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My target audience is public school teachers. As a teacher myself, I felt I could really imagine what teachers would want to read about, and what propaganda might best work on them.

My magazine is intended to be read by school teachers, particularly younger ones. I want teachers to find my magazine so useful that they would subscribe to it every month. I also want them to spend their money with my advertisers so they will continue to advertise with me.

I used the following types of propaganda: 

Angel Shoes– Bandwagon & Testimonial


Professional University– Transfer, Glittering Generalities & Testimonial


Standards of Indoctrination- Fear & Name-Calling


The Piña Colada Club– Transfer

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 Default.aspx#.UoKBfo1-j0U






 how_we_are_losing_our_freedom_of_thought_and_speech

Ms. Hand's Sample Propaganda Magazine  
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