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We sleep. 4

We sleep. Do you? At H채stens, we sleep. Deeply, naturally. We feel it in our spirits, our muscles, our focus. We sleep because of the amazing gifts it brings us. And we ask you to join us in the community of the well rested, the revolution of the revitalized, the alliance of the relaxed and restored. We sleep knowing that a brilliantly crafted bed changes everything. We sleep with a passion and a conviction and a desire to share it with the world because we know it will change you as well. At H채stens we sleep. Do you?



The bed of our dreams. Nobody in the history of mankind ever slept in a bed like this. Only a privileged few ever will. Every Vividus is unique, made entirely by hand using only the finest allnatural materials. A true work of art.


Continental beds

A generation of beds that represents more than 160 years of our unique bed building expertise. Hästens continental beds are constructed of three parts - a thick spring bottom section, a thick spring mattress, and a luxurious top mattress for perfect sleeping comfort. Choose between Hästens 2000T II, Hästens Proferia, Hästens Auroria or Hästens Luxuria.

Frame beds

Hästens’ frame beds unite our solid professional tradition with modern spring technology to provide you with comfortable restorative sleep. Hästens frame beds consist of a thick spring bed and a top mattress for surface softness. Choose between Hästens Superia II, Hästens Excel II or Hästens Marquis.

Adjustable beds

Hästens adjustable beds are developed from Hästens continental beds. Comfortable and multifunctional - like nothing else in your home. Your imagination is the only limit. Choose between Hästens Lenoira or Hästens Comfortable II.

Handmade................................................................................ 10-21 Natural.................................................................................... 22-37 Best bed................................................................................... 38-73 Vividus............................................................................. 42-49 Continental beds..................................................................... 48-57 2000T II............................................................................ 50-51 Proferia............................................................................. 52-53 Auroria............................................................................. 54-55 Luxuria............................................................................. 56-57 Frame beds.............................................................................58-65 Superia II.......................................................................... 60-61 Excel II............................................................................. 62-63 Marquis............................................................................64-65 Adjustable beds.......................................................................66-73 Lenoria............................................................................ 68-69 Comfortable II................................................................... 72-73 Best sleep.................................................................................74-118 Accessories.......................................................................... 100-115 7




The art of sleep We want to make the world a better place by making it possible for people, you, to sleep in the best bed in the world for the rest of your life.

People sleep for approximately one third of their lives. Imagine that. You spend perhaps 25 years of your life in bed, far away from the everyday world around you. But don’t think of that as wasted time. The expression “to sleep your life away” is entirely wrong. You sleep for your life. The things that happen within your body when you sleep are absolutely necessary for you to stay healthy and feel well during the 50 years of your lifetime that you are awake. So be happy if you spend seven or eight hours a day in bed. The more comfortable and relaxing those hours are, the better it is for your immune system, your healing power, your memory and learning power, your heart, your sense of humor and your overall physical well-being. Indeed, research has shown that a number of life giving bodily processes benefit from a good night’s sleep. Enter the Hästens world and discover the extraordinary comfort and timeless value of sleeping in a Hästens bed. Unlike property, jewelry, fashion, art and fine cars, Hästens ownership is a personal, private luxury – never ostentatious. It’s the kind of investment that pays quiet, meaningful dividends year after year.



Not for everyone... Only for you who want the very best. In a world of mass-produced beds, Hästens stands alone in its belief that there is only one way to create a true masterpiece – by hand. Every Hästens bed is built with pride and care by a team of skilled craftsmen in our historic facility in Köping, Sweden, made individually to meet your personal wishes. It’s the way we’ve done it for 160 years, and it’s a philosophy that has been handed down for five generations in the same family. The difference is not merely something you can see, but something you feel, night after night after night.



A passion for five generations Hästens has existed since 1852, with a single idea. Well, not just an idea – more of a passion. A passion which has driven Hästens to follow its own path for five generations, making us the world’s number one company when it comes to building beds by hand using only natural materials.


What do you think is the passion that drives Hästens? What lays behind everything we do? It’s you. It’s your sleep. You sleep for 25 years of your life – perhaps a third of your time here on earth. Everything we do at Hästens revolves around a single fact: the fact that the important third of your life should be something that does you good – something you long for and enjoy. You should enjoy a good quality of life at night, as well as during the day. After all, the better your nights are, the better your days will be. NO COMPROMISES SINCE 1852

Originally, Hästens was a saddle manufacturer – back in those days, saddle makers were also upholsterers. Before we became masters at bed manufacturing and larger scale production began, two generations of saddle makers had passed. For many, many years we have polished and refined our techniques to become masters of our craft. From the day we made our very first mattress, natural materials have always been the obvious choice for us. At the beginning, our choice was simple: we only had the genuine article – there was no other alternative. All beds and mattresses were made entirely by hand using 100% craftsmanship, and natural materials like cotton, horsehair, wool and flax were far superior to anything else. This tradition of craftsmanship also allowed the bed makers to fully understand and perfect the various properties of these natural materials. Jan Ryde, representing the fifth generation, proudly carries the Hästens tradition and craftsmanship into the 21st century. The spirit of excel-

lence is every bit as important among Hästens craftsmen of today as it was back in 1852. We will make the kind of product that earns your respect. That is the guideline we have always adhered to. INSPIRATION MEETS CRAFTSMANSHIP

Hästens was founded by men that invested everything to make the very best bed mattresses. The overall goal was to make better mattresses and beds than what was available at the time and to refine bed making techniques as much as possible. To begin with, work was carried out to improve the conventional mattress. As master craftsmen, they knew that choosing only the very best materials would produce the very best results. The best beds available in the 1800s were made in England, followed by France. The Americans had made some progress in making simpler variations of the English beds, but beds made using English craftsmanship were still considered to be the best.

As master craftsmen, they knew that choosing only the very best materials would produce the very best results. By using the best features of the English bed, with the sturdiness of the American version, combined with Swedish common sense, Hästens took bed


What can you expect from the hands of men like these? Only handmade all-natural beds made with passionate perfection and painstaking attention. Hästens first factory, photographed about 1910.

making to an entirely new level. Hästens beds were more comfortable and durable. A GLIMPSE FROM THE PAST

David Janson, the grandfather of Hästens’ current owner, began larger scale production of bed mattresses along with his father in 1917. David recalls: “We wondered how to expand the narrow framework within which we worked, whether to change from pure craftsmanship to another, less modest small industry. Conditions for a saddle maker were not exactly perfect, and the future promised no improvement. Quite the contrary, in fact. To progress, we had to break through the restricting limits posed by pure craftsmanship, and turn to more industrial methods. This led us to think about complementing our operations with a horsehair spinning mill. It was my father, some craftsmen and me. But I don’t know what drove us, whether it was the money that attracted us, or arrogance, or whether we had what some describe as ‘that little spark’ within us. Whatever it was, we started our horsehair spinning mill, more or less as an experiment. The year for our expansion was 1917, and I was 25 years old at the time. Naturally it was a frantic time to begin a venture such as this, with the world war, the lack of raw materials and the enormous difficulty obtaining suitable machinery. The situation didn’t get any better when my father became ill not long afterwards. The situation often looked very dismal, but people from Västmanland are known to be tough and stubborn, and it was probably sheer pride that kept us from giving up!”


No Swedish bed manufacturer has been in operation longer than Hästens. Over the years we have have gathered invaluable knowledge. We have re-fined and modernized the industry by launching the pocket spring system, the frame mattress, the top mattress and more. Constantly in the forefront.

The spirit of excellence is every bit as important among Hästens craftsmen of today as it was in 1852. Continuous refinement has made us experts at making beds. The viewpoint has always been that nothing is so good that it cannot be made even better. And this notion has continued to drive our company’s development. Today we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to making a bed. This also takes into account what is of value to you and how we can continue to offer you what we believe are the best beds on the planet. Beds that will provide you with comfort and joy for the rest of your life.



Hästens through the centuries

1852 Hästens’ first generation of bed makers, Pehr Adolf Janson, laid the groundwork for the spirit of master craftsmanship when he was awarded his journeyman’s certificate in 1852. Back in those days, saddle makers were also mattress makers.


LATE 1800 The family moved to Hed and Pehr Adolf’s son Per Thure Janson became a saddle maker. Hästens’ second generation of bed makers, Per Thure, started a company together with his son David Janson. Soon they were making more beds and fewer saddles.

1917 Hästens’ third generation of bed makers, David Janson, decided to concentrate wholeheartedly on making beds. But a small horse was incorporated into the company name as a symbol, perhaps for nostalgic reasons. In 1917, a shortage of superior materials was a limiting factor. David and his father solved this problem by starting their own mill for processing horsehair.

1920 Records show that the factory bought 20 tons of horsehair to meet production demands. The horsehair was washed and rinsed in the fresh, clean water of the stream.

1924 The sparsely populated area of Hed had become too small. Per Thure and David decided to move the factory. Since David had met Astrid and moved 24 km to nearby Köping, they decided to establish the factory there. Since then, Köping has been the headquarters for Hästens.

1926 Ever since 1926, Hästens has been making comforters and pillows using the finest down and feathers available.

1950 David Janson introduced a 25 year warranty certificate.


1952 Hästens was appointed Purveyor to H.M. the King of Sweden for the first time by King Gustav VI Adolf.

1953 The Swedish America Line bought Hästens mattresses for the M/S Gripsholm, a great PR triumph for Hästens. The reputation of Hästens beds had begun to spread. Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf visited Hästens in Köping as an acknowledgment of Hästens’ well known quality products.

1963 The fourth generation of bed makers, David’s oldest daughter Solveig Ryde and her husband Jack, assumed the management of Hästens’ operations.

1978 Jack Ryde designed the now famous Hästens blue check pattern for a furniture trade fair.

1988 The fifth generation of bed makers, Jan Ryde, assumed operations of Hästens and proudly carried the tradition into the 21st century.

2006 Hästens was awarded the Swedish Trade Council’s annual export award. Jan Ryde accepted the award from King Carl XVI Gustav himself.

TODAY What once started as a small family-run business back in the year 1852, now, five generations of bed makers later, has grown into a well-renowned, international premium brand represented by distributors in 29 countries. The thrilling ride of Hästens has been progressing for over 150 years, yet we’re only at the beginning.





The artists of Hästens Every day we continue our legacy, the passion of our art: the handmade craftsmanship of creating the most luxurious bed and sleep experience in the world.

Since the mid 19th century, we have carefully maintained our tradition of master craftsmanship and proudly handed this down to each new generation of bed manufacturers. The artistry of making a Hästens bed by hand involves feelings such as commitment, passion, interest, ambition and love. And most importantly, the determination and persistence of a human being building beds with extreme attention to perfection, with passion and pride.

No machine can surpass the skills of our master craftsmen, when it comes to building a bed. Whether it is the sturdy bed frame, the precise stitching of the fabric or the flexible stretch fabric with the Hästens emblem woven in, you will see details working together to create a bed for life. No machine can surpass the skills of our master craftsmen, when it comes to building a bed. Machines may do it cheaper, but humans always do it better, according to our tried and tested methods. When you lay on your Hästens bed, just imagine the caring hands that made it. It’s almost like they are there to tuck you in every night. WHERE DREAMS AND REALITY MEET

Since every bed is made by hand, we can meet your personal wishes. Whether it is about specific 18

measurements, the color you desire or a wish for different degrees of firmness in each half of the bed. What suits you the best? It is your choice. A TRUE WORK OF ART

All real masterpieces are signed. And so is every Hästens bed that leaves our factory in Köping. Each and every bed is a marvel of perfection with its own unique manufacturing number. Make sure you buy a genuine Hästens bed if you want the most luxurious bed and rest experience in the world. You decide when it’s time for a new bed. Maybe you will decide to buy a new bed, not because you really need to but because we have developed a new and even more comfortable bed that you’d like to have. Invest in the bed of your dreams, and decide yourself how long you wish to keep it.


When you lay on your Hästens bed, just imagine the caring hands that made it. It’s almost like they are there to tuck you in every night.

Stuffing is done manually and distributed evenly throughout. Layer upon layer of genuine horsehair, cotton and wool is placed by hand. This takes a lot of time, but it’s well worth it. After all, it’s the final result that matters.


Skilled craftsmanship combined with Nature’s own material. That is the sucessful formula we use when we build your Hästens bed.


The horsehair is carefully separated throughout the mattress. It is a craft that takes skills as well as experience.

All Hästens beds are built with pride and care by skilled craftsmen in KÜping, Sweden.



There are two good reasons why we choose natural materials 1. You 2. The world we leave to our children At H채stens we believe that quality and sustainability go hand in hand, that real luxury is created by working with renewable resources and with all-natural materials. That is why we use only the finest pure flax, wool and cotton, the highest quality pine from Sweden, and genuine, hypoallergenic horsehair to create our beds. Pure nature next to your skin for your health. Pure nature for your ability to fall asleep quickly. Pure nature to provide you with the best and deepest sleep. Pure nature for the 23 world we leave to our children.


The better we sleep, the better we function when we are awake. This simple logic should lead us all to choose a bed with greater care than we choose anything else. If the birth rate would then happen to increase a bit, as more people choose comfortable, all-natural H채stens beds, we should see that as a very nice side effect.



What’s the best thing with natural materials? First of all, it’s not foam. What’s inside is what counts. That is why we make beds like no other, continuosly refining the luxury of sleep, the rest of your life, continuously raising the bar in the craftsmanship. With passionate perfection we proudly create beds for life, all-natural, hand-made beds without using latex or foam rubber.

Nature is alive, and so are the materials we work with. Your Hästens bed is made exclusively from all-natural materials, such as horsehair, flax, wool and slow-growing pine from the forests of Sweden. Thanks to these natural materials, all Hästens beds breathe. Just like you.

every spring really need to be in its own fabric pocket? Yes, as experts of bed building with more than 150 years of knowledge, that is our belief. Natural material, you see, allows the bed to breathe. And the springs relieve pressure throughout your entire body.


As the saying goes, a product which comes from nature wants to return to nature. A comfort for your body and soul. And for the world we leave to our children.

Over the last years, more and more people have realized that certain materials are harmful to the environment, as well as to human beings. The environmental threat may seem enormous. But the greatest threat is indifference. Not everyone cares. The current realization that health and wellbeing includes environmental responsibilities has increased the demand for beds that are ecologically sound. Your Hästens bed meets the most stringent environmental requirements. This is true both when it is made and when it is no longer needed. All the natural materials used in your Hästens bed are naturally biodegradable. Your bed can be recycled or safely returned to nature’s own natural cycle. As the saying goes, a product which comes from nature wants to return to nature. A comfort for your body and soul. And for the world we leave to our children. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED

If you could see how different beds look on the inside you would be surprised. Especially if you looked inside a Hästens. Do you really need so many layers? You might ask. Do you need both cotton and wool? And flax and horsehair? Does

You will be as comfortable as possible, you will sleep well, wake refreshed and feel rested all through the day, just like in your dreams. NATURE NEXT TO YOUR SKIN

Choosing a Hästens bed is the most natural thing in the world. You get to sleep in a healthy environment totally free from all forms of foamrubber, polyurethane and latex. In our opinion, natural materials like cotton, wool, flax and horsehair are much nicer and more pleasant to have next to your skin. Isn’t it comfortable to know that the materials you have closest to your body are free from chemicals?



Horsehair We’ve searched the whole world to find the absolute best, airiest, springiest and softest stuffing material for our beds. And we have found it. And no, it’s not some new space-age discovery. It’s something that predates even the Stone Age. An ancient material invented by nature, herself. Horsehair.



Few materials can match horsehair when it comes to constructing a bed. Horsehair comes with its own extremely effective, built-in ventilation system. Each strand of horsehair acts like a miniature ventilation system: a hollow tube with a microscopic capillary action which channels away moisture and lets fresh air in. It is so effective that if you soak horsehair with water and give it a shake, it dries almost straight away. COMPLETELY FREE FROM ALLERGENS

Perhaps you’re wondering whether horsehair can cause allergies? Not a chance. The horsehair we use has been tested by a number of independent European research institutes. They have found it completely free from allergens. Riders in days gone by wore horsehair shirts under their armor. Not only did this ensure ventilation, it also provided extra protection against the enemy’s swords. Today, the idea of wearing a horsehair shirt might sound like a punishment. But lying on the horsehair mattress of your Hästens bed is pure pleasure.

without the addition of any foreign substances. This results in a completely clean and springy natural material. The processed horsehair is stored before it is separated for use in your Hästens bed or mattress. When we untangle the long ropes, the horsehair is beautifully crinkled and has increased in volume many times over. In principle, this process has basically remained unchanged for two centuries. The horsehair is taken from the manes and tails of horses and from the tails of cattle. In actuality, the properties differ somewhat from animal to animal. The extra care that we take when selecting and sorting the material is the foundation for the consistent high quality you find in Hästens beds.



The genuine horsehair in your Hästens bed is a pure natural product. In order to take advantage of the desirable properties, the horsehair is first washed by boiling and then rinsed very thoroughly. The material is now spun and disinfected. Then it is scorched at a temperature of 140°C at four times atmospheric pressure while retaining the high moisture level. The entire process is completed

Flax has made life more comfortable since time immemorial. As well as being incredibly durable and flexible, it also diverts static electricity. Of course, your body should be creating energy while you sleep, but this should be life energy, not static electricity. 27


Pine The frame gives your H채stens bed remarkable strength and stability. Our frames are made of solid, carefully selected pine from the forests of Sweden, growing at a natural pace for maximum strength. 28


Steel contributes softness and pliability Just like every component in a H채stens bed, the springs are a science in themselves and important parts of your bed. A large number of spiral steel springs gives you that comfortable rest that H채stens beds are famous for.

All H채stens beds contain at least two cooperating spring systems. Soft and flexible springs at the top of your bed provide excellent surface softness and firmer springs below give you outstanding deep support. You will have a bed that conforms to the contours of your body and gives you the support and relaxation that your back and the rest of your body need. The springs are made exclusively in Sweden, and are of the very highest quality. PATENTED POCKET SPRING SYSTEM

Our patented springs work independently of each other in a unique way. When weight is placed on a single spring, the adjacent springs are barely affected. Each spring moves individually according to each little movement of your body, which means that when your partner turns over in bed you will barely notice it. Special heat treatment of the steel ensures that the springs in the bed retain their exact form and always return to their original position after being compressed. BONELL SPIRAL SYSTEM

The lower spiral system serves to absorb more extreme stress levels to the bed and contributes to spring depth and bottom spring action, giving your body support and in-depth relief. PATENTED DELTABONELL SYSTEM

H채stens Deltabonell is a lower spiral system with a unique, flexible construction. The bed technology, combined with our natural materials, means that you can enjoy beds that are even more flexible and pressure-relieving than ever before. 29





Nature has created another minor miracle which is the perfect partner for horsehair: wool. Pure wool also helps to ensure a good bed climate, and works a bit like your bed’s own climate control unit. Since ancient times, people have been aware of wool’s amazing ability to warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. Wool and horsehair have been used to ensure a good night’s sleep since the time of Cleopatra. Don’t you want to stay dry and sleep at just the right temperature? Human beings not only breathe through the lungs, but also through the skin. Your skin has over 7 million pores, which breathe and remove toxins automatically. You have probably noticed how cool and dry you feel on a warm summer day when you wear a shirt or blouse made of cotton rather than one made from synthetic materials. This is due to cotton’s ability to ventilate and wick away perspiration and high humidity. Since your perspiration during the night is 98 percent water, it evaporates very easily if you sleep on a bed that breathes, along with bed linens that do the same. If cotton is used with non-porous material like rubber, polyether or some other synthetic material, there would be scarcely any ventilation at all. Nonporous material retains moisture, which means that much of what the body expels through perspiration stays in the bed. In the right bed you won’t feel sweaty. You will stay dry and comfortable all night at the temperature that is right for your body. That’s why you’ll sleep much better in your Hästens bed. In addition, cotton is possibly nature’s softest and most comfortable gift to mankind.




Down Ever since 1926, Hästens has been making duvets and pillows using the finest down and feathers available. Of course, we don’t use down from live birds. This is important to us and we only work with those who can guarantee that our conditions are followed. No geese or ducks are killed just for down, but in countries where ducks and geese are part of the food supply, using the down for duvets and pillows is a matter of course. Ducks and geese do quite well in both the cold of winter and the

Down is nature’s own filling material, tried and tested for millions of years. heat of summer wearing the same “suit of clothes”. And so will you when you sleep with Hästens pillows and duvets filled with clean, new down and feathers. To ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your down duvets fine properties, the fabric on the outside must meet very high standards as well. It must be strong, lightweight and 100% cotton. It has to be woven in such a way that it allows air to circulate, and help the down filling breathe. The fabric must also be able to hold 32

the material inside so that no down can escape. The finer the thread and the better the weaving, the lighter and the more pleasant the fabric. Be wary of lesser quality down duvets that are often sprayed with glue-like material to keep down from escaping. This prevents the air from circulating. If you have felt sweaty under a down duvet, it is probably because it has been sprayed with glue, the bed is made from synthetic material, or your bedroom is too hot (14-18°C is recommended).


Top mattresses

A comfortable Hästens top mattress will give you that little extra something you need for superior sleep comfort. Choose between BV, filled with thick, soft cotton wool, BJ, filled with cotton/wool and soft, springy, flexible horsehair of excellent quality, BJX, filled with cotton/wool and specially selected horsehair using the very longest and strongest strands for extra springiness, and BJX Luxury, filled with several layers of cotton/wool and exquisite horsehair. All models breathe and let you sleep in an airy, dry environment and at the right temperature. You can also choose Hästens’ classic mattresses TM8 and TM4. We make these mattresses using horsehair and cotton wadding. You can order your TM8 and TM4 without cotton wadding if you desire a genuine “old time feeling” from the mattress. The mattresses are stuffed, stitched and tufted by highly skilled craftsmen. The quality is in the detail. To maintain maximum comfort, we recommend that you change the top mattress every five to seven years. FIND OUT MORE

Contact your Hästens retailer to find out more about how you can design your sleeping milieu to suit your taste and needs. You can also visit



H채stens beds are associated with the iconic checked fabric. The classic H채stens check is woven fabric of 100 percent cotton of the highest quality. This dense, lustrous fabric is woven with twined cotton. In fact, there are as many as 45 threads per square centimeter (290 threads per square inch) in this fabric. There are 21 different colors to choose from, enabling you to create a truly personal bedroom.



Colorful feelings

Graphite Gray check

Lime check

Light Blue check

Black check

Silver check

Heather check

Wine Red check

Solid Brown


Yellow check

Green check

Yonder Blue check

Gray check

White check

Solid Black

Natural check

Solid Sand

Chocolate check

Red check

Solid Navy



“Good design has a purpose, it does not only

to make life better, for us, for all living creatures and for all future generations on the planet. aim for higher material rewards, but

Our challenge now is to find a profound sense in what we do, and design our next models in harmony with our planet, our home.”


– Fabrice LeClerc


The green oasis in the heart of Milan

As a professor in green design, Fabrice Leclerc had a clear vision of what his home would be like. On the top floor of a beautiful building in the heart of Milan, one of Europe’s busiest cities, Fabrice Leclerc has created a luxurious oasis for himself and for his family. All materials and furniture in his home are carefully selected with a focus on creating a natural, sustainable way of living. From the locally crafted floor and quality carpet, the selection of green plants, the fireplace that warms the apartment, to the Hästens bed, itself. The master bedroom is a place for pure relaxation. There are hardly any decorations here, apart from the green plants that produce oxygen creating a healthy sleep climate and the light blue checked Hästens bed. Ascending the stairs from the living room brings you to an extraordinary garden. More than 50 different types of roses, entwined with other plants enfold you in a green room on the rooftop. You can hardly hear the traffic on the busy street, five storeys below. And what’s more, Leclerc’s garden produces more oxygen than his family consumes, so his green oasis is actually contributing to a healthier environment. 37


Not because we need to... But because we want to offer you the very best. Some things can be measured, while other things can’t. Anything that can be measured and tested in a Hästens bed is measured and tested: the quality, the durability, how environmentally-friendly it is, whether it has any harmful substances in it, etc. But one thing that can’t be measured is the feeling of getting into bed each evening and being tucked in by friendly, caring hands. That feeling can only be experienced. It’s part of the secret behind the art of sleeping. A secret known by those who have discovered the deep sleep of Hästens. There is a new world waiting for you. The world of Hästens ownership is a personal luxury, for the rest of your life.



A brilliantly crafted bed changes everything Most people think sleeping on a cloud is ideal… They are wrong. What people that sleep in a Hästens know is that it supports and gives your body the exquisite relief you need to achieve the best natural sleep. And once you have discovered the beauty of true sleep, it will change your life.

While virtually all bed companies claim comfort, regardless of quality, your body cannot be fooled. Hästens envelops you in a level of comfort that not only calms the mind and soul, but ignites the senses. It is an experience that is at once both centering and sensual. And what’s more: Many beds are built to be comfortable when you lie down. But that’s no challenge. Anyone can build beds that are comfortable when you lie down for a little while in a showroom, for example. When you visit our showroom, we won’t be able to give you the full experience of a Hästens bed. You see, it takes years for your Hästens bed to reach its full comfort. A Hästens bed evolves with time and becomes more and more comfortable. It shapes itself to you the more you sleep in it. You don’t know how good you can feel until you allow yourself to sleep in a Hästens. We build beds that are comfortable year after year, beds that make you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Don’t you want a bed that is not only comfortable the first time you lie down, but which more importantly will become more and more comfortable – instead of the opposite? Hästens beds, for the rest of your life. LET YOUR BODY CHOOSE


You will find the best bed for you when you try all of Hästens models in the various levels of firmness. We usually say that the right bed is the one that you notice that you notice that you don’t notice when you lie in it. You should not even be aware of the bed. You should only notice how comfortable you are.

To find out which firmness to select, just listen to your body. How do you feel? If you feel like you are sinking into the bed, it is too soft. If you don’t sink in at all and just lie on top, then the bed is too firm. The right bed is one you lie in, not one you lie on top of or sink right into. In the right bed you feel comfortable and get the support you need. Choosing a bed is easy – just listen to your body and notice how good you feel. SIZE DOES MATTER

The size of the bed may be more important than you imagine. The best bed is the one you feel more rested in after sleeping. In this context, the bed needs to be large enough to allow you to stretch out and turn over freely. You can choose your Hästens bed in any standard measurements. Custom sizes are available for your individual requirements.


The Vividus





The remarkable story of Hästens Vividus This is the ultimate perfection, the result of our legacy of expertise and passion for the art of craftsmanship. This is the bed of our dreams. Nobody in the history of mankind ever slept in a bed like this. Only a privileged few ever will.

Some people call Vividus the most expensive bed in the world. We didn’t mean to make it expensive. There is just no way for us to make it inexpensive. You might wonder who would spend this much on a bed. Most people would not or could not. Maybe you are one of the select few that can and will when you know what you achieve.

You have never experienced sleep so deep. We set out on a quest simply to build the most extremely perfected and luxurious bed in the world. We gathered the most valuable insights from our 150 years of expertise of handmade craftsmanship. We sought out the world’s best knowledge of what creates the deepest sleep and the best comfort for the human body. We searched the planet for the very finest natural materials. Then we put it all in the hands of our most skillful and experienced craftsmen. Everything should be done exclusively by hand using nothing but nature’s own materials. From this comprehensive process emerged Hästens Vividus. It is obviously expensive. But price is one thing. Value is something else. And the fact that we can make this bed justifies every other bed we make. The knowledge we have gained by creating Vividus, we build into all our beds. 43


We only make a limited number of Vividus each year. A limited number of beds which are delivered to the people at the top of our waiting list.



Every bed is made with a unique machine. It has five fingers and is better known as a hand.





The greatest artistry: creating Hästens Vividus

Hästens Vividus is brought to life by the most perfected art of passionate genuine craftsmanship. Our most experienced and skilled bed makers employ craftsmanship techniques that have been used in Swedish furniture making since the 1850s. Many of these techniques fell into obscurity when industrialization ushered in the age of the machine. The use of these traditional craftsmanship techniques guarantees you high quality.

We take the utmost care in creating Vividus. Each bed is made to order according to your specifications and takes between 140 and 160 hours to make. The foundation of Vividus is the frame, which is made from the best pine from Nordic forests. Strong and durable with dovetailed corners. Traditional proven techniques make the frame extraordinary strong and durable, without needing to use a single screw or nail. And what’s more, it looks good. Each rib in the frame is secured in a recessed groove and secured with wooden plugs. The middle ribs are affixed using dovetailing and secured with oak dowels. Oak is a traditional material in Swedish craftsmanship, and Vividus

is supported on legs made from beautiful oiled oak. The legs are securely affixed to the bottom of the bed and make Vividus really stable and durable. It takes an experienced craftsman a week to make a Vividus frame. The inside of the frame is upholstered with flax. On top of this we place the Vividus spring system. Each spring is positioned with the accuracy and care of a human hand and the springs are joined to each other with durable thread. The hand-joined spring system makes Vividus exquisitely soft and extraordinary flexible. We use flax between the springs to ensure a completely silent peacful bed where the springs cannot rub against the wood or against each other. The fabric on the lower section is quilted cotton fabric of the highest quality. We nail it firmly to the frame and then cover it with a decorative strip of oak which frames the bottom of the bed. The middle section of Vividus comprises a carefully balanced mixture of horsehair, cotton and wool. We arrange the material in several thick layers to maintain buoyancy and utmost comfort. The way Hästens Vividus is made is a craft exquisite in every detail, accomplished with such passion by the human hand as to render it an art in itself. Years and generations of knowledge and expertise brought together in a bed giving you the ultimate recovery of body and soul. It is our true belief that this is the finest art that exists on earth. To the left: Hästens master craftsman Jan-Erik Leander building a Vividus.



Jan-Erik Leander, Hästens master craftsman, reflects the spirit of Hästens:

”My purpose is to ensure that our future generation bed-makers are more skilled than me.”


“I’m proud of the enduring commitment that is Hästens. Every day we continue our legacy. We build the dreams of today and tomorrow. We create the innovations of discovery for the future, following the road from the heart to the unknown potential.”

“We build all Hästens beds by hand. If you have a machine you might not see if something goes wrong – but by hand you are in touch in every way, and you can see the perfection. It’s a work of art.”


“If we want to have the best beds in the world, we simply have to do it better, and even better, and more every day – until it is perfect. And there will be no complaints – since we will be building the bed precisely in the way that is expected. If it’s not perfect, then I will start over. A simple goal: perfect.”

“When you are using natural materials, you can feel and touch what is right. This is about my experience. It takes time to know that feeling. I see everything through, very carefully. It is not only about touch, but about sight, you use several senses when building a bed by hand. This is something that you can’t just “learn,” you really have to practice, time and again, over and over.”



Continental beds In the greatest secrecy, Hästens generation of continental beds has been taking shape. A generation of beds for which we have chosen to look to the past for the means to go forward. Hästens’ continental beds are even more superior, even more comfortable, and built with even more craftsmanship.

With this generation of continental beds, we have gone back to our roots and developed beds which build even more on our master craftsmanship and expertise. Our product developers have spent a long time studying how we can use our rich knowledge to build beds that are even more extraordinary. This research resulted in a unique method of layering the natural materials. Think about how great you feel when you finally get a good night’s sleep. You look better, feel great, and want to tell everyone. This feeling is the passion that drives us, and is why we continue to develop and handcraft luxury beds made of the finest materials. This is true, natural, deep sleep. TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP PROVIDES THE BEST SLEEP

The continental beds have more layers of horsehair, cotton and wool than ever before, and unlike earlier continental beds, we have divided the horsehair into more thin layers with membranes of cotton and wool in between. This unique layering calls for great skill. Our experienced craftsmen invest their time and passion as they assemble the layers by hand with painstaking attention. This is a superior technique that gives you more support and increased surface softness and pliability and gives the bed a supremely luxurious feel. To take your sleep and well-being to a new level choose Hästens 2000T II, Hästens Proferia, Hästens Auroria or Hästens Luxuria. 50







Exquisite detail and unique design Hästens 2000T II is one of Hästens’ most luxurious beds. Spending your nights in a Hästens 2000T II gives you true sleep and a sense of weightlessness. The fact that it is also the bed of your dreams goes without saying.

We make the Hästens 2000T II using a unique layering method with the finest horsehair, cotton and wool. A method that allows the springy horsehair greater room to adjust itself between the soft layers of cotton and wool. The result is a superior bed with increased surface softness and pliability. So exquisite in its revelation that it makes your dreams come to life. Hästens 2000T II, with the unique top mattress BJX Luxury, is perfect for you who are particularly exacting when it comes to comfort. THE MOST COMFORTABLE NIGHTS

The springs of the Hästens 2000T II are mounted one by one. Each spring is mounted in its own fabric pocket and moves independently when pressed down, giving you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Not just one, but two patented spring systems working in conjunction with a Bonell spring system makes Hästens 2000T II unusually special, extremely pliable and comfortable. WITH EXPERTISE AND PASSION

Hästens beds are built by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. This way we know that all beds are of the highest quality with enduring value. All assembly is proudly done manually. The mattress is sewn entirely by hand – a production method that results in the perfect mattress. The natural materials are bound at precisely the right place, giving you the same extraordinary comfort from edge to edge. After a careful quality control inspection, your personal name tag is attached to the bottom section of your Hästens 2000T II. 53





There’s deep sleep. And there’s Proferia sleep. Hästens Proferia is a truly unique bed that gives you an exclusive feeling of weightlessness – the result of using only the best materials and production methods. So go ahead and realize the dream – experience what we’d like to call… Proferia sleep.

Hästens Proferia is an all-new, all-natural addition to Hästens’ line of continental beds. If the best imaginable sleeping comfort is what you’re after – well, then most likely this is the bed for you. Hästens Proferia, like all Hästens beds, is built by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. All assembly is done manually, ensuring the highest quality, and the mattress is sewn entirely by hand. With Hästens Proferia, we have taken the best of the base techniques from the 2000T II, such as the double spring system. This is one of the features that give you that deep sense of comfort, with its excellent softness, pliability and long lifespan. We also use a unique layering method, where we divide the horsehair into several thinner layers, with membranes of cotton or wool placed in between. This allows the springy horsehair greater room to move, providing maximum comfort. WHAT ABOUT THE MATTRESS THEN?

With its patented pocket spring system, combined with no less than ten layers of cotton and wool (the highest standard available today) it is pure pleasure for your body and soul. In addition, the mattress is stitched – by hand – around the sides for an even greater stability and comfort, and on top of it the name and firmness of the bed is beautifully embroidered. So, as you can see, Hästens Proferia is all that anyone could ever ask for. Or more. In fact, there’s even an exclusive round version available – allowing you to sleep circles around just any other bed. Imagine that. 55





Waking up to a new era Beautiful mornings are born out of wonderful sleep. And wonderful sleep – well, it comes from carefully selected natural materials, genuine craftsmanship and centuries of bedmaking experience. Auroria is all that – and more. It’s a work of art. And the art? It‘s called sleeping.

How well did you sleep last night? Perhaps the best way of answering the question is remembering how you felt this morning, as you awoke. Inspired by the morning light, the all-new Hästens Auroria is designed to give you truly beautiful mornings – whether you need to rush off to work or have the time to enjoy breakfast in bed. So how, exactly, does Hästens Auroria improve your nights, and thus, your mornings? First of all, there’s the stable base, with a wood frame and a 13 cm bonell spring system providing the perfect foundation for comfort. Then, there’s the mattress. Featuring a 15 cm pocket spring system with a layer of genuine horsehair on each side, as well as several soft layers of premium cotton and wool, it gives you that elusive stability and comfort you only find in Hästens beds. And, as an extra touch of elegance, the name and firmness of the bed is embroidered on top. The bed is built by hand, by highly skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest quality. As in all our new continental beds, the wool and cotton in Hästens Auroria have been upgraded to an even higher quality, allowing you to enjoy a softer feeling and greater support than ever before. So if you’ve never owned a Hästens bed – now is the time. After all, we are now at the dawn of a new era. An era we call Auroria.






Inspired by history, built for eternity We’re proud to present Hästens Luxuria. Hand-stuffed with durable horsehair and carefully selected natural materials. You will have an incredible night’s sleep. And what’s more, Hästens Luxuria is beautiful to look at.

Hästens’ unique patented spring system working in conjunction with natural stuffing material makes Hästens Luxuria extremely pliable and incredibly comfortable. Luxuria has stretch upholstery for increased pliability, and handles on the sides of the mattress. This bed will take your sleep and your well-being to a whole new level. ONLY NATURAL MATERIALS

Cotton, flax and pure new wool are materials that come from nature – just like you. So when you choose a Hästens Luxuria (or any bed from Hästens), you will sleep great knowing that your bed is completely free from all types of foam rubber, polyurethane and latex. Natural lasts longest! WE GUARANTEE A LONG LIFESPAN

Your Hästens bed will last as long as you want it to. Our written warranty covers spring or frame breakage for 25 years. But with normal use, nothing will break – however long you use the bed. We test all of our beds at our own bed testing laboratory and confirm that our beds pass our rigorous tests. As far as we know, these are Sweden’s most comprehensive fatigue tests.



Frame beds We proudly present Hästens’ frame beds. Wonderfully soft, incredibly pliant and comfortable for your sound sleep. The insides of the beds conceal double patented spring systems uniting our solid professional tradition with modern spring technology – where the 19th and the 21st centuries meet.

The insides of Hästens’ frame beds conceal double patented spring systems. An upper patented spring system, unique in the bed industry, for surface softness. A lower unique patented spring system, Hästen Deltabonell, for deep support. This bed technology, based on our solid than 150 years of our unique bed building expertise, means that you can enjoy beds that are even more flexible and pressure-relieving than before. Your Hästens bed supports your body from head to foot and enables your blood to circulate through your body. Qualities that are important for your ability to sleep deeply. And a good night’s sleep is extremely beneficial and one of the best ways to live a long and healthy life. Get ready to experience Hästens Superia II, Hästens Excel II and Hästens Marquis with double patented spring systems. Twice as good. A BED TECHNOLOGY THAT MAKES YOU SLEEP BETTER

Hästens Deltabonell represents a dramatic evolution for our frame beds. Thanks to its unique, more flexible construction, the spiral system has more space and more scope to move around. To be sure that these beds offer you extraordinary comfort, we subject them to punishing tests in our lab. Tests that go far beyond standard requirements. And the results are unequivocal: the beds retain their spring depth and bottom spring properties. What’s more, Hästens frame beds are even better than before in terms of surface softness and flexibility. So go ahead and discover the true meaning of sleep. 60







A sleeping experience on a whole new level The comfortable Hästens Superia II is Hästens’ most exclusive frame bed. Our unique double patented spring systems make the bed wonderfully flexible and pressurerelieving.

As the name suggests, the Hästens Superia II is a frame bed that is superior to the rest. Superia II contains Hästens’ double patented spring systems. Just like any other component in a Hästens bed, the springs are a science in themselves, and are one of the most important parts of your bed. The springiness, durability and “softness” of the springs are key factors when it comes to how well you sleep at night and, in turn, how good you feel during the day. The newlydeveloped spring systems, combined with our comfortable natural materials, mean you will enjoy a bed that is even more exclusive, flexible and pressure-relieving than before. A BED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

The superb craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail is evident wherever you look on your Hästens bed: the well constructed bed frame, the sturdy, precise stitching of the fabric, the flexible stretch fabric on the top with the Hästens emblem woven in – details that work together to create a bed for the rest of your life. Thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process and the high quality materials, you get a bed that suits your body perfectly. However much you move around during the night, you’ll still sleep comfortably. ROUND SUPERIA II

Are you dreaming of something out of the ordinary? We are proud to present a round version of our most exclusive frame bed, the Superia II, with a full 245 cm diameter. 63





Quality that lasts longer The Hästens Excel II is made using skilled craftsmanship, double patented spring systems, attention to detail and a feeling for the finest natural materials. Finally being able to slide between the sheets and fall asleep in this bed will be one of life’s personal luxuries.

With the Hästens Excel II you can enjoy Hästens’ unique double patented Swedish spring systems. The Excel II is wonderfully soft on the top and unbelievably flexible and comfortable, making it possible for you to obtain the best and deepest sleep shortly after laying down in it. SUPREME SLEEP

The first-class, comfortable natural stuffing material of genuine horsehair, pure new wool and cotton follows the contours of your body and allows air to circulate, which means you will always sleep at the proper temperature. The double patented spring systems, combined with the natural stuffing material, the double elasticated stretch fabric and the solid, stable frame, means that you won’t even notice when your partner turns over in bed during the night. YOUR BED WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU

The Excel II is built to last, and will maintain its comfort level throughout its entire life. Your Hästens bed takes care of you, adapts to suit your body, and actually grows more comfortable over the years. The flexible and resilient Hästens Deltabonell spring system provides excellent surface softness, and at the same time gives you outstanding deep support. The sturdy construction contributes greatly to the bed’s long life span. A Hästens bed is an investment that lasts. This makes it a long-term investment in one of life’s most important necessities. A good night’s sleep. 65



frame beds

Hästens marquis

A true natural feeling Just like every Hästens bed, Hästens Marquis is made by hand using fine, natural materials. Hästens Marquis also contains Hästens’ unique double patented spring systems. This bed technology, combined with natural materials, gives you a truly flexible, pressure-relieving bed.

The comfortable Marquis is a completely natural bed. All Hästens beds have been built for generations according to the same philosophy. Only nature’s finest materials and our own well proven craftsmanship are used in the manufacturing process. Hästens unique double-patented spring systems give the Hästens Marquis wonderful flexibility, relieving pressure on your body and allowing you to sink deeper into the bed, while the springs hold and support the entire length of your body. Advantages for your sound sleep

It is important that your bed enables you to fall asleep quickly. Natural materials have many advantages – including the ability to follow and relieve pressure from the body while at the same time allowing air to circulate around the body which helps lower the temperature, and helps you fall asleep faster. Making you experience truly deep sleep. Genuine horsehair stuffing is one of the springiest and most elastic stuffing materials available, keeping your body at an ideal temperature. Wool works as the bed’s natural climate control unit. Since wool has the amazing ability to both warm and cool, you always stay at the right temperature. Cotton has all manner of fine qualities. You have probably noticed how much cooler you feel on a warm summer’s day when wearing a shirt made of cotton rather than one made from a synthetic material. This is due to cotton’s excellent ability to ventilate. In the right bed, you will get a dry, comfortable night’s sleep.



Adjustable beds Just by looking at it, you can imagine that this is a bed to long for. A bed that offers you wonderful comfort and invites you to pleasure-filled sleep. Take a closer look – and you will discover so much more. Hästens’ adjustable beds let you indulge yourself in extraordinary comfort not only when you sleep.


Comfortable and multi-functional – like nothing else in your home. Hästens’ adjustable beds offer functions for creative moments, inspiration and innovative thinking as well as deep sleep, recovery for body and soul, rest and relaxation. If you choose an adjustable Hästens bed, you get so much more than a bed. NEW HEIGHTS OF SLEEP AND WELL-BEING

Selecting the adjustable Hästens Comfortable II gives you a deliciously comfortable adjustable bed, hand-filled with natural materials. After a good night’s sleep you can be in position for the morning paper and breakfast in bed with a single press of the control. The latest addition to Hästens adjustable beds family is a new innovation to bring sleep and well-being to new heights. Hästens Lenoria is a continental bed with special features that give you even more than the revitalizing sleep that Hästens beds are loved for.







One touch to deep sleep Hästens Lenoria is an all-new, all-natural exclusive continental bed with custom features, developed from Hästens’ most comfortable continental beds. With the Hästens Lenoria you can enjoy not only a great sleeping experience, but also a great leisure experience.

With the simple press of a button you can raise the head of the bed to read, meditate or just relax. Press another button and the foot of the bed rises until you are in the perfect resting position. A button touch later, you can fall asleep in your bed’s extended position and enjoy the beauty of deep sleep. Hästens Lenoria is equipped with the wall hugger feature, a sliding back mechanism which makes the bed maintain continuous distance from the wall when you adjust the position. In addition to the purely aesthetic advantages of this design, you also get benefits such as always keeping your bedside table within easy reach. And what’s more, if you have a split bed, you can maintain eye contact with your partner. TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP PROVIDES THE BEST SLEEP

Since the mid 19th century, Hästens has maintained the traditions of master craftsmanship and proudly handed these traditions down to each new generation of bed builders. Every day we continue our legacy, the passion of our art: the handmade craftsmanship of creating the most luxurious bed and sleep experience in the world. PERSONAL CHOICE

The Hästens Lenoria includes a chassis where you can choose one of three optional frame packages. Exclusive oak edging with Four-edge legs in oak. Stylish white edging with round white legs. Classic black edging with round black legs. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in the bedroom.






Comfort for life Enjoy decades of sleeping, comfort, innovation, dreaming, eating breakfast, or whatever you choose to do in bed. With Hästens Comfortable II you can change the position of the bed as often as you like.

After a good night’s restorative deep sleep, you can change the bed’s position with a touch of a button for breakfast in bed and reading the morning paper. Relax for a while after work, set the head and foot of the bed to your favorite position, plan the trip of a lifetime, read up on your interests, or enjoy a late-night snack. Hästens Comfortable II is a place for pleasure. TECHNOLOGY MEETS CRAFTSMANSHIP

Just like all other Hästens beds, the Hästens Comfortable II contains Hästens patented spring system, which – combined with natural stuffing materials – makes your bed wonderfully soft, comfortable and pressure-relieving. The patented spring system means that each spring can move more independently of the others, creating the most pliable and flexible bed. PERSONAL CHOICE

The Hästens Comfortable II includes a chassis with black edging as standard. You can also choose an edging in either mahogany or oak. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in the bedroom.



How to choose your bed – checklist 1. Always start by consulting a bed expert in the store. They are educated at Hästens in Köping Sweden, to help you find the right bed by asking questions and looking at your sleeping positions. 2. Take your time. You will need at least 30 minutes to try the different beds. Relax and remove your outdoor clothing. Lie down in your normal sleeping positions. 3. Always compare two different firmnesses of the same bed model before making your final choice. 4. If you are still unsure, choose the slightly firmer bed.



Think about it – you spend one third of your life asleep. In most beds that’s one third too long. Because when you spend one third of your life asleep, the quality of that sleep makes all of the difference to your happiness, vitality, and well-being when you wake.



As masters of all-natural handcrafted beds we know what works At Hästens, every day we continue our legacy, our tradition of extreme attention to perfection in our products. We continuously refine and improve our beds in a process that has continued for 160 years. Our rich experience includes solid knowledge of all types of materials. We know what works and what doesn’t work when making a bed.

As experts in bed building, we take full responsibility in testing our materials and beds to make sure that we deliver the highest sleeping comfort and safety. All the materials in your Hästens bed are carefully chosen and carefully inspected. Tests are continuously carried out following accepted SIS standards (SIS is part of the European and global network which develops international standards). In addition, we carry out our own tests. We have even built our own testing laboratory where we can test just how much our beds can withstand. We carry out rigorous tests to ensure that we create what are, in our opinion, the most comfortable and durable beds you can find. Once the tests have been performed, we confirm that our beds are undented. Meticulous testing also shows a very high degree of surface softness with retained levels of spring depth and lower section spring support. The outstanding characteristics of surface softness, depth of springs and lower spring section of Hästens beds give your body a better quality of sleep. Not only do we use technical tests, but we also use human testers to gauge people’s reactions. Because that fabulous feeling of comfort just can’t be measured. It can only be experienced. NO ALLERGENIC MATERIALS

Hästens conducts careful testing to assure you that there are no allergenic materials in the horsehair we use. The testers have analyzed the material with the help of ELISA technology, which is based on monoclonal antibodies specific to the 76

allergens that may be present in horsehair. Test results were able to demonstrate that our horsehair would not give rise to allergic reactions. DO YOU EXPOSE YOUR SKIN TO UNNECESSARY PRESSURE?

Of course, what we feel is comfortable is subjective. We all have different expectations from our beds and therefore our experiences differ. However, when viewed objectively, comfort is about how physical properties such as channeling away moisture, heat insulation and pressure distribution between the body, and whether the bedding is adapted to our own physiological criteria. In order to predict these, we need a knowledge of physiological properties such as elasticity, softness, and how heat and moisture transfer occurs within the underlying layers. When we are sitting or lying down, skin tissue is subjected to greater pressure. This can produce feelings of discomfort. What is happening is that the pressure on your skin is greater than that what the tiny capillaries in the skin can comfortably bear. If you sleep on something that does not breathe, and heat and moisture cannot escape, you will perspire. This can lead to even more pressure on the skin. This is something that can be useful for you to know when you evaluate your bed. For a Hästens bed, the results are always clear – you can sleep safely the whole night knowing that your bed is well ventilated and does not retain moisture that can affect your comfort and sleeping quality.


We want to offer you the very best: in addition to carrying out our own testing, Hästens beds have been tested by several institutes, such as the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and the Hohenstein Institute in Germany. WE GUARANTEE THAT YOUR BED WILL LAST

Hästens beds are built to last at least 25 years, and in many case considerably longer. You will find it just as comfortable, or even more comfortable, after 25 years as it was on the first night. Our written warranty covers spring or frame breakage for 25 years, and is easy for us to honor. After all, it is our duty as Sweden’s oldest bed mattress manufacturer.



Our beds are tested in many different ways. Above to the left: resistance to wear and tear is determined in accordance with ISO 12947-2 using the Martendale durability appliance. The H채stens fabric passed a test of no less than 27,000 revolutions which is extremely high for beds and mattresses (minimum requirements for cover fabrics used for sofas and chairs are 15,000 revolutions). Above: a 25 kg weight is dropped from a height of 180 mm. This test is performed ten times at 7 to 8 points on each bed. We conduct edge tests using a weight of 1000 Newton force that compresses the edges of the bed 5,000 times. All testing is conducted in accordance with the well established SIS standard.



H채stens beds are tested in several different ways, by several independent institutes. Here are some of the test results.


best bed

An icon of quality since 1852 As evidence of quality, every H채stens feature a 25 year warranty against both frame and spring breakage. In addition, H채stens is proud to have been appointed Purveyor to H.M. the King of Sweden. It would be our pleasure to be your supplier, as well.




Hästens has the honor and right to call itself purveyor to the Royal Court. We have had the privilege of serving as an official purveyor to the Royal Court since the 1950s. Over the course of many decades we have refined and improved our techniques to give you many comfortable and restful nights – whether you live in a cottage or a castle.


Bed makers have for quite some time been allowed to decide for themselves which raw materials, chemicals and other materials are environmentally friendly. Some have been successful at replacing environmentally harmful chemicals and reducing dangers at various stages of the production process. Others have not been so successful. Consumers may often be led to believe that the bed they purchase is more environmentally friendly than it really is. For some bed buyers it is not always easy to know just how friendly to the environment so-called “natural” beds really are. A Hästens bed is completely free of latex and all forms of foam rubber. In our opinion, cotton, flax, clean horsehair and pure new wool are much easier on your skin than latex, foam rubber and polyurethane. You can also try pouring some

water on a piece of foam rubber, so you can see for yourself how it retains moisture. Choosing a Hästens bed made from genuine natural materials will allow you to sleep dry and on a well ventilated foundation. Natural materials allow natural air circulation. Choosing a Hästens bed is the most natural thing in the world. Other beds made with rubber products or latex have been treated with chemicals during the production process. Natural rubber ages and becomes rigid and can eventually crumble. By adding chemicals to the raw rubber, the aging process can be delayed. Synthetic materials, such as polyester and polyurethane, are added in order to extend the life of these products even more. CODE OF CONDUCT

Hästens´ Code of Conduct defines the stringent requirements of ethical behavior, respect for human and animal rights and environmental awareness. We comply with the applicable laws and do not accept child labor. Only suppliers of materials and accessories who adhere to our stringent demands and allow recurring inspections are permitted to work with us.



What do those who want the very best know that you don’t know yet? Sleeping is not difficult. You only need to be sufficiently tired. Sleeping well however, is more of an art. Especially if you want to feel refreshed throughout the entire day.

The story of the Princess and the Pea is usually seen as a tale of over-sensitivity, but it can also serve as an illustration of how even small defects in sleeping comfort can result in many nights of poor sleep. Hästens beds are a natural experience in Nordic luxury. Handcrafted in Sweden since 1852. Built with pine from Sweden, cotton, flax, wool and genuine horsehair. Natural moisturedispersing materials that allow air to circulate. The bed is not only extraordinarily comfortable and pliable. It also keeps you comfortably dry and at a consistent temperature all through the night, even on warm summer nights. You are able to sleep in a comfortable, healthy climate. For years, those who want the very best have bought Hästens. THE BED OF KINGS AND CONNOISSEURS

For over 160 years, Hästens has been the bed of kings and connoisseurs. Who are we talking about? People like His Majesty the King of Sweden. Imagine what it would be like to sleep in a bed built with uncompromising quality and enduring style. Customers around the world appreciate Hästens beds for their superior sleeping comfort, and their high quality. The special checkered design has quickly become a recognized feature that’s associated with a good night’s sleep and natural materials. Satisfied customers are our best reference. Thanks for the letters we have received over the years. We see them as evidence that those who have purchased a Hästens can count on sleeping really well. 82

BEST BED His Majesty the King of Sweden Gustav VI Adolf visits Hästens in Köping 1953, as an acknowledgement of Hästens well known quality products.



Designers for Hästens On our journey to create the ultimate sleeping experience we decided to look outside of the company walls. In cooperation with the Wallpaper design magazine, we had the pleasure of finding four leading designers with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world, who worked with us to interpret the bedroom of their dreams. The line-up includes the world famous fashion designer Angela Missoni, Spanish artist and product designer Jaime Hayón, Indian-born and trained designer Satyendra Pakhale, and the Mexico City-based collective NEL. The results of their interpretations are featured in Wallpaper. Four designers, four interpretations and a result that speaks for itself.



“For several reasons, I believe Hästens is to beds what Missoni is to fashion knitwear. They both have a strong past and they have both tied their name to a now-iconic pattern. In this recreation of the fairytale The Princess and the Pea, both companies’ prints are given a magical setting.”


Photographer: Kim Andreolli


“When thinking of our dream bed, we kept coming back to the idea of waking up rather than the actual sleep itself. We decided to recreate our vision of the perfect morning – you’ve had a comfortable eight hours’ sleep, you awake on top of the world and you have all the newspapers and magazines you could desire delivered to you.”


“The perfect bed to me is one in which your dreams are amazing. As a result, my concept was simple: a series of fantastical sketches that set the scene for an enchanting and enjoyable dream.”


“I wanted to create the illusion of the bed of my dreams in a subtle way. To me it’s not about being showy or over the top, but by being restrained and sophisticated you can create a scene with much more power.”



Sleeping in the best bed changes everything. Do you know that there is something better than what most people around the world know as “sleepâ€?? Most humans on this earth have never even imagined the kind of sleep that we know is possible in a handcrafted Hästens bed, made of the finest natural materials. Sleeping in the best bed changes everything. And we know it will change you as well. Welcome to the community of the well rested.





Wake up to sleep Investing in a Hästens bed is unlike any other bedding purchase you will make in your life. It is an investment in you. We believe that the luxury of perfect sleep is actually a necessity and a way of life. A brilliantly crafted bed changes everything.

At Hästens we are driven by two core beliefs. Beliefs that explain our passion for what we do, our relentless attention to detail, and that drive us to continually improve. The first is a deep and abiding belief that there is something better out there than what most people around the world currently know of as “sleep”. This is not a supposition. This is fact. Most humans on this earth have never even imagined the kind of sleep that we know is possible in a Hästens bed. The second, and perhaps more fundamental, is that sleep is the single most important aspect of life. If a human being goes seven days without sleep, he dies. Sleep is essential to life; it is nourishment; it is the source and replenishment of your health, energy, youth, focus, sanity, and capacity to achieve and innovate. At Hästens, it is our mission to act on these beliefs, to bring this knowledge to the world, to create more understanding of and reverence for a natural, deep sleep, and encourage a movement to spread that word. In a Hästens you fall asleep quickly and stay in deep sleep for a long time, two aspects that give you true quality sleep. There are many hearts and minds to be reached, as humans have lived without the knowledge of true sleep for so long. Sleep is indeed the ultimate luxury, and the most fundamental necessity at the same time. THE ABILITY TO FALL ASLEEP QUICKLY

The quicker you fall asleep, the more effective your time in bed will be. When you fall asleep

your body lowers its metabolism and body temperature. Your body is slowing down, preparing to sleep. It is important that your bed enables you to fall asleep quickly. In a Hästens bed the natural materials ventilate the air around the body which helps lower the temperature, and help you fall asleep faster. You have probably heard someone say “if you can’t fall asleep, you should get out of bed and do something else”. And this is a good advice if you go to bed and are not tired. But in many cases you simply do not fall asleep because most beds heat up from your body temperature and prevent you from falling asleep. The advice to leave your bed gives it the opportunity to cool down. Since a Hästens bed only uses natural materials that breathe it will not heat up and obstruct you from falling asleep.

viding you with the support and relief you need for your sound sleep. Choose the right bed for you and you will have a life-changing experience.


To get the best quality out of your sleep it is important to minimize the interruptions to your sleep. Tossing and turning in bed does not give you the full length of your deep sleep. Moving in bed is inevitable, but we want the movements to be as few as possible. If you are on a firm bed that causes pressure on your body you will have to move more often than you should. The same goes if you have a too soft bed. So, first of all, you need to find a bed that supports your body from head to foot and enables your blood to circulate through your body. A Hästens bed is built to contour to your body, pro89




Secrets of sleep The nature of sleep has always fascinated mankind. You may be unaware while you sleep, but the results are obvious. Sleep helps your body to recover, and affects our health, both physically and mentally.

The mystery of sleep has for centuries intrigued medicine men, scientists and researchers. Even today, scientists are not certain of reasons why we sleep. But they do agree on one thing: We all are in need of nightly rest. At Hästens we are convinced that a good night’s sleep is extremely beneficial and one of the best ways to live a long and healthy life. Therefore our goal is to provide the world with a bed where you obtain the best and deepest sleep shortly after laying down in it. Wake up rested, vigorous and full of energy. Wake up in a Hästens. YOU LIVE LONGER AND GET HEALTHIER

In recent years there has been an avalanche of studies conducted on sleep and health. The results of the majority of these confirm that there is a connection between failing to get enough sleep and chronic illnesses, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. And this results in an increased risk of a shorter lifespan. The amount of sleep needed to stay in balance varies from person to person, but somewhere between seven and nine hours is considered normal. According to a physiologic study performed at Harvard Medical School that involved more than 82,000 adults, when a person sleeps less than six hours per night the body is put into a state of alert. Stress hormones multiply, blood pressure goes up and substances in the blood that increase inflammation in our bodies elevate. But it’s not only the lack of hours that affects our health. When you sleep, is also a crucial factor to staying healthy. Another study performed

at Harvard University as well, found that people who work night shifts are more prone to certain types of cancer. An explanation is that when we are exposed to light at night, the levels of the hormone melatonin (believed to protect against cancer) is reduced. Multitudes of research and studies have been done, all focusing on sleep and our health. And although they have specialized in different areas and perspectives, scientists seem to agree that there is a strong connection between the hours of sleep we get per night and living a long and healthy life. So tonight do yourself a favor and make the time to get that extra hour of sleep. And make it a habit. You will thank yourself for the rest of your life. A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP BRINGS ALL MANNER OF BENEFITS

A good night’s sleep brings more benefits than just the satisfaction of having slept well. It improves your memory, makes it easier to think clearly and make decisions, and reduces the risk of infections, diabetes, heart disease, exhaustion and other conditions. One common misconception is that we lie still when we sleep. That’s simply not true. In fact, we change position, large and small movements, around five to ten times an hour. The reason for this is that the body needs to increase the flow of blood to those parts of the body which are under pressure when we lie still in one position. Many people who have difficulties sleeping feel that they have hardly slept a wink during the

night. In actuality, that tends not to be the case. This is because you need to sleep for at least 20 minutes for the brain to actually register that you have slept. Conversely, you need to be awake for more than five minutes in order to be aware that you have been awake during the night. DEEP SLEEP AND VIVID DREAMS

Losing essential hours of sleep harms the body. Our immune defenses suffer, and we find it hard to concentrate. If you have missed out on part of your night’s sleep, Torbjörn Åkerstedt, sleep researcher and professor at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, recommends that you make up for this by taking a nap during the day. You only need a ten-minute nap in order to feel the benefit. Sleep is made up of cycles. Each cycle includes a number of phases, including deep sleep, which is when recovery takes place, and REM sleep, which is when you dream. In the early stages of sleep, the periods of deep sleep are longer. However, towards the end of the night we sleep less deeply and dream more. Human beings are so cleverly designed that our bodies are aware of our sleeping needs and adapt our sleep accordingly. If you sleep less one night, you will have longer periods of deep sleep the next night. Sleeping for longer is not recommended, since the crucial periods of deep sleep occur during the initial stages of sleep. YOU WAKE UP REFRESHED AND ENERGIZED

Imagine that you go and lie down and close your 91


eyes. Think how good you will feel after your night’s sleep, and how you will wake up refreshed and full of energy. When you sleep, a variety of essential processes take place within your body, carrying out intensive repair and rebuilding work. The more stress and demands you place on your body and mind during the day, the more important the night’s sleep is for recovery. While sleeping, many important hormones reach their peak levels. For example, the number of growth hormones in the body increases. For children and young people, sleep is extremely important in order for them to grow and develop. Immune defense also improves during sleep. You grow stronger, and become more energized. Another advantage of sleeping well is that the number of stress hormones in the body falls while you sleep. This means that the risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related illnesses falls. YOU LEARN QUICKER AND PERFORM BETTER

You may wonder how it is possible to dream and to learn while simply lying in bed and sleeping. But while your consciousness is relaxing, your subconscious is busy thinking and understanding. So improving the quality of your sleep is a simple, natural way of also improving your ability to learn. Last minute cramming and studying the night before the exam could help you to pass. But if you really want to remember what you’ve learned, the best idea is to get a good night’s sleep before 92

the exam. A study carried out at Harvard Medical School in the U.S. has shown that the best way of remembering what we have learned is to let our brains help us to rehearse and learn by sleeping for at least eight hours after taking in the information. While we sleep, our brain is hard at work strengthening memories and practicing skills we’ve learned during the day. The process is called consolidation. Part of the process of learning something new, whether it’s physical or mental, is done by practice while you are awake. But then during the night when you rest, your brain continues practicing, recognizing and structuring the information, which leads to better performance after sleeping. According to a study published in the journal Sleep, children who suffer from sleep disordered breathing, for example snoring or sleep apnea, have problems staying focused in class, which can lead to functional problems at school. A similar study, also published in the journal Sleep, was performed on college students. It showed that those who didn’t get enough sleep had worse grades than those who did. When it comes to athletic performance, researchers at Stanford University found that college athletes who slept at least 10 hours a night for a longer period of time improved their results. First because they are consolidating their newly learned skills and secondly, researchers believe that growth hormone is released while sleeping. The hormone stimulates muscle growth, bone building and helps athletes recover.

When we sleep, we go through different stages of sleep. Deep sleep and REM sleep – also known as dream sleep – are two of the most important stages in terms of our ability to learn. During deep sleep, our knowledge is cemented and our impressions are enhanced, allowing us to remember what we have learned for longer. REM sleep, during which we undergo rapid eye movement, has proven to be important for learning processes and behavior. Quite simply, while we dream we carry on with what we have learned during the daytime. Deep sleep tends to be concentrated during the first part of our sleep, whereas we have more periods of REM sleep towards the end of the night. The Harvard Medical School studies show that the learning process continues not only during the night after you have learned something, but also as the brain processes the information while we sleep over the next few nights. After three nights of good sleep, the brain has trained the memory to the maximum, allowing you to perform at your very best. YOU LOOK YOUNGER

Ageing is inevitable, and you may be wondering whether it’s possible to stay young and healthy. The good news is that when you sleep, your cells regenerate and your face muscles relax, helping your body to feel more alert and refreshed. You have probably heard the phrase “beauty sleep”, haven’t you? Well, it really does exist. A good night’s sleep is essential if you want to slow down the effects of aging on your body.

As the cells in your body are rebuilt and renewed, your skin becomes more elastic. You will not only feel refreshed and healthy, you will look it too. THE ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY OF SLEEP

When you are awake and when you are asleep the brain produces different types of electrical activities. Looking at wakefulness in an electrophysiological way, it differs a lot from sleep. When you are awake, the basic activity of the brain reaches approximately 8-12 Hz. When you fall asleep, the electrical activity falls as the sleep gets deeper. The deep sleep (NREM sleep), which dominates the first third of the night, shows an EEG rhythm of 2-4 Hz while brain waves are high. When you sleep and dream (REM sleep) the elements of fast waves 8-15 Hz are greater, while the brain waves are significantly lower in comparison with the deep sleep. Furthermore, during REM sleep, the muscle activity in those muscles that you steer by will power is low and there are also periodic elements of rhythmic eye movements. The REM sleep recurs in intervals of 90-120 minutes and is dominant during the latter part of the night. REM sleep is also called paradoxical sleep since EEG displays a pattern that almost indicates wakefulness. However, it is difficult to awake someone who is dreaming, as it takes nearly 80-90 dB to arouse a person from REM sleep. Normal sleep consists of five types of sleep cycles (cycle 1-4 and REM sleep), which are determined by the electric appearance of the sleep. A normal night starts with superficial sleep (cycle 1) that gradually gets deeper and is followed


by a shorter period of REM sleep. During the night your sleep goes through four to six sleep cycles that each consist of all the five different sleep stages. Every sleep cycle has a duration of about 90-120 minutes. During the night you will experience short periods of wakefulness, often in connection with changing sleep stages. The deep sleep dominates the first third of the night, while the REM sleep has its longest periods during the later part of the night.

quickens while bowel activity slows down. When you go through deep sleep the blood pressure is lowered, the heart beats more slowly, and respiration is deeper.


When you sleep, several different functions in the brain and body undergo changes. The metabolism slows down and the work of the nerve cells inside the brain decreases. The blood flowing through your brain increases. The blood flow increases by some 4-25 percent during NREM sleep compared to when we are awake. This is the result of the increase in carbon dioxide during sleep, as respiration is reduced. When you dream, the blood flow inside your brain increases and the metabolism reaches the same levels as when you are awake. Other functional rhythms that change during your sleep include heart activity, respiration and body temperature. When you fall asleep the blood pressure falls approximately 10-30 Hg and the pulse frequency of the heart is reduced. The blood vessels in the skin expand as the blood flow increases. Respiration frequency goes down as a result of the respiratory center’s sensitivity to carbon dioxide being reduced. When you dream (REM sleep) your circulation and respiration 93




Hästens’ advice for a good night’s sleep


Your bedroom should be cool – ideally between 14°C and 18°C (57°F and 65°F). It should also be dark, since you are aware of light even with your eyes closed. Light sets off processes within your body which make you wake up. Your bed should be wide enough and long enough, with the correct degree of firmness. If you are on a bed that causes pressure on your body you will have to move more often than you should, which will interrupt your sleeping cycles. A Hästens bed is designed to give your body just the support you need and enables your blood to circulate through your body. An effective pillow which supports your neck will improve the quality of your sleep. 2. STICK TO A REGULAR SCHEDULE

Keeping roughly the same hours for bedtime and getting up will create a routine which your body will get used to. Even if you go to bed late or sleep badly, it’s worth getting up at the same time that you normally do. Otherwise, you’ll disrupt your routine and risk sleeping badly the next time, too. The natural materials in a Hästens bed ventilate the air around your body which helps lower the body temperature, and helps you fall asleep quickly and stay in deep sleep for a long time. 3. UNWIND BEFORE GOING TO BED

Take the time to unwind before going to bed. Avoid doing anything which involves mental or physical stress. Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and sleeping, so don’t use your bed for working or watching TV. Try to adjust the lighting in your bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere.


Spending time in sunlight during the day reduces melatonin levels in the blood. This makes us feel more awake and more alert. In the evening when it is darker, melatonin levels rise and we feel more tired. Spending time in the daylight makes it easier for our internal body clocks to regulate our need for sleep. 5. IF YOU CAN’T SLEEP, GET UP!

This is a good advice if you go to bed and are not tired. If you can’t sleep, get up and do something relaxing. Then when you feel tired, go back to bed. But in many cases you simply don’t fall asleep because most beds heat up from your body temperature and prevent you from falling asleep. The advice to leave the bed gives it the opportunity to cool down. Since a Hästens bed only uses natural materials that breathe, it will not heat up and obstruct you from falling asleep like other beds most likely will. 6. EXERCISE REGULARLY

By taking regular exercise – ideally three times a week – you will tire yourself physically while relaxing substances are produced in the body. The exertion also leads to deeper, more continuous sleep which means that you wake up feeling fresh and relaxed. But don’t exercise too close to bedtime – it may take you longer to get to sleep, as your body won’t have had a chance to wind down. 7. DON’T GO TO BED HUNGRY

Food is important to your well-being and your sleep. Don’t go to bed hungry, but also avoid eating dinner too late since a large meal just

before going to bed keeps the digestion process going longer. It is better to have a lighter meal which satisfies your hunger, and to focus on a good breakfast instead. 8. CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINATED DRINKS

Avoid drinks with caffeine in them, such as coffee and tea, which stimulate the brain’s wakefulness centre. Increased consumption of caffeinated drinks can make it hard to get to sleep, and increases the risk of waking in the night. This prevents you from getting the quality sleep you need. 9. WATCH OUT FOR HARMFUL SUBSTANCES

Alcohol and nicotine have a negative effect on your sleeping pattern. For example, studies have shown that you get less deep sleep and dream sleep when you have nicotine and alcohol in your blood. Not to mention its negative impact on your overall health. Clear away unhealthy elements and go for a healthy life. What toxins and chemicals do you expose yourself to? Choosing a Hästens bed is the most natural thing in the world. You get to sleep in a healthy environment, knowing that the materials closest to your body are free from chemicals. Pure natural materials next to your skin. 10. AVOID SLEEPING PILLS

The use of sleeping pills can lead to dependency, and should not be used for extended periods of time. Always speak to your doctor to find out whether there are other ways of resolving the cause of your sleeping problem.



What your back would like you to know Are you one of many people that move too little and sit too much in your daily life? As long as we don’t have pain in the back, we don’t give it much thought. But you should know that you can help to prevent and minimize trouble that may arise in the future.


It is important that you sleep in a bed that provides proper support for your back. You need a bed that really understands your body, and you should feel that your entire back is supported. No one can promise that you will completely avoid back problems when you switch to a new, better built bed. But we can promise that every Hästens bed is built to give you the best sleeping experience for many, many years to come. WHAT CAUSES THE PAIN?

Roughly, back pain can be divided into two types: pain in the lower part of the back and back pain where the pain radiates down into one leg or sometimes into both legs. “Lumbago” means a sudden sharp pain in the lower part of the back. Lumbago can be caused by lifting incorrectly or some other strain, such as a wrong movement caused during sports activities, etc. It is not unusual for people to wake up with lumbago. This occurs all too often because the back, which gets strained during work or exercise, etc., does not relax sufficiently during sleep. A suitable bed is essential for allowing your back to relax properly. The causes of pain are numerous and explanations differ widely, depending on who you ask. The most common explanations for acute back pain in orthopedics are small tears that occur in the different muscles, tendons and ligaments. Very little is known about this type of injury, as the damage cannot be shown with the usual X-ray methods. The explanation you usually receive when asking specialists who treat back

problems by manipulation (naprapaths, chiropractors, doctors trained in Orthopedic Manual Therapy – OMT – and physical therapists) is that back pain is caused by restrictions of movement and tense muscles. DISC INJURIES

The discs of your back are found between the vertebrae. A disc consists of three separate components: - a soft jelly-type core, which is enclosed by - a tough ring of cartilage and outermost - a ligament-type layer, which holds the disc in place. The discs have a shock-absorbing function and distribute the pressure between the vertebrae so that the spine can bend and turn without damage. The discs are the part of the back which first shows signs of aging. The direct blood supply to the discs’ cartilage ceases at around the age of 20. Therefore, the cartilage in the disc does not easily recover from damage, since the properties that govern recovery are found in the blood. We know that smoking, for example, strongly impairs the discs’ nutrient supply, while exercise has a positive effect. Sometimes a slipped disc occurs, which is one of the few definitive pathological changes that are clearly linked to a certain type of back pain. While lying in bed, the pressure on the discs is at its lowest, and it is therefore important to give some thought as to whether the bed you sleep in is properly constructed.



Is there something wrong with the human back? Does our two-legged, upright posture put too much strain on the back? The human back is well constructed. Although our upright posture creates a great strain on various structures in the spine, our back is built to cope with this. It is our lifestyle that worsens our backs. Scientists have shown that smoking and sitting still increase the risk of back pain. In other words, inactivity is not good for the back. Also, inappropriate movements that are repeated, for example lifting with a bent back, may cause injuries, especially to the discs.

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do to guard against back problems and for your health in general.


In contrast to earlier belief, it has been scientifically proven that long periods of rest and inactivity delay the recovery process and back pain actually increases. The discomfort caused by acute back pain, for example lumbago, can be so intense that a person can become incapacitated. In this case, rest cannot be avoided, but you should only rest for short periods of time, and of course, in a proper bed. In the case of acute back pain that does not radiate down into the legs, it has been shown that a period of two days’ bed rest is significantly better than longer periods of bed rest. It is not dangerous to move around somewhat, even if you experience a bit of back pain. However, it is important to get the 7-9 hours per day of sleep that your body needs. Properly rested muscles give the body more capacity to heal and rejuvenate itself. 97


Hästens daytime experience Imagine yourself in a Hästens Hammock under a blue sky, listening to the birds singing and enjoying the sun’s warming rays and the light summer breeze. With a great book you can let your thoughts wander off to discover another world, far away from everyday life. Pure pleasure for your body and soul.







It´s a shame to dress it up. But if you insist...

Because each Hästens bed is built individually, you can design your bed the way you want it. Do you think that Hästens beds are only available in classic blue check? Then think again. We have many fabrics to choose from. Do you want your Hästens bed to blend in with your home or do you want it to stand out? You decide. And when it comes to accessories, we offer just about everything you can imagine in the line of bed linen, down quilts and pillows, headboards, legs, bath robes, and much more. All with the Hästens insignia. You have a personality, so should your bed.



Down The pillow and duvets also play an important role for your sound sleep. To make sure that not only your body but also your head gets the right kind of rest, only pure down and feathers are good enough for us. Nothing synthetic here either, just pure natural down and feathers from geese and ducks. Down is nature’s own filling material, tried and tested for millions of years. It insulates and holds warmth for your body, and at the same time allows moisture to evaporate. ANATOMICAL PILLOW

Hästens’ Anatomical Pillows are made with quality, design and naprapathic knowledge expertise. Along with licensed naprapath Sven-Åke Östman, Hästens has developed a pillow with unique properties. At first it looks like any ordinary pillow, but inside is a detachable cylinder that relieves pressure and supports your neck. The cylinder is available in different firmness levels to suit your individual needs.









Introducing Hästens Satin Pure To continue to bring you the best sleep, Hästens is collaborating with the exquisite linen maker Christian Fischbacher. We’ve developed an exclusive satin linen collection, called Hästens Satin Pure, that is a lightweight textile, designed to match the Hästens classic bolster colors. The Satin Pure Blue, silver, gray, sand and white will enhance your lavish comfort and sleep. Christian Fischbacher, a family run company founded 1819 in Switzerland, is the world’s premier satin linen maker. From the beginning they have put great emphasis on producing the highest quality, from the selection of cotton for its yarns to the handcrafted linens. The cotton used when producing the yarns has a high staple length, which ensures a superior long lasting quality. The linen is woven with care in Switzerland where it is also treated, dyed and washed to obtain its characteristic sheen, softness and quality feel. It will last for more than 200 washes, keeping the extraordinary quality for many years. The final linen is a smooth lightweight fabric that contours to your body, offering you the optimal Hästens sleeping climate.





Hästens Satin collection

Hästens Pure Satin Blue Hästens Pure Satin Grey


Hästens Pure Satin White Hästens Satin Check

Hästens Pure Satin Sand Hästens Satin 400

Hästens Pure Satin Silver






Hästens Original collection

Hästens Original Blue Hästens Original Grey

Hästens Original Light blue Hästens Original Chocolate

Hästens Original Black Hästens Original Red

Hästens Original Silver Hästens Rips





Childrens collection It’s not only adults that should enjoy the benefits of a memorable sleep experience. Also children benefit from a comfortable start, morning after morning. Therefore Hästens offers a line of accessories for the little ones as well. Because what can be better than natural and breathable materials, like down and cotton, close to their delicate skin.



Personal accessories It’s the small details that bring out the memorable experience. As we consider the best sleep a necessity and a way of life, why not make the most of it by complementing your Hästens experience with matching accessories. Towels, bathrobes, pyjamas or down socks are all made out of 100% natural material and will remind you, even when your not in bed, how well you really do sleep at night.









Hästens headboards







You’ll sleep better in some hotels than others When you get used to sleeping in a Hästens bed, you wouldn’t want to sleep anywhere else. And the good news is that there are so many places in the world that you can explore and still sleep well in a Hästens. The Hamptons, New Delhi and Naples – they all have luxury boutique hotels equipped with our beds. And so does 61 select hotels around the world where you can sleep just as well as you do at home. So do not forget to visit when you plan your next vacation.



“While I was building and designing the Hotel Saint Cecilia, I had in mind the decadence and luxury of rock and roll in the 1960’s – kind of like the Rolling Stones recording Exile on Main St. in 1969 at Villa Nellcôte in the South of France – and it occurred to me that we had to have Hästens beds. We wanted only the finest of everything there. And we got them, and every day we have guests tell us they had the best night’s sleep of their life. And now I have one at home too.” – Liz Lambert



“Our mission is to create havens for people who want to live life as it should be. Hästens beds embodies that mission as Hästens has created beds as beds should be. Amazingly comfortable, made with love including a respect for nature and honoring the past while naturally introducing a style all of their own. Hästens has taken dreams to a new level and has allowed c/o Hotels to fulfill dreams by allowing this beautiful union. I am so thrilled for all of our guests as they are in for the vacation of a lifetime.” – Jenny Ljungberg


The Hästens beds were a natural choice for Fabriken Furillen, who wanted to provide guests with an extraordinary and a truly rejuvenating experience.


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