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Grades K–5

• Patented Home Row instruction approach • Privacy and data protection guaranteed • Proven to increase online test-taking capacity and scores

Welcome to Keyboarding Without Tears! In today’s technology-rich society, keyboarding is an essential 21st Century skill all students need to master to be successful in school and beyond. We know the reasons why our students must become proficient at keyboarding: • Many schools and districts now utilize a range of computer-based assessment technologies and research has proven students who lack keyboarding proficiency are scoring well under their cognitive ability • Classrooms are becoming technologically inclusive and are integrating online curricula, resulting in a significant amount of class and assignment work being completed on a computer • Providing effective keyboarding instruction prepares your students for success in an ever-evolving economy where many jobs include using computers, coding, and confidently communicating We know educators struggle with how to teach keyboarding effectively. We can help. Keyboarding Without Tears is a unique, research-proven program that employs a patented approach to help all students in grades K–5 build essential foundation and keyboarding skills. Our targeted, game-based curriculum fits perfectly into the developmental progression of writing and builds computer readiness, digital citizenship, and digital literacy skills. We actively collaborate with educators to ensure our program is readily and easily implemented in all classrooms—all you need is 5–10 minutes a day. We support teachers with extensive professional resources from webinars to teacher’s guides and a customer success team that is available to answer pedagogical questions and provide technical support. We invite you to explore Keyboarding Without Tears, a truly innovative, effective, and fun way to ensure student success. Sincerely, Terry Nealon CEO, Learning Without Tears

Children today are exposed to technology nearly from birth. While they may intuitively be able to tap and swipe a tablet, keyboarding skills must be explicitly taught.

Keyboarding Without Tears

Results-Driven Improvement in Typing Technique, Speed, and Accuracy. What sets Keyboarding Without Tears apart? • Grade-level specific curriculum • Pre-keyboarding activities • Simple teaching methodology • Cross-curricular content • Digital citizenship lessons Builds Computer-Based Testing Skills Keyboarding Without Tears builds essential computerbased testing skills by developing keyboarding fluency. The education landscape is changing and 90% of states now facilitate their assessments online. It’s crucial for students to possess the keyboarding skills they need to succeed!

Our Philosophy We believe teaching and learning should be simple, effective, and FUN! With our easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn curriculum and your guidance, children develop gradeappropriate technology skills. Keyboarding Without Tears is the only curriculum that offers a license for each grade, K−5. Our program provides lessons that build foundation skills, typing skills, and muscle memory. We use rich and varied activities to teach keyboarding skills along with: • Capitalization and punctuation practice • Word and sentence practice • Common keyboarding and computer functions

Digital Citizenship We integrate digital citizenship lessons into our typing program to prepare keyboarders to use the computer and internet safely and responsibly. The lessons build collaborative communication and address key socialemotional skills. • Lessons: These lessons are flexible, build collaborative communications, and address key social-emotional skills. • Assessments: Educators ensure students understand what it means to be safe and responsible online, while incorporating key skills needed for computer-based testing.

• Lessons that include multisensory elements and can be easily connected to other subjects • Additional lessons that take keyboarding practice to the next level and reinforce note-taking skills, independent writing, dictation, and more Data Compliance We know data compliance is a huge concern for schools and districts. But, did you know that most of the free keyboarding programs are NOT compliant? That puts the student, teacher, and parent’s data at risk. Never fear! Keyboarding Without Tears proven, patented approach advances the science of teaching keyboarding while safeguarding your student’s data.

Our Approach Keyboarding Without Tears teaches keyboarding with a patented, row-based approach. Traditional typing and keyboarding programs use a column-based approach. Our unique teaching order and color-coded rows help children easily locate letters. These rows are further broken down into six units: three for the left hand and three for the right. This enables educators to build unit by unit, rather than teaching the entire keyboard all at once. It’s as simple as... Educator: “Do you see the green row on the keyboard?” Student: “Yes, it’s in the middle.” Educator: “That’s called the Home Row. To start typing, you place your fingers on the Home Row. Not sure if you’re in the right spot? Look down, the letters G and H should be in between your hands and stand for Go Home.”

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Keyboarding Without Tears | Grades K–2 Kindergarten through second grade students use a hands-on approach for learning the keys on a keyboard.

Our multisensory Build a Keyboard activity board uses colorful letter tiles that represent the keys on a keyboard and encourage children to place letters in the correct spots on the enlarged, 11" x 17" magnetic keyboard. The letter tiles are colored according to the row they belong to on the keyboard. This tactile activity board suits kindergarten through second grade learners who may not yet know their letters or where the letters are on the keyboard. Build a Keyboard emphasizes color matching, letter identification, and understanding the layout of the keyboard.

Kindergarten – Introduce the Keyboard & Mouse

Mat ManÂŽ Match gets children ready for keyboarding with activities that develop fine motor skills, introduce keyboard and mouse functions, and support reading and handwriting skills.

Puzzle Pieces is a foundation skill activity that helps with letter recognition and differentiation between capitals and lowercase letters. Plus, it provides audio feedback while teaching dragging and dropping skills and building muscle memory.

Grade 1 – Develop Finger Dexterity & Finger-Key Association Painted Finger Clue uses row-based practice to teach unilateral hand skills and the association of specific fingers with specific keys.

In Bouncing Vowels, students hold down one key with one hand as they type with the other. When they successfully type the vowel or vowel combination on the screen, it drops down and bounces into the proper side to complete a word.

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Grade 2 – Practice Letter Combinations & Build Muscle Memory In Rhyme Flip, students are presented with several words that rhyme. When they finish typing the word, an image associated with the word they typed is revealed.

In Pick Me! the student is given the beginning of a sentence and a choice of three objects. The student chooses an object, learns the name of the object, and then types it.

In Math Sentences, students are shown a grade-level appropriate math equation. Beneath the equation, students are prompted to type sentences that illustrate the math equation by using numbers and words instead of symbols. This is a great activity for building student’s math content vocabulary and provides number and punctuation key practice.

Keyboarding Without Tears | Grades 3–5 In grades 3–5, lessons develop keyboarding fluency and the skills students need for sentence and paragraph typing.

Students become familiar with skills essential to computer-based assessments including scrolling and selecting from drop-down menus. Activities are aligned with grade level reading ranges and the lessons are scaffolded to support a developmental progression for all learners. Third grade starts with review and mastery of second grade work and quickly moves into introducing number and function keys, formatting, and writing paragraphs.

Grade 3 – Sharpen Keyboarding Accuracy & Fluency In On the Stage, students type biographical and fun facts about musicians using capitals, punctuation, and action keys. When they successfully complete the activity, each musician plays a snippet of their music.

In Scrolled Secrets, students are presented with a reading comprehension scenario where they must scroll through a body of text and then answer questions based on their understanding. All of the answers, or secrets, can be found in the body of text. LWTears.com | 888.952.4968

Grade 4 – Build Muscle Memory, Accuracy & Speed In Fancy Formatting, students are taught how to use common text formatting tools. They are presented with a fun and interesting subject, prompted to type a paragraph on that subject, and then requested to format some part of the paragraph using bold, italics, or underline functions.

In Type to See, students are presented with multiple sentences about a fun, interesting subject. As they complete the sentences, an image of that subject is revealed.

Grade 5 – Reinforce Formatting & Keyboarding Skills In Write About It, students are presented with a particular theme or subject and required to type paragraphs that expand on that theme or subject. The themes and subjects range from Egyptian ships to famous people in history.

In Line by Line, students are presented with fun facts and information about a variety of subjects that they must type line by line.

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Teaching Resources & Support Easy and Effective Classroom Management Resources and Tools for Teachers The Keyboarding Without Tears digital dashboard enables administrators and educators to: • Manage class settings • Access video support for setup • Review teacher’s guide(s) and lesson previews • Obtain student reports and monitor progress • Enable features to customize the class or student experience

“My students love this program and ask to use it every day! I like the fact that as an educator, I can schedule assessments, it has a digital citizenship component, and it is easy to use.” - Lee Martin, Teacher Grade 3

Grade-Level Educator Resources Featuring: • Lesson previews • Teacher’s guides with digital citizenship and computer readiness lessons

Manage Progress Easily and Effectively: • Evaluate students’ typing speed and accuracy progress with embedded assessments (Spot Checks) • Review students’ progress with the 36-week theme-based, crosscurricular activities

Set Up Students and Manage Classrooms: • Easily integrate rosters to multiple SSO solutions • Adjust classroom and/or individual student settings according to your needs

Keyboarding Without Tears works with Clever, Google Single Sign-On (SSO), ClassLink OneClick/OneRoster, PCs/Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets.

To view a complete list of system requirements, visit LWTears.com/techrequirements.

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...proven effective! Grades K–2 Keyboarding Technique Improvement Students NOT using KWT

Students using KWT

Students NOT using KWT


Grade K



Grade 2 20




8 12 11

Grade 5

84% 0


Grade 4


Students using KWT


Grade 3


Grade 1

Grade 3–5 Words Per Minute Scores after a Year


16 0





In a research study, 70% of students in grades K–2 saw improvement on their technique! Good technique is the basis for keyboarding proficiency. In the same study, students using Keyboarding Without Tears had a 43% higher average words per minute score than students not using Keyboarding Without Tears.

“This developmentally based curriculum helps foster computer competency through activities based on motor development patterns which are fun and meaningful for the student. Keyboarding Without Tears offers a grade-based 36-week curriculum designed for instruction in 5–10 minutes a day or 30 minutes a week, targeted for grades kindergarten through fifth. The approach to instructing letter location and finger movements is consistent through every age. This developmental approach is unique to Keyboarding Without Tears which enables students to progress as they acquire grade-appropriate keyboarding skills.”











(Denise K. Donica, Peter Giroux & Amber Faust (2018): Keyboarding instruction: Comparison of techniques for improved keyboarding skills in elementary students, Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention)


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Profile for Learning Without Tears

Keyboarding Without Tears | K-5  

Keyboarding Without Tears is a unique, research-proven program that employs a patented approach to help all students in grades K–5 build ess...

Keyboarding Without Tears | K-5  

Keyboarding Without Tears is a unique, research-proven program that employs a patented approach to help all students in grades K–5 build ess...