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Facets of ART & Style


November 14, 2019

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it�

Dearest Guests, Thank you for joining us today to witness this meaningful and momentous occasion – the unveiling of The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond in a Harry Kotlar Masterpiece. After months of research, artistic and creative process, we are finally here. It has been my passion and deep obsession to cultural theory, history, art and human societies that inspired me to imagine, create, initiate and view things with an anthropologist’s lens. This booklet explores the processes that our amazing roster of artists goes through and the many facets of art and style in various executions, revealing our thoughtful intentions in every aspect of the unveiling of the Harry Kotlar masterpiece that cradles The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond project. It articulates poetry, art, culture, history, socio-economic & political changes in our world as well as the artist’s soul and emotional intensities that are behind each creative endeavor. This is beyond jewelry or jewelry as a mere object. And even beyond merging two great legacies, Oklahoma’s history and BC Clark Sr.’s journey to Indian Territory in the 1800’s. This is about forging all of above dialogues, inspiring people to see, touch, feel and learn to appreciate everything in a different light and feel the LOVE, PASSION, HARDWORK and TENACITY that our founder instilled in us.

We hope to ignite the passion and the artist in all of us. Welcome to the world of Harry Kotlar! Sincerely,

Czarah de Guzman Cabrera, G.G. Creative Director | Executive Producer Director of Brand Management for Harry Kotlar


JEWELRY DESIGN Harry Kotlar’s design team presented four illustrations subdivided into two design directions based on months of research : Geometric and Romantic. These illustrations feature Harry Kotlar’s signature and trademark design elements with a subtle nod to BC Clark Sr.’s journey and sense of direction as he explored life and shaped BC Clark’s legacy. The chosen design was from the geometric design direction. The design team used tapered baguette diamonds reminiscent of the pilot grills seen on the front of steam engine locomotives during the Industrial Revolution. It’s the form of transportation that played a significant role in the history and success of BC Clark. The design starts with a rough sketch. Shortly after, the design team together with David Wiener, Harry Kotlar’s grandson and head designer, discuss the intricacies of the piece. This is where minute design nuances, durability and balance are refined, examined and considered. To execute this ring precisely, it was determined that the tapered baguette diamonds had to be custom cut to fit the mounting for balance, structure and beauty.

After that, the illustration is passed on to the gouache artist to render the gouache painting.


Gouache is a lost art of painting in opaque watercolor. It first appeared in the 1700’s, as jewelers used this painting technique to create a realistic 3D rendering to portray how the final piece would look like. It is an art form that reflects the artistic vision of the designer and serves as a guideline for the master artisans who will then work on the masterpiece. ​

As this masterpiece is a high jewelry piece, it’s just fitting to apply this traditional practice. Harry Kotlar’s gouache artists convey the intricacy of the artistic and creative design, making it impossible to fully substitute this detailed gouache rendering with today’s digital CAD renderings. ​

Only the finest maisons of the world such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet, Dior, Piaget and Harry Kotlar uphold the importance of this traditional process. The gouache provide a visual transcript of the level of exceptional artisanship that Harry Kotlar still represent and alludes to the beauty of handmade and human immersion present in this magnificent masterpiece.


Harry Kotlar assigned a small team of master artisans who have dedicated their lives to a specific element of jewelry-making to create the masterpiece that cradles the Heart of Oklahoma Diamond. Platinum or gold is forged, heated, and shaped by hand. The metal is carved, stones are set and the masterpiece is finished all by hand. Everything is done without the aid of computers and digital techniques. By creating each piece by hand, the masterpiece becomes stronger, and has greater density than mass-produced counterparts. The process truly elevates the beauty and perfection of the masterpiece, bestowing the wearer a piece of old-world history and artistry that will truly last a lifetime.

FILM The Heart of Oklahoma meets The Art of A Handmade Masterpiece is a 3 minute film revealing the genesis of hand making the masterpiece surrounding the Heart of Oklahoma Diamond by Kotlar Master Artisans. It depicts how true artisans create a handmade work of art steeped in history, heritage and the personality of the human touch. A combination of original musical score with soothing accompanying visuals awash earthy, bluish and amber tones teleport the viewers to a millennia ago, merging Oklahoma’s history, BC Clark’s journey and Harry Kotlar’s artistry and craftsmanship. The directors use fog machines throughout the film to add depth to each scene and also as an homage to the steam engine locomotives used in the Industrial Revolution which was a big part of BC Clark’s history. Throughout the intricate production process, whether it’s hand making the shank, or examining the metal to plan for setting, the film marvels the depths of passion, love and precision required to ensure that this KOTLAR masterpiece achieves the highest standard of quality, perfection and excellence set by the founder.







The still life portrait and jewelry campaign is a modern take of the Victorian era. The styling is a nod to 19TH century’s Queen Victoria with old-world feeling in tones and saturation consistent with all Harry Kotlar campaigns. The composition has subtle hues of blue and gold to be consistent with the artistic director’s vision for the event. The era is represented on the following: - Modern Victorian gown by Monique Lhuillier - Make-up and hair - Birdcage Veil

VISUAL MERCHANDISING PART 1 Kotlar Collections Museum


The exhibit guides the audience to Harry Kotlar’s depths of expertise in its craft through a display of its iconic and sought-after collections. It features carefully curated showcases that represent Harry Kotlar’s history as well as its founder’s passion and attention to detail and the impeccable craftsmanship of its Italian Master Artisans for seven decades. It features an expanded collection of Harry Kotlar’s hallmark design, the Artisan Pavé, and its proprietary cut, the Kotlar ​Cushion®. Rare diamonds and jewels from the Kotlar Vault collection and the more contemporary Kotlar 1948 as well as jewels worn on the red carpet today.

VISUAL MERCHANDISING Part 2 70th Year Anniversary Collection Museum with Audio Guide “Jewelry Retail experience Reinvented “

Harry Kotlar brings an innovative experience for all viewers of the 70th year Anniversary Collection by adding a Museum Audio Guide via a global travel application. This is an essential part of the museum experience that combines digital and nondigital experiences within the retail space. The curated Audio Guide supports consumers in learning about each of the exhibit presented in the museum as well as facilitate them to understand what they are seeing in a more in-depth and meaningful way. It aims to: • Have consumers spend more time in front of the masterpieces/exhibit • Have consumers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what the masterpieces mean and how they are made • Deliver stories full of sentiment, excitement and character • Foster a more intimate connection and engagement between the museum, the Harry Kotlar brand, the retail space and the viewer

• Educate viewers about Harry Kotlar’s design journey throughout seven decades in conjunction with fashion, style, jewelry and world history

VISUAL MERCHANDISING Part 3 Fashion Edit Installation


Harry Kotlar has been a part of every major global fashion and accessories magazines as well as top red carpet events in the world. It continues to push boundaries by incorporating fashion into the mix. The exhibition unravels the twelve distinctive styles of women garnered from style magazines, fashion bloggers/vloggers, Instagram , pinterest and many others, curated and styled with Harry Kotlar’s stunning fashion fine jewelry lines while maintaining Kotlar’s aesthetic of classic and sophistication. Fashion and style have the power to define a person and his or her character. It is a strategic communication tool for women globally. It is an instrument that makes one feel empowered, happy and inspired.


Inspiration: Starry Night over the Rhone & Starry Night paintings by Vincent Van Gogh Execution: MODERN interpretation of these1888 & 1889 paintings with the use of LIGHTING

101 Park Avenue’s atrium is reimagined into a film and visual exhibit space pulling elements from the scenes painted by one of the most influential and greatest post-impressionists of all time, Vincent Van Gogh with the use of lighting. The yellow tones that came from the reflections of the gas lighting and sparkling colors of the night sky over sparkling blue waters and the dark, velvety blue sky appeared magical and luminous on the paintings. These elements are applied to the space in reference and tribute to “The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond” (a fancy intense yellow diamond) and an homage to the jewelry design house’s long legacy of commitment to its pursuit of perfection, quality and preserving the lost ART of hand making the best jewels in the world by its Italian Master Artisans.

The transformation brings in a multitude of statements and intentions which includes the essence of Van Gogh’s emotional intensities during his stay at the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence as well as his fondness and intrigue with the beauty and tranquility that the night brings. It also articulates B.C. Clark Sr.’s journey to Indian Territory full of hope and direction in the 19th century and Harry Kotlar’s determination for safe passage from a war-torn Poland in World War II full of love, passion, hard work and tenacity.



A visual exhibit in canvas exploring the genesis of the diamond and the masterpiece

The genesis exhibition depicts the various stages and phases of how this rare diamond came to life as well as the phases of creating the Masterpiece that cradles it. This aims to portray not just the actual processes that go behind this endeavor but to also reveal human experiences and the important role of true craftsmanship. It reflects the intentions behind the creation of this rare diamond and this one of a kind Harry Kotlar masterpiece.


MUSIC Original Musical Score / Orchestration

The musical score and orchestration for the film, The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond meets The Art of a Handmade Masterpiece was created with complex chromatic notes, melodic strings, piano arpeggios, chordal accompaniment and enigmatic percussions executed with multiple instruments. The use of a variety of arpeggios as well as incorporating waltz gives off elemental clues of steam engine locomotives moving. This score intends to capture the audience by its sound, melody and orchestration as well as make them feel the anticipation, excitement, sentiment and the emotional message of the film.

BALLET Pas de deux The jewelry design house’s artistic director incorporated ballet into the mix in the form of a pas de deux as a surprise element to reveal the Harry Kotlar masterpiece cradling The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond. Ballet is a form of art with origins during the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century— always presented in an elaborate spectacle. Since then, it evolved from its artifice of opera-ballet to becoming an art form that could stand on its own. It is an expressive movement that reveals the relationships and emotions between characters. The dance composition surrounding the reveal not only reinforces the importance of the masterpiece cradling the exceptionally rare diamond but through the use of movements, it expresses and gives life to the accompaniment and illuminates human emotions and intentions.

ARTISTS BEHIND‌ HANDMAKING the MASTERPIECE: David Wiener President & Head Designer Nova Williams Design Illustrator & Production Coordinator Brian Krupp Gouache Artist Kotlar Master Artisan 1 Hand Forger Kotlar Master Artisan 2 Hand Carver/Setter Kotlar Master Artisan 3 Hand Polisher FILM: David Wiener Nova Williams Kotlar Master Artisan 1 Kotlar Master Artisan 2 Ace Salvador Hiroki Kamada Nao Sato Czarah Cabrera Katherine Antoniazzi Regan Smith-

President & Head Designer Design Illustrator | Gouache Artist Hand Forger Hand Setter and Hand Polisher Director Cinematographer | Editor Composer Creative Director & Executive Producer BTS Videographer Production Assistant

STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY: Catherine Asanov Efren Beltran Czarah Cabrera Katherine Antoniazzi Regan Smith Laura Arango -

Photographer 2nd Photographer | Lighting Artistic & Creative Director BTS Videographer | Production Assistant Production Assistant Hair & Make-up

MUSIC: Nao Sato Czarah Cabrera -

Composer | Orchestrator Musical Director

BALLET: Austin Hartel Micah Bullard Carlie Preskitt -

Choreographer Dancer Dancer

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.“

-- Andrew Carnegie

Harry Kotlar is recognized as the premier source for impeccably cut diamonds, handmade heritage jewelry, its hallmark design – Artisan Pavé and “The World’s Most Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamond” – Kotlar Cushion. Established in 1948 as a diamond house and progressively evolved into a jewelry design house, designing pieces that evoke old-world artistry with modern sophistication. Each Harry Kotlar piece is made by a team of Italian Master artisans who have dedicated their life’s work to the love & passion of jewelry-making, creating the world’s most stunning diamond jewelry that celebrate individuals’ story eternally.


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