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Hang Ten Plugs into the Consumer Electronic World with New Licensee Trexta July 09, 2013 by GRINDTV (Los Angeles, CA – July 8, 2013) Iconic California lifestyle brand Hang Ten announces plans to expand their footprint through a licensee partnership with Trexta Inc that will add mobile accessories to their diverse line up. The announcement comes shortly after the brand released plans to refocus efforts on US soil, after leaving its mark on major markets including Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and more. The new partnership will continue to build on Hang Ten’s strong heritage and further share the essence of the laid back California vibe worldwide. Applying Hang Ten’s surfer cool aesthetic, Trexta, a manufacturer of wireless and mobile accessories, will be releasing a collection of electronic covers that feature leather, fabric, wood, and plastic components incorporating the iconic “two feet” logo and other signature surf designs. Starting June 2013, Hang Ten will be bringing the beach to your hands, fitting all of your iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPads, and mobile devices’ needs. Trexta will also offer a luxury collection for the premium Hang Ten Gold line with elevated tooling and use of premium materials to complement the apparel line currently available in department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. “Everyone who hears the Hang Ten name shows their response with a nice smile. Hang Ten is an authentic, trusted, relaxed, cool brand and coming back strong. Thus, it is very interesting and exciting to be a part of this refreshment. Since mobile electronics are a part of everyone’s life, having these Hang Ten branded accessories at their fingertips will evoke the California dream that we all desire,” says Attila Kutbay, President of Trexta Inc. Combining Hang Ten’s relaxed aesthetic with the high quality craftsmanship of Trexta accessories, this collection will deliver a new level of cool to the consumer electronics world. With the melding of these concepts, Hang Ten and Trexta seek to bring joy and solace back into the hustle and bustle of their consumers’ lives this summer. About Hang Ten Hang Ten is an authentic, California lifestyle brand that radiates a fun and free-spirited coastal attitude. Founded in 1960, by surf legend Duke Boyd, Hang Ten set the standard for Southern California surf style when he first sewed a pair of little feet on a pair of nylon trunks tough enough to withstand even the roughest Pacific waves. Hang Ten went on to become a pioneering force in action sports, defining the style of a generation. By embodying “a coastal state of mind”, Hang Ten has been winning over the hearts and minds of consumers for more than 50 years. Today, the brand is spreading its strong heritage and colorful history by licensing its iconic logo and designs for premium apparel, bicycles, paddle boards, skateboards, surfboards, sun care, children’s fashion and much more. Hang Ten is located in Los Angeles, CA and is sold in stores worldwide. For more information visit January News Brief Unique Monthly Impressions – 13,403 Date: 3/26/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 25,000

Earnshaw’s February Issue Circulation – 16,000 Date: 3/27/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 1,068,008 March 2013 Unique Monthly Impressions – 14,000 Date: 3/26/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 161,134 Date – 3/19/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 145,510 Date – 3/26/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 145,510 Date – 3/14/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 52,750 Date: 3/27/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 50,912 Date: 3/22/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 13,613 Date: 3/29/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 13,613 Date: 3/26/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 12,245 Date- 3/26/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 10,702 Date: 4/30/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 16,703,200 Date: 4/4/13 Homepage Impressions – 2,077,460 Unique Monthly Impressions – 115,245

Nylon Guys Date: June/July Color Ad Rate: $10,819 Circulation: 100,000 Date: 4/18/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 145,510

CA Apparel News Date: 5/17/13 Color Ad Rate: $6,320 Circulation: 11,981 Date: 4/5/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 63,154 Date: 5/17/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 39,236 Date: 4/30/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 45,082

Apparel Insiders Vol. II Issue 7 Circulation – 25,000 Date: 4/24/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 21,345 Twitter Followers – 1,699

Earnshaw’s June Issue Circulation – 16,000 Date: 4/4/13 Unique Monthly Impressions – 8,567 June Issue Unique Monthly Visitors: 32,917 Date: 7/10/2013 Unique Monthly Impressions – 639,000

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