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Camara Meri Rajabari Administrator and Founder of The Handmade Collective

Queen of Art Heals Us

Life is a everlasting thing. I am not just flesh, I am not just human, I am a spiritual being, a womb, a soul, a heart, a princess, a empress, a queen, a goddess. I feel this deep in my soul and even the joyful things in life even the laughing fall out silly moments are so deep and profound for I. You see it is because this is life and life is such beauty. You can feel it the energy through every vain, you can feel the separation of the life force within you apart from your physical. sigh....

HarvestGirl Love Administrator Of The Handmade Collective Queen of HarvestGirl Experience

Every single person has God inside them. Actually, every single person IS God, but I’m not going to go there right now lol. That means all the Divine Specialness in the world is inside every one of us And it shines out just like some kind of prism. That’s the joy of it, That it manifests just a little bit differently in every one of us. So if you know like I know, You’ll never not appreciate the Divine Shine from the next person. May not exactly be your cup of tea, But it’s Divine all the same.

Patricia Heath (Ta Ankh ) Administrator of The Handmade Collective Queen of Created by Ta Ankh of Ioni’s Creations

I am a multifaceted maven with jewelry artisan/designer on the marquee. I am self taught and have attended a few professional workshops along the way. I love working with metals, especially healing copper, as well as recycled materials; which I use whenever possible since I am a loyal supporter of Mother nature and do whatever I can to help save the planet. I also participate in bead bonding with Mushana Beads. Prior to becoming a jewelry artisan/ designer I worked professionally as a microbiologist at the Faculty of Medicine in my homeland of Mozambique. Dabanga through Dabanga Jewelry supports many fundraising efforts, especially those linked to Autism and female empowerment. My work is an eclectic fusion of world cultures that goes back in time to connect the past to the present, transforming metal, pearls, turquoise, coral and recycled material into jewelry designs so raw and real you can feel their earthy vibrations. The metals are patinated to give an ancient look, the color and pattern variations are characteristics of this process, the complimentary embellishments are especially chosen to complete this look. I design for those of you that like unique & colorful jewelry pieces and have your own distinctive style‌ are you one of those people? If so you’ve come to the right place and I’m happy to make the connection.

Dabanga Dos Santos Queen and Designer of DabangaJewelry

I came to the truth and realization long ago that one can only move forward by embracing their history. One of the ways I accomplish this is through my design work. It all began in my late teens while on a path of self discovery and my African roots. I was instantly intrigued by the vibrant colours and thoughtprovoking aesthetics African prints and textiles provided and began to incorporate them in my personal fashion. In 2005 I learned how to crochet a hat and a talent was discovered! Self-taught and driven the clothing line grew: Dresses, skirts, tops, jewelry and more! Nothing is beyond reach when a woman is fueled by creative desire. Fusing my love of fashion, culture, African textiles and a passion for crocheting InI Vibez was born! These garments which are crafted by hand celebrate Ones body and spirit. Born of beauty, passion and a strength to take on the future.

Aisha Joseph Queen and Designer of InI Vibez Styles www.

For I, aside from becoming a Mother, the trod as a Rastafari Wombman really blossomed as I became a selfemployed business woman- and my contribution to the household relied on my diligent nurturing and use of dormant creative talents. As I learned to create the things that could represent my beliefs and culture through clothing, home decor, art and writing, ILA "i love afrika" Designs was born. ila designs are mainly clay, bamboo, hemp, leather, wood, fabric and crocheted works done to dress the Afrikan and Rastafari Conscious Wombman (and sometimes Man), and any others who feel the need to have a burst of colour and positive energy in their lives. With a combination of Afroprintz and crochet I created a unique style of handbags and klutches called "AfroCrochet." ila designs are created as one -of-a-kind pieces, but duplicates are made upon request and product availability, and custom orders are always welcome. I am sometimes fortunate enough to find and incorporate recycled and reused fabrics, beads and other materials in my pieces. ila believes in our individual natural "Green Glamour." The old is mixed with the new in these one of a kind pieces.... look out for my introductions to my products, which are available on! Give thanks to JAH for all that I am able to achieve!

Ila Addis Queen of Ila Designs

We often get caught up in why certain things don’t go according to plan forgetting it’s all in Jah hands.

We are reminded by events in our lives that will reveal itself if one is paying close attention.

I enter this new day full joy and give thanks for lessons learned from yesterday. Not emotional about the things that comes to an end rather rejoice for it prepares me for a new beginning.

I give thanks for the brief interactions with

individuals who’s job was to show InI something new or deliver a message. For the small bumps over the head that reminds us everything we want is really not what we need.

I’m grateful for crossing paths with a soul that left a positive impact in so many ways but was almost blinded by grey clouds of mis-under and overstanding.

Its those moments that makes you say “Ahhhhh, Now I overs (understand) now’.

Jahzara Queen of Jahzara Design Studio Web, Graphic and Fashion Design

Tab A Tap~ It´s taken from the jamaican/patois saying "tap-a-tap" or "top of the tops" as one would say in "proper" english! I just exchanged the "tap" for a "tab" taken from the first three letters of my first name Tab... Tabatap designs are influenced by Rastafarian culture & principles, along with African-Caribbean, especially Jamaican style. Music with a touch of street has lead to the evolving of a fresh new vibe & style. These outfits are sure to be an eye catcher at any occasion and will make the wearer look and feel good. Words such as, royal, cute, revolutionary and attractive are but few that capture the vibration of Tabatap designs. Modest but playfully sexy can also be brought into the descriptive word selection for this line of clothing. The aim is to represent African culture trough unique clothing. These designs are a mixture of different colours, prints and styles. You will find hand printed shirts, dresses, militant camouflage gear as well as custom made single pieces. The designer loves to work with African wax prints, different cottons and stretch materials. Tabatap also features designs with a silk screen print of Empress Menen, as it is important for the designer herself as a Rasta woman, to pay tribute to Queen Omega the wife of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Tab A Tap Queen of Tabatap Fashion Hamburg, Germany

Jahfya, a self taught designer, mother of one daughter, originally from the island Trinidad & Tobago, has been designing and sewing for over 20 years. From a tender age she made stylish clothes for her dolls, her mom would sew all her clothing. By age 15, Jahfya decided her mom’s sewing was not stylish enough for her anymore, so she started designing and sewing her own clothes. Her designs were always unique and she stood out wherever she went, so she was constantly approached by others, and questioned about her outfits. As her passion grew, she asked her parents to send her to the USA to study Fashion Designing when she finished high school, they agreed. After graduating high school, Jahfya enrolled in a designing school in Florida, however when the time came to pay the fees, her parents decided they could not afford it. Saddened by this, Jahfya decided to herself that no matter what, one day she would fulfill her dreams . She worked with different designers in her country and held different positions as pattern maker, seamstress, supervisor etc. teaching herself as she went along. Eventually she built her own small private clientele . There were times clients would order certain designs and Jahfya had no clue how to go about designing them, but she never turned clients away, she would take apart clothing, studied how they were cut and put together, then she would create patterns from that. Her clientele grew fast so she finally quit her job and opened her own company Jahfya became known for her great unique designs, perfect fit and prompt delivery to clients. Eventually she migrated to the USA, where she continues to make a name for herself. Jahfya designs all types of clothing, for all sizes and shapes, but she focuses more on the cultural aspect of designing, since she sees a great need for that. Jahfyawelcomes all, and look forward to dressing you in her unique designs. Happy Shopping.

Jahfya Queen of Jahfya Royalworks

Part of what attracts me to certain garment styles is how well they work with or highlight the female form. As a designer/maker of clothing primarily for women, my eye is drawn to the typical elements of this art: color, texture, drape, composition, etc. But it is also constantly taking note of body forms and how fabrics and clothing shapes can work with or highlight those forms--no matter the size. It has officially been about 7 years since I began to seriously see myself as a clothing designer, although my interest in design goes back much farther. Designing and making garments speaks to the part of me that--ironically-likes to uncover things. I enjoy learning how things are put together and function and putting things together and making them function. It is likely that I could have enjoyed a career in house construction for this reason. However, I also have an affinity for art and style in dress, and working as one who designs and constructs clothing allows me to satisfy my curiosities in each of these areas. While designing and making clothes is thoroughly enjoyable to me, doing so is not the complete source of my fulfillment. I am always working at creating avenues through which I can use my skills and knowledge to assist in empowering others.

Fly Tie Queen of Fly Tie Clothing

The idea behind MyCoCreations is to give you the ability to create the products you want without all the unnecessary chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. At MyCoCreations you select the product you want to create, you select the ingredients you want your product to contain and I create it. You have the ability to select the oils, flavors, scents and more. Create your own personal and unique blends. Choose from many products like edibles, natural makeup, natural body products, cleaning products and accessories. Every creation is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals and made with love.

MyCoCreations blossomed out of the need to protect my family. Once I began my journey of discovering the truth, I started inspecting the ingredient labels on the food I purchased. This led me to another truth. Our skin is alive, it breathes and absorbs what you put on it. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. I immediately began researching everything I could not pronounce or was not aware of. There is a misconception that is associated with eating or using organic products, it is too expensive. What I have found is that you will pay more for quality products but if you take matters into your own hands you can still have your cake and eat it too. I soon came to realize, what better way to know what ingredients are used in products my family consumes than to make them myself? Whoever says that being conscious about the ingredients that are used, where the ingredients comes from or how the product is processed and/or handled, is too much to worry about and results in food that does not taste good couldn't have tried my organic dehydrated snacks or vegan candy! And now I offer them to you.

MyCoCreations Queen of MyCoCreations Organic Creations (and Crochet Items)

Breathless, as we are affectionately known is home of only the finest quality hand crafted natural skinloving products for the body,bath and mind. Located at the Apple Valley Shoppes in Milford, PA, Breathless Beauty is also your one stop source for some of the highest quality and most reputable Organic,vegan and natural products available, in addition to many unique treasures created by several local and regional artisans at very affordable prices. Breathless Beauty's Founder and owner Dawn Marie Dillon fuses her heavenly creations with all natural ingredients. Throughout her 12 years of working with natural and organic beauty products, and as a wife and mother Dawn has gained a tremendous amount of hands on experience and truly understands, what is necessary and important in the natural treatment of the skin. "My desire to create led me to start sewing, crocheting, knitting, card making, paper making, jewelry crafting and eventually Bath and Body Care Product Crafting". Breathless is committed to creating Natural and Organic products that are free from animal fats, parabens and other harmful chemicals, yet combine luxurious all natural ingredients with invigorating fragrances, infused herbal oils, distilled herbal water blends, essential oils ,fresh and dried organic herbs and ethically wildcrafted herbs, love and fun designs. Our mission is to offer Natural bath & body products that fulfill the needs of Babies, Children and Adults while bringing peace, joy and balance to those that use them". All of our products are tested and approved by us (on us!) before being offered for sale. We continue to support fellow small businesses and fair trade, by embracing the efforts of several farmers and their respective farms that we network and collaborate with to bring fresh and healthy alternatives to our local community, our customers and beyond

Dawn Marie Dillon Queen of Breathless Beauty OVNM

I like to describe my work as my ever evolving voice in color. A voice in color that resonate various emotionally charged motifs of love, family, universal human rights and politics. If you look closely at my art, you will see that a lot of my work is but an expression of my journey to retrace my cultural and ethnic roots that span several continents. In light of my multiethnic heritage I refuse to be bound by one particular form of expression or technique. Instead, my artwork is a free flowing stream of consciousness often tide to indigenous themes in collage bound by whimsical colors in dots, abstract patterns and characters that span the human diaspora.

Ramel Jasir King of Ramel Jasir Fine Art

Ona Hawk is an indigenous wombmyn, inventive thinker, creator, designer, artist & handcrafter. Her mediums consist of crochet, leather & fabric, and include pencil, charcoal, painting, linoleum & woodcut printmaking, beadwork and sculpture. She and her works are inspired by the Ancient & Original Designers of the Land, fellow handcrafting Artisans, and the Power in Love. Ona Hawk Studio consists of a collection of wearable pieces designed and crafted by Ona. It features clothing and accessories crocheted with natural fiber yarn or constructed from vintage leather. Each item is available by custom order so as to keep every piece unique.

Ona Hawk Queen of Ona Hawk Studio

The name of the shop is Sadie's Memories which is a single woman operation delivering one of a kind, quality handmade jewelry and accessories. Since the birth of my little one, I decided to market all the creations I've made for her over this past year. The culmination of these works are known as Sadie's Babies. Sadie's Babies initially began with cloth diapers and has now expanded into offering clothing, diaper bags, hair bows and our brand new toy line, N'Diji Dolls. The company is named after my late grandmother, affectionately called "Mama Sadie" She raised me knowing I could achieve absolutely anything I desired and I now look forward to instilling that same mindset among my child(ren). This shop and all its works are dedicated to Mama Sadie.

Pamala Tait Queen Of Sadie’s Babies Cloth Diapers

Florida native Janine Jackson has created in various aspects for years, using acrylic and oil paints, illustration software applications, image-editing programs, and standard pen and pencil. Utilizing a variety of tools assists her in creating works that focus on the strength, power, and beauty found in every aspect of life. Nature, people, and music inspire her to create work that will encourage others to engage in their own brand of creative play. In addition to working with several independent businesses and organizations, her creations served as inspiration for Florida based community radio station WMNF’s identity items. Her visually stimulating artwork also graces the cover of the powerful volume by A. Breeze Harper, Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society.

Janine Jackson Queen of Honeybush Arts

Hi, I’m Tomingo… A.K.A MINGZ I am a full-time mom, artist, and designer. I attended The Art Institute Online and completed school in 2005. My love for arts and crafts has led me to start my own online business. Eclectic Creations. It is my baby. Here you will find many unique and beautifully hand-crafted jewelry, art work and paper mache items. Natural wood beads and other natural elements always add a unique modern-rustic look to my creations. Many of the materials I use come from exotic places, such as the Philippines, India, and West Africa. I love creating and I am often inspired by the world around me. The universe is abundant and never stops delivering to me what I need. What makes Eclectic Creations unique is that my pieces are one-ofa-kind. I have found my world and I love the gift that my ancestors have given me. In addition to making jewelry, I also love to draw. Some of my favorite mediums are pencil, oils, charcoals and acrylic paints. I’ve been creating since I was a little girl. I can recall my grandmama saying… ’my lady bug’s gonna be an artist.” That has always inspired me…

Tomingo Queen of Eclectic Creations

My name is Kaeya Hill also known as Iyalorisha Esubayi Adeniji as well as Adi Kaur. I am an initiated Yoruba Healer under the tutelage of Oloye Alara Awo of Ijai-

yeland, Nigeria and Buddhist devotess under the tutalage of the teachings of my father Kamil Aeron a 25 year practicing Palyul Tibetian Buddhist Monk.

Designer and Owner I am a native of St. Croix, Virgin Islands and lover of all things natural, whole, fun, cultural and organic. Eshun Designs Co. is created as an eclectic collection of ethnic designs, currently featuring a jewelry, handbags and holistic bodycare lines all made with conscience effort to showcase and maintain the integrity of handcrafted artisans, design and love! live love art design create bless share peace integrity abundance.... ase!

Kaeya Hill Queen of Eshun Designs

S- speak truth without apology and stand up for what I believe in.

H- humility, exhibit it in all that i do.

A- ascending, striving to reach higher heights, spiritually, mentally, physically... on the path to reach my highest self. hardworking, putting my all, %110 into everything that i do.

N- natural, i come as i am, no fabrication or elaboration. every approach i make is authentic.

N- nature, everything about it

impresses and intrigues me from the very cycle of life, to each and every dynamic that is encompassed within.

O- overcome, every situation is

a chance to grow. the race is not for the swift but for those who can endure. any hurdle, barrier or chain that poses a threat to positive, constructive progression is to be overcome.

N- no nonsense. My fire is ever

blazing. Life is too precious and unpredictable to be taken for granted. We all have modes of creative expression, to awaken, exercise and expand upon. These abilities are an important aspect of my journey. It is for me like any other muscle which grows and becomes stronger the more it is used. To draw inspiration from life both objectively and subjectively and channel it into artistic expression is a powerful healing and to be able to share the fruits of my labor (of love) with others brings the beauty of creating full circle for me.

Shannon Brooks (Fyah Daughter) Queen of HookdUp CrochetNBead

Intuitively, we know that it is important for all of us to reestablish and maintain our relationship with nature and to bring our lives back into balance. Intuitive Creations can help you honor this inclination. Our mission at Intuitive Creations is to revitalize and help integrate ancient knowledge and techniques into modern society by breathing new life into them and helping to make them relevant and desirable for the current and future generations. Some ways we do this are by formulating plant-based bath and body products that use ethnobotanical (ancient and primitive plants) ingredients to help restore balance to body and mind, designing and constructing modern clothing and household items that feature tribal and cultural prints, and hand-crafting beadwork that uses indigenous beading techniques. Your purchases help to support many fair trade businesses and communities, and our profits help to fulfill the goal of having an ethnobotanical garden that is available to the public, where plants can be readily purchased in large or small quantities by the public. The owner, Symone, was born in Guam and raised in the United States. "I love things that are spiritual, natural, colorful, artistic, and handmade. My memories of nature and art in childhood were very special. I have found myself slowly returning to my childhood passions and I’m very excited about “rediscovering� the things and activities that make me happy. My goal is to share that positive energy through my creations and words."

Symone Trust Queen of Intuitive Creations

I have always been creative and always felt the need to express myself through my art. My creations are born out of my doodles, sketches and photographs which inspire me. I have always been involved in crafts, since I was a small child, and I believe that my love of decorative painting was from a creative seed planted long ago. Somewhere in my early teens, I began to doodle. By my early 20's my doodles transformed themselves onto canvas speaking to me in the form of freehand abstracts. I painted on EVERYTHING. Tee shirts, shoes, even surface was sacred where my painting was concerned. In June of 2002, I became a Certified One Stroke Instructor .and from there I fully embraced the world of decorative painting with all its wonderful styles and techniques. I enjoy creating unique decorative painted wares, combining One Stroke and traditional decorative painting.

My mission is to provide unique and affordable hand painted items reflecting African American culture and a little bit of whimsy. Just some of my creations include Black folk-art Santas, angels, mermaids, wine glasses, wooden gift boxes and journals - all one of a kind and just some of the surfaces this Black Folk-artist uses to showcase mywhimsical black folk-art designs.

ALL of my creations are one of a kind, hand painted and most importantly handmade with love.

Kay Tee Queen of Kenyatta’s Kreations

Has anyone ever told you that beauty is without limits? Have you ever had a passion for fashion? Well, Gaetana Parris has. Gaetana attended and graduated from the Katherine Gibbs School with an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. While in school, she became close friends with a classmate and they came up with the idea about starting their own company, since they didn’t want to work for someone else. Gaetana soon realized that she was the only one motivated enough to actually start and own her own business. So it was best for her and her classmate to part ways, but in the end they also lost their friendship. After getting back on her feet, Gaetana went back to the drawing board and came up with a company name and the products that she would like to sell. Although main focus is designing women’s apparel, she decided to initiate company business with creating handbags and accessories, which she loves to do. For about a year she dabbled with making samples of handbags and eventually started to try her hand at making jewelry. Since her father is a vendor in Brooklyn, New York she decided to see what the public thought about her products. Within weeks her jewelry was taking off with a life of its own, and some customers even began to ask for custom designed pieces. Gaetana needed a new change of scenery to try her hand at beginning her company. So at the beginning of 2007, Gaetana left for Florida, where her dream of owning her own company began to take form.

Gaetana Parris Queen of Satin Doll Company

You can go ahead and forget about the image of grandma crocheting in the rocking chair, when you view our fashion line you will see that this is far from your grandmothers crocheting style but done with the same enthusiasm and love. Exclusive Endz(E.E) was established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006. We wanted to offer a place where where your one of a kind shopping starts and ends here. This company has been around since 2006. We have been featured in RAPPAR Magazine a Carolina underground magazine that features local talents around the Carolinas. Our designs have been a part of numerous fashion shows, won 1st place in a swimsuit competion and have been in photo shoots on the beaches of Miami. We take pride in the garments that we create. Let ExclusivEndz take you where you want to go.

Chaneckie Black Sitrena Tharrington Angelique Graham-Barnett Queens of ExclusivEndz

I began designing as a child, using fabric remnants from my father, who was a tailor, and my mother who was a seamstress. I made stuffed dolls, and dressed them, creating their outfits, right down to their shoes. As a teenager I designed and made my own clothes, and later did the same for my friends. I’ve developed an appreciation for detail, which is reflected in my work. I love pillows in particular because they add an instant boost or your decor, making it one of the simplest ways to refresh a space, and take it through changing moods and seasons. They are inviting, comfortable, add interest, and also function as a conversation piece. My goal is to work with a variety of ethnic fabrics that represents culture, and history. A nostalgic feeling of one’s culture in their home in a chic, comfortable pillow. MiyStanza represents my love for design, particularly interior design , and the use of colors, patterns and textures. I was inspired to start this business by someone who told me that she could already envision me there. The spoken word is powerful so I in turn encourage everyone to nurture their passion, and I remain thankful to the Almighty for blessing me with this gift of creativity.

Claudia Louis Queen of MiyStanza

I enjoy creating and sharing my Gifts with the less fortunate, because I too have beein in their shoes and I know how helping others ultimately helps us all. Designing and recycling unique works of art has always been my passion and my pleasure. I've been designing for over 10 years and in business for almost 2 years. Our customer's satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We go that Xtra mile to make sure you come away with a SMILE.

Mai's Gifts is family owned and operated right here in the Atlanta area. Since our company opened it's doors in 2010, we've treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our service seeks to empower women by donating Gifts of Love to some Atlanta Women's Shelters. It's our duty to uplift One Another. That's what Mai's Gifts is all about.

May Frazier Queen of Mai’s Gifts

Life can sometimes throw you a curveball. In very recent years, I was knocked down by many both personal and professional. Emerging from the fall, I found myself unsteady and unsure. One thing was certain: my life, as I had known it, was forever changed. I began relying heavily on my meditation practice, prayer and support from friends. I came to the realization that my work life needed to compliment my passions and my spirit. A key truth emerged: transitions happen because change is needed. Thus, NuSpirit Designs (NSD) was born. Having lived nearly 20 years in the Bay Area, I have been inspired by mindfulness, light and a kind of conscious living. I launched NuSpirit in Berkeley, CA in 2011 seeking to combine my long-time meditation practice with my creativity and ecologically friendly living. NuSpirit Designs is the company that houses Sundarimani Jewelry as well as Spirit Tees™ and Spirit Beads™. NSD proudly offers a vast selection of distinctive items; my work, each item is handmade, unique and dedicated to centering, to mindfulness and to beauty. Sundarimani (SOON-dar-ee-MAHN-ee] Jewelry and Spirit Beads are all created using precious metals, quality gemstones and other components to enhance our beauty and sensibility. My primary mission at NuSpirit Designs is to offer functional beauty in many forms.

Karen Smith Queen of NuSpirit Designs And Sundarimani Jewelry

Sue Rock is the Founder and Executive Director of Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc is the internationally acclaimed textile charity committed to supporting the lives of survivors of domestic violence. With such a small percentage of women leaving domestic violence situations nationwide, they felt it was important to provide direct support to these women who have made the courageous first steps towards change. Using donated fabric from the interior design and fashion industries, they empower these women in the community by training them in all aspects of the textiles arts (sewing, knitting, weaving etc.). Survivors can create their new clothing or home furnishings in SROE's Brooklyn studio free of charge! Volunteers for this organization receive the raw materials to create NEW clothing and accessories for women living in temporary housing. Women leaving the cycle of violence often leave with the clothes on their back. Volunteers create handknit and hand crocheted apparel, home decor and what's more - a sense of hope! All items purchased from Sue Rock Originals Everyone are made with upcycled fabrics and all proceeds support their work training survivors of domestic violence in the needle arts!

Sue Rock Queen Of Sue Rock Originals Contact us at

Vanessa is the owner and designer of VirtuousCreations. She is originally from New York and now resides in Atlanta, GA. When VirtuousCreations was established in 2005 there was a lack of unique hair accessories of any sort to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of those desiring to wear their hair natural, (myself included!). We quickly recognized the difficulties for those who wear natural hair styles to be able to locate fashionable, comfortable and affordable hair accessories to accommodate their versatile hair. We continue to strive on be a viable solution to this dilemma. In addition to continuing to provide our customers with first class customer service our ultimate goal is to consistently provide products that are unique, of high quality and are of a necessity based on style and demand. There is nothing mass produced here. We are one of the few companies where our products are still painstakingly made individually by hand hence the waiting period for your orders to be shipped. In addition to our on line websites Virtuous Creations has also partnered with several salons in the Atlanta area that carry our merchandise. We sell both retail and wholesale and we again thank you so much for your ongoing support. Vanessa VirtuousCreations Chic And Unique Natural Hair Accessories Plus More

Vanessa Johnson Queen of Virtuous Creations

I'm a free spirit. I love to draw and paint. I'm kinda goofy, shy, quiet. I love to laugh. I like to meditate. I like to play my guitar, not very good yet but I'm getting there. I love all kinds of music from Bob Marley to Billie Holiday. And I'm pretty sure that I was a stoned out hippy in a past life! Andra Apellanes is the artist and creator of Gemini Sunshine. Born in Los Angeles California and now creating out of Lake Stevens Washington, this thirty seven year old mother of three is a self taught artist. Her specialties are crochet hats and earrings, pencil drawings, and acrylic paintings.

Andra Apellanes Queen of Gemini Sunshine

Soulburbia Art, LLC was created from humble beginnings in 2006 in Kent, Ohio by artist and designer Rukiya McNair. Rukiya McNair was born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. She went to Kent State University to study Pan-African Studies. After college graduation, she went on to teach English as a Second Language in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rukiya currently designs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Soulburbia Art International is a reflection of Rukiya and her travels throughout the world. Over the years her jewelry has traveled far and wide, from Washington DC, to the United States Virgin Islands, to beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. Along with jewelry and art designed by Rukiya, Soulburbia also has authentic international clothing, as well as travel writings and short films that are soon to follow. Soulburbia jewelry consists primarily of fair trade fabrics, beads and silver from Ghana. We are proud to mention that the majority our beads and fabrics come from fair trade oganizations like Ananse Village and Soul of Somanya. These organizations make sure the money goes directly to the communities abroad who make them. So far, our beads and fabrics have come from the western region of Africa, specifically Ghana. Also note that a portion of your purchase will go to a school teacher in need of supplies for their classroom. Our Mission is helping you look great in stylish accessories while also helping others. Culturally aware. Fair trade. Socially conscious. You'll love our earrings, bangles and clothing.

Rukiya McNair Queen of Soulburbia

The Handmade Collective Directory of Artisans Adia Shabazz Aisha Lumumba Angela McKnight'sappeal'sappeal Arcadia Rose Jewellery Design (Stephenie Lynch) To see work in progress photos: Audrey Alvarez!/ijahs_mama Ayida Honor Beau Je Boutique beau-je-boutique/ Black Butterfly Products Micaiah Yisrael!/FlyHandCrafts12 Camara Meri Rajabari!/arthealsus Claudia Louis

Creatively Speaking Nikki Golden Dabanga Dos Santos Dawn Marie Dillon Dawn Renee Handbag/Accessories Designer Debbie Isaac-Ritchie Deborah Grayson Studios!/graysonstudio Diana Gonzalez Dope Crochet ExclusivEndz

EYESEYE creations Fly Tie

Freya Morani RootMama Fya Queen Gemini Sunshine Harmony Rutland HarvestGirl Love Hewan 360 Conscious Creations by: Yve (fowards to my Etsy for now)!/Sista_ILL (FB Page) Hook'd Up Crochet & Bead

ILA "i love afrika" Designs by: Ila Addis!home/mainPage Imani Aisha Creations (etsy) twitter:imani aisha pinterest: imaniaishacreations InI Vibez Intuitive Creations (Symone) Facebook: Etsy: Blog: Email Newsletter: Youtube: Twitter: I.o. Goods

Ioni Dodson Iya Aswad Jacfred Creation Greeting Cards Jackie Edwards Buttafly-Wears Jahzara Design Studio!/empressjahzara Janine Jackson Kanoni's Creations (Erin Royster) KA-Rainwater Godisis Kaeya Hill Karasi Krafts Karen Smith Karene Alicia Karene Thames Beloved Enterprises

Kay Tee Kesa Izm Keisha Cookie Cook Takei Inspirations!/T_Inspirations Kittora Ofulume La'Tanya GoddessYemaya Alexander lor'e-jac Uneek Jewelry JJ Loures-Jackson Makeda Akoma Marsha Youmans May Frazier'sGifts Melanesian LadyC Melody Burns Mimi D Jones

Mingz Eclectic-Creations!/Mingz22 MyCoCreations Organic-Creations,q:15 Nandi's Naturals Nyeaurah Aya Mamanyah Creates Natural Healing Massage & Wellness Olivia Neal Omega Fruits Ona Hawk (website) (shop) Ora Levi Pamala Nobles Sadie's Babies

Patricia Heath Rachella Bela Reed Leo Satin Doll & Co. Gaetana Parris Soulburbia Art Boutique (Rukiya McNair) Sistargirl Jewelry & Accessories Spring Blacgurlzink Opara Sue Rock Originals Everyone Suna Accessories Susie Waver Tammy Social-Design Royal Tab A Tap Thaoo-Aishat HaSati

Tiffany Lali Sikitu Uhuru Tomoka's Twists MiMi Fleming Tonya Dyce Urth Eagle Tisha Vanessa Johnson

Meet The Handmade Collective  

We are male and female, many colors, many nations. But we are ALL CREATIVE all the time.

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