Heartdrum Brochure

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The Mission of Heartdrum At powwows, “the Drum� often refers to both the instrument and to the singers who surround it. The drumbeat evokes the heartbeat of the Native community, so the name Heartdrum is a tribute to that connection. Public, intertribal powwows are family-friendly, cultural events in which people of various sovereign Native Nations come together; non-Native guests are welcome, too. Likewise, the Heartdrum imprint will fully center intertribal voices and visions but also welcome all young readers. The imprint will offer a wide range of heartfelt, innovative, groundbreaking, and

unexpected stories by Native creators, informed and inspired by lived experience, with an emphasis on the present and future of Indian Country and on the strength of young Native heroes.

A message from Cynthia Leitich Smith