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You’ve decided to buy a new home... now what?



Thank you for choosing us!

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting us to handle the purchase of your home. We understand that this may be a stressful time for you and we want you to rest assured knowing that we will devote the necessary efforts of our entire sales force to find you the perfect property.

At Haynes Realty Group, we strive to have the best trained individuals negotiating you the best possible deal for your property and navigating you to the closing table. There’s a reason why we are consistently in the top 5% of all agents in the state of New Hampshire. The bottom line is that we get results!

Our team will be working alongside you to show you homes, prepare market analyses when needed, and give you the best advice when contemplating an offer on a property. Your designated agent is available by phone, text, or email to answer any questions you have regarding the purchase of your home at any point throughout the process. Additionally, our team is supported by administrative staff and transaction coordinators to ensure that we provide the smoothest experience possible for all our clients.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer you the highest degree of professional services possible.


Countdown to the Keys


First, we will meet to discuss what it is that you are looking for in your new home. We’ll share with you the recent updates in the market and how they will affect you. We will also discuss your options for financing and secure a pre-approval letter.

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With our exclusive client relations management system, you will have direct access to the MLS. This means we can set you up on a search of your home desires and the moment a home hits the market you will be notified. Additionally, we are always prospecting for new listings and, if we find a potential seller who has a home that meets one of our buyer clients’ needs, we will always put our buyer client first and get you in front of the seller before we try to take the listing for ourselves.


Next, we will begin to show you homes. You may see one home before you fall in love or 20 homes! There really is no limit to how many homes we will show you. As you are previewing properties, we may need to adjust your criteria to find the perfect home.


The day will come when you find the perfect home! Once that occurs, we will discuss what you would like to offer, write the offer, and send it to the listing agent and seller for their review. A seller can accept, reject, or counter any offer they receive, and we will be ready to advise you based on the seller’s response to your offer.


Once we negotiate past any inspection and appraisal concerns, we will guide you to the closing table! Once everything successfully closes, you will either receive the keys at closing or shortly thereafter depending on your individual contract. Congratulations! Our service doesn’t stop at the closing table. We are always available post-closing for any questions that may arise.


Our Proactive Approach

What sets apart a buyer agent from Haynes Realty Group compared to an average agent or facilitator?

Facilitator Responsibilities: Honesty, reasonable skill and care, disclosure of material facts about properties. Works with the buyer.

Buyer Agent Responsibilities: Honesty, loyalty, obedience, care, diligence, confidentiality, full disclosure and accountability. Works for the buyer.

Treat fairly and honestly.

Disclose agency relationships.

Schedule and show properties.

Sign up for automated email updates.

Disclose material facts about properties.

Prepare Purchase & Sales Agreements and other paperwork for a transaction.

Keep records and accounting of all deposits/monies.

Provide services in an honest and lawful manner.

Educate and counsel the buyer.

Disclose any known non-material facts about the property that could affect the buyer’s position or decision. (i.e. time on market, previously under agreement, reason for sale, etc.)

Suggest financial alternatives.

Keep buyer information confidential.

Suggest approved protective clauses to the Purchase & Sales Agreement that protect the buyer. Negotiate in the best interest of the buyer.

Continue to service the buyer and show properties during negotiations.

Attempt to solve problems to the buyer’s satisfaction.

Represent the buyer and the buyer’s interest throughout the entire transaction up to closing. Prospect for off-market opportunities that meet what the buyer is looking for in a home and put that buyer in front of a potential seller before a home ever hits the open market.

Provide first opportunities on new listings whenever permitted.

Provide expanded property searches including properties outside the Multiple Listing Service. Find the best property for the buyer.

Provide market analysis and price counseling prior to placing an offer and help the buyer prepare the strongest offer possible.

Facilitator Buyer Agent HRG Buyer Agent Services

By using our site's search engine, you will be notified as soon as a home hits the market meeting your criteria! This system allows easy communication between agent and buyer. Buyers have the ability to mark properties as favorites, request showings right from the mobile app, and even share properties with friends and family.

Within your personalized private notebook, you have the ability to review properties at your leisure and leave notes about what you like and don't like to remind yourself later on. You may list pros and cons and even see what food, gas, and shopping is nearby.

Accurate Home Valuations Recently Sold Listings Neighborhood Pulse Updates 6

Home Preview Process

When you're ready to preview a property, let your REALTOR ® or showing agent know. Before touring a home, we recommend you complete the following:

• Check out the photos and description online - Browsing the interior and exterior of the home is crucial when deciding if the home appeals to your taste and if you can instantly see it becoming your own.

• Drive through the neighborhood - Getting a first impression of the neighborhood and surrounding homes is going to be a huge deciding factor when it comes to buying a home. If you don't have time to visit, be sure to check out Google Street View and/or Google Aerial View to see the surrounding area.

• Do your research - When you move to a new home, you are not just moving to a new floor plan. You're also moving to a brand-new neighborhood with new people and new surroundings. Because of this, it's important to research the area where you'll be moving. Some examples would be schools, shopping, commutability, etc.


Buying Power Checklist

Here’s how to guarantee yourself a better chance at securing your dream home. When looking at the below list, you need to think about how strong of a buyer you really are. Unfortunately, when inventory levels are low, buyers will sometimes go to extreme measures to make sure their offer gets accepted, and we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't give you the same strategies that many other buyers are using right now.

Most sellers are not just interested in how much money you can offer them, they are also interested in who will meet their “terms” and who is most likely going to make it to the closing table. The more items from the list below that you can check off, the greater your buying power is, and with that comes a higher chance that a seller will accept your offer over others.

Offer free occupancy post-closing

Offer extended occupancy (up to 60 days)

Pay over appraised value (5 to 10%)

Waive the appraisal

No contingencies on sale

Provide a larger earnest money deposit

Provide a non-refundable earnest money deposit

Provide more money down on your loan

Remove any seller paid concessions

Provide proof of earnest money deposit and down payment funds

Write a personal letter to the seller

Shorten your timelines for inspection/ closing

Offer over asking price

Pay cash

Waive the home inspection (not recommended)

Inspection for knowledge only

Pay the seller’s transfer taxes ($7.50 per $1,000)


You Found The Perfect Home


When you find a home that you really like, it’s time to submit a strong offer to the seller. Together with your agent, you’ll discuss the amount and specific terms you’d like to offer. From there, your agent will write the offer, send it to you for review and electronic signatures via Dotloop.com, and then send it to the listing agent with all the required supporting documents. Depending on the activity the property has received, the seller may handle the offer in a few different ways:


If there are multiple showings scheduled on the home, high interest, and multiple offers already in hand, the seller may set a highest and best deadline. This means the listing agent will ask all agents and buyers to submit their highest and best offer by a certain day and time. This not only gives all buyers an opportunity to preview the property, but also submit their bid on the home. In most cases, this situation works out in the seller’s favor as the buyers increase the strength of their offers. At times, however, a buyer can decide they no longer want to compete with other purchasers and withdraw their offer.


Congratulations! Your offer was accepted, and your agent will share with you a fully signed copy of your Purchase & Sale Agreement with the seller's signatures included, for your records. Stay tuned for next steps from your agent.


Your offer wasn't accepted with the terms you submitted; however, the sellers have chosen to counter you with new terms. When a counter offer is received, if you agree to the terms the seller has proposed, you may accept the offer as is. Alternatively, you can counter back or reject the seller's counter. Your agent will help weigh out all your options so you can make the decision that is best for you.


Unfortunately, the offer made was not attractive enough to the sellers, and they have verbally or in writing rejected, without a counter offer proposed.


And Why We Use It

home just got easier. Buying or selling a

Dotloop was created to provide a solution in real estate that allows everyone involved in a transaction to work better and faster together to complete, sign, and share documents online.


All of your personal information and documents are private and protected through Dotloop.


Dotloop's simple design allows the ability to navigate easily when buying or selling a home. Just review, sign, and your document will be shared.


Today, you manage most of your life while on the go and need to use technology with the option to be mobile. The Dotloop app and mobileoptimized platform enables you to do just that.


1. You will receive an e-mail notification. Click View Document.

2. Review & e-Sign the documents you received, then click Confirm Signing.

3. You will be prompted to create a password to create an account.

www.DotLoop.com 11

What To Expect



Your offer was accepted! There are a few key hurdles you must pass before you get to the closing table.


Your earnest money deposit must be given to your agent within the time frame agreed upon in your contract. This is typically anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. The earnest money will be held in a non-interest bearing account until closing. If your inspection fails, your appraisal comes in low, or you are denied your loan, in most cases, you will receive this deposit back. Otherwise, the amount will be applied towards your total down payment due at closing.


Your home inspection must be completed by the date outlined in your purchase and sale agreement. You may work with whatever inspection company you choose; however, we have seen our fair share of home inspection companies and inspectors over the years, and we can't say enough good things about Ripaldi Home Inspections LLC. The home inspector will walk you through the home and review each item from foundation to roof. They will then outline for you everything from minor to major defects, potential safety concerns, or anything that you should budget for replacement in the coming years.


For the next 20-30 days during the pending process, you will be working closely with your mortgage lender to secure your loan approval. They will ask for proof of income and tax returns among other documents in order to complete the approval process. It is important that you respond quickly with these items to ensure your property closes on time. Important: Now is not the time to open any furniture store credit cards, new credit card accounts, take out a car loan, etc. Any significant changes or even inquires to your credit can derail your purchase.


If necessary, during the mortgage process, your mortgage broker will order a home appraisal. The appraisal is essentially the bank’s opinion of the value of the home. They will select a random third party to complete the appraisal and the results will typically be available within two weeks.


Once we receive the clear to close for your home, your lender will provide you the closing documents with the amount needed to close. At the closing table, if the occupancy is provided immediately, you will receive the keys. Otherwise, once the occupancy date has been reached, you will meet with the seller to receive the keys and do a final walk-through. Utilities may be transferred once you are scheduled to take occupancy. Our transaction coordinator will obtain and share with you all of the utility information and phone numbers prior to closing.


Our Trusted Affiliates

We take care of the stress of interviewing for you! We work with multiple hard-working businesses daily that we know and are honored to be partnered with. Each of our trusted affiliates will provide you with the best service possible every step of the way.

See the complete list

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We were nervous to get into the homeowners market but Michael made the process relaxed and easy. He was very accessible by phone, email and text. He got us set up to be notified whenever something that met our criteria hit the market which made catching current listings quick and efficient. HE GAVE SOLID ADVICE AND DIDN’T EVER SEEM INCONVENIENCED BY THE MASS AMOUNTS OF WORK WE NEEDED FROM HIM! We never felt pressured to settle for something we didn’t completely love. He was even very understanding when we had to pause our home search for a couple months due to financial uncertainties due to the pandemic. Can’t recommend him enough! Thank you, Michael, you got the perfect first home for us :)

My husband and I can only rave about our experiences we have had with Michael and his team. After bad luck and getting outbid on 9 houses in 2020, we turned to Michael for a fresh perspective and our 10th offer (very first with Michael) was accepted! We were so pleased with our experience with him that we called on him again to help us sell and buy in 2022. The entire process was so smooth, and we actually only put a single offer on a home and got accepted! Michael is SUPER RESPONSIVE,


WITH — all qualities that are critical for a pleasant house buying or selling experience. He made us feel comfortable and never once pressured. Also, Michael has wonderful relationships among the industry from fellow realtors to inspectors. Although I think we have now found our forever home, we would call on Michael for any real estate needs in the future! Truly the best of the best!

MICHAEL IS A MAN OF INTEGRITY, KNEW WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR, AND WAS READILY AVAILABLE TO ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS. Since my wife and I are self-employed, he guided us to a lender that understood our situation and to a lender that was willing to work with us. Michael is not a "used car salesman." He spent a lot of time looking at properties with us, some that were miles away from our hometown. Michael does his research, and when we said a listing was not in our parameters, he would not get irritated. He just refined his search results and in a relatively short time, got us directed to our new home. My family got to know Michael. He is a very good realtor but at the end of the day, he is a good man. I would deal with him again in a heartbeat.

I met Michael randomly because I contacted him about a property, he was the agent for. That property wasn’t for me and my family, but it did help me find an amazing real estate agent. I truly cannot say enough about Michael. I was a first-time home buyer with a 6-month-old at the time and without Michael, that entire process would have been extremely overwhelming. Michael is KNOWLEDGEABLE, EXTREMELY


STRONG NEGOTIATOR. Michael never ceased to amaze me. There were many times I said to myself, “wow, that was really kind of him. He didn’t need to do that for me.” Even after the closing Michael has reached out a few times to ensure that everything has been going well and ask if I had any questions or concerns since the closing. He is great at what he does and he is a genuinely good person. I strongly recommend him and will definitely be using him again when I need my next house.


Change of Address Checklist

Home Services And Utilities

Telephone (Mobile And Landline)

Cable / Internet Provider

Electrical Utility

Gas Utility

Residential Propane Delivery

Water Utility

Garbage And Recycling

Sewer Utility / Septic Maintenance

Home Security Company

Public Offices And Government Agencies

U.S. Postal Service

Internal Revenue Service

State Department of Taxation

Local or County Tax Commissioner

Social Security Administration

Medicare Administration

Department of Motor Vehicles

Child Protective Services

U.S. Customs and Immigration

Department of Veterans Affairs

Voter Registration

Pet Licensing Department

Residential Services

Maid Service or Housekeeper

Lawn And Garden Service

Pool Maintenance

Pest Control

Financial Services


Credit Unions

Automobile Loan or Finance Companies

Credit Card Companies

Student Financial Aid Accounts

Retail Credit Account Services

Pension Plan, Annuity, and 401K Administrators

Credit Reporting Agencies





Daycare providers

Religious or other house of worship

HOA or Co-Op Board

Professional memberships

Civic clubs and organizations

Country club

Health club

Alumni organizations

Fraternal organizations

Charitable organizations

Professional services

Medical clinic or doctor’s office

Optometrist or Ophthalmologist

Therapist, Counselor, or Psychiatrist




Accountant or Financial Planner

Insurance Agent


Airline frequent flyer programs

Roadside Assistance or Emergency Road Service (AAA, Auto Club)

Commercial Services

Membership or Cost-Savings Clubs (BJ's, Sam’s, Costco)

Periodicals and Catalogs

Online Retailers (Amazon, Wayfair, Ebay, Etc.)

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