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TAX EXEMPTION All donations to the Society are eligible for Income Tax Relief under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act. Also registered under FCA for accepting Foreign Donations. 1

EDITORIAL BOARD - Swatantar Kapoor - Renu Saigal - Sheena Tuli

Editor Speak It is time again to apprise our esteemed patrons of our humble efforts to provide holistic help to cancer patients as well as to redefine our vision in terms of our resources and invite valuable suggestions to realize our goal of prevention and control of cancer through awareness and early detection. Sahayta Cancer Sahyog has succeeded in breaking the ominous silence surrounding cancer as many bereaved families who have lost their dear ones to cancer are marshaling their grief and resources to combat cancer. Our endeavour would be to join hands with them as together we can and we must fight cancer. We shall utilize our synergy for advocacy of rights of cancer patients to information, treatment, security of job during treatment and medical insurance. Sahayta is growing every year drawing to its fold dedicated volunteers who enjoy helping others. We try our best to put into practice our founder President, dear Neelu's work ethics. The positive energy radiated by our survivors and volunteers transforms even somber tasks into joyous experience. We feel overwhelmed when our donors thank us for giving them an opportunity to do something good for cancer patients. Sahayta is no more a regional organization, it has become part of national & international crusade against cancer, a champion of the rights of cancer patients especially concerning security of job during treatment. Interaction with cancer patients like the gardener Jagodhar, who goes about his job as a matter of fact despite knowing that this is almost the end of road reinforces our faith in invincibility of human spirit. We call upon young survivors to join us as they can be very effective in conveying Sahayta's endemic message that there is life after cancer and it is meaningful. More People die of cancer than from aids, malaria and Tuberculosis put together & incidence of cancer is increasing manifold. Sahayta calls upon the concerned authorities to intensify action against cancer by developing effective cancer control programmes aimed at early detection, prevention, improving quality & life of cancer patients and availability of affordable treatment. For this Doctors, NGOs and Govt. should work together. Since war against cancer has begun, let us all join hands & win the war.

Swatantar Kapoor Advocate


SAHAYTA PROJECTS UPDATE Total expenditure on Chemotherapy: Rs 25,31,390/Advance Pediatric Centre: 400 cycles of chemos to 40 patients; Radiotherapy: 360 cycles of Chemos to 72 patients Haematology: 240 cycles of chemos to 20 patients . Radiotherapy: 10 to 11.30 a.m. Mon. to Fri. Hospital Volunteers: Neena Singh Varinder, Mohini Loomba, Madhu Nagpal, Gurpreet Khaira, Mukta Khaira, Santosh Bhan, Ranjana Tulsi, Pammi Sarkaria, Lalima Batta, Renu Saigal, Sudesh Gupta, Kulwant Kaur, Raj Gupta, Sharda Ahuja, Indra Narula. Haematology 12.30 to 2.30 p.m. every Mon. Renu Saigal, Daman Mangat, Sandeep, Alka Gupta, Balbir Mangat Advance Pediatric Centre: 10 to12 noon every Fri. Aaradhana Mittal, Santosh Bhan, Dolly Soni, Raj Gupta, Sharda Ahuja, Daman Mangat, Pammi Sarkaria, Lalima Batta

CANCER CLINICS Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, throwing both Patient and family into a vortex of fear and depression. They enter a new world of uncertainty, new routine of treatment, side effects which are at times tough. It is important that a person with cancer does not feel alone. What patient needs is emotional support, information, hope, encouragement and financial support .

We also provide information on diet, exercise, basic tests etc. We come across many brave and courageous persons while interacting with patients. A Gardener who attends to his duty after the Chemos and insists on doing work in spite of being told that nothing more can be done to cure him, every time I see him, I salute the brave spirit in him.

Sahayta volunteers attend O.P.D of Advance Pediatric Centre, Radiotherapy and Haematology at cancer clinics in PGI to provide help as per patient's needs, emotional , financial or social. During last year, we extended help to patients as follows: 3

medicines to 116 patients. Dr Pandey and Dr Dimri along with their staff have been very helpful in extending full co-operation towards the welfare of cancer patients. Renu Saigal

AWARENESS PROGRAMMES SAHAYTA CANCER Sahyog is always ready to help cancer patients emotionally, financially as well as in their rehabilitation. As early detection is the best protection, we make the general public aware regarding the symptoms, risk factors and causes of cancer and most importantly that they should not waste time in starting the treatment. Like previous years, this year also we arranged many awareness talks in and around Chandigarh. We were invited by many schools, colleges, NCC and NSS Camp organizers and various other organizations. World no tobacco day: 31st May is celebrated all over as No Tobacco Day and we at Sahayta try our best to spread awareness about harmful effects of Tobacco, pan Masala, Biri or cigarette smoking throughout the month of May. In May 2010, No Tobaco Day was celebrated in Paragon High School Sector 71 , SAS Nagar, in Golden Bells and Shivalik Public School Sector 41

F R I D AY O P D s A N D N U T R I T I O N PROGRAMME: Friday OPDs in APC are an integral part of the programme. It forms the backbone of all our endeavours. We sign the medicine slips, get involved in parents counselling, interact with the children attending OPD, look up the children in the wards and distribute nutritional supplements to children undergoing chemotherapy. The once dreaded hospital visits do not seem so unpleasant and children do look forward to various games and activities organized by Sahayta volunteers. GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, SECTOR 32 In 2006 we started providing chemotherapy to cancer patients at GMCH, Sec. 32. Earlier the patients from cancer clinic in OPD of Radiotherapy Dept. used to come to Sahayta Cancer Kendra in Sector 15 to collect the medicine slips. However, since April 2010, our volunteers , Mohini & Sudesh are attending the OPD every Monday from 10 a.m. 11.30 a.m. So far Sahayta has given free chemotherapy

Chandigarh so that children do not pick up this deadly habit and children were made aware of harmful effects of tobacco and its different forms. No Tobacco Day May 2011: Every year so many lives are lost to tobacco. In order to impress upon children of susceptible age the harmful effects of tobacco, we held interactive session with students. 4

Mrs Renu Saigal, Mrs Madhu Nagpal and Dr Swatantar Kapoor. In this seminar about 265 cadets from six different schools of Chandigarh , 49 girl cadets and 216 boy cadets from No1 Chandigarh Naval Unit , NCC participated. About 25 other staff members that included Captain (Indian Navy) GM Singh, the Commanding Officer of this unit, Cdr Lekhraj, the Executive Officer and Four Associate NCC Officers also participated. Mr HS Soi, the

We discussed what prompts youngsters to take to smoking and made them aware of harmful effects of tobacco. They took a pledge to refrain from Tobacco. We covered four schools in this month for campaign against tobacco. St. Soldier, Mohali 300 students Dev Samaj School, Sector 21 500 students Shivalik Public School, Sector 41 300 students Paragon School, Mohali, Sector 70 300 Students

Principal of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector 26 was also present. These cadets were from six different schools of Chandigarh and included 49 girl cadets and 216 boy cadets. The seminar was conducted from 1000 hrs. to 1230 hrs. at the Auditorium of Shri Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector 26, Chandigarh. Cadets were informed about Cancer and ill effects of tobacco. They also took pledge against use of tobacco. An on the spot competition was also conducted to make slogans towards anti tobacco campaign. Five students were accordingly selected and given Prizes. All participants were issued with

CAP NCC: In July 2010 awareness talk was organized at D.A.V Public School Amritsar for 300 NCC cadets. After awareness, a quiz contest was organized which had very good response. Another awareness talk was organized for NCC Camp at Sec-26. It was attended by 250 NCC cadets, boys and girls, and they were given certificates also. SEMINAR AND RALLY BY NCC CADETS On 24 May 2011, a Cancer Awareness seminar was conducted for NCC personnel by members of Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society that included 5

participation certificates. These cadets also took out a Rally on Anti Tobacco Campaign on 25 May 11 from Sukhna Lake to their camp site at Institute of Correctional Administration, Sector 26 Chandigarh. They carried some of the placards issued by Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society and spread the message against the ill effects of tobacco and its role in cancer. The event was covered well by the media. Cancer Awareness talks were organized in May 2010 in the office of Accountant General, Haryana

October is always celebrated as Breast cancer awareness month, so awareness talks were organized in colleges around the city also. In Govt College Sec-42, 150 NSS Students and in Home Science College, 200 Students benefitted by these awareness talks. Awareness talk was organized at Kurali by Doaba Group of Colleges. The group consisted of 500 students, their teachers and dean, students welfare. At the end of the talk mementoes were given to Mrs. Bains, Mrs. Kulwant and Mrs. Mohini. In PCA Mohali, 40 Ladies attended the awareness talk. In the month of Nov. 2010, SAHAYTA organized a talk at Commando Complex phase II Mohali where 100 ladies of Police Personnel were made aware of the risk factors, symptoms and the need for Breast Self Examination. Another talk was organized in Phase X Gurudwara regarding cancer, its various types, its symptoms, risk factors and food habits. On International women's day, 8th March 2011, awareness talk was organized at Canara Bank, Sec34 for the women employees. They candidly discussed the problems regarding cancer, particularly breast cancer and cancer of cervix. It was very well responded session. On 12th March we were invited by Mehar Baba Charitable Trust, Bassi Pathana, Fatehgarh Sahib which is dedicated to

by Manager, SBI, Sec 34, in village Toga as well in DLF Colony at Mullanpur, where we interacted with young students and women of the village and encouraged them to spread our message of awareness of breast cancer and cervix cancer to their friends, mothers and relatives. We were invited by BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd.) in June 2010 to make their young women employees aware of breast and cervix cancer. Dr. Purnima Kappal gave appropriate answers to their queries. In June 2010, our volunteer and survivor Daman Mangat gave a

talk in Kasauli club and exhorted the gentlemen to gift a mammograph and pap smear test to their wives. On 16th July 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness talks was held at the behest of Istri Singh Sabha , in sector 40. 6

rejuvenating rural India to have an interactive session on cancer awareness with 300 ladies of vocational training school . Another talk was delivered for 100 parents of Evergreen Academy at Law Bhawan sec-37 by our young survivor, Priyanka who captivated everyone with her courage and forthrightness. In April 2011 we joined Amrit Cancer Foundation in raising cancer awareness among UT employees at UT Secretariat, Sec-9. Dr Feruza Patel gave a power point presentation and answered the queries. about this killer disease. With this objective in mind, Sahayta Cancer Sahyog organized Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on 22nd Oct. 2010 at sector 17 plaza.

Our team for cancer Awareness talks consist of Renu Saigal, Santosh Bhan, Swatantar, Daman Mangat , Sharda Ahuja , Neena Singh, Kulwant Kaur, Varinder, Harmeet Kaur, Madhu, Mohini Loomba, Gurpreet Khaira, Dr V Kappal, Purnima Kappal and Inderpal Bains. Our team is always ready to spread awareness in villages, colonies , cities , colleges , institutes, organizations, banks, gurudwaras and even in Kitty Parties. Awareness is very important to educate the public about this disease which is spreading very fast. Kulwant Kaur

Mr Pradeep Mehra, Adviser to the Administrator, flagged off the walk in front of Empire Stores. A large number of survivors including senior doctors from PGI, Dr. Raj Bahadur Director, Govt. Hospital,

PINK OCTOBER Among the most dreaded diseases that affect women, breast cancer affects millions of women across globe and it is the second commonest cancer amongst Indian women after cancer of cervix. While there are things every woman can do to help her body to stay as healthy as possible such as eating a balanced diet, not smoking, minimizing stress and exercising regularly, breast cancer is never anyone's fault. Keeping the same in mind, there is a dire need for active participation to enlighten all the women

Sector 32, officers of Chandigarh Administration, Station Commander, 3BRD and 12 Wing, Commissioner, IT, Chandigarh and Haryana, Chief Architect, Chandigarh, Principals and students of various colleges and schools, members of Chandigarh Senior Citizens Association and caring and compassionate citizens of Chandigarh participated in the walk. Pink looped ribbon, internationally recognized symbol of breast cancer was worn by all volunteers and participants. Madam Geeta Bhukkal, Health Minister, Haryana presided over breast cancer awareness programme in the Plaza and released large pink balloons with 7


sec-17 roundabouts. Radio talk was also aired about breast cancer awareness by Neena and Madhu. Madhu Nagpal was invited by 'Akashvani' Chandigarh to speak on cancer awareness in their 'SAKHI' programme. She spoke about Sahayta and its projects, cancer in general, its types, symptoms, risk factors and misconceptions that the general public holds . October being the breast cancer awareness month, importance of mammography and breast itself examination was emphasized. The programme was anchored by Shally Vij and Puneet Bawa. Beat it: Breast cancer remains the best cancer to beat- Approximately 87.3 percent of women survive breast cancer if it is detected early Neena Singh.

awareness messages and sanctioned Rs. 2 lacs for Sahayta Cancer Sahyog. Sahayta volunteers along with the team of Times of India in no time undid the havoc wreaked by the thunder storm and set right everything for the programme. Madam Sumit Kaur,Chief Architect also addressed the audience and spoke highly of Sahayta . While Mr Jacob entertained the audience with his music and melodious songs, a Power Point presentation was screened on the efforts being made by Sahayta Cancer Sahyog to combat this deadly disease. The theme for breast cancer awareness month was 'Breast Self Examination-a Step Towards Surviving Cancer' and 'Early Detection is your Best Protection.' October is a significant month for women living with breast cancer. This month, fondly described as 'Pink October' is celebrated all over the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is also a prime opportunity to remind women to be breast aware for early detection. Breast cancer is spreading at an alarming rate and the only defence against it is early detection which is impossible without awareness. Women have to combine clinical breast examination with their visit to the gynaecologist. The small booklet on breast and gynecological care should be made compulsory in every Cancer and Obst. and Gynae. Clinic.

SAHAYTA BAL CANCER SAHYOG New hopes, new challenges, new achievements help us to thrive and create, they help us to move forward, look ahead and we do try to be optimistic and positive putting behind the disappointments faced during the course of treatment and sometimes after the treatment. The situation is far from perfect and there is need for greater participation, more funds, more research, more resources and we at Sahayta will strive to provide optimum care to our young patients in paediatric oncology. LAUNCH OF SAHAYTA YOUNG 7th August, 2010. SURVIVORS CLUB: The launch of Sahayta Young Survivors Club was an important milestone and took place at the Sahayta Kendra. Some of the youngsters who were tiny tots at the time of inception came forward to form a group. The group aims to get involved in the activities of the society with special emphasis on childhood cancer. Anchal Bhasin, Gurleen Sekhon, Megha Narang, Nitya Mohan, Pawan Kumar, Rijul Bakshi and Gaganpreet were instrumental in forming the club. The function started with a prayer sung by the survivors along with Ms. Shivani (Music Lecturer). It was followed by a melodious Bhajan by our volunteer Raj Gupta. Dr. R.K. Marwaha and Dr. Deepak Bansal pinned the badges for the young

A half page supplement was taken out by Times of India Newspaper about Breast Cancer Awareness. With the good offices of former Chief Architect, we had put up the breast cancer awareness hoardings at 8

the same but it is our sincere effort to make the day special for our children in the wards and those attending OPD's. Rakhis were distributed along the gifts in the OPD as well the wards. The gifts were sponsored by Dr. Manju Sharma and rakhis by Ms. Shivali. DIWALI CELEBRATIONS: 29th Oct 2010. The festival of lights is indeed special and we celebrated it with much fanfare. Ladies from `Just Books' club came forward to participate and sponsor the festival. We all decorated the playroom in APC with floor rangoli and diyas. Artis were sung and a number of kids presented certain items. Amarjeet, Shivam and Harneet sang a song each. Dikshita came dressed pretty in a lehnga and gave a dance performance. Anjali mesmerized the audience with her graceful movements. Dolly, Sharda, Santosh, Raj, Daman and Aaradhna distributed the gifts and survivors. Anchal, Gurleen and Megha shared their experiences and pledged to help in alleviating the pain and suffering of the children fighting cancer. Ms. Manju Bhalla, social activist was the guest of honour. An art workshop was conducted by Zoya, Gurleen and Guneev while the parents interacted with the doctors. Renu Saigal addressed the audience and Aaradhna conducted the function. SAHAYTA YOUNG VOLUNTEERS PROGRAMME: JULY 2010. The youth of today is sensitive and wants to make a difference. Keeping in mind the interest shown by young students to get involved in social work, we decided to chalk out a plan to give them a learning experience in the field of childhood cancer and various associated problems. Sahayta young volunteers programme enrolled Gurleen, Zoya, Guneev and Mannat for the programme. The programme is being conducted under the guidance of Aarandhna Mittal and Dolly Soni.

refreshments. Dr. R.K. Marwaha, Dr. Amita Trehan and Dr. Deepak Bansal blessed the children with early recovery. CONCERT IN AID OF SAHAYTA: 3rd Nov., 2010 A rock concert created waves in the City of Chandigarh. Young musicians of the band `Hence Proved' came forward to create awareness and raise funds for children afflicted with cancer. Uday Vir Garg along with his band members from Vivek

RAKHI CELEBRATIONS: 20th August 2010. Festival celebrations away from home may not be 9

15th oct, 2010 and presented Dimple (12 yrs.)a.l.l. patient with a beautiful lehnga-choli and Harsh (5 yrs)a.l.l. patient with a car with remote control. Under make a wish programme it is our endeavor to fulfill the wishes of some of the young patients. CHRISTMAS: 24th December, 2010 Christmas celebrations are looked forward to every year. The playroom in APC was decorated with a Christmas tree, stars, streamers and balloons. Payal and Pooja specially created the ambience for the festival. It was Shivam's birthday in the same week so a cake was ordered and he along with Sahayta volunteer Sharda cut the cake. Santosh, Dolly, Raj,

High School gave a great performance which saw the participation of hundreds of youngsters from varios schools and colleges. Aaradhna and Dolly represented Sahayta. The message `No Tobacco' was emphasised to the huge gathering. Sahayta stall was also put up. A sum of a lakh and ten thousand was raised from the proceeds of the show. Kudos to the youngsters for joining us in our cause. MAKE A WISH: 30thNov,2010 Shivam (10 yrs), a.l.l. patient had relapsed and the doctors had given up hope. He wanted to give a presentation. The young fellow had done research on loss of his vision due to cancer. It was heartening to see the child's maturity and acceptance of the disease. Shivam along with his father Deepak spoke in the monthly meeting of Sahayta. He had asked for a complete cricket wear and set which was sponsored by Ms. Sharda Ahuja. Ladies of Lions Club, Chandigarh visited the APC on

Daman, Renu, Inderpal, Veena and others sang and danced with the children. Students of Guru Nanak Dev School sang carols and there was fun and frolic every where. Priya became the Santa and Shivali brought thoughtful gifts. Mr. Puri also brought chips and sweets. The refreshments were sponsored by Mrs. Sharda Ahuja and Christmas gifts by students of Guru Nanak Dev School. Around eighty children participated along with their parents and siblings. INTERNATIONAL CHILDHOOD CANCER DAY: 4th Feb, 2011 ICCD is an annual event which salutes the spirit of 10

celebration. Payal and Pooja decorated the stage with phulkari wall hangings, bhangra, standies, attractive flowers and other creations. Siyata had choreographed the dance on a popular Punjabi folk song. The children wore authentic Punjabi dresses with accessories to match and performed very well. The participants were Anjali, Alka, Dimple, Dikshita, Bharat, Vishivajeet, Amarjeet, Harmeet, Abhishek and Manpreet. The gifts were sponsored by Ms. Nirmala Choudhary, the dresses by Mr. V.K.Puri. Dr. R.K. Marwaha came up on stage to present the gifts and the audience applauded the children for their courage and spirit. Every participant received a watch sponsored by Mrs. Nirupma Nahal. Rijul came from Dehradun for the function and presented a melodious bhajan .

the young survivors. We made it special by organizing a magic show for the children in the wards and those attending the Friday OPD. The magician Pradeep mesmerized the children with his tricks and the song `Jadugar Jadu Kar Jayega' created foot tapping melody. The Sahayta paediatric team interacted with the parents and the children. Refreshments and gifts were distributed to around a hundred kids. Dr. Marwaha, Dr. Anita and Dr. Deepak graced the occasion. The ICCD was sponsored by Canara Bank, Chandigarh and Ms Varinder.

IPOI Meet in Delhi-11th,12th March,2011. Vinay Jain of Jeev Daya foundation invited us to participate in the IPOI (Indian Paediatric Oncology

TRIBUTE TO SHIVAM: We lost Shivam in January. We were devastated as Shivam's demise was a great loss. The child and his family were brave, courageous and losses such as these do want to make us question the ways of God! Santosh, Sharda, Aaradhna, Raj, Dolly and Rajni visited the family. CANCER SURVIVORS' DAY: 12th Feb, 2011 The theme was `Punjab Village' and it was time for

Initiative) meet at AIIMS, Delhi. There were many delegates from all over India and some from the U.S. Dolly Soni and Aaradhna Mittal attended the meet and a brief introduction about Sahayta's work with children was given by Aaradhna. We are working to collaborate with Jeev Daya foundation to improve the quality of care to cancer afflicted children. Dr. Anita Trahan also attended the meet. (Aaradhna Mittal)

VIDYA JYOTI PROJECT Vidya Jyoti Project which was started in 1999 has 11

MRS. AMAR KAUR Dhillon ( 14-10-1927 to 2011-2009) was a lady of great substance. She was very passionate about education. She wanted that every child should have an opportunity to go to school and achieve according to his/her ability. I met her every time, I went back to U.K. and she would ask me what I do with my time in India. I told her all about Sahayta and then she decided to help with the Vidya Jyoti Project and help educate kids. She sponsored 10 children. Unfortunately last time I went to U.K. her health was poor, but the first question she asked me was about the children she was sponsoring. She has three sons and a daughter and all four children are very successful doctors in U.K. It is heart warming that before Mrs. Dhillon died she requested her children to make sure they carried on paying for the education of 10 children. It is a great feeling to know that there are people like Amar Kaur who were still thinking of others on their death bed. She was one in a million and is missed by all of us. We pray that her soul rests in peace. God Bless her children who are fulfilling her wish. MANJEET KAUR

given ray of hope to many children especially at that time when a member of the family is at the lowest point of life due to cancer. Being in the grip of cancer, the education of their children becomes the last priority. Under this project Sahayta is sponsoring the education of two children of cancer afflicted family by providing Rs. 200/- per month. Last year Sahayta funded 95 children. Their progress is monitored from time to time by remaining in contact with their teachers. Some students are doing extremely well. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that 3 boys have joined college after completing their schooling. Divanshu is in IV Semester, doing Diploma Course in Architecture Assistant-ship from Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology. DIVANSHU N i k h i l i s d o i n g Diploma in Computer Engineering from Seth Jai Parkash Polytechnic Damla (Yamuna Nagar). NIKHIL Suman Kalyani Maity is student of Ist year of Govt. College, Sector-11, Chandigarh. We are very grateful to all our donors from India and abroad. Our special thanks are for late Mrs. Amar Kaur Dhillon and her family from U.K. for continuously sponsoring SUMAN KALYANI education to ten children. Amanjot Khaira, President Sahayta U.S. Chapter & his team are regularly raising funds for Vidya Jyoti Project. GURPREET KHAIRA

FUND RAISING Unfortunately in our country even the poorest of the poor don't get free chemotherapy. Sahayta Cancer Sahyog comes to the aid of such patients


Aug. 2010 Moti Ram Arya Samaj School, Sec. 27, Chandigarh. Paragon Public School, Sector 71, Mohali. Shishu Niketan Public School, Sec 22B, Chandigarh. St. Soldier Int. School, Sector 28, Chandigarh Golden Bells Public School Mohali Sept. 2010 Stepping Stones, Sector 38, Chandigarh St. Kabir Public School, Sector 26, Chandigarh YPS Mohali Nov. 2010 Harkishan Public School, Sector 40, Chandigarh Woodland Public School, Panchkula March 2011 St. Peter's School, Sector 37, Chandigarh I S Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School, Sector 21, Chandigarh May 2011: I S Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School, Sector 21, Chandigarh Ashiana Public School, Sector 46. St. Soldier School, Mohali There are schools where students collected funds by their own efforts. St. Stephen's school collected 1,87,244 in Aug. 2010.Vivek School sector 38 Chandigarh-students collected 10,000 every month for the treatment of Ishpal, 5 years old boy and Muskan a year old girl with blood cancer. IS Dev Samaj School, Sec 21, collected Rs 71,000/-, which is commendable as most of the students hail from middle class families Santosh Bhan

who are referred to us by doctors in PGI and Govt. Medical College Hospital, Sector 32. Funds are not only required for treatment but also for our other projects aimed at providing holistic help to cancer afflicted families. Sahayta family is thankful to all the people for extending their help especially schools, colleges, business houses, banks where by putting stalls, we realize our twin objectives of cancer awareness as well as fund-raising. At these stalls we sell greeting cards designed by survivors, diaries, health books, shagun envelops, embroidered hand towels, candles, coffee mugs etc. May 2010 Ajeet karam Singh School, Sec 41. Ashiana Public School, Sector 46. Golden Bell School, Sector 72, Mohali Vivek High School, Sector 38. July 2010 Shivalik Public School Sector 41.

MAMMOGRAPHY IN PGI on 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month is continuing thanks to Dr N. Khandelwal, the technicians and staff of Radio-Diagnosis Deptt. at New OPD, PGI, Chandigarh. Those desirous of getting their Mammography done should contact Ranjana Tulsi 988814944.


SAHAYTA FOUNDER'S DAY on 23rd May was celebrated in DSOI. Dr SC Sharma, Dr Firuza Patel, Dr Pankaj, Dr Rimpy Tandon, Dr Marwaha, Dr Amita Trehan graced the occasion. Renu thanked the doctors and volunteers' husband for their cooperation while Arvind shared the founding moments of Sahayta.

Supports Groups from all over India. Sahayta was represented by Renu, Santosh, Raj, Mohini & Swatantar.The annual meeting is an excellent opportunity to inter-act and update ourselves through various workshops. It is also an ideal platform to raise issues concerning the rights of cancer patients to security of job during treatment,

9TH GBM OF CANCER CARE INDIA hosted by Karunakare Foundation on 18th to 20th Dec 2010 at Ahmedabad was attended by 18


Congress was held in John B. Hyne's Veteran Memorial Convention Centre which is situated at the heart of the Back Bay of Boston. The inaugural function was a grand affair with the performance by Boston School children Band, the same band which had performed for the President of USA on his visit to Boston a few weeks earlier. During the conference, one thing that appealed the most was the amount of work being done by NGOs for the childhood cancer patients. There was this concept of Barrettes town, Dublin, Ireland of Therapeutic recreation camps. This was started by Paul Newman. These camps are for Cancer children and their parents. The various hospitals attached to this recreational centre introduce the concept to the family at the diagnostic stage and Barretts town comes into play by taking care of their recreation with a trained faculty at the camp site which includes Pediatric oncologist and trained nurses. It is an absolute fun for childhood cancer patients. Barrettes town Recreation centre rebuilds lives and provides children with a better coping mechanism in returning to normal daily life. When cancer treatment ends, the return to normal daily life can be full of challenges. Many parents, especially mothers have been reported to find this stage in their lives to be extremely stressful and full of anxiety. It is at this point that many also experience strong fears of recurrence of cancer. Empowering photography is a method used to help mothers explore themes that are central to their experiences. The photographs can make invisible visible, can inspire, touch one's heart and heal. Its power lies in its ability to reveal insights that are too abstract, emotional or complex to be experienced with words. At the end of 5-6 photo sessions mothers start thinking about themselves as individuals too and it enhances their self esteem. A lot of data is being collected and disseminated on issues like affect of cancer on the siblings in the house, the return of the parents to normal life after having encountered cancer in their children and affect of cancer on the grandparents. It has come to light that in this doubled suffering, grand parents tend to shoulder their share of worry alone and in silence in an attempt to prevent hurting their own children. It is the need of the hour to create spaces of

information regarding the treatment and medical insurance. It was decided that CACI will lobby for direct train from North East to Mumbai for cancer patients. A letter was prepared to be submitted to Union Govt. as well as State Govt requesting for cancer to be declared a notified disease.Workshops were held on 'Operating Telephone Help line for NGOs'; 'Fund Raising for NGOs'; 'Workplace Wellness, Tobacco-Free Workplace & Tobacco Cessation'; 'Surviving Childhood Cancer! What Next?--Challenge for Survivors and Care-Takers' & 'Psyscho-Oncalogy for Volunteers & Care -Takers'. Karunakare Foundation had organized Ahmedabad sight seeing and taken us to watch water laser show at Akshardham. On 19th evening we were treated to cultural programme of Classical Music by Dr. Monica Shah and Folk dances. We also visited children ward in cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad and met a few patients. It was indeed a rewarding experience meeting so many dedicated volunteers, learning new things especially the significance of networking.

ICCCPO CONGRESS Sahayta was represented at 42nd ICCCPO Congress held in October in Boston, USA. by Dr. V. Kappal, Dr. Poornima and Mr. Ajay Tuli. The 15

support for this third generation of the family in its fight against cancer. Over all, the congress was a very enriching experience for us and we look forward to more of such visits. Dr. V. Kappal

to heart talk helps him develop his inner strength. The other members of the family may not be sick but looking after a cancer patient is physically and mentally exhausting so during home visits our counseller enquires about their feelings and this enhances their morale. Counseling being an ongoing activity regular contact with the patients and their family members is maintained. In some cases the family needs support even after the demise of the patient. This help is rendered by our counseller continuously as long as the family members are in need of it. Mrs. Indu Sood of Manimajra is a case where this mother of two children had gone into deep depression after her husband died of cancer. She is being helped financially by Sahayta along with continuous Counselling. Two children of a deceased patient Sunita residing at Bal Nikaten Panchula are visited by our counseller. Nirmala Chaudhary

SURVIVORS CLUB: We call upon Survivors to join our Survivors Club, where the members meet once a month over contributory lunch and get positive vibes from each other. New members of the club: Dr Rohini from Panchkula, Priyanka, a PU Student and Mr Sandeep. Ranjana Tulsi 988814944.

HOME COUNSELLING As a part of its holistic approach towards being a support group for those affected by cancer, Sahayta provides home counselling service. Actually the disease leads to chaos, confusion, fear and anxiety in the patient as well as in the entire family. Under such circumstances the sympathetic touch with the patient and family members becomes essential. Visiting a patient in his family setting and having heart

DONATION BOXES We are grateful to Mr Balbir Mangat for collecting and disbursing donation boxes of Sahayta Cancer Sahyog in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

COURAGE • Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. -Ambrose Redmoon • Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other persons. -Ralph Waldo Emerson • Courage is what it takes to 'stand up and speak; courage is also what takes to sit down and listen. -Winston Churchill • Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. -Mary Anne Radmacher • It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare. -Mark Twain • People are made of flesh and blood and a miracle fibre called courage.-Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960 • Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. -Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Letters to Lucilius • Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. -Mark Twain Contributed by Renu Saigal


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SURVIVOR SPEAK Harmeet Kaur In 1993 we shifted to a new house. I was about to be 40 years and one day as I was standing in my lawn waiting for spring to arrive I was wondering what my fortieth year will bring for me.They say a woman undergoes a major change when she turns 40. Its a watershed year for her in many ways. And so, there I was thinking what life has to offer me. Little did I know that God almighty had something else planned for me. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of cancer which attacks the lymphatic system. It came as a shock because I had no pain or discomfort in any part of the body. The verdict was clear.My daughters were 2 years and 4 years old. The doctor told my husband that I had only 6 months to 2 years to live. When I was discharged I was advised to go for C.T. Scans and come to P.G.I. if I had persistent fever.I continued having C.T. Scans and to my good fortune the cancer lay dormant. Life continued with no complications. In 2005 I got severe pain in my back. Nothing was diagnosed. Finally the C.T. Scan revealed a tumor on my kidney, the tumor was the size of a beer can, hence the intolerable pain. I was rapidly losing weight. I slipped into coma as soon as I was taken to P.G.I. Immediately the rounds of chemotherapy started. I was very fortunate that I took all 10 rounds of chemotherapy at the regular interval with no side effects. The doctors and staff of P.G.I. were very helpful which I feel went a long way to help me recover. After the treatment I slowly regained my strength. I go for PET scan once a year. Today with the grace of God and the help of the doctor I am leading a fairly normal life. I must add here that my recovery was made easy by the full support of my family and friends. Harmeet Harmeet Kaur can be contacted at her mob: 9814094935

The stress and tension in society today calls for meditation. The busier you are, the lesser time you have, the more desires and ambitions you have — all the more is the need to meditate. Because meditation not only relieves you of stress and strain, it also enhances your abilities, strengthens your nervous system and mind. Not only does it eliminate stress and tensions, release toxins from the body, soothes the mind, it also makes you more capable and enhances you in every way. If you want to be happy and healthy, just meditate.


VOLUNTEER SPEAK LALIMA BATTA It's been a year? I suddenly realised when at a Sahatya meet they asked me to give a write up about the volunteering experiences at Sahayta . A branded introvert that I am, I had had all my apprehensions while going for my introductory Sahayta meet. Oh ! I kept thinking and wondering , what's the organisation like? Am I really going to find what I want ? How am I going to handle it ? What if I don't gel in and all that? But now I can easily sit back and say – “It’s been a great experience”. Here I found dedicated , patient guides amongst the peers, who taught me how to work as a volunteer at the hospital. They happily carry me along everywhere so that I get to learn more and more. Infact SAHAYTA as an ensemblage is an organisation with a soul. It's there for “THE REAL WORK” and that is to provide help and moral support to the distressed, dishevelled " Cancer Victims," who can find no answer to, "Why me God?" The volunteers console, cajole, explain and educate the victims and others on the whys, dos and don’ts of cancer. They give them physical, financial (through the organisation of course) and emotional help and support . We even visit them at their homes if need be in order to boost their spirits ; and create cancer awareness through workshops. They are making Herculean efforts in the field of best cancer awareness and its prevention. So much so that now I am sure ‘my wish’ to be of some help to mankind and to do ‘that extra bit’ for humanity is going to be fulfilled at Sahayta.

BE HAPPY ALWAYS When you have pains in life always remember this expansion of PAINS

P - Positive A - Approach I - in N - Negative S - Situations Worries are like Birds. Let them fly over you But do not give them a chance to build a nest on your head. Be Happy Always Smile is a curve that sets everything straight. 23

AUDIENCE SPEAK Chandrika Budhiraja When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand to smile. Positive thinkingwhat a phenomenal concept it is! It is that intangible magic which makes life beautiful and precious. A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Mrs Daman Mangat, who is an active member of Sahayata [a Cancer Patients Support Organisation], invited me to attend their annual award function. It was really amazing and humbling to see the courage of the Cancer survivors. I also got to watch a rather humorous and extremely thought provoking play, enacted by the ladies of Sahayata. It was called Paani Paani- a plea from a patient falling upon the deaf ears of so called well wishers. The play forced us to take a good look at ourselves. In the play, a young lady, suffering from cancer is trying to be brave and have faith in her doctor. However she is subjected to a string of visitors who profess to know even more than the doctor and instead of giving hope and support to the poor patient, give only negative suggestions and criticism. None of them realized that they were not helping at all!! It is amazing how we tend to focus upon ourselves and our own problems, rather than being supportive and compassionate towards the patient. They don't need our "expert advice"- All they need is some positive thinking, understanding and some encouragement. I must say it was a very good effort by the entire Sahayata team. All in all, it was a great play-a good measure of comedy thrown in, along with an important message, on how to help a fellow human being in a difficult time. After watching the play, I hope we can all attempt to be a source of strength for the patients and not force our views and woes on them! Thank You Sahayata, Regards, Mrs Chandrika Budhiraja


KAMAL SEKHON A HUSBAND'S TRIBUTE (27.07.1942 TO 09.11.2010)

Kamal grew up in the serene environment of National Defence Academy(N.D.A),Khadakwasla and received her education in Pune. Then started her teaching career in Central School, N D A, Khadakwasla. She left the job just after two days of our marriage. Ours was a inter caste marriage which was a very rare happening in those days. But I feel proud to say that my family received her with open arms during our first visit to my Village after marriage. During our 30 days stay in the village, she won everybody's heart with love and affection , narrating stories and anecdotes. My grand mother( NANI) who brought me up after my mother's demise, used to say “You have brought a KHILONA for us. We would have not got a better BAHOO.” She brought a tremendous change in our family. Her interest in education, resulted in our family of farmers turning into a family of engineers and doctors. The credit for this goes to her the most. She really brought good luck to me and family and I always called her “BHAAGAN” the name which she has carried with her. Our elder son Sudhir came within one year of our marriage and during this period I had to move to Field Area. She along with my son moved to my Village from N D A and stayed there for more than one year. Though, she was brought up in Pune, she did not object to move to village. So great was she. She endeared and charmed everybody in my family and neighbourhood with her love, affection ,truthfulness and guidance to illiterate ladies of the village on various topics like family planning, rearing and education of children . She was always ready to help the needy, may be emotional or financial. She was pro feminine gender. She never tolerated injustice to girls. The courage of conviction to call a spade a spade is very rare, which she possessed and practiced throughout her life. On confirmation that she is suffering from Breast Cancer, my son Dr Sudhir Singh Sekhon and daughter in law Dr Mansoina Sekhon changed their field of Specialisation to MEDICAL ONCOLOGY and looked after her devotedly and in all possible ways. They had innumerable visits to India in turns to stand by me and look after her physically. God may give such children to all the parents. She was a very caring and loving wife. During her long span of sickness, she never felt low in spirits. At times, I used to feel low and depressed after thinking about her disease but she always encouraged me by saying,“I am all right. I shall live long. Don't get depressed”. She was such a brave lady that she kept on repeating the above sentences till Sept 2010, when, ultimately she went into semi coma state and was hospitalized. Ultimately she merged with the ALMIGHTY on 9th Nov 2010 at 0600 Hrs, just two days before our 44th Wedding Anniversary. I AM MISSING YOU BHAAGAN, YOUR DHIR (COL R S SEKHON)



Courtesy 34


DOCTOR SPEAK Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Pandey Few Basic Points to Fight the Cancer in a Better Way:

Cancer is a disease, which requires more accurate and effective treatment than other diseases. Results of treatment are good if treatment is taken at proper time and drugs are taken in proper doses. So it requires good nutrition and adequate amount of calories, possible with proper lunch, dinner and meal in between, whenever possible. If there is nausea or vomiting, take tab to stop it, wait for few minutes till there is no feeling of vomiting, eat again. In rare case, take injection from the concerned doctor. During treatment there is loss of appetite, but do not go in this negative mood, keep on eating any thing your doctor has advised. At least maintain your weight or increase it by taking regular diet. For all these above things one essential point is a positive attitude towards your life. If treatment is taken at proper time in a proper dose as advised by an Oncologist (Cancer Specialist), results are always better than when it is not taken as advised by the doctor. Follow your doctor, instead of the advise by your friends or some body else who is knowing the word “Cancer” only and nothing else about Cancer. It is like a advise of Doctor on a Road construction. Keep yourself as busy as possible, in your routine work, to over come all un-necessary depression. To be successful in any job, you require strong will power and positive work for that; same is true for cancer treatment also. Once treatment is over, follow the advice of Doctor and be involved in your routine work. Regular follow up is essential as advised by the treating Oncologist. Five servings of fruits and green vegetables are advised daily to everybody including cancer patients.


DOCTOR SPEAK Dr Kislay Dimri Cancer is a dreaded disease and has become a major killer in both the developing and the developed countries. It is generally curable if the patient presents in a relatively early stage of disease. However, the overall scenario in our country is dismal for cure and long term survival. There are 2 important reasons for this: first is the lack of awareness about the disease and the predisposing factors. As a result, the majority of our patients present in advanced stages of disease. Such patients though not curable can still lead a relatively long life with reasonable quality even while harbouring disease. This is because of improvement in therapeutics and palliative care. Second and the more depressing reason is the cost of treatment especially for chemotherapy, which is generally prohibitive and beyond the reach of a common man. Therefore, most patients come to government hospitals as the treatment is highly subsidized, if not always free. Government medical college & hospital (GMCH-32) has been doing a great job by offering comprehensive cancer treatment under one roof to such patients. Its radiotherapy & oncology department is offering external radiotherapy at highly subsidised rates (and free to genuinely poor), chemotherapy, palliative care (oral morphine for cancer pain) and will soon be starting high dose rate brachytherapy. Chemotherapy, which is an important component of cancer treatment, is required in majority of patients and most drugs, if not all are expensive. The

hospital authorities have been forthcoming in helping poor patients by reducing their financial burden (RSBY scheme is one of them) but clearly that is not enough. The financial constraints leave many patients and their families dejected and also force them to leave treatment midway. This is an unfortunate but avoidable situation and here the NGO's can really play an important role. Fortunately, we have amongst us a vibrant and enterprising organisation the SAHAYTA CANCER SAHYOG. This organisation was conceived in 1997 and has been in the forefront ever since in providing financial and emotional support to cancer patients. They have been working relentlessly at PGI for many years and providing financial as well psychological support to the cancer patients visiting the radiotherapy department, pediatric oncology and hematology. The group is also actively involved in spreading awareness about cancer among the masses and have been organising screening camps for breast cancer detection. Their association with GMCH-32 is almost 2 years old and have thus far provided financial assistance to 114 patients for chemotherapy. I salute this organisation for carrying out such a benevolent work selflessly and hope that other so called NGO's take a cue from them and help the patients as well doctors in their fight against cancer.

OVERCOME NEGATIVE FEELINGS Negative feelings, such as violence, are damaging to life, whether we act upon them ourselves, or cause or condone them in others. They are born of greed, anger, or delusion, and may be slight, moderate, or intense. Their fruit is endless ignorance and suffering. To remember this is to cultivate the opposite. Patanjali, 2.34 One can overcome the forces of negative emotions, like anger and hatred, by cultivating their counter forces, like love and compassion. The Dalai Lama XIV A man who is swayed by negative emotions may have good enough intentions, may be truthful in word, but he will never find the Truth. MKGandhi Whenever a negative thought concerning your personal power comes to mind, deliberately voice a positive thought to cancel it out. Norman VPeale


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FINANCIAL REPORT For the year ended 31st March 2011 My mother, our founder president had a vision that Sahayta must build its corpus so that the work we have started never stops. She visualized that one day the interest from the corpus will be enough to support the expenditure for treatment of patients and Sahayta will then be able to reach out to more needy patients in other cities as well. It is a pleasure to see that we are progressing in that direction with increasing corpus & increasing interest income.

the purchase of Mastectomy Bras and prosthesis for breast cancer patients and were sold at par to the patients. REHABILITATION & OTHER EXPENSES ON CANCER PATIENTS & THEIR FAMILIES: We spent an amount of Rs 2,19,700 on Vidya jyoti project (Education for family members) and Rs 97,367 for ration to patients, rehabilitation & food. OTHER EXPENSES : An amount of Rs 8,71,951/- was spent on the printing of brochures, pamphlets, information leaflets for patients, Newsletter and greeting cards painted by cancer patients, toys for cancer afflicted children, donation box, mementos. The other expenses like salary of a driver, accountant and peon, petrol expenses for transporting volunteers and terminally ill cancer patients to the hospital and for home visits, telephone expense, bank charges, rehabilitation expenses and expenses for holding the survivor day function are included. "There is no limit to what you can do, if you don't care who gets the credit"

We continue to fulfill our motto that "no one

should die due to lack of funds" . Mom we really miss you! This year's Balance sheet was prepared by our auditors M/S Davinder S. Jaaj & Co. DONATIONS RECEIVED : Year Amount (Rs) 2010-11 43,42,085.00 2009-10 43,30,960.00 2008-09 52,15,997.00

CAPITAL FUND : A sum of 8,72,890 was added to our capital fund and the total fund stands at 101,53,904 as on 31/03/2011. The capital fund is being accumulated so as to ensure our continuous support to needy patients can be funded from interest generated & the donations could then be used for other projects to give better facilities to patients. "Working together....Works"

EXPENDITURE ON TREATMENT OF CANCER PATIENTS : Year Amount (Rs) 2010-11 25,31,390.00 2009-10 27,20,545.00 2008-09 22,63,536.00 CANCER AWARENESS PROGRAMME: As a further aim to enable early detection of cancer, we spent Rs 2,09,041/-[PY 2,15,553/-] for holding camps to spread awareness.

All the expenses of printing of this newsletter are met through sponsors. Further every year volunteers from the society go to attend the conference organized by ICCCPO, all expenses incurred by the volunteers are met from their personal funds and are not reflected in the accounts of the society.

OTHER RECEIPTS : A sum of Rs 4,41,259/- [PY Rs 4,43,590/-] was credited to our account as interest income. CANCER CARE EXPENSES : A sum of Rs 71,520/- [PY Rs 49,575/-] was spent on

CA. Arvind Tuli Treasurer 38

HEARTFELT GRATITUDE Renu Saigal Working with SAHAYTA has enriched my life in many ways. I have had the privilege of meeting so many inspiring people with courage, humility and compassion. I also feel proud to be part of a dedicated team of volunteers and doctors who offer their time, efforts and money for the well being of those afflicted with cancer . They work tirelessly, silently with love & compassion, seeking nothing in return. My thanks to all of them. During my journey with SAHAYTA, I have come across many generous donors who keep us going with encouragement and financial help. Thanks are due to PGI doctors & their staff specially Dr K K Talwar, Dr SC Sharma, Dr Firuza patel, Dr Rakesh Kapoor, Dr Sushmita, Dr Minni & other doctors from Radiotherapy, Dr Subash Verma, Dr Pankaj, Dr Sanjay Jain & all other doctors from Heamatology, Dr RK Marwaha, Dr Amita Trehan, Dr Deepak Bansal & Dr Sumeet Singvi from Paediatrics and Dr Raj Bahadur, Dr Pandey and Dr Dimri from GMCH Sec 32.Our heartfelt gratitude for Dr N Khandelwal, HOD, Dr Veenu and technician Mr Sudhir of Radiodiagnosis Dept. for facilitating breast cancer screening of ladies recommended by Sahayta twice a month. Our special thanks to Mrs Geeta Bhukkal, Health Minister, Haryana for gracing the Pink October function in Sec 17 Plaza and granting Rs 2 lakhs for the welfare of Cancer patients. We are grateful to Mrs Navraj Sandhu, IAS & Mrs Ranjana Mullick for gracing our Survivors Day function and to Dr Anupam Sachdev from Shri Gangaram Hospital, Delhi for delivering a very informative lecture on stem cell on Survivors Day function and donating Rs 50,000/- to Sahayta . Our special thanks to Mrs Raman and Mr Sanjeev Goyal for showing trust and faith in us by donating Rs 20,000 pm since 2004, Go Ish Remedies Ltd. for donating Rs 11,000 every month and to teachers and students of Oatlands College, Ireland for donating Rs 1.5 lakhs for the treatment of children afflicted with cancer, Mr and Mrs S K Sharma for their valuable support, Aman Khaira for enthusiastically working for Sahayta in USA, Smt. Jai Kaur Charitable Trust based in old Delhi for sponsoring the treatment of 5 cancer afflicted patients regularly and sending two drafts of Rs 75,000 & Rs 30,000 in November 2010 and February 2011, S. S. Sidhu & Mr Vijay Passi for donating 1 lakh each, Mr Raghav Bhopal for spontaneous donation of Rs 95,000 and Col. Randhir Sekhon for donating Rs 51,000/- in the memory of his wife, Kamal. Our special thanks to Mr Virender Puri & late Mrs Karuna Puri for graciously volunteering to pay lease money of Rs 40,000/- for Sahayta Cancer Kendra every year and to Mrs Jeet Gandhi for endless supply of books on diet and nutrition and Mrs Reena Singh for note books, shagun envelopes which we sell at our stalls. We are grateful to Mr Vinay Jain and his team at Jeev Daya Foundation for inviting Sahayta to participate in the IPOA meet at Delhi,Members of band 'Hence Proved' for holding a rock concert in aid of Sahayta and raising more than Rs 1 Lakh plus, Pooja and Payal for sponsoring and creating the ambience during festival days and Survivors Day celebrations, Sujata for choreographing the dance sequence of the young cancer patients, Ladies of "Just books' club for sponsoring Diwali in APC, Ladies of 'Lion Club' Chd. for contributing


towards 'Make a wish' programme, Dr Meena Sharma & Aman Bajwa for donating gifts for Rakhi, Principal and students of Guru Nanak Dev School for sponsoring Christmas celebrations . Mr Vinod Kapoor, Business Associate TANISHQ for giving Rs 15000 for Pink October programme, Mr Harbinder Singh ) of Raymond shop SCO 5, Mr Harjeet Singh, Weldon Opticals, Mr Subash Gulati, Empire Stores, Mr Anil Dewan, Emmell Store,Mr Baldev Gulati, Raymonds Shop, SCO 39, Mr OM Parkesh, Capital Book Shop, Mr Narinder Sachdev, Kohinoor, Sector 17, Chandigarh, Mr Karan Shah, Mr Anmol and Tricity Autos for sponsoring Pink October & other functions in Sector 17. Mrs Veenu Tiwana, Principal,St. Soldier International Convent School, Mohali for a collection of Rs 13,000.00 after the Sahayta Talk on No Tobacco,. Mr Deepak Nayyar, CEO, DLF Chandigarh, Mr Harjeet Singh, Administrator, Guru Harikrishan Public School, Chandigarh and . Mr Rakesh Kumar ,MD ,Pushpak Advertising, Chandigarh for his valuable guidance. Our thanks to our monthly, yearly and one time donors without whose help we will not be able to function.

LIST OF DONORS 15,000-50,000 (Fifteen to Fifty Thousand) • Urmill Malhotra Rs. 50,000 • Sunil K. Sahore Rs. 42,000 • Rajinder Sud Rs 30,000 • Puneet Suri Rs 25,000 • Harjeet Singh Rs. 21,000 • Preeti Bakshi Rs 21,000 • Dalvinder Singh Attwal Rs 20,000 • Kanwal Gujaral Rs 20,000 • Ram Kumar Sharma Rs. 20,000 • Tushar Aayati Rs 18,500 USA $ Canada based Donors • Roselle Bhosale $ 101 • Namita Jain $ 100 • Rachel Gandhi $ 100 • Luthars Mehar & Vikram $ 250 • Chopras Varun & Mira $ 100 • Considines Neil & Anika $ 100 • Mehar Luthar Rs 11,000 • Harinder Chhina Rs 5,000 • Sangeeta Verma Rode Island $ 200 • David L Wilson $ 100

15,000 (Fifteen Thousand) • Manlit Pali • Radiant Equity Management Ltd. • Tarlok Singh Mandair 13,000 (Thirteen Thousand) • Amita Trehan • Nimma Dandana 12,000 (Twelve Thousand) • Gaurav Kashyap • Jasminder Kaur • Rotary Club CHD • Ashiana School 11,000(Eleven Thousand) • Col B.S Sandhu, WWICS • Neera Gupta • S.K Sharma • Kunal Shah 10,000 (Ten Thousand) • Abhinav Forturities Ltd • Aggarwal Oil Mills • Ajay Mathur • Ajit Charitable Trust • Anu Aggarwal • Anupinder Singh Grewal • Anurag Sharma/Manju Sharma 40

• B.K. Handa • Balbir Singh Mangat • Bharat Bhushan Gupta • Canara Bank • Dr Mangla Dogra • Dr Reddy Laboratories, Hyderabad • Dr SK Sharma • Dr. Rohit Ahuja • Essen Connector Ltd. • Gaurav Kashyap • Golden Bells School • Harleen Romewal • Inderjit Kaur Lamba • Istri Singh Sabha • Jasbir Kaur Grewal • Jasdeep Kaur • JP Singh • K.S Grewal • Kapoor Jewellers • Kirti Mohan Naithani (Gurgaon) • Leela Health Care &Research • Mr Marwaha • Milestone Engg • Namita Gautam • Namita Singh • Paramjeet Kaur • Parneet Kour

• Prerna • Prisha and Vihaan Mangat • Promilla Chand • Puneet Singh Gupta • Raj Bundela • Rajani Gakkar • Rashmi Dhariwal, ICL Fertilizer • R'n'A Energies • S S Mongia • Sarla Malhotra • Satish Mehra • Sheela Amrik Singh • Shashi Kant Hasija • Dr Singhi • St Kabir School • Usha Amberdar • Usha Mehra

5000 (Five Thousand) & above • Asha Chopra & Tara Chand • HBD Packaging • A.D Builders & Developers • Inderjeet Virk • Anchal Bhasin • Iqbal Inder Kaur • Asha Kumar, Principal, Stepping Stones • Jagseer Singh Mann • AP Singh • Jain & Co. • Bhagat Singh • Jiti Chawala • Deepak Panwar • JREW Steel Ltd. • Doaba Khalsa Trust • M.S GM Impex • Dr Narang • Madhukar Khosla • Dr Praneet Grewal • Manish Chander • Dr Sunita Sharma • Manjit Sethi • Durga Indermani • Mohini Jain • Dyal • Parvinder Dhingra • Eklat Consulting Group • Passim Medichem Agency • Evergreen Academy • Rakesh Talwar • Gulshan Bir Singh • Raj Bundeja • Guru Harkishan Kripa Trust • Ramesh Mahinderoo • Harinder • Ranju Bhasin

• Reeta Lal • Roopit Swani • RS Enterprises • Rupinder Kaur • Satwant Kaur Chaddha • Shyama Mann • Shallu Gupta • Solar Print Process • Satpal Gupta • Sumeet Suri • Sunita Nagpal • Suman Lamba • Sudarshan Gupta • Talwar jewelers • Ved Parkash Chhabra • Dr Ved Chug • Dr Prabha Chaudhary • Vishal Sehgal

LIFE MEMBERS 24. Ms Heena Shah - Business 25. Mr Sudip Budhiraja - Banker 26. Mr & Mrs Jagdeep Sekhon - Agriculturist 27. Dr Anjali Pandit Kaul -Doctor 28. Ms Kamla Mehra -Housewife 29 Mr HL Handa -Business 30 St. Stephen's School 31 St. John's School 32. Mr NS Bhangoo - Business 33 Mr CL Sharma - Business 34 Mr Deb Saigal - Business 35 Mr Avinash S Sarin 36. Ms Vandhya Bagrodia - Director Art Folio 37. Ms Erika Pruemm - Teacher in Germany 38. Ms Rekha Mahajan - Housewife 39. Vivek High School 40. Ms Toor - Parent 41. Maj Navrai S Grewal - Army 42. Dr Puneet Verma - Interventional Cardiologist, MD, DNB, DM

1998-99 1. Mr PH Vaishnav, Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Punjab 2. Ms Renu Saigal - (Cancer Survivor) Chief Architect, U.T. 3. Mr Satish Mehra - Industrialist 4. Mr TR Sharma - Cancer Survivor 5. Mr RK Garg - Business 6. Ms Kanwar Bindra - Business 1999-2000 7. Ms Raman Goyal - Business 8. Mr GC Lagganji - Educationist 9. Mr Sudershan Kumar - Vice Chairperson, Dev Samaj Institution 2000-2001 10. Mr Ankush Tuli-(A.C.A), Yum Brands 11. Mr NR Mehtani - (Cancer Survivor) President Clearline Appliances 12. Ms Nipa Mangat - Housewife 13. Mr Harman Mangat - Merchant Navy 14. Dr Arun Bansal - Paediatrician (P.G.I.) 15. Mr DN Bansal - Industrialist 16. Mr Anil Jagga - Classic Communications, Mumbai 17. Mr BB Ahuja - Deputy General Manager(Retd.), State Bank of India 18. Mr NL Mehra - Chairman Jaquar Sanitaryware 19. Mr Bharat Bhushan Gupta (Partner Essen Dinkies)

2002-2003 43. Ms Neena Singh - Survivor & Sahayta volunteer 44. S Dalip Singh Sawhney - Business 45. Mr Bhupinder Singh - Business 46. Mr RK Sharma - Rtd Senior Advisor General Electric, Jakarta 47. Ms Swadesh Chadha - Business 48. Dr De Pugh - Germany 49. Ms Gursharan Kaur - Retd Teacher 50. Mr Abhinav Bindra - Shooting Star of India 51. Mrs Adarsh - Housewife 52. Mr Pratap Hoon - Charisma Motors

2001-2002 20. Ms Usha Khaitan - MD Amrit Airlinks Pvt Ltd. 21. Mr Vineet Khosla - Business - Premier Agencies 22. Sh Guru Granth Sahib Charitable Society, Amrvati 23. St. Kabir Public School, Chandigarh 41

53. Mr Krishna (MD Jaguar) 54. Shri Rajesh Mehra (Jaguar) 55. Mr Ajay Gupta (ESSEN, Dinkies) 56. Ms Urmila Gupta (ESSEN, Dinkies) 57. Mr Vinod Sachdeva - Business 58. Ms Jaya Kapoor - Director, Amex 59. Mr Gurdev Singh Bhangu - Director, National Services, P.U. 60. Mr Avtar Trehan 61. Kunal Shah - Student 62. Mr Damodar S Wazir - Photographer 63. Mrs Goyal - Business 64. Major General BPS Mander - ADGST (SM) ST Branch, Army HQs 65. Dr SK Sharma - DG Health Services,(Retd.) Haryana 66. Mrs VL Sharma (Retd.) Head Mistress, KVS 67. Master Siddhanth Tuli 2003-2004 68. Manya Tuli 69. Master Arnav Ahuja 70. Mr Sanjeev Goyal - Business 71. Aryan Goyal - Student 72. Saurabh Goyal - Student 73. Prisha Mangat 74. Ms Manjeet Kaur Bajwa 75. Mr Suman Kant Munjal 76. Vishnu Associates 77. Mr KS Grewal P.C.S. (Retd.) 78. Cmdr. Subodh Mittal Manju Mittal - Pilot for Raymond's Mumbai 79. Ms V Bhargava - Principal, Dev Samaj College 80. Ms Inge Sharma - Diver 81. Mr Ashween Singh - Jagat Singh & Sons 82. Ms Randev - Retd. Teacher 83. Mr HS Bajaj - Bajaj Travels 84. Mr Pawan Kumar Khaitan - MD Amrit Banaspati Co. Ltd. 85. Principal Mervin West - St. Xaviers' School 86. Ms Roopa Gupta - Housewife (Essen Dinkies) 87. Mr Kanwal Naina Singh - Store Incharge C.V.H.S. 88. Mr Ajay Mehra - (Jaguar) 89. Stepping Stone School 90. Mr VK Sharma - President & CEO M.Tec India Ltd. 91. Mr Manish Kapoor - Tanishq, Sector 17, Chandigarh 2004-2005 92. Ms Suneeta Chander - Canada 93. Dr Rohit Ahuja - Pulmonary and Critical Care (USA) 94. Karan Shah - Student 95. Mr Gagan Mangat - Business 96. Ms Reeta Bakshi - President 'Chetna' USA 97. Ms Surjit Sukhdev Singh - Businesswoman 98. Dr Ms Ved Chug - Doctor 99. Ms Charlotte Coenen - Law student in the Netherlands 100. Mr Bart Reefman - Director 101. Mr Suman Kant Munjal - Director Hero Honda 102. Mr Jasbir Singh Kapoor 103. Kamla Mehra Charitable Trust 104. Ms Reena Singh - Housewife 105. Mr Hans - Peter Lau - Teacher in Germany 106. Ms Harmeet Mander - Housewife 107. Mr VK Puri - Retired Chief Engineer 108. Ms Karuna Puri - Housewife

109. Ms Girija Kaul - Housewife - Delhi 110. Ms Sodhi - Businesswoman 111. Dr JP Singhvi - Neurologist, Sr. Consultant Fortis & Inscol 112. Mr Rahul Kapoor - Student, USA 113. Mishka & Mr Bikram Kapoor - (Sahayta supporters in USA) 114. Dr Anil Kaul - Surgeon Commander 115. Mr CS Bhojwani - Director, Avon Cranes, New Delhi 116. Mr BL Pandit - DFO Retd. J&K Govt. 117. Dr Patrick Hogan - Professor Connecticut USA 118. Ms Sukeshi Pandit - Engineer USA 119. Master Rishub Gupta (Essen Dinkies) 120. Ms Sarista Beotra - Housewife 121. Ms Santosh Mehra - Partner Jaquar Sanitary ware 122. Mr Vikhyat Mahajan 123. Taruni Boutique SCO 3, Sector 7, Chandigarh 124. Mr Carel and Ms Tini Thijssen - The Netherlands 125. Family Thijssen - The Netherlands 126. Mr Balbir Mohan Mahajan 127. Mr Pardeep Nanda - Vice President PTL 128. Ms Jagdish Kaur Sekhon – Housewife 129. Mrs Poonam Wadhwa – MPO, LIC, Uni I, Chandigarh 130. Mrs Neeru Khosla - Sahayta Supporter & Businesswoman 2005-2006 131. Dr Priyanka Ahuja - Paeditrician USA 132. Mr SM Kapur Gen. Manager (Retd.) State Bank of India 133. Mr Amanjot Singh Khaira (Boston USA) 134. Sr Pritam Singh Palll 135. Ms Ranjana Tulsi - Sahayta Volunteer and Cancer Survivor 136. Mr Sunjay Natrajan (Portland USA) 137. Mr Manpreet Khaira (Portland USA) 138. Master Vihaan Mangat 139. Ms Prem Sur - Housewife 140. Ms Mamta Jain - Business 141. Mr Rajan Jain - Business 142. Ms Rama Trehan - Housewife 143. Mr Amit Verma - NRI 144. Mrs S Kang - Wife of ex-governor of Karnataka 145. Mrs Payal Goyal - Business 146. Brig CS Bewli 147. Sr Harbinder Singh (owner-Gujaral Selection-Raymond's shop Sec.17) 148. Mr AK Sharma - MD Saga detergent Company 149. Ms Ridhi Gupta (Essen Dinkies) 150. Ajeet Karam Singh International Public School Sector 41 (AKIPS) 151. Mr Rahul Kaul, consultant (Cape Gemini US) 152. Mrs Ajit Sanghera - Housewife 153. Ms Feruza Mancharjee 154. Ms Seerat 155. Mrs Katharina 156. Mr SK Sidhu 157. Ms Mona Aggarwal 158. Ms Alka Goyal 159. Ms Sunita (Elite Education) 160. Ms Madhurima Puri - Housewife 161. Mr Jagdeep Singh Gujral 162. Ms Payal Tuli - ACA Dupont 163. Mr Jagdeep Singh Gujral - Business 164. Mrs Kanwal Gujral (Sydney) 165. Mrs Nishi Mehra - Jaquar Sanitary Ware 166. Mr Manmohan Singh Chadha - Industrialist 42

223. Dr SV Koser, PU Chandigarh 224. Mr SS Mongia - Chief Er. Retd. 225. Mrs Kulwant Kaur - Sahayta Volunteer 226. Mrs Tapsi Mittal 227. Mr A K Sood 228. Ms Anmol - Business 229. Mr Kapil Khanna - CA 230. Mr Vikram Aggarwal - Business 231. Mr G S Sodhi 232. Mr N S Arora 233. Satyapal Dharampal Narang Trust, New Delhi 234. Mrs Chamandeep Singh 235. Mr Manish Chopra (USA) 236. Ms Madhu & Mr Kirti Nathani 237. Dr Manju Nath Dinkar 238. Mrs Nimmi Sahdev 239. Mr RK Jindia 240. Mr Gaurav Kashyap - Gurgaon 241. Dr Mrs Ved Chugh 242. Mr RK Sharma 243. Mrs Mohana GB Singh 244. Ms Parneet Kaur 245. Dr Mangla Dogra - Gynaecologist 246. Mrs Nimrat Gujral - Administrator Inscol Hospital 247. Mr Ajay Mehra - Jaquar Sanitary Ware 248. Ms Malti Mehra - Jaquar Sanitary Ware 249. Mr Jasjit Singh - Advocate Income Tax

2006-2007 167. Dr Amrita Rana, Radiologist, Amritsar 168. Mrs Inderjeet Kahlon, Homemaker 169. Mr Atul Grover 170. Mrs Sheela Amrik Singh 171. Justice Kuldip Singh 172. Mr Surjit Gujral, Sydney 173. Mrs Basant Lamba 174. Mrs Deepanjali Dhar, USA 175. Rasmit Saini, California, USA 176. Rajneesh Gupta, USA 177. Mrs Jaswinder Kaur 178. Mr C L Sharma 179. Mrs Indira Kaushik, Bombay 180. Mrs Neera Gupta 181. Mrs Harpreet Bawa 182. Dr (Mrs) Satwant Gill 183. Mr Nitin Gupta 184. Lt. Manjot Kaur 185. Dr Sharda Jain, Internal Medicine, USA 186. Mr Girish Luthra, Amazon Land Developers, Ottawa 187. Mr Cuckoo Kochar, CEO Phoenix Group of Companies, Ottawa 188. Mrs Neelam Gupta 189. Mr Rajiv Goel, Business (Dharam Chand Aggarwal, Sector 18) 190. Mr Sanjay Shah, Anchor Health and Beauty Care, Mumbai 191. Bharti Airtel Ltd. 192. HSBC Bank Ltd, Sec-9, Chandigarh 193. Mr Rasan Deep Singh Gujral, Sydney 194. Mrs Upjit Dullat 195. Mrs Namita Gautam, Business 196. Mr Shailender Aggarwal, Business 197. Rashmi Dhariwal, Advocate 198. Inaya Mehta, Baby 199. Namita Singh, Architect 200. Mr R K Sharma 201. Mr Puneet Suri, Gurgaon 201. Jivtesh Singh 202. Dr Vandana Kumar, USA 203. Ms Puneet Singh Gupta 204. Ms Deepa Mehra - Partner Jaquor Sanitary Ware 205. Ms Archna Gupta - Essan Dinkies 206. Mr Parvinderjit Singh - Branch Manager, Citi Bank, Sec-9, Chandigarh 207. Mrs Nirupma Nahal (Housewife) 208. Mrs Mukta Khaira 209. Major General & Mrs Joginder Singh

2008-2009 250. Mr Ajay Tuli 251. Ms Inderjeet (Gudda) Virk (Housewife) 252. Ms Swatantar Kapoor (Advocate) 253. Mrs Sudha Kumar (USA) 254. Mr Sudhir Mittal (Advocate) 255. Aaradhana Mittal Counsellor, Special Education 256. Ms Kiran Rai 257. Mr Manjeet Gujral (Sydney) 258. Ms Raman Goyal 259. Mr Maninder Sethi 260. Mr Daljit S Gujral, Inscol 261. Mrs Amar Kaur (NRI) UK 262. Ms Amrik Singh Heer (NRI) UK 263. Mr Tarlok Singh Mandair (NRI) UK 264. Mrs Kamal 265. Prof VK Garg, DAV College 266. Mr Uday Gupta, Ashiana 267. Mr Pranav Gupta, M.D. Parabolic Drugs Ltd. 268. Mr Rajiv Bali, M.D., Mount Shivalik Breweries Ltd. 269. Mr Amit Modi, M.D., Chandigarh Distillers & Brothers Ltd. 270. Mr Prakash Mimanl Ply Samrat Chandigarh 271. Dr Behgal Indus Cancer 1nstutute Mohali 272. Dr Sarla Malhotra 273. Mr Balbir Singh Mangat 274. Mr Rohit Jain, Nikkamal Baburam Jewellers 275. Mrs Shanta Shah, Anchor Electricals 276 Dr Anurag Sharma-Alchemist Hospital 277. NGO Upkar Nawan Shehar 278. Mrs Saroj Dandona, Rex Sewing Machines, Ludhiana 279. Mr Dinesh Dandona, Rex Sewing Machines 280. Mr Rajeev Chander (Canada)

2007-2008 210. Mrs Rajani & Er. SS Gakhar Dir./Technical Haryana Bijli Nigam(Retd.) 211. Dr Satish Chander - Canada 212. Mrs Prem Chander - Canada 213. Mr Om Prakesh - Rex Sewing Machines Ludhiana 214. Baby Aditi Ahuja, Boston, USA 215. Mr Damji Shah Anchorwala - Chairman Anchor Electricals, Mumbai 216. Ms Devanshi Shah - Student 217. Mrs Mohini Singh - Hot Millions Chain of Restaurants, Chandigarh 218. Mrs Daman Mangat - Cancer Survivor & Sahayta Volunteer 219. Mrs Harinder - Housewife 220. Ms Promilla Chand 221. Mr Anupinder Singh Grewal - Advocate 222. S Gurpreet Singh 43

281. Mr Vivian Chander (Canada) 282. Mrs Ranbir Kaur Kang 283. Mrs Harkamal Jeet Kaur Bachra 284. Mrs Kamal Sekhon 285. Dr Sudhir Sekhon, Oncologist, USA 286. Mrs Prerna Jain 287. Mr Jaisurya 288. Mrs Jeet Gandhi 289. Ms Pammi Sarkaria 290. Ms Madhu Nagpal 2009-10 291. Mr A.S. Narula 292. Mr AS Duggal 293. Dr Amita Trehan 294. Ms Anjali Chander - Canada 295. Anu Aggarwal 296. Mr Arvind Tuli 297. Mrs Asha Kahlon 298. Mr Daniel Chopra 299. Mr D.N. Pandit, CGM, SBI (Retd.) 300. Devin Markanda - Student 301. Hardavin Vohra - Social Worker 302. Harleen 303. Smt Jaswant Kaur-House wife/social worker 304. Mr Jasjit Singh-Income tax Lawyer 305. Mrs J.P. Singh 306. Mrs Kanwal Panwar 307. Col. Kawaljit Singh 308. Mr Kashmir Singh Mangat. 309. Mrs Kanwal Thakur Singh Pannu 310. Leela Ramnik Shah 311. Dr. Manjushree Sharma, Fmr. G.M. operations Alchemist Hospital, PKL 312. Dr Mangat Dogra 313. Mrs Melody Chander- Canada 314. Mrs Nimma Dandona 315. Ms Nitasha Ahuja 316. Ms Paramjit Kaur 317. Ms Paridhi Mittal 318. Dr Parampreet Pannu 319. Dr R.K. Marwaha 320. Ms Reeta Garg 321. Ms Samaira Goyal 322. Satnam Loomba 323. Mr Sanjay Bhasin 324. Ms Shashi Kapoor 325. Ms Sheena Tuli 326. Ms Sudesh Gupta 327. Mrs Surjit Kaur 328. Ms Sushma Grover 329. Ms Uma Khosla 330. Mr Vijay Passi

2010-2011 Justice Hemant Gupta Dr. Awadesh Pandey Mr. Amitabh Mohan Mrs. Darshan Goyal Mrs Jasdeep Kaur Mr. Mukul Dev Tayal Mr. Manvinder Singh Ms. Miraya Goyal Ms. Natasha Gill Pajarolla (Zurich, Switzerland) Ms. Neelam Canto Lugo Mr. PC Sharma Mr. Piara Singh (Retd. Govt. official) Ms. Ranjana Malik Mr. Raghav Bhopal Mrs. Usha Mehra Ms. Zoya Gill Roy- Student (Zurich)

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SAHAYTA TEAM NAME Mrs Renu Saigal, Mr. Ajay Tuli Ms Santosh Bhan Dr. Swatantar Kapoor C.A. Arvind Tuli Dr Virender Kappal Ms. Aaradhana Mittal Ms Sharda Ahuja Ms Indira Narula Ms Sheena Tuli Ms Raj Gupta Ms Indu Makkar Ms Mohini Loomba Dr Poornima Kappal Ms Dolly Soni


NAME Ms Ruma Soni Ms Priya Soni Ms Varinder Bhangu Ms Daman Mangat Ms Neena Singh Dr Nirmala Chaudhary Ms Ranjana Tulsi Ms Asha Pandit Ms Gurpreet Khaira Ms Kulwant Kaur Ms Mukta Khaira Mrs Sudesh Gupta Ms Madhu Nagpal Mrs Rajani Gakkar Mr Balbir Singh Mangat


NAME Mr. V.K. Puri Mrs. Neera Gupta Mrs. Ved Nanda Mrs. Veena Wig Ms. Manjit Singh Mrs Lalima Batta Mrs Uma Khosla Ms Inderpal Bains Ms. S. Inderjit Wirk(Gudda) Ms. Kanwal Panwar Ms Surjeet Sukhdev Singh Dr Jagdip Singh Vasdev Ms Gulshan Gawri Mrs. Pammi Sarkaria Ms Harinder


NAME Ms. Nimmi Sahdev Mrs Divya Jyot Kaur Ms Harmeet Kaur Ms Nitya Mohan Mrs Shobha Koser Maya Awasthi Mrs Shanti Sagal Ms Menka Khosla Mrs Riddhi Bhan Sr Dalip S Sawhney Ms Shivali Kumar

SAHAYTA PROFESSIONALS Advocate Ajay Kohli CA Sumeet Dhir


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