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Flying Together

Mom set her bags on the pavement, and we hugged and kissed her goodbye. But I wasn’t about to let her see me cry. I bit my lip as she hurried toward the bus. Grandpa Lou put his arm around me. Then Mom stopped for a moment. “Hey, Jess, I can’t wait to eat some of your fry bread when I get home. You’ll make some for me, right?” I nodded. Grandpa Lou gave me a sideways glance. “It will be your turn to fly solo soon.” I wasn’t ready for all this flying solo stuff. Not with fry bread. Not at a powwow. Not getting Grandpa Lou to dance. Not doing all that without Mom. As we were leaving Tinker, the sun hadn’t even come up yet, and Mom was already gone. We drove back to a lonely house, where a giant puddle greeted us in the foyer. “Fritz!” Grandpa Lou and I both yelled. The months before the powwow flew by faster than I’d imagined. Grandpa Lou and I kept ourselves busy. My weekdays were filled with school and way too much homework. And in front of Mom’s oversize dresser mirror, I practiced the Fancy Shawl steps Cousin Nora taught me, worried that I’d mess up come powwow time. Grandpa Lou’s weekdays were filled with adding more beadwork to my moccasins, watching his sci-fi shows on Netflix, and taking lots of naps.

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