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hand made hope

about us Handmade Hope is a social startup which empowers economically underprivileged to get employment for creating environment friendly products.

our vision Handmade Hope s vision is to create a work space where the individuals work with contentment not greed. ’


The vision is to create livelihoods by applying the Bhutanese principles of happiness in business.

our mission Handmade Hope s mission is to fulfill the 3E s Employment, Engagement Environment '




To execute the mission, we provide a commercial platform to the underprivileged and the specially abled. -

We implement our strategy to build a better environment by providing sustainable employment opportunities to economically backward groups through a cascading model of transferring skills from an entrepreneur to other individuals of the community in an organic loop of transmission.

how we work skill development We conduct training sessions for individuals on how to make paper bags and also provide them with a starter kit to start a small scale production.


We help create self organizing eco systems for individuals to grow and flourish in the production of handmade paper bags. We take them into our umbrella for production and they are also free to do production and sell the paper bags directly.


We connect with different NGOs and startups committed to bring about a revolutionary difference, which are working in the direction of employment and creating environment friendly products.

give a man a fish you have fed him for today. ;

teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime. ;



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Online store of paper bags and eco friendly gifts


Online store of paper bags and eco friendly gifts