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Key Takeaways Single Page Web Applications [SPA] , Present and Future - Introduction - Why SPA, advantages - SPA- Multiplatform perspective - Future of SPA

Architectural considerations for developing SPA - Building blocks of SPA - Main Challenges in Web Application Development

Why choose AngularJS for SPA - Walkthrough of Key AngularJS features - Advantages of AngularJS in SPA development

Application Demo

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息2013 Harbinger Systems. All Rights Reserved

Details Click toWebinar edit Master title style Benefits of developing Single Page Web Applications using AngularJS Date: Wednesday, 13th November 2013 Time:11 am PST | 1 pm CST | 2 pm EST

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Š2013 Harbinger Systems. All Rights Reserved

Benefits of developing single page web applications using angular js  

How many times have you experienced the agonizing wait as you navigate through a web application? Looking expectantly at the screen, and wai...

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