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Vol. 12 No.4

April 2013

Editor’s Notes:

(Formerly Asia-Pacific Harrier) Editor/Publisher Jim Edens

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“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.” -Mark Twain, American Humorist, Writer and Lecturer 1835-1910. Mark Twain never ran on the hash, but with his propensity for humor, alcohol and travel, my guess is that he would fit right in with most hashers I know. Euro Hash is not far off so our ever diligent European Correspondent Yark Sucker clues us in on the best Pre & Post Lubes that Scandinavia has to offer this year. From Denmark and Sweden to Norway, five hundred lucky hashers are all set for more laughs than a traveling circus. Hash Galore in Bangalore is one harriette’s reflections on some of the best hashing country in all of India. And speaking of Harriettes, in Atlanta, some lovely ladies just can’t resist dressing up, or even undressing for a good cause. Ooh-la-la! Colonel Ken is back with tales of expats in Hardship Postings. Scores of outstanding HHH and running events are coming up, so mark the calendar and make your plans for fun on the run in 2013. The first of April is a day that all true hashers hold dear, for it reminds us of our escapades throughout the entire year......Bimbo 1946???? Happy hashing and I look forward to seeing you on trail soon. Jim Edens Editor-in-Chief & Founder Harrier Magazine

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See the entire 8 page feature about Elen Oblea “Hungry Bum� Marshment in the March 2013 digital edition of Harrier Magazine, online now at: 10 HARRIER

TO: Jim Edens Editor-in-Chief Harrier Magazine Elen ‘Hungry Bum’ Marshment 1959-2013 The loss of someone close is never easy. However, the outpouring of love and support that the hashing community has provided for Elen, her family, and myself has been overwhelming. Hashes in 5 cities (and perhaps others I am not aware of) had remembrances from moments of silence to memorial runs in her honor. The two services, her funeral mass in Bangkok and memorial service in the Philippines, were both filled with supportive hashers. I want to thank the editor of Harrier Magazine Jim Edens and his staff for the March digital edition which so wonderfully summarized what a special lady she was to all of us. Her family in particular was greatly comforted by the hashers who met them at the services and by the article which has become an important keepsake and memory for them. I know if Elen was here she would add her personal thanks. I am sure that she is now in a special place. Again, my thanks to all does not do justice to how kind you have all been. ON ON, KC ‘Boob a Lube’ Marshment


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All of Scandinavia will be joining in the fun of Eurohash 2013 with Pre Lubes and Post Lubes. Scandinavian hashes are all a mixture of locals and ex-pats, so one can experience hashing with a local flare. Travel the region, meet the Vikings and enjoy beautiful Scandinavia. Here is the schedule.

Tuesday, 13 Aug: Århus, Denmark: The Eurohash 2013 party kicks off in Århus. Århus is situated at the Bay of Århus in the heart of Denmark. It is surrounded by forests providing plenty of opportunities for a challenging hash. But remember, there are no hills in Denmark, or so they say. Hitman invites you to his beautiful city for the first of the Eurohash 2013 Pre Lubes. Århus H3 was founded in 1989 and has been the host of countless events, including Eurohash in 2003 and German Nash Hash in 2001 – yes, the Vikings invaded Germany and stole the German Nash Hash. In 2014 Århus H3 will host the Danish Nash Hash, and the city of Århus has been designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2017. There is an airport in Århus, and Århus is only a 3 hour train ride from Copenhagen. Wednesday, 14 Aug: Copenhagen, Denmark: The Copenhagen Viking Wankers never need much of an excuse to troll through Copenhagen’s more interesting underbelly in their sexy red dresses, and this year is no exception. As a pre lube to Eurohash, they are hosting another famous H.A.R.D.O.N. Red Dress Run. Calapso invites you to meet at Jerbancafeen, Reventlowsgade 16, København V at 19:00. If you are lucky, the ever helpful, infamous red vinyl Danish Nurses will be on hand to escort you on a pub crawl through some of the classier parts of this beautiful city. Doubtless on the way, you will encounter shot stops, Gammel


Pre ‘n Post Lubes

Hashing in Norway, North of the Arctic Circle, Hosted by Oslo H3

Hashing with Oslo H3 North of the Arctic Circle

Dansk and get a mouthful in Spunk. Come and meet strange and interesting people or just socialise with the local transvestites and hookers. You’ll fit right in! In case you are curious, the acronym has a second meaning: Hafniae Annual Red Dress Or Nightgown Hash. Bring a purse, handbag or sporran, there’s no run fee but you will need to pay for your own beers on the way. The Copenhagen Viking Wankers were founded in 1980 by 3 well-travelled Danish Hashers, one of which, Kaj “Der Tulip Eater” Petersen, is still active today. Originally CH3 was founded as a male-only club, but some Americans soon brought their girlfriends along making the trail even more attractive. Ever since the club has been a mixed affair and today, there are more than 40 active members, both locals and ex-pats. Wednesday, 14 Aug: Ludvika, Sweden (2 hours Northwest of Stockholm): The event will feature a Brazilian theme with food, drinks and party, BRAZILIAN STYLE. There will be trails for both walkers and runners through a beautiful semi-hilly forest by the lake. Ludvika H3 is a small family club founded by Super Swede in June 2000. Today the hash runs during the Swedish Summer of May to October, with an average of 30 hashers. Mooseman welcomes you to sign up for “a great friendly experience” with Ludvika H3

Thursday,15 Aug: Thursday Night Party Ferry Across The Baltic Sea Now that you have traversed parts of Denmark or Sweden, it is time to start the Baltic Sea experience, by crossing with The Party Cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki. After a dinner with a smörgåsbord of Baltic warm and cold specialities, and perhaps a schnapps or two, it is time to hit the pub, bar or disco and party all night long. Alternatively, you might want to try out the sauna or spend some time and money in the tax free stores. Registration opens at 15.00 and the ferry leaves at 17.00 from Värtahamnen ferry terminal in Stockholm. vartahamnen. Advance registration for this Pre Lube is obligatory. Friday - Sunday, 16-18 Aug: EUROHASH Monday, 19 Aug: Oslo, Norway Just in case your hangover requires more seasoning, Oslo H3 will host a post lube. Yang from Oslo H3 promises a forest trail with lake side beer and swim stop. Oslo H3 will offer some Aquavit to cure the hangovers. They have named this national drink “The Breakfast of Champions”! Meet at 18:30 from Subway line #3, stop Sognsvann. Oslo H3 started hashing from the home of the Big One in March 1989, and currently has a total of 1250 runs. Why not let the Oslo Post Lube be the last stop on your Eurohash Tour!

The Annual Brazilian Hash in Ludvika Sweden

The Infamous Danish Nurses Ball Breaker Drink Stop at the Top of the World

Eurohash 2013 Update from V.D. Viking On January 1st we reached 500 registered Hashers, but more registrations are coming in every week. First off this means that we are filling up the hotel, and need to look for another. Don’t worry though, the hotels won’t be more than a few minute walk apart. Secondly it also means that we may not be able to fit everybody into the same seating for dinner on Saturday night. Again, don’t worry, there will be another seating or you may want to check out one of the other many fine restaurants on-board. Generally we will assign rooms and seating after the first-paidfirst-served rule. We have now finished the broad strokes of planning, and are now going on with the finer details. One thing on the to-do-list is to decide on the pubs and bars for the Tallinn pub crawl. Plenty of good bars and restaurants to choose from, but they have to be big and be able to serve beers at Hash drinking rate.

Hashing in Bangalore by Rare Comer

(This article reflects the impressions and opinions of the Hariette-writer only. She has been Hashing with the Bangalore Hash, on and off, since 1990, ran with London and several Kuala Lumpur Hash chapters) (We’re now at just over 600 Runs, started in 1990)

Possibly the best city Hashing terrain in India: Bangalore is set on a gentle sloping plateau, with flat land to the city’s North, generally shrubby shiggy to the East, gorgeous hilly forests to the South and out West – well, hey. We can’t have it all. Out West is just…not terribly popular! Yep, the TOTM* recall for Bangalore is – InfoTech. ‘Tis true – a good number of Hashers here are “IT folk”. But we have more garment workers here than IT guys, and a fair spattering of Hashers who work in paints, pottery, pot-holery and plentiful other pursuits. Rather mild w r t Hash antics by Hash standards, the Bangalore Hash is a self-professed “family friendly Hash” - yikes. Well - this is very familyfriendly India, where everyone has a third-cousinonce-removed-whose-Uncle-by-his-as-closeas-my-very-own-real-brother turns out to be the Hash dinner sponsor from 1993. Runs have about 20 die-hard regular HalfMinds and between one and 5 Virgins apiece…the special Anniversary/ Christmas – Deepavali Runs has about 50 to 100 Hashers. Largely adults, the odd Horrors delight us with their presence especially at the special Runs – Anniversary every April, and Festival Runs at


Christmas/Deepavali. Perhaps one or two city pub crawls – always in the CBD or in Koramangala, a largely residential suburb. Happily Bangalore is the original Indian pub city, and we’re happy to bless chic, up-market watering holes and shady grimy dungeons with our angelic Hash-like presence. They still invite us back! ******* The Bangalore Hash itself was started, apparently by Ove Bugge in April 1990. There are no known documents that attest to Run Number 1 of the Bangalore Hash, in April 1990, however there are a few myths created and maintained about the Bangalore Hash’s origins. I do know that the Diners Business Club - DBS – a business centre on Cunningham Road, played some part in getting the BH3 off to a drunken start. I would visit DBS now and then from the Taj Group of Hotels where I was working at the time. Look out for the Mythbuster article in a later edition of Harrier Magazine I recall Dennis from HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and of course Grand Old Hammo, the ?second BH3 GM – roaring it up along with a very noisy, motley crew from Madura Coats.

My best memory of those lazy, hazy afternoons days was the Hash horn revving up the crowd as we gathered outside Hammo’s home, Bandicoot Lodge**, on Indiranagar’s 100 Feet Road ( yes, it was and is still called that!). Bandicoot Lodge is cheerfully documented in a paperback, ‘Hammo’s India’ ***). Piling into assorted vehicles – Bangalore/India did not boast of a lot of foreignmade cars at that time – we would make our very noisy way through Bangalore’s green calm, to the Run site, merely a half-hour or less away from Indiranagar. Today‘s nightmare traffic makes these memories terribly nostalgic – not even a few kegs of beer can change that. But – I digress! Through the 90s, I was a very irregular Hasher, travel and Life and all that jazz kept me away from the Hash in the US and other places I was at. Hashed again irregularly in Bangalore in the early 2000s, where the Hash crowd was rather transient, as I recall. As with other Indian Hashers, I was terribly quiet at the Hash at that time…the lungs couldn’t quite match the bawdiness and decibel levels of the Aussies and others! However – my bawdiness levels have vastly improved to global Hash standards, but remains at good, gentle Indian girl whisper levels, she said sadly. *** The Big India Hash Event was, of course, InterHash Goa 2002 – and the pre-lubes in Bangalore were a boisterous bundle of laughs. Fun fun fun! It was a mixed-bag time for me personally, 2000-2001, and Goa was the right antidote at the right time – as is the case with many a Hasher, who echo my sentiments of an InterHash occurring just at the exact moment we needed a fun, mad, wacky cathartic Spiritual Cleanse – or colon cleanse, whichever was easier.

One of the clear memories I have of the IH 2002 pre-lube in Bangalore was the shocked-andthrilled facial expressions on a bunch of local Indian men. They couldn’t believe their luck – Sheilas dropping their pants! On the ice! In public! Yes, indeed it takes all sorts to make up the Hash, not everyone who “comes to the Hash” truly becomes a Hasher – imho The Hash is indeed a microcosm of society, and the new hip, hep extremes of wealth and poverty in urban India showcase sometimes ludicrous social climbing fakers. Yes, the Hash here does its bit by attracting the desperate business-brochure pushing lot…happily, it’s to our credit here that most of the fun elements of global Hashes are well and truly preserved. The Hash provides comic relief – and exercise! **** Indiranagar, to Bangalore’s East, was mentioned earlier here: boasting a few old-time Hashers; Hammo’s wife, the delightful Rekha Rai Hamilton lives here. The Eastern Bangalore lot currently includes the “Shell gang” from Whitefield – excellent Hares, all. Crude Slick, Fiddler and consort Gin ‘n Tonic, John, and their visitors from oily lands make up the regular ex-pat flavour. Bangalore has distinct flavours; there are the South Bangalore Hashers, including a set of medical doctors who have located some excellent trails in. the gentle hills near Kanakpura Road. Another bunch live and love in Koramangala – hence the pub crawls there. A smattering from the CBD make up part of the regulars, with visitors usually living in the Cantonment and CBD areas.

Continued in the Digital Supplement CLICK HERE


Calendars -


by Luca (MasterGator) Yearsovich & Kat (Three Strokes) Timer

At a random on-in, a fellow hasher brought out a few calendars featuring hashers from kennels across America. The calendars made the rounds through the hashers in attendance, and those present discussed whether a similar calendar had ever been done in Atlanta. Three Strokes and Yer Done and MasterGator discussed the idea off and on until deciding that it had to be done. With both hashers having a background in graphic design, they knew they could produce a calendar that would reflect the dedication of the Atlanta hash community.

Three Strokes and MasterGator held several late-night planning sessions until they developed a cohesive vision for the calendar. The plan was simple – 12 months of photo shoots that would reflect the individual personalities of the harriettes involved. Three Strokes and MasterGator teamed up with Dr. Scholless, another Atlanta Moonlite H4 hasher with a long background in photography. Having the entire production completed by hashers allowed the Atlanta calendar to remain a fully hash-run production.

Once plans were in place for the calendar, With seventeen recurring hashes in the metro individual harriettes were approached with area, Atlanta hashers enjoy a schedule rivaled the invitation to participate in the calendar. by few cities in America. If this calendar For each model, a planning consultation was was going to come to fruition, it had to be held to develop the vision for each model’s produced at a professional level that would shoot. There were only a few ground rules reflect the size of the community, as well as enforced for the shoots – the photos should the enthusiasm and camaraderie that our be reflect each model’s individual personality, hashers bring to the various kennels. no gratuitous T&A, and absolutely no feather boas.


Once the vision for each shoot was developed, the AHC crew scouted for locations that would both match the photo’s theme and highlight Atlanta landmarks such as the Chattahoochee River, the Starlite Six Drive-In, and the Krog St. tunnel. Photo shoots were diverse in complexity, but individual attention was given to each model to ensure that her month was executed as professionally as possible. After the shoots were completed, the layout for the calendar was developed to include two photos for each month – a full-page main photo and a smaller inset. Once Three Strokes and MasterGator finished post-production and retouching, a local printer was selected to bring the project to life. Once delivered, the calendars were offered for sale to the Atlanta hash community as a whole, and then quickly spread to other kennels across the country. Due to the success and positive response for the 2013 calendar, plans are already in motion for 2014, this time showcasing an all-male cast selected from the Atlanta hash community. For more information, or to order a 2013 Atlanta hash calendar, please visit:

Colonel Ken’s

HARDSHIP POSTING Each issue we bring you a random selection of tales from “Hardship Posting – True tales of Expat Misadventure in Asia”, edited by Thailand-based Hasher Stu Lloyd aka The Colonel. Bottle-to-throttle In Vientiane, Laos, in 1976 the Commies were cracking down on all the ‘decadent’ nitespots in the town. None was more decadent that the White Rose, a notorious knocking shop. On its last night of operation we were giving it a right royal send-off, going to the hilt till they literally started boarding the place up. There were a couple of other guys still in there and we got talking. Turns out they were airline guys, flying out the next morning. As it happened, so was I. In four hours’ time, to be exact. “I hope you’re not the pilot,” I joked. “No, no, I’m just the co-pilot,” he reassured me. Phew! “That,” he said, pointing to a figure slumped on the bar counter, “is the captain.” Chipping in for an old mate. The lads were in Manila having a huge weekend. For some strange reason, they decided to eat, and found a suitable restaurant/café. Isn’t eatin’ cheatin’ ? Orders were placed, mostly of the greasy American meal type…huge dishes of burgers and fries, fish and chips, etc. which the guys wolfed down voraciously. Halfway through the meal, one of the guys in the group went into a real seizure on the floor. While others panicked and rushed to his aid, the bloke next to him leaned across and asked, casually and conspiratorially: “Hey, John. If you die, can I have your chips?”


Shrewd Bar-stard. In the heyday of Pattaya in Thailand, there were actually way too many bars, and this particular bar owner was going out of business fast. So he hatched this great plan to sell it to some (any!) undiscerning Arab visitor who would like a piece of the action (er, the business that is). So he passed the word around to all his friends that for a week they could drink “at cost” in his bar. Needless to say, word got around, the bar was packed, and the joint was jumpin’. When an Arab approached him and said “Great bar you have here,” he pounced. “It’s for sale- you wanna buy it?” The Arab couldn’t believe his luck. Contracts were signed, money was exchanged, and both parties were ecstatic. The day after the sale, the pub was empty - all the freeloading friends disappeared! Chicken feed. Years ago, when I was fresh off the plane from Europe, I visited a remote island in the Philippines for a short break. Tired of the resort’s food after a few days, we went wandering down along the beach to see what else

20,000 expat readers can't be wrong!

HARDSHIP POSTING True tales of expat misadventure in Asia chi,

ta Vit












, po


in lly

e Tru

s tale

of e

v siti


ly in



d sh t an rrec



lo e; I



ry -Nu it!”

en adv



e in


‘Insanely hilarious! Five stars.’ –


















tua yS









00 20,



Colonel Ken’s


True tales of expat misadventure in Asia.


l Vo

‘The perfect storyteller!’ – The Weekly Telegraph, UK. BEST SELLING BOOK SERIES -thousands sold in ASIA! Compiled & Edited by Stuart

Vol 2










3() SIN






00 MA







/34 ING















Vo l


DIT ʇÊ" EDBY Ûi ÀÊx ä]ä ä


äÊV 14














).' . URY








‘A m of t ighty a ma les!’ – collec gaz ine The E tion , Si nga xpat por e.


( 6O !



‘Sleazy, disgusting, politically incorrect and shockingly insensitive; I loved it!’ – Nury Vittachi.


Each volume contains over 400 amazing and amusing stories: a no-holes-barred romp through Asia. Great reading for the expat who can’t remember what he did last night, for once-were expats to remember what Asia was really like, and for might-be expats to know what they’re really getting themselves in for. New! Available as e-books on

was on offer. We went from restaurant to restaurant, and each place we stopped at to check the blackboard menu had the same words written up: “Today’s special: chicken.” Whether it was fried chicken, chicken adobo, or whatever, they were all serving the same special that day. Chicken, chicken or chicken. Taking a seat at about the 5th place we came across, the cheerful proprietor took our drinks orders. We inquired whether it was usual that every restaurant along the beach would be offering the same menu every day. After a moment’s thought, the proprietor responded; “Today Monday. Yesterday cock-fighting day.”

not only did it have milk but it also appeared to have a tonne of sugar in it. As the meeting closed, he remembered to deftly put his hand into his trouser pocket and quietly leave on the couch the new wallet he had bought and stuffed with the 5 Million rupiah for the “envelope”. The Minister escorted them to the front door. Smiles, polite thank yous and warm goodbyes were said as they waited for the driver to be paged on the intercom. He was happy, the meeting appeared to have gone well and the wallet would see to it the deal was sealed. As our man stepped into his car, one of the Minister’s men came racing out the front door. “ Mistah, mistah, “ he cried out. “This is your wallet.”

Who’s wallet is this anyway? He was desperate to impress head office and prove that behind the expense chits from Tanamoor was a bloke achieving the contracts his company had sent him to Jakarta to win.

“Oh, no, I believe that wallet belongs to the Minister,” our man said a tad puzzled.

The High Commission warned him the Minister he was visiting was not above the odd fiscal lubrication. He could become rather co-operative if there were a personal incentive, they had said. But of course nothing should be said of corruption.

Aha ! Our man now knew the going rate.

The meeting was arranged. He was ushered into the grand office---lots of space, secretaries a gogo, and a comfortable corner with deep couches and a coffee table. Without being asked, the black espresso coffee sipper he was, was brought a cup of white coffee. He had remembered the orientation week and patiently waited for his host to motion to him he could drink his coffee. Yarghhhhhhh,

“No pak,” replied the Minister’s man insistently. “The minister’s wallet has 10 Million rupiah in it.”

Card games Hong Kong, 1976. A law-abiding British fellow parked his car in a place which he was convinced was legal. He received a parking ticket for HK$30. Such was his conviction that he had done no wrong, he wrote a polite but firm message to the Sub Divisional Inspector of Tsim Tsa Tsui police station, stating his case and he included HK$30 in HK ‘Monopoly’ money (local version of the board game). The SDI of the station politely wrote back, enclosing the original HK$30 monopoly money and a Monopoly ‘GO TO JAIL’ card! Fine was paid.

Special offer for Harrier readers:

email to receive a FREE pdf ‘mini best-of’ sampler of Hardship Posting stories and cartoons. And join our community of Asia-philes at . Get On On to it now.

Apr 12-14 2013: Philippine Nash Hash 2013. Barrio Barretto, Olongapo, Philippines. April 19-21: Belgian NH 2013. Bokrijk, Belgium Apr 19-21 2013: Wild Wolf Philippines Hash Bash. La Union, Philippines. May 2-5 2013: Pattaya Jungle H3 10th Anniversary. Pattaya, Thailand. May 3-5 2013: InterScandi 2013. Bornholm, Denmark. May 3-5 2013: Texas Interhash 2013. Kerrville TX, USA.

d Half-Min

Hash Calendar Compiled by


Flying Boog

May 4-5 2013: Aussie Nash Hash 2013. Brisbane QLD, Australia. Pre-Lubes/Post-Lubes: May 10-12 2013: Herts H3 1500th. Ware, Hertfordshire, UK. May 23-24 2013: Kuching H3 50th Anniversary. Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. May 25-Jun 8 2013: Silk Road Train Adventure. Commercial event. Starts & ends in Almaty, Kazakhstan. May 31-Jun 2 2013: Borneo Nash Hash 2013. Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. May 31-Jun 3 2013: Nomad 2013. Mangatepopo, New Zealand. Jun 7-9 2013: Pan-Africa Hash 2013. Cape Coast, Ghana.


Jun 7-9 2013: Dutch Nash Hash 2013. Gelderland, Netherlands. Jun 15-Jul 2 2013: Vodka Train 2013. Commercial event. Moscow to Beijing. Jun 15-Jul 2 2013: Wild Wolf BD Bash. Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Jul 5-7 2013: German Nash Hash. Bad Tolz, Germany. Jul 5-7 2013: Pan-Asia Hash 2013. Jomtien Beach, Thailand.



r a d n e l a C h s a H Compiled by


Flying Boog

Jul 5-7 2013: TNT H3 1500th & 30th Anniversary. Musselburgh, Scotland, UK. Jul 13-21 2013: Hedonism II. Commercial event. Negril, Jamaica. Jul 26-27 2013: Dorset Hospitality H3 25th Anniversary. Wimborne, UK. Aug 9-11 2013: Surrey H3 2000th. Plumpton College, Sussex, UK. Aug 16-18 2013: Eurohash 2013. Start in Helsinki, Finland; Eurohash ferry to Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden. Aug 23-26 2013: UK Nash Hash 2013. Dorset, UK. Aug 30-Sep 2 2013: InterAmericas Hash 2013. Playa Blanca Resort, Farallon, Republic of Panama.

Sep 6-8 2013: 12th All China Nash Hash Shanghai, China. Sep 20-22 2013 Zagreb H3 2000th Run Baska, Krk Island, Croatia Oct 12-14 2013: Japan Nash Hash Shiga prefecture (near Kyoto), Japan Oct 24-27 2013: Colombo H3 2000th. Negambo, Sri Lanka.



Hash Calendar Compiled by


Flying Boog

Nov 1-3 2013: IndoChina Mekong Hash Hosted by the Kunming Spring City H3 in Kunming, China. Mar 13-16 2014: InterHash 2014. Hainan, China. May 9-11 2014: Asia-Pacific Hash 2014. Bali, Indonesia. Jul 11-13 2014: Malaysian Nash Hash 2014. Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Jul 18-20 2014: Dutch Nash Hash 2014 (prelube to Brussels 2014). Baarlo, Netherlands. Jul 25-27 2014: Brussels 2014. Brussels, Belgium. Aug 28-29 2014: Pan Indo Hash Bandung, West Java Sep 5-7 2014: USA Nash Hash. Indianapolis IN, USA.


14 Apr Canberra Marathon, Half, Ultra Canberra, Australia

Photo by John Mellon

21 Apr Nagano Marathon Nagano, Japan 28 Apr Big Sur International Marathon/21m/10.6m/9m/5k 18 May Great Wall Marathon, Half, 10k and 5k Beijing, China From USA: 02 Jun 16th San Diego Rock “n” Roll Marathon/Half/2-person Relay 09 Jun Laguna Phuket Int’l Marathon, Half & 10.5k Phuket, Thailand 16 Jun Bali Int’l Triathlon Bali, Indonesia 07 Jul Gold Coast Airport Marathon/Half/10k/5k Gold Coast, Australia

YOUR E T O PROM T! EVEN tails to:

ent de com send ev ierMagazine. r r a er@H publish

27 Jul Australia Outback Marathon/Half Ayers Rock, Australia 01 Sep Kauai Marathon continued in Digital Supplement CLICK HERE

R&R Calendar compiled by Kurt Bodmer R&R Cal Editor

Running Calendar 2013

09 Apr North Pole Marathon Spitzbergen (Svalbard) off the coast of Norway

Photo by Robert Mallon

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“And all the drinking vessels of King Solomon were of gold, and all the vessels of the house of the forest of Lebanon were of pure gold: none were of silver; it was not anything accounted of in the days of Solomon.” Well, I have done a fair bit of drinking from vessels of many kinds on hashes and elsewhere over the years but I can honestly say that none of it (to the best of my addled memory) was done from cups of gold, nor much from silver either, if it comes to that. Clearly King Solomon and the boys on his hash were either paying run higher run fees than most hashes I know charge or old Sol was subsidizing a bit. He had shares in Rio Tinto or some other mining concern, I believe, after all. No, most hashers will, like me, be familiar with drinking from cheap plastic cups, cut-down water bottles, chamber pots, toilets (more after the hash than on it, to be fair), weird home-mage contraptions of PVC and latex, often designed to resemble a penis, and, of course, shoes. Indeed, I have heard stories from hashers who have ventured into dark, obscure, backward lands (the USA, primarily) and returned with tales of something called a “Butt Chug”. If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, please try to remain so. Yet, despite the willingness of most hashers to get the beer down their fat necks through the employment of decidedly humble containers, there remains a disturbing exception to the

pleasing tenets of unity, lack of presumption, and earthiness that this willingness demonstrates. I refer, of course, to the “Hash Mug”. Hash mugs come in a variety of forms. I have seen them in plastic, ceramic, glass, and even silver. I would submit, however, that the “traditional” hash mug comes in pewter, is usually engraved, and is awarded to commemorate the achievement of some kind of milestone, e.g., 100 runs, 300 runs etc. Now, I am not against the use of engraved pewters as drinking vessels, although I fear that they are not as useful in today’s sadly diminished modern world as they were in earlier times. An American living in London in the late Eighteenth Century, for example, recorded that it was possible to send to the pub for beer, which would be brought by the servant of the “tap-house”, complete with pewter mugs bearing the owners name, and that each morning the same servant would go from house to house collecting the empty mugs, which he strung on a leather strap for ease of transport. It’s hard to argue with that kind of utility, but let us consider the kind of utility hash mugs serve on actual hashes, where, as discussed, hashers

“Crazy German” on the ice at Cambodian Nash Hash 2013

seem willing to drink out of anything, including the orifices of others and shoes that have recently been plodding through buffalo shit or worse.

At the other end of the spectrum from the hasher quaffing from his “traditional” pewter is the hasher drinking from some plastic, glow-in-the dark, mass-produced beer mug, often emblazoned with a deliriously witty slogan such as “I Love Hashing”, “Will Run for Beer”, “I Drink Therefore I Am” etc. While at least the man drinking from his 500th run mug did something to earn it (although it rather smacks of printing your army rank or your degree on your business card), the fellow drinking from the “humorous” mug merely had to part with a few dollars either in person, or via the World Wide Web to so equip himself; in the process keeping in business the kind of egregious grifters who seek to make money from the hash. At least you, gentle reader are not in the category. You didn’t actually buy this magazine, after all, did you?

Is the hashman coolly sipping from a frosty pewter mug after a circle proudly displaying his connection to history? There may be something in this, given hashing’s origins in (then) Malaya, the home of Selangor Pewter (and the Selangor Club, birthplace of hashing). Or is it something more sinister, the subtle display of rank and achievement amongst one’s peers? The great Norwegian-American economist Thorstein Veblen called this, “conspicuous consumption”. Incidentally, while definitely not the athletic type (he once said “the addiction to sports, therefore, in a peculiar degree marks an arrested development in man’s moral nature”), he might have fitted in well on the Hash. Famous, amongst other things, for being a notorious seducer of other people’s wives, he was once interviewing for a University job in the US and the school President told him that he would like to hire Veblen but in doing so he feared for the wives of his faculty. Veblen replied that he had seen the other professors’ wives and the President had nothing to fear.

Incidentally, the hashman proudly drinking from his commercial plastic mug is unlikely to be displaying it as his only hash-themed accoutrement. A brief survey of the kind of websites that sell such mugs show them to be veritable, virtual emporia for the purchase of gaudy, tasteless “hash” items in such categories as “kitchen and entertaining”, “living room”, “sweatshirts and hoodies” (What the fuck is a “hoodie” anyway?), “underwear and panties (the horror, the horror…), and, presumably in recognition that the majority of sales go to North America, “plus size”.

Still, I fear the hash pewter smacks of elitism and the only proper response is to ensure any soequipped gentlemen with seats that esdure their arses become as cool as their social posture.

Here endeth today’s lesson. Time for another gin, which incidentally, I am pouring from a hip flask with a picture of Winston Churchill on it into a jam jar. Iceable? I thought so too.

No, I feel it must be seats on the ice all round until the pewters are left in the display case along with the Bronze Medallions in Lifesaving, the O-levels in woodwork, and the perfect attendance certificates from Mrs. Bumhole’s elementary class; and the plastic mugs are left in the closet with the T-shirts that read “I’m With Stupid”, the hats with pictures of cats on them, and the tea towels from Surfer’s Paradise.

We’ll Be There! 12-14 April: Philippines Nash Hash Subic Bay, PI

26-30 June: Wild Wolf Birthday Bash Sihanoukville, Cambodia

19-21 April: Philippines Hash Bash La Union, PI

5-7 July: Pan Asia Hash Pattaya, Thailand

? u o Y l l i W

Robert Mallon-contributing photographer Robert “Twatcicle” Mallon is a homesteading American expat residing in Okinawa, Japan. He was introduced to the Hash through an invite to join the OH3 for a ‘bar-to-bar-run’ through Naha some time ago. Robert, being no stranger to binge drinking or lewd behavior, immediately recognized the value in having more excuses to get out of the house. He now calls himself a hasher, but his wife has given him several other more colorful names (not suitable for print). When he’s not testing the limits of his kidneys for science, Robert is also known to take photographs. Yes ladies, he can make you famous. You should be able to download any of the photos from my SmugMug, but if you have any issues, please let me know.

Rare Comer

The classic Butterfly Hariette. Hashing on and off since mid1990, but regular since 2008. Most known for her custom Hash t-shirts, adapted or created from standard Hash tees. Rare Comer was at IH 2002 Goa and IH 2010 Kuching FUN! Fun fun. Most memorable Runs were in Kuala Lumpur and the London City hash. She remains the only UnMentionable to ever have Run the allmale Shah Alam Hash in Kuala Lumpur – the current GM Boon and his gang of merrie men will vouch for this. An Olde Bangalorean, living a hop, skip and a Hash crawl away from the BH3’s second GM Hammo’s infamous Bandicoot Lodge. Rare Comer cannot recall how she got conned into the Hash, but believes it happened in the Diners Business Center ( DBS) cabins in 1990 when the first ex-pat Hashers set up boozeclinics a k a offices. Hammo, who married Rekha Hamilton who is the older cousin of Rare Comer’s school classmate who is the first cousin of an ex-GM’s wife …yes, Bangalore really is one big overlapping social circle!

Julie “Yark Sucker” Burgess Julie “Yark Sucker” Burgess started Hashing in Brussels where she finally found a group of people who understood her sense of humour, including her future husband, Rumple Foreskin. An engineer by trade, Yark has since lived in various places throughout Europe and hashed regularly with Copenhagen H3 and Stuttgart H3. As the current GM of Stuttgart, she is planning this year’s German Nash Hash. Other activities include planning DIVAhhh events, like the Champagne Weekend and the Amsterdam Red Dress Run. Yark’s big new adventure is helping Higgins with Brussels 2014.

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Digital Suppliment 2 Argentina 12 Saudi Arabia 22 Cambodia 44 Hawaii 46 India (cont.)

Buenos Aires Argentina by Liam Mycroft

Contrary to popular belief, Hashing in South America is alive and well, with Hashes in most countries on the continent. The Hash in Buenos Aires will be celebrating its 20th birthday in April 2013, and 20 years ago, it was a couple from the UK who had hashed in Madrid (thereby linking BA as grandchildren of the mother hash in KL), Bad Penny and Hopeless, who talked to expat teachers at the bilingual schools, and the seeds were sown. A circular was sent out to the various embassies, but met with no replies, so a month later, another was sent out, thanking them for their replies and announcing a start up meeting would take place, with drinks! 2 HARRIER Digital Supplement

The GM and the RA lead the Circle in a rendition of Squatting In The Rain Two Secs on the BA Mardi Gras Hash

The first meeting of the BAH3 mismanagement committee took place at the Hopeless residence, when a Brit, a German, a Costa Rican, a Swede, an Australian, and three South Africans decided that exercise and beer would go well together, so why not have a go! On the 23rd April 1993, the first run took place by the Golf Club in Belgrano, with some 20 hashers attending, drawn from teachers, expat parents, and others who had no idea what was going on. To add an international flavour, one of the hares was a visitor from the Guatemalan hash, who immediately after the run, and a down down, caught a taxi to the airport, and has never been seen in BA since! The first run was about 13 km long, and many wondered if anyone would return. The good news is they did, and originally the Hashes took place every 3 weeks, just to confuse people, but over the years this has changed depending on the numbers around. With economic volatility in Argentine, the expat community has gone up and down over the intervening years, with regular weekly hashes at the end of the ‘90s attracting 60+ Hashers each run, sometimes hitting the century mark. Today the Hash has settled down to regular runs every two

Lazy Hashers in Tandil on our Weekend Away

The BA Hash joins up with the Uruguay Hashers for the First Inter Rio de Plata Hash

weeks and in those twenty years, has clocked up 586 runs by the end of 2012. In January of 2012 the Hash lost a long standing GM, when Ivor the Engine left for Gran Canaria, Ivor being a tall ex-rugby playing Englishman, he commanded the Circle, ensuring there was no mischief, although circles could go on for a long time. He was replaced by Footsie, who is sort of Argentine, although originally from Slovenia, with the RA being Inspect Her Assets, an English accented Irishman, and the pair of them make up a double act in the Circle, which entertains as well as punishes. We look back to the origins twenty years ago, and like to keep the international feel of things. Most hashes are in the Buenos Aires Capital area, with a mainly urban theme, although with the size of the city, there is plenty of variety in locations. Every year, the Hash has a weekend away in the country, or by the beach. In 2012 the away weekend was in the city of Tandil, with hills, not something found in the Capital, and in recent years the Red Dress Run has found its way to the South of the American Continent, and has become a regular event. Other themed

Floralis Generica in Buenos Aires

La Boca barrio

hashes are around St Patricks Day, Halloween and whatever else the mis-management can think of as an excuse to dress up! Good networking with the Uruguay Hash has seen an annual Rio Plata Hash taking place, the first in Colonia de Sacremento in Uruguay in 2011, with the second back in the San Telmo area of BA in April 2012. A number of the BA Hashers have travelled to the Santiago Hash in Chile and plans are afoot to build on these contacts, along with other hashes in Lima, Peru, and Brasil. Whilst the numbers are not as high as they used to be for regular hashes, the Themed Hashes around Halloween, Xmas and St Patricks Day have seen turnouts of over 50 this year, and we have welcomed a number of new locals into the fold, with the new web site and Facebook page attracting regular visitors and younger faces at the hash. The weekend of April 19/20/21 in 2013 will be the 20th Burpday Bash here in BA, and whilst not advertising it as a Major event, invites have been sent out to the other South American Hashes, and hopefully,hopefully, from this we can develop the

Wire Me Baby celebrates his 169th Hash in the usual style with El Diablo between his legs!

seeds of an Inter South American Hash in the years to come. The Friday will see a Pub Crawl, organised by the Frinking Group, a Friday night drinking club here in BA, naturally set up by Hashers, with Saturday seeing a Red Dress Run through the sights and streets of Buenos Aires, and after the Burpday Party on the Saturday night, Sunday will see the 20th Burpday Hash from the site of the very first, the Belgrano Golf Club, not to be missed really! The BA Hash welcomes all visitors into its midst, with many backpackers being introduced to Hashing here, and with many Argentines taking to the Hash, the long term future of the BA Hash is assured. If you are ever down this way, check out the web site or Facebook page, you are always welcome. Liam “Inspect Her Assets” Mycroft was first introduced to hashing in the 90’s in the US, where he was given the name Chick Maggot due to his alleged ability with the harriettes, joining kennels in Phoenix, LA and Las Vegas. He enjoyed it so much, that it was ten years before trying again, when visiting Cincinnati, and brought the experience back to Ireland, finally becoming a regular at the Dublin Hash , where he quickly became the bitch RA. Upon relocating to Argentina in 2009, he joined the Buenos Aires Hash, where his professional role as an tax auditor lead to a renaming as Inspect Her Assets, still alleging contact with the harriettes, a charge he never denies, and all new female virgins are subject to a rigorous Inspection by him. He has helped the BA Hash grow over the last few years, organising the Celebration for the 20th Burpday bash in April this year, a starting point for a potential Inter South American Hash in the coming few years.

Casa Rosada, (without Madonna singing from the balcony)...

Contacts: Web site: Facebook: E:mail: Other South American Hash Contacts: Uruguay H3 Facebook:

Santiago H3: Lima H3: La Paz H3: Rio H3:

O m o d

g n Ki

12 HARRIER Digital Supplement



audi Arabia


Flaccido Domingo, a dedicated hasher. Former and current Religious Adviser and former Grand Master of Phnom Penh hash house harriers. Originally from Nigeria but now lives and work in Cambodia.

By Sunday Osayande (aka Flacido Domingo of the P2H3)


he 2nd Cambodia Nash Hash was held from 8-10 March 2013. Hashers from the three hashes in Cambodia, namely the Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers (P2H3), the Angkor Hash House Harriers, and the resurrected Sihanoukville Hash House Harriers (Snooky Hash) came together for their annual ritual of running and beer. In addition to local hashers, there were visitors from hashes in neighboring countries, including the Pattaya Jungle Hash, Angeles Hash House Harries, Dayton Ohio Hash House Harriers, and many more. Harrier Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jim “Bimbo” Edens managed to make it through 22 HARRIER Digital Supplement

d e h s Sma at

a i d o b m a C ! h s a H h s Na

the entire weekend without an injury from falling in a drainage ditch as he had done at the Snooky H3 Inaugural Run back in November. In total, some 61 hashers congregated for three days of drink, run, drink run, drink, run and drink and drink until the beer runs out....but the beer never ran out, thanks to the sponsor, Anchor Beer. The charge for three days of hashing, food, and all the beer you could drink, including transport on the hash bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and back was a mere $45. A super deal indeed, if for the beer alone! The event started with an air conditioned chartered bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville early Friday morning. After about an hour into the bus journey, the first beer was popped open around 8:00 a.m. by none other than our favorite Colonel, Thida, aka Barbie Doll. On arriving in Sihanoukville about five hours later, the P2H3 hashers were met by the Snooky Hash founder and hare extraordinaire, Terry “Armpit “ Coogan, who had been quite worried......not about the arrival of the P2H3 hashers, but about the 10 kegs of Anchor Beer coming from Phnom Penh. Most hashers checked into the Hash Hotel, and were ready to head off to the first run on Friday afternoon, but one notable group of hashers was

Terry “Armpit� Coogan, (center) the founder of the Snooky Hash, has hared 24 consecutive Saturday Snooky trails, including all 3 days of trails at Cambodia Nash Hash.

still missing. The Angkor hashers from Siem Reap, had spent the previous night in Phnom Penh visiting Karaoke bars until the wee hours of the morn, and as a result could not start their journey to Sihanoukville on time. This was probably not their fault as they were most likely following instructions to do so by their fearless leader Short Stump, who then failed to show up in Snooky at all. The first run of the weekend started on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. sharp, at the foot of one of the

Johnny Hash

Barbie Doll & Yap Yap

city’s notorious hills. Up this mother of a hill, and down the other side, and up another hill, and down on the other side to Victory Beach. A lively circle ensued, before the group headed to the rooftop bar at Chil-Axn, where Big John treated the hungry horde to a fantastic feast of ribs, burgers, fries, soup, salad, and copious amounts of ice cold beer. The second day of hashing started on Saturday about 9 a.m. with a scenic run through hills, and along beautiful beaches and exclusive resorts, before ending up on the beach at Dara Restaurant. The circle was followed with a barbecue lunch, and free flow of Anchor beer for the rest of the day, thanks to the generous sponsors who provided


ten 14.5 liter kegs of Anchor Beer. Flaccido Domingo and RunsWell made sure that the liquid refreshment was sufficient to quench the thirst of all hashers, who ended up drinking much more than they hoped for, especially Armpit who was winging about using keg beer for the event. By the end of the day, all were so saturated with the holy liquid that some wondered if they would be able to stagger home to the hash hotel less than 50 meters away. The recovery run on Sunday went off as planned, and it was very short because most hashers were still recovering from the day before. In addition, some over achieving hashers got up at 6:00 AM to run the Sihanoukville Half Marathon, which started about 100 hundred meters from the hash hotel. These super heroes (in their own minds) were an inspiration to all the lazy bastards who slept in, or sipped coffee along the race route while the racist men and women strutted their stuff. Prominent among the super heroes was no other than the 350lb (158kg) Little Boy who roared across the finish line for the 10km run at a record time of 132 minutes. The Sunday hash started at the hill to the left of Ocheteaul Beach and ended at Dara Restaurant on the beach again with a lunch to follow, thanks to the quick arrangement put in place by Little Boy following the instructions of the P2H3 GM

Sihanoukville Half Marathon: Prominent among the super heroes was no other than the 350lb (158kg) Little Boy who roared across the finish line for the 10km run at a record time of 132 minutes.

Knockout Neptune in true mismanagement style. Again the tap opened and the Anchor Beer flowed freely for the third day in a row. The beer drinking continued on the long bus ride home, and until the group finally arrived at Velkommen Guest House in Phnom Penh at about 7 p.m. on Sunday night. A weekend to remember for many, but in case you were there but can’t remember much, this foggy recollection might help bring back some of the highlights of a great Cambodia Nash Hash weekend. On on to the next one!

Vote Busselton for Nash Hash 2015 G’day to all fellow hashers attending Brisbane Nash Hash 2013, we are bidding for the right to hold Nash Hash in 2015. We are holding our BID party at the Pineapple Pub on Main Street, Kangaroo Point on Thursday 2nd May from 6.30pm to showcase our fantastic part of South West WA. Please join us for free drinks, food and Internationally renowned musical entertainment. If you can’t get there, don't forget to vote for us on Sunday morning. We already have local government support of the weekend to be held on the weekend of 6th -8th March,2015. We have the venue all locked away only minutes walk from the CBD Busselton and our iconic Jetty, the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Accommodation ranging from Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks & camping are within 10 minutes walk of the venue. We have several sponsors lined up ready to wine and dine us all over the weekend, we’ve worked especially hard in getting the best tasting beers, wines & ciders the South West can produce. WA Hash Clubs are looking to hold pre & post lubes to ensure you have the best of times during your stay in WA. As our motto goes, the majority of our run venues will be starting or finishing on the beach, as there is over 100kms of beautiful beaches in our region. ALL WA HASH CLUBS support our bid to become holders of the 2015 party WE HOPE TO SEE YOU IN BUSSELTON IN 2015

JOIN US ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 The Maui Marathon is one of the top 10 marathons in the USA, according to America's Best Online. Maui has also been ranked the #1 island in the world for the past 17 years, according to Cond'e Nast Travel Guide, so it's a perfect reason to come the Maui Marathon.


Welcome to The Paradise Grill Marathon Awards After Party The Maui Marathon is proud to announce Paradise Grill as the official After Party venue. Paradise Grill, partnering with Round Table Pizza, will host the 2013 After Party starting at 3:00pm right after the marathon breaks down. The 2013 Paradise Grill Marathon After Party includes marathon awards, pizza, drinks and entertainment. The venue is located at the entrance of Kaanapali Parkway on the left hand side, about a quarter of a mile from the Westin Resort and Spa. Enjoy three freshly made pizzas of your choice:

We expect a bigger turnout this year, so sign up early before spots run out. And Aloha!!!!!!

Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza All Vegetable, all delicious! tomatoes , mushrooms, green peppers, yellow onions and black olives, baked with three cheeses on a zesty red sauce. Dave Mello Special Pizza

The JTB 43rd Annual Maui Marathon/Half


Only available on Maui Six delicious meats, Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni, portuguese sausage, bacon, chicken and BBQ sauce drizzled on top, with three cheeses on our zesty red sauce

Welcome to The Paradise Grill Marathon Awards After Party 2013 Maui Marathon Events What to do on Maui Hawaiian History & Culture It's Time To Eat!!!! Hard Rock Cafe 10k "Rock Star Costume Contest" Little Changes to Your Plate can Lead to BIG IMPROVEMENTS. On The Go Sports Apparel-The Merchandise Company

Cheese Pizza Baked with Three Cheeses on a zesty red sauce

2013 Maui Marathon Events The Marathon weekend events will be held from September 20 to 22, 2013. The Health and Fitness Expo will be held on the 20th of September, from 12 noon to 6:00 pm and on the 21st of September, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. On the 21st of September, events consist of the Hard Rock Cafe 10k run, starting at 6:30 am and the Maui Tacos 5k run, starting at 8:00am. The Health and Fitness Expo will be begin at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. In the afternoon, be prepared for the Bubba Gumps Front Street Mile which starts at 3:00pm. At 5:00 pm, enjoy the Westin Carbo Luau. If you are participating in the Warrior Challenge, enjoy the 'Ulalena Warrior Challenge Paina, which starts at 5:00 pm. On the 22nd, both the full marathon and half marathon will start at 5:30 am at their respective starting areas. The full marathon after party will start at 3:00 pm at Paradise Grill.

Quick Links... The Valley Isle Road Runners-Maui's Running Club Race Weekend Westin Carbo Luau Courses Maui Marathon Japan

Our Sponsors Host Hotel

2013 will have new speakers, more entertainment, and new surprises. So, sign up before spots run out. We expect 2013 to be bigger than ever before. More information can be found at our website. So please check it out. More information about the event weekend will be updated as it becomes available, so please check back.

What to do on Maui Maui Ocean Center!!!!

westin maui

Maui Ocean Center is the TopRated Attraction in Hawai'i (Zagat Survey's U.S. Family Travel Guide). They provide an up close view of Hawaiian Marine Life without getting wet! For an unforgettable group event, check out Groups and Tours on their website. Find out about their upcoming programs on the News and Calendar page of their website! Reserve a spot on Maui's most unique scuba dive with Shark Dive Maui.

kaanapali resort

Maui Visitors

The Maui Ocean Center is a great place to take the family for the day and

enjoy beautiful marine life. From the variety of fish, to the incredible The JTB 43rd the Annual Maui Marathon/Half

turtles of Maui and more, you will be amazed by what the Maui Ocean Center offers you.

More Info

maui visitors bureau


Early Bird registration is on!


eck our website


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Dr Eddie “ Kuntfoo� Chung Gon +61 407 439 743

Online Store Website:

Wir sind Thailands führende deutschsprachige Zeitung! Erhältlich in Bücherläden, Kiosks, Restaurants und Hotels in ganz Thailand. Unsere Webseite wird täglich von mehr als 3000 Lesern besucht und ständig mit neuesten Nachrichten aktualisiert. Wir bieten attraktive Werbepakete für unsere Kunden. Sprechen Sie mit uns!,, Tel.: 08 9090 3571

RRP: US$ 2,890

Hash Discount 10%

continued from quarterly print edition p. 39

22 Sep 43rd Annual Maui Marathon / Half

06 Oct Luang Prabang Half Marathon and 10k Luang Prabang, Laos 06 Oct Colombo Marathon/Half/10k/5k Colmbo, Sri Lanka 19 Oct Amari Watergate Midnight Run Bangkok, Thailand 27 Oct Beijing Marathon/Half/9k/Mini Beijing, China 17 Nov Bangkok Marathon Bangkok, Thailand

Running Calendar 2013

22 Sep Sydney Marathon Sydney, Australia

17 Nov Penang Bridge Int’l Marathon/Half/10k Penang, Malaysia 20 Nov Antarctic Ice Marathon/Half/Mile/100k Antarctica, South Pole 01 Dec Angkor Wat Half Marathon

HARRIER Digital Supplement 43

2013 Hapalua Half Mar by Lisa Sukita


field of 2,700 racists from all over the world including several Hash Relay teams ran the puddle-filled course through the streets of Honolulu amid intermittent heavy rain showers. The race is an offshoot of the Honolulu Marathon which has drawn up to 34,000 participants to Hawaii in the month of December and pumped $107 million into the State’s economy ( The event began in the early hours of the morning with the Chase Race where the fastest entrants were given a headstart before being pursued by Kenyan runners Patrick Makau, Jimmy Muindi and Nicholas Manza. Makau holds the world marathon record of 2:03:38 which he set at the Berlin marathon in 2011. Muindi has won several Honolulu Marathons and holds the course record of 2:11:12. The goal of the Chase Race was for the Kenyans to catch up to, and pass, Team Hawaii’s fastest runners. This year’s race went on as scheduled despite heavy rain and flash flood warnings for the island of Oahu. Participants splashed their way to the finish line a few yards away from famous Waikiki Beach. What better place to get this wet than in Hawaii!

44 HARRIER Digital Supplement


Pictured are Tears for Rears, unknown harriette, and My Butt Hurts of the Aloha H3. They were part of Hash Relay team #2. The souvenir relay baton will make its appearance soon as the newest adornment on the Aloha hash sh*t.

Hashing in Bangalore continued from quarterly print edition p. 23

We do have visitors and ex-pats from America and Europe on their year-long/months long assignments. Most recently we had Cow Tipper (from the US), Shannon and Dave (US), and the always cheerful 100km Marathoner, Hybrid-san from Japan. Our regular in-house current ex-pat is the appropriately aged 69er, Wrong Circle, from the UK, here to efficiently mix Bangalore drinking water supply with sewerage. Large numbers of the Malaysian and Singapore based Hashers populate the Nash Hashes / outstation Hashes organized in India. Not enough American or European visiting Hashers to the out-station overnighters, but hey, distance and geography play their part. Yes it’s all good – but please, a request! This Hariette would love to hear more Hash songs here. So come on over, we’re really lame and harmless. No On Afters here, sadly, that’s left to individual groups. 46 HARRIER Digital Supplement

We Run every other Sunday, 4 – 6 pm-ish, and most older Hashers are keen to get home a s a p. Not so the younger lot, thank the million Indian Hash gods above – we have a young set that party on post-hash and through the week at Bangalore’s most excellent micro-breweries and pubs. Head on over here, and let us get ye lot drunk at fabulous drinking holes ( most un-Indian in ambience, but with terribly Indian snacks - deelish.

Letters Never Mind The Bollocks – & the Bangalore Hash House Harriers HalfMinds Online: the best Hash Houses have updated, relevant, interactive websites.

Bangalore – yes, the “Infotech capital of India” - has more than a few passing Hashers, Virgins and Other Mindless Assorteds who are constantly asking me questions about the local Hash here in BLR. With answers that are not easy to find online, or IRL. Therefore! Soon after the my enthusiastic return from the SouthAsia Interhash 2013 at Shimoga, I set up a Bangalore Hash House MeetUp. com group. I’ve enjoyed browsing through many other Hash chapter’s MeetUp sites – so interactive! Alive! Loads of Info! Photos! Reviews! Besides: it need hardly be said: some of Bangalore’s best Hashers have found us online – e-groups and the like. In fact, circa 1997-98, I had made plans with the GM to create an interactive website – it never came to be. Think the local MisManagement would be pleased to see some support to the small, aging population? Heck no. continued next page

48 HARRIER Digital Supplement


Run X

Saturday April 27th, 2013 The run will be near Mae Tang about an hour from Chiang Mai - be prepared to get wet For this run LBH3 is looking forward to be joined by Hash House Harriers from Bahrain

Other upcoming hash events in Chiang Mai:

Friday April 5th, 2013 Animal Dinner organized and sponsored by CSH3 Schedule of weekly runs can be checked at





Belgian Nash Hash 2013 19-21 April in Bokrijk The best (Belgian) beer choice ever, as usual An all-in weekend based in a youth hostel on the edge... of a nature reserve Located near Hasselt, the Belgian capital of Jenever Direct train from Brussels to Bokrijk Only 80 beds to cradle your hangover â‚Ź145 Early Bird price We never run... out of beer!


Weeks after the BH3 MeetUp group was set up, this Hariette received a terse phone call, from the BH3 clique BH3 MisManagement - followed by a truly bizarre e-mail: Hi RareComer, ******** While your intent to get more people to BH3 is appreciated and welcome, the mode used is NOT. In order to remedy this, I can offer you 2 choices: 1. Turn over the control of this group to BH3- ******** & me. 2. Delete the group I hope you will appreciate that we are the custodians of the brand “Bangalore Hash House Harriers”. The activity undertaken by you is tantamount to identity theft. Appreciate if you could acknowledge receipt of this mail and comply with the options suggested at the earliest. On On Nutters. A bunch of wankers claiming identity theft of the Hash ( the Hash!)! Ordering this Hariette to turn over her effort, idea and time and money invested in the BH3 site – all because The Clique BH3 MM Says So!?! Amusingly, pitifully disrespectful. -FAQs: (because I’d love to hear from the several other Hash chapters who have excellent presences on 1. I’ve never had any tiffs with BH3 MisManagement – and stay well away from “BH3 Committee Meetings” and the like continued next page

2. The local BH3 MM and I are quite overlapped socially – Olde Bangalore has a tiny community feel 3. It’s always been better in the larger context to ignore the older (50 somethings) stranglehold on local Hash decisions. “After all we hash for just 3 – 4 hours in all, twice a month”, with no On Afters – is the general attitude. “Let’s just Run, have some fun and rush home before 7pm” 4. No intention of forming a breakaway / earning moolah off the MeetUp site / anti-BH3 Revenge of The Nerds War / yada yada. 4. Sometimes, just sometimes, sheer silliness needs to be tackled headon after it hits Uber Bollocks levels Nobody “owns” the Hash. No smart sensible Hash chapter dictates terms and conditions to their Hariettes – about Websites That May Not Be Entertained Because It Threatens Us The Holiest of Holies Ordained MisManagement Arses Dudes. Seriously. Set your own house ( website) in order before trying to steal this cool, contributing, cheerful Hariettes efforts to the local Hash! As a social commentator – because the Hash is indeed a microcosm of society – this is such an obvious example of why one doesn’t seen more women in BoardRooms. It’s never that the men are smarter. It’s because: ‘Women need to work twice as hard as men to be seen to be half as good. Fortunately, this is not very difficult’ Yes, I do have a win-win in mind…but really, it’s up to local BH3 HalfMinds to decide to work with, or against, a Net presence that only serves to support the Bangalore Hash. -RareComer

Nobody ‘owns’ the Hash. We’re all social animals, some more animalistic than others but we all love to Hash! The local Bangalore Hash has been On On, since April 1990. A good set of wankers, and a great set of almost-regulars, which is always a positive thing for any Hash chapter. But any social group needs new ideas, new blood, new breweries… to thrive. So – since we need more chirpy young things ( like me, she said modestly) in the local Hash, I set up a group early in February 2013, soon after recovering from the Shimoga SAIH – South Asia InterHash 2013. The idea – tap into the youthful energy of the InterNets – a space this Olde Bangalorean has lived in since 1995 - and get fresh new wankers Hashing with a great, interactive Net platform. After all, it’s not unknown ( hah) and there are a good number of smart, sensible Hash Houses with a lively, current and relevant presence on the Nets.

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Harrier Magazine April 2013  
Harrier Magazine April 2013  

Euro Hash is not far off so our ever diligent European Correspondent Yark Sucker clues us in on the best Pre & Post Lubes that Scandinavia h...