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CASE STUDY Mayfield Public Library and Community Centre, Mayfield, Cork, Ireland July 7th - 10th 2009 Themes: • Participation • Open-mindedness • Self expression • The right to education for all • Friendship • Peace • Community




GlobalFest 2009 is a project coordinated by Mayfield Community Arts Centre that brings together young artists from Ireland, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Sweden and Hungary. The young people participated in a variety of workshops during a period of 2 weeks: music, dance, theatre, pyrography, muralism, recycle art and costumes. Some of the work accomplished in these workshops led to public performances during GlobalFest on Saturday 18th July 2009. This was the case for the African music and dance, the Colombian music and dance as well as the theatre performances, which all formed part of the comparsa (parade). The costumes made were worn by the dancers and actors and the recycle art workshop created a 3D interactive boardgame which was played during GlobalFest. There was a launch on Wednesday 15th July at Mayfield Library for the mural (painted on two walls at Mayfield Library) and the pyrography work. The latter was exhibited that evening at the library. All of the workshops were facilitated by the following associations: Mayfield Community Arts Centre (Ireland), Mural Moral Group (Hungary), Kultur & Fritid (Sweden), Funarte (Nicaragua), La Cambalacha (Guatemala), Centro Colombo Americano and Corporación Renovación Cultural (Colombia).

Facilitators: Jafet Escalante (Nicaragua) & Krisztina Katona (Hungary) Volunteers: Laura Wade, Grainne Ryan, Orla Borreye, Vanessa Maumelat & Rebecca Roche (Ireland) Participants: Izabel Muy Mendoza (Guatemala) Nathalie Evrung-Sjöström (Sweden) Abner De Jesus Ujpan Matzar (Guatemala) Tunde Mikulka (Hungary) Elyin Solis Torres (Nicaragua) Steven O'Reilly (OGRA) (Ireland) Emma Hollenbach (OGRA) Leah Curtin (OGRA) (Ireland) Nicole Keane (OGRA) (Ireland) Sarah Scanlon (MCAC Group) (Ireland) Aisling Russell (MCAC Group) (Ireland) Amanda Crowley (MCAC Group) (Ireland) Rob McCormick (MCAC Group) (Ireland) Noely Keane (MCAC Group) (Ireland)

HOW DID WE DO IT? Day 1 Sketching the Mural onto the Wall First, a scale drawing of all the walls was made, the scale 10:1 was used (so if the wall was 2m x 4m, then the drawing of the wall would


be 20cm x 40cm) then a grid was drawn onto the plans of the walls, with the lines all being 3cm apart. A theme was decided on and Jafet started designing the images for the mural on the scaled down plans. Next step was coming up with a colour design. Once all the design plans were on paper, this had to be transferred onto the wall. The participants used chalk string in order to draw lines on the walls 30cm apart from each other. A pale neutral colour was used for transferring the image.

Day 2 Colouring the Mural

The first step for day 2 was to water down the paint as only a wash needed to go onto the walls, then as each day goes by less water is added to the paint. Only the primary colours red, blue and yellow were used and any other colour was created from mixing. The first coat of paint was applied.

Day 3 Shades and Details On day 3 the second coat of paint was applied as the paint is built up in layers; just a small amount of water was added this time. The group also started working on shades and tones and began the detail work such as facial features for the characters.

Day 4 Final Touches After the painting process was completely finished a layer of yacht varnish was applied to protect the mural. A launch for the mural was held on 15th July 2009 at Mayfield Library.


“Working in an international group gives more depth to the experience and new ways of thinking.” Oskar




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GlobalFest 2009 was funded and supported by the European Youth in Action Programme and the Development Education Unit of Irish Aid.

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background • Participation • Open-mindedness • Self expression • The right to education for all • Friendship • Peace • Community Mayfield Pub...