introduction of powder materials being used. He

SARDINIA Concept House awaiting construction in Sardinia

made presentations to a Scooter factory in Tuscany and later a footwear manufacturer who were using his companies robotic technology. During one meeting in 2004 a small model of a house was created to demonstrate the technology, but it was the suggestion that the principle could be applied on a larger scale, that were just the right words to ignite the fire of a creative genius. Like anyone with a world changing vision, you have to start small and his first creation was a 20cmx20cm cube paper weight. 3D printers use a computer-driven printer to turn a CAD model into a real structure one layer at a time. The beauty of this technology is that there are no limitations on design, a single object with all it’s components can be created in a single piece, companies have developed the technology to create parts of the body, like a jawbone, to the exact

RADIOLARIA Gazebo designed by Andrea Morgante, Shiro Studio, London

dimensions of the piece being replaced, development into creating tissue and organs is also being developed as we speak. So as you can see this is a very exciting technology and one that Enrico envisaged would revolutionise the building of houses. So after the cube came columns, sculptures and a concept house all of which have a very familiar feel, that of building giant sandcastles, a passion of his as a child.

In 2007 Enrico received a patent for a system using an inorganic binding material and any old sand to 3D print buildings. The new process had low maintenance costs, was easier to use and could reproduce features like domes without any of the complicated forming and scaffolding as well as being more environmentally friendly than cement. Enrico was commissioned to build a roundabout sculpture in Pisa Italy, but the funding became difficult and as the recession hit, Enrico found himself funding much of the project himself. As well as the financial cost, he lost the two loves in his life, his wife and son, who departed for London unable to live with the pressure of such a monumental vision. As we chatted on skype, I could see the sadness behind the twinkle in his eyes, the frustration of his vision being put on hold and not seeing the fruition of his efforts and his personal sacrifices. But as with all entrepreneurs, actually this word seems too ordinary to describe Enrico, he is so much more, he is a visionary, he rides the roller coaster of business success and failure. For him there is no


The Rygo, standing 2 meters tall, will be the largest 3D print of any type in North America and will be installed at Gropp’s Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

failure just another opportunity to carry on and try a different approach, moving him closer to his vision. People visit him from all over the world to work on exciting projects, a sculpture for Vancouver, pieces of furniture for designers in the Netherlands, London, Japan. This is one of the niche markets he is developing, working with other visionary designers, but those with a passion for mathematics for creating truly individual, sculptural pieces. The other area which I found really exciting, is the area of ‘landscape architecture’ he is creating marine furnishing and coastal restoration, creating things like artificial reefs, a term he likes to call ‘archinature’ So what of his vision for building homes? He is in discussion with governments about creating social housing in India and the US. I wondered if he would end up building uniform blocks but when I broach the subject he laughs and promises they will be free form buildings and not a cube in sight. What an amazing project that will be. Would it not be amazing for an architect to design a unique home for a family or a developer here in the UK to take a piece of land and


create a bespoke and extraordinary development of free form, printed houses? His plans for the future are very simple and interestingly his first one was to ‘solve’ his private life. The last few years have been difficult, not just for the business but for his family, he wants to relax, find companionship, friendship and most of all love. He wants to improve his systems. As a creative person he has no end of ideas for improvements to his technology and future projects, but with the day to day running of the business he has been spending only 1 per cent of his time doing what he loves most so his desire is to delegate some of the commercial responsibilities. And his final wish is to be the inventor and engineer once again as well as spending time on research and development, may be even completing Gaudi’s work on the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló in Barcelona! So as our call comes to an close, it actually feels more like ending a call to a friend, rather than an interview. I want to be part of this story, I want to know how the contracts in India and the US turn out and see the latest furniture designs in a London showroom. I want to see the first pictures of his social housing and to tell everyone about this amazing technology. Perhaps one day I might even get to see his printed house in Tuscany or even better commission him to build one for me here in Kent.

Filmmakers Jack Wake-Walker and Marc Webb have turned his story into a documentary. What started out as a couple of hours filming ended up becoming a documentary and journey for all three. The film, titled The Man who Prints Houses, looks at Dini’s life and his struggle to bring large-scale 3D printing to reality.


PRINTING Inspired by images of the microscopic world, Radiolarian Lamp takes its shape after the intricate mineral skeletons of radiolarian, found as plankton throughout the ocean. Designer Fung Kwok Pan 279.06 euro excl. VAT radiolarian-lamp

Borromean Rings Seifert Surface metal print, 4” diameter - $420

Tuskshell metal print, 4¼” x 3 x 3” - $390

Digital Forming is a new London-based company that will allow designers to create products on the internet that customers can customise online and then buy. The company will initially offer a range of products including a lemon squeezer (above and below), a pen and a lamp, that customers can manipulate to create their own designs






State of the art waterfront property offering everything from a designer interior to magnificent sea views and the latest domestic gadgetry. The elegant atrium entrance looks down over the split level open plan living area out onto the teak terracing and heated infinity swimming pool beyond.  On the upper floor is an en suite master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and sea view terrace alongside two further en suite guest rooms both with bay views.  Property highlights include a striking Dada Italian kitchen, Bose surround sound TV and projector, fitness centre, sauna, temperature controlled wine cellar, under floor heating and outside heated Jacuzzi. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, built area 280m², plot 1,200m². Price 3.95mn euros Contact Mallorca Sotheby’s International Realty on phone: (+34) 971 67 48 07, email or visit



A newly constructed west facing villa designed by Jade Jagger set at the heart of the natural paradise of Ibiza’s unspoiled rural north. Close to the quaint town of San Joan with its whitewashed 18th century church, this property offers privacy, dramatic Mediterranean and countryside views as well as close proximity to some fantastic beaches.  Built in a minimalistic contemporary style, the home has high ceilings, clean lines and is flooded with natural light.  The living-dining space is open plan with double height windows and sliding pocket patio doors bringing the outside in.  Upstairs, the galleried master suite has an imposing glass wall that overlooks both the living room and the Mediterranean beyond.  A designer kitchen and guest WC complete the space in the main house.  An outdoor staircase leads to second level guest accommodation with four large en-suite bedrooms arranged around a shady cloister with garden.  To the exterior there is extensive sundrenched terracing with various dining and lounging areas, a uniquely shaped swimming pool and lush Mediterranean vegetation including a beautiful centrepiece ancient olive tree.  A secluded private patio with a peaceful water feature offers serenity and calm whilst a Roman well offers the possibility for a valuable water supply.    Built area:  450m², Plot area:  30,000m², Five en-suite bedrooms plus guest WC Price 3.5 million euros. Contact Ibiza Sotheby’s International Realty on 00 34 693 864 454, visit or email  

Photos: Ed Reeve




Stunning modernistic whitewashed villa conveniently located just five minutes from the vibrant town of Nuestra Señora de Jesus with its restaurants, cafés, golf course as well as Talamanca Beach and Ibiza Town’s smart Marina Botafoch. Accessed by a private road, the brand new property is built on one level with the ample entrance leading to a very large open plan living room with separate dining area flooded with light coming through floor to ceiling windows.  The kitchen is completely equipped with Gaggenau appliances and a separate TV room and double bedroom are ideal for guests or service accommodation.  A hallway leads to four double en-suite bedrooms, all of which have access to the exterior.  Outside, the southeast facing gardens contain an attractive lap swimming pool surrounded by wooden decking with views of the Mediterranean, Ibiza Town and the Island of Formentera.  Bedrooms – five, Bathrooms – four, Built area – 420m², Plot size - 8,386m² Price 2,900,000 euros (approx 2.4 million GBP) Contact Ibiza Sotheby’s International Realty on email, visit or call 00 34 971 674 807.





Stunning south facing first line sea view villa with plenty of terraces offering vistas to the beautiful bays of Cala Marmacen and La Mola. This attractive home offers exceptional living accommodation with a light and sunny lounge area, formal dining room, fitted kitchen and master bedroom suite with walk-in dressing area and en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi, sauna and shower stream.  The second bedroom offers a mini suite with bathroom, dressing area and a small sea view terrace.  A further two ensuite bedrooms, also with sea views, complete the interior accommodation.  A modern swimming pool with cascade, teak-decked terraces, a separate summer kitchen and covered BBQ area plus parking for more than three cars are just some of the additional special features this immaculate villa has to offer. Four bedrooms, Four bathrooms, Living area 350m², Plot area 1,000m² Price 3.65 million euros Contact Mallorca Sotheby’s International Realty on phone: (+34) 971 67 48 07, email or visit




TIVERTON RUG Hand woven wool rug with a cosy chunky knit texture. Available in Slate Blue, Putty and Ivory 90cm x 150cm, ÂŁ75 each


EMMENTHAL RUG (left) Découpage and graduating tone are both distinctive themes in Esti’s portfolio and in this awardwinning design they are combined to result in an interesting and ‘edgy’ 100% wool design. (This hand tufted wool rug works wonderfully as a round shape too). Price (incl VAT) per m2: EMMENTHAL £684 per sq.m (170 x 240 cm £2,907) 100% WOOL

SILVER METALLIC ON WHITE COWHIDE (above) These amazing metallic cowhides are spectacular to look at, they are high quality natural cowhides which have been specially treated to give them their unique style and look. Also available in silver & black and gold & white. £495

ETHEREAL RUG (right) This luxurious filigree decoupage rug design (in hand-tufted 100% fine wool) is one of over 150 designs that can used as a starting point for customers when commissioning a rug from Top Floor. It can be made in any colour and size, and the decoupage could be positioned in different places to fit a particular client scheme. 170 x 240 cm, £2202


SPRING CLEAN the green way PLANET HEALTH LAUNCHES B_E_E PRODUCT RANGE The B_E_E range of environmentally responsible cleaning products to the UK market, which includes laundry liquid, laundry powder, delicate fabric wash, whitener, multi-surface cleaner and dishwash liquid. Every product uses natural yet powerful ingredients and recyclable packaging. . Essential oils and cleaning agents made from natural ingredients such as coconut and sugar ensure they are also gentle on skin.

BE A GREEN DOMESTIC GODDESS FOR THIS YEAR’S SPRING CLEAN Being green doesn’t have to mean washing your pots and pans in the stream! Alma Win’s organic and eco friendly cleaning range makes it easy to be clean – and green. The range of 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free products includes Organic Dishwasher Tabs, Organic Household Cleaner and Alma Win’s Natural Laundry Scent – Lemon Fresh fragrances laundry with organic vervain leaf extract, leaving clothes smelling beautifully citrus fresh. Available from all good health stores and garden centres nationwide and


GREEN CAN REALLY CLEAN Some people think you can’t be green and really clean, but Ecover have proved them wrong! With over 30 products for your home, laundry and dishes they

lead the way versus petrochemical cleaning products to bring you and your family exceptional cleaning without the compromise. We tested the non bio washing liquid and softener, not only did the clean well at low temperatures but they smelt good too. As well as Ecover’s great cleaning products they also specialise in natural beauty and haircare products for women and men, babies and children. They have a brand new online shop for all your cleaning needs, you can order refills, they are even trialling biodegradable, loose-fill packaging pellets.

THIRST POCKETS MULTI CLOTH A brand new product from Thirst Pockets, the Multi Cloth is a hygienic cleaning solution – it performs like a cloth, but because it is disposable it removes the need to have dirty cloths hanging around the home. Here at Stylista we have been testing them for a few weeks and use then for jobs like wiping sticky fingers and faces, mopping up spilled drinks and even managed to clean patio windows inside and out with only one square of towel.. Definitely a product I will be buying for our household. Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth are available now £2.39 from Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda.

VILEDA 1:2 SPRAY SYSTEM New from Vileda. A light and flexible system for a trigger spray ready to use floor cleaning solution. It has a refillable trigger system with a fine spray mist. The Wet Refill Pad included is durable and washable. Suitable for use on all floor types including wood and is perfect not only for a general clean but idea for a quick clean up for those accidental spills. £24.99 Available for supermarkets, diy and hardware stores.


DEXOX YOUR HOME KIT To enter visit Closing date 31st March 2012 The Prize consists of all seven products, so get ready for your Spring Clean and enter today. It’s time to DETOX YOUR HOME with the help of smart, sexy and sustainable cleaning brand method and their brand new detox your home kit The kit contains everything you need to give dirty the boot and evict toxic cleaning chemicals from your home, so you can reclaim that space under your sink once and for all. Turn it into a toy chest. or a trophy case. rent it out as storage. make a diorama. whatever you want. And make great savings too. Become a method fan - like Brad Pitt, Cat Deeley, Laura Bailey, Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Beeny, Lauren Bush, Rachel Bilson, Amy Smart and Kerry Washington. Even Madonna’s housekeeper uses method cleaning products in the home! check the website for your local stockists – there are over 4000 in the UK!,method products are available at B&Q, Homebase, John Lewis,, Waitrose Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Whole Foods and many small independents.



GADGETS With Spring just around the corner Stylista Homes tested three cleaning gadgets guaranteed to make the cleaning a pleasure.


he first was the Neato XV-15 robotic cleaner available in blue/grey colour. We put it through its paces and it exceeded our expectations. Set it to clean daily while you go to work, get on with other chores or just put your feet up! It was extremely intelligent, mapping out the room ensuring it covered as much flooring as it could, it even coped well with cats, small children and furniture being moved. The shape meant it could get into corners and along edges quite well. The dust box is one of the largest on the market, but as it is is much smaller than a regular vacuum cleaner the idea if to use this regularly to pick up daily fluff and dust which is great if you have children and animals. The robotic vacuum cleaner’s low profile (less than four inches high) also allowed it to clean under beds, sofas, and kick boards in the kitchen. I was actually horrified how much dust was made on a daily basis. I wouldn’t use this to replace my Dyson but it meant that doing a big vacuuming didn’t need to be done quite as regularly as before and the carpets always looked clean. £399.99 available from


Neato XV-15

We also tested the Navibot Silencio from Samsung, this one is round in shape and has little brushes to sweep the bits out of the corners, although it did clean the carpets and flooring well, it didn’t seem to cope with the movement of people and furniture and seemed to get stuck finding it’s way through chair and table legs. On the plus side the new NaviBot Silencio is

Navibot Silencio quieter when cleaning than Neato and I think this would be perfect for large open spaces with less clutter than our house. Including is a new floorcloth accessory that safely cleans all hard floor surfaces and the highgrade HEPA filtration also means that exhaust air is free from dust and allergens, ideal for allergy sufferers. Samsung’s new NaviBot Silencio is available in the UK now from all major high street and online retailers. The final gadget was the Bissell Cleanview® Liftoff® Carpet washer. This innovative product boasts two solutions in one for complete flexibility. Whether it’s refreshing carpets in entire rooms, quickly removing single spot and stains or targeting hard to reach areas such as stairs and car interiors, the BISSELL® CleanView® Lift-Off® Carpet Washer is the perfect choice. We tested the Cleanview® Lift-Off® carpet washer, and absolutely loved it. Really easy to assemble and use, no complicated instructions and cleaned the sofa, carpets and stairs alternating between the upright and portable mode. The water solution cleaned the fabrics really well and the water extraction meant that the sofa and carpets dried very quickly. The heavy-duty carpet washer includes a built in water heater that maximizes cleaning performance. This, accompanied by dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes with ten rows

of brushes and powerful edge to edge Surround Suction™ combine, to ensure tough dirt has no place to hide. The portable spot cleaner is great for busy families; cleaning up accidents and spills, as well as unexpected messes from pets and children quickly and conveniently. Simply lift off from the main unit and the portable spot cleaner transforms tricky areas such as stairs, upholstery and car interiors into stain free surfaces, thanks to the flexible hose and upholstery brush. With such power and versatility all in one unit, we thoroughly recommend the Cleanview® LiftOff® carpet washer Available from £399 from Argos, Littlewoods, Express Gifts, Freemans, Grattans, JD Williams, Tesco Direct and Lakeland and all good electrical retail independent stores.


After a few weeks trialling them the verdict was that we absolutely loved them and were sorry to see them go. Infact Neato (our firm favourite) seemed to become a member of the family and even my husband said he was sorry to see him go! I will certainly be watching robotic cleaners with great interest as they promise to save us many hours vacuuming and I’m all for labour saving devices. And as for carper cleaning, I’m sold on the Bissell Cleanview® Lift-Off®, great results and perfect for households with children and animals! Bissell Cleanview® Liftoff®


Competitions... This month we have lots of great prizes. To Enter all our competitions visit and enter as many as you want. Closing date is 31st March 2012.

£300 of

Gift Vouchers £300 of gift vouchers from Win one of 6 x £50 to spend.

FREE Tickets


Win a pair of tickets to Britain’s best loved home event and the Consumer Show of the year the Ideal Home Show is back, for its 104th year, running from the 16th March – 1st April at London’s Earls Court, and will be sponsored by Everest.

Fou Furnishings are giving away a pair of Boutis cushion covers worth £48.

Cushion Covers

£48 WIN

Exclusive Print

Win an exclusive A3 print by Aaron MIller burpboutique. com

Win a Purastram Shower Handset. purastream.


Win a Hitachi drill

SHOWER Handset from Purastream

As spring approaches it’s the perfect time of year for DIY and carrying out those unfinished jobs Enter this competition to win a DS10DFL from Hitachi




ENCHANTED WOOD An enchanting world of whimsical woodland folk available in three gorgeous colourways: Aubergine on soft Lilac; White on Duck Egg Blue and White on dusky Peony Pink (pictured) Priced at ÂŁ70.00 per roll based on 10m x 52cm roll


PIRATE ADVENTURE ON THE HIGH SEAS We’ve reworked a classic theme in this wonderful Pirates Seas wallpaper featuring island strongholds and high seas full of galleons, seas monsters, shipwrecks and the mysterious kraken. Available in two stylish colourways: White on Marine Blue and Black on a Gull Grey. Priced at £70.00 per roll based on 10m x 52cm roll

TREEHOUSE BED A truly unique bed in the style of a tree-house- bedtime doesn’t need to be boring anymore! The bed, front low panel, roof frame, wooden ladder, clip-on table and coat hook are all in a whitewash finish £1399




We love these beautiful Firepots. Whether you have a contemporaty or traditional garden we think these will make a stylish addition to any garden this summer. We uncovered these little gems at the recent spring Fair and can’t wait to put our in the Stylista Garden. WEAVE Ceramic Firepot £36 Monterey (Tall) £48 Monterey £45


PETAL BOWLS Designed by Reiko Kaneko Petal was designed for the numerous sauces and side dishes that accompany Asian cuisine - particularly Japanese - but they could be used for amuse bouches and canapes, too. These mini-dishes can be presented in any tessellation that takes your fancy. £6 each

HARLEQUIN ROSE PINK Rud 120cm x 180cm £119 Available from Carpet Right

ALEXANDRIA EFFUSION LAMPS These lamps combine a 100 year old concept of air purification with the pleasures of rich fragrances including our newest spa and aromatherapy scents. Effusion lamps are a unique alternative to candles. One light of the stone wick for 2-3 minutes will keep the stone wick scenting a room in under 45 minutes £46







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