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Hi everyone, Welcome to Spring (well nearly!). As we are a growing agency, and as highlighted at the recent #LYNXLife meeting, there’s always an awful lot happening all the time at the Havas Lynx group. From CSR, to meditation, award wins, running up towers, running club, yoga, touch rugby – we have it all. So, to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of all the activities available, we wanted to put everything in one place. This newspaper is not only a guide to what’s happening at Lynx, but also a guide to what’s happening in your cities. London and Manchester are incredible cities full of amazing places to eat, brilliant theatre and inspiring exhibitions, but we know it can sometimes be overwhelming. So we’ve reviewed a few activities happening in our cities and created a handy guide of how to make the most of your city. By no means is this an exhaustive list, it’s just a few highlights from our glorious cities that you might want to take advantage of. You’ll find a full CSR update inside, but first things first. You will notice that you have a Lynx reuseable cup on your desk. This has been produced to try and reduce using single use plastics across our business. It has been estimated that each plastic bottle can take 450 years to biodegrade. That’s frightening when you consider that over one million plastic bottles are sold globally every single minute. So when your thirst hits, please use your reusable cup to get a drink rather than grabbing a plastic bottle. Although it may seem like a small action, if 300 of us all use our cups instead of plastic bottles, that is a lot less waste and makes all the difference to our environment. As always, we are consistently working to improve the everyday environment here at Lynx and we hope you are continuing to enjoy your #LYNXLife. So have a read through and see what’s on offer for you!

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Issue 04

Plastic bottles take up to

450 YEARS to biodegrade

In Drinking water helps boost your immune system, improve kidney function and can help improve concentration!

Guidelines state that we should drink approximately 3 Lynx bottles of water per day

Nice to share

We do so many great things at Havas Lynx, and rather than bombard you with a million individual share this, share that, watch this, read this requests, we thought you might appreciate a short summary of our most recent highlights. To stay up-to-date as and when things happen, please be sure to follow us on social media. We also love it when you share your #LYNXLife.

A day of #LYNXLife A video diary of a typical day at Havas Lynx by Mark Delaney (Romeo asked to be credited)!

Gender Pay Gap Report In the interest of transparency, 3 months ahead of the deadline, we published our gender pay gap information. As a business we are committed to a future of absolute equality.

www.bit.ly/2CbdFjo www.bit.ly/2Gwjtlt

PS. We also hate QR codes (please don’t judge us), but in this instance it’s an easy way to access the various websites and videos.

History Makers Dave the History Maker – you may have seen our very own Dave Gorner on flyers around the office. He is part of the History Makers campaign, which is all about getting people talking about the plans to Make Smoking History in Greater Manchester by the NHS Greater Manchester and the GMCA. Whatever you think about smoking, bad or good, please take 5 minutes to have your say and fill in the survey at www.historymakersgm.co.uk

We Do exhibition In January, we hosted an exhibition to celebrate 32 years of life-saving creativity. We invited friends, family and local industry figures to see exactly what we have been busy with. This video is a quick summary of the event.

ntrod www.bit.ly/2opjfFg


Who’s afraid of the big bad pharma? Ashley Davies talks about how she was accused of ‘selling out’ when she joined Havas Lynx…

PM Society awards Another epic year where we collected 3 golds at the PMSociety awards. Read more on our blog!



Culture video It can also be incredibly complicated to explain exactly what it is that we do to friends and family. This video is a summary that shows how brilliant you all are!

Manchester: a home away from home Essie O’Shaughnessy is 8 months in at Havas Lynx, in this blog she talks about how she has found it so far…



Showreel 17/18 Do you want to change people’s lives for the better?


#LYNXLife wellness 03


#High5ives – social change powered by the people within Lynx Last year we relaunched #High5ives, our platform to drive our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity. Following on from the #LYNXLife meeting, we asked for volunteers to form a CSR team who would work together throughout 2018 to initiate social change powered by the people within Lynx. A whopping team of 35 volunteered and they met for their first catch up on the 27th February to develop their strategy for the year ahead. Moving forward, representatives from the team will meet once a month to ensure they are meeting their objectives. You can see a full list of the CSR volunteers below. If you have any ideas about how we can help support our nominated charities or how as a business we can reduce our environmental impact, please email rachel.dobson@havas.com. Rachel will collect together all ideas and each month the team will review and feedback.

2018 nominated charities

Current CSR initiatives

To maximise our impact in 2018, we have selected three charities who we will be supporting.

Forever Manchester is a charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. They fund a huge range of activities that help young people, older people and disabled people. They also support homelessness, sports, environmental, education, cancer support projects and everything in between. www.forevermanchester.com

Leading experts in cancer care, research and education. The Christie charity raises money for a range of projects and initiatives focusing on 4 main areas, research, care and treatment, education and extra patient services. All of which are above and beyond what the NHS provide enabling them to give their patients the best care and treatment possible. www.christie.nhs.uk/the-christie-charity

CSR Team Ambi Swindells Amie Gall Annabel Evans Bernado Marques Claire Walton Claire Harper Damian Smith Ella Cooper Ella Nash Emily Beasley Emma Coates Essie O'Shaughnessy Hannah Neenan Hannah Nicholas Harry Sharman Helena Mann Iain Harper Jake Brennan Kate Eversole Kathryn Fox Lucy Simonds Mark Delaney Mark Hilton


Issue 04

Natasha Loeb-Mills Nicola Heaney Nicola Lentin Nicola Wyld Olivia Jones Rachel Dobson Rebecca Brookfield Robert Butler Sarah Lambert Sophie Vale Tom Nicholas Vanessa Say Vikki Ward

At the end of 2017, the number of rough sleepers soared by 134% since 2010. Homeless young people, aged 16-25, stay with Centrepoint for up to two years, but they keep supporting them for another six months to make sure they can live independently. CentrePoint provides accommodation, health support and life skills to get them back into education, training and employment. Read more here: www.centrepoint.org.uk/what-we-do

Beetham Tower On the 25th February, 23 Lynx employees ran up the 798 steps of Beetham Tower to raise £2000 for the Christie (at the time of going to print the team were still fundraising, so we hope it went well guys!).

Foreign change As we’re a global company and we’re constantly travelling for work, we asked you to bring in all your loose foreign change so it could be exchanged into GBP and donated to charity. In the last 3 months of 2017, we donated our cash to CentrePoint Sponsor a Room programme. As each room sponsorship only costs £144, you helped keep 2 young homeless people off the street for a whole year. The collection is on-going, so please continue to bring in your change!

Forever Manchester Tombola In November last year, our very own Dave Gorner won a holiday to Spain! And in the February draw Steph Dixon won a night’s stay at the Principal Hotel! Not bad when it’s only a fiver a ticket. The tombola runs each month and has some amazing prizes. The tickets are available every month on reception, and Ambi’s trolley. We will always let you know when the tickets arrive so you can have a chance of winning.

Volunteer days Each and every one of us has a volunteer day to use for a local charity of our choice. The CSR team will be looking at opportunities as to how they can make it as easy as possible to use your volunteer days, but if you know of any charities who need support, please email rachel.dobson@havas.com, who will collect together opportunities and upload to the intranet. In the meantime, there are some charities listed on the intranet who would love your support!

We have raised over £134,000 for good causes

This year we switched to glass milk bottles which will result in a saving of 8000 plastic bottles per year

Our environment

We have donated 218 pints of blood

Our ambition We are committed to recognising and reducing our environmental impact as a business. And as a by-product, we wish to raise awareness of the simple actions that, when carried out by 300 people, will have a big impact.

In 2017, we recycled an estimated 62,500 coffee pods.

Havas Lynx trees update Last year we planted 1049 trees in local schools, and protected 1049 trees in the Amazon to offset the carbon produced from our international travel. A few people have been asking just how this scheme works, so here’s a bit more info. We work with DialAFlight to calculate our total greenhouse gas output from our flights, and a company called Carbon Footprint to plant the trees. For each tCO2e produced from our flights, one tree is planted in UK schools and an additional tCO2e is offset by protecting a tree in the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. But we don’t want to stop there... Thanks to Ambi, we have recently switched from using over 8,000 plastic milk bottles each year to reusable glass milk bottles. Ambi also oversaw an estimated 62,500 coffee pods recycled in 2017. Coffee pods take between 150 and 500 years to break down in landfill, so please ensure you deposit your coffee pods in the recycle bins provided. We are currently switching all standard printing paper to 100% recovered fibre paper that is FSC® accredited recycled paper. We’re cleaning greener! The new ‘Go Green’ cleaning products are just as efficient but free from the harsh chemicals that damage our environment.

Top tips –U se your reusable cup rather than purchase individual bottles. – Think before you print! Research suggests 30% of printing requests are never collected at the printer and becomes waste immediately. If we can reduce our printing costs as a business that will free up more money which we can use to support our charities. – Go double-sided – When we do need to print, please select double-sided. A simple action that would massively reduce our paper and energy consumption. – Turn off your computer at night – Turning off our computers at night will reduce our overall energy consumption. – Can you lift share your way into work? Sharing our journeys to work could halve our carbon emissions, split the cost of fuel and we could have more fun! The CSR team will be looking at ways in which we can make the lift share process as easy as possible. – Cycle-to-Work scheme – A solo driver in an average vehicle releases about 1.2 pounds of CO2 per mile, while the average cyclist releases only 0.7 grams through respiration. Cycling also improves cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle, and improves co-ordination. If you’ve passed your probationary period and mainly commute to work by bicycle, then you’re eligible for the Cycle-to-Work scheme. For more information please speak to Lisa Young.

Our bulbs are being switched to LED and low energy throughout Havas offices – with the exception of Sterling’s neon sign, which has now been fitted with a timer so it turns off outside office hours to reduce the environmental impact. Jugs of water flavoured with fresh fruit will now be present in all client meetings. Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to biodegrade, so not only will the jugs be refreshing, they are better for the environment.

We have planted and protected 2099 trees to offset our travel #LYNXLife wellness 05

Sports and wellbeing

MANCHESTER Sports and wellbeing is a big part of our #LYNXLife culture. Ambi Swindells, Head of Sports and Wellbeing, keeps our hearts and minds healthy – whether that’s the Friday refreshments from the G&Tea trolley, a run on a Wednesday, a weekend away to the lakes or organising the many events to support our fundraising (well done to all the recent Beetham Tower runners!). Ambi is always interested in hearing ideas to improve our wellness offering, so please drop her a note at ambi.swindells@havas.com, or catch her on one of her daily rounds.


Manchester 10k

Summer 2018 Will the Havas Hurricanes defend their title as last year’s champions? Come along and be a part of the team this summer – chuck it, whack it, leg it, smile!

20th May 2018 We will be running and we will be fundraising. The Great Manchester Run is known for its buzzing atmosphere, incredible supporters and the booming Manchester anthems that rock the city’s streets. Sign up and lace up.

Netball Touch rugby Every Wednesday evening @ Stretford Sports Village Playing netball is a fantastic way to keep fit, irrespective of the level you choose to play at. Our ladies-only league is friendly and our team are always looking for new recruits. If you would like to join the Havas Heartbreakers please get in touch with Ambi – here are the rules to refresh your memory! www.gomammoth.co.uk/netball/articles/ netball-rules

Lynx football tournament 15th March 2018 Probably the most anticipated sporting event of 2018 after the World Cup. This inter-agency tournament is all about the energy, passion and glory! Which agency will take the trophy home this year? Whether you put your best footy skills on display or watch in anticipation from the sideline, make sure you have this date in your diary. There will be celebratory food and drinks at the pub afterwards.

Meditation Every Wednesday lunch time Enjoy an hour of relaxation, giving yourself that well-deserved head space to find your inner zen.


Issue 04

Starting May 2018 Every Wednesday evening @ Burnage Rugby Club Whether it’s about rediscovering sport or honing your fitness, Touch is a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved. Perfect for rugby lovers and fantastic for fitness. Join Tom and the rest of the Lynx Lions for the next league starting this May.

Run club Every Wednesday lunch time Whether you’re training for an event or fancy a jog around the block, everyone is welcome to run club. Setting off from the foyer of 52 at 12.40pm, it’s a great way to relieve stress and get fit.

Yoga Every Tuesday morning 7am @ Dept X Start your day the right way with a relaxing morning channeling your mind, body and soul. Mats are provided, but feel free to bring your own along.

Football Every Wednesday evening @ Goals We have a 7-a-side pitch booked every Wednesday evening, it’s as much about the social side as it is about the fitness. Get the blood pumping, the heart racing and join in. After all, the Lynx football tournament is only around the corner…

Escape the city 15th June A weekend escape to the countryside. Setting off on the Friday after work and returning on the Saturday evening, you can expect fun, laughter and some good old fresh air as the Lynx team escape the city to explore the great outdoors.

Mental health awareness week walk 18th May Going for regular walks is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your physical and mental health. Therefore on the 18th May we will be going for a guided walk around Manchester, followed by a picnic. All staff and dogs are welcome to join.

LONDON ‘Equaliser’ is the HKX quarterly wellness activity plan, meaning our London team will have plenty of opportunity to take part in the activities. The below only runs until March, however keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of Equaliser coming shortly.

Nutrition You may or may not be aware that Ambi has the inside scoop on what we should and shouldn’t be eating for our health. So to make sure we all benefit from Ambi’s excellent advice, we are introducing Ambi’s Wellness Wednesday nutritional advice of the week. Each week on Instagram, Ambi will introduce her favourite seasonal veggie or an easy recipe that we can all make at home.

Mood Foods – Nic Shubrook Thursday 7th March 12.30pm – 1.30pm Did you know that changing your food can change your mood? Learn which foods can make you feel happier, calmer and those that don’t.

London Lynxes (our London netball team) Monday evenings 6pm – 9.30pm Ladies-only league. Starts Monday 12th March at Kings Cross (Mornington Crescent).

Do it like a TED talk – Dave Birss Wednesday 14th March 10am – 12pm What makes a presentation good? We’ll discuss the presentations people admire and look at a few examples of great talks. We’ll use these to develop criteria for what makes a great presentation.

Push HIIT Tuesday 20th March 12pm – 12.45pm Our incredible trainers have created a unique fusion of high-energy HIIT and primal movements for PUSH HIIT. PUSH HIIT is high intensity! Prepare to sweat!

Mental wellbeing Moving forward, we’re really prioritising mental wellness to make sure our team is happy and healthy. Each team is nominating a ‘Wellness Champion’ who will attend a half day workshop on maintaining a positive mind set and work / life balance, for the benefit of our emotional and physical health. The Champions will share the knowledge internally, help plan wellness events and as part of our Time to Change Pledge, promote awareness in the community. We’re also making the content available as part of the 2018 #LXAcademy, as well as providing training for Line Managers should someone in their team struggle with their mental health. This, in addition to the activities arranged by Ambi, should keep us well looked after. #LYNXLife wellness 07

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