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Philosophy 2020

New in Philo s ophy

The Cosmopolitan Tradition A Noble but Flawed Ideal Martha C. Nussbaum “Profound, beautifully written, and inspiring. It proves that Nussbaum deserves her reputation as one of the greatest modern philosophers.” —Globe and Mail “At a time of growing national chauvinism, Nussbaum’s excellent restatement of the cosmopolitan tradition is a welcome and muchneeded contribution...Illuminating and thought-provoking.” —Lior Erez,Times Higher Education Belknap Press 320 pp. $27.95 • £22.95 cloth 9780674052499

Reconstructing Democracy

How Citizens Are Building from the Ground Up Charles Taylor • Patrizia Nanz • Madeleine Beaubien Taylor

“This is an urgent manifesto for the reconstruction of democratic belonging in our troubled times. In their theorizing of democracy as a resonant dynamic of local engagements, civic practices, and forms of collective agency, Charles Taylor, Patrizia Nanz, and Madeleine Beaubien Taylor offer robust philosophical and empirical solutions to the deep need for reestablishing a sense of trust in citizen participation and solidarity.” —Davide Panagia, author of The Political Life of Sensation 120 pp. $14.95 • £11.95 cloth 9780674244627

Magic and the Dignity of Man

Pico della Mirandola and His Oration in Modern Memory Brian P. Copenhaver

“Erudite, original, and eloquent...The book reinterprets one of the most prominent thinkers of the Italian Renaissance in ways that will be widely discussed. No future interpretation of Pico’s life or work, no future reading of Renaissance philosophy, will be able to avoid engaging with it.” —Anthony Grafton, Princeton University “A must-read for anyone, especially historians of philosophy and intellectual historians, interested in the larger significance of the Renaissance.” —James Hankins, Harvard University Belknap Press 22 illus. 704 pp. $55.00 • £44.95 cloth 9780674238268 Cover art: ©Juj Winn/Getty Images

Who Needs a World View? Raymond Geuss “Geuss has undertaken in recent years to resuscitate the genre of the classical philosophical essay, and he has by now made himself an absolute master of it. This is abundantly evident in his new collection of essays, which takes us on a vertiginous and often exhilarating journey that easily passes from Homer to the present in pursuit of his leading question, ‘Who needs a world view?’” —Hans Sluga, University of California, Berkeley 3 illus. 208 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674245938

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New in Philo s ophy

The Logical Alien Conant and His Critics

Edited by Sofia Miguens “An exceptionally interesting and original work—one that is not so much an outstanding contribution to some ‘field’ within philosophy as a work capable of reshaping what one takes philosophy to be.” — Cora Diamond, author of Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, Going On to Ethics “These pages are filled with nuances in conceptual clarification, a wealth of philosophical distinctions, and a level of rigor in philosophical reflection that is rarely found on our philosophical planet. This book will hold a singular place in the contemporary philosophical landscape.” —Andrea Kern, author of Sources of Knowledge 1080 pp. $59.95 • £47.95 cloth 9780674335905

Theory of the Gimmick

Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form Sianne Ngai

“A masterpiece...It is a major advance in aesthetic theory, and Marxist theory in particular, one that could help us all get over our Frankfurt melancholy and down to the garrulous work of actually naming the dynamics that produce art and artistic judgment under capitalism.” —Christopher Nealon, author of The Matter of Capital Belknap Press 38 photos, 4 illus. 416 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674984547

Automation and Utopia

Human Flourishing in a World without Work John Danaher

“This is philosophy of technology at its best! Exquisitely clear, unflinchingly fair, and refreshingly original, Automation and Utopia is especially timely and important.” —Evan Selinger, Rochester Institute of Technology “With the precision of analytical philosophy and accessible, confident prose, Automation and Utopia demonstrates yet again why Danaher is one of our most important pathfinders to a flourishing future.” —James Hughes, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies 13 illus., 2 tables 336 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674984240

A Spirit of Trust

A Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology Robert B. Brandom

“Aspires to do for Hegel’s The Phenomenology of Spirit what Strawson’s The Bounds of Sense did for Kant’s The Critique of Pure Reason: to transpose a seminal work of German Idealism into the terminological idiom and argumentative key of anglophone analytic philosophy—not only to render a past classic newly available to the present, but to transform the philosophical present through such a re-inheritance of its past.” —James Conant, University of Chicago Belknap Press 18 illus., 3 tables 856 pp. $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674976818

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New in Philo s ophy

On the Shoulders of Giants Umberto Eco translated by

Alastair McEwen

“Like a collection of TED talks on philosophy and literary history, these 12 dazzling texts explore grand themes of intellectual curiosity such as beauty, secrecy, the invisible, and the sacred.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Delightful…Eco’s remarks on such broad topics as ‘Beauty’ and ‘Ugliness,’ ‘Some Revelations on Secrecy,’ and ‘Representations of the Sacred’ reveal his astonishingly wide range of interests.” —Publishers Weekly Belknap Press 336 pp. $27.95 North America only cloth 9780674240896

On Not Being Someone Else

Tales of Our Unled Lives Andrew H. Miller

“Miller is charming company, both humanly and intellectually. He is onto something: the theme of unled lives, and the fascinating idea that fiction intensifies the sense of provisionality that attends all lives. An extremely attractive book.” —James Wood “Reminds us just how alluring and confounding our singularity is and how, through literature, we make sense of being ourselves. To be someone—to be anyone—is about being someone and not being someone else. Miller’s amused and inspired book is utterly compelling about this, and about so much else.” — Adam Phillips, author of One Way and Another 3 illus. 232 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674238084

Home in America On Loss and Retrieval Thomas Dumm “Thomas Dumm has endowed new intellectual life in the politics of location. This is a wise, sensitive, poetic, and relentlessly thoughtful inquiry into the meanings of being at home today. Among other things, it offers a convincing and elaborate answer to Adorno’s old assertion that the highest form of morality involves systematic estrangement from the possibility of feeling at home in your own home.” —Paul Gilroy, author of The Black Atlantic Belknap Press 320 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674057715


What the Nose Tells the Mind A. S. Barwich “This is the book on perception we have been waiting for: a scientifically-informed and philosophically astute treatment of our elusive sense of smell. A. S. Barwich skillfully guides us through the history of its study, recent discoveries, and philosophical theorizing about smell, and, in doing so, makes a significant contribution to all three.” — Barry C. Smith, Centre for the Study of the Senses, University of London 8 photos, 9 illus., 1 table 384 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674983694

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New in Philo s ophy

The Theology of Liberalism

Political Philosophy and the Justice of God Eric Nelson ★ An American Interest Favorite Book of the Year

“[One] of the best treatments imaginable of the context and meaning of Rawls’s epoch-making book…Illuminating and original.” —Samuel Moyn, Commonweal “An excellent work, magnificently well done and provocative in all the right ways.” —Christopher Brooke, University of Cambridge Belknap Press 232 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674240940


The Right to Rule in a Wanton World Arthur Isak Applbaum

“Few words are more important in politics than ‘legitimacy,’ and few are so flagrantly misused. Arthur Applbaum sets us straight, with an exemplary display of philosophical clarity, passion, and insight. Once you’ve read him, you will never misuse the word again.” —Michael Ignatieff, President, Central European University 7 tables 304 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674983465 N E W I N PA P E R

Mere Civility

Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration Teresa M. Bejan ★ A New Statesman Best Book of the Year ★ A Church Times Book of the Year

“Penetrating and sophisticated.” —New York Times Book Review “A deeply admirable book: original, persuasive, witty, and eloquent. It is also admirably, bracingly, skeptical, in the best sense: the kind of liberal skepticism that we associate in political theory with Judith Shklar, Bernard Williams, and George Kateb.” —Jacob T. Levy, Review of Politics 288 pp. $22.00 • £17.95 paper 9780674241640 N E W I N PA P E R

To Shape a New World

Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. edited by

Tommie Shelby • Brandon M. Terry

“Fascinating and instructive…King’s philosophy, speaking to us through the written word, may turn out to constitute his most enduring legacy.” —New York Review of Books “A compelling work of philosophy, all the more so because it treats King seriously without inoculating him from the kind of critique important to both his theory and practice.” —Shivani Radhakrishnan, Los Angeles Review of Books “Firmly situates Dr. King in the canon of American political thought... This is a must-read in our time.” —Eddie S. Glaude, Princeton University Belknap Press 464 pp. $18.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674237834

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Als o Available

The Enigma of Reason

Critique of Forms of Life

Hugo Mercier • Dan Sperber

Rahel Jaeggi translated by

“Brilliant…Turns reason’s weaknesses into strengths, arguing that its supposed flaws are actually design features that work remarkably well…Timely and necessary.”

Ciaran Cronin

“Jaeggi combines…phenomenological attention to lived experience and an eye for social detail… She binds that together with a shrewd grasp of critical theory and the philosophical landscape of the present. Her footnotes alone would make a good book.”

—Julian Baggini, Financial Times “Especially timely as we struggle to make sense of how it is that individuals and communities persist in holding beliefs that have been thoroughly discredited.”

—Terry Pinkard, European Journal of Philosophy Belknap Press 1 table 416 pp. $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674737754

—Science 10 photos, 7 illus., 2 tables 408 pp. $18.95 North America only paper 9780674237827

Irad Kimhi “To his admirers, Kimhi is a hidden giant, a profound thinker…Strives to do a lot in a short space, aiming to overthrow views about logic and metaphysics that have prevailed in philosophy for a century.”

The Limits of Blame

Rethinking Punishment and Responsibility Erin I. Kelly

“Gives us a philosopher’s take on the concept of criminal ‘guilt,’ on how easily we miss the larger social context in which crime takes place, and how we need to broaden our blame in order to adjust our justice.” —New Yorker “This book has an elegant humanity that is missing in many discussions of punishment...The Limits of Blame is a model for philosophers who aim to engage with the criminal justice system.” —Victor Tadros, University of Warwick

Thinking and Being

—New York Times Book Review “This book is the most rewarding text by a living author that I have read in years. Kimhi is a philosopher of the highest caliber.” —Sebastian Rödl, University of Leipzig 2 tables 176 pp. $41.00 • £32.95 cloth 9780674967892

As If

Idealization and Ideals Kwame Anthony Appiah

1 photo 240 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674980778

“Appiah is a writer and thinker of remarkable range… [He] has packed into this short book an impressive amount of original reflection… A rich and illuminating book.” —Thomas Nagel, New York Review of Books “Appiah is the rare public intellectual who is also a first-rate analytic philosopher.” —Thomas Kelly, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 240 pp. $12.95 • £10.95 paper 9780674237711

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Recently Published & O ther Favorite s

John Rawls

Andrius Gališanka

272 pp. $45.00 • £32.95 cloth 9780674976474

Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, Going On to Ethics Cora Diamond

Why Free Will Is Real Christian List

224 pp. $24.95 • £17.95 cloth 9780674979581

A Natural History of Human Morality Michael Tomasello

208 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674986824

344 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674051683

Origin of the German Trauerspiel Walter Benjamin translated by Howard Eiland 336 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674744240

Converts to the Real Edward Baring

504 pp. $49.95 • £39.95 cloth 9780674988378

The Ordinary Virtues

An Inquiry into Modes of Existence Bruno Latour

520 pp. $23.50 • £18.95 paper 9780674984028

The Fall of Language Alexander Stern

Michael Ignatieff

★A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice

400 pp. $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674980914

272 pp. $14.95 • £11.95 paper 9780674237490

The Emotional Mind Stephen T. Asma • Rami Gabriel 448 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674980556

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Conscious Experience

Thinking Off Your Feet

Michael Strevens

Anil Gupta $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674987784

Belknap Press 360 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674986527

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Clas sic s in Philo s ophy

What We Owe to Each Other T. M. Scanlon ★ A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year “[Scanlon’s] discussions are deep and honest, and they illuminate many key concepts of moral philosophy: well being, trust, friendship, loyalty, promises. It would be—and will be—the business of more than one doctoral thesis to assess his success.” —Simon Blackburn, New York Times Book Review “Scanlon’s understanding of [morality’s] complexity and of its sources in the variety of human relations and values is one of the virtues of this illuminating book...Scanlon has been one of the most influential contributors to moral and political philosophy for years...A philosophical event.” —Thomas Nagel, London Review of Books Belknap Press 432 pp. $34.00 • £27.95 paper 9780674004238

Creating Capabilities

The Last Utopia

Martha C. Nussbaum

★A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year

Belknap Press 256 pp. $18.00 • £14.95 paper 9780674072350

Political Emotions Martha C. Nussbaum

★A Times Higher Education Book of the Week Belknap Press 480 pp. $23.50 • £18.95 paper 9780674503809

Samuel Moyn

Belknap Press 352 pp. $22.50 • £18.95 paper 9780674064348

Frontiers of Justice Martha C. Nussbaum ★D avid and Elaine Spitz Prize The Tanner Lectures on Human Values Belknap Press 512 pp. $29.50 • £23.95 paper 9780674024106

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Justice for Hedgehogs

Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly

Ronald Dworkin

Belknap Press 528 pp. $24.50 • £19.95 paper 9780674072251

The Idea of Justice Amartya Sen

Belknap Press 496 pp. $30.00 North America only paper 9780674060470

Mary Flexner Lectures of Bryn Mawr College 256 pp. $15.95 • £12.95 paper 9780674983984

Collective Choice and Social Welfare Amartya Sen

★A New Statesman Top Ten Book of the Decade

Judith Butler

640 pp. $20.50 United States and its dependencies only paper 9780674919211

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Clas sic s in Philo s ophy

What Is Ancient Philosophy? Pierre Hadot translated by

Michael Chase

“Pierre Hadot deserves to be better known to English-language readers...He is a philosopher who makes use of the ancients for his own ideas…In What is Ancient Philosophy? Hadot brings all his concerns together in a small volume of extraordinary erudition and surprising…clarity of prose…It is the summa of a distinguished career.” —New York Times Book Review “It strives to persuade us to revise our view of philosophy—to think of philosophy, as the ancients did, as crucially involving a philosophical way of life.” —Michael Frede, Oxford University Belknap Press 384 pp. $30.00 • £24.95 paper 9780674013735


Self and Soul

Changing the Subject Raymond Geuss

The Consolation of Philosophy

106 pp. $33.00 • £26.95 paper 9780674003996

304 pp. $19.50 • £15.95 paper 9780674984004

368 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674545724

translated by

G. E. M. Anscombe

Mark Edmundson


David R. Slavitt 208 pp. $19.00 • £15.95 paper 9780674048355

The Case against Perfection

Dark Ghettos

We Who Are Dark

Michael J. Sandel

★D avid and Elaine Spitz Prize

★A New York Best Academic Book of the Year

★A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice Belknap Press 176 pp. $18.50 • £14.95 paper 9780674036383

Tommie Shelby

Tommie Shelby

Belknap Press 352 pp. $20.50 • £16.95 paper 9780674984073

800-405-1619 (US only)

David Miller

Belknap Press 336 pp. $24.50 • £19.95 paper 9780674025714

Strangers in Our Midst 240 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674986787

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Clas sic s in Philo s ophy

A Secular Age Charles Taylor ★ A New York Times Notable Book of the Year ★ A Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year “One finds big nuggets of insight, useful to almost anybody with an interest in the progress of human society.” —The Economist “Taylor takes on the broad phenomenon of secularization in its full complexity…[A] voluminous, impressively researched and often fascinating social and intellectual history.” —Jack Miles, Los Angeles Times “A Secular Age is a work of stupendous breadth and erudition.” —John Patrick Diggins, New York Times Book Review Belknap Press 896 pp. $22.95 • £18.95 paper 9780674986916

The Ethics of Authenticity Charles Taylor

The Language Animal

Our Aesthetic Categories

How to Do Things with Words 192 pp. $27.00 • £21.95 Not for sale in UK & British Commonwealth (except Canada) paper 9780674411524

Sianne Ngai

Charles Taylor

J. L. Austin

160 pp. $16.95 • £13.95 For sale Outside Canada paper 9780674987692

Belknap Press 368 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674660205

★ J ames Russell Lowell Prize

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 1: 1913–1926

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2: Part 1: 1927–1930

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2: Part 2: 1931–1934

Walter Benjamin

Belknap Press 528 pp. $34.00 • £27.95 paper 9780674013551

Walter Benjamin Belknap Press 480 pp. $31.50 • £25.95 paper 9780674015883

10   harvard university press

344 pp. $21.50 • £17.95 paper 9780674088122

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 3: 1935–1938 Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin Belknap Press 480 pp. $32.00 • £25.95 paper 9780674017467

Belknap Press 480 pp. $30.50 • £24.95 paper 9780674019812

800-405-1619 (US only)

Clas sic s in Philo s ophy

A Theory of Justice Original Edition John Rawls “Rawls draws on the most subtle techniques of contemporary analytic philosophy to provide the social contract tradition with what is, from a philosophical point of view at least, the most formidable defense it has yet received.” —New York Times Book Review “The most substantial and interesting contribution to moral philosophy since the war.” —Stuart Hampshire, New York Review of Books “I press my recommendation of [this book] to non-philosophers, especially those holding positions of responsibility in law and government. For the topic with which it deals is central to this country’s purposes, and the misunderstanding of that topic is central to its difficulties.” —Peter Caws, New Republic Belknap Press 12 line illus. 624 pp. $38.00 • £30.95 paper 9780674017726

Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy John Rawls

Belknap Press 496 pp. $30.00 • £24.95 paper 9780674030633

Radical Hope

German Idealism

Mind in Life

Jonathan Lear

Frederick C. Beiser

Evan Thompson

208 pp. $22.50 • £18.95 paper 9780674027466

752 pp. $41.00 • £32.95 paper 9780674027176

Belknap Press 568 pp. $32.00 • £25.95 paper 9780674057517

“The Loeb Library…remains to this day the Anglophone world’s

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 4: 1938–1940

most readily accessible collection of classical masterpieces.” —Wall Street Journal

Walter Benjamin

Belknap Press 496 pp. $32.00 • £25.95 paper 9780674022294

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