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“A Day in the Life�

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

What: Over the course of your 12 week internship, create a 2-5 minute video featuring you in the “Day in the Life of My Motorola Mobility Internship�. The video should be fun, creative and focused on your experience as a Motorolan.

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

Who: The intern and his/her extended team. * Anyone featured in the video must sign the release form prior to video appearance.

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

Where: Footage will be in your work environment and wherever you see fit to document your experience. We want to portray your intern experience both in a professional aspect as well as a social. Keep in mind that viewers from the east coast may not know what a west coast environment is like and vice versa. Film footage of your intern social outings and networking events. We want to experience your internship through your eyes by using the eye of the camera lens.


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2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

How: Record and edit footage that depicts a typical (or not so typical) day of your internship. After you have the unedited footage, upload to the Window Movie Maker and edit your video. If you don’t have access to a decent video camera, contact us about the possibility of borrowing one of our flip cams. Reach out to Amber Kostik for more details:

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

Video Essentials: Every video needs: 2. A purpose and outcome - why

3. The ability to grab viewers

should I be watching this video?

attention within the first 5 seconds

1. An Intro - who are you? who am i?..

4. Content Deliver the content 5. A Call-to-Action - tell people what to do next and why

you promised

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

Length: Max 1:30

Timeline: We will finish accepting entries early August to be fair to those interns starting in June/July. Top video winners will be announced by the end of August and prizes distributed. *The winner’s video will be featured on MMI’s company website!


2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

Creativity: Please get as creative as you wish with this project! This is something you can take back to school and show-off to your professors and classmates. Although we want you to have fun with this contest, please be mindful of the larger audience; you can be as humorous as you want, but with appropriate taste. *Please only use music that’s instrumental and non copy written.

2012 Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest

Usage: Note that Motorola may choose to use the videos and/or edited versions on MMI’s careers website, Facebook page or other social media/online locations.

Contacts: Amber Kostik, University Relations Account Manager Shelley Karpaty, University Relations Manager

Motorola Mobility Intern Video Contest  

A guide for a intern video contest

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